06/18/2023 (2810)

Dear Dunseith Alumni and Friends,
I received this message from Glenda Fauske this Morning.
Our hearts go out to Tyrell and his family for a successful surgery and recovery.
You contributions are most appreciated.

Hi Gary,

FYI, the Fargo news did a story on Ty and put a link to a Go Fund Me site Austin put up for him.  It’s below:

Fundraiser for Tyrell Fauske by Austin Fauske : Supporting Tyrell Fauske’s Brain Surgery Recovery (gofundme.com)

His surgery was rescheduled to June 20 with a more skilled surgeon because a fingerling was found on a detailed MRI going from the tumor along his right temple and up to his forehead.  Not good news.  So, keep the prayers going for him and the family.

See you in August.



Previously posted on 5/23/2023

Tyrell Fauske, son of Russell (’64) and Glenda, was Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.

Posted by Glenda Fauske: Dunseith, ND

Life’s journey is filled with many exciting twists and a few unwelcome turns.  Tyrell recently took a turn for the worst…he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor in a precarious location along a major blood vessel.

Please pray for a  full recovery, and ask God to give him, his family, and us strength, comfort, and peace as we travel this road together.  He will have surgery on June 13 at Rssentia in Fargo.  We will try to keep you informed as things proceed.  The August 6 concert in Bottineau is cancelled.

Anyone wishing to send some encouraging words can mail them to:  Tyrell Fauske. 3202 45th Ave S, Fargo ND 58104.  If you have questions, please contact Russell (263-1746) or Glenda (263-5653) via cell or text.

Glenda Fauske