11/12/2012 (1645)

      Happy 8th Birthday Nevaeh (Stokes) Wingate: Bremerton, WA.

March 5, 1966 Snow Storm
Pictures provided by Crystal Fassett Andersen (70):  Walhalla, ND
Gary  Here are some pictures from Dad Bill Fassett’s slides of the snowstorm on March 5,1966
Cote’s Bar
Reply from Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

      Here is a picture of what Cote’s Bar would have looked like from
the outside in the ’40s to early ’50s.  It may still have been McCoy’s
or my Grandpa Henry Olson and Glen Johnson’s at the time the picture was
taken.  My grandparents lived upstairs when they owned the bar.  We have
some pictures taken there.  The only personal memory I have of the
building was that the bottom part of the front, toward the street, was
painted black.  Even as a little kid,  I thought that was odd.  The cars
in the picture are a ’40 Ford Standard and about a ’46 Buick. Thanks Gary!


Cote’s Bar
Reply from Cheryl Kester Gaugler (’69):  North Brunswick, NJ
Re: the picture of Cote’s Bar, my Dad, Ormal (Red) Kester is the gentleman seated at the far right.
Cote’s Bar
Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (’58): Fargo, ND
Gary—In the picture of Cote’s Bar, isn’t that Freddie Hiatt, sitting, on the left of the picture?  But then, I would think Lloyd or Dick would recognize him if it was him.  Was the owner of the bar Leonard Cote, Jr.??
Geri, That sure looks like it could be Freddie Hiatt to me too.  Gary
Behind the Bar: Darrel Grenier?, Jr. Melmar?, Leonard Cote
Sitting: Freddie Hiatt?, Maurice Gouin?, Darrel Abbey?, Darrel Abbey?, Donald Cote or a Grenier, Red Kester