7/26/2014 (2062)

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Message from Shirley LaRocque Wendt (’59):  Tukwila, WA
Hi Gary and all just got back from the Dakotas. Visited family and friends in South Dakota,Lana and her boys live there. She had a birthday party for me at the pizza ranch. Just turned 73. We then journeyed to Dunseith, North Dakota to visit friends and family.  We had time meaning my Son Mark and his wife Karen. All together we were gone 21 days. What a beautiful country we have!!! Thanks for doing this blog best to all who read this message. As ever Shirley (LaRocque) Wendt
Reply to Paula Fassett (’71) and Friends
From Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

I actually,  and with caution,  told a couple Norwegian jokes to
some of the relatives.  They chuckle but don’t get the same enjoyment
from the jokes that we see amongst our Norwegian American folks here in
this country.  There must be something about the change from coming to
America and then looking back that makes those of us laugh at ourselves.
They do like to tease and laugh about other things so we got along
well everywhere we went.  One evening with my extended family,  we had a
nice formal dinner and then sat around and talked.  One relative asked
me if I had met mostly nice people in Norway?  I said,  “They’ve all
been real nice with the exception of Terje.”  He is the cousin who was
showing us around and he was also at the table.  They laughed nearly
uncontrollably at that one.  Paula,  why would you think I might tell
jokes?  Thanks Gary!


Norway Trip
Pictures From Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

We landed in Bergen, Norway and spent the first two days looking
around that area.  It is built in and around a fjord and has ocean ships
docking right downtown.  There is a part of downtown Bergen that is
nearly 1000 years old–all the buildings are still being used.  The city
is much older than that but has burned completely several times in the
old days.  I will send some pictures of the old shopping district in the
old downtown area and then some pictures of the modern downtown area,
as modern as any city.  There is a train that climbs up the mountain and
gives quite a view of the city and the area.  I’ll attach a few pictures
to show the view from the top on the mountain.  The other pictures are
of the old part of the city that are preserved and still used.  Thanks Gary!


 Johnson-1 Johnson-2 Johnson-3 Johnson-4 Johnson-5 Johnson-6
Face Book posting of the Day
From Rhonda Hiatt (’75):  Ridgefield, WA
Yippy Ki Yay it’s your Friday news for the weekend:

A lady in California was just trying to do a nice thing by putting porcelain dolls on the front steps of a neighborhood where she knew little girls lived. Some parents were creeped out as some of the dolls resembled some of the girls who lived there. Ok, you only get to creep out when a doll is placed on your doorstep if it’s bound and gagged or missing body parts…like a head maybe. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if someone put a doll on my doorstep. Like take that cutie from Hell on Wheels, (Anson Mount) I’ll even take him if is bound and gagged. I wouldn’t be creeped out by that….he might be. But it’s ABOUT WHAT I WANT!! Time to move on…
Duran Duran is suing its Fan Club. Apparently they aren’t fans.
Finally, some weird news from another part of the world. A Scottish lady wasn’t feeling her happy go lucky self, so she went to a Dr. and they found a sex toy stuck in her who ha. It had been there for 10 years! Now there’s a commercial for a long lasting battery.
Go out and enjoy your weekend people, summer’s almost over!!
Blog (125) posted on June 7, 2008
From Floyd Dion (45):
This is to Randy Flynn  , Yes I did get a golden hammer award , it was a gold hammer tie clasp, and I still have it.  It gold color, But I don’t know if it is gold.
I think most people knew that my wife Luella had slipped on some ice in February and broke and arm and a leg.She was getting along good using the walker and doing different things. Well she had another accident.  We were on our way to Rochester , as I had an appointment with a doctor at Mayo clinic, we were about half way and stopped at a rest stop, as Luella went into the restroom the caretaker held the door open for her, somehow, she lost her balance and fell on the floor.We loaded her in the car and went to the emergency at ST. Mary’s Mayo Hospital and did x rays and found 2 cracks in the upper part of her arm, the good arm. She stayed in the hospital that night and the next day too because I had a 2 oclock appointment. that day, so the next day we went home. the doctors did not think she needed surgery, and told her to see the Minot doctor that did the other surgery. I called the nurse and she said to keep the june 17th appointment that she had made 2 months ago.
So we will see what happens. Her arm is in a sling now.
Luella, When it rains is pours. We hope and pray that all will be fine with the fractures in your good arm. We are thinking about you.  Gary
From Ele Dietrich Slyter (69):
What a nice article about the Boot Camp.  This is the first time I had heard of it.  I have heard of ranches that bring in city folks to help round up cattle and work them, the city folks pay to get an experience of a lifetime, saves the ranchers lots of money and gets the work done at the same time.  Sounds like the Peace Garden has a similar idea.  Way to go…we all have to keep costs down now days in any way we can!!!
Picture/message from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

I came across this picture of the DHS school band in the 55-56 school
year. The oldest ones in the picture are in the class of 1956, so I
assume it is that school year. I mentioned the band cap with the name
‘Lois’ on the inside,  and Lois Hiatt is on the front right in this
picture. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to let you all look and
not name everyone of the nearly 30 kids in the photo! I’m sure most of
you can name most of them [ I can and I was only in the first grade] so
look them over and send comments! This was taken on the stage in the old
gym in what is now the elementary school. It would appear that all
grades were represented from 5-12. Thanks Gary!


 Dunseith Band 55-56 2062

Folks,  Bill Grimme and Larry Hackman have been passing some very interesting stories back and forth of which I got copies of.  Some true, some fiction.  As we all know, they are both good story writers.  They have given me permission to share these with you guys.

To get a better flow of the stories, it’s best to read them from the bottom up.  Gary


It was junior high and Dunseith was playing football against Rugby at Rugby.  Dunseith just received a penalty for using profanity.  The referee was marching the ball back up the field when one of the Dunseith players walks up to the Ref. and asks, what the _ _ _ _ is profanity?  Needless to say,  the referee ejected him from the game on the spot.

Upon returning to Dunseith, the kid came up to me and asked me what profanity meant.  He honestly did not know.

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These are good. Reminded me of a story from my working days. We were have a mandatory meeting on integrity. The speaker said that if you had a concern, you could make an anonymous call or send an anonymous email to report it. A person asked, “How do you send and anonymous email?”. Good question. The speaker didn’t know, so, I raised my hand and told him, “You wait until lunchtime, find someone who has left their computer active, and send the email from there.” That really pissed the guy off and he said that would be and integrity violation. He didn’t get the fact that it was a joke. The rest of the room cracked up. Sounds kind of like what you did.
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Do you remember this one?
The lady comes out of the restroom at a club.
The male comedian on stage sees her and yells at her, hey lady, lady, hey lady “did you just come out of the restroom”?  She says, “I did”.  He asks her if she could hear him in the restroom?  She replys that, “no she couldn’t hear anything while she was in there”.  He replys to her, ” lady we sure heard you out here”.   Hehehee
Another story,
In our office where I worked at one time, the ceiling panels were being replaced.  The ceiling workers had removed all the panels and of course never returned to put in the new framework and panels for the new ceiling.  Everything was open above the wall partitions.  Every sound made, bounced around in that concrete structure like a rubber ball.  My office and my buddies office were about two offices down the hall from the womens restroom. I was out of the office a lot, so things did not bother me as much as they did my buddy.  He was getting a little tired of hearing all the restroom sounds.  So he wrote up a little story about the sounds, and him being a Navy man, he related the stories to a submarine or gun boat. You know, The call to emergency stations, the closing of the hatches, the loading of the torpedoes, the firing of the torpedoes,   the explosion of the torpedoes,  the all clear given, the return to normal conditions.  Anyway you get the idea.  He did however go into a little more detail about the sounds of the torpedoes hitting the water and the sound they made slideing through the water and the sound of depth charges going off around the submarine during the battle.  The groaning and labor of metal from being under excessive pressure.  It was funny.  Personally, in the morning, I thought it sounded a little bit like a chorus warming up.  How do they sing, ” doe, ra, me, fa, sew, la, tea, doe,”  in harmony ?????.
Anyway, Bill writes this story, calls me into his office, has me read the story and askes me if he should send it on up to the next level of the chain of command or maybe just go and relay the message personnely to him or just tell someone, that someone ought to do something about getting the ceiling panels replaced, that hearing all these restroom noises is disgusting and distracting. 
 I encouraged him to send the message, to go for it. It’s a good story and might bring a little chuckle to someones otherwise dull day and actually convince someone to get the work done.  He was still worried about the consequences or that he might hurt someones feelings, and decided to think about it.  I went back to my office.  A while later I saw him leave his office. It was not long after he left that a couple of fellows that he showed the story to, entered his offfice, and the story magically appeared on about 100 computers instantly.   A few days later, they completed installing the ceiling. 
Talk about getting results?  The gal that was in charge of the project and used that restroom must of had a realization.
I’ve never really told Bill, how his story got out,  but he has his suspicions.  He did however, get a pat on the back from the boss for speeding up the project and for giving everyone a chuckle, except for maybe the ladies.  Talk about gunboat deplomacy.
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Pretty funny, Larry.
There was a place in Oakland, CA called the “Last Chance Saloon” where Jack London used to hang out. Anyway, it’s an old place and a lot of tourists went there (my experience was in the ’70s.) They had a speaker in the ladies room and the bartender would say things that sounded like they came out of the toilet, like “hey, who turned out the lights” or “careful, there are workers down here”. Women would come out looking really embarrassed. This video reminded me of that.