From Ele Dietrich Syter (69) – Memories:
Yes, I do remember standing in line on the stairs and in the COLD hallway waiting for my lunch.  I also remember (much better I might add) Stella Schmitz doing the cooking.  No one, in my opinion, has ever made Chili better than her.  To this very day one of my favorite meals is chili and cheese sandwiches.
One other thing that I have been thinking about mentioning here is Herman Martinson’s bismarcks.  To this day I am still looking for a  bismarck that tastes as good as his did. And the glazed doughnuts also had that same special taste that no one has been able to duplicate.  Any chance you might share the receipe for those Tim???
Funny how something like that will stay with you through a lifetime, but that is what this is all about isn’t it—MEMORIES.
From Gary Metcalfe (57) – Memories: moniesue@yahoo.com
Talking about plays there was a production at Peterson Hall south of Kelvin about 1947.  My dad, Jim Metcalfe, was on stage with a bouquet of onions, a dress borrowed from Hazel Foss and a pillow under the dress, A BRIDE.  The groom was either Ed Walters or Leslie Sime, what their props were I do not remember.  They were all pretty good and I don’t think they rehearsed more than once.  My dad probably sang, “Those Hillbilly’s Are City Williams Now”.  Crazy, huh.??
Now your dad, Gary Stokes, was a one man show at 4H at Floyd Lambs, as I remember.
Peterson Hall was an old CCC barracks moved down from the Peace Gardens.  Gary Metcalfe
From Diane Larson Sjol (70) – San Haven:
About San Haven…for those of you that don’t know, Scott Waggert,
Editor of the Bottineau Courant, did an extensive study on San Haven,
interviewing the people who “lived” there with TB…I teach at MSU-B
and he was kind enough to talk to my students about San Haven on
Friday during our chapter on respiratory disease.  I know his work can
be accessed by computer and I will get the website for you next week
so you can take a look at it.  San Haven was beautiful in its day but
is now sadly in ruins.  Diane Larson Sjol
From Dick Johnson – Memories & Cemeteries:
 Gary and friends

When I heard the bike stories and Gary Metcalfe’s question
about Adrian Egbert it reminded me of the story about Don
Egbert and his bike. We lived just across the street to the
south of Ebert’s and when I got my old used bike from Edgar
Anderson, Donnie came over and I told him to take it for a
spin. He didn’t know how to ride but he ran up and down the
alley pushing the bike. Dad came out and said “get on Donald,
and I will help you learn how.” Don handed me the bike and ran
for home! A few days later Don and I and Marvin Kalk were
sitting on the north side of our house in the shade when Adrian
turned off Main Street and drove by with another used bike
sticking out of the trunk of his old 1953 Chevy. Before he even
got stopped, Don jumped up and ran across the street and into
their house. Marvin an I watched while Ol’ Ade took the bike
out and set it up behind the car. He walked into the house and
came out with Donald, pulling him by yhe ear. Ade yelled, ” I
bought you dis bike and by dod you gonna wide it, now dit on”!
Poor Don got on and started south past Kalk’s and peddled
faster and faster until Marvin and got left behind. He got over
to the side of the street and hit the gravel ridge and took a
nasty tumble! I can’t remember what happened to him{ if he got
hurt] but he rode bike after that!!
Crystal Fassett Anderson mentioned our local cemeteries and
memorials. The Riverside Cemetery has several board members, I
think Rod Medrud is one who you could contact. The caretaker at
Rendahl, I heard was Bob Bott. At Little Prairie, we are lucky
to have Joan Wurgler Salmonson as our secretary/ treasurer. Rod
or Joan can be reached at the lumberyard during the day as they
both work there. That number is 701-244=5438. We all have
limited finances and do the best we can with what we have. At
Little Prairie, we just completed a new front fence with brick
pillars and wrought iron railing. It took several years and
lots of volunteers but now it is nice!!


With Dick Johnson and Diane Larson Sjol having comments in today’s message, I thought I’d share a picture with them, taken this last July, along with Diane’s sister Cheryl, Paulette LaCroix & Toni Morinville.  Gary
Picture L To R:
Paulette La Croix, Dick Johnson, Toni Morinvelle, Cheryl Larson, Diane Larson