12/25/2012 (1678)

Year Five.
Today marks year 5 doing this blog. Tomorrow we will be starting year six. You folks, with all of your contributions, have most certainly done a great job keeping all this going for all these years.
For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday.
Bernadette served her traditional Christmas dinner at midnight last night (Christmas eve) to all of her relatives living in our compound inclusive of our helpers and her sisters husbands siblings and their families and a few others too. There were about 60 total. For the evening leading to midnight, they played a lot of games with the kids, did a gift exchange, etc.
 Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.
Happy Birthday to Joann Hill Evans (’74)
From Jean Took Burger (’75): Mandan, ND
Happy Birthday Joann I hope all is well with you and your family.  Also Gary I would like to wish everyone A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy and Healthy 2013
Happy Birthday Aimee Lagerquist (DHS 1997): Helena, MT.  
     Happy Birthday Diane Hill Moline (DHS 1975): Burlington, ND
                  Happy Birthday Conrid Metcalfe: Seattle WA.
      Note: I only have FB with Conrid. Can someone forward this to him?
Joke of the day
Posted by Mel Kuhn (’70:  St. John, ND
  Ole and Sven are walking down a street in
      Chippewa Falls, WI, (Home of Linenkeugel Beer) when
      they see a sign on a store that reads, Suits $5.00 each,    
      shirts $2.00 each, and trousers $2.50 a pair.              
      Ole says to his pal, “Looky here! We could buy a whole gob of
      dese, take ’em back ta Dulute, Minnesota, sell ’em to our friends an’
      make a fortune.

      Now when we go in dere, you be quiet, okay?  
      Yust let me do da talkin cuz if dey hear yer accent, dey    
      might tink vee are igorant an’ try to cheat us. No way do
      vee vant dem to know vee’re from Minnesota.”                
      They go in and Ole says with his best
      Wisconsin accent,                                                               
      “I’ll take 50 of those suits at $5.00 each, 100 of those shirts
      at $2.00 each, and 50 pairs of trousers at $2.50 each.. I’ll  
      back up my pickup and ….”                                  
      The owner of the shop interrupts, “You’re from Minnesota,    
      aren’t you?”                                                 
      “Vell…yeah,” says a surprised Ole, “How’d ya know dat!?”    
      “Because this is a dry-cleaners……