1/21/2014 (1946)


Rodney Evans (’51) pasted away
Message from Glen Williams (’51):  Missoula, MT
Rodney Evans died at 11:30 this morning . He fell, was taken to the hospital by ambulance and died of a brain aneurysm. Funeral plans will be made tomorrow.
Thanks Glen for letting us know,
Please keep us posted with Rodney’s obituary and funeral plans. 
Marsha Getzlaff Bakken (’74)
Message from Jean Tooke Berger (’75):  Mandan, ND
Hi Marsha i have not heard your name in a long time.  I am so sorry to hear about Mark if you’re ever in North Dakota please let me know, so I can come and visit take care
Five Grocery Stores in Dunseith
Reply from Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61):  Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND
Hi – Gary and All – I always read the blog sometimes it has to be scanned only- but I have enjoyed learning the history of Dunseith.   When I saw that there was five grocery stores I did sit up and take notice.   Yes – Charlton Heston did go to the Peace Gardens for the dedication of the 10 Commandments Stone Tablet.    I have a couple pictures – but you have to remember a small Brownie camera about 1956 took a very small picture.   I was too shy to try and get up closer.   In those days you had your spot and you stayed put!    “Some day” I will get into the stash of old pictures – :):)
Thanks for the birthday greetings.   And thank you for keeping the Blog and posting almost every day.   Doreen Larson Moran BHS ’61 –
Cebu Sinulog Festival held this past Sunday
The Sinulog is an annual Catholic Religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City.
There were an estimated 3.2 million people that joined the procession on Saturday and an estimated 3.5 million spectators at the parade on Sunday. There are only 4 million people living on this Island, however there were thousands of foreigners, mostly Filipino’s now living abroad, that come home every year for this celebration. The malls and roads were very congested all last week. On Friday it took us 2 hours and 10 minutes to go 10 miles to visit our friends. There were way more stops than goes in that trip.    
Sinulog procession this past Saturday in Cebu.
Heaven forbid for those needing to use the bathroom.Stokes-2
Posting of the day
From Bob Hosmer (’56): rkhosmer@comcast.net Lynnwood, WA

Thought you all might enjoy these ads.  Very cleverly done and very entertaining.  Bob



 (there are about 6 or 7 of these commercials)

 Don’t have to drink their beer to like their commercials.  Here are several.

A compilation of advertisements for Bud–beautiful horses and their animal friends by Budweiser.
Click here: Clydesdales

Blog posted on February 11, 2008


Travis Metcalfe’s (76) memory of Vance Bailey: 
(To Gary Metcalfe)
I do not know how to add to the pages so I will just write this to you…If you know how to add it feel free…I met Vance Bailey a few years ago when his stolen van was recovered in Mesa and I worked Auto Theft at the Mesa Police…I called him and met him to return a seat that I had fished out of a canal….He mentioned that the kids that had taken the van should be sent to work on a farm in ND for a summer and that would “straighten them out”… I asked him where at in ND and he said just a little town you have never heard of…Dunseith…I told him that was where I was from and we talked for a half hour or so….He didn’t remember Dad but when I mentioned Aunt Jean he laughed and said he went to grade school with Jean and it had been more than 40 years since he had heard the name Jean Metcalfe….I did not know where the Bailey farm was so I called Janice to ask around Kelvin…..about 10 minutes later Ray called me and told me he grew up on the Bailey farm…it was where Ralph Poitra lived……

I always ask people where they are from when I see a ND plate and the people always talk for 5-10 minutes…I was told by a truckdriver from Minot that people from ND usually talk until they know someone in common (He told me that after we talked and we both knew Mark Sivertson from Bottineau)…..I have noticed since then that we in fact do that and usually do have someone we know in common……and when I see a Theels dealer sticker on the trunk I know we will……..
Gary Metcalfe’s (57) reply to Travis Metcalfe (76): 
It was good to get your email and story tonight.  I have forwarded your letter on to Gary as you said would be o.k.  All I do to add to the letters is write them and send to Gary Stokes’ email address.  Then each day it is fun to read memories.
Ralph Poitra, another great family friend.  Maynard Rising Sun stayed with Ralph and would walk over to old John Bedard’s to work when I lived with John about a mile west.
I have found it true also, talking to people with ND license and finally coming up with someone we know in common.  That is a great past time of mine too.
Say HI to Conrid Metcalfe for me down there in Az. if you see him.  Gary
Message from Viola Hobbs Ziegler (54): 
Hello Gary,
Thank you for all the names, addresses, phone
 numbers, etc.  I can certainly use a few of them.
 Someone has sure been busy putting this all
 together.  Very nice work.
Gary Morgan”s (54) reply to Paulette LaCroix (68) – Don Hiatt (53): 
Hi Gary & All,
In answer to Paulette…. Charlton Heston spoke at the Peace Garden at the dedication of the ten comandments tablet in the summer of 1956.  Albert Ladieux (sp?) spoke with a pipe to his larnyx.  He was a 1st class carpenter who worked on many of the homes that were built in Dunseith in the 50s & 60s.
     Also, of general info….Don Hiatt would have been in the class of 53 but he quit school and joined the Air Force after his junior year (1952).  I suspect that one of the incentives was that he had turned 19 and thus wasn’t elgible to participate in any sports.

Gary Morgan
Class of 54.
Note: I have added Don Hiatt (Deceased) to the class list of 53. All ten graduates of the class of 52 are alive and kicking. Gary
Childhood memories from Peggy Wurgler (71) With pictures:  
Hello, Dunseith friends and family,
I have been holding back and not responding to any of the wonderful e-mails that have been shared for fear that if I get started, I may not know how to quit rambling. But, I just have to “jump in”. Hopefully, with your indulgence!
I have many, many wonderful memories of growing up in Dunseith. I had a good childhood – especially having access to all the pop and candy a little girl could want being my folks had the Texaco service station/lunch counter. Even though we moved to Rugby in July of 1966, I surprisingly remember almost all the names (at least the family names) and places that I see in the e-mail messages and can put faces to the many of the names.
What prompted me to write is the 6th grade field trip memory.  After reading this, I had to locate my little piece of typesetting metal with my name on it that Paula mentioned. I have saved it for 43 years in my jewelry box! I remember the adventure fairly well except for the weather part of it.
Of course, other grade school memories are abundant but I won’t reminisce too much – except for in the early grades when, in the afternoon, someone would go down to the lunchroom in the basement and bring up sandwiches wrapped in a white dishtowel and carried in what looked like a baby bathtub. They were usually bread and butter but sometimes, plain cheese or even peanut butter. And, of course, our little cartons of chocolate milk to go with the sandwiches. I especially remember in 4th grade (with Mrs. Conroy) at recess when it was too cold to go outside, we would play JACKS on the floor in the little “sick” room with the bed in it. No one was better at the game than Bernadette DeJarlis. And, the fun we had playing Red Rover on the playground. Or, the times we girls would pretend we were horses and the boys would catch us and put us in the corral. Apart from school, I have many special memories of playing with Muzette Berube in and around the big, white, round barn. It was especially fun the day after there had been a dance on the second level because we got to re-decorate the stage area with all the left over crepe paper. Also, spent lots of time with Lori Gottbreht at Dale’s and around the stockyards west of there.
Just for fun, I am attaching three pictures. One is my sister, Joan (Salmonson), my brother, Dave, me, and our new ’57 Chevy. It was a rose/pink color and white if I recall correctly. The other picture is of John Hiatt and me on his horse in June of 1959. I have several pictures of me on different horses throughout the years; but only this one of John and none of Hazel, unfortunately. I recall going back to their ranch north of town with them to spend the day, etc. The other one is my birthday party but I do not know what year it was. Maybe ’61 or ’62. Attendees, from the left: Becky Hanson, Heidi Hanson, Paula Fassett, me, brother Dave, Patty Longie, Stephanie Evans, Cheryl Haagenson and Art Rude, Jr.
As someone quoted Bob Hope earlier “thanks for the memories . . .”
Peggy (Wurgler) Axtman
John Hiatt and Peggy Wurgler -June of 1959



Maybe ’61 or ’62. Attendees, from the left: Becky Hanson, Heidi Hanson, Paula Fassett, me, brother Dave, Patty Longie, Stephanie Evans, Cheryl Haagenson and Art Rude, Jr. 



Peggy, Dave & Joan Wurgler with their new ’57 Chevy