Folks, I’m hoping everyone remembered to “Spring Ahead” by setting your clocks ahead one hour for day light savings time. Gary
Request from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Hi Everyone, I am asking for a favor as you all know my sister Debbie had a stroke and she is coming along well but has a long road ahead of her. She gets very down in the dumps and I was thinking maybe it would lift her spirits if people on here would send her a card to show that we are still thinking of her. I get alot of e mails and calls asking about her.This is her address. Debbie Marmon…..1911 North Merriam….Miles City Mt…..59301 I will say thank you ahead of time I know so many of u wil send one and I know it will really help her . Thanks

Request from Sharon Longie Dana (73): Missoula, MO
Reply to Alan Poitra: I would love tohave one of the CDs. I remember how well they played.
It was always a good time. I will get in touch with you thru your email address.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO


Reply to Esther Murray

Orvil Sutton’s lived in Dunseith for a short time, then moved back to the Rolla area where he was an excavating contractor. I only knew his son, Roger, and I think he worked for the Rolette County Sheriff’s Dept. for awhile. Sorry, that’s about all I know about that family.


I want to say your brother, Jimmy, was probably the best pin setter that I ever worked with. I also knew your oldest brother, Gary and Hassen and Abraham. Your families presence was well known in Dunseith.

Gary Metcalfe
Reply from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND
Thank you Dick..I too was a bit ticked about the clip but thought perhaps I just don’t have the right kind of sense of humor. I did enjoy some of the other ND clips.
We used to spend lot of time and money going to Canada and other places camping and fishing..seemed we spent half our vacation time traveling and buying gas when all we wanted to do was get into a camp site and go fishing. Then about 10 years ago we picked up a tourism book of North Dakota and began to see what we were missing in our own back yard. ND, as you know, is not flat as a pancake with nothing to see and NO, ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP beauty. There are many many things to do here and the weather is awesome for at least half the year. Of course the rest of the year is questionable…LOL. Some of the best Walleye fishing in the USA and Canada is right here in our very own ND. not to mention the one of a kind Peace Garden, plus there is always Medora and the Musical, State Fair in Minot, Devils Run car show in Devils Lake, the Historical Society Museum in Bismarck, Fort Lincoln in Mandan and many many more small town affairs too numerous to mention.
Thanks again Dick and I too hope ND stays one of the best kept secrets in the USA. You are right we don’t need those people coming here and ruining our beautiful state.
Keep up the great work Gary…only a North Dakotan could have your dedication and will to do something so nice for so many for so long. I love this email everyday and it is usually the first thing I do everyday.
Hang in there Neola..someone once told me “this too shall pass.” So if things get rough for you keep that in mind.
Reply from Kathy Casavant Ellingson (74): Bismarck, ND

I agree with Dick Johnson about the ND video. ND is a well kept secret & its nice to keep the riff-raff out. When we go down south to SC & florida to see our kids ,& people from down there find out I’m from ND ,they tell me, all you must have is buffalo up there, then they say BRRRR. I want to spit fire when they have comments like that. If you haven’t been to ND DON”T KNOCK IT!!!! Thanks & Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!! Gary Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!! Kathy
ND message from Paul Grossman (70): Hazen, ND
Paul GO-(70) Gary : Every know and then we all get alittle down and for me its been this long Nodak winter. Its the old saying Love it or leave it . North Dakota is a great place to live and work, and the e-mail I am sending you really sums it up.
I really enjoy reading all the Dunseith e-mails but I feel I should contribute when I can. My time as a little Dragon was all to short and I never got to be a big Dragon but I enjoyed every minute. This e-mail really brings home the fact that North Dakota and her people are One of a Kind. One may leave the land of NoDak , but their heart will always be here. The author of this e-mail could not have written it better- from the heart. Keep up the great work,-keeping us up, the winter gets alittle shorter after each posting. Paul -70

Letter to the editor: People of N.D. showing the way for the rest in the U.S.

Eric Anderson

The Jamestown Sun – 02/07/2009

The other day I ran across a news article on the Internet about North Dakota ‘s $1 billion state budget surplus. Sitting in my home state of Michigan , I wondered, “What are North Dakotans doing that we aren’t?” Of course, there are many practical answers to that question, including your energy and agricultural revenues. But I settled on a more emotional answer — and the answer lies with the people of North Dakota themselves.

Thirty-eight years ago, I was a young airman stationed at Minot Air Force Base. In the 14 months that I was assigned there, I grew to know and love the people of North Dakota . In a time when those in the military were not shown appreciation in other parts of America , North Dakotans took a different stance — they treated us with respect and appreciation. I’ve always remembered that, and to this day I have a warm place in my heart for the people of North Dakota .

But it goes deeper than that. In my time at Minot , I grew to understand how proud and how hard working the people of North Dakota are. Perhaps it’s the love of the land, the harshness of the winters or the spirit than binds people of the Plains together. Whatever it is, you North Dakotans are a breed apart. I’m just glad I had a chance to live there so many years ago and become acquainted with the people.

Yes, all of us in America face grave challenges in the days ahead. I understand that despite your budget surplus, North Dakotans face the same uncertainties as the rest of the country. Education, job growth, health care and infrastructure needs are concerns for all of us. Yet, I believe that if the rest of the nation had the same resolve, spirit and work ethic of North Dakotans , we would not fear the future, but embrace its possibilities.

May the people of North Dakota continue to show the way for the rest of the United States Perhaps, someday soon, we’ll take notice and follow your lead.

Eric Anderson


Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

To Dick Johnson Bill Grimme and others about the ND video. Like most of you I had some mixed emotions about it– It is funny — and Michael Moore grew up not far from where I live in MI. I enjoy his off the wall outlook. But I think that the people he interviewed were refugees for Jay Leno’s “Jay walking” segment– also known as “morons R us.”

It all brings to mind the time when my old friend Jim Fuegle was ND director of tourism. He had highway bill boards that said “North Dakota–42 below keeps the riff-raffia out.” and “Welcome to North Dakota. Stay here- Custer was healthy when he left.” and the other one I remember went something like: “Announcing that North Dakota’s mountain removal project is complete.”
Actually it always amazes me when I think of how many people would never survive where we grew up. I think I’m getting soft. I actually wore gloves and zipped my jacket 9 times on my way to work this year. But as of today this has been one of the five “most difficult” winters on record. We actually had 18 below once!
It is 32 above this morning. I’m going to charge my motorcycle battery. I try to only ride when it is above freezing. My reflexes are not as good as they used to be. Hitting ice is more of a religious experience than it was back in the day.
Reply From Sybil Johnson: ????, WY (Sybil, I don’t have your address)


The false assumption of North Dakota, is sad, but is normal. I remember an incident back in the 70s, getting a flight for my father from Chicago to Minot. The person I was talking too, ask if we were still fighting the Indians up there? I said no, we are up with the times.
People from the larger states, just dont take the time to learn anything about the states around them. Sybil Johnson




Reply to Picture from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND


Gary I am not sure I think Oscar Hagen (maybe )he is married to my first cousin Emmy. But I am not sure whoever he is is sure is a good lookin guy, maybe one of your readers will know.


Bev, I think you may be right with this being Oscar Hagen (44). Your picture of him and the one in the Dunseith book look very similar. Oscar is married to Emmeline Hanson, so I’m sure she is related to your mother, but not sure how. You mother was a Hanson, sister to Bert who married my dad’s sister Olga. Oscar does have email and is on our distribution list, but he may have missed this one. He lives in La Crosse, WI. All these years I did not realize that one of the Hagen’s was married to a Hanson. If we don’t get a reply from Oscar in the next day or so, I will call him. I will include our cousin, Audrey Hanson, with today’s blog. I’m most certain that Audrey will be able to fill in all the blanks and she may recognize this as being Oscar too. Oscar would be Roberta Hagen Striker’s (75) uncle too. Gary



Oscar Hagen? and Joe Morinville



Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM


Wow. Bev, thanks for the photo of my Dad. It’s a magical thing to see a 60 year old image of a family member for the first time. You kids look just the way I remember you …… all those years growing up with only a clothesline between us.






Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): nrsnice@min.midco.net Minot, ND

I loved the photos! It brought back so many memories…you will have
to tell me how you uploaded them….



Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): hozndaz7@yahoo.com Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND


Bev Morinville contributes so much about our town. The picture of my uncle Bob Hosmer looks as though it might have been reproduced in reverse. That looks like the Stone Church, and the house looks like the Watkins house just to the south of the church. Maybe some of the old timers might give me a clue on this. Bill Hosmer



Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND


Gary and Friends,

Thanks Bev for the pictures of the Morinville bunch! Your folks look the
way I remember them so well. Joe was always ready with a joke so you
better be sure you were ready for the comeback before you opened your
mouth! I was looking at the picture of Bob Hosmer and trying to figure
out where it was taken. This photo was probably made from a slide and as
often happens, it is reversed. The mirror on the ’41 Chevy is on the
passengers side, as is the steering wheel. Bob’s shirt is buttoned
opposite of normal also. If you flip the picture, you will see the Stone
Church and Spaeth’s house are where they belong. It was taken in the
driveway between Bob’s house and Morinville’s. In college I took a
course in photography and one of the enlargements I made from a
negative, was of ‘Pappy’ Fassett sitting at his kitchen table. When I
was looking at my handywork, I noticed the cannister on the counter
behind him had the word ‘sugar’ spelled backward! Start over! I’ll flip
the picture of Bob and it will be easier to see where it was taken.
Thanks Bev and Gary!

Not Reversed:

Picture of Bob Hosmer