From Edna (Susie) Knox Millang (60):
Hello Gary – Just want to correct Doreen Bailey. Viola Hobbs is also a cousin of mine. Her Dad was Allen Hobbs. Harvery was her brother. Thank you for all you do. Edna Susie Millang (60)
The name Harvey Hobbs is a very familiar name to me and I’ll bet to a lot of other folks too. I’ll bet Doreen was thinking Allen and said Harvey. Harvey Hobbs and Lake Metigoshe come to mind. I think I remember him having a store over there. I think Viola mentioned that too, when I talked to her. I hope I’m not wrong with my thinking. I believe Harvey is deceased. Gary
Reply from Tom Hagen (51):
Hi, Gary and Gary (MetcalfeL) Yes, Miss Ewen was my supervising teacher from Minot State at the time. She was quite a character and didn’t hold back about anything. I started teaching in the fall of l952 at Cleveland School west of Rolette and kept on there for 3 years until Dot and I got married and she taught there for 1 year. At 8th grade graduatiion in Rolette, Miss Ewen was the speaker, and I had a student graduating then. She looked out in the crowd and said “Yes, and there sits that Tom Hagen, and he didn’t even send me and invitation to his wedding” Dot and I both had her so she knew us both. Quite the old gal but we learned from her!!!

Thanks, Tom (Class of 51) Sending this from Texas as we are visiting with them for a week

Reply from Bonnie Smith Kohler (Wayne Smith’s (61) cousin):
Bonnie, I knew that too, that you and the Elmer Espe kids were cousins. Lets see if I’ve got the connections correct. Frances Espe, Maybelle Salmonson & Alfred Smith were siblings to you dad Hank. Gary Metcalfe mentioned several days ago too, remembering seeing you over at Kelvin, before your family moved to MN. Gary
Reply from Marlene Lilleby Palmquist Larsen (53):

Dear Gary

I am really enjoying your E-mails and all the stories about people from Dunseith. The Viola & Dick Ziegler

story was really cute and interesting. I remember in grade school Viola Hobbs and Bonnie Awalt and so many others you hear from — The Leonards were cousins of mine as was Lois Lilleby — We are in Yuma Az.

for the winter and hope to get together with Bob and Donna Leonard in the next week and Lois and her husband Len are coming from Prescott for a short visit haven’t seen them for several years, so it will be

a nice time together and maybe we’ll see a few more Dunseith snowbirds.

Another cousin, Eileen Egbert Spitzer (daughter of James Egbert) who now lives in Fargo and is visiting us here in Yuma thought your blog was so good and she would like to be added to your list.

Her E-mail address is EREENIE@ aol.com. Keep up the wonderful work. You are so appreciated.

Marlene Lilleby Palmquist Larsen

Eileen, it is our pleasure to add you to our email list. The Egberts were well known in the Dunseith community. Without reviewing my notes, I believe your dad was a son of Adrian’s. I think your dad was killed in WWII. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If I remember right, your mother never remarried. Gary
Reply to Dale Pritchard (63) from Gary Metcalfe (57):
Dale, Maybe 52 years ago I knew Gene Beckman. He was a great friend of Carlyle Nelson. Preacher Nelson’s son up on Willow Lake Road. Anyway, I drank a few beers with him and Carlyle in Minot. They were heavy equipment operators at the air base then. Gene was a cool guy and a year or so after I met him he went down with a plane in Alaska. I think he must have had 2 names,I think Carlyle moved back to Dakota recently, he knew all about Gene Beckman.

Excuse me Doreen Bailey, did you mean Alan Hobbs or was Harvey Alan’s real name??
Gary Metcalfe

Gary, I believe Carlyle is Abe Nelson’s son who also lived in the Willow Lake road. I think Pastor Nelson lived on the Willow Lake Road too. Carlyle is living in Bottineau. He went to high school in Bottineau. Carlyle still has the farm up on the Willow Lake road. I talked to him a few months ago. I also saw a lot of Carlyle, both in Dunseith and Bottineau, with our trip back for the reunion in 2007. Gary
Reply from Marie Iverson Staub (60):
I was pleased to receive the email from you regarding my cousin but the
person who was killed in Cook Inlet was Gene Beckman who was another
brother to Allen and Irvin Beckman . I remember that as we were still
living in Dunseith. There mother Oleanna was my mothers sister and I
think that was a reason that she passed away as she couldn’t cope with
that news and I can see how that would affect a mother as I have two
boys and I can’t imagine anything happening to them. Again thanks for
the email. If you ever talk to Allen tell him Hi from his cousin.
I know the last time I saw Irvin he was working for the highway
department but I can’t remember if that was in North Dakota or another
state he was also in the service with Elvis Presley. I’m sure this is
more information than you ever wanted to know.
Marie Staub (Iverson)
Reply to picture posted yesterday from Sharon Longie Dana (73):
Reply to Bev Morinville Azure: Nice picture of you guys!!!!
Sharon Longie Dana (73)
From Warren Anderson (65):
Hi, Gary and all from the Great Dunseith Schools, and the bush country schools too! This is the picture that tells our feelings when we have so much snow and cold in N Dak. Soo-o cute. My wife and I are flying out to Florda on Friday for 7 days, we set this trip up to break up the cold month of January. I do not wish 40 B-low temps on my friends back in Dakota. However it better not be 25 above all the time we are gone because I love to snowmobile. Have fun–Warren ’65