From Lee Struck (66) – Condolences to the Evans & Berube families:

Gary –
Please send along my condolences to the Evans and Berube families!  Alice was a kind, loving and gentle woman.  My memories of her and the men & women she raised and fostered are of sound, strong and good people.
The world will miss her.
Lee Struck



Gary Metcalfe’s (57) memories of Adrian Egbert:


Adrian Egbert, according to my dad, a very hard working man in his earlier years.  As I knew about Adrian, he had an old Ford pickup, with no driver door for easy access.  He told me one time just how handy he was with the women.  Most of you have heard about how he took all bets.  He once ate a deck of cards.  One day the boys set Adrian up, can you imagine, bet him he could not eat a half a box of Forever Yours candy bars in twenty minutes.  Of course they were laced with crotin oil.  Adrian gets a call from the San Haven for his taxi service, six nurses wanted to go to Belcourt…..draw your own conclusions.  Adrian was not shy, thank goodness.   I wonder if Joe Evans had anything to do with that?  Adrian really was quite a man, my dad said that Bill Peterson and Clifford Metcalfe had the ride of their life coming back from Seattle.  That rope that the old cars had just behind the front seat, had some pure white knuckles wrapped around it.   Adrian
 was a taxi driver extraordinaire.  A big old Buick past them on a curve in the mountain in Idaho, Adrian said, “what was that license number?”  The guys said, “We don’t know.”  He said, “You will.”  He melted a tire about that time, we had butl tubes in those war years.  Those mountain roads were narrow and steep then.
His baby sister, Sadie died with my Aunt Lilly in a lake one mile north of the Bailey place.  Doreen, if you are reading this, I had a memory jolt, my dad always referred to Vance’s home place as the old Mahlon Bailey place.  Was Mahlon a person or what.  That picture you sent triggered that memory about a week later.  Gary Metcalfe


Note to Stan & Joan Salmonson (61): Is Donald Egbert (65), Adrian’s son, still making his daily visits to your lumber yard store? Gary




Picture provided by Dick Johnson (68):



I ran across this picture while looking for some others. This
is the 50th anniversary of the three couples, Jack and Inez
Hosmer, Ike and Agnes Berg, and Glen and Annabelle Shelver. I
believe they were all married at the same time in Boissevain in
1929. This was not dated but should be 1979 I think. Great
bunch of folks. Please correct me on the dates, if I don’t have
them right. Memories of them would be nice to hear! Thanks Gary!






Flyer for Bev Morinville Azure (72) provided by Verena Gillis (Mrs. Pete 65):  





From Rodney Medrud (71) – Please add Rodney to your email address book:


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We got email address now so you can add it on.

                                                                                          RODNEY MEDRUD





Dunseith News Scanned & Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: