Reply from Bev Morinville Azure:
First I would like to tell Neola I wish you luck on the radiation it can be rough but your spirit is such a go get em spirit you will do great , the radiation team in Minot is wonderful they treat you very well and always encourage you as the treatments get tough. I will keep you in my prayers. Second Marilyn is in the hospital as far as I have heard in Minn. still, I talked with her sister Bernie just the other day and Marilyn is not well she has a lot of aneurism’s and Bernie said she is now in God’s hands Please keep her in your prayers . I had my yearly Ct scan and check up and so far no more cancer I am starting to feel great again. I thank you all again for your support and prayers in the last year I will ask you to please continue to pray for me and my family, Debbie is home and is working hard on getting her speech back it is a long road for her I call her once or twice a week and talk to her. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Fulsebakke. and Art I am so sorry your have lost your wife. I only talked with her one time but she was such a friendly woman we visited at the Bottineau Fair she was sitting behind me and I was telling someone I had graduated in 72 from Dunseith and she tapped me on my shoulder and said then you went to school with my husband Art so I got to tell her all kind of stories about you Art. May God Hold you and your family close during this time of sorrow. But know she is now healed and dancing with the angels.


Reply to Marilyn Peltier Allery’s condition from Judy Allery Azure (65):
Hi Gary, Paula, and everyone
Marilyn Peltier Allery is my sister-in-law, she is married to my brother Richard. Marilyn is in St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN. She had brain aneurysms and is in ICU in the Brain Unit. She seems to be coming along quite well, spent the past weekend with her and my brother, along with her mother and my youngest brother Dallas. All the prayers will be greatly appreciated. Marilyn was put in a chair for 4hrs this weekend and seemed to tolerate it quite well. She is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. Marilyn was hospitalized on January 23, 2009, under went surgery during the night to clamp the aneurysms. This was quite an ordeal for her family, Marilyn and Richard have 3 children. I will try and keep all posted on her condition. Thank You Paula for remembering Marilyn.
Judy Allery Azure
Reply from Debbie Fugere Fauske (75):
Hi Gary:
I spoke with Richard Allery by phone today. He is in Minneapolis with Marilyn. I mentioned there had been a note in the blog regarding Marilyn’s situation. I asked how she was doing and if it would be okay to update the Dunseith blog about her condition.
He said she’s no longer in a coma, her eyes are open, but she’s not really awake either. He also said she seems to recognize their voices, and turns toward them when they talk. She is unable to speak at this time.
The doctor’s have started physical therapy at this time.
He said the doctor’s say she’s come a long way but has a long way to go.
Debbie Fauske
Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59):
I just have to share with you how precious it was when your mom married Jim Fulsebakke, neighbor and single. They came to Little Prairie Lutheran Church near Kelvin, where my parents, Jim and Ella Metcalfe and all of us seven children attended. In those days, I will have you know, the men sat on one side and the women and younger children sat on the other side. Well—-
when Jim and Mid came in (she was dressed to the nines in a suit, hat and gloves (WOW, I thought–what a glamourous couple)–I must have been about what (I was born in 1941), but she sat on the men’s side with Jim. Well—-after the service a lady approached my Mom and said you’d better ask Jim (Metcalfe) about this, and tell them that they should sit on their own side.
When Mom told Dad, he said “next Sunday, you and the girls sit on the men’s side with Mid, Jim and the men. After that, all the families sat together on both sides. We felt they were such a great addition to our neighborhood, and they CERTAINLY WERE. God bless you kids and your Mom on her 90’t birthday. Geri (Geraldine Metcalfe) Munro
Reply/Picture from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

Steve Cook’s Turtle Mountain Restaurant, I believe, was on Main Street
in Dunseith. I think it was on the east side about mid-town. For those
who have a Dunseith History Book, look on pages 371 and 372. Somehow I
thought it later became McCoy’s Bar. Don’t know for absolute, but I
think I heard that long ago. If anyone knows, please write and let us
all know. Kenny Nerpel—Thanks for the P. W. Poole story. I have the
article from the News with pictures. I’ll try to scan it and send it for
those who do, and don’t remember him. It may take me some time as right
now I can’t remember where it is! Mom sent it to me when I was in
college in Grand Forks. Knowing Pete, you would have died laughing at
the stories he was telling the reporter! The guy sucked it up like a
‘Hoover Deluxe’, word for word. All of us who frequented Kelvin know how
‘Ol Pete could spin a yarn! Everyone must have at least one ‘Pete Poole’
story. I’m attaching a picture of the Garden Tap from about 1957. Those
behind the bar are my grandfather, Henry Olson, Glen Johnson, and
Freddie Hiatt. This was when the Tap first opened. Classy joint—white
shirts and ties! Grandpa and Glen were partners when it opened. Thanks Gary!


Henry Olson, Glen Johnson, and Freddie Hiatt.
Neola Kofoid Garbe’s question to Colleen Brudwick at the Good Samaritan Home:

Hi Colleen,
I need help/info, please. I understood Highway 43 performs on Sunday. I just received Gary Stokes’ Dunseith Alumni newsletter. In it, Gary Fulsebakke has a note stating there will be a 90th birthday party for his mother at Good Sam, starting at 3:00. Will both events be taking place at the same time–little overlapping 30 minutes?
Colleen’s reply:
The music is at 2:00 on Sunday; the party is at 3:00.