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Dear Gary,

For some reason I haven’t received any of the messages lately, I have been having Marshall send them to me. Haven’t received any since your computer went down. I just don’t enjoy my morning cup of tea as much without your morning message to go along with it. Thank you for all you do.

Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)

Bonnie, For some reason you got dropped off my distribution list when my hard drive got reformatted. You are back on now though. I’m just hoping that no one else got dropped off that I did not retrieve? Gary

Replies to the Roy family posted yesterday:
1. Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND
The picture of the Roy family in today’s blog is the Arda & Chris Roy family of St. John. Valri (Snook)

lives on main street in St. John (post office bldg) and her mother lives in St. John. Arda was the postmaster in St. John for many years.
2. Reply from Bernard Morin (76): Dunseith, ND
I think the Roy family is from the Rolla- St John area. The young lady in the back row on the right is Connie Roy-Thibert. She was my youngest daughters 3rd grade teacher in St- John, I talked to her tonight and will be giving her Neola’s e-mail as she was interested in that photo. I,ll also contact Neola with what info that I have.
Thanks. Bernard
3. Reply from LeaRay Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND
Gary, The Roy family is from St. John.
4. Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND
Howdy Gary,
The picture of the Roy family is from St. John. I’ll print it out and get the names correct.
5. Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

The Roy family is from St. John.

Reply from Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): Anchorage, AK
Gary.Bless your heart. I think of the time you must spend on all this and it boggles my mind. I had no idea that Harmon had been married three times..Of course He and my grandmother were dead before I was born and it was never talked about. Too busy just living………Have been gone from N.Dak so long that I feel disconnected. Alaska is home. And my children of course feels no connection. Not into this geology thing. So again I say thank you and bless you Florence
Ackworth Cemetery:
Folks, thanks to Evon Lagerquist for doing a hands on visual recording of those buried in Ackworth and with Carrie Salmonson Johnson, the Ackworth Cemetery association secretary, for providing the cemetery records, I think we have a pretty complete list of all those buried in Ackworth. I have attached the Excel file and have pasted a copy below.
If someone can provide similar info for some of the other smaller cemeteries in the Dunseith and Turtle Mountain areas, I’d be glad to put those list together too.
Vance Bailey (deceased) put together some very detailed listings for some of the other larger cemeteries. Doreen, Vance’s wife, has provided me with the cemetery records that Vance had for Riverside, St. Lewis, Mount Saint Mark (Bottineau County), Inherred Lutheran (located Near #43 & #14 on the west edge of the Turtle Mountains) and Salem Cemetery ( located 3 miles into Bottineau county on #43).
Doreen, I was very surprised when I saw the Innerred church pictures and cemetery listing. My dad’s brother Emil Petterson and his wife Lillian were members of that church.
Once we get the smaller cemeteries squared away, I’d like to update Vance’s records starting with River side and St. Louis Cemeteries. I think what everyone sees on the NET for Rolette county cemeteries was pretty much provided by Vance Bailey. Having to use a 3rd party for posting, I think it was difficult for Vance to keep the posting of these cemetery records current.
As we get these lists squared away, I’d like to post them on the Dunseith Alumni site that I have. Once these lists are brought up to date they can easily be maintained and kept current on the WEB site. I can give others rights to this sight too, so they can go in an update these records as well.

Ackworth Cemetery
1 Berglund, John (Johan) 11/09/1843 1/2/1929
2 Berglund, Margarita (Margareta) 03/19/1847 4/1/1918
3 Crawford, Alma 06/06/1887 3/8/1957
4 Crawford, Dorian 08/04/1898 1/27/1938
5 Crawford, John 09/29/1895 5/16/1984
6 Fell, George 1/11/1917 9/2/1993
7 Fell, Maurice 2/18/1926 11/12/2001
8 Grieg, Allen E. 12/9/1916 11/29/1918
9 Grieg, Elsie V. 2/16/1915 1/9/1922
10 Grieg, (no first name)    
11 Hiatt, Albert 7/26/1915 7/3/1985
12 Hiatt, Alice 8/21/1909 12/9/1999
13 Hiatt, Alida 08/27/1896 10/25/1918
14 Hiatt, Arnold 8/31/1945 8/12/1964
15 Hiatt, Baby Girl 3/8/1923 3/8/1923
16 Hiatt, Beatrice V. 6/4/1918 11/1/1918
17 Hiatt, Charlotta M. 8/18/1900 6/19/1920
18 Hiatt, Dennis 2/25/1940 6/28/2000
19 Hiatt, Eva L. 12/11/1892 4/xx/1984
20 Hiatt, George F Jr. 7/17/1928 9/14/1984
21 Hiatt, George F. 09/12/1887 12/2/1949
22 Hiatt, Harmon Albert 1854 10/2/1923
23 Hiatt, Harry I. 4/27/1903 10/15/1955
24 Hiatt, Irene E. 4/26/1926 11/14/1999
25 Hiatt, John J. 11/27/1893 8/1/1977
26 Hiatt, Latieff E. 6/10/1985 1/31/1986
27 Hiatt, Laurel 7/10/1933 10/1/1934
28 Hiatt, Louisa Alice 1865 9/8/1913
29 Hiatt, Margaret (Margie) 11/13/1903 9/25/1993
30 Hiatt, Minnie Margaret 05/10/1897 10/9/1988
31 Hiatt, Norman 1/16/1924 10/17/1999
32 Hiatt, Will J. 12/11/1891 11/30/1973
33 Hiatt, Willie E. 10/29/1913 3/29/2008
34 Kerr, Hazel Marie 7/9/1941 8/30/1941
35 Lagerquist, John 8/8/1901 9/27/1990
36 Lagerquist, Trey M. 5/10/1992 5/17/1992
37 Parks, Traci Louise 6/25/1984 6/26/1984
38 Pederson, Kate 1858 1940
39 Pederson, Olaf 06/13/1861 3/29/1938
40 Pederson, Samuel 01/18/1896 7/2/1963
41 Peterson, Darrell (Jack) 2/19/1931 6/14/1989
42 Pritchard, Ida M. 09/10/1879 1/28/1959
43 Pritchard, John R. 10/2/1943 10/3/1984
44 Pritchard, Lincoln 1916 1986
45 Pritchard, Norman 1920 1978
46 Pritchard, Robert 4/22/1911 3/21/1993
47 Pritchard, William 12/12/1867 5/16/1947
48 Radley, Amber E. 11/05/1890 10/2/1952
49 Radley, J. Alvin 1/6/1892 4/??/1968
50 Radley, Leonard F. 11/23/1866 9/14/1940
51 Radley, Lillie A. 02/15/1867 11/14/1960
52 Radley, Willis E. 1925 1925
53 Rindahl, Rebecca 11/24/1885 3/6/1943
54 Salmonson, Clarence 5/1/1904 9/26/1985
55 Salmonson, Edna C. 1/12/1911 4/19/1976
56 Salmonson, Maybelle O. 5/18/1918 6/12/1998
57 Stokes, Elaine A. 7/21/1921 7/10/2004
58 Stokes, Robert D. 9/2/1915 8/23/2000
59 Stokes, William H. 06/05/1855 3/28/1946
60 Zahn, Shirley Ann 9/6/1934 4/21/1999