Mel Kuhn (70):
Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Just a few items that I have rolling around inside the old cranium that I thought I would put out there. Maybe someone has a answer or two.
I wish I would have known about old Mel having problems? I would have went up and hooked him up to a trickle charger. We could have probably saved him some gas money. Glad to here you are is doing fine Mel. Hang in there old buddy, there is life to be lived.
DeAnn Gottbreht, Dughter of Ernie Gottbreht & Brenda Hill, has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer:
Posted by Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND
Gary, would you please post this on the blog? I know this is Super Bowl
Sunday but we will be quite finished with everything before 5:00.
Thank you-Verena :) PS-currently working on vender bids for the reunion meal.
Reply from Barbara Tent (Bergan) Riehm: San Diego, CA.
Yes – thank you for adding me to your distribution list. You do such a great job – time consuming I know, but we all do appreciate all the hard work.
Folks, Barbara was a first Cousin to Clayton Bergan. Oscar Bergan was her uncle. Alfred Bjornseth was her first cousin too.
Barbara, In my growing up days I really didn’t know you, but Oscar and Sylvia Bergan mentioned you often. I felt as though I knew you well thru them. My dad knew your mother, Julia Bergan Trent, pretty well too. Gary
Snow Planes:
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Wow– Does that bring back the 60’s!!! Gary Pigeon had one with a 125 hp Lycoming (sp?) We were over run with jack rabbits back then and there was a bounty. Gary’s plane had a “pop top” and he would ride shotgun and I would drive. It was way more fun than I ever had on a snowmobile — (I won’t talk about a few trips to Metegoshe :-)) Anyway, Gary had a two ton truck load of rabbits at the end of the season. We got 45 in a couple hours one afternoon–and quit. There was no more room in the plane for either of us.
Gary went to Canada with a note pad and came back and built a prop machine that would cut props from a laminated block of wood. That was kind of important since the ejected shotgun shells sometimes went into the prop and knocked the leading edge off. Major vibration. We would take a vice grip and break off a similar sized piece form the other side of the prop so we wouldn’t trash the engine on the way home.
I recall one day when we were heading home from town on the soil bank when Gary told me to put my foot in it. John Bedard was next to us on highway 3 in the 60 Pontiac he had– we went side by side until I had to let off because I ran out of “road.” I never did ask John how fast we were going, but it was one of my quicker trips home!
One “snow planer” mounted a mower sickle to the front of his so he could slice through barbed wire fences–I took his name in vain a few times when I “fixed fence” in the spring.
It all begs the question–why am I still alive to write this????????

Snow Planes:

Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD
#1 is Bernard Morin and the Harley Davidson guy is Travis metcalfe (married to my cousin Debbie Armentrout)
Snow Plane folks identification:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

It appears I overlooked listing the guys in the snowplane picture.

L-R Bernard Morin, Roger Humphries, Travis Metcalfe, and Gib Donovan.
Bernard is from here and the other three are from Arizona. Travis is
originally from here and is the son of Emil and Ann Metcalfe and is the
only brother of Elaine and the late Kathy and Janice. Thanks Gary!


L-R: Bernard Morin, Roger Humphries, Travis Metcalfe, and Gib Donovan

The following postings are posted by
Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.


Lester and Marian lived for a number years on Lester’s home place located several miles NW of the Ackworth cemetery. Lester’s dad, James Johnson, was a brother to Sander, Eddie, Mrs. Jacob Bjornseth & Mrs. Art Bjornseth. I must be getting old because I remember all those folks all so well. Gary