Condolences to the Art Hagen Family from Dick Johnson (68):


Gary and Friends,

I would like to send my condolences to Art Hagen and his family on the
loss of Mavis. All the area mourns her passing and she will be missed
greatly. In her many years of teaching, she had a positive impact on the
lives of many children so her legacy lives on through them and her own
family. I have never heard of anyone in the entire area who didn’t know
and like Art and Mavis Hagen.





Condolences from Marge Longie Langan Wilcox (56):



My condolences goes out to the Hagen, Sherritt families in a time of

Marge Wilcox




From Betty Watschke Cooley (45):




Many thanks for all the Dunseith memories in your postings. I’ve been wanting to write for some time, but was so far behind in reading them all. After being gone for the month of November in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we have gone for a long number of years for the month, then coming home to the usual holiday rush, it has taken me a long time we “catch up”. Now we have just returned from a Caribbean cruise, but the catch up hasn’t taken as long this time.


In your #362 an inquiry was made about the family drowning, and I planned to answer, but Dick Johnson beat me to it. In #363 he answered with a good explanation. The double drowning of course was hard on all of us. My family and I had just been in Dunseith visiting the family and others and returned home to the Seattle area that Labor Day when we received my dad’s (Carl Watschke) phone call. I returned to be with him and the extended family. It was a sad time for all.


So many memories have been recalled: an old favorite such as Deerheart Lodge (where the Kotschevars were friends of my parents and we actually visited and sat on some of that wonderful handcarved furniture); Butte St. Paul, Lake Schutte, the Peace Garden and all its treasures, and on and on. My parents and I were at the dedication of the original Peace Garden as we had long ago relative connections with Dunseith and Rolla before ever moving there.


I’ve enjoyed passing along the “old days” happenings to my family — grandsons were home from college at Christmas time and I had noted several things to have them read (and that presented many questions of my teen years in Dunseith). It has opened many doors to unsuspecting education to a younger generation of past history. Gary, you will never know how much your efforts are appreciated and how far they extend – – – many, many thanks.


Betty Watschke Cooley – – Class of l945





From Lee (Leland) Stickland (64):


GARY–‘spout dime ya eared’ from SW ND.
Weather in DIckinson is more moderate than Dunseith; barely, at times.
My girl friend and I like to go to auctions. She is interested in seeing where “I came from” so a trip of 278 miles to Dunseith is in the offing, whenever.
Any note of pending auctions in the Dunseith area would be appreciated.
I will be querying the net for presentations of the Turtle Mountain Star, etc. in search of this relevance, over time.
I read and enjoy every line of the effort of each to post to YOUR grand site, Gary. Lee
Reply from Aime Casavant (66):
What a nice little surprise Gary. Thank you very much. Indeed, I caught a few hushed comments the past few days from my family that I could not quite make out.

Hope all is well with you.

From Mel Kuhn (70):
Howdy Gary,
I have a question for Crystal. What lake are you talking about when you say Fish Lake? Way back before your fishing days Lake Upsilon was known as Big Fish Lake and Belcourt Lake was known as Little Fish Lake. Belcourt Lake is still called Fish Lake by Many. That is the John Belgarde family by Carpenter Lake. I too am curious as to what and where is Rabbit City Lake as it is mentioned from Gary it is way differant from where I am thinking. When we moved in to Dunseith[ or close to] it was along the creek just north Riverside Cemetary and a mile or so north of Halvorsons.
Mel Kuhn
From Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Dick/Brenda(Johnson) & Ron (Hett) did a great job at Frozen Fingers! Highway 43 is performing at Good Samaritan in Bottineau on the last Sunday so this month (I don’t have a calendar handy.). I hope I’m in Bottineau then. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and another one on Thursday. After that, I should have a better idea of where I’ll be the rest of the month.
Pictures posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Does anyone recognize this group or anyone in it?






Does anyone recognize this mother with her children?