Reply from Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): Grafton, ND
I smiled so over the red hats picture. When my mother-in-law Lillian LaFontaine was @ the Bottineau nursing home I gave her one of my red hats. Come on Ladies 50 and over grab a red hat, laugh, and dont give a darn what anybody thinks. If younger then 50 grab a pink hat and do the same. I hope everyone reading is having a blessed winter season. Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine
Message/Request from Pam Wenstad Lane (78): Dunseith, ND.
Hi Gary,
Is it to late to sign up for the reunion? I hope not. Don Wenstad would like to be signed in. He is from the class of “66” and lives in Overly. Thanks for everything you do. I can’t imagine how much time you take out of your day to keep everyone in contact with each other. I don’t know many of the people , but its nice to be in a close and Proud relationship of people.
Thank You, Pam Lane “78”
Pam, I have added your brother Don to the reunion list. I will be posting an updated copy tomorrow. Gary

Email address change:

From Michael (59) & Jan LaCroix Kester (59): Fargo, ND
Hi Gary! My e-mail is now: Thank you.
Email address change:
From Marshall Awalt (51):
After fighting this computer thing for so long we just got a new E-mail address. Please make the change.
Thanks for every thing.
Have a great day Marshall
Reply from Barbara Trent Riehm: San Diego, CA
Thanks for sending the pictures of your wife and you. Looks like you live in beautiful green surroundings. It is finally raining here in southern california – we have needed it so badly. Really enjoy watch it come down.
I had a lovely visit in Montana with my family – all on ice however. I was so careful walking to and from cars and homes not wanting to fall. Then on my last night there fell down some stairs inside my daughter’s home. Landed on my left shoulder and arm. Thanks goodness I didn’t break anything,but was one armed for awhile. Still bothers me some but I golfed last Saturday !!!
Happy New Year to you. I always look forwad to your e-mails.
Barbara Riehm
Barbara, I know this was a personal reply, but with you being related to the Bergan’s and some of the Bjornseth’s I’d like to share your reply with our readers. I’m sure many others know you too. I know many folks remember your mother, Julia Bergan Trent. She was pretty well known in the Bottineau community. With this reply, I have added you to our distribution list. Please let me know if that is OK. Gary
Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
As you can see, this is “yours truly”. It appears I’m talking–what a surprise!! Neola
Neola, This is beautiful picture! You look absolutely wonderful! You are good for another 70. Gary

Replies to Picture below:


Reply from Roger & Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND


How fun to look @ the photos on the Dunseith alumni.

I know Ina Johnson. She does well of her age. She’s out driving yet & does well!!I knew her brother Maurice & his wife Adeline & children. I know their daughter Karen the best. I think they have one boy living yet but not quite sure (Terry)? I know Janice ( Kersten) Bjornseth & her parents.

Is Virgil Rude a brother to Glen Rude?? I know a little bit. I visited his mom when working as a home health nurse.

I knew all the Red Hat Ladies pictured with Alice Kuhn. They are all deceased but Alice.

I had a nice visit with Marie Lafromboise on Monday afternoon. She had been to her brother,s funeral in the morning

take care Connie & roger

Connie; Virgil and Glen Rude are first cousins. They are double first cousins. Viola Bjornseth, Virgil’s, mother and Gladys Bjornseth, Glen’s mother were sisters. They were also sisters to Ralph Bjornseth. Viola and Gladys married Twins, Alfred & Albert Rude. Glen’s brother, LaVerne is married to Carrole Fauske.
Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): Saint John, ND.
Howdy Gary,
A big thanks to Neola for the picture of my Mom. It feels good to be back home reading your daily mailings. The week before Christmas I was in Bismarck for a regular doctor’s visit and I flunked my stress test. An appointment was set up for me for last Wed. the 13th. to checkout some suspected blockages. They went in and found 2 and put in 2 stints, everything went well until I got put into a room and I crashed. A heart attack and 2 more stints and I’m back at home. Total 4 stints. Now this story just leads up to what happened back in “95” when I had a heart attack and a by-pass done. What I’m thinking is that I should have sprung for all new parts last time instead of going with the used Ford parts from Dick Johnson. He says no warranty, what do you think?
Mel Kuhn [70]
Mel, Since we had not heard from you in a while, I was wondering what happened to you. I am sorry to hear of your heart attack. You were in the right place when you had it. I am hoping those 4 stints will do the trick forever. I’ll bet you are feeling better now too.
Speaking of Dick and used car parts, I recently got in touch with Kenny Pederson. Kenny and I were confirmed together in Nordland. His parents were Fern and Oliver Pederson. When I mentioned Dick Johnson’s name to him, he said “I know Dick. We’ve done a lot of horse trading.” I’m not sure if it was Kenny or Dick that told me Dick had bought a whole bunch of ‘Model – A’ ford car parts from Kenny. It was like a grab box with a collection of what ever. So I know Dick has a collection of car parts and a nice collection of old classic cars too.Gary
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70: Bottineau, ND.
Alice (Cote) Kuhn (Mel Kuhns mom) is still living, in the photo shes
across the table from my mother. They both were from Dunseith area.
My mother moved to St. Andrews on her birthday, 3 years ago, where
she lived until she passed away two years ago. Vickie
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,


When I took the picture of the “red hat” ladies, the only one I knew at that time, was Mrs. Block. She was (has now passed away) from the Gardena area. I met her/her daughter/sons “way back” when I was in high school. When I saw the picture today, because of your newsletters, I recognized the names Metcalfe/Kuhn. I didn’t realize this was Vickie’s mother. Actually, at the time this picture was taken, I didn’t know Vickie, either. I recognize the Juntunen name because of Linda Juntunen.



Gary and Friends,

This past Sunday, I had some old and new friends up here at my place
for a nostalgic afternoon. Nostalgic for me, but new and exciting for
them. Travis Metcalfe and a couple buddys from Mesa, AZ and Bernard
Morin from Dunseith came up and took turns driving my old snowplane
around on Horseshoe Lake. Trav had asked me several times if there would
be a rally where he could get to see a snowplane in action. We haven’t
had a snowplane rally for two years so I just got the old beast going
and turned them loose here on the lake. They were up for a couple days
and were also ice fishing on Carpenter Lake and visiting friends and
family. I took a few pictures for the rest of you to see. Thanks Gary!


Dick, These are great Pictures! Which of the four are Travis Metcalfe (76) and Bernard Morin (76): Gary