From Connie Bedard Sullivan (59) – Reply to Bonnie Awalt Houle (56):
Good Morning,  Now I couldn’t pass up replying to Bonnie A., of course I learned how to ride that bike!   It did take along time with Dad pushing me down the street, and the first time I was really going by myself I ran into the rope swing in our yard and near killed myself,or at least I thought so.  But I can ride even to this day.  That darn Lowell I am sure he just slipped on the rail that day and broke his arm.  I have pictures of he and I sitting in the mud in the streets before the streets were paved, it was such wonderful mud.  I can remember getting our swimming suits on and just sliding around in that slick,slippery mud.     Connie Bedard Sullivan
From Gary Morgan (54) – Known facts:
    Hi Gary & All,
     According to my Dad, here are a few little known facts that the Hosmer Brothers (Jack & Bob) had confided to Adrian Egbert:
    (1) During World War II, San Haven would be a prime target if the Germans ever made a night bombing raid but would probably mistake Dunseith for the San so would bomb Dunseith instead.
    (2) Harry Douglas would never be able to find a casket big enough for Adrian so would have to cut off his legs and tuck them in under his arms.
    (3) Harry Douglas never bothered to dress the deceased below the waist.  In fact, had occasionally offered to sell new suit trousers back to Hosmer’s store.
    (4) Unless Adrain got a much higher antenna, he could never expect very good TV reception because by the time the signal from Minot got to the Northern Hotel, it would be all used up.

Gary Morgan
Class of 54
From Crystal Fassett Andersen (70) – Cemeteries:
Hi Everyone!  I am reading most of the letters ,but I am not much of a writer. But the note about the cemetery made me want to add something. I only moved away from Dunseith 10 years ago ,so was and still am a frequent visitor to the cemeteries. My Parents,Grandparents,Aunts,Uncles and many friends are buried at Riverside,Little Prairie & Rendahl cemeteries. I go every May and clean the grave sites and place flowers and flags.We stop and check on the headstones and such, other times throughout the year. I have the luxury of only being 120 miles away but there are many families who are no longer close or maybe not even living relatives left for many of the people buried in and around the Turtle Mts. What I am writing about is, how many of you  who are reminiscing, have made a memorial to one of the cemeteries? It is a huge job mowing and keeping gravesites kept up.  Just think, if everyone who has relatives and loved ones would send $25 a year(or more) toward the upkeep,how much easier maintenance would be and it is the least we can do for the people who have gone before and given us such wonderful memories that we now share. I know I sound like a telemarketer but at least this will be the only time I mention it. I am not sure who is in charge of the cemetery assoc. Any more.It was Art Rude SR. But I’m sure someone out there can let us all know where to send a donation. Thanks Crystal Fassett Andersen  Class of 70
                San Haven –  Picture provided by Glen Williams (52)
Hannah Higgins Loeb & Mrs. Longie (July 2007):  These two ladies worked together at the San.  Hannah is the wife of
Dr Loeb (Deceased).  Dr Loeb was the Superintendent of San Haven.  Hannah lives in Bellevue WA. and Mrs. Longie
lives in Spokane WA.  These two ladies have remained in contact other over the years. I believe this picture
was taken in the DHS gym at the “All School Reunion Banquet” on Friday July 13, 2007. Hannah and Art Rude
Graduated from DHS in 1939.