Folks, The TV Cable sales man was just here and returned the money from yesterday’s story. Because of this, he lost his job. We just talked to the supervisor that I was dealing with at the Cable company and he said there is a big, in house, investigation going on because if this incident. They discovered that there were quite a few folks involved from different deparments in the company with this under the table deal they made with me. This is the only TV cable company that services this Island, so they are quite large.



Request from Martha Lamb Schepp (68): Newburg, ND


Hi Gary,

We are enjoying the service you provide to all of us who enjoy the times of days gone by. Shane Lester would like to be added to your list serve. Thanks for all that you do.

Martha Lamb Schepp, Newburg, ND ’68

It is my pleasure to add Shane Lester to our distribution. I believe Shane is the guy that is related to the Cook’s and House’s from Little Prairie. He would also be related to some of the Espe’s, Millang’s and Salmonson’s. I believe you mentioned that Shane works with your husband in the Newburg area. Gary




From Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND


I am not sure if you know this or not but back in the 70’s there was a group of gals from here that were all the rage. The groups name was Tickled Pink and it was one of the best bands around here. The members were Janice, Kathy, Elaine and Cheri Metcalfe and Shelly Fulsebakke. They played all over and we had a blast when they would be at the AC or up at Kelvin. They played country plus oldies these were a talented bunch of woman . Anyone have any memories they can share about the band . I do remember they walked into the AC bar with the idea of forming a band and walked out with enough money to start. Alot of people supported them.





From Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND


Hey Gary, Dick Johnson, his wife Brenda and Ron Hett played for us at the Good Sam’s Nursing home on Sunday in Bottineau. In celebration of Mid’s 90th Birthday. The room was large, packed, and short of chairs. The music was grand, They played a song “Chancellor Ville” from the Civil War era, a blue grass tune from the movie “Oh! Brother where art thou?” , some Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Charlie Prides “Crystal Chandelier”, Cashes, Folsom Prison and Haggard’s, The Bottle let me down. The Music was preformed with a guitars, a banjo and large base guitar played by Brenda, Ron Hett switched back and forth from his guitar to his banjo as Dick Johnson set the lead.


There were a lot of smiles on the residents and visitors faces and wondering expressions of days gone by, countenanced on the faces of many of the elders. Dick and company were to play for an hour, however, they were asked to stay another hour and they gladly accepted the invitation to the great delight of all in attendance.


Shortly after the first hour Gary Fulsebakke arrived and joined in for a short time to sing Happy Birthday to his Mother and all joined in. Gary then Borrowed a guitar and moved to the south wing where the special celebration was given for his mother where she lauded with songs and remembrances of days gone by and serenaded by Gary with gospel music she loved to sing all her life. Gary had some cute stories about the early days at home and I hope to get him to share them with us.


I have been informed that on March 8th 2009, Dick and Friends will play at Good Sam’s , and every 2nd Sunday of the Month. there after. This is the plan according to Dick.


Thank you Dick, Brenda and Ron, and Gary for the great music. You all put a lot of smiles on the people Sunday and I know some really felt alive again and left that home for a couple hours in their minds, lost in time following the sweet music you all played and if they don’t remember much, I am sure the music will not be forgotten. Music soothes the soul.


God Bless you all, and keep up the gallant work as long as you can.



Dick Johnson’s (70) reply: Dunseith, ND

Thanks for the advance copy of Mark’s nice write-up. The name of our
group is ‘Highway 43’, we felt it was fitting as most of the musicians
we have in this area live on or within a couple miles of 43. It seems
it’s always been that way, if you think back. Ole Bursinger, Lorraine
Metcalfe, Jack Metcalfe, Carl and Shirley Melgaard, Hank Salmonson, Pete
Berginski, Sharon Albertson, Kenny Sivertson for a few from back in the
day. It’s somewhat the same now with just a few more names thrown in the
mix. I never considered the idea of so many pickers and singers along
‘ol 43 until someone asked us to pick out a name for the group. We sure
do have fun doing these little ‘gigs’ and if folks like our music, that
is an added bonus! Thanks Mark and Gary!



I just reread Mark’s story and need to enter a correction. We are
jamming at the senior center every second Sunday–Mark said Good Sam.


Dick, I’ll bet you will draw quite a crowd too, of all ages, when folks know you are going to be there. It’s wonderful that you are doing this for the community. Gary