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Bernadette Stokes’ Remains & spiritual blessings.

This is a Prominent Catholic Country with Very sacred spiritual beliefs.

They believe the body shall be in the home of the decease and the body will never be left alone until burial or Cremation.

They believe the decease shall have 9 days of Novena Prayers following death, followed with another 9 days of Novena Prayers at the 40th day and one year time frame. The Novena prayers are about one hour each, attended by family and friends, followed with a beverage and snack.

Bernadette’s Ninth day was December 1st. In addition to the Novena prayers, Bernadette had 5 Catholic priest services. Three were paid for and sponsored by her family. The 4th Priest Service on Sunday, the 7th day, I considered to be her funeral with Cremation the following day (Monday). On the 9th day we took her Ashes to the Catholic Church for a final service. Since I considered Sunday’s service her funeral I ordered 175 catered box dinners. A meal following the funeral service is Tradition here.

In leu of attending her funeral and for covid concerns, the majority of our Expat (Foreign) friends visited individually prior to the funeral.

Eventually my plans are to have her ashes placed in the local Cemetery where her Father and Brother are buried.

This is the 2nd day being back to the new Normal without her. We knew this day, of her passing, was coming, but it was still hard when the moment came. She is resting in Peace now.

Today is the last day for the Helper that was taking care of Bernadette at nights. At the end of this month I will let one of the other 3 go. I will then continue with Two helpers. One for inside house duties and one for outside.

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Mildred Parrill’s 95th Birthday Celebration
Posted by LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67): espe@utma.com Bottineau, ND


Happy 95th Birthday Mildred Parrill on December 6.

Mom is doing pretty good, still reading books and watching the Vikings.

We have not been able to see her in person for several months. /We take on the phone daily and can also Skype once in a while.

St. Andrew’s just last week reported that a couple of long term swing bed residents have Covid. They have been moved to a different wing and will be cared for by separate caregivers. It is very worrisome especially after what happened at Good Samaritan here in town where between 15-18 were lost to Covid.

Mom taught first grade in Dunseith for one and half years the classes of

1967 and 68.

(37 students and 39 students). She was out for about 3 years and then came back into second grade for the classes of 1970-1996.  She retired in 1986.  Shortly after she came back in second grade, they finally divided the students up in a first and second combination and later to two sections and eventually three. So all students in those years did not have her.

Folks may send birthday wishes over this blog , directly to my email of


or to my Facebook account or by mail to

Mildred Parrill, 316 Ohmer St., Bottineau, ND 58318

Thanks, LeaRae Espe

All thanks to all who have written her letters over the last months.

She is very appreciative.