3/1/2008 (31)

Glenn Millang Passed Away:  Messge from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69):
Some of you may have already heard, but in case you haven’t, I thought I had best send a note….Glen Millang passed away today.  He was being admitted to Rugby Hospital with pneaumonia when his heart stopped.  They brought him back once, but not for long.  Sounds like the funeral will be held Tuesday…will let you know more as things progress.  Ele
Condolences to the Millang Family From Gary & Bernadette Stokes:
Linda, Dale and the Millang Family,  You have our Sincere condolences with the death of Glenn.  He was such a young guy to have to leave us so early. He will be missed.  Gary & Bernadette Stokes
Margaret Metcalfe Leonard’s (65) comments – Alice Berube Funeral – and reply to Bowling picture:
Thanks to Crystal, for the bowling picture… I have very few pictures of
my uncle Bing Evans, so it’s wonderful to see this one.

(Crystal’s note:  1955 Dunseith Men’s bowling league 1st place team.
Freddie Hiatt, Bing Evans, my Dad Bill Fassett, Don Johnson & Edgar
Anderson with Galen Olson on next alley (he was on the 2nd place team.)

By the way, Galen Olson, better known in Rolette as “Chuck Olson” was the
O in R&0 Plumbing, but he loved his farm up in the Turtle Mountains and
told lots of stories about growning up in the Dunseith area.

I just returned from Alice Berube’s funeral.  Tom Berube gave a wonderful
Eulogy last night at the Rosary.  Alice was so special to so many
people…everyone remembers her as a super cook and as a warm, wonderful
woman with a deep faith.  It is truly heart warming to see how the Evans
and Berube families all get along and really care about each other. What a
beautiful tribute to Fortune and Alice.

Margaret Leonard

Lola Metcalfe Vanory’s (68) reply to Crystal Fassett Andersen (70):
lola vanorny, ew
Wow– Crystal thanks for the picture– I had seen that picture when I was a
little girl–but I don’t know what ever happened to it —  now I have
it-!!!!!-   Bing Evans was my favorite uncle and  died very young in a
fire–  it must have been shortly after this picture was taken because I
remember sitting on his lap and thought he was the greatest guy– he was
engaged to Jay’s Mom’s good friend Marlys Fritzvold .  a lab tech at San

My folks wouldn’t let me go to the funeral — I was soo upset!!–  and I
remember that as clear as day  they took me to   spend the day at Uncle
Cliff and Lottie Metcalfe’s.  I was about 5  –Uncle Cliff told me many
times how I came in the house and sat on a chair and held my little purse
on my lap  – until they came back for me.  and I do remember doing that–
I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go to the funeral – in those days kids
didn’t go to funerals very often.

It is so amazing how young all those guys were–  handsome bunch huh?–
was that in the Garden tap? or wasn’t it built  yet?


Dick Johnson (68) – Condolences to the Alice Evans/Berube Family – & Remembrance of Carl Grimme:
Gary and friends

We too would like to send our condolences to the families of
Alice Evans Berube. Nice lady. I remember her having extra kids
in for lunch when we were out playing ball in their barn. When
they would ask if that was ok, her answer was always “sure”.
She will be sadly missed by all.

I would like to tell a story about Carl Grimme. He was born in
Germany and came to the U.S. as a young man. He brought with
him the old world ways of doing things exact. We were at Greg
Grimmes often and I was amazed at the things Carl could do. On
the south wall of their livingroom was a handmade ship that he
had made. It was authentic in detail and very intricate. Now
for the amazing part; IT WAS INSIDE A BOTTLE!!! I also remember
his ability to fix about anything that could be broken! He just
looked at the problem and then made a plan and went to work. I
was always impressed. Would’nt it be great if there were more
people like Carl Grimme in todays world!!


Susan Fassett Martin’s (65) message to many folks:
To Vickie Hiatt:  My mom was one of the bowlers on the team with your mom.  They had so much fun together–Now they are having a great reunion and probably going bowling again.

To Jim, Frank, Mike, Tom, Pat and Greg– also, Tom, Jim, Cecile and Bill—-condolences on the loss of your mother and step mother.  Its hard to lose a parent at any age as you all well know.  I miss mine every day and think how proud they would be of  the communication of the Dunseith Alumni.  We come from great stock and a great community.  God Bless you all.

To Dick:   I plan to get to Dunseith this summer some time and will bring all the scrapbooks I have.  I am working on archiving old newspapers at this point.  I have a ways to go to be done.  If anyone wants to meet with me, I will let you know when I get a date set.  Probably will stay in Bottineau before going on to Walhalla.

To Beverly Azure:  So glad you are doing well.  If you are interested in anything holistic or in the way of prevention,  let me know.  My husband is in the holistic field and has many clients who have been battling cancer.  Prayers are with you

To Bill Hosmer:  thanks for the wonderful reply to the article I sent you.

And to everyone else—-Happy Spring(soon I hope)   Hugs and Prayers—Susan

Bob Slyter’s (70) Repy to Crystal Fassett Andersen (70):
To Crystal Fassett-what a wonderful picture of dads bowling team, thanks, don’t ever remember him being that young  ha