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Old Barn
Reply from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND

Tony and I go riding around sometime actually quite a lot , we go by that barn and have watched it slowly caving in. I would say that I should draw it. It is a cute barn. Thanks Mel for taking the picture and also thank you Kenny. It is a unique barn.


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Reply from Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s nephew)

I remember going down the Lake Metagoshe (sp?) road with Uncle Carroll. We always stopped at the Little Prairie Cemetery to see the Carlson graves. Then I ‘d take Carroll to the Lake. He would talk about who lived at the various farms. One of the farms he pointed out was Bernice Seim. I knew her brother Art and his wife Eva as we got our drinking water from their well.
Don, Bernice Seim Metcalfe was married to Elmer Lindberg. She was first married to Archie Metcalfe. He passed away years ago out in Washington state. Years later she married to Elmer Lindberg. Elmer was is sister to Alice McKay. The Lindberg farm is located about a half mile into Bottineau county on #43. Kristy Hagen, daughter of Orville & Gloria Hagen, purchased the Lindberg farm and is currently living there. Gary




From Sybil Johnson:

In reply to the Social Security issue: I’m allowed to receive part of my ex’s (Augie) Social Security, because we

were married for 30 yrs. I will be 62 in July, but haven’t been up to the Social Security Office, yet. He had to
retire early, because of the derailment in Minot. The fumes from that derailment came over the house and he was
affected by it. This was by court order, during our divorce proceedings.
The weather here in Cheyenne, is now like yours in ND. We received about 10 inches of snow, cold and now very windy. Yesterday, it was down to -5 below. I know that isnt like your temp, but we had been so spoiled earlier, that this is an eye opener, for most. Sybil Johnson

Sybil, I’ll be 62 in July also. What day is your birthday? Mine is 7/21/47. Gary

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