Message from Our travel agent about our Alaska Cruise on July 25th.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) will take back all Un-sold cabins on: March 19th. For all who book after March 19th, cabins are based on availability and would be added back to the group one cabin at a time.

Gina S. Ford
Cruise At Will, Inc.
Cruise and Travel Planners
1-866-870-6986 (toll free)
703-580-1190 (local)


Folks, NCL currently has 100 cabins on hold for our group. We currently have 35 cabins booked. For those of you, not signed up, and thinking of going, you must make your reservations before March 19th to be guaranteed a cabin. After that it’s space available only. Please contact Gina Ford, our travel agent, for reservations. Gary


Ardis Metcalfe Steggall: Whidbey Island, WA

Folks, Ardis Metcalfe Steggall is now on our daily distribution. Ardis and her husband plan on attending our Dunseith reunion in Seattle on July 24th. The following is a reply I got from Ardis. She initially contacted Bill Grimme asking about the reunion dinner.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for getting in touch with me. Yes I have many relatives in the Dunseith area. My father was Lucky Metcalfe (brother to Margaret’s father, Jim Metcalfe), and my mother was Jennie Nelson (sister to Mildred and Marie Parrill, maiden name Nelson). Mildred is LeaRae’s mother. I have traveled to North Dakota many times over the years to visit with relatives and look forward to seeing some people I know at the reunion. I have passed on the information about the reunion to some cousins in the Shoreline, Lynnwood, Bellevue, and Monroe area, as well as to Ivan Christianson in the Renton area. Ivan is the brother of Arlene Wensted (sp?) who passed away many years ago. Her children are Gary Wensted and Karen Wensted (don’t know her married name). He is also related to the Haagenson’s.
I have lived all my life in the Shoreline area and then moved to Coupeville, WA (Whidbey Island) about 16 years ago. I think there was a family named Stokes in my neighborhood in Shoreline many years ago.
Looking forward to meeting you and Bill at the dinner.
Ardis Steggall



Reply from Paula Fassett(71): North Branch, MN


I loved Art Rude Sr.’s remark about the cold weather – and I can picture his face as he said it. I remember my Dad repeating a story from Kenny Morgan once upon a time. Kenny and Margie wintered somewhere warm (my guess is Texas). Anyway, someone asked Kenny what people do in North Dakota is the summer. His reply was “well, if it falls on a Sunday, we have a picnic”.

I love the memories of Tickle Pink. Those gals had a great sound – and it’s true, Janice CAN harmonize to anything. My favorite was when Elaine would sing “Blue Bayou” – it would have made Linda Ronstadt jealous!

Paula Fassett


Reply from Ivy Eller Robert(74): Everett, WA

I didn’t have the pleasure of ever hearing “Tickle Pink” with all of the Metcalfe girls & Shelly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Lyle Olson’s Mom Lorraine sing in a band at one time? (I just don’t recall what band) If I also remember, she had a great voice and could really pack them in as well. Wasn’t she a Metcalfe? I would say that family is quite talented and the Dunseith & surrounding communities should feel very honored to have had them entertain us
Ivy Eller Robert (74)

Ivy, I think you are right about Lorraine, but we’ll have to let Lyle or someone else confirm all the details. I agree with you, the Metcalfe’s are very talented. Kenny Nerpel (65) falls in that group too with his mother being a Metcalfe. Gary


From Verena (Pete) Gillis(65): Dunseith, ND

Hey Everyone,
Just thought you might like to know that we made it to Regionals to be
held in Minot beginning on Monday of next week.

Dunseith held the Districts in our new Elementary Gymnasium and we
serviced a little over 3000 during this time. All staff and many
community members participated and it was a huge success! In fact, we
received so many compliments that they want to have it here every year,
lol. I’m laughing because I worked in hospitality for 3 days-this was for
visiting coaches, officials, security, janitors, entertainment
supervisors, the Turtle Mountain Community High School director, Mr.
Derrick Dixon who played all 3 days! and of course the media. We were
busy, busy, busy! I got to make my gullet and biscuits not to mention 16
pies and Mrs. Cheryl LaFloe made the stew for yesterday’s game. We had
chili and bangs + meat and cheese and fruit trays for all 3 days. One of
our cooks, Mrs. Gladys Azure made the chili for Saturday’s game. Then all
staff and community donated bars and cakes, etc. to our hospitality room.
It was very much complimented and busy at all times! We were very happy to
be able to help and very proud of the many compliments we overheard.

Anyway, enough of that, they will be talking about this tournament for
days to come. Will try to get some paper coverage and will send as soon
as I can.

Verena, With your hospitality skills, I can see why this event was a huge success. You and Pete were the key players with the logistics of our class of 65 reunion, in 2007, that was a big success as well. You covered every last detail, leaving no stones unturned, with that event. You are GREAT!! Gary