Rememberance of the Stickland family from Tom Hagen (51):
Mesa, AZ, Williston, ND & Allegany, NY
Hi, Gary, My sister, Joyce, my brother , Leland, and I along with
Robert Aamodt, Norman Haagenson, and our nephew , Don Nelson lived with
Bob Stickland and his wife Irene for 2 years while I went to high
school, Joyce worked at Hosmers, and Don attended 1st grade in Dunseith.
If you don’t mind I’ll direct this next part to Leland, Darryl and Dean

Greetings Stickland brothers, this is Tom Hagen, who used to live
upstairs at your house in Dunseith. Many times I took care of you
boys, (we won’t call it baby sitting). Your Dad grew up with my
brothers and sisters going to Beaver Dam and our families were
intertwined through the years. He was a great person as was your Mom
and we enjoyed our stay while going to school in Dunseith. You have
our sympathies on the loss of your dad. I would really enjoy hearing
from you . My wife and I are retired from teaching in 1990 and we have
1 son, (9 kids) and 1 daughter (4 sons).

Thanks Gary!!!

We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot

Condolences to the Stickland Family from Connie Fauske Monte (62): Kalama, WA
My condolences to the Stickland Family. I have good memories of you all. I used to babysat you kids real often, in-fact you were my first “sitting” experience. Dean wasn’t more that a couple weeks old when I sat for him. Leland, I don’t know if you remember this, but one time I was being chased by a dog on my way home from school for lunch, you came running out and chased him away with a stick, whew.
Again, our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Connie Fauske Monte
Reply from Verena (Pete) Gillis (65): Dunseith, ND
> Gary,
Thank you so much for the compliment. I enjoy being able to make someone
happy and love what I do and will keep on a’truckin’ until my body says,
“hey girl, time to slow down.” lol
Reply from Les Halvorson (Former DHS Teacher): Bottineau, ND
Hi Gary and Everyone,
In response to Verena’s note regarding the District 11 Boys BB
tournament held at Dunseith ; I announced all 11 games of the
tournament on KBTO ..Sunny 101.9 and Verena was right…the Dunseith
School and community did a super job of hosting this tournament. I
have covered hundreds of tournaments over the past 30 years and the
Dunseith folks can be very proud..every aspect of putting on a
tournament was done to perfection.

The hospitality room Verena referred to was the best I’ve ever seen.
I learned years ago that when it comes to food no one does it better
than folks from Dunseith. I made it an appoint to get to the gym
early on Monday, the final day of the tournament, so I could stop in
there and sample the stew, home made pies and all kinds of other
goodies. I had to go on the air at 2:45 on Friday and Sat. and at
4:15 on Monday so would not get a chance to get back in there as I did
4 games back to back the first two days and 3 in a row on Monday but
each day at 6:00 up would come Jimmy DeCoteau with a platter filled
with all kinds of delicious goodies from the hospitality room. Thank
you ,Jim, and thanks to Cheryl LaFloe, Verena, Gladys Azure, and to
all those who made and brought in all that great food.

Thanks to tournament manager, Jorgen Knutson and his sec. Cheryl
Norquay,… Dunseith school administrators..Lana DeCoteau, Pat
Brenden, and Rebecca Bliss, Dunseith school employees and community
members and to everyone else who helped make this tournament the great
success that it was.

When I left the gum on Monday evening there were Rolette County police
officers directing traffic at every inter-section leading out of
town. I thought to myself..I bet Dunseith has not been this busy
since the big celebration a couple of summers ago.

Anyway, GREAT JOB DUNSEITH on hosting a great tournament in a fine
facility. You all can be proud of the job you did. I know that
everyone that was there from the other 7 schools and communities would
all agree…you were a great tournament host.

Thanks, Gary, on the great job you are doing with this Dunseith blog.

Les Halvorson,
Sports Director…KBTO
Former DHS staff member

Les, I am proud to say “I am from Dunseith”. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. We all know the great hospitality that the folks from Dunseith have to offer. They are great people.
Folks, Les is married to Myra Henning (72). Les & Myra live directly across the street from my brother Darrel and his wife Debby on Vera street in Bottineau. They have lived there for many years. Young Art Rude and Les are good friends from way back too. I’m not sure if Art realized Les lived across the street from Darrel/Debby, when he visited us, at their house in 2007, but when Art arrived, Les was outside, so they chatted. It was so nice seeing Art after 40 plus years. Art was included with a lot of the Class of 65 correspondence prior to our reunion in 2007, so he knew we were in town and made a special effort to visit us. In fact he came within about 20 minutes of our arrival from the Philippines. It was wonderful. Gary
Mel Kuhn sure generated a lot of interest with the “Tickle Pink” CD. There has been a lot of correspondance going on behind the sceens with this one. We now have permission from all of the “Tickle Pink” band members to publish this CD. Bill Grimme, through his internet provider, was able to set up a WEB site for posting songs from this CD. I have posted his message addressing this subject below. Mel Kuhn is sending Bill a copy of the CD for posting. I have also posted a messages from Travis Metcalfe & Kenny Nerpel (65) addressing this subject. Gary
“Tickle Pink” message from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Did a little testing today and found I have only 20 mb to play with and the webspace. That’s OK, though. I can post about 6 songs at a time, so, I will put up about 6 once a week. That should be enough for all to hear or download. The quality of a disk copy will not change with multiple generations, but, I talked to Kenny today and he said the original quality is not good. He knows-he made it! It was made with and ’80s era portable tape player and then burned to disk. So, this won’t be like a store bought CD.
Kenny also told me I can go ahead and upload some of his and Sherry’s karaoke. I’ll do that after the Tickle Pinks run out. We should be able to publish a link a week for quite a while!
From Travis Metcalfe (76) Mesa, AZ
Hi Gary…I just got an email from the person I got the Tickle Pink CD from, Jackie Metcalfe, Daughter of Jack and Mae Metcalfe. She said that it was her Uncle, Kenny Nerpel, that had that CD along with a few more that had Bill and Mary’s kids playing with friends. I have one of the Cds called Turtle Mountain Memories that has The Snake Pit Saloon by I think it’s Larry Metcalfe along with 16 other songs on it….very well done with the tapes they had to work with…I heard the Tickle Pink was recorded on a single head cassette recorder…..anyway..I have talked to Elaine and Shelly was with her and they said they didn’t care if CDs are made and didn’t think Janice would mind…Elaine said someone may want to check with Roberta Hagen Striker to make sure it is OK with her…

So if you ask Kenny he may still have the “Master” CDs.


Reply from Roberta Hagen Stiker (75): Dunseith, ND
Hello Gary, I just read this e-mail, and yes, this will be fine with me. Playing in the Tickle Pink Band has a lot of good memories.
Reply from Kenny Nerpel (65): Devils Lake, ND
I don’t have any of the Tickle Pink music on CDs but I still have the
wav files on my computer. In wav they are about 25 MB for each song so
I would have to use some type of file transfer program to send them to
anyone. They can be made into MP3s which takes them down to about 2 to
3 MBs each. I don’t know how much that effects the sound quality but I
also don’t know if that is much of an issue seeing has how they were
originally recorded on cassettes. I also have some really neat files
that are of music that was recorded by Jack Metcalfe when he was in
Georgia. I could make more CDs but there appears to be a lot of folks
that want these and it might be a better idea to put them onto a Web
site and let them be downloaded and burned to CD by anyone that wants
them. I am confused about the name of the group. Was it tickle or
tickle(d) Pink. I’ve seen it both ways now from folks who should know.
The only Boone’s Farm wine I remember from back in the day was a
wonderful little drink called Strawberry Hill. I’m thinking that the
group was named after the Tickle Pink flavor of the wine, but tickled
pink seems to make more sense.


PS: I am not Jackie’s Uncle. I am her cousin.
Follow up Reply from Travis Metcalfe:
Hi Gary…My family is hard to keep track of sometimes….Jackie and Kenny are cousins not Uncle/Neice…anyway…I forgot to include Cheri to ask for permission…It sounds like she would not mind from the email she had a few days ago……as I played them for Elaine and she was identifying the singers….I had Cheri and Shelly mixed up on a few of the songs. I am listening to the CD as I write this….


Message/Article posted by Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD
I could probably go on and on, but I won’t. What a wonderful musical
heritage many of us have that were raised in the Turtle Mt area. My dad
played the guitar and sang and I know many of you out there have a
family member or two that are musically talented. Share your memories.
My dad always sang what he called “plumb pitiful” songs. Lots of
railroad and cowboy songs, where someone was either dying or getting
killed. Little Joe the Wrangler, Old Shep, etc. Paula made us a
wonderful cd a couple of years ago from some old tapes of our dad
singing and playing the guitar. I put it on every once in awhile and
sing and cry and remember all the good sing along we used to have out by
the fireplace in our yard in Dunseith. Cheryl Haagenson always cried
when dad sand Old Shep (ME TOO) Hugs, Susan