Diane Larson Sjol’s (70) reply to Susan Fassett (65):
I so enjoyed the article about the Hosmer triple wedding…thanks for
Bob Hosmer’s (56) reply to Crystal Fassett (70) – Cemeteries:
Thanks, Crystal, for that wonderful suggestion about setting up some sort of endowment to care for Riverside Cemetary.  I’m ready to contribute.  Let’s find out how checks should be made out and who would or does manage those funds.  I know my brother Bill takes care of the Hosmer plot when he is at Metegoshi  late spring to early fall.  Thanks for getting this important ball rolling.  Bob Hosmer
From Gary Stokes
The Cemeteries are
1. Riverside – Rod Medrud (701) 244-5829 – Work (701) 244-5438 rod.n.mary@hotmail.com
2. Little Prairie – Joan Salmonson (701) 263-4613 – Work (701) 244-5438  salmonso@srt.com
3. Rendahl – Bob Bott (701) 263-4841  brown_wcnd@msn.com
4. St. Louis Catholic – ?????? (Need some help with this one – Gary)
5. Ackworth – Nettie / Martin Peterson – (701) 263-4061 (Ackworth folks [Evon or Glenda] I’m not sure if Nettie is still the treasure – Gary)
Folks, please make corrections to what I’ve listed above so we can publish the correct info.  Thanks, Gary
Doreen Bailey’s reply to Gary Metcalfe (57) with pictures:
Gary, The Bailey farm was first settled by Mahlon L. Bailey and Frances Cora Anderson Bailey.  They were Vance’s grandparents (came from Missouri). Virgil Bailey (son of Mahlon) and Marie Hobbs Bailey were Vance’s parents.  They lived on the farm with the grandparents until Vance and Wayne started school in Dunseith, then they moved to town.  Mahlon built the house and barn on the farm. 
Reading the Dunseith, memories is my attachment to Vance,  he talked so much about everyone, I recognize many, many of the family names that come up in the memories. . I will be in Dunseith the last week in May.   Thanks Gary Stokes-   Doreen Bailey, Tempe, AZ