4/28/2008 (88)

From Shirley Olson Warcup (49):





     Glad you’re back on line–we missed you!  Back in the mid 40′s there was a snow storm that created road problems for several days.  Two young boys (15-16 yrs. old) from the Mohall/Westhope area had stolen a car, made it almost to Dunseith when they became stuck in the snow.  They were picked up by someone and ended up in the Dunseith jail.  At that time we were using the firehouse/jail as a warming house for skating.  We were about the age of these boys.  We brought them donuts, candy, sodas, comic books and spent more time in the firehouse than we did on the skating rink.  Frank Flynn took them to the cafe for their meals every day.  Someone suggested we ask Mr. Flynn if he would take them to a new movie we were all planning to see.  No one wanted to ask him.  After much discussion, I believe it was Audrey Hassen who agreed to do the asking.  Much to our surprise, he said he would  do it.  Mr. Flynn and the boys sat in the back row and all the rest of us sat two rows in front of them. Perhaps that could still happen in Dunseith, but I doubt that it would happen anyplace else.  These two boys ended up in “Reform school”–I know–I got a letter from one of them and we corresponded for a short time.


                                Shirley Olson Warcup





Correction from Mona Dionne Johnson (48):



Correction as to dates – I said last part of 45 and spring of 46 and it
should have been the Fall of ’44 or the spring of ’45, as
Betty and Bob graduated in ’45.  Sorry about that.   Mona Dionne Johnson
From Bev Morinville  Azure (72):
Gary,  I  am so glad u are  back online…………   we all miss each other   when u  are  gone. I   almost   go  through  withdrawal.  hahaha   anyways I   just wanted to  say hi  and  thank  u  so much Gary  for  this wonderful service u do  for  us.  I have  found   old friends like Joyce and  Rita  we  were  all  very  close  friends   in HS  ………now  have reconnected  and  will be  getting togther in July.  Thank  u  so much   without  u  we would  never have connected.  I would also  like  to  thank  all of u   again  for all your   well wishes  while I  was recovering  and   going through  radaition . I am done now and starting to feel   good  again.  thank u   all again.  Martha  could u  update us  on  Deans  daughter and  how  she is  doing? Dick  u  tell the  greatest  stories  keep  em  coming  please.  thanks again Gary    God  Bless  u  and   your  family.  Bev  Azure  (  Morinivlle)
From Diane Larson Sjol (70):
I had to chuckle when I read Dick’s rendition of braving the snow
storm just for kicks.  I remember when it would be blowing and
storming.  We couldn’t wait to go outside and walk through it even if
it was just in the backyard.  My mom would have a fit.  Of course it
took longer to bundle up than it did for us to stay outside and in
we’d come full of wet clothes and rosy cheeks ready for some hot
chocolate.  I also loved the sight of Main street Dunseith in the
photo….sure brings back some fond memories.
From Dave Slyter (70):
Hi Gary:Just an interesting question, I am sure that is on everyone’s minds.   How many do you have on your list that you send these listings too?   Have always wondered.

To Diane Larson (70)
You and your sister Cheryl, Dennis Dion, and Bev and Deb Mornville, didn’t really have to walk all the way out to Dales to get a Jumbo Burger as you could have stopped at Curt’s Drive Inn, or Patties Place right in town, as they too made them there at the Drive Inn.   I was a cook there and made those things all the time.  It was fun to make them as well as to eat them.  Of course I would always try and make a mistake with one around dinner time as we always got to eat our own mistakes.   ha

Thanks Gary for all your efforts.

Dave Slyter (70)

Dave, To answer your question.  I currently have about 570 folks on the Dunseith Alumni email list.  Some of those are dupes with spouses because I list everyone separately. The daily distribution goes out to about 520 folks.  Gary
Picture Provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65):
Sophomore Class of 1945 (Class of 47)
First row; Eleanor Awalt, Lola Striker, Patty Mc Atee, Laverne Schick, Shirley Wentland, Doris Schneider, Darraine Habberstad, Jennine WatkinsSecond row: Donna Aitchison, Alice Goodsell, Janice Striker, Delores Hiatt, Luella Halvorson, Mildred Brennan, Jean Metcalfe, Velma Brennan, Lorraine Christianson, Gloria Plante, Minnie Knox

Third row: Leo Murray, Leonard Stickland, Raymond Haagenson, Harvey Halvorson, Darrell Fassett, Dee Nelson, Wayne Molgard, Allison Fiske, Darald Dion, Llyle McDermott, Miss V. Marie Nesting, Advisor

Class of 47 2025

4/27/2008 (87)

From Al-lyn [Mrs. Bill (Willie) Longie (60)]:
Hi Gary,
My name is Al-lyn and from all I have heard about you from my husband Bill I feel I could already know you.  I would be surprised to find out that you have heard from Bill as he rarely finds time to correspond but I have certainly heard plenty about the reunion last summer and the time he spent with valued friends.  I can easily say it was one of the most significant and moving personal experiences Bill has had in the 40 years we have been married.  He came back from seeing all of you with a “new lease on life” and re-energized from touching back into his youth.
Now both he and I are looking forward to the next get together, the Alaskan cruise.  Could you share with me the email address of the travel coordinator so we can start making our plans.  That is half the fun.
Looking forward to meeting you,
From Martha Lamb Schepp (68):
Hi Gary, 

I was like so many of your followers, wondering if all is well with you and your wife. I look forward to your emails almost every day.
We took our grandsons, Dawson and Gavin to their home in Rugby tonight. There were snow flurries on and off in the Rugby area. We need moisture, we’ll take any kind, but sorta wanted to put in an order for a warm rain. Just happy for the day!! Martha Lamb Schepp (68)

From Sharon Longie Dana (73): 
To Vickie Hiatt LaFountaine 

Prayers are with you and your family!!  Always!!
The people in the picture above are:  Back row:Ydola Pigeon, Dorothy Strietzel Fassett and Urbain Cote.

Middle row Howard Landsverk, Bernice Olsen Johnson, Bob Molgard and Shirley Sunderland.
Front row: Patty McAtee and Andre Berube.

Sharon Longie Dana

From Pyllis & Alan Campbell (42):
To help complete the names that are still missing from that Methodist/Lutheran church choir picture – I can fill in a couple of the names ….the young man  who wasn’t identified is Don Keplar – son of the Rugby minister who was supplying the Methodist church – and the un-identified lady is Mrs Charles Keplar – the minister’s wife.
As an additional personal note, Gary,  we want to tell you how much we appreciated all the help your Dad Bob gave to Alan’s aunt and uncle Anne and Glen Campbell all the years they lived in Botno.  He was a wonderful neighbor who shoveled their sidewalks and saw that the grass was always cut. He always went in for a visit too and they also enjoyed visits from your mother Elaine.
 Phyllis and Alan Campbell
Phyllis & Alan: I would like to share your personal note with the group, because we have many Dunseith Alumni Bottineau folks on our list that knew Ann Campbell.  Many of these folks are married to spouses or have relatives that had Ann for a teacher.  She taught school for many years at various schools in Bottineau county.  Most folks that knew my dad knew that he loved to talk.  With his visiting, he mentioned Ann many times and he was asked, real often, if she was related to Alan.  I heard that question asked many times, with my annual visits back to ND, when I’d be out with my father.  A lot of folks never made the connection of Alan & Ann.  Dad spoke highly of Ann and he thoroughly enjoyed doing the things that he did for her. I too learned to know Ann quite well with my annual visits.  She was a wonderful lady. Glen was gone by the time I came into the picture, so I never really knew him. Gary
Methodist/Lutheran Choir Picture:
Back Row: Don Johnson, Findel Helgeson (immigration Inspector who replaced Les Greener), Gary Morgan (young man about town), Don Hosmer, Alan Campbell, Don Kepler, Jerry Williams, Clark Crum, Glen Williams Jr.
Middle Row: Florence Conroy, Jennie Cook, Inez Hosmer, Millie Crum, Don Conroy, Rod Armentrout, Duane Lang.
Front Row: Marjorie Morgan, Elsie Schneider, Mrs. Charles Keplar, Irene Teal, Betty Jane Schneider, Elaine Schneider.
Dunseith 1954 - 2022
From Shirley Olson Warcup (49): 
Gary and Dick,
         I wish I, or “Snookie”, could be more help with identifying people in the picture in E-mail 86, but I’m just not sure who the girl in the front row is–could it be Patty McAtee?  I couldn’t find a single picture of her in the Centennial Book.  The top row people are identified correctly.  The middle row, from the left, is as stated, probably Howard or Erling (I’m not sure which), then Bernice, Bobby Molgard, and Shirley Sunderland.
I’ll check with “Snookie” again to see if she has had any miraculous memory recovery!!!   Don’t hold your breath though,  she doesn’t seem to remember any better than I do!!  (Actually, that Snookie moniker makes me feel a few years younger–but it doesn’t seem to help my memory.)  Gary, once again, many thanks for the joy you’re bringing to so many people.  I enjoy reading all of the accounts of “Dunseith happenings” – they’re a bright spot in my day!
                                     Shirley Olson Warcup
From Bill Hosmer (48): 
Gary, the picture of the group with a few unknowns include Bob Molgard
sitting next to Bernice Olson and Shirley Sunderland on the other
side.  The girl in front looks alot like Patty McAtee, whose dad had
the bakery earlier, and who was our scout master when WWII started.
She was in the class of ’47.  Bill Hosmer
From Mona Dionne Johnson (48): 
Note: Mona, I see you and Bill Hosmer are both from the class of 48 and you are also Metigoshe neighbors.  Gary
Next to Bernice Olson Johnson,  Bob Molgard, Shirley Sunderland
Front row:  Patty McAtee (right)  and Andre Berube
That Pic was taken either in the fall of ’45 or the spring of ’46 before Betty and Bob graduated (’46)
Mona Johnson
Note: Shirley, Bill & Mona; you guys all agree with who’s who in this picture.  You are all undecided if that is Howard or Erling Landsverk in the Middle row. If this picture was taken in the 1945 or 1946, we’ll assume this is Howard Landsverk because Erling left Dunseith in 1943.  Gary
Back row:  Ydola Pigeon,  Dorothy Strietzel Fassett  , Betty Watshke, Urbain Cote.
Middle row:  Howard Landsverk, Bernice Olson Johnson,
Bob Molgard, Shirley Sunderland

Front row:  
Patty McAtee, Andre Berube
Cote 2022
From Cheryl Larson Dakin (71):
I thought just copper and wiring was stolen off of roof tops here! What a pain. We miss you when you’re gone and happy to have you back! You rock!
From Diane Larson Sjol (70): 
Talking about the jumbo burger at Dale’s….when Deb and Bev
Morinville and Dennis Dion and my sister Cheryl and I were in the 4th
and 5th grades, we gathered up what change we could find and earn (had
a puppet show and made 35 cents) and finally had the $1.10 we needed
for a jumbo burger.  We walked what seemed like miles from town to
Dale’s and shared our burger.  Every time my sisters come home or
someone new comes to visit, we take a trip to Dale’s for a jumbo….no
one makes a burger quite like that anymore.
From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

Thanks to Crystal for the 1966 snowstorm pictures. I just can’t quit
looking at the old main street stores the way I remember them! The one
of the drug store also shows the little gas station in front of the
Dakota Hotel. It’s the little building with upturned eaves that sat
between the hotel and the cabins. These pictures are treasures!! This is
the storm of 66, I think, as there were cars stuck on top of the drifts
on Main street, some 4-5 feet off the street! They actually drove on top
of the drifts and then fell in! I remember how strange they looked the
next day when the storm was over. During the 66 storm, I walked all the
way over to John Boguslawski’s, just for kicks. It was nasty! I stood
along side the Stone Garage for a while just to rest and get out of the
wind for a bit. The snow was blowing so bad I needed the leeward sides
of the buildings to see where I was! Yes I know, crazy!! But when you
are 16, you are daring! When it got toward evening and was time to go
home, I called home to tell the folks that I was on the way. Mom asked
me to stop at the Crystal Cafe and get a large order of French fries as
she had a craving. The cafe was empty except for the cook and Marian
Hackman, who was the waitress. I told them,” Mom wants a large order of
fries”. They brought out a grocery bag nearly full of fries!! They must
have thought we were starving at home!! The storm of March 69 was
similar in many ways, blizzard conditions and big snowfall amounts. I
was going to college in Bottineau and they shut down the classes even
though the students were mostly on campus. The streets there, too, were
several feet deep! It took the local National Guard unit to help open
the streets. We do have storms here in the winter but not like the
blizzards of 66 and 69! Two to remember!!!


Request from Glen Williams (52): 
Gary…Spoke with Leland Hagen last night…he says he would like to be added to your list of Dunseith Folks who receive your “newsletter”….
Keep up the good work…do enjoy your work.
Glen  Williams. Class of ’52
 Leland Hagen (50) 

4/26/2008 (86)

From Bob Slyter (70): 
To vicki hiatt, I did not know that your husband was ill, I will pray for him as well as for your family, please let me know how things go  love ya
From Rita Parisien Anderson (73):  
Note: This is part of a personal message that I received from Rita that I wanted to share with all of you.  This is the fruit of the labor.  You are very welcome Rita. Gary
Gary, because of the emails and class rosters one of my best friends in
elementary and middle school until she moved away have reconnected and we
are going to meet up this summer thanks so much .
From Sharon Longie Dana (73):
For Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine
I too thought of Wanda as i do ever year in April. It
was a tough time for the class of 73. While Vickie,
and Marsha were in the hospital Brenda H and me and
some of the others close to Wanda and Steve had to go
to school. It was an awful week and one I truly
thought i would never get thru it. Wanda and I had
known each other since we were 5 and our birthdays
were only 11 days apart so we shared many things. I
was grieving so much that week but at the same time so
thankful that Vickie and Marsha were alright and i
probably never told them that. I to would like to
thank our classmates from Dunseith High, you were all
awesome to me that week and I have never forgotten it.
Linda Johnson and Bev Mornville looked out for me like
they were big sisters and the Medrud family let me
grieve with them like family. I will always miss
her!!!  I to remember the play and Doraldeen as the
witch…………that was so much fun!!! There were
lots of good times. and Gary doing this is awesome. I
have received emails from friends I never thought i
would hear from again. When I went in the navy in 74 I
started a new journey for myself and after my
grandparents moved to Washington, i sort of left
Dunseith behind but there were lots of good memories
and those are all resurfacing now after many years.
So thanks Gary for putting this all together!!! Its a
great service your doing for  alot of us!! and I agree
were all having coffee(tea) tofgether every morning.
Sharon Longie Dana(proud to be from the class of 73)
From Mona Dionne Johnson (48): 
I remember when Don and Cliff got their new boat.  Cliff & Don had some
go out and amongst them was my husband, Chuck.
Of course, Chuck learned to water ski and came home, stating that “I”
had to go and learn to ski!  I, didn’t know how to swim at the time, and
said so, but that wasn’t good enough.  So, off we went for me to learn
and have fun.  Well, as I remember, Cliff was in the boat driving, I was
down in the water with skis on, off I went and got UP this first time –
made a circle and then dropped when I
thought I was near their cottage – my  nearsightedness had me out a
ways.  Then, the next time I was going to go again, I was determined to
get up, but one foot was behind the other and it wasn’t happening, but I
was plowing water and finally the bar snapped out of my hands.  Chuck
came up behind and we both started laughing – the top of my suit had
dropped down to my waist, and the boat was coming back for my to try
again.  The laughing and trying to get my suit up in time – relaxed me
and up again I went for another ride.  Some fun that day, and the start
of many ski rides that occurred later when we would have our own cottage
and boat to enjoy !  One of the many memories of our times with Dunseith
friends.  Cherished !   Mona Johnson (48)
From Dave Slyter 70: 
Gary and all, 

Being a custodial supervisor here at NDSU some days has its challenges.  With 14 employees and 8 buildings to monitor it gets interesting to say the least.  But the other day as I was helping out in one of the oldest buildings on campus, I found myself actually enjoying my job.   And it is all because of this site and one certain class room in the Dunseith Elementary building.

One of my employees has been out sick for a while so to help my other employees out, I went up to clean in Minard Hall of NDSU.   The floor that I was cleaning on, is where they teach a lot of Math classes.  And of course being the old building that it is, it has the old chalk boards still being used.   Now a days they have the nice white boards that are a lot easier to clean and a lot easier to write on and a lot easier on the eyes to look at.    But as I was washing these boards, I started thinking about this site and the memories that are brought to everybody.  At that very moment I thought of an incident that happen to me in the 4th grade.   Our teacher was, Mrs. Berube.(Florence) Another one of my favorite teachers in Elementary.  One day during class, I think it was Math, Brian Fauske and I were sitting in the second to last seat in the 1st and 2nd row of the class room.  Brian was in the 1st row and I in the second right across from him.   We started to send notes to one another.  I don’t know what the heck Brian wrote on his note but it lead me to write the message,  “Go to Hell”   ha Ooops   Big mistake.

As I was handing the note to Brian,  Mrs. Berube’s eyes caught something in the back room and of course that was me.  She came and took the note from my hands and read the note.  Looking into my eyes she asked politely what was the meaning of that note.   With red face and every one staring at me, I said,(and I can’t believe it myself), I wanted to meet Brain in the Hall.  :)  Mrs. Berube being the kind person that she was, knew that is not what the note meant.  What did Brian do?  He looked at her, smiled, shrugged his shoulders and he was off the hook.  ha

Mrs. Berube, of those of you that knew her, didn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She just looked down at me and said,  David,  I would appreciate it if you would stay in during recess, the rest of this week and wash my chalk boards for me.  I thought oh gees, I am going to hate this.  :(    During the first day it was not fun as every body went outside and I got stuck staying in washing the boards. Being a fourth grader that was brutal punishment.  She always had her little pail of water and rags sitting right there each day.  By the second day I was starting to like the punishment and started thinking that I was the teachers pet.

So when I was washing the boards at Minards Hall, I actually found myself enjoying washing the good ole chalk boards once again and thinking of pleasant memories of Mrs. Berube.   So thank you Mrs. Berube for the nice memory and teaching that note passing doesn’t pay and thank you Gary for this site.  Without it, people would just keep their thoughts to themselves and memories would be lost.

Dave Slyter (70)

Story From Larry Hackman (66):
That picture of that Jumbo Burger you sent out the other day, reminded me that it must be getting time, to make another journey to Dunseith and indulge, in feasting on one them delicious Jumbos, to satisfy a craving that I seem to get a couple times a year.   My mouth is watering already.  Another highlight will be to see how George and the crew have remodeled the place after the fire.  It looked like a new, nice place on the pictures.
Back, to the Jumbo Story.
I remember Herman Martinson telling me the story of,
The Origin of the Jumbo.  He said Dale Gottbreht came into
the bakery on a mission, one nice summer day.  Nobody would come up here in the winter time would they?  Not even a Texan?  Herman said, Dale told him, that he had relatives coming up from Texas and he was a little tired of hearing how things are always bigger and better in Texas.   So, he was going to show them that some things are bigger and better in North Dakota. He came up with this idea to serve them Texans a North Dakota Hamburger.  He told Herman that these hamburgers were going to have to be huge.  Dale then explained to Herman what he wanted him to do.  He wanted Herman to make  hamburger buns the size of a dinner plate.  Herman agreed to take care of this portion of the plan, and made the buns for Dale.  Dale then served up these North Dakota Hamburgers to his Texas friends with all the fixings that they are famous for today. Can you emagine the looks on them there Texan’s faces when they saw them North Dakota Hamburgers.  I,m sure the burgers were served with allot of jokes and get even type comments.  If you know Texans like I know Texans, I’m sure there was a get even strategy born that day and was played out somewhere?  Maybe someone will fill us in with the rest of the story?
 I have a Texas friend that still insists to this day that North Dakota is a northern  county of the state of Texas.  It just goes to show you that knowing a lot and thinking you know a lot are to different things. Try to explain that to a Texan?   They just didn’t have Mr. Hepper for Geography class in Texas is all. Oh, I know in a Texans mind Texas is the whole world, why have Geography?  I don’t know why, but it sticks in my head that Keith Smith’s fake ear kept falling off in that Geography class?  Must have been from the heat of the subject.
While going down memory lane and thinking about The Snow White Bakery and Herman and some of his employees, I remember Herman always had a baseball game on the radio while he worked.  The first emplyee I remember is:
1. Abe (Hassen Jr.) Murry cheerfully walking and whistling his way down Main St.with that huge bakery tub, loaded with bread tucked in the crook of his arm.  His fancy 1956? baby blue and white Chevy sitting in front of the bakery ready for take off as soon as he got off work.  I remember his dad standing on Main, crying for what seemed like weeks after his car accident and death. A sad time for the entire town.
2. Vince Kalk (Big Iron) washing and waxing his 1950 flathead Ford on Sundays’ behind the bakery.
3.Julian Kalk (Khakky) always greeting the Sweetheart bread guy that delivered flour to the bakery with, ” If it isn,t the guy, who drives the truck, with the big red heart on”?  Of course the conversation always degraded from this point on and I would have to leave as I was still kind of young for this type of conversation. Right.
4.Warren Murry (Muff) who also died in a car accident on highway #3 between Dunseith and Rugby.  I don’t know what them Dunseith guys had for them Rugby Girls? Funny you would think that it would be the correction line curve south of town that would have caused most of these accidents, but they all happened on the streight aways before and after the curve.  Although I remember a few going off the curve.
5.Marvin Kalk, who had a difficult time in school but still wanted to graduate, was struggling..  Herman, realizing that Marvin had trouble reading, would read the subject material to him. Marvin’s grades improved and he graduated high school. Then he got drafted. May he rest in peace..
Some of the Snow White Bakery guys that I remember,
 from a guy that use to hang out there.
Larry (Half pint)
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): 
Hi Gary, (For Your Information)
On the Hillside School photograph, sent in by Ken Nerpel, other folks
may be able to also identify the other kids as: Leona Metcalfe, Clayton
Bergan, Agnes  Belgarde (Peltier), Clarene (Poitra) StClair, ?Dick
Demery, Miss Olson was the teacher, I think she may have taken the
Our family doesn’t have any photos of my dad’s childhood, so it was
wonderful seeing these photos again.  I believe my Aunt Leona showed
them to me yrs. ago.
Also a side note;
On Saturday evening, June 28, 2008, We Metcalfe Cousins will be joined by
the Nelson cousins, also Cousins of cousins or Friends of Cousins, and any
Kelvin Community folks for a no host gathering at Kelvin Klinic.  Anyone
with ties to the area is welcome!
Thanks So much.
Vickie Metcalfe
Note: The names listed are not in order & not complete.
Leona Metcalfe, Clayton Bergan, Agnes  Belgarde (Peltier),
Clarene (Poitra) StClair, ?Dick Demery, Emil Metcalfe,
Clifford Metcalfe, Eleanor Metcalfe
Hillside school 2023
From Gary Morgan (54): 
Hi Gary & All,..We missed you.
About 1950 the creamery that was located where Garden Lanes is now, burned down.  It was just luck that the fire didn’t take the whole block.  Having suffered two major fires in a couple of years, the Gamble Store and Creamery, it was painfully apparent that the fire department had to upgrade their equipment.  About the only way organizations could raise substantial sums was by holding dances and smokers.
About this same time, a new minister came to serve the Methodist Congregation.  His name was Rev. Ramquist and he lived in Bottineau while serving the Bottineau and Dunseith congregations.  Rev. Ramquist was determined to clean up “Sin City” so when the Dunseith Firemen held a money raising smoker in the basement of the city hall, the Reverend fetched the sheriff and they raided the smoker.  Since it was imperative that the fire department at least get a new truck, most, if not all, of the pillers of the community were caught in this den of iniquity.  Sin City indeed!
The next day there was a big writeup in the Minot paper about how a gang of vigilantes had run the Reverend out of town.  Actually, a couple of fellows followed him out of town just to be satisfied that he was gone and not coming back.
Shortly after that, the Methodist Church Board determined that Dunseith needed fire equipment worse than they did a crusading minister so Rev. Ramquist was asked to leave.  He later perished while white water kayaking somewhere.
Between ministers, we Methodists were served on an intirim basis by Rev.
Kepler from Rugby which finally leads me to the point of my story…the fellow
between Alan Campbell and Jerry Williams in Dick’s picture of the Methodist Choir is Rev. Kepler’s son but I can’t remember his first name.
A revised roster of names on the picture is as follows: 

Gary Morgan
Class of 54

Dunseith Choir 2023
Picture from Ken Nerpel (65): 
 Here is a photo of Dick Johnson and the Fabulous Turtle Mountain Hillbilly Band performing at the St. John senior center.  Art Rude Sr. is in the  picture front row center with a large group of ladies, and to my right is old friend Jimmy Birkland.
Ken Nerpel
St John 2023
From Allen Richard (65):


To Angela:  OH MY GOD.  I am so glad you sent this to Colette.  Ydola and the Robert Brothers could fill in the gaps I’m sure.  Then there is the largely unknown thing about Mom’s and Ydola’s older brother Jack (his baptismal name was “Ubald”  a mis nomer–I saw him in early 1996–in his early ’80s and his hair was thicker and darker than mine–oh yeah—–and curly.  Jack moved to CA. in his early 20s–with an 8th grade education—————and went on to be high up in the design of the hydraulics of the
B-17 landing gear.  Our Grand mothers, Rebecca and Hortense were sisters—so much for the powers of the gene pool coming from the fathers.  “Jack” and Urbain were first cousins.  Check with your Mom on the details of this—and their cousin– Geof Marcil.
It was so good seeing you this summer.
Cote 2022

4/25/2008 (85)

From Sharon Peterson Harmsen (63):
Hello Gary,
It’s amazing how I look forward to receiving your emails each and every day and now that I haven’t rec’d one since # 82, I’m concerned that you may be ill or something of that nature.    Perhaps you are on a much needed computer vacation???  Or, perhaps my computer has decided to not accept your mail???  In any regard, thank you so much for the wonderful way in which you’ve connected the Dunseith community.  
Now, that being said, have there been no further mailings since you sent out # 82 which is dated April 21, 2008? 
It is dark and overcast here in Bismarck today.   We got some much needed precipitation last evening and are hoping for much more as this part of the state is in a drought situation.  Some farmers are starting their planting while others are waiting to see what the weather does since fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, etc are so very expensive at this time. 
Please let me know if you have taken a break or if I am actually missing current updates.    Thanks so much for all you do.
Sharon Peterson Harmsen  (class of 63)
From Shirley LaRocque Went (59):
From Gary Metcalfe (57):
Hey Gary, I have not received any letters from you for the last three days. I am just checking to make sure I have not been missed on the list OR checking on you to make sure you are well.  Hear from you soon.  Gary Metcalfe
From Diane Fugere (75):
I have not received an email from you for a couple days.
Wondering if there is a problem on my end??
Diane Fugere
From Clyde Satrang (51):
From Gwen Struck Dumas (68):
Hi Gary,Haven’t received any e-mails from you this week.  Hope all is ok with you.Gwen Dumas

From Marshall Awalt (51)
I love all the e-mails and look forward to them every morning.They perk you up better then your first cup of coffee. I feel the storm that came through the other night must have horsed things up as number 82 was the last one I received if you can resend the ones I am missing I would greatly appreciate it.
Keep up that great work
From Diane Larson Sjol (70):
Gary,Funny how you have spoined us with these emails.  We haven’t gotten
any from you for a day or two and we are wondering if you are sick or
just taking a couple of days off etc.  Hope all is well and you
certainly do deserve a break.  Take Care. Diane
From Bob Slyter (70):
did’nt get any messages today, sure hope that you and everything is alright have a great day hope to hear from you tomorrow
From Dick Johnson (68):
GaryDidn’t a message go out today? I know you probably deserve to have a day
off one of these days! Usually I check my junk and filters etc., but
there isn’t anything there so just thought I would check. Thanks Gary!!Dick

From Angela Berube Malget (65):
Hi Gary and Everyone,I am writing a response to Erling Landsverk who requested information
regarding some of his classmates. My name is Angela Berube Malget.  I
graduated with Gary in 1965.  I am a niece of Urbain Cote.  He and my
mother, Fern Berube Lagasse, were brother and sister.  Lawrence Berube
was my father.  We lived on the farm south of Dunseith with the big
round barn with cattle on the main floor and dancing on the upper
level.  My Uncle Urbain and his dad (Alfred Cote) designed and built the
barn in 1946-47.  Some of you older alumni may remember dancing in that
barn.  That was always an exciting time for us kids.  We got to stay up
late and the next day we would roam the parking lot picking up debris
and collecting coins, pop/beer bottles (loved that refund money for
candy), you name it.  Peggy Wurgler commented on that a while back.  We
were happy to see that the barn had been restored.  I realize this took
place after you left.  Did you get back to Dunseith very often?I am attaching a copy of my Uncle Urbain’s obituary and part of a eulogy
that pretty much describes his life.  He was a pretty special Uncle –
so talented and loved and missed very much by his family and friends.  I
want to add to the paragraph about his musical talents.  It states that
he played the piano and organ–he also played the trumpet in a dance
band in his younger years prior to getting married.  My mother said he
could play any instrument he picked up.  Also, he was a janitor for a
few years at the old white school in Dunseith in approximately 1953,
prior to their moving to Seattle.  Perhaps some of you remember him from
there.  The airplane (2 seater) that he was building (he started it in
the basement of his house) could not be completed because of his
health.  It was eventually sold.  Vivian, his wife, is my first cousin
on my Dad’s side.  I spoke with her a couple days ago.  She said she did
not know you Erling, but had met your cousin Howard who had visited them
once in AZ and a couple times in Seattle.  My mother, Fern,  mentioned
that when she was visiting her brother, Laureus Cote, in 2000 or 2001, a
Landsverk came to visit but she does not remember the first name.  I
presume both you and Howard would also have known Laureus, Urbain’s
older brother.  He lived in Bremerton, WA.  He died in 2006.  He worked
in the Navel Ship Yard in Bremerton, WA with Gary — small world.  My
mother is the oldest sibling and only one still living.  She is 91.  She
found a  picture of Urbain and some of his friends which was taken
either after he returned from the war or perhaps during a leave.  I am
also sending that picture.  Hopefully, some of you can help identify
some of the people.  I feel badly, Erling, that you won’t be able to see
this picture.  Some are definite to us:

Perhaps Colette Pigeon Schimetz can show this to her dad and he can
identify them or perhaps Howard or Marjorie can help.  To Dick Johnson
– do you think it could perhaps be your mother sitting in the second row?

I hope this helps a little Erling.  If you have questions or there is
more that you would like to know, please let me know.  It certainly
would have been nice to talk with you at the reunion had I known your
connection with my Uncle.  I have enjoyed reading the emails you have
sent especially the response to National Geographic.  I really admire
your positive attitude.   Wishing you good health and happiness.

Angela Berube Malget

Back row:  Ydola Pigeon,  ??  , Betty Watshke (my mother thinks), and
Uncle Urbain.
Middle row:  Howard or Erling Landsverk??, Bernice Olson Johnson??,
??,    ??.
Front row:  ??,       Andre Berube (my uncle – my Dad’s brother –he was
2 years older than Urbain).
Cote 2022 Cote, Urbain 2022
                                        Urbain Cote Eulogy
Cote, Urbain 2022-1
Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and FriendsFirst of all, Mel Kuhn did a fine job assessing the Jamboree. The
“silver tongued devil” can’t improve on his message! I would like to
thank Mel for being our sound man and helping with set up and tear down,
which is a big job! I too, think it went well.The enclosed picture is taken in about 1954. It is in the Methodist
church {stone church} and is probably the church choir except for my dad
who was Lutheran. I think the rest are Methodist? I can name most of the
folks but not all.

The folks I marked “unknown” are only unknown to me as most of you
probably know them. Thanks Gary!!


Back row L-R:  Don Johnson, unknown, Gary Morgan, Don Hosmer, Alan
Campbell, unknown, Jerry Williams, Clark Crum, unknown.


Middle row: Florence Conroy, Jenny Cook, Inez Hosmer, Colleen Conroy,
Don Conroy, Rod Armentrout, unknown.


Front row: Unknown, Elsie Schneider, unknown, unknown, Millie Crum?,
Elaine Schneider.
Dunseith 1954 - 2022


4/22/2008 (84)

From Jan LaCroix Kester (59): 
We have been following the posting each day of the e-mails.  Gary. I hope you won’t mind one more accolade about the fantastic job and service you are doing and giving to us all. Most of the people writing are younger then Mick (my husband) and me. The story about Red Kester and the City Hall burning down from Dick . prompted me to finally write!  Red LOVED his job as a volunteer firefighter! I could just visualize him, adrenalin kicked in, and organizing people!  The memory of Red, and his boundless energy, brought tears to my eyes.  He was very proud of his firefighter volunteering and the award that was presented to him from the City.
It wasn’t until Dick’s Father, Don,  was killed that I became aware of Don’s farming interest.  Don was unbelievably handsome, I would blush just looking at him.  Don was teaching music in Rolette when I accepted a job at the Rolette Clinic. I didn’t have a car.  He told my Dad, Henry LaCroix, I was welcome to ride with him on Monday mornings.  He never would take a cent for it.  He’d always say, whether I was with him or not, he still had to make the drive.  I never thought of him as a farmer.  We only saw him in a suit, dress shirt and tie.  He was also the band director in Dunseith when I was in high school, for a short while.  I believe he filled in for Mr. Erickson, who was let go by the school board.   Don was  very talented, with a variety of interests, a cheerful disposition, did I mention handsome ?, person.  I believe he did his share of singing for funerals, weddings, etc.  He blessed our community with his life, along with his beautiful wife, Bernice.  My sister, Paulette, was in Dick’s graduating class, so I know a variety of Dick’s classmates through my sister.
We would love to see some of our classmates of 1959 write.  We planning to attend the Alaskan cruise of 2009,  and are wondering if  any our high school classmates would be also attending the event.  I loved the stories of Cy Kadry & KC Sine,  I wish I knew the story of how they ended up in Dunseith
Well, for those who know me, you know I can go on and on, so I will stop for now.
From Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): 
Every  year on april 22nd I remember and miss my old friend Wanda Medrud.
36 years ago she and Steve were taken from their family,friends and
community.  At the time I was doing my own grieving and I never really
thought about how wonderful everyone @ school was.  It was my junior year
and I passed that year with all D-.  I know I didnt pass one final and I’m
almost positive the grades should have been Fs.  I have so many fond
memories of school, things like doing the senior play “pick a dilly” and
making Miss Brooks throw her play book @ us.  Anyone else remeber that ?  I
know what Tim and Laurie are going through.  husband is waiting for a
kidney, and we are doing home diaylsis with a once a week trip to Grand
Forks for hemadiaylsis.  Its hard to watch a love one suffer and know  what
the outcome will be if a donor isnt available soon.  So please all reading
this get the word out SAVE A LIFE BE A DONOR. Last of all thank-you for
this site and all the updates.  I can’t help thinking how much my dad would
have enjoyed these, I’m sure he would of had a storie or two to tell.
Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine 73
From Shirley Olson Warcup (49): 
Gary, Dick, Luella, Florence,etc., etc.
    I look forward to reading every e-mail.  There must be something special about Dunseith–my husband spent almost  27 years in Grand Forks but his favorite place to visit is Dunseith.  He always enjoyed his association with Don, and now Dick is filling that gap.  Our prayers go out to Tim Hill and his family and to Luella Dion.
     The picture of Neil and Audrey–I’m not sure where it was taken but I think I have one of Audrey and I in that same place.  Audrey and I speak to each other often by phone and used to see each other on some of my trips to San Francisco.  Audrey and I did some foolish things when we were in high school.  One night we decided to try to singe the hair off our arms–just to see if we could.  We not only singed some hair we also singed some skin.  Shortly after that we went to the lunch counter by the bowling alley.  We had gotten about 10 feet into the room when whoever was working  said “Something’s burning.  I can smell it.”  We glanced at each other and quickly got out of there.  We weren’t about to admit what we had done.  Speaking of that lunch area–I’ve never had chili anywhere that tasted that good!!
       I enjoyed the school comparison –1957 vs. 2008.
I was involved in the Ca. school system from 1959 to 2006–(the last 10 years at a college)—how true, how funny, and how tragic!! As a high school VP I had a front row seat for over 30 years.      Once again, Gary, thanks for putting me on the list–you’ve made the days more interesting and pleasant for this “old lady”.
                                        Shirley Olson Warcup
From Ivy Eller Robert (74):

Greetings from Washington! I love reading all of these ‘tales’ of Dunseith. I find myself looking forward to coming home from work to get to read new ones. The snow storm Dick Johnson talked about in 68-69, I remember it well! We lived behind Robert’s gas station. There was a snow drift from the top peck of the the front of the station to the back alley at our front door. I remember we couldn’t get out of the door, so Dad helped my sister Julie out a window so she could shovel the snow from in front of the door to let us out of the house. A while later the Robert’s managed to get to the station, and Orphula recruited us girls to help shovel out the gas station. As I remember the snow plow made a pass down the center of main street and everyone shoveled paths out to it.
Also every once in awhile when it would snow alot, Orphula would take a hood off of one of the wrecked cars he had at the station and tie it to the back of his Wrecker with a rope or chain, and drive around town on side streets so kids could jump on the back and go for a ride. I’m sure it was not legal to do it, but Orphula was always very careful driving (he wouldn’t go very fast) so no one ever got hurt as far as I knew!

Ivy (Eller) Robert (74)

Pictures from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70): 
 Gary  Here are some pictures from Dad Bill Fassett’s slides of the snowstorm on March 5,1966. May be the same one Dick mentions. That’s my Mom Irene Fassett & “Little Chip: Johnson standing in the post office window.  Crystal Fassett Andersen
Dunseith Snow 2021Dunseith Snow 2021-1Dunseith snow 2021-2Dunseith snow 2021-3Dunseith snow 2021-4Dunseith Snow 2021-6
 Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends 

Earlier I sent pictures of our old cabin at Lake Metigoshe and some kids
there. The attached photo is also from there. My uncle Cliff and Mom and
Dad went by the dock and someone snapped this one. It brought to mind
another story! This is Grandpa Hans Johnson’s boat, I think, with a
“big” 18 horse outboard! We soon outgrew this old wood boat because of
waterskiing and double waterskiers,etc. Now for the story. My grandad,
Henry Olson said he would buy a good boat if Dad and Cliff would buy a
motor. I remember riding along { I was 6} to Bottineau to order a new
boat. To me this was big stuff!! We went to Otto Corbin’s shop. I think
it was called Corby ‘s Marine. The three guys picked out a new aluminum
Crestliner boat with a windshield and bright red and silver paint. A big
long 15 footer, WOW! Then when they were ready to sign the order,
Grandpa Henry said, ” Otto, you tell them to put the steering wheel on
the left side of the boat, we are in the USA not England !” I still
remember Otto saying, ” but Mr. Olson, it’s on the right side to
compensate for the torque of the motor.” Grandpa said, ” You put it on
the left side and we’ll buy a motor big enough that it won’t matter
which side of the damn boat we’re sitting on.” I remember thinking, oh
wow were getting a race boat! Dad and Cliff bought a 35 horse Johnson.
It was twice as big as what we had and it did seem like we were flying
on the water! Dad used to race  the old boat, with the 18 horse motor,
with a neighbor, Mickey Harrison, who had a twenty horse Merc. They
would rip back and forth across the bay nearly even. When we got the new
boat and motor, dad really gave him a “spanking” the first weekend! The
next weekend Mickey came by with a big grin on his face and TWO 20 horse
Mercs on the back! Here they go again, same old story, neck and neck! It
was a fun time!! Thanks Gary !


Johnson, Dick 2021

4/21/2008 (82)

Back on Line:
Folks,  We have been without a phone and internet DSL service for four days.  A contractor accidentally cut some wires when doing some work that affected everyone in our area. It has taken them until today to get the wires re-spiced enabling them to restore our service.  I was at a loss, especially with the loss of the internet and not being able to  post your messages.  I do have a lot of messages that I have gotten from you folks that I will be sending out with several messages.  Thanks to all of you that sent messages inquiring about what had gone wrong and if everything was OK on my end.  I really do appreciate your concerns.  For general interest, I will be posting those messages too.  Gary
From Loa Metcalfe Vanorny (68): 
lola vanorny, ew 

HI Gary and y;’all  — I almost had a panic attack this am when our
internet was down for an hour–  I needed my “nostalgia fix”  ha!!– –  I
really look forward to first thing in the morning checking to see who
wrote_  I wonder how many of us are  having coffee together  every
morning!- ha-cause we’re all doing the same thing!

I have to throw in my 2 cents worth! –  the old time Music Jamboree was so
much fun!– Hank Salmonson (87 years young!) was up there playing some
really nice guitar — old songs I remember my folks singing-  “Pretty Red
Wing” and others- he got a standing ovation– !!!

The whole group was just so neat –It was organized so well and some humor
thrown in there to keep it interesting– even some sing along songs- which
is always fun- they all sounded so professional–   Dick does a mean Johnny
Cash too- we just enjoyed it immensely!

We’ve had the Hanson’s and Tim in our prayers and of course my dear sister
Helen- we’re just trusting ,    for a miracle– and so glad your
experience  turned out well, Bev ,you were in our prayers too-   I think it
is just so wonderful we can stay connected with good old memories and
prayers and support for each other-  what a wonderful thing  you started
Gary- I think it was when I got an email or a phone call cause you’d seen
my name on the internet and asked about my family and it ballooned from

It is interesting how many memories come back of people and things I’d
almost forgot-  Thanks so much Gary!

From Kenny Nerpel (65): 
Here’s another one that I missed yesterday.  On the right bottom is Emil Metcalfe.  The girl in the flowered dress is my mother Eleanor Metcalfe and peeking from behind her is Clifford Metcalfe.
 Ken Nerpel
 Nerpel 2020
Picture provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
                                                                                                          Class of 48
Class of 48 2020

4/21/2008 (81)

From Mel Kuhn (70):
I just thought I’d let you know that the Music Jamboree sponsored by the Rolette County Historical Society in St. John last night was a success. The music was great and we had a good crowd. We were especially surprised when in the crowd there appeared Kenny Nerpel and his wife. Though we begged and begged we could not convince him to honor us with a song, stating that he could neither sing nor play. Does anyone have an opinion on this? There were several other Dunseith Alumni in attendance besides myself and Dick Johnson, including Vicki & Lola Metcalfe, Wayne Smith, Lorraine Neameyer and lots of other folks from the Dunseith area. Just to name a few, Jim & Ruby Birkland, Art Rude Sr. & Pat Myers. It was 3 hours of great music from back in the day and I’m sure Dick[the old silver tongued Devil} will fill us in a little better.
Mel Kuhn [70]
Gary Stokes’ reply to Mel:
Yes Mel, There are a whole lot of folks out there that know Kenny and Sherry’s singing abilities, especially those of us from the class of 65.  Kenny and Sherry recorded 16 songs, from 1965, and provided each and everyone of us from the class of 65 with a personalized CD copy of those recordings.  They personalized each and every CD with our individual picture and with other personalized pictures on the casing and the CD itself. It was very professionally done.  Needless to say, their music and recordings were fabulous.  I listen to mine all the time.  For those of us from the class of 65, this is a keep sake and something we can all enjoy over and over.  Kenny and Sherry spent a lot of time putting all this together for us and I know that everyone truly appreciated their generosity and realized the expense and time spent putting all this together.
Kenny and I also got drafted into the Army together. We reported to Rolla together on June 13, 1968.  From there we were bussed to Fargo, put on a train and shipped to Fort Lewis, Washington.  For the next 8 weeks, Kenny and I were side by side 24 / 7.  We were in the 3rd squad of the 4th platoon.  Kenny stood to my right and most often I followed him in all our formation marches. I slept on the top bunk and Kenny on the bottom.  Basic training was no picnic.  They made men out of boys.  I remember, in Basic, thinking many times to myself,  I didn’t volunteer for all this abuse.  They are not allowed to do some of the things today, that they did with us.  Army life became much better following basic.  Kenny and I both spent a year in Viet Nam too, but in different years. In Basic, by giving them an extra year, I was promised to be trained to become a Dental Tech. I took them up on that offer.  It turned out to be one of the best moves I ever made. I was already a Federal Employee, working for the Navy, when I got drafted.  I automatically had that job to go back to when I got out of the Army.  Following my 3 years of active duty, I went back to my Federal Job working for the Navy. A year or so after that, I joined an Army Reserve Dental Unit in Tacoma WA and stayed with them for 25 years.  Gary
From Rita Parisien Anderson (73): 
Hi Gary,
After seeing the jumbo bun that Herman Martinson created I wanted to  tell
a story about Herman. I walked into the bakery one afternoon shopping for
my mom. I asked Herman how much are your big buns? He replied back to me
they are not for sale. Wanted to share this story with everyone. I still
can see and smell that wonderful bakery.
Rita (Parisien) Anderson 73
From Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): 
Hi Gary
My grandparents, Fred and Johanna Richard, had their 50th wedding anniversary party at the old city hall in Dunseith at about the end of June 1968. Apparently this was just prior to the fire in August. We had just moved back to North Dakota from Georgia a couple weeks prior to the party and were staying at the lake. Dad had just gotten back from Viet Nam and was stationed in Minot as the regular army advisor to the National Guard. We had to live at the air base but we didn’t care as long as we were back in North Dakota. We were  just so excited to be back “home.”  Five years prior to that, in 1963, we were living in Dunseith and I was in Mrs. Conroy’s 4th grade class. Mom (Verdellis Richard Larson) had been waiting for a port call to join Dad in Germany and when it came, on a Saturday in November at noon, we found out that a car was coming to pick us up at 5 am the next morning to take us to Bismark. Mom and Aunt Lee (Hosmer) spend the day and night trying to get the household in order and pack for the 5 of us. Diane and I visited around town trying to say goodbye to our friends, relatives and teachers since we wouldn’t be back to school on Monday. Except for a brief visit in 1965 when we came back from Germany, it was 5 years, in that summer of 1968, since we had been home. Anyway, I remember that so many people turned out for the party. We reconnected with the friends we had had to leave so suddenly and got reacquainted with cousins we hadn’t seen in years. It was really a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time in Dunseith that summer and at Collette (Pigeon)’s farm. And the Mobil station. And Dales. Of all the places that we’ve been, North Dakota has always been home.
Thanks everyone for all the stories. And Gary for keeping us all connected.
Cheryl Larson Dakin ’71
From Evie Gottberht Pilkington (65): 
Hi Gary,
I have attached a picture of my dad taken shortly before he died August 29, 1961.  Dad was the creator of Dale’s Jumbo Burger.  Henry at Snow White was Dad’s vendor for buns at the time.  My Dad was full of big ideas…..it’s one of the things we all loved about him.  Jack Hosmer often ordered the Marc’s Special, named after my brother Marc and not on the regular menu, big pancakes covered with lots of butter, peanut butter and white Karo syrup, rolled up before they were served.   Dale’s has produced a lot of Dunseith “comfort food” over the years.  Anyone ever had the Trucker’s Breakfast, how about the stack of pancakes or those giant caramel rolls made by Charlotte Boguslawski?   In the good old days almost everything was prepared from scratch in the kitchen….very few frozen food service items in the 60’s.
Greetings from California
Evie Gottbreht Pilkington  1965
Gottbreht, Dale 2019
From Dick Johnson (68): 
  Gary and Friends 

Everyone has a snowmobile story and this is just one of many. In March
of 1969 we had one of the worst blizzards in many years. When it was
over, the snow depths were unbelievable!  The picture below of me on top
of the snowbank was in our yard in town, looking east toward Kalk’s. Jay
Lamoureux was the mayor at the time and he called to see if I could do
some favors. I took some medicine out to Mrs. Roderick Gagnon up past
the Day School and then delivered some groceries, etc. That evening Jay
called and said that George Aitchison needed a ride to the city wells on
the San hill north of town. I took him up to the well and when he was
done I took him home. The only street opened at that time was main
street. The side streets were many feet deep. As I turned the snowmobile
up onto the snowbank off main, red lights on a Highway Patrol car came
on behind me. I thought he probably wanted me to deliver something or
get somebody some help, etc. I walked over to the car and he said, ” get
in “. When I got in he said,  “  I’m giving you a ticket for riding that
snowmobile on a public highway”.  I couldn’t believe  this!  I  said ,
” Didn’t  you  notice,   it  snowed”.  He  said , “that’s no excuse”.
When I got home and told my dad, he called Jay to tell him about my $10
fine. Jay WENT WILD!! He called the state HP office in Bismarck and
asked what in the world these guys are thinking!! He then told me to be
uptown at 9AM the next day, which I was. I noticed his own snowmobile
was sitting on main street in front of Lamoureux Brothers garage. When
the same Highway Patrolman drove up, Jay went out and fired it up and
rode up to Hosmers store and back! The young patrolman whipped out his
ticket book and wrote up Jay for the same thing he got me for! When he
handed Jay the ticket, ” the fit hit the shan”.!! After Jay was done, he
turned around and called Bismarck and handed the phone to the Patrolman.
I think the commander had a short lesson in common sense, for the young
private!! We didn’t have to pay any fine! The attached pictures are of
the 68-69 era when my folks did a lot of snowmobiling! Some of the
people are Bob and Donna Leonard and my mom, Bernice Johnson! Thanks Gary!


 Johnson, Dick 2019
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
ROBERT DuBOIS, 53, Dunseith, died Saturday in a Grand Forks hospital. (Elick Funeral Home, Rolla)
Question: Is Robert related to Dennis and the other Dubois members that attended school in Duseith.  Gary

4/19/2008 (80)

Blog (80) posted on April 19, 2008
From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50):
Note: Florence is a sister to Charlotte Lang (Deceased), Howard Hiatt (Deceased) & Eleanore Fauske.  Their father was John Hiatt.  Florence has many niece’s, nephew’s and relatives on our distribution list.
Thank you Gary for all these emails you’ve sent.  Your amazing.  Since I graduated in 50 I don’t know most of the people on these emails.  But recognize the names.  Also coming from Ackworth, a one room school, and then coming to Dunseith for the 8th grade, it was a culter shock.  2 years later my father informed me that I had to find a job.  Of course, finding a job in Dunseith, well was kind of a joke.  I got one with K C Sine.  After being on the job for about 2 weeks they had me cleaning the meat counter.  I was hungry so I ate one of the hot dogs.  She fired me on the spot.  So then I got a job working at a restaurant…THE restaurant.  John Lenard, bless his heart, saw what he had for a waitress.  I was teased without mercy.  Best thing that ever happened to me.
Then in 50, I left Dunseith for college and nurses training.  And I really have never been back.  A lot of years and then in 56 my husband and I moved to Alaska.  So now this is home.  I find veiwing all the internet sites interesting.  But for the most part, I dont know anyone on them.  So I look forward to seeing you next summer when you come up on your cruise.  I volunteer to be your guild.
From Helen Metcalfe Barden (62): 
Hi Gary,
I have been enjoying reading the messages from everyone and have intended to respond, so when the City Hall fire story came up I decided this was the time!  I can tell you the approximate date of the fire, because Lance and I were planning to have our wedding dance in the City Hall after our wedding on Saturday, August 3, 1968.  As we drove into town the Wednesday before, we could see the City Hall smoldering as we drove through town.  We were able to secure the Odd Fellows Hall in Bottineau for our Dance and made the announcement at our wedding and things worked out fine.  It was interesting to hear Dick’s account of the day it burned down.  I sure have great memories of the old City Hall with all the class plays, etc., and of course, the Friday night dances.
I would just share that I have been on a journey since last November when I was dianosed with Level 4 breast cancer with lymph and bone involvement.  Treatment began in January and I have received the good news a couple weeks ago that I am responding well to treatment and the breast tumor is reduced by 1/3, lymph nodes by 15%.  I had a bone scan today that will be compared to a late Dec. bone scan and I will have a report on that next week.  I have so many praying for me and had a special hour of prayer (for a miracle healing) in my Lutheran Church the end of January.  My husband, Lance, is so supportive.  We’re just trusting God for the future.  We sure have had His peace!  We would be so thankful to have all of your prayer support.
Helen (Metcalfe) Barden (1962)
Vickie Metcalfe’s (70) memories of Kevin Hanson: 
   Kevin Hanson was a fine person.
He had a great work ethic. He had a quick wit, with a  magnetic easy going smile and personality, who,  people young and hold, enjoyed being around! I was fortunate in my life’s travels,  to travel with him and his brother, Keith through their third Grade at Dunseith Elementary School,  as I was their third grade teacher.
        The Metcalfe family, as with many others in the Dunseith  community, know the Hanson’s, the Eurich’s, the Pritchard’s back 3/4 generations.  I  first knew the  Hanson Twins as the little brothers of Laurie and Jimbo,  Grandson of Winifred, and sons of Jim and Sharon Hanson.
        But , I  do believe the very first  time I had a conversation with Kevin, was  at playground time, when I asked a little tow headed  boy with a mischievous smile who he was, he promptly replied, “I’m the Handsome Twin”.   Kevin and Keith continued  to use that play on words throughout the years.
        As a young man and adult, Kevin helped others/neighbors whenever he had the opportunity.  His sunny presence will be deeply and profoundly missed.   I wish his loved ones strength and fond memories.  Sincerely,  Vickie Metcalfe
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): 
To Laurie and Tim Hill, My thoughts and prayers are
with you. You have a wonderful support system out
there, let your friends help you thru this time. And
those of us farther away will keep you in prayer and
send good thoughts your way. God Bless!!
Sharon Longie Dana 

To Meryle Hoopman Vinje:  its been TOO LONG….I will
be emailing you soon.
Sharon Longie Dana

To Gary, thanks so much for doing this. I have been
out of the loop of my hometown a very long time and
re-connecting with people that were good friends is so
awesome and  I just wanted you to know i appreciate
what your doing very much.
Cheers to YOU!!!!!!!
Sharon Longie Dana

From Dave Slyter (70): 
To Tim Hill:   Hang in there Tim.  Everyone is praying for you and that is always a powerful thing.   There is a brighter future when we all have faith that things will turn out,ok. 

To the Hanson Family:  My heart felt sympathy to you all.  My prayers and thoughts are with you today as you send your son and brother home to our heavenly father in heaven.   He is now in good hands.

Dave Slyter (70)

Diane Larson Sjol’s (70) comment to Dick Johnson (68): 

I really enjoy how you write.  You have a wonderful ability to tell a
story…kind of makes us all anxious to find out what happened next.
Keep them coming.

From Dick Johnson (68) – 1982 Dunseith Centennial Books: 
Gary and Friends 

Yes there are Dunseith History Books available! They can be gotten by
calling the gals at Security State Bank. The phone number is
1-701-244-5797. I just inquired about availability a week or so ago.
They still have quite a few and will mail them out. If you haven’t seen
one and are interested in local history, they are a must have! They are
compiled by townships and cover the entire surrounding area. Lots of stuff!!


Folks, I’d strongly suggest spending a couple extra dollars to get the hard cover, vice the soft cover book if they are available.  The hard cover books are much better bound and don’t come apart.  I have one of each.  Gary
Picture provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Folks, this is a branch of the the Dunseith Security State bank soon to open in Bottineau.
There are 4 Dunseith folks in this picture.  They are Jeff Campbell, Loretta Neameyer Wall,
Sandy Gottbreht & Patty Barbot.
I asked Loretta Neameyer Wall to identify those in this picture that are Dunseith Alumni.
I have pasted her reply Below.   Gary
Security State Bank 2017
Loretta Neameyer Wall’s reply to my question asking her to identify those from Dunseith in this picture.  Gary
Hi Gary:
Laura Thompson’s maiden name is Domben and she is from Rolette. The Thompson name (her x-husband) is a Rolette native also.  Chuck Neubauer is Carlton Neubauer’s son married to Lois (Barbot) and Gary Raymo’s daughter, Angie. Again, both from Bottineau originally. Joe Kjelshus is a native Souris boy.( His parents are Kim and Lance Kjelshus) Patty Barbot is married to Kris Barbot(Wayne’s  son). Wayne and Janell Barbot own the the grocery store in Dunseith, and Kris works there.  Patty is originally from Langdon. Lyle Lamoureux is originally from Newburg, he graduated in 1973 from Newburg. He is a shirt tail relation to the Lamoureux’s that were in Dunseith.  Sandy Gottbreht is married to Rick Gottbreht (George & Patty’s son), and Sandy was a Monson from Bottineau. I hope that helps. 

We are very excited though. We open Monday.


Loretta J. Wall
Security State Bank-LPO
Box 86
Bottineau, ND 58318

4/19/2008 (81)

From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): 
Greetings from Alaska.  Rereading my message from yesterday it sounds like spelling was not my favorite subject.  Thought I would add a little information about my self.  Lived in Anchorage most of the time, have three sons and one daughter.  My husband passed away in 94.  Do a fair amount of traveling and generaly keep busy.  Come back to North Dakota about every other year and always amazed how shrimpy the turtle mountains are . And then by the time for me to leave…………they have grown back to the height I remember…amazing.
This is the famous Dale’s Jumbo Berger that Bill Grimme (65) orderd, last
July, when he was back for the Runion. Is this the famous bun that
was originally invented by Herman Martinson???
Who is the beautiful young gal in this picture?
Dales 2018
Picture taken July 15, 2007
Don Martel (Assistant Principal 67-69) & Rene Casavant (65)
Martel Casavant 2018
Gary Stokes & Bill Grimme.
Bill was our class Valedictorian and I was on the other end.
Between the two of us, we made up the class average. Gary
Class of 65 2018

4/18/2008 (79)

Request from Gerry/Sally Anderson (61): 
Note: Rita and Edgar Anderson are former owners of the Gamble store.

From Diane Larson Sjol (70): 
Hope to see everyone at the benefit for Tim in Burlington!
From Meryle Hoopman Vinje (74): 
Thank you Gary for this wonderful opportunity to connect with our history, how wonderful you are for doing this.  My prayers and sincere sympathy to the Hanson family.  Tim Hill and family, anything I can do, just ask.  I live in the Minnesota, so call if you need something, 651-726-4624, my prayers are with you.
Meryle Hoopman Vinje
From Laurel Wenstad (63):
Sorry to here about Kevin Hanson. I  was in the same grade as Jim and Knew Sharon’s family quit well. I want them to know my heart and prayers go to the family. Jim and I are good friends but don’t see much of one another. I also wish Tim hill a soon and great recovery. Laurel
From Bev (Morinville) (72) & Clarence Azure (70): 
TIm and Laurie  , I  just wanted to say  I  am praying  for u all. I am sorry  you  are  going through  this  hard   time, but the  Lord  will keep u in his  hands  till they  find  u a  heart and  kidney .Hang  in there   Tim  u  are a  strong  , good  man. Laurie  if  u need anything just   let  me  know  even if  it is  just  to talk . Stay strong.  HOPE  is  the  main stay. PRAY,PRAY , PRAY.  Bev( Morinville) and Clarence  Azure
From Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
I just had an email from Tim Martinson, and he said that Luella (Halvorson) Dion had taken a bad fall in February and broke her arm and her leg and was confined to a wheel chair.  I just thought all would like to know and put her on their prayer list. 

Also, does anyone know if copies of the 1982 Centennial Book “Prairies Past and Mountain Memories” is still available for sale at the Log House in Dunseith.  Any of you who don’t have it may like to get one.  There is an invaluable amount of history in there and many wonderful pictures.

Hugs and prayers,  Susan
Note:  I was talking to someone the other day, forgot who, an asked them about Luella, because I had seen in the Bottineau paper Dunseith News that different folks were visiting her at the Good Samaritan home in Bottineau.  I was told that she is now home, but still in a wheel chair.  Floyd is on our distribution list.  Hopefully he’ll give us an update of her condition.  Gary
From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

I would like to put in a “plug” for the Rolette County Historical
Society and the County Museum located in St. John, ND. This Saturday
night, April 19, we are hosting an old time music jamboree at the Senior
Citizens hall in St. John. There are several groups and bands that will
be performing throughout the evening. This is a fund raiser for the
museum and is a very fun night for those of you who appreciate this type
of music. The are several kinds of music that will be done by local
performers . Those who attend will enjoy it . Hope to see you there!
Thanks Gary for posting this for me.


Dick, The Dunseith Alumni is very much a part of Rolette County, so I will galdly post this.  Gary
Thank you note for cemetery donations from Rod Medrud (71): 



Dunseith City Hall fire – Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

Most of us will remember the old Dunseith City Hall. The basketball
games were held there until the new high school gym was built in 1963,
as was almost every school or community function. The building was built
during the depression [1930s] as a WPA project. This stands for Work
Projects Administration and was similar to the CCC’s which was the
Civilian Conservation Corps, the group of workers that did most of the
work on the Peace Garden in the early days. There was a brass plaque on
the wall by the main entrance which gave the information about the WPA
etc. Now for the story of her last day! I believe it was June of 1968
but I’m not sure of the exact date, we still lived in town in the house
by Leonards and Egberts. It was early in the morning and while I was
getting ready for the day, I happened to look out the south window of
our kitchen and there was black smoke billowing into the air uptown! Dad
was out of town so just Mom and I were home. The first thing that came
to mind was that the bakery was on fire and this was what I yelled to my
mother. We both ran out to my car and headed uptown. When I got to main
street I could see that the smoke was coming from the city hall. I got
there just as Red Kester did and we started the fire siren and got the
fire truck out. This was when the people really started showing up from
all over. Red sent me to the east side to spray water on McLeods house
as it was to late to save the hall already. From the east side I saw
through the window into the American Legion room in the basement, where
the drill rifles were burning right in their stand! McLeods house was
covered in asphalt siding and the tar was actually running out of the
siding from the heat. I remember it steamed when I sprayed the water on
it, it was that hot! The poor old siren was wailing away on top of the
city hall and nobody had time to turn it off. I remember it making this
weird mournful sound as it fell into the fire as the roof collapsed. The
west wall fell outward and Terry Martinson was nearly blown over by the
huge blast of air that came out from under the wall when it hit the
ground! He had been helping on the west side. We had to evacuate Mrs.
Kolberg {sp} from her house as the big chimney started to lean to the
north! It didn’t fall over but the guys from the Rural Electric used a
bucket truck to go up and tie a cable around the chimney and then pull
it over into the basement. It was a sad day and it took only a couple
hours for that huge old building to “slip beneath the waves”. When
things were under control, we decided to head home and Red and some of
the older firemen were watching the last of the flames. When I got back
to my car, my mom was sitting there IN HER PAJAMAS with no way to leave
because I took my keys by force of habit. The only thing hotter than
the fire was probably  my mother!
The picture is of Darrell Fassett in front of the City Hall in 1946,
when he was a junior at DHS. Thanks to Gary for this site!!


                            Darrell Fassett – 1946
 Fassett, Darrel 2016
Dunseith News (April 15, 2008) provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Dunseith 2016

4/16/2018 (78)

From Susan Fassett Martin (65):
My deepest sympathy to the family of Kevin Hanson.  He is a cousin, as his mother Sharon Eurich and I had grandmothers who were sisters. (Kate Fasset and Eva Eurich) 

I am also related to Tim Hill as his grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.  (Gudrun Wood and Helen Nelson)

My prayers go out to both families.

Hugs,  Susan

From Bob Slyter (70):
To Diane hill and family I will keep Tim and his family in my prayers and hope that he gets the transplants that he needs
From Dale Pritchard (63): 
Hi Gary,
I have found that your network is better than any other system I know of
for getting word out.  Through it, I found out about the death of Kevin
Hanson.  His mother, Sharon Eurich Hanson, is my first cousin.  Sharon’s
mother, Winifred, is the last living sibling on my dad’s side of the
family.  Enjoy reading all the input from everyone.  Thanks. 

Dale Pritchard

From Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends 

Thanks to Diane Hill Moline and Rich Campbell for providing us all with
the information on Tim’s benefit. He is a hard working family guy who is
very deserving of our support. Tim is hanging in there, waiting for his
transplant! I had to deliver an antique pickup to the Minot area this
week and Tim rode with me around town to the various places I had to go.
We had a good time just like we always do when we get a chance to get
together. He is a trooper!! Hopefully he will soon get the procedure and
be back to 100%!! Lets all do our part to give Tim and Laurie our help
to get through this a little easier. He is a great guy and with a little
help and encouragement he will get through this just fine!! Thanks!


4/15/2008 (77)

From Bob Hosmer (56):
Hi Gary and all,
Had a chat with Mary Medrud a couple of days ago to get my information clear about providing funds for Riverside Cemetery care.  It was a good chat and she commented on the winds that are drying out the soil and asked for prayer for timely rains.  Wanted to pass this on to all of you and any of you who seriously pray.
I was remembering neil Hassen, too.  though he was years older, I remember my brother, Don, offering him a full tablespoon of ketchup (it might have been chili sauce) at what was at one time the confectionary next to Althea Theater.  Don challenged him to swallow the spoonful in one gulp.  If Neil did, Don would give him $.50 cents.  Without hesitation Neil swallowed it and licked the spoon clean without batting an eye.  Poor Don had to reluctantly hand over the 50 cents.
It’s great hearing from all of you.  Since I mostly lived away from Dunseith from the time I was 15 being away at school and only home in the summer, this correspondence helps me to reconnect in ways I didn’t think possible.  You are really providing a wonderful service, Gary.
Bob Hosmer
From Rich Campbell (68) – Benefit for Tim Hill (68): 
Hi Gary,
I have not seen anything from you or others on “the List” so thought I would update everyone on a fundraising benefit for Tim Hill (Class of 68).  Tim has been traveling to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for medical treatment the past couple of years.  He is on the list for both a heart and kidney transplant.  The trips and medical treatment are quite costly.
A Pancake & Sausage breakfast has been scheduled in Burlington, ND on Sunday, April 27th in the Burlington, ND Elementary School from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  If unable to attend, monetary contributions can be sent to United Community Bank, Tim Hill Medical Fund, PO Box 10, Burlington, ND   58722.
I enjoy all the writings and remembrances of our Dunseith days.  Thanks for your efforts!
Rich Campbell
From Diane Hill Moline (75) – Benefit for Tim Hill (68): 
I’m attaching Tim’s benefit poster.  Tim Hill (68) and Laurie Evans Hill (75) have three children:  Sarah Glasoe with husband Aaron and son Hayden;  Mike Hill; and Taylor Hill.  Tim is on the 1B list for receiving a transplant.  Estimated waiting time for a donor is 1 to 6 months.   He has not been able to return to work at SRT since having some procedures in Rochester.  We welcome any prayers for Tim and his family!
Hill, Tim 2014
Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): 
Dick,  loved the story  about the  water hose……..and  if  it  is  child abuse  then i guess i  should have been  put in jail  many years ago . When  we  lived in KY  every year  my  kids  looked  forward  to  me  starting  the  annual  water  fight . Yes  ,… me  not  the  kids   and  they  loved it  ,they  still  talk  about   them  to this  day. It  was  called  making memories  with  my  children .  Maybe  more  kids  now  days  need  more  fun in there  lives  with  simple things  like  water  fights . Bev  Azure
Kevin Hanson’s Obituary provided by Neola Kofoid: 



April 5, 1969-April 12, 2008
DUNSEITH – Kevin Scott Hanson, 39, Dunseith, died Saturday, April 12, 2008, on arrival at a Bottineau hospital.

He was born April 5, 1969, to Jim and Sharon Hanson in Bottineau. He married Carmen Morin Jan. 18, 1989. This marriage later ended.

Survivors: daughters, Megan Hanson, Fargo, Morgan Hanson, Dunseith; one grandson; parents, Dunseith; sister, Lori Hanson, Dunseith; twin brother, Keith, and brother, Jimmy, both Dunseith.

Funeral: Friday, 2 p.m., Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith.

Burial: Rendahl Cemetery, rural Dunseith.

Prayer service: Thursday, 7 p.m., in the church.

Visitation: Thursday, 6 to 9 p.m., and Friday, 10 a.m. until the service, in the church. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

Most of you will probably remember going  up to the Peace Garden for
school or church picnics. It was pretty much a part of life for those of
us who grew up in Dunseith. There were also the Farmers Union and  The
Old Settlers  annual picnics at the Garden. These pictures are from one
of those picnics that we attended, although I have no way of knowing
which. Nothing is written on the photos so unless someone sees something
that they recognize I won’t be able to permanently identify them. It is
in about 1953 because I’m the little guy with the black shorts with
suspenders and it would appear I would be about three years old. Maybe
someone will remember being there and can tell us who some of the people
are and what the big day was all about! Thanks!!


Johnson, Dick 2014-2

4/14/2008 (76)

From Tara Martinson (75): 
Hello Gary and Bernadette, 

It was so nice talking to you yesterday.
Thank you for sharing with me the genesis
of this endeavor along with highlights of
your very interesting military and life
history. Also, many thanks for adding
me to the distribution list.

There truly is a joy in seeing names long
since spoken and reading the stories told
from many perspectives and generations.
My mind is filled with fond memories of
Dunseith, the Turtle Mountains, the North
Dakota Prairie and so many lovely people.

This conversation you have started
beautifully honors and celebrates the life
of a community. It really is true that they
who have passed live on in memory – but you
already know that don’t you!

Hello to all the folks who proudly hail from
this special section of the Peace Garden State.
I look forward to more reading. Thanks again
for sharing the memories and the happiness
they bring.

Tara J. Martinson
Class of ’75

From Bill Hosmer (48): 
      Gary and Dunseith Friends.    Dick Johnson’s contribution about Neil
and Audrey is most significant.  Neil and I spent alot of time in
the same class in the old white school house.  One time in the fifth
grade when Miss Nostdahl was our teacher some guy tripped Neil while
he was walking down the aisle of desks.  After school that day I met
the guy and picked a fight for being a “meanie”.  The fight did not
amount to much, but we both were making a statement of some kind.
Later, when the Centennial of Dunseith took place, I visited Neil in
the Rolette hospital where he was recovering from a car accident.
He remembered the incident of drama, which I had almost forgotten.
He was active in a coffee gathering at Dale’s with alot of the main
street gang in Dunseith even up to the year  of his passing.  I will
always consider him a friend.  Audrey gained a reputation for her
impressive career and her achievments in life.  Just another example
of a small town girl doing what she had to do, and doing it in a
commendable fashion. I was glad to be reminded of what the Hassen
family contributed to our history and small town character. 

There are still untold legendary tales to be told, and eventually
they will be revealed by those among our readership, and that is what
this tremendous blog is all about.  Respectfully and joyfully,  Bill

From Jerry Williams (54):
I have a new E-Mail address.  The new address is as follows.
Note that the new address is the same as the old except there is a 99 after jrwilliams.
This is an attempt to get rid of all the junk mail.  Please use the new address as I will not get any mail sent to the old address
From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

When I read the comparisons of the old days and today, sent by Warren
Anderson, I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because it is so sadly true! We
continue to miss the real point and then, it seems, to go overboard with
our protection measures and regulations! The other day on national news
some guy sprayed his kid with the hose at a car wash and was seen by a
security camera. Now the guy is facing all sorts of child abuse charges.
This reminded me of a similar episode in 1955 when I was five years old.
The attached picture was taken in the alley between our house and the
lumber yard. My cousins, Doug and Brad Warcup, and I were playing out in
the yard after a warm summer rain and one thing led to another until we
were rolling around in a big mud puddle with our clothes on! When Mom
saw us, out the window, she wasn’t to happy! She did take this picture
though and then called John Leonard to come over and spray us with the
garden hose to get all the mud off! This didn’t seem to bother John at
all, as I recall! We had our own well and I remember–HOLY COW– that
water was cold!! Johnny kept it up until Mom came out and told him to
stop–it seemed like hours later!! Guess what—we never did do that
again! I don’t remember Mom or Johnny going to jail for child abuse or
us kids needing trauma counseling. We just learned NOT to jump into a
mud puddle with our clothes on! It was called _discipline_ in the old
days, and we didn’t have the problems we have today!!


Dick, You even had your glasses on.  Gary
Johnson, Dick 2013

4/13/2008 (75)

Folks, I just noticed that this Picture got dropped when I sent this message.
Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@srt.com

This is a picture of O’neil {Neil} and Audrey Hassen on graduation day
1949. They were friends of my aunt Shirley Olson Warcup and graduated
with her from DHS. It is rather ironic that they were best of friends in
school and eventually both [Shirley and Audrey] ended up spending the
next 50 years living only 90 miles apart, in California, by sheer
coincidence! They have kept in touch all through the years. In the last
two years Shirley and husband Ron Warcup have moved to their retirement
home in Ivins, Utah. This is very near St. George, Utah, a place very
familiar to many retired folks. Shirley is on the list and reads these
messages every day, so maybe she can comment on the particulars of the
picture and graduation memories. Most folks will remember Neil as he
worked at Hassen’s Store his entire life. Thanks again Gary!!


Folks, Dick told me he had this picture, so I asked him to send it to me. I had a very enjoyable nice hour long plus chat with Audrey yesterday. She was so interesting to talk to and she remembers Dunseith and the people well.  She’s a sharp lady.  She seldom uses her computer, so I didn’t not get an email address from her, but I’ve pasted her address and phone number below.  Gary
Hassen Paulbitski Audrey 314 Pacheco St. San Francisco, CA 94116 (415) 564-5053 No email address
Hassen O’Neal Born October 5, 1929    –    Died November 6, 2001 Deceased
Hassen 2012

4/12/2008 (74)

Reply from Lyle Olson (75): 

You are not going to believe this, but the building in the picture of Bill Fassett (sent in by by his daughter Susan) was later converted to the headquarters for the 357th Aeromedical Evacuation Wing, Scott Air Force Base, IL.  How do I know this?  I spent two years in that building when assigned there as a aeromedical evacuation medic from 1976 to 1978.  What a small world!!

Lyle Olson

Reply from Dave Slyter (70): 
Response to Vickie Metcalfe 

I want to say a big thanks to Vickie Metcalfe on her excellent story of the Bottineau VFW and what they do each year for the community of Bottineau and their citizens.   It is a beautiful site to see when a person starts making their rounds on memorial day in Bottineau and they see all the flags flying in the breeze.  It brings a sense of honor to the fallen and a sense of pride to every living american that sees this outstanding display of patriotism.    If a lot of you haven’t seen this beautiful display in Bottineau I encourage each and everyone to drive there and see a town that cherishes there veterans of this great country.  To all who help with this traditions a big “THANK YOU” for your time and dedication  to this tradition.  And a big Congratulation to the VFW for making this town a site that is breath taking on our veterans Memorial Day.

I did not know my biological dad at all, as he died at a very young age in a car accident.   But when I got older I knew that he was a veteran of the US army.   When going to the cemetery and seeing the little flag fly on his grave it gave me great pride to be the son of an army soldier.   It was important to my mom that his memory be not forgotten and that we should honor his name by flying his flag in the city of Bottineau during memorial day.    Though we have lost track of his original honor flag I had found and got another to put on a flag pole every year to honor him.  It gives me a great feeling to know that others will enjoy  these flags on our special holiday to honor all American Veterans.

My family back in the day was a very patriotic family, with my step dad Freddie Hiatt being commander of the American Legion in Dunseith and my mom being a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  We never missed a memorial day program in Dunseith and the Hiatt/Slyter kids always took part in the yearly program whether it be in the old city hall or it being held in the high school gym.   I remember one time when I was in the sixth grade and our class was asked to participate in the program that year.  The teacher asked if I would sing, God Bless America (solo).  I said no at first but with persistence I eventually gave in and started practicing the song.  Memorial Day came and I got up there on the old stage of the old city hall and belted out God Bless America.   I was so scared and relieved when it was all over.  But after that I was always proud to be a participant in the yearly programs.    I remember laying the cross on the blankets at the cemetery up on the hill as each name was read of those that gave their lives for our country.   And who can forget the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade poster contest.  I was a recipient of the blue ribbon one year and very very proud of my drawing.  Oh those were the years.

So thanks Vickie for the great story about the memorial day and how we should never forget those that have gone before us.

Dave Slyter  (70)

Attached Message from Bill Hosmer (48): 
  Gary, The attached is an interesting idea about an encounter with
unmarked autos driven by policeman , or not policemen. This is
something for big city dwellers, not folks who drive in our home
town.  Bill Hosmer
Dunseith Nursing home – Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Note: The lady pictured in this article is Loraine Neameyer Haas from the class of 72
Dunseith nursing home 2011-1

4/11/2014 (73)

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): 
 As a kid, I never visited with your dad he was from the Ackworth community, But moving back to Bottineau afforded me the opportunity visit your dad when walking my dog/s.  My sister Cyndy was also his neighbor.
Your dad continued his patriotism here in Bottineau, as I believe he became a member of the American Legion here.
The Bottineau American Legion & VFW have the reputation for being one of 2 communities in the USA to have a flag holder (with the name of each  deceased Bottineau) American veteran engraved (burned into the wood)
In recent years, the VFW & American Legion, with the assistance of Ottertail Power, the REA power,  and Bottineau Community volunteers, early a.m. as the sun is coming up in the east, each & every  Memorial day, place an American Flag in each of those holders.
I  believe this commemorates those deceased  Bottineau  veterans ( I think from the Spanish American War through the Gulf Wars).  It’s quite a  glorious site.. all the red white and blue flags waving  on the main streets, here on  on Memorial Day!
In later afternoon, as the sun is setting in the west, if you pass through Bottineau you will see …Old soldiers…  like..one very familiar to Dunseith folks,… Lloyd Awalt riding in the back of pick up trucks …..and volunteers taking down those flags.
If you watch closely you will notice, they do this job ever so reverently! Most of those “Old Soldiers” veterans don’t go out of the community to vacation over Memorial Day.  They are so staunch and steadfast in their belief to never forget their fallen comrades.
Yep,  your dad was one of those OLD SOLDIERS.  Whenever I walked my dogs in the early mornings I could always count on Bob sitting on his steps on Main street. He’d always greet the dogs with a pat and me with a cheerful smile.  I got so I began to  time manage my walks, so that I could get a little story from him.  He was quite fond of telling the story about the bullet that hit his helmet and it went round and round….
As ever, Vickie Metcalfe
Note: As Vickie mentioned, Lloyd Awalt has been very instrumental with being one of the folks that has made all this happen with the ‘Memorial Day’ flag displays in Bottineau. He is a very active member of both the American Legion and the VFW. Lloyd is a Dunseith boy.  Some of you folks, I know, play golf with him in Dunseith.  A lot of his siblings are on this distribution list as well.  Does anyone know if Lloyd has email?
Yes my dad told that story many times about the bullet going round and round in his helmet.
Question, for the Jim Metcalfe family, from Eve Gottreht Pilkington (65): 
Hi Gary,
This is a question for Lola Metcalfe….I am wondering about Bing and Ole Evans, were they twins…how were they related to Ole Evans who was married to Cecilia Gottbreht Evans……parents of Myron, Bill, Joe and Rodney.  Cecilia Gottbreht was my Grandfather’s sister.
Bing Evans was involved in building our house on the corner….our fireplace was the first he ever built….think the story goes that my Dad came home from the Garden Tap, didn’t like the new fireplace and knocked it down and the next day when Bing came, Dad and Bing decided that yes, Bing could build a fireplace!!!!!!   It was a very nice fireplace!.
Hope everyone is enjoying spring and looking forward to an eventful summer!
I am still doing real estate appraisal and things are looking up out here in CA…..very slowly but changing a little each week.
Evie Gottbreht Pilkington
Picture (Bill Fassett) from Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
My dad also served as a radio operator during WWII and was stationed on
Espiritos Santos in the New Hebrides.  His dad served in WWI(Wilmar H
Fassett)  Also, my mother’s biological dad, Russell Rennick served in
WWI in the Balloon company.  In this picture, my dad is on the far right
side on the cement.  Lots of servicemen——how many never returned
home??  If anyone is ever in SD (the Black Hills) look me up.  We can
peruse scrapbooks.   Hugs, Susan
                                                                                                                                                                        Bill Fassett
Fassett, Bill 2010
Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68):M
Gary and Friends 

I found a roll of film and some negatives while helping clean out Ike
and Agnes Berg’s house. Some of the negatives had images that looked
interesting to me. Agnes was a sister to my grandfather and in her last
years I helped her with some of her business and travels, etc. Her son
had died when he was just 52 years old and she had no other children.
Her daughter in law was selling her house and was throwing out most of
this type of stuff. I had the film and the negatives developed in Minot
and found some really neat pictures of many of our family members, never
seen before. One of my mother, Bernice and Aunt Shirley, when they were
only 8 and 5 years old, and others. The one I’m sending today is of Ike
and Agnes in about 1930 or so . They were one of the three couples
married in 1929. Hosmers, Shelvers, and  Bergs–in the picture of the
triple anniversary. Anyway, I think they were a very classy couple and
looked good even by todays standards! Just thought some of you might
enjoy seeing them way back then!! Again thanks Gary!


Berg, Agnes Ike 2010
Dunseith News from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
news 2008
From Warren Anderson (65): 
Gary this is so true,  Maybe you can pass it on to everyone.—take care, Warren ’65
SCHOOL – 1957 vs. 2008 

Scenario Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotg un in gun rack.
1957 –
 Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack’s shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack.
2007 –
 School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counsellors called in for traumatized students and teachers..  

Scenario:  Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school.
1957 –
 Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.
2007 –
 Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.  

Scenario:  Jeffrey won’t be still in class, disrupts other students.
1957 –
 Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again.
2007 –
 Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADD. School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.  

Scenario:  Billy breaks a window in his neighbour’s car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.
1957 –
 Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.
2007 –
 Billy’s dad is arrested for child abuse.  Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang.  State psychologist tells Bi lly’s sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison.  Billy’s mom has affair with psychologist.  

Scenario:  Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school.
1957 –
 Mark shares aspirin with Principal out on the smoking dock.
2007 –
 Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations. Car searched for drugs and weapons.  


:  Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from 4th of July, puts them in a model airplane pain t bottle, blows up a red ant bed.
1957 –
 Ants die.
2007 –
 BATF, Homeland Security, FBI called. Johnny charged with  domestic terrorism, FBI investigates parents, siblings removed from home, computers confiscated, Johnny’s Dad goes on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

Sce nario:  Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary.  Mary hugs him to comfort him.
1957 –
 In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.
2007 –
 Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison. Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.
I wish this could hit every e-mail

4/10/2014 (72)

Margaret Metcalfe Leonard’s (65) reply to her class being on TV: 
Hi Gary, 

I know how much everyone appreciates your colossal endeavour to post all
the messages you receive on behalf of the Dunseith alumni; however, I
would like to add that you have a very special gift, namely your diplomacy
and your people skills.  You are the reason that this blog (is that what
we call this?) is such a tremendous success with everyone who ever
graduated from DHS.  You have the stellar ability to discern what and how
things should be written.

Thank you for your kind words on behalf of my family.  Coming from you,
someone I have the utmost respect for, it meant so much to me and to my

You asked about the rumor you heard about my students being on TV:  The
story is that I took my students on a career field trip.  Since we have a
radio station in Belcourt, some of the students are interested in careers
of this nature.  KXMC-13 does an excellent job demonstrating to students
what people in a TV station do; allowing students lots of hands-on
activities which they think is really sweet.  Anyway, they asked the
students if they would like to be on “Hey Tom, how’s the weather?”  The
students thought that would be really fun and somehow convinced me into
doing it with them.  I think they used my line about “taking a risk”.
Now you know the rest of the story.  Although I didn’t see it; it was
aired last week.

Gary, I just want to thank you again for this special service that you are
doing for all of us.  Every once in awhile someone comes up to me and
says, “Gary, called the other night.”  They think it’s amazing that you
take the time to connect with them personally.  I have seen so many
relationships revived and it’s been a healing for many.

May God bless you always,

Note:  Margaret, Thank you so much for these kind words.  I normally try to direct the spot light to others, but you got me on this one.  Being the highly respected popular teacher that you are with the Belcourt school system, I know folks are interested in stuff, like you being on TV with one of your classes.  I say this in all sincerity, remember, I talk to lots of folks.  Gary
Don Lamoureux’s (75)  Mother, Gayl Bedard Lamoureux’s (56) Memory of Carl Grimme: 

On Dick Johnson’s fishing pictures, judging from the ears, the kid in the maroon coat is me.  Those were the good old days.
I was talking to my mom a few days ago, and she mentioned she wished she had sent in a note when people were talking about Carl Grimme.  I told her I didn’t think there was a time limit on subjects, but I see she still hasn’t written, forcing me to relate the story and make up what I can’t remember.

Sometime back in the mid 60′s we had a pretty bright red Ford Fairlane.  Mom had some place she had to go, and this is what I can’t remember, so for the sake of the story I’ll assume she either had to go clean out the church or go up to the bar for a period of time. Can’t remember which, either way, it seemed like a good idea at the time to throw one of our high strung german shorthairs in the car while she went off and did what ever.

Coming back to the car, she noted the shorthair, with plenty of free time, had ripped up all the carpeting in the back of the car. She went home to try to figure out what to do before my Dad, Jay, would find out.

Almost on cue to make a perfect day, my Dad callled home to tell her get the car cleaned out right away, ’cause he had just sold it to Alan Campbell, turning this into a 3 alarm emergency.  She had no choice but to race down to the school to track down Carl, being the “dog torn up carpeting in the car” expert in town.  Carl was sympathetic to the urgency, and evidently did a pretty good job, because I don’t remember hearing any comments from the Campbell’s about what 2nd rate floor carpeters Ford Motor Company had.

Don Lamoureux (75)

From Randy Flynn (70):
American Legion Baseball team of 1971, 

It is interesting reading about the American Legion baseball
team of 1971.  I was out of town that summer, 1st year of
college, but heard the details from my dad, Jack Flynn.  When
you mentioned his watchful eye at the State Tournament, I
remember one of the team members presented Jack with a
sheriff’s badge since he was “riding shotgun” over the players.
My father had that badge in his shaving kit for years.  I
would see it every time he visited my home.  I am certain he
still has it next to his razor at home.  I know Jack was very
proud of all the members of the team and enjoyed going to the
games.  Tim Martinson and Larry Tooke were nephews of Jack and
Minnie Flynn.

Randy Flynn

Coleman/Selzler Wedding Reception (Bottineau Courant) – Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Note: Maureen’s parents are Loretta Neameyer Wall (72) & Keith Coleman (71)
Wedding reception For Maureen Coleman/Chris Selzler to be held at the Birchwood, Lake Metigoshe, Saturday, April 12th at 7:00 PM.  Maureen and Chris were married March 12, 2008 in Jamaica.  All are welcome to attend.
Message/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

Rural mail delivery wasn’t always as easy as it is today! The roads were
more like trails and when the snow came it stayed until the guy that put
it there, made it melt! These two pictures show some of the inventive
ways guys rigged vehicles to travel over the snow. The top photo is of
my grandfather, Henry Olson, with a 1929 Ford Model A that was equipped
with big balloon tires. The tires were surplus aircraft tires probably
from a B-17 of WWII vintage. Given the light weight of this little car
and the huge footprint of these massive tires, the car could just drive
over the snowbanks!  The picture was taken in the late forties { help me
here, Shirley} or around 1950, I think. The second photo is of another
similar unit that was driven by another mailman, Carl Watschke. Several
people drove different routes over the years. There was more than one
route at the same time in the old days. Better roads and faster vehicles
caused the routes to be combined as they are today. Even these primitive
vehicles were a lot better than a sleigh and a horse. They were enclosed
and somewhat heated at least!!

Thanks Gary.


Johnson, Dick 2009
This picture was taken of our Dad, Bob Stokes, when he was home on a short furlough before going overseas.  This must have been Jan/Feb of 1943. You can see the Turtle Mountain brush and snow in the back ground.
Dad Cherished his war years and took great pride in being a US Veteran.  Each and every year, right up to his passing, Memorial Day had to have been the most celebrated holidays of the year for him.  He never missed the Memorial day parade in Bottineau and for years carried old glory with one hell of a lot of pride.  He was a very active member of the Metigoshe Lutheran church. I remember him boycotting going to church one time, because they had taken the America flag out of the church.  He said “if the American flag is not welcome, neither am I.”  He let his frustrations be known and they put the flag back in the church.  Gary
 Stokes 2009-4
Fort Snelling Oct. 2, 1942
Co. B 5oth Engineer Combat.
Basic Training Camp White, Oregon
Invasion of Attu the Aleutian Islands
Christmas Island
Canton Island
Invasion Saipan Island
Invasion Okinawa 

After the war was over we went
to Korea as occupational troops
before the Korean War.
We left Korea on a destroyer
for the states, and I was discharged
at Fort Leavenworth
Kansas. Dec. 12, 1945
after 31 months and 10 days overseas.

Note: Dad (Bob Stokes) wrote the above summary of his service record on a piece of paper shortly before his death.  This is a period of time he did not want gone unforgotten with his passing.  We, his family, found this summary among his personal things, after his death.  He had many stories to tell of his war years, overseas, of which we never documented. If only we had recorded some.  Gary

4/9/2008 (71)

Famous Baseball team – Letter from Curt Hagel (72) to Tim Martinson (69): 
Note: The majority of the folks in this picture are on our distribution list.
It’s been great to hear form you and everyone else through these emails.  It’s a great thing that Gary has started.
Your picture and narrative below got me to thinking of a number of newspaper clippings that I and my brother Dave, had saved over this time frame.  I didn’t know if I still had them, but after a long search was able to locate quite a few.  They are a little faded and not in the best shape due to their age and being under water once, but I have attached what I could find regarding the 1971 Legion Team you coached.  I even found a different version of your picture, one that made it to the Turtle Mountain Star.  As you can see, we get to view all of Don Olson this time, with Greg Evans moving to his right.
In reading the articles, I had forgotten that Bill Beurbe was coaching the Rolla team that year.  After this district championship I believe we played Rugby for the Regional championship.  I also recall the state tournament in New Rockford, staying at the Chiefton Motel in Carrington, and being introduced to Gatorade for the first time.  We were living the high life.  I think that Jack Flynn made the trip with us and assisted you in keeping us in line at the Motel.
 As you had stated, this was a pretty good team as evidenced by he 25 win & 3 loss season.  One of the losses was in the semifinals of the State tournament.  I think this loss was in a game that was rain delayed and had to be finished the next day.  The team was a good mix of talents and personalities.  The American Legion age limit rules also allowed for Greg Larson and Clark Parrill to come back to play after a year in college.  They not only brought and shared their baseball talents, but Clark also brought back his song writing skills, at least in altering the lyrics to many songs (a prelude to the current Parental Warning System).  Remnants of that team went on to win the State High School Baseball Championship the next spring (1972).
Baseball; be it Legion, High School, Babe Ruth, Little League; was a big part of the social life of Dunseith during this time period.  Not to mention in the development of those of us who participated.
Take Care,
Curt Hagel
Baseball team 2008Baseball team 2008-1 baseball team 2008-2 Baseball team 2008-3 baseball team 2008-4Baseball team 2008-5

4/8/2008 (70)

Question for Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (65):


I heard through the grape vine that you were on one of the Minot television stations with one of your Belcourt High School classes last week. Did I hear that right?  What was the occasion?  Gary








Message from Debbie Poitra Rondeau (77):



Thanks Gary for adding me to your list. I enjoy going down memory lane. Somedays I wish I was back in the “Day” I remember Dick Johnson he use to be my bus driver. Way back LOL.









From Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (68):HI Gary- my neice tried to send these but evidently they didn’t go through-
It is Bing and Ole Evans – their parents were Randina and
Martin-  My Mother Ella Evans Metcalfe ‘s family–
a picture of jim Metcalfe and son Jim metcalfe.   I thought I’d try to send
them and seee if they go through–Thanks Gary and keep the stories and pictures coming folks!!– It is the
highlight of my morning to get the latest blog!!–


.Pictures from Leah Metcalfe, Gary’s daughter:


These are pictures of my Grandpa Jim Metcalfe and my Uncle Jimmy.  There
are also pictures and some writing about Ole and Bing Evans.  My dad, Gary
Metcalfe, asked me to forward these to you.  He sure is enjoying the
contact with many Dunseith area folk!  Thanks for doing this for him and everyone
else gleaning from it!
Leah Metcalfe
2nd Grade Teacher
Branson Primary School







Note from Gary Metcalfe (57) to go along with the pictures:



The car picture is of Jim and Jimmy Metcalfe 1937.  A good car for the times.  Roads in the hills, you would have had to have seen those deep ruts.34th Inf. division, 135 regimen, K company…that was Ole Evans.  Read about the 34th on internet if you want more info.  550+ front line battle days, Darby’s Rangers came from the 34th.  130 degrees in Africa, then Italy- mud and snow, the worst two winters on record.  I would like to tell their story but just read Ernie Pyle’s book titled, Brave Men.  Ernie a war correspondent scaraficed his life for these soldiers.  Iowa, ND, SD and Wisc. made up the 34th Inf. Div. Six hundred was front line battle days, three years was the battle. One old WWII POW vet ask me one day while we were visiting if I had ever eaten chicken guts.  I told him no.  He said, “they’re good”. It is all history.Gary Stokes, I would love to read your dad’s memories on the Pacific Theater.  Send me a picture in uniform and I will hang it on the wall with a thousand or so other vets here in Branson at the Radisson Hotel. In October Branson has a mega vet’s event.



 Metcafle, Jim, Jimmy 2006 Evans, Bing 2006 Evans, Ole 2006


Message/pictures from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and FriendsIn the winter of 66-67, we had our fish house at Lake Upsilon up toward
St. John. I was really into ice fishing and went every chance I got. The
day these pictures were taken, we had friends along. The boy in the
maroon coat is Don Lamoureux, the others I think are Bob Jury’s kids and
Gene Hepper’s boys. It looks like Don caught a fish and Mom and I were
helping him get it off the hook! It was a good way to spend cold winter
days– in a nice warm fish house, fishing and playing cards!! Thanks to
Gary for this site!!Dick

.Johnson, Dick 2006
 From Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Note: Maureen’s parents are Loretta Neameyer Wall (72) & Keith Coleman (71)
 Coleman 2006

4/7/2008 (69)

Message form Kay Hosmer (77): 
Gary, Thank you for the phone call & for including me on your list.  I enjoyed reading the note from Dick Johnson re:  Lake Metigoshe.  I also grew up enjoying the lake at my grandparents’ (Jack & Inie’s) cabin.  –  Dick’s father was Don, correct?  He was the best teacher I ever had – he put me on the path to loving music.  How sad we were when he left Dunseith schools & went up to Canada to teach.  –  Thanks, Kay Hosmer
Evon Lagerquist’s (77) reply to Crystal Fassett’s (70) confirmation picture (No. 62)
Marlys Medlang is also in the picture, between Vickie Metcalfe and Crystal Fassett.
Bobby Slyter’s (70) reply to Dick Johnson’s (68) Metigoshe picture: 
To dick Johnson: I remember all the fun times at the cabin on the lake, but don’t remember looking that bad in swim trunks, scary very scary  lol
The 2nd tune of Ole Bursinger and Lorraine Metalfe’s, from Kenny Nerpel (65) is attached: 
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Hi Everyone,
If you are interested in Rolette County/Peace Garden/etc., you might find this website interesting. http://www.rolettecounty.com/
Here’s the “official” Peace Garden site:  www.peacegarden.com

4/6/2008 (67)

From Dwight Lang (61):

Hi Gary and Group;

 It’s been a month of so since the topic of the old businesses and merchants of Dunseith were being talked about.  While I welcome all the interchange that takes place, I kind of miss the old street news.  May I share a thought or two along these lines with you folks?
I don’t believe when I started school in Dunseith there was a hot lunch program (that would be 1949).  I do however recall that my parents arranged with Bertha Myers in the little strip lunch counter besides the old bowling alley for I and my brother, DuWayne, to take lunch there.  For seventy-five cents or so we could get a decent meal or bowl of soup and sandwich.  Somehow I conned Bertha to let me eat light and get some change back to use next door at KC’s to get some penny candy.  This worked out real good until my mother caught wind of the arrangement.  Needless to say, Bertha, KC, and I were all in hot water for a while.  My Mom, Charlotte, must have found some extra candy in my pockets when I got home or something like that.  How do mothers know these things, I’ll never know?
A few years later, I would pick up some money setting pins in the bowling alley on Saturday nights.  I prided my self in getting my weekly allowance on Saturday (the big night in town)and then getting home with more.  But there was a small problem.  Late at night with maybe a little help from the back door of Stadheim’s bar, the big boys would show up and see who could throw the hardest.  I believe it was Rod Evans who threw the hardest.  I remember when he got up to throw, it was not pick your legs up.  It was get behind the whole pit and the machines because pins would be flying.  I can’t remember if it was a nickel or a dime we got to set those pins per game.  But late on Saturday nights we earned every penny we got.
Enough of my ramblings for now.  Keep them coming Gary.
Dwight Lang
Old Time Tunes From Kenny Nerpel (65):
Greetings to all of you Turtle Mountain Americans out there, wherever you are.  Here are a couple of Ole tunes.  I don’t know where or when they were recorded but I am pretty sure it is Ole Bursinger and Lorraine Metcalfe.
Ken Nerpel
Note to Kenny: To keep the file sizes of these daily messages down,  I’ve attached only one of these songs today and I will send the other one tomorrow.
Note to everyone:  These files have been considerably reduced in size for group mailing.  For those of you that would like a non reduced copy, with better quality, I’m sure Kenny Nerpel would be glad to forward one to you.  Kenny reduced the files that he sent to me and then I asked Bill Grimme to reduce them even more.

4/6/2008 (67)

Folks, With the file size of today’s message, with the pictures,  I have not attached the 2nd tune from Ole Bursinger & Lorraine Metcalfe’s of Kenny Nerpel’s, as promised,  with today’s message.  Hopefully I will be able to include it with tomorrow’s message.  Gary
Message from Laurel Wenstad (63): 
 Hi Gary, thanks for adding me to your list. I’m excited to find out all I can about every one up their as I have been gone for about 45 yrs. Yes, I would have been in the class of 63. Any one who wants to e-mail me I would be happy to reply. I have a lot of good old memories and wonder where we are all at. So Gary thanks again this will help us to connect. Laurel
Message from Clyde Satrang (51): 
Article from Larry Hackman (66):
Gary talk about intuition.  Paul speaks and his brother Parrel appears in the newspaper.  I think he looks just like his dad, our high school teacher, Mr. Ben Grossman.  What do you think?  Larry
Folks, I recieved this article about Parrell Grossman, from Larry Hackman, a week or so ago. I asked Parrell’s brother Paul, who we have on our distribution list, for some history of Paul, that we could add to this article when I sent it out, of which he has provide below.  Mr. Ben Grossman was a teacher at DHS from 1956 to 1966.  The Grossman Kids all attended school at Dunseith.  I agree with Larry, Parrell looks very much like his dad, Mr Grossman.  Gary
Message from Paul Grossman (70):
Gary-        We left Dunseith the summer of  1966-    Parrell my youngest brother was in the class of 73-   He graduated from Minot High school-     He attended Minot State and graduated with a business degree-  I am not sure of the date but he went to work for the State Tax Dept.   Parrell worked for the Dept for a number of years and one day he just decided to  attend law school.  He  went to Grand-forks and  says he  enjoyed the time.  After graduating he went to work for a law firm in Minot.   He then  after a number of years  started his own firm.      I due think that the call of the state was just to much-   He has worked for the Attorney Generals  office  for many years-   He is the Consumer Fraud Director.    Parrells work keeps him very busy-   He and his wife have three kids and his love for kids led him to become part of the Bismarck education system-   Parrell spent a number of years as the President  of the  Bismarck School Board.    As  Consumer Fraud Director Parrell  inter acts with many people  and this has  helped  to lead  him to the direction of city commissioner –  Parrell just simply cares about  his fellow man- he is  his fathers son-  Dad  loved teaching and his students were his life-  he never forgot his  Dunseith  kids.
                                                            Paul- 70
Grossman 2004-1Grossman 2004-2
Message & Picture from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and FriendsBack in 1956, my dad bought a lot up at Lake Metigoshe. He really over
spent the budget—$500.  Today that same lot would be about $150,000.
Only a slight inflation factor!! Anyway, we cut the brush and old dead
trees and moved in a small cabin from our yard in Dunseith. For the next
ten years we had a lot of fun with friends and family at this little
place. Many kids learned to waterski and swim there over the years. Dad
always pulled everyone on the skis behind his boat. Over the years lots
of folks said they learned to ski at our cabin. The enclosed pictures
were taken in July 1962 on my twelfth birthday. One in the cabin, with
the birthday cake, and one with us all in the lake. For those of you who
are familiar with Lake Metigoshe, the trees you can see across the lake
are what is now Oakshore with high dollar homes. Then it was bullrushes
and jungle. To the east of us, about a block, was the cabin owned by
Jack and Inez Hosmer and across the road from them was a cabin where the
Morinville kids spent some time in the summer. There was always someone
stopping by one place or another. Before Alan Campbell bought his cabin
on the lake, he used to rent one just down from Hosmers, from Beulah
Shurr [sp]. So Rich and I were constantly up and down the road. Fun times!! 

Thanks Gary.Dick 

Johnson, Dick 2004

4/5/2008 (66)

Reply form Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73):
In response to Crystal Fassett’s confirmation picture.  I agree it is very
angelic especially that Ray Lagerquist. There is only 1 correction, the
Marlys in the back row is Marlys Medlang not Hiatt.  We were the angelic
Baptists. Thank you Gary for these e-mails.
From Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and FriendsThere may be some folks that remember the Homecoming at DHS when we had
a little extra excitement. Keith Coleman took an old Model A Ford coupe
and put in a flathead V8 engine to build what today is called a “rat
rod”. He got it running and driving just before Homecoming and had Jim’s
Body Shop paint it blue. It was not finished but looked pretty cool
anyway. I remember that our plan was to see if the school would let us
pull the float across the football field with the Homecoming Queen and
her court riding, just before the game.After some negotiating [begging],
the administration finally said OK. What could possibly happen! We have
everything covered. We hooked on to the float on the east end of the
track and the girls, fancy dresses and hairdoes were helped aboard the
float. After the opening ceremony, Keith’s old Ford fired up and away we
went down the middle of the football field feeling great in front of all
those people. I remember that we were waving to the crowd and were at
the top of world, when I smelled gasoline! I looked down at the
floorboards [there weren’t any yet so I could see the back of the
engine], there was gas running down the bellhousing! The float in the
carb was stuck and it was running over! There weren’t any exhaust pipes
on the rig yet either, so at the same time I yelled “HOLY _____, KEITH”,
there was this big WOOF and we had flames everywhere!! I knew there was
a big fire extinguisher in the shop and the door was open so I ran to
get it! It was funny later but I can still remember the girls bailing
off that float like paratroopers, even though they were all fancied up!!
We had to bring out a pickup and tow the stuff the rest of the way
across the field, much to the amusement of the crowd. If I got the
chance to do it all over again, I would!  The highs were still better
than the lows!!Thanks Gary!


Folks, this is one for you to look at to compare the class of 65 as they were in 1965 to how they look today.
Bill Grimme did a fine job putting this together. These two composite pictures were published in the
Turtle mountain Star a few months ago. Mr. Jerstad Passed on, shortly after we got this all together.
Mrs. Jerstad continues to be on our distribution list.
 Class of 65 2002-1Class of 65 2002-2


4/4/2008 (65)

Bev Morinville Azure’s (72) reply to Dick Johnson’s (68) Picture: 
Dick   I am  thinking it  is  Lawrence Gwein.  He  owned  that  station  .  I  am not  sure   but  kinda  looks  like  him.  bev
Johnson Schneider, Sofie 2001Struck, Houle 2001 Class of 65 2001

4/3/2008 (63)

Ron Longie’s (65) reply to the class pictures of (No. 61): 
The pictures and faces of the kids I came to know and call friend were there staring at me, and I felt good, those are the faces that I spent my formidable years with, and Helgeson also. I must say I couldn’t have picked a better bunch if I would have tried.
                                                                Ron Longie
Reply from Shirley Olson Warcup (49): 
        No apology is necessary–actually, I’m half Olson and half Johnson.  My mother was a Johnson, sister of Bennie, Norman, Hank, and Johnnie.   Also, a thank you to Art Rude–I enjoyed the music–that was what I grew up with.  When Bernice and I were very young, my Dad would take us along to the barn dances.  Those dances were like a family gathering.  There were always other kids there to talk to and play with.  And there was always good food to eat!!
                                            Shirley Warcup
Reply from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): 
I have one word to say to Art      MORE          Please share more of Ole’s music–tho he is gone now he lives one thru his music and you, so please share more of it with us–thankyou
Reply from Dave Slyter (70):
APPLAUSE to Art Rude and  Ole Bursinger.   Great jobDave Slyter : ) 

Picture from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and FriendsThis picture is taken in front of the Dakota Hotel in the mid 40s. I
always thought the guy in the photo was my dad as he told me he worked
at the little gas station that was between the hotel and the hotel
cabins. Most folks should remember this little pink building that had
the eaves turned up like a gingerbread house. It sat ‘crooked’ to the
world, and was used later by Junior Mellmer for his plumbing business,
as I recall. Now after all these years of looking at this photo, I took
a close look and I think this is someone else. I’m thinking Darold Dion
or ??? Can anyone tell me who this is so I can write it on the picture? 

Thanks Gary!


Johnson, Dick 2000-1
Message & Pictures from Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
I was so happy to see the email from Art.  John and I made several trips
to participate in his Rendahl Gospel Festival and it was wonderful.  Ole
Bursinger was a cousin of my mother although when we were growing up,
didn’t realize this.  I only got to know him in later years and he was a
great guy.  The following page is one from my Rendahl Scrapbook.  My
family had started an annual picnic at Rendahl on the occasion of
Grandma Goodie’s 80th birthday and had so much fun there.  We would have
a huge potluck and then everyone would gather in the old church and we
would sing.  Art, Cheryl Haagenson, Agnes Solmonson, John and I, my Dad,
my sister Paula and many others all sang or played instruments, and
everyone from the oldest to the very youngest would sing along.  It was
like a big family reunion every year.  It would be great if we could
organize something like that again.  The other picture is of my dad,
sitting in the yard strumming on his guitar.  He sang to us from the
time we were small until the day he died, although in later years he had
arthritis in his fingers quite badly so couldn’t strum as well as he
liked.  Paula put together a cd of the songs he liked to sing from old
tapes and sent me one a few years ago, after he passed away.  It was
awhile before I could get up the gumption to listen to it, but I did and
I do and I cry like a baby.  I like to think the Ole, Lorraine,  My dad
and others are having a good old jam session up in Heaven and someday I
plan to join them” in the circle”.  We all come from a rich musical
heritage which I hope is being passed on to future generation.    God
Bless,    Susan
Bursinger, Ole 2000-1 Bursinger, Ole 2000-2 Fassett, Bill 2000

4/2/2008 (63)

First off, I need to make an apology to Shirley Olson Warcup (49) for addressing her as Shirley Johnson Warcup with yesterday’s message.  Being the polite lady that she is, she did not complain, but it was brought to my attention of the mistake I made and I do apologize.  Shirley, I know very well that your are an Olson, but when I think of you I think of Dick Johnson and you being his aunt, a sister to his mother.  Gary
From Loretta Neameyer Wall (72): 
To Bev Azure:  Am so glad that you are doing good. I know it has been a long road for you. Soon you will be done with radiation and can start the healing process. I was very happy to have won the TV that our class raffled off. I ran into Terry Moe at the store yesterday and of course he had to tease me that it was a little “rigged” ha. We had a good laugh. I am just happy the raffle turned out as well as it did.     I have wondered also what ever happened to Peter Vogel and Keith Koening. I’ll never forget Peter as he was the one that broke the news to my sister and I that there was no Santa Claus. (and we were in the 4th grade.)lol.   Barry Olson is in Minot. Barry’s youngest brother and his wife live in Bottineau. They have been here for years but I just recently found out he was the baby brother of Barry. I e-mailed Barry about the reunion last summer but did not hear back.Thanks Gary!
Loretta Wall

Message and Attached song from Art Rude (71): 
Gary ,  I’d like to say a word about my old friend Ole Bursinger.  The name brings back a flood of memories to me, and in the last years I lived in the hills we were very good friends.  On my birthday, March 31, it will already be two years since Ole passed, and I miss him greatly.  With all the interest in old time music, I couldn’t help but write a little about my experiences with Ole.
            It was great to read of others memories of Mrs. Conroy, her forth grade classroom was one to be remembered, she chorded on the piano and had us singing many old American Standards.  I remember the Stephen Foster songs most of all, and how she would have her “druthers” if she could.  Ironically, Ole Bursinger is one of those memories.
            When it came to old time music in the Turtle Mountains , the superstars had to be Kenny Sivertson and the Turtle Mountain Stump Jumpers.  They had their own radio show on the Rugby radio station, and for a Christmas promotion one year, they came and recorded Mrs. Conroy’s 4th graders.  I think we said Merry Christmas and then our names into a michrophone, and I don’t remember who did the recording.  Apparently it aired, I didn’t hear it or remember it, but I do remember when Kenny, and yup you guessed it, Ole Bursinger and Loraine Olson (Metcalf) were with him when they stopped to say thanks to the class.  I was impressed.  Ole always made me laugh.
            Many years later, I was up visiting with Ole at his place, and he pulled out a flat top guitar.  He proceeded to play like Maybelle Carter with a little Ole emphasis, and he blew me away.  I always thought of him as a fiddle player, and although I always loved Ole, I never have been much for fiddles.  But with Ole playing my favorite style of acoustic guitar, and singing as only Ole could, I brought my bass guitar up the next weekend, and we played and sang together for almost 20 years.  I loved the many old country gospel songs that he knew, and his 85 year old fingers picked it just right from my point of view.  We sang at quite a number of gospel festivals and events, a couple in Canada , but mainly at the Gospel Festival I held at the Rendahl Church grounds for nine years.  The church burned down in 1992, and that was a major catastrophe in my life.  The gospel festival in the church yard was a nice way to remember the old times as well as hear some good old fashioned music.
            After we moved to Bismarck , I visited Ole every weekend I came up to the hills.  We would always play, but he would usually say he hadn’t played since the last time I was up. The last few years he couldn’t pick up his fiddle, as his shoulders bothered him, but the guitar was easy on him, so every Sunday I could I had the gospel according to Ole, and I loved it.
            So, I thought I would share a little with the group.  I hope you like it.  It’s not the same as “regular” old time, it has a unique flavor I hope you like.  Remember the guitar picking you hear is all Ole, I think he was 82 when we recorded this.  We were always going to record more, I think I have a total of 7, but we never did.  I hope you enjoy this one, it’s called “Gospel Ship”.
Art Rude
PS. Hazel Hiatt was one of our biggest fans.  If Hazel heard we were playing in Bisbee, or Hamden , Hazel would usually be there.
Peace and Power, Art Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions, webpage address: www.artrude.com call and leave a message anytime at 800-XRT-RUDE
From Rod Hiatt (69):
Good morning Gary. Your my early morning coffee entertainment as I
really look forward to all the memories. I’m sure that if are memories
would have been this good back in school when it came to home work that
some of the teachers wouldn’ t have turned gray so early in life.
Anyway my response to Dickie J. The picture of him on the old pony was
taken in the vacant lot east of our house in Dunseith. Dad made a fenced
in area that when we came to town on horse, the town kids would come
over and we would let them ride in that area. Dick we were nice kids
thats why we let you ride, we weren’t stupid kids, thats why we gave you
the one the bucks. We had already tasted that soil. it was always nice
to see some one else enjoy it(Dad always seemed to find humor in that,
not sure if it was the acrobats in the air or the landing that made him
laugh) More than once I was bucked off a horse that he had brought home
from a horse sale and his comment would be “maybe it was the other one
that I didn’t buy that was broke to ride”
From Gary Metcalfe (57): 
What is great about a picture like Central School is it makes old duffers like me really think hard.  I have a picture dated 1948 of myself on third base at Central School.  I could not recognize anyone or the school for that matter.  I will guarantee that Yank Belisle was there.  Whenever we visited a neighboring school, we were invited to wrestle…of course!  It was always the biggest and toughest kid in that school.  But Yank had a fair way about him, all you had to do was say “uncle”!  Also Bubber Demars or Patty Rice, Spuds wife, could name everyone of them.  I sure would like to know.  Ross Brennan did live real close, but I think those kids were younger (that would have had to be Don’s very first year of teaching, 1947 and that adds to old history.
PS Charley Rice and family lived real close to the school and was a super fine man.

4/1/2008 (62)

Shirley Johnson Warcup (49): 
       Once again, Thanks for keeping us all connected!  Erling Landsverk asked about Delphine Wentland–Delphine’s sister Shirley was at a Dunseith reunion about 10?? years ago.  She said Delphine was married to a big land developer/contractor and they lived in the southeast–the Carolinas or Virginia, if I remember correctly.  They did not have any children.  Shirley and her husband live in the state of Washington and have a son and daughter.
       To Gary Metcalfe–I had forgotten that Lenor taught school back there before she was married.  My mind needs a little “jogging” these days.  As I look at the names of people who are mentioned–Eldon Hiatt, Thelma Hagen (who was married to my cousin Glen Johnson),I think in one way or another, we have a connection to just about everyone in the area–whether by birth, marriage, or friendship.  It’s great to come from a community where you recognize family names even if you’ve been gone from the area for almost 60 years.
                                         Shirley Warcup
From Bev Morinville Azure (72): 
Diane  Wenstad. If  I am not  mistaken  are  u  the  sister of  Darlene she  was  in my class and   I  would love  to here
how  she is  ding  could  u  update  me please.    thanks  Bev   ….. Gary   thanks  a million for all u are  doing   Sharon and  I have been  e mailing   and talking  everyday  thanks   for the  connections. I  would  like  to  know  if anyone  ever  hears  from the  following people.  Barry Olson… Keith  Koning,  Peter  Vogel, or    Curt Metcalfe  these were all  kids in my  class in grade  school and  have always  wondered  how  they are.
Picture from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70): 
Gary, I thought this would make a lot of people smile. We had such a big confirmation class that year,that we held our services in the Dunseith High School gym.  We were certainly an “angelic” looking crew, but the stories we could tell !!   Crystal Fassett Andersen
Back: Gary Fulsebakke, Pastor Curt Rotto, Don Berg, Alan Henning, Clark Parrill,Marlys Hiatt, Janice Metcalfe,Vickie Metcalfe,
Marlys Medlang, & Crystal Fassett.
Front row: Rodney Medrud, Larry Tooke, Larrett Peterson, Ray Lagerquist, Joanne Millang, Sandra Hagen, Paula Fassett
& Brenda Hill
Class of 70 Confirmation class 1998
Story/pictures from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and FriendsThe enclosed pictures are of me sitting on one of Howard Hiatt’s ponies.
I was crazy about Shetland ponies and Howard and his dad, John Hiatt had
a bunch. Rod and Earl took me along to Grandpa John’s to go riding one
day in the spring of 1958. As we got out of the car, they took off  to
get their favorite horse. They were yelling, “I get this one and I get
that one”! I said , “which one do I get”? Rod said ,  “you can have Old
Pete”.  I didn’t know why they didn’t want Old Pete, he looked OK to me.
Howard helped us put on the bridles and saddles and we climbed on. We
were going to ride the half mile back south into town. They took off out
of the barnyard and left me behind so I slapped Old Pete with the reigns
and said, ” lets go”. He went alright; right to bucking like a bronc.
About the third time around, I flew off and landed face down in the
ditch which was full of barnyard runoff. I think Howard called it
“schmidt” or something like that! I still remember him trying not to
laugh as he was spreading newspapers on the seat of his new pink and
white four door Chevy so he could give me a ride home!! I did ride with
them later and even got a horse of my own in 1960 when I was 10. That is
another story, later. Thanks Gary!!


Johnson, Dick 1998
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