11/16/2012 (1649)

No Blog tomorrow
Bernadette had a doctors appointment today, so I am very late getting this out. She has been having stomach pains. Ultrasounds and blood tests revealed no problems that would be causing this pain. Tomorrow morning she is scheduled for an Upper GI Endoscopic Procedure. We have to be at the hospital at 8:00 AM. With all the heavy morning traffic, we need to allow at least 1.5 hours (10 miles) to get there. So tomorrow I will not be posting a Blog. The next blog will be Sunday Filipino time, Saturday night for the states.
Happy 70th Birthday Stan Salmonson (’61): Dunseith, ND
 I know your birthday isn’t until tomorrow (Saturday), but since I will not be posting a blog tomorrow I thought I better send you happy birthday wishes with today’s message.
Stan, I will always remember the good bus driver that you were for 3 of the 4 years of my High School days. It wasn’t an easy task baby sitting a bus load of 48 kids either. I remember several time, Highway 3 being a slate of black ice too. The cars were sliding off of the road, but the bus, being a little heavier, didn’t slide to the edge of road, but none the less you had to drive very slow and avoid stepping on the brakes as much as possible.
Reply from Judy Allery Azure (’65):  Bismarck, ND
Gary, Thank You for the birthday wishes yesterday…have a wonderful day.
You are so welcome Judy. hope you had a good day.  Gary
Addresses for Erma Eurich Peltier’s relatives
Folks, This message was posted on our Website. I tried calling the number below, but I am not able to get through with my Magic Jack phone. Can someone call Eva or Jane and ask them whose addresses they are looking for? Thanks, Gary 
Comments: Hi my friend Eva lost her sister Erma Peltier. I was looking up
her name and found where Vickie had asked about Irma being related to David.
She is and we need to find address’s for those kids. Does any one up there
have any where abouts they may be? you can contact me or Eva Paulson
701-776-5489 thank you
Name: Jane Britton
Allen Beckman Passed away
Message from Dale Pritchard (’63): Leesville, AL.


I just heard yesterday that Allen Beckman passed away about a month ago in Golden, CO.  He was originally from Bottineau.  His father was George Beckman.  They lived on a farm North East of Bottineau.  I got the news from my brother in MS who got it from our sister, Lois, who also lives in Golden, CO.  Lois and Allen were married for several years before divorcing and going their separate ways.  I don’t know any details surrounding Allen’s death but I know he was having some normal health issues.  I believe he was in the mid to upper 70s.  One of your readers, I forget who, is his cousin.  On the off chance that she hadn’t heard I guess this method will work.  The last time I saw Allen was in July, ’99 when I made a job related trip to Denver.

I can’t help thinking I’ve seen the old log house pictured below but I sure can’t place it.  Being gone 46 years hasn’t done anything good for my memory.  Unlike the one I started out in, it looks like this one maybe had a sleeping loft.  It also looks a door in the upper level.  I guess we’ll know in a couple days whose it was and where it is.

Dale Pritchard

Mystery Log house
I didn’t get any replies identifying this log house. I know Phyllis McKay has not seen yesterday’s email, because I know she would have instantly recognized this old log house. Phyllis and I discussed this old log house at length a few months ago with one of our conversations.
This is the old log house that used to sit at the bottom of the Rindahl hill on Highway 43. It was on the south side of the road on the Rolette county side of the county line. The Clarence Hagen farm was at the top of the Rindahl hill on the North side of the road. The highway department tore this log house down when they widened highway 43 in the 70’s. This was the Orville/Gloria Hagen land that I believe Archie Metcalfe now owns? Now that you know which log house it is, I know many of you probably remember seeing it with your trips to Lake Metigoshe.
Rebecca Stokes Rindahl is the one who lived in this log house. Rebecca was a sister to my Grandfather, Frank Stokes. Rebecca is buried in the Ackworth Cemetery. She died at the of 57 in 1943.
I double checked the spelling and Rebecca’s last name was spelled Rindahl. The Rendahl church is spelled with and “e”. I am not sure if there was a connection with the two names or not.
Phyllis McKay had heard that Rebecca’s husband lived in a log cabin directly across highway 43 on the North side of the road. They couldn’t get along, so they lived in separate houses. Can any of you clarify this. Phyllis owned that quarter of land for many years. It has been and to this day still belongs in the Alice Lindberg McKay family.  The Lindberg farmstead was on the NW corner of the Rolette/Bottineau county line and Highway 43. Phyllis’ quarter is on the Rolette county side of the county line.
History Christmas gift
Message from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
Last Christmas I gifted each of my kids 2 hardcover books.

Book #1 ,the red covered “History of Rolette County” written by Laura
Thompson Law.  Book #2 “Prairie Past and Mountain Memories, History of
Dunseith ND 1882-1982 compiled by a group of dedicated wonderful local
Dunseith Community citizens.

             I wonder sometimes, how many of them knew how we’d
treasure the fruits of their labor.

             This year at Christmas I will continue to pass on to my
“kids”  (a.k.a my nieces and nephews) a bit more of History.  I will
share the following, just a wee bit of Oral History as it was  told to
me,  lest they’ve forgotten I told them before.

Jean Mclean, the last child born to Laughlin and Christina Campbell
McLean was born in Upper Canada.  She was called Jean, to honor her
maternal grandmother and her deceased sister.   The McLean’s eldest
child, Jean died at age thirteen upon the arrival from Scotland.

The family strongly identified with the Highland Scots and with the
Lochbuie Branch of the McLean Clan.  Lachlan McLean was also a Veteran
of the Napoleanic War.

Jean McLean married Hugh Metcalf, a second generation Canadian of
English descent. James and Ann (Kirby) Metcalf hailed from Yorkshire. 
Metcalf/ Metcalfe  is also considered a clan in Yorkshire. The Metcalf
family was well rooted in the upper Canadian wilderness.  Close by
was,  Almonte, a small town not far from the Mississippi River and
Ottawa Ontario.  (Yes, there are two Mississippi Rivers in North

William I Metcalfe, my grandfather was the 7th born son of Hugh and
Jean Metcalfe.

The Metcalf family consisted of 3 daughters and 9 sons.

             Daughters; Christina (Metcalf) Nicholson,   Ann (Metcalf)
Eccles, Jean (Metcalf) Watts.

              Sons; James, Alexander, Lachlan, Robert, Hugh, Henry,
William, John and Dr. Archibald Metcalfe.

According to family lore, the youngest Metcalf furthered his  medical
training with the Mayo brothers.  And through his research, he was
responsible for the Metcalf name to become Metcalfe.  He wrote all of
his siblings and informed them to add the “e” because that was the
proper spelling.

Christina Metcalfe Nicholson, Ann Metcalfe Eccles, Hugh Metcalfe, and
William Metcalfe each immigrated to Dakota.

In early November, I received an e- mail from a widow to the grandson
of John Metcalf, Grandpa’s next younger brother.

She wrote that she would be sending me a small book.  According to her
e-mail, this book no longer has the front or back covers.  It is well
worn.  She believes the book was given to my grandfather, William
Metcalfe in 1877 when he was 14 years old.

Today I received in the post, the small package from Canada.  It is
about 7 inches by 3 inches.  It is very thin.  It is very well wrapped.

I have not opened this package.

I am waiting until the weekend.  Until then, it is my intention to
just look at the unopened package with the knowledge it is special.

You see, I am treating this treasure like a Christmas gift I recall
from my childhood long ago.   I will open it ever so carefully.

I want to experience childlike wonder and anticipation again.

Thanks Gary and friends.

Until later. Vickie

Cote’s Bar
Reply from Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

      Thanks to Floyd Dion for filling in the identity of Tommy Counts
and for correcting my mistake on Lawrence Gouin.  It didn’t seem right
when I wrote ‘Maurice’ but I just couldn’t think of Lawrence’s name.
The guy who is unidentified and wearing a white hat does resemble George
Gregory somewhat as stated by Jackie Peterson Hanson.  To Bonnie
Awalt—what did Ted Brodeck look like? The guy reminds me of someone
who might have been from an office or business.  One thought I had was
that the guy might have been Alvin Berg who ran the bakery and the
grocery store for a few years.  I think the picture may have been a
‘staged’ photo for the paper on grand opening day as Leonard Cote is
wearing a bow tie and there isn’t a beer bottle on the bar anywhere.
Other business owners were probably there to welcome the new owner–my
guess.  Thanks Gary!


1958 – Cote’s bar:
Behind the Bar: Leonard Cote, Peter Mellmer Jr., Darrell Grenier?
Sitting: Tommy Counts, Lawrence Gouin, Darrel Abbey, George Gregory?, Donald Cote, Red Kester
Monthly Expat Dinner last night at the Cebu Radisson hotel
We had a good turn out last night too. This is table 1 of 4. There were exactly 40 of us. Lots and lots of pictures. These are normally 3 hour dinners too.