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Posted on January 27, 2009

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Reply from Minnie Mary McKay Merrill (48):

Well, I certainly remember Miss Ewen. She had us totally under her

thumb and we’d better not ask “why.” I did my practice teaching in a
one room rural school south of Minot (one of te lucky ones to be
assigned to this situation) with Jim Bowles who also belonged to the
Rural School Teacher group. Miss Ewen, it seemed, was observing us every

I have had a wonderful teaching career–
beginning at Lockhart Rural School, moving to Overly to a consolidated
school, I had only 4 grades there, then on to Plentywood, Montana having
37 first graders. My next assignment was San Diego for 1 year. We
moved to Decorah, Iowa, where I had 3rd grade. Then I taught 1st grade
in St. Paul for 3 years. One would think I couldn’t hold a job, but I
was following my husband around.

Since then I have taught in Worcester, MA, Sutter Creek, CA, and Kent,
WA. So 51 years after teaching in 7 states and had 3 children I retired
to subbing on Fridays.

This must be thanks to Miss Ewen who had us cutting pictures out of
magazines and writing text to make up supplemental reading material, to
creating mind challenging seat work, that has given me great joy in
being a part of so many little children’s lives.

Tommy Hagen can relate to much of this early training, I’m sure.
From Minnie Mary McKay Merrill, Renton, WA.

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Rita Gable called me. I had sent pictures of her to the Dunseith School, as someone had written Rita teaches there, which she does, except this year she is in Minot. She was wondering where I had found the pictures–I hadn’t taken time to write a note to send along with the pictures, so I was hoping she was in your lists and knew about the pictures. She isn’t and didn’t, but it worked out fine, as we had a nice visit. Also, she would like to be included in your Alumni news letter: (I hope I have that right; I sent a test email to her, but haven’t received a reply.). She asked if I had seen pictures of Keplin’s. I know I have seen some with the Keplin name. I’ll send them to her and see if they are her relatives–I hope so.

I plan to go to Bottineau tomorrow and stay until about February 7th/8th. I have an appointment with my oncologist on February 9, so I need to be back in Minot then. All is going well.

Later tonight, I hope to scan Frozen Fingers Festival tentative schedule; Dick, Brenda and Ron Hett are performing this year.

I’m attending a meeting at 8:00, so I’ll quit for now.

By the way, I loved seeing the picture of “the Morinville kids”.  I need to respond to other comments sometime, too, but thought I’d mention this picture now.


Rita, I have added you to our distribution starting with today’s blog. What years did you teach in Dunseith? Are you from the Dunseith area? We have a number of the staff from the Dunseith Schools on our distribution as well. It’s great having you included with our blog. I know many of our folks know you. Gary

Jarilyn Hiatt’s photo posted by Noela Kofoid Garbe:

Jarilyn is the daughter of Wallace & Arla Hill Hiatt. Does anyone know if Jarilyn has email? I do not have Jarilyn listed in any of my files. Gary

Posted by Neola Garbe:
Does anyone know where this property is located?