7/21/2014 (2058)

Happy birthday Toni Morinville (DHS ’68): Wahpetan, ND
Happy Birthday Dick Johnson
From Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Happy Birthday–or happy belated birthday, if that’s the case, Dick!!
Great picture of the four of you (Dick, Brenda, Bernadette, Gary) in today’s blog!!!!
Reply to Dick Johnson
From Sybil Johnson:  Minot, ND
Dick, you haven’t changed a bit. Take care, you and Brenda.
Sybil Johnson
Blog (121) posted on June 3, 2008
Mrs. Allen (Susan) Richard (65) diagoised with breast cancer: 
Folks, I got a message from Allen Richard telling me his wife, Susan, has visited the MAYO clinic, three times, in the recent past for breast cancer. He said the ordeal will not be over until November.  He said Susan’s family history is horrible for cancer.  He said knowing that they took radical action.
Please keep us posted Allen, with Susan’s progress.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and you too.  Gary
From Bob Lykins (teacher):

Just a quick note to let you and others know that I have just unpacked a box containing items from my days at Dunseith HS.  Among them is a grade book that lists the names and grades of the students I had in General Business, Typing, and Bookkeeping.  It looks like it was from SY 63-64.  Interesting stuff but my former students need not worry.  I pledge never to donate such revealing information to any display or museum.

Bob Lykins

Bob, that would have been the year I had you for typing.  That grade of mine, averaged with Bill Grimme’s over all 4 year average grade, would probably equal our over all class average grade. Actually, I think I did a little better than that though.  Regardless what my final grade was, It was one of the most beneficial classes that I ever took. I carried around a certificate card, for years in my wallet, signed by you, that I typed 52 words per minute.  Remember, this was on the old manual typewriters.  That class enabled me to easily adapt to the computer automation world with my job and also today, with all of the email communicating that I do. I witnessed many upper level managers struggle, in the shipyard, with their one fingered typing skills.  Gary
Reply from Nancy Hosmer Baldwin (62):
Good Morning Gary and All,
I just read My cousin’s comments (Bill, Diane and Cheryl) about
the pool table that had it’s beginnings at Kadrie’s in
Dunseith.  That pool table was built in 1895 and is in
beautiful condition thanks to Bill’s son, John, who graced it
with new felt and bumpers and spent a considerable amount of
time removing “red” lacquer paint. I love having that table
with all of it’s history in my home. I have no doubt that
several of you have played on it in the past, whether it was at
the pool hall or at Jack Hosmer’s home.  Anyway, you’re invited
to come to Lake Metigoshe and try your hand at it again —
anytime.  By the way, Cheryl, I saw you make a couple of
those “great shots” and I think we need to match you against
Don Hosmer..
Have a great day, Nancy Hosmer Baldwin
Reply from Floyd Dion (45):
Hi Gary
You asked Neola what year it was that we made that electric wheelchair for Harvey Halvorson, I got the clipping out of the Minot Dailey News dated February 7, 1958. It may have been a few months before that it was built. I did it in my spare time when when I worked for the Bottineau Coop Creamery . we built it in the back end of Iver Lo’s gas station, Hardware store. Harvey could not do any work, but he was boss and brains of the building of it. We used an aircraft starter for the motor, there were a lot of army surplus things back in those days, after world war ll.
Request from Sharon Longie Dana (73):
Gary, could you post the Dunseith website stuff again please. I would appreciate it.
Sharon, This the Dunseith WEB site link.  http://www.dunseithnd.com/
From Susan Fassett Martin (65):
Here is a scrapbook page with the article on the Dunseith City Hall
fire.  Also Lise Rousseau’s wedding article and Lawrence Berube’s
obituary.  I have lots of newspaper clippings and articles if anyone is
looking for any thing specific.  Let me know and I will try to find it.
Love and prayers,  Susan
                       Provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65)
Dunseith City Hall Fire 2058
Message/pictures from Susan Fassett Martin (65):
Gary,  I didn’t realize that Ann Dahl was a Stokes.  They used to come
to Az when we lived down there.  “Snowbirds” that came in the winter.
We had many good times and good card games with them.  These pictures
were taken in Tucson in 1974 and 1975.  The top left is Ann and Oscar,
the top right is Oscar and Ann Dahl,  behind them my husband, John
Martin holding our daughter Johnida, Alice Christianson, Myself and
daughter Tristania, and Lydia Larshus.  The botton left picture is the
same people except instead of me, my Grandmother Gudrun Wood(Goodie) is
there.  The bottom right picture is in March of 1974.  My husband John
and Oscar both had March birthdays so we would celebrate together.  I
mad the shamrock cake for them–I believe Oscars birthday was the 16 and
Johns is the 18 of March.

I love all the old articles and picture.   Hugs and prayers,  Susan

Susan, Anna and my dad were full Brother/Sister.  My dad was adopted by the Stokes’ when their mother died, shortly after
he and his twin sister, Margaret were born. Anna is a Petterson, my dad’s biological family.  Dad was always very close to his
biological family.  Oscar Dahl, married to my dads sister Anna, is a cousin to the Halvorson’s.  Oscar and Anna lived in Bisbee
and as far back as I can remember, spent their winters in AZ.  This is a small world hearing that you knew and spent time
with Oscar & Anna. I’ll bet they never put two and two together realizing that you and I graduated together. They were wonderful folks.  I saw them often in my childhood days and also with my summer trips back to ND.
Following their frequent visits to our place, usually after having spent the weekend in Bottineau,  they often times visited the Halvorson’s on their way back home.  Gary
 Fassett, Susan 2058





                    Picture provided by Susan Fassett MartinSine, KC 2058






 Picture provided by Susan Fassett Martin.

John Kofoid was Neola Kofoid Garbe’s father.Dunseith Cornerstone garage 2058