Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine’s (73) Condolences to the Alice (Evans) Berube family:
To the children of Alice Berube, my thoughts and prayers are with you this
morning.  In the fall of 1999 we buried both our parents 4 weeks apart and
I still ache for them some days more so then others. I just wanted to share
a story with you about your mom.  I never knew your mom very well, but @ a
bowling tournament in Minot one year moms team was @ the state tournament
bowling for their sponsor Wayne’s Jack and Jill.  They were to bowl early
shift and as always Irene and her daughters were late.  Alice was so
concerned about mom because she was diabetic and they knew she needed to
eat.  They made sure she had fruit or some thing.  I was so pleased to see
the love these ladies had for her. I made comment about her babysitters and
mom just smiled and said “oh they are so good to me”.  After that I had a
real soft spot for all the ladies on that team. Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine 73
Dave Slyter’s (70) Condolences to the Evans/Berube families, reply to Margaret Metcalfe’s (65) pictures & Message to Bev Morniville (72):
What great pictures this time around.   Especially the albino moose.   Jamestown may have the white buffalo but Dunseith has a great white moose.   : )    Is that this  years picture?

Message to the Evans/Berube families.  My condolences to all of you.  It is never easy during a time like this but the message of going home to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is always a comforting thought. 

Message to Bev Mornville.  Glad that the recovery is going great.  Keep working hard and keeping the faith and everything will turn out o.k.

The cemeteries idea is a great one.  I will be in getting in touch with Rod very soon.

Dave Slyter  : ) 
Dick Johnson’s (68) reply to Susan Fassett (65) and Bill Hosmer (48): 
Gary and friends

Thanks to Susan Fassett Martin for the correct story on the
triple anniversary. You guys don’t know of the extent of
collecting of pictures and articles and memories the Fassett
girls and their parents and Grandma Kate have done! When Susan
came to the reunion this past summer, she had the back of her
suv full of scrapbooks, pictures, etc. We spent a couple hours
at the drivein looking at scrapbooks, when I was supposed to be
home working! It was well worth the time, as I can’t get enough
of the history of our area. Many years ago at Kate’s, I read
her scrapbook containing the stories on the blizzard of 1941.
Many people lost there lives. Some were local.She had the
articles from most of the papers and magazines that had printed
it. Amazing to me!
To Bill Hosmer; we would be glad to take a look at your song.
We do Ghost Riders in the Sky already so this should work out.
Our lead guitar player, Jade Mogard, has the instrumental solo
down great. There will be no cost, we usually do these things
for the fun WE have and if others enjoy it that is a bonus.
Send us what you have and we’ll give it a whirl!!
Thanks again to Gary Stokes, great thing!


From Alan Poitra (76):
Hi Gary, I wanted to add St. Mary’s Cemetery.  I do not know who keeps that one up.
Questioin: Who is the point of contact for St. Mary’s Cemetery? Gary
From LeaRae Parrill Espe (67):
I just talked to Floyd Pladson and his wife is the treasurer.
If anyone wants to donate to the Rendahl Cemetery it could be sent to:
Pat Pladson
9540 Hwy 60
Bottineau, ND  58318
Bob Bott  and his family have been in charge of the mowing and upkeep for a number of years. Volunteers meet in May to do a general cleanup before Memorial Day.  Donations are appreciated.
 My sister in law, Nora Parrill, is planning to get a sign made for out on the Willow Lake Road.
There is a small one, but she missed it the day we buried Clark.
Thanks, LeaRae Parrill Espe


From Rodney Medrud (71):



 CEMETERY                                                                   THANK YOU

                                               RODNEY MEDRUD
                                               RR1 BOX 194 A

                                               DUNSEITH NORTH DAKOTA

From Allen Richard (65):
On the Catholic cemetary–Check with Armand Mongeon. 
From Crystal Fassett Anderson (70):
Hello  It’s me again!  Would the people to whom we send our contributions to help with the cemetery upkeep, please post their mailing addresses.  My husband, Dale & I are both retired postmasters, so like to have proper addresses!! Thanks & just for fun I am attaching a picture of the 1955 Dunseith Men’s bowling league 1st place team. Freddie Hiatt, Bing Evans, my Dad Bill Fassett, Don Johnson & Edgar Anderson with Galen Olson on next alley (he was on the 2nd place team.
From Susan Fassett Martin (65):
These are a few ads from the “Dunseith Journal” dated  Thursday, April
1st, 1937.  Enjoy!!    Susan