Bill Grimme has provided us with an updated report of those that have signed up for our Seattle reunion banquet and dinner. If you plan on attending, please send your payment to Bill. If for some reason, you are unable to attend, Bill can refund your money up until the time he has to make final payment to the Best Western on or before July 21st.
July 24th Seattle reunion update from Bill Grimme (65): BIRMINGHAM, AL
Just a reminder-dinner reservations and payments postmarked in February will get 4 raffle tickets for each dinner. In March, it drops to 3 per dinner. So far, we have received a response from the following people:

Chuck Munro 2 dinners
Robert Hosmer 2 dinners
Gary Stokes 2 dinners
Nancy Baldwin 2 dinners
Diane and Scott Sjol 2 dinners
Randy Flynn 6 dinners
Gary Metcalfe 3 dinners
Bill Grimme 2 dinners
So, we have 21 diners at our reunion dinner, so far.
Hope to see a lot more folks there.
Drawing for free dinners will be in mid-June
Dinner Sign up form.

-Served Dinner



Harvest Salad Greens


(with Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Red Onion and Croutons, served with our House Dressing)


-Pan Seared Chicken Breast @ $24.90 (all inclusive including tax and gratuity) OR


(served with a Madeira/Port and Green Peppercorn Demi Glaze and Rice Pilaf)


– 10 oz. Certified Angus Beef New York Steak @ $34.10 (all inclusive including tax and gratuity)


(served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a Side of Béarnaise)


FreshGarden Vegetables


Focaccia Bread/Butter


Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee or Tea




To attend this dinner, just fill in the following selections for you or your party, send me a check, and I will return a receipt.


Extended price



______Pan Seared Chicken Breast$24.90___________

______Angus Beef New York Steak$34.10___________





Send Check to Bill Grimme,

3117 Memory Brook Circle,Birmingham,AL35242

.Phone 205-991-6512.



Hope to see you all there. Thank you.



Bill Grimme Class of ‘65






Reply from Bernard Morin (76):Dunseith, ND


I just read Bev’s comment on “Tickle Pink” which brought back a lot of memories, most of them kind of fuzzy. You see Tickle Pink was very conducive to beer drinking, come to think of it everything was conducive to beer drinking back in those days. Anyway back to the band, in my opinion they were the best band around as they always packed the house wherever they played. I’m not sure but I think that somebody made a C D of some of their music. Last summer Travis Metcalf came roaring into my driveway on his Harley with Tickle Pink jamming on his radio, I don’t know which was louder, the Harley, the music, or the neighborhood dogs. I can’t believe Bev didn’t hear it, as we only live a block away from each other. Maybe Trav or Janice would have some info on wheather there is a C D available.

Thanks. Bernard
From Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
Gary, Dick , Thanks for the correction, The Senior Center in Dunseith I presume. Please Correct me If I am wrong. Also I apologize for forgetting to mention, the Song about Pierre Bottineau that was written by Ron Hett. as I had intended too. (Guess I had a senior moment there. Not the first one I assure you!, and probably more to come along.)
I especially enjoyed this as it was the first time I heard the song.
Being a Mary Robbins fan, I believe this song would have greatly been appreciated the famous Ballad singer (deceased). If memory serves me, Many of Marty’s Older Ballads, came from his Grandfathers time. Stories and Songs played. Hence the gunfighter ballads etc, for the 19th Century.
Great suggestion from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
I was just thinking that we must be nearing the anniversary of Vance Bailey’s passing. I think it would be neat to post some of his stories in remembrance of his time he spent with us. In fact it would be a way to honor all of those that took time to join us and that have left us. What do you think?
Larry, This is a wonderful suggestions. Vance Bailey actually pasted away December 22, 2007. Vance is the pioneer that energized these daily blogs into being. The memories and tributes of his passing are far too many to list in a single email message, however I will post the last letter that he shared with us just prior to his passing. What a remarkable man he was. He possessed a wealth of history & stories for the Dunseith and Rolette county areas. He and his wife Doreen collected and recorded a lot of the history of the area with their genealogy interests. One of the things they did was make a recording of all the local cemeteries listing all those that are buried in each of them. Gary
Vance’s wife Doreen is on our distribution. Her email address is Tempe, AZ
Vance Bailey’s letter that he wrote at 2:00 PM on December 21, 2007, just eleven and a half hours prior to his passing.
I spent an hour or two last night talking to Carol Watkins and Emory Carbonneau in Bottineau. I read all the correspondence that you have been posting.
Some things that have come to mind that we discussed. Mac McHugh. He and his wife owned the Dakota Hotel that was directly north of the Drug store where Glen Shelver was the druggist and I am sure later owned. In the mid forties Shirley Sunderland worked there as a “sodajerk”.
There was an old Socony Vacuum (later Standard Oil) filing station in front of the hotel that had gas pumps that had a glass tank that held 10 gallons of gas at about 18 cents a gallon. The guy that operated the station would let us kids pump the gas up into the tank once in a while.
There was a row of rooms along the north lot line of the Hotel and the one facing main street was the U.S. customs office manned by Henry Sunderland. When you crossed the border in those days you stopped in Dunseith to declare anything you brought across the border. I’m not aware of anyone ever stopping to declare anything.
We did have some excitement in those days, a nurse up at the San was murdered by Fred Chase and the trial was held in Dunseith. Carol tells me that our teacher got permission to take our school class to watch the trial. My most outstanding memory of the murder was the first night they had him locked in the Jail located in a long low building just north of the skating rink. Several of us kids were there until the crowd broke out a rope and threw it over the crossbar on the streetlight, then they made us all go home. We were all sorry to miss the hanging, but the adults chickened out so we did not miss anything.
How many of you remember the Waldron that was the Dunsrith policeman that caught a thief coming out of one of the buildings north of the bank one night. Carol reminds me that he was chasseing him down the alley and as he came to the fence back of the bank Jules Waldron fired over his head to stop him. The trouble was that the robber jumped up to go over the fence and stopped the bullet with his head. Jules had two boys in school and they left town. No good deed goes unpunished!!
For Collette,
The Baileys and the Hosmers intermarried a couple of times (that’s cousins) in the late 1600s and early 1700s in the New England Colonies.
Vance Bailey
Bailey Family Research
1418 E Gemini Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283
Doreen’s message:
Vance passed away this morning at 1:30– Dec 22
Doreen Bailey, wife
Tempe, Az
Vance’s obit.
Note we are having a service in Tempe, AZ, Dec. 29th, but his final resting place will be at Riverside Cemetery in Dunseith, ND. A grave side service will be planed around Memorial Day. His parents and sister are there, he always said that’s where he wanted to go.
—- Thank you all for the prayers and condolence messages. I am still in shock of the suddenness of his passing. I have had his love for more then 55 years.
I’ve enjoyed the emails along with Vance, we even had our daughter with us at the 125th Celebration. She was ready to move to ND, she really enjoyed the towns of Bottineau and Dunseith. There will be memorial site of picture on www.mem.com by Thursday and anyone wishes to add their though-it can be done on the site. Search by name, Bailey, then Vance Allen… Thanks for caring Doreen Bailey

Obituary: Vance Allen Bailey

1928 – December 22, 2009

Picture taken 2006




Born in Bottineau North Dakota on February 8, 1928 to Virgil and Marie Bailey. Vance passed away December 22, 2007 at his home in Tempe, AZ.



His service record is long: He was in the Navy at the age of 16 and the last phases of WWII. Joined the Air Forceafter the war, attended college inMinotND. then was on Military Sea Transport in the Merchant Marines for the Korean war. He sailed on many ships and visited many ‘far away places.’ Vance met his loving wife Doreen in Seattle. They married is 1952.

After that he settled down, they did many different things before coming to Arizona in 1980. Vance was employed at Boeing Aircraft for 15 years. Then went into free enterprise: Real Estate, owned a Tavern and Bowling Ally in Ephrata, Washington.



In Phoenix he worked for the Maricopa Highway Department doing appraisals for right of way. Later he went into Appraisal /Analyst of Real Estate contract and property values for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Real Estate Department and retired from that department in 1993. He loved his job.



He read when he wasn’t listening to the news or on the computer, loved old LP records. Vance was a news/political and history junkie.



During his retirement he ventured into Genealogy and now has over 9100 relatives in his records. Some going back to the 1500’s in England.



Vance’s passions, other than his family, were old cars, motorcycles, reading, current events, politics, history and lively conversation.



His parents Virgil and Marie Bailey and sister Ardis preceded him in death.



Survived by his spouse Doreen Bailey, daughter Dayna Rasor, grandson Colin Rasor, daughter-in law Donna Rasor, sister Sharon Conn, brothers Wayne and Gary Bailey.

Memorial Service Will be held December 29 at 11 AM at the Carr-Tenney Mortuary 2621 south Rural Rd, Tempe.

In lieu of flowers /donations maybe made to the American Heart Association

If you are unable to attend, a slide show will be available on www.Mem.com and you will be able to leave your condolences.

Vance’s burial will be in Bottineau ND in the spring of 2008