Happy Birthday Aime Casavant (66):


Aime, A little bird from the sky told me your are celebrating your Birthday today, February 16th. I’m thinking this may be a milestone birthday too? Anyway, happy birthday and just enjoy this one day of the year that is truly yours to enjoy with family and friends. Gary





Condelences to Art Hagen and Family:
Prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)





Don Sharratt’s passing posted by Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):


Don Sharratt passed away February 1, 2009


Don was adopted by Erwin and Leah Boucher Sharratt who farmed near Thorne. There were two other children born later, Darvin and Sandra. Bonnie McGibbon is Don’s wife. His children are from his first marriage; he also had a daughter who is deceased. Don was born in 1933. He attended high school in Dunseith; lived with a family that maintained the school, grounds and furnace. Don would assist this man and I thought his name was Hagen?? Don did not finish high school, enlisted and served in Korea around age 18. Don is well known to Floyd and Carmen Richard. We had shared and interest in Boucher and Casavant ancestry. His natural parents were of Rolette County; he sought but was never certain of their identity. Don was close to Lee Hosmer and I did call her.

The following is a message from Don Sharratt’s wife, Bonnie:

As most, if not all of you know, my dear Don passed on 2/1/09. Because of this I wanted you to know about the upcoming funeral/memorial service that is planned.

It is scheduled on Sun 3/08/09, at 1pm at:
Avalon Chapel/Adair Funeral Home
8090 N Northern Ave
(located in NW Tucson, from the Oracle/Magee intersection, go 1 block west, then 1/2 block north)
Tucson, Az 85704
ph(520) 742-7901, my contact=Sam
For out-of-towners:
I want to be sure that visiting is as easy as possible. So I would like to refer you to my niece, Brooke Cromwell, a well-connected professional travel agent, to assist you with any travel needs. She is with Travel Leaders Worldwide, and can be contacted at ph 919-799-0883. Leave your name and number and she will get back to you promptly. By the way, she and I have already done some local hotel inspections and special lodging options near the funeral home have been pre-arranged, including breakfast and airport transportation.
If I can be of assistance to any of you, please let me know. And thanks to all who have sent cards, flowers etc and your good thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful for the support of my family & friends. So, thank you.

Bonnie L. McGibbon
Donald D. Sharratt
6921 N. Montezuma Dr.
Tucson, Az 85718-2438
home ph (520) 299-2141 (unlisted)

cell (520) 907-0863




Email address change for Jerry LaCroix (73):


We have a new email address please use this for
future emails. We too enjoy the stories and information that comes
across the blog.

Jerry LaCroix (73)




From Bonnie Awalt Houle 56:


Good Afternoon Gary,

It seems everyone has happy memories of the Peace Gardens. There was nothing my Dad enjoyed more then walking around the Peace Garden, I remember one warm spring day when we were walking around he asked my sister Emma Jean and I to run down this hill and when we got to the bottom by the trees we could say anything we wanted in a normal tone of voice and he would be able to tell us what we had said when we came back up the hill. It was quite a jog down the hill and when we got to the bottom we turned to each other and said something like, “What a Fool Dad was!” Then we raced back up the hill certain he wouldn’t be able to repeat what we had said. He immediately asked us why we thought he was a fool. Then he explained that God had made this natural amphitheater, and someday he was going to put the finishing touches to it, by building a stage and benches into the hillside. I visit this site everytime I return home and this time I say to myself, “What a Fool I was”. I don’t recall what year Dad built the stage and benches but I know I was 7 and my sister 9 when Dad told us his plans. Isn’t it amazing the insight our wonderful ancestors had.


Bonnie Awalt Houle 56





Reply from Chrystal Fassett Andersen )70):


Thanks Gary Metcalfe for the insight on “old man Templeman” as my Grandparents always called him, but now I want to know where Rabbit city lake is/was. Terry Halvorson lives out by Riverside cemetery.and I think my Grandparents lived there when they came back from Seattle, guess I better talk to my Uncle Darrel and write some things down. I know where Martin Belgarde lived. I am sure many people have stories about our Grandpa Bill “Pappy” Fassett, since he was the town cop for years and the town fisherman as well. I know all of us “brats”( as he fondly called all his granddaughters), have fishing stories from fishing at Fish Lake with Grandpa Bill. I remember him telling us..when one of us got old enough to ask about fishing limits..that there wasn’t any limit for senior citizens and never when he had brats with him. I remember stopping in places on the way home from the lake to distribute fish to different people, we even kept the bullheads for a Mrs. Belgarde that lived across form Carpenter Lake. I liked stopping there because they had a yard full of kids. Does anyone remember which Belgarde family that was? Anyway, I could go on and on.Thanks again BOTH Gary’s. Crystal Fassett Andersen