From Connie Fauske Monte (62) – Memories – Mrs. Conroy – John Hiatt:
Gary, you are doing an amazing job with all of this.  It is a lot of fun to turn on my computer everyday and find something that I haven’t thought about in years.
I remember Mrs. Conroy so well, they lived across the street from us and I always thought of their home as the Taj Majal, or something close to that, of course I didn’t know anything about the Taj Majal in those days, but anyway.  I think I remember our class had her for two years in row.  Does anyone remember her reading Nancy and Plum to us.  She could really read a story.  I think she and my Mom are the ones that gave me my love of reading.  Now I have a Library for all of the books I have collected through the years. 
Also, thank you Peggy Wurgler for that picture of my Granddad, John Hiatt, it was so great seeing him like that, that’s how I remember him, I loved him so much.  He taught me to ride horseback and I still want a horse of my own, much to my husband’s fear.  I remember getting bucked off a horse and him telling me to get right back on.  I did,  but was really scared.  He used to buy and sell horses at his ranch, and I would go out there and ride the new ones he would get in.  We never really knew the history of the horses, but that didn’t stop me. 
I have been wandering on here for awhile, so will I stop for now.  Connie (Fauske) Monte
From Don Boardman (60) – Jamming with Dick Johnson (68):
Did you know that Dick Johnson has an addiction?  We were down to the Frozen Fingers Old Time Music Festival and Dick and his Turtle Mountain Hillbilly Band played for an hour on Saturday afternoon.  They are really great!  Later in the evening a bunch of the performers were going to get together and jam.  Dick invited us to join in with them so we did and stayed with them until midnight.  We decided we had to leave them because we had to sing at noon the next day and if we kept on wouldn’t have any voice left.  When we talked to him the next day he said they went until 3.  They were jamming that day with other groups in some side rooms.  We had breakfast with Wayne and Rosemary Smith, part of his band, and they said the band is getting together at least once a week and that Dick & Brenda do a lot of practicing at home.  That is quite an addiction they have.  It sure beats a lot of other things that you can have an addiction to.  As far as a Frozen Fingers festival goes, it was -38 up here in Bottineau that Sunday morning and -22 in Minot so it lived up to its name.  I feel sorry for all of those of you that live in those hot climates.
Don Boardman(60)
Don, It’s currently 88F at 4:00 PM Saturday afternoon here in the tropics of the Philippine Islands.  It’s a bit humid, but I’ve gotten used to that.  The last time I was back in ND in the winter was December of 1970. The ND four seasons are nice though.  Gary
Dick Johnson’s (68) reply to Don Boardman (60):
Note: I enough time to send Dick an advanced copy of Don’s message so his reply could be included with today’s message.  Gary
Gary and allDon Boardman and the Hills and Plains Gospel Group did a nice
job on Sunday at the Frozen Fingers event in Minot. I guess
they are right around the corner from the same addiction we
have! It’s hard to stop once this old time music gets it’s
grip. We were glad they sat in on the Saturday night jam
session and welcome them back.Even though we jammed until 3am I
was up and ready for more by 7am, so I suppose I need
counseling!! It was viciously cold that weekend and many folks
wisely stayed home but there were diehards enough to make about
2/3 rds of a crowd and make the event a success.
On another subject, can you folks remember standing in line to
eat dinner in the basement of the old white school? I remember
the line being so long that it extended all the way back
through the old “breezeway” that connected the two schools.
This corridor looked like the inside of a boxcar and was not
heated so by the time we got all the way to old school building
our teeth were chattering. In those days no one really thought
there was any other way. The milk in the old lunch room sat on
a cast iron hot water radiator so the top cartons were good
cold chocolate or white milk and the bottom ones were hot
chocolate!! I don’t remember a lot of complaining just a hope
of getting there early to get cold milk. Am I alone on my
memories here? Can anyone remember knocking a ball onto the
roof of the newer building. The roof was flat so the ball
stayed up there until somebody went after it. This was a no-no,
but we knew how to boost someone up on the door knob of the
breezway and from there they could get on the roof. Usually
teachers or tattle tale kids would tell Mr. Rude who would come
out to give us heck! If you thought he was on the way the jump
from the roof to the ground didn’t seem high at all!!! Come on
folks, let’s here YOUR memories of days gone by!! Thanks for
the advance notice, Gary.

Again, thank you GARY STOKES!!!!!!!!

Dick, I remember, well, standing in that cold corridor lunch line waiting to eat our dinner meal in the west lower basement of the old school.  I remember Mrs. Casavant too, in the kitchen.  She was there most all of my HS days.  She was such a sweet lady and she raised such a nice family.  All sixteen of her children are living, many of which are included with these messages.  It cost us a dollar a week for our lunch ticket of which we purchased from Joan Wurgler in the main office.  I always had time to go up to the bakery and to top off my lunch with 3 of Herman’s glazed donuts for a dime.  Gary
From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56) – Memories:
Good Morning Gary,
    Bless you for all the time and energy you put into this round-robin message board.
    It seems to me that one persons note will jog your memory from so long ago.  I remember one day in Mrs. Conroy’s class our Weekly Reader had an article about the invention of the Television.  On the way home Janice Leonard and I glanced over the curtain that covered the lower portion of the tavern that was next to Hosmers store.  Inside that tavern we could see the “Hamms Bear” on a lamp that circled around giving you different images of the bear doing different things.  We told the little kids walking near us that for a penny we would hold them up so they could see the VERY FIRST TELEVISION.  We had quite a money making project going until Janice’s Dad came along to see what we were up to.   We soon made our apologies and returned the money.  Easy come easy go! 
    I think Lowell Leonard was the Champion Marble Master of Dunseith.  He was younger than me but he won all my best marbles.  Lowell was with a group of us playing at the Lucien Bedard home.  We played tag on the railing of their porch.  Connie tagged Lowell a little hard and he fell off and broke his arm.  Connie received a bike for her Birthday, she just didn’t want to ride that bike, (scared I guess)  Lucien pushed me around until I learned to ride and I think, Janice and Lowell also learned to ride on that bike.  I don’t remember Connie ever riding it.
Wonderful memories.
My Best to all
Bonnie Awalt Houle 1956
From Gary Metcalfe (57) – Comments & Memories of people – ?:
Thank you Bonnie and Marshall so much for the pictures, especially the one with the Bailey kids on it and my dad.  It puts the family in better perspective for me.  I am kind of lazy tonight but want to toss out a few more names to see if anyone remembers any stories about them, Adrian Egbert, Tommy Counts, Ed Craig, Fred Pete.  What did Albert and Leo Vandal call their bar when they were across from the Crystal Cafe south of Hosmers.  Really am enjoying hearing from all of you. Gary Metcalfe
From Diane Larson Sjol (70) – Reply to Glen Williams (52) Cat picture: 
I remember cats that they shot up in the hills laying in front of the�
gas station on the corner in town, but I have NEVER SEEN a cat that�
big other than at the zoo…that is scary to think that those things�
are roaming around in the state!  DianeQuoting
From Dave Slyter (70) –  Reply to Janince Workman (56) & Glen Williams (52):

I thought that was a great gesture on your part to go up to the cemetery and pray over the head stones.   I think praying at anytime is a “great” thing.�

Dave Slyter


Glenn Williams
   WOW  What a beautiful animal and “BIG”.    Way to go. �

Dave Slyter