11/3/2012 (1636)

Happy Birthday Vickie Bergan Dietz (DHS ’82):  Princeton, MN
Martha Lamb’s Wedding
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

I believe Martha and Lynn’s wedding dance was held at a hall in Kramer.
The Kramer -Newburg people  really can dance, Waltz,2 step, fox trot, & Polka.


What an enjoyable day and fun wedding dance ….twas.

I recall it was the first time I was introduced to the  “chicken dance” .

I’m happy, I can say I was there, when this wonderful couple  began their journey
 and watched the first dance as a married couple.

Once in a while I see them as they continue “dancin through life together”.
Fondly, Vickie
You were a big part of that wedding too. Just think, next year will be Martha and Lynn’s 40th.
I have seen Martha over the years with our trips back to the area, but to my recollection, I have never met Lynn.  Martha has not changed from her growing up days. I recognize her in a heart beat when we meet. With 4-H and the Kelvin Home Makers, our families were together a lot in our younger days.
Martha, you are one person I will always remember.  You, Dean and us three boys were most always along with our parents at the many mutual gatherings of our folks. Those were the good days too.
Centennial Belt Buckle
Reply from Bob Hosmer (’56):  Lynnwood, WA


You shared this story with Katrine and me at the reception after Jess Hosmer’s funeral and like Gary I was asking about the availability of the belt buckle, ‘cause I sure would like one.  Any chance in getting any more cast to make available at other Dunseith reunions.  It is so classic and special.  I’d purchase some for each of my family members, if they were available.  Keep in touch.

Thanks for your participation during the funeral.  The music you and your wife sang was excellent.  Bob Hosmer(’56)


Centennial Belt Buckle
Reply from Bill Hosmer (’48):  Tucson, AZ
..Gary and Dick,  That was a great piece on the Centennial Buckle.  My dad, Jack Hosmer, tried to get money raised and approval to preserve the Log House.  When that did not work out he took one of the timbers from the place before it was taken down. I believe that it is now located in the Dunseith Log House.  For awhile it was kept in our original home in town before it was taken there.   I’ve a couple of the buckles I keep, and am glad to have them.  More importantly, my good friend Dick Johnson is the designer.  What goes around comes around. Thanks for this medium, Gary, and thanks for a winner, Dick.   Bill Hosmer  ps,  It was great to see the pictures of my “kissing cousin” Diane and her husband Scott Sjol.
Early snow in the Turtle Mountains
Message from Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,      We got the first real sign of things to come here in the Turtle
Mountains today.  We have about 4-5 inches of fresh snow on the ground.�
I didn’t have a chance to take a picture today and the weather is
predicted to warm up to as high as 50 degrees by Monday so we may have
one more chance to lose the snow again before it comes to stay.  It will
come to stay!  Thanks Gary.


Note: Because of the elevation, the hills often times have more snow than on the prairie
Rose, You and Art can most certainly leave all those winter clothes in Bottineau when you come come to Cebu next week.
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