1/18/2014 (1943)

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Happy Birthday Marlene Richard Parslow (’65): River Falls, WI Marlene
Isaac Belgarde
Reply from his daughter Bernice Belgarde (’72):  Bemidji, MN
Everyone,I enjoyed reading the comments about my dad Isaac Belgarde.  Yes he loved going to church and raising all of us children.  But his greatest love besides our mom was horses.  I can truly say he was a horse whisperer.  As for going to the moon, no he never got that honor.  He did pursue it and he got a letter from some high official that showed they appreciated my dad offering to go to the moon.  I will find the letter and email as an attachment.  Yes I am named after Bernice Johnson.  I remember asking my mom when I was 10 or so why she named me Bernice, her reply was that it was after a special friend of hers.  So I left it at that.  Thank you Dick for adding that part about our moms.  I was a part of the Governor’s Choir and also sang quietly not knowing if I had a good voice or not.  Don Johnson always went out of his way to make students feel welcome and appreciated.  I enjoyed being in the choir and the opportunities we got to perform all over in the great state of North Dakota!Bernice Belgarde “72”
Isaac Belgarde
Reply from his daughter Bernice Belgarde (’72):  Bemidji, MN
Hi Gary,This is in response to the post from 2008 where Paulette LaCroix wondered who was the man that wore many coats.  This was my dad Isaac Belgarde.  My mom Mable (Oneside) Belgarde proudly had six daughters and one son.  We lived on dump ground road and yes my dad wore many coats.  I attribute this to when dad served in the Navy and being on one of the ships that went down in the ocean during World War II, but that is another story.  We all graduated from Dunseith High School.  We all have bachelor degrees (sisters), three have masters and one is finishing her Ph. D (ABD).  Our brother has completed trainings at technical colleges.  We value education and retain our ties to our Ojibwe way of life and spirituality.Bernice Belgarde “Class of 72”
Dr Brian Selland’s Clinic in Dunseith
Reply from Lola Metcalfe Vanory (’69):  Dunseith, ND
Dear Gary and Berndadette– so sorry for your loss of your lovely puppy!!- that is so heartbreaking!!_-  I lost my Rocky DOg   a year ago and it was so painful!_  He got to be so very protective  of me that he would snap and attack anyone that came close to me!!–  even Jay !!_LOL!!!-  
The grandkids were coming home for Christmas- and i decided there was just no way we would risk having him snap and catch their face that it was time!!!- he had other medical problems that attributed to his nervousness!!_  he was on medication most of his life with his pancreas not working hence Vitamin B deficiency that he had such a nervous demeanor-  – I knew  it had to be == but it didn’t make it any easier —  !!   so hard to give up such a faithful friend- he loved me way too much   and then he had to die for it!!-  ??– not fair but that is how it goes!!=  
Yes we have our own family Dr right here in Dunseith!!- who would have thunk!???_-Dr Brian Selland – opened a Turtle Mountain Family Medical CLinic- !!!-  unheard of almost  in these days– anywhere!! !!– He has such a reputation for caring enough for his patients to  the point of getting reprimanded by Rugby Johnson Clinic for spending too much time with his patients- go figure!!!~~-Johnson CLinic is no longer the Johnson Clinic i knew with the Dr’s Johnson and Fox–  it is now bought out by someone else-  !! some other entity  —  that combined with the hospital as i understand it!!
  i have heard he even makes house calls for the elderly especially – !!!  
Hooray for Dunseith!!-  and all those that made it possible!!– —  
and  Kim Bott is the office manager- who make everything “work”!!- and she is just the most awesome person!!– I have heard reports on her from as far away as Willow City and Towner what an awesome lady she is!!- – they said she gives 110%  no matter what she does- !!!  and she sure makes you feel welcome  and accommodates everyone as much as she can possibly do !!
What a comfort to know that we have a real Dr  right in town – that is there !!!_  and an awesome staff!!- God works in mysterious ways !!_
Gone are the days of Glen Shelver- patching up our cuts and bruises and giving us the antibiotics etc we needed-  
Jay had a bad case of ezcema–  all his life  —and he would give us a whole jar of keno log  (cortisone) cream  to put on it–  !!– If we  had bought it with a presciprtion- it would have cost us $20 for a 1/2 ounce tube!!–   and he would give jay a whole jar of it – free-  if it was getting close to expo date- !!!  
take care Gary and accept our condolences for your puppy!!-  
LOla and Jay  
Reply from Marlys Hiatt (’71):  Dunseith, ND
Gary – I was so very sorry to hear of the loss of your princess.  I know
how sad that is because I have always had cats that I was very attached
to.  That was something that I had in common with your folks.
Marlys Hiatt
Yes Marlys,
How true. My folks dearly loved their pets.
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
I express my sympathy to Bernadette and You on the loss of Princess.No words can express the feelings of loss.Dogs express  unconditional love. to those who live with them.Take care. Vickie

How true. Your email name says it all. My dad loved your dogs too. 
Reply from Jean Tooke Berger (’75):  Mandan, ND
Gary. I am so sorry to hear about your princess. That is so hard to lose a pet
Thank you Jean.
Reply from David Schimetz (’79): Mandan, ND

Gary and family,

Very sorry to hear about your loss of your dog. My oldest Cat 15 years is as I speak in the Vet hospital since last Saturday  so I know what that feels like..IT SUCKS! He has a bladder infection and his bladder expanded because of blockage and his muscles to pee are just not working right. We all at my house are praying our old little buddy can pull out of it. I stop there every day and brush him and wipe his dried nose and if nothing else comfort him that we just didn’t abandon him there(breaks my heart to have to leave him there). My wife and daughter and including myself have not slept very well since we placed him there I called my son whom is coming home this wkned just in case Tiger doesn’t make wants or needs to say goodbye as Tiger has been in our home since Jacob was 4-5 years old and he is now 21.Again I’m very sorry for your loss and I’m sure your families hearts hurt over your loss. Animals truly touch our hearts deeply

David Schimetz

So sorry to hear about your cat too. Hopefully he will pull through and make it back home.
Reply from Dave Slyter (’70):  On the road in their motor home.
So sorry to hear about the loss of your little dog.   She sure was a cute little dog.   It is never easy when it comes to the death of a loved one.Best Regards and God’s Blessing to you all.
Dave and Pat Slyter
Thank you Dave and Pat
Enjoy your retirement too in your new motor home.
   Bernadette has had this candle Burning since Princess’ passing.Stokes
Kind and giving business men in Dunseith & tons of big hearts in the Turtle mountains
Reply from David Schimetz (’79):  Mandan, ND


 I remember Isaac Belgarde as well taking off his coats in Church also. He was a very quiet but pleasant man and he and his family were great horsemen. About the time he would take off his last coat it was communion time. He was a real thin man not sure why he wore all the coats or what of if he had an ailment of some kind or he just like to stay toasty. Regardless he would always nod his head with a smile of hello when we would all be walking out of the church. I also remember Tom Wazie whom Isaac I believe if I remember right looked after Tom. I was once told that Tom was actually quite wealthy and owned a lot of land in Montana but I don’t know if that was a rumor or fact. I do know Wayne would throw a little good produce in the garbage just for Tom as Tom wouldn’t just take it from Wayne if offered usually so Wayne would make sure and watch Tom grab the good stuff Wayne had left for him. My brother Reid did a lot of that also for numerous people but especially Donny whom would stop about every day at the drive inn for which Donny would clean up garbage around the drive inn( as Donny wouldn’t take it for nothing) and Reid would visit with him while he fed him. We had some very kind and giving business men in Dunseith whom did things for people down on their luck or just having a tuff time. I do know that Reid would even drop actual cash in peoples mailbox with no note of by whom as he wanted no thanks but just new that person needed a little help. Tons of big hearts in the Turtle Mountains

More Richard family Photos for Identification
From Roberta (Gary ’63) Houle:  Champlin, MN
Hi Gary–
Here are some more photos that may spark some memories and discussion.  Let me know when you would like more, Gary.  Both photos with the people have interesting and beautiful clothes.  Let Gary Stokes know if any of you recognize the people in the pictures.
Roberta (Gary ’63) Houle Champlin, MN
Richard 1943-1 Richard 1943-2 Richard 1943-3
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, NDNews
Joke of the day
Posted by Marlys Hiatt (’71):  Dunseith, ND
Blog posted on February 8, 2008


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Bev Morinville’s (72)  update from sister Deb (70)
Hi Gary,
I  just finished a short but very happy phone call with Bev!  She is doing so terrific that SHE answered the phone.  Sent me immediately into a frenzy of crying and laughing!  She will be finding out soon about radiation but she won’t have to have chemo and she is speaking so clearly.  I was so amazed.  She stills tires easily but will return to her computer soon.  In the meantime I have forwarded to her all the private emails I have received asking about her.  She wants me to tell all of you that she is so grateful for the outpouring of love, support and prayers that she has received.  It really is a miracle and an amazing answer to all those prayers.
Deb Morinville Marmon 70
Paulette LaCroix’s Reply –  Isaac Belgarde:
Yes, thanks, that’s him, Isaac Belgarde and I do remember him riding his horse.  I don’t know where I got the moon idea, maybe that was someone else or a myth.  Seeing him in my mind has made me wonder about the name of the slim, trim, short red haired woman who also rode horses and possibly trained them or raised them.  She was quite an impressive woman who wore a cowboy hat, boots and buckle on her jeans.  A Hiatt?  Was there a riding club?

P. LaCroix

Susan Fassett’s (65) Memories: 
I remember Isaac Belgarde,  but do any of you remember Minda Haagenson?   She lived in a little shack off the Willow Lake Road.  Mom and I went there once that I remember to visit, as the Haagenson clan were tied into our family.  The thing I remember most is that when you went into the house you had to duck down, because the ceiling was hanging low.  Minda always wore a heavy wool coat and a wool scarf folded down over her forehead no matter what time of year it was.The thing I remember about Johnnie Meyers, is Sparky the dog riding on top of the cab of truck or on top of the load of bails of hay as they drove down main street.,  And Sparky would be standing on all four legs as steady as could be.I remember Saturday nights, and going downtown to watch the people.  Everything closed up at 10 PM and nothing opened up again until Monday morning.I remember the Crystal Cafe and the juke boxes on the tables.

I remember the Snake Pit, my dad bowled there with many of the people mentioned in our memories.  I have pictures of Bing Evans, Bernice Johnson and others that I will locate and scan in.

I am on my way to Thursday Morning Bible Study.  You will all be in my thoughts throughout the day.  I hope you all have a good one.  Hugs and Prayers,   Susan

Dave Slyter’s (70) reply – Johnny Myer: 

I think everybody remembers Johnnie Myers.  ha   Just like everybody remembering Isaac Belgarde, everybody will have a good story about Johnnie Myer.   Here is one of them.�

When we lived up on the farm my dad would always get a bull from Johnnie’s herd to use.    One day(eight yrs later) Johnnie was up to our house for something and my dad asked him when he would like to have his bull back.   “What bull” Johnnie asked.  Dad told him and Johnnie’s response was, ” Oh that’s where that —  —- bull went.   ha ha  We laughed hilariously for a long time after that.   ha�

Dave Slyter :)
Marge Landsverk Fish’s (57) reply to Mary Iverson Staub’s (60) Message below
 From Marge Fish
   To Mary Staub
     I was happy to get a e-mail from Mary.  I always thought it was Marie.
     I have a lot of memories of you and your family.
     I remember your mother grew rhubarb and made so many good things out of it.
     She loved lavender and had a lot of rooms in different shades of lavender.
     I think we shared a kitty that lived in your garage.
     We had a lot of good times and not many worries those days.
     The brother that sold cars ( Bill) or Marvin passed away in 1992.  My other brother,
      Howard lives in Edmonds Wash.  He was 82,2 days ago.  I went on a trip to Hawaai
     with him and his wife Betsy and my cousin Borg in Nov.  It was very good!
     Yesterday and the day before we had a old fashioned snow storm (19.5″) of snow in Horicon and blowing also.  We have had a N.D. winter.  It’s usually not like this.  2,000 cars were stranded between Madison and Chicago on Interstate 90 due to the storm.  They called out the National Guard , closed the schools and airports and even the malls.  The storm lasted so long and that was the trouble.
     Today it was sunny and warmer and the main roads were cleared.  They do a good job of clearing the roads.  I live in a small town (Horicon- population just about 4,000.)
     It was sure good to hear from you!
                                                                          Your old neighbor,
                                                                              Marge (Landsverk Fish)
 —– Original Message —–
From:  Marie Iverson (Staub) 
To: Marge Fish
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 9:26 PM
Subject: Dunseith
When I saw your first E-Mail itsure brought back a lot of memories.  I remember
living next door to you in fact I have a cute picture of you and myself going to church at least we were dressed as if we were going to church.  I lived directly across from the school.  We left Dunseith in the summer of 1956.  I graduated from Roosevelt High  in Seattle in 1960. I remember Minnie and Knute so well. Both of my folks passed away in 1993 and my brother Archie died in 2001. My dad Adolph Iverson was in contact with one of your brothers who had a car lot in Lake city several years ago.  Its to bad about your husband. I’ve been married for 41 years and have two sons Curtis and David.
I remember Dr Loeb in fact I have a photo album of my dad’s of a lot of people from the San.
Love Marie Iverson (Staub) 60
Bill Hosmer’s (48) Reply – The Bailey’s
 Hi Gary and my Dunseith pals, including my brother Bob.   Gary Metcalfe,
you asked about where the Bailey’s lived when they lived in the hills.  It
was on the east side of no. 3 about two or three miles north of the golf
course.  It was a white two story house, once lived in by Ray Anderson,
who has been mentioned in earlier mailings. That house was torn down in
the past year or two, and now there are some manufactured homes in that
little draw.   The Baileys lived by the depot during part of their time in
Dunseith.  Vance mentions it in his long piece, just before he died. The
Baileys moved to Devils Lake in 1941 and then to Leeds, before they left
the state.I think I mentioned earlier that I was at Vance’s Memorial in
Tempe, AZ, and that the family will be conducting another Memorial at the
Dunseith Cemetery June 10.   By the way Gary M.  your comments about my
Dad, Jack Hosmer were fine, and they made me feel very good.  As Bob Hope
would say, “Thanks for the Memories”  to you all.  Bill Hosmer
Dick Johnson’s (68) reply to Gary Metcalfe (57): 
Gary and all,Gary Metcalfe asked about Auggie and Harvey Johnson. Auggie
lives in Minot and is retired from the roofing business. Harvey
lived in St.John for about the last 20 years or so but he died
about two years ago. I haven’t seen Randy Kelly now for about 7
or 8 years.Dick