UND Dorm Picture
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
To Bill Grimme in reference to the UND dorm picture. The two guys look like John Bedard and Allen Boguslawski……I think??? Aggie
Aggie, I think you are 100% correct. I’ll let Bill, Alan or John fill us in a bit more. Gary



Recent pictures of Alan & John

Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Hi Gary, Thanks for sharing the picture of the family in the Philippines that was living in such poverty. I’ve seen stuff like this in my travels across America and it’s stunning to try and get your mind around that type of poverty even here in America. To stand in the middle of such squalor, and try to carry on a conversation with the family,it’s difficult to keep your emotions in check…It’s overwhelming. I saw this kinda stuff first hand, in the ghettos of Chicogo, on the back roads of the Smokey Mountains, in different areas of South Carolina, and something close to it in a very small town in N.Dakota…the house was more intact, but one room had a dirt floor. I’m not going to mention the town cuz N.Dakotas too small, and it isn’t my intentions to embarass anyone…to get personally involved with a family,and committ to helping them, is one of the most rewarding things a person could ever get involved with…And it’s surprising that just when a person thinks they are not in any financial position to help out, but you step out on faith and do it anyway,it seems like every month that God blesses you with the money to do it anyway.A person just has to keep in mind that even though a $5 $10 or $20 can’t do much, but to someone who’s kids are hungary, it’s like giving them a $1000.00 . Thanks for sharing Gary. Aggie
Note: The Dunseith Alumni has donated over $6,000 for the needy folks here in the PI. Every penny has been accounted for and has been used for this effort. There are no admin fees involved what so ever. Bernadette and I take our calculator with us to the grocery store when we make purchases. We keep adding to our cart until we have spent all the money from the donations. We then go home and divide it all out for selected families. Then we ask these selected families to come over to our house to pick up their donated groceries. These folks are so happy. We get thanked many times over. Gary


Kathy (Barbara) Kalk Lopez (65)
Reply fromSusan Brew Roussin (59): Rolla, ND
Our thoughts and prayers are with Kathy Lopez. We know several people in our area fighting cancer and a lot of progress has been made in recent years. We pray for courage for her family and know what a tough struggle it is to try to encourage and comfort these patients.
Reply from Lorraine Richard Nelson (46): Mesa, AZ

Hi again Gary..I am so enjoying your blog..and all the emails..

As I was reading about the garages in Dunseith, thought I would add, that after the war was over, we (the Joe Richard family) returned to Dunseith, dad had rented the farm in the hills, next to Art Rude, so he and mom decided to buy the Mobile Station, next to Hassen’s store, with my two brothers, Norm and Vern..Seems not that long ago, but all of them have died, I attended high school in Dunseith, would have really enjoyed the reunion and the marriage of my cousin Nancy and Keith.. When we lived in Dunseith there were 5 Richard brothers there. My dad Joe, Albert, Pete, and Fred. Keep up the great news..Lorraine Richard Nelson
William Stiker
Reply from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
Wm Striker was the father of my grandmother, May Alice Striker Stickland Hughes. 

She went by the name of Mae/May or whatever. I do not recognize the names of any of the daughters ? Lee Stickland

Reply from LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND
We drove through Main Street in Dunseith last week and Hassen’s store has been torn down. Also, the house where Hassen’s lived behind the store is gone. Sure does leave a blank spot on Main Street! In 1949 the folks lived in a little house which was across the street to the North of Reid’s place. Mom used to shop around the corner at Hassen’s for most of her supplies.
I also wanted to mention that they had a benefit for Darwin Thompson, son of Bob Thompson who owned Lamoureux Garage, last weekend at Tommy Turtle Park. He is paralyzed from the neck down. Something happened after his neck surgery and he is in a facility in Mandan at this time. His prognosis sounds bleak. Both Bob and his wife passed away within months of each other it seems like between one and two years ago now.
Ray Lake, who owned the Stone Garage, had a son named Archie who was in my first grade class (55-56). I think they moved away after his first grade year. I believe Archie’s mom worked at the Corner Liquor, owned by Woodford and Stadium.
The Ackworth Ladies Aid picture was so interesting. I was not aware that Lasher’s lived in that community. Sometime in the late 20s or early 30s they must have moved to a farm near Bottineau. My dad, Dean Parrill , born 1919 , was a childhood friend of Willard and the other Lashers. In fact he stayed at their place at least one winter. As the story goes he and Thurman were suppose to stay in this little cabin somewhere up in the hills. These two teenagers were given and sack of potatoes and who knows how much else. Apparently, they were visiting some place and fire went out, the potatoes froze, and they had ended up moving in with the neighbors. Dad stayed at Lashers and Thurman at Sathers. There were six step brothers and sisters and however many of the nine half brothers and sisters who were born by that time living at home. Their step dad ran a Dairy north of Bottineau on the golf course hill and they delivered milk around town before school. I am not sure of the sequences of events leading to their move.
Thanks to Mary Eurich Knutson for clearing up how the Pritchards are related to Lashers. Lashers would visit Eurichs and us quite often. I remember Ben Lasher coming and he was usually accompanied by one of his kids and a few family members. Dad was always happy to see them. They treated him great when he was a kid and over the years. I believe Willard Lasher is now at Good Samaritan in Bottineau. Some of his poetry was recently published in the Bottineau Courant. He wrote some of it while in a fox hole during WWII. It is awesome.
I didn’t know there was a church at Ackworth as well as a school. It makes sense as there is a cemetery. I only knew of Little Prairie and a parish called St John that merged with Little Prairie. (It was not in the town of St John.) My grandparents-Cecil Day Parrill and Laura Melhus were married at St John.
To Cheryl Larson Dakin-I enjoyed visiting with you at Nancy and Keith’s reception. Three books were written in Sweden by Stieg Larson and the manuscripts found after he passed away. The first one The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo has been on the best seller list now for several weeks. It is a murder mystery with a little romance.
LeaRae Parrill Espe ’67
LeaRae, There never was a church at Ackworth. They used the School for their services. They were a Methodist group. My Great Grandfather, William Stokes, being a member, donated one acre of land for the Cemetery that we have today. Until not too many years ago there were two Ackworth organization. The Cemetery organization and the Alumni organization. The Alumni organization has pretty much fizzled out.
Willard Lasher worked At Soland’s Standard for many years. Virgil & Roberta Soland were the owners. Roberta is a sister to my brother Darrel’s wife Debby. Many years ago the Solands moved to Dickinson and had a large service station/truck stop there of which they may still have yet today. I think Virgil is retired, but the station may still be in the family. When I worked for Clark’s I spent many of my off hours hanging around Soland’s Standard, often times helping out with the pumping of gas. It was there that I learned to know Willard Lasher quite well. Dwight Olson worked there at the time too. Bud & Debby were not married at the time, but I knew Virgil & Roberta Soland from the Metigoshe Lutheran churches. They were members of Nordland. Before going into the service station business, Virgil & Roberta lived on and had a dairy on the Roger Bond farm located on the lake road several miles south of Lake Metighoshe. Bergman’s appliance is now located on the corner where Soland’s Standard was located. Before Soland’s it was owned by Bill Brandt. Gary
Congratulations Glenda!
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Folks, As I’m putting this together, I’m listening to Kenny (65) and Sherry Nerpel’s CD. What beautiful music. You guys are absolutely wonderful. Kenny and Sherry gave each of us a copy that attended the class of 65 dinner at Dale’s in May.
Cancer update
From Barbara Kalk Lopez (65): Inver Grove Heights, MN

Kathy just saw the doctor who did her surgery. She is healing as well

as can be expected. Next week we will meet with the oncologists.

Thank everyone for their prayers. And continue to pray for wisdom

to decide where to go for follow up treatment.

God Bless you.

Kathy (Barbara Kalk) Lopez

Request from Dale Evans: Algona, WA
Hello Gary,

My aunt – Doris Willams – was married a month or so ago in Bottineau – I have heard that a picture of my mother – Mary Artzer (Peterson) was in one of the local newspapers – I would enjoy seeing a copy of that photo if you might have a copy
Folks, do any of you by chance have this newspaper article? Gary
Dunseith Garages
Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary The garages Neola is talking about are corner garage was where her dad owned. Lamoreux garage was in the middle of the block north. The stone garage was on the corner of the next block north owned by Ray Lake. I bowled for the corner garage when her dad owned it. Lloyd Awalt



Dunseith Garages
Reply Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
There were two Lake Brothers that had that stone garage, I am thinking about late 1940 to ?



Dunseith Garages

Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

The Kofoid (Corner) garage was on the corner diagonally across from Hassen Store. I think Gary Prouty was the last to run it. In the fifties and early sixties Joe Spaeth sold GM vehicles for Theel Motors of Rolla from an office in the corner garage. North of there was Lamoureux Ford–Last operated as a car shop by Bob Thompson, who was running it when it burned. The Stone Garage was last run by Dale Fugere, I think. Then it sat empty for awhile until it opened as the Corner Bar. In the early fifties it was operated by Ray Lake. I think at one time it was a dealership for Chrysler products.
Hard to believe all of the big three auto makers were doing business on Main street.
Ackworth Ladies Aid Picture:
Reply from Mary Eurich (62): Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary

Boy that Achworth picture made my day. I’d like to copy it but my computer cuts it off at the window and I miss several of the group to the right.

Remember the picture I sent that Eileen Brudwick identified of the Bogs and that group of people. I don’t have time to look it up now but I’m sure it said on the picture the Bogs and Mr & Mrs Martin. I’d like to know more about all of them. The #3 Mrs. Lasher and Baby: Mrs Ben Lasher (Melvina) would have been a sister to Grandma (Ida Thompson Pritchard) she was Olaf Thompson’s youngest daughter(#10 front row Mrs O. Thompson) The baby she is holding is proobably her youngest son Lyle – born 1922. That was the year Lashers purchased the Olaf Thompson farm. In an article I have written by Buelah Lasher (#10 2nd row) she tells they lived by a little lake that they would cross in the winter with team and sleigh to go to school and in the spring when the lake was thawing they’d ride the horses across and often the water was so deep the horses had to swim. Lillian Lasher is listed as #20 lives in Bottineau as does her brother Willard Lasher. Lillian was married to Milton Beyer she is the mother of Howard Beyer former owner of Ace Hardware. She is 98 years old. She and Willard both live independently as of this date. He is 95. I’d love to be able to take this picture to them both. I couldn’t figure out who Lillian Lasher would be when I first went down the list of names. I’d never heard her called anything but Lill.

I’ll bet a lot of the area folks found this picture interesting.

I wasn’t going to spend much time during the summer working with pictures but this one I felt too good not to respond to. Take care. Mary

Mary, I have attached that picture as a JPG. Hopefully you can print this with no problems.
I knew Willard Lasher quite well in my younger days. I knew of Lillian and knew she was married to Milton Beyer. I more often heard of her referred to as Lillian Lasher with the stories of my Dad’s. Your mother and her Pritchard siblings were first cousins to the Lasher siblings.
You mention the Martin’s and the Bog’s. The Bog name does not ring a bell, but the Martin name does. The Martin place is now owned by Russell and Glenda Fauske. Russell and Glenda lived there until they moved to their current home of Russell’s parents, Elwood and Eleanor, when they moved to Bottineau a few years back. The Martin farm is located one mile west and a half mile north of the Ackworth cemetery. The Bill Martin’s moved to the West coast in the early 50’s. Willie Hiatt purchased their farm and later sold it to Russell and Glenda. I’m sure if you visited Maxine Hiatt at Oak Manor, she could fill you in on the Martin’s and everyone else in that picture. Maxine/Willie were pretty close to the Martin’s in those days and the Stokes’ too. Gary
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
Todays Minot Daily News
Charlotte Baumgart
April 16, 1916-July 25, 2010

POSTED: July 27, 2010
Save | Print | Email | Read comments | Post a comment
ROCK LAKE Charlotte Baumgart, 94, Minot, formerly of Dunseith, Perth and Rock Lake, died Sunday, July 25, 2010, in a Minot nursing home.
She was born April 16, 1916, to Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burchem in North Dakota. She married Ludy Carl Olson in the early 1940s. He preceded her in death. She married Harold Baumgart in 1970.
Survivors: sons, Floyd Olson, Washington, and Vernon Olson, Minot; daughters, Betty Mekelburg, Colorado, Bertha Swenson, Texas, Connie Kinney, California, Ginger Smith, Oregon, Sheila Oakland, of Minot; numerous grandchildren.
No services are planned.
Burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Rock Lake.

(Dunnigan-Dix Funeral Home, Cando)

See pages 15 AND 16 “PRAIRIE PAST AND MOUNTAIN MEMORIES”, A History of Dunseith ND > 1882-1982
Picture from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
These guys look familiar to me. The furnishings in the room look like one of the new dorms at UND. Can anyone help ID these guys studying for their finals?


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Tex Carrington

Nov. 4, 1941-July 22, 2010

BELCOURT Tex Richard Carrington, 68, Dunseith, died Thursday, July 22, 2010, in a Dunseith nursing home.

He was born Nov. 4, 1941, to Jim and Eva Carrington in Pekin, Ill. He served in the Army.

Survivors: son, Lloyd Anderson, Cathay; daughters, Tina Carrington, Bloomington, Ill., and Kimberly Evans, Hopedale, Ill.; brothers, Ben Carrington, Rolla, and Joe Carrington, Garrison.

Funeral: Wednesday, 10 a.m., St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Belcourt.

Burial: Church cemetery.

Rosary service: Today, 8 p.m., in the church.

Visitation: Today, 6 p.m., in the church.

(Elick Funeral Home, Rolla)

Nancy Hosmer’s (62) Wedding:
Message/Pictures from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Hi Gary and all
Well we finally made it back to North Dakota for our family reunion. The Larsons and the Richards had several get-togethers at Lake Metigoshe and at Tommy Turtle park in Bottineau. It was so fun visiting with everyone. The reunion culminated in Nancy (Hosmer) and Keith Kontze’s wedding last Saturday so we got to see lots of our Dunseith friends. It was fun visiting with LeRae Espe. (I bought the book LeRae, and it really does promise to be good), as well as seeing Carmen and Floyd, Craig, Stella Schimitz, Mark and Kathy, Leon and Carol, and so many more. I am including a picture we took after the golf tournament. This photo includes my family (Norman/Verdellis Larson) and Richard/Jerrine Larson families. And I couldn’t resist sending the picture of the sunset.
Cheryl Larson Dakin
Congratulations Nancy & Keith. You are a great couple and wonderful folks, each of you. We are hoping to see you both again on our Caribbean Cruise. Gary
Picture taken in front of the Bottineau County Club House

Wallace (Wally Garbe), Neola’s husband
Folks, Wallace (Wally) Garbe is Neola’s husband. Wally is retired now. Wally is a really nice guy, kind of quiet, but very intelligent. Gary





From Ken Striker Dayton OH


Sharon (Peterson) Harmen of Bismarck ND wrote recently with burial information that her mother Joy Stickland Peterson of Dunseith had gotten on Wm E. Striker, from Bob McFadden. William E Striker longtime resident of Dunseith area had moved to Seattle area and is buried at Evergreen Washelli Cemetery Memorial Park in North Seattle. Below is an obituary from Washelli Cemetery Records. Joy learned this information from Bob McFadden. Its interesting he left 99 living descendants.



Floyd Pritchard
Memories from Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62): Windsor, CO
I remember well when Floyd Pritchard had that garage. He would donate a car and fix it all up for the demolition derby at the Bottineau county fair. My brother Bill Zorn drove those cars for two or three years, and he won the derby too. Floyd would create a great car that would outlast the others. Good memories and lots of fun to watch. Sharon Zorn Gerdes
Delightful Coincidence
From Cheryl Haagenson (71): Dunseith, ND

Last evening we journeyed to Minot to attend the North Dakota State Fair! Our goal- to cheer for Rick Gottbreht ( son of George and Patti) car number 27 in the Enduro Race. During the rain delay I decided i should visit with the young girl sitting next to me. I would say she was around 11-13 years of age.
We were visiting and I told that car 27 was from my home town. ” Where is that? she asked. Dunseith I said, “Dunseith !, she exclaimed, “My Grandpa is from Dunseith.” who is your Grandpa. ” Larry Hackman”
Don’t you just love North Dakota and our web of email.
We spent the evening cheering for the favorites. She was the most delightful friendly, genuinely charming young girl. I shook hands with her Dad and her younger brother. Her name is Sadie!
Oh by the way Mr Rick Gottbreht took 3 out of 78 starters. Most exciting I think I shall go again:) who knows who will be there next time

Cheryl Haagenson

Corner Service Garage
Ackworth Ladies Aid picture
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,


Interesting picture and how great the people are identified. I think the stone garage was a block north of Dad’s garage. Did Lamoureux own it?



Neola, I screwed up with the name of your Dad’s garage. Was Lamoureux Brothers the Stone Garage, I don’t think so, but I’m not sure? Gary
Elaine Stokes in about 2002 at the Good Samaritan Home in Bottineau.
She passed away in July 2004


Ackworth Ladies Aid. Picture taken in 1924
Folks, This is another picture we recently found among our Grandmother, Julia Stokes’, belongings.



This is an old one. With the labeling listing, the first row is the top row. Maxine Radley Hiatt is the largest girl being held on the top left by her Grandmother Radley. Margie Hiatt is two over to the right from them holding Norman. Norman is just a baby in this picture. He was born in January 1924. Maxine was born in June 1920, so she would have been 4 years old in this picture.



The front row, Labeled the 3rd row, is pretty easy to follow. The other two rows are a bit of a challenge to follow.



This is just a small 3″ X 5″ photo. It actually enlarged quite well. I have enlarged this picture oversize for printing from this email message. For me, If I right click on the picture I can save it to my computer. Hopefully this will work for those of you wishing to make copies. If this does not work, please let me know and I will send it to you as a JPEG. Evon Lagerquist, I’m thinking this is a picture that your mother, Leola, will be interested in seeing. Gary



From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Folks, As many of you know, Floyd Pritchard (59) was raised by his Aunt and Uncle Dave and Winifred Pritchard Eurich. Floyd has lived at Lake Metigoshe for a number of years now. I remember well when Johnny Kofoid built his garage out on Highway 5 in Bottineau. Prior to that he owned the Stone (Corner) Garage in Dunseith.


European Adventure travels:
From Gary Fulsebakke (71): Devils Lake, ND
Dear Gary and friends,

Greetings from Berlin! I am on day 21 of my European adventure. On
July 6th, I flew from Devils Lake to Minneapölis for a non-stop
flight to London. While there, I saw the usual sights, Big Ben,
Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Sonehenge, as well as a play
starring Jeff Goldblum at the Old Vic.
From there, I took a bullit train under the channel to Paris. I don’t
know how fast it went, but it only took two hours to get there. I first
went to the Eiffel tower for a panoramic view of Paris. Next was a cruise
down the Seine for a sense of the city’s landmarks. After that I headed
for the home of Quosi Moto, the cathedral of Notre Dame. It was huge, and
best of all free admission. I later went to the Löuvre and saw the Mona
Lisa and Venus De’Milo. While I was there the World Cup took place and so
there was not a soul on the streets at game time. The other great event
was Bastille Day which took place on July 14th. There were parades and
concerts all day culminating with an incredible fireworks display in front
of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is, of course, famous for its food, and so I
enjoyed sampling as musch as I could afford. Even tried escargot. Not
bad! From Paris I flew to Oslo, Norway. My first impression when flying
in was how green it was and how beautful the fields and farms were. I was
impressed with Oslo as well. It was a beautiful city with scores of
restaurants and sidewalk cafes. The highlight of the visit was tracking
down relatives. I found several. One, whose name is Eric Fulsebakke,
lived in Oslo and was a school teacher. He then directed me to the
Fulsebakke farm, which was just outside of Kongsberg. This was the place
where my grandfather, John Fulsebakke had been born. It was absolutely
beautiful! The farm was two-thids the way up a large mountain, named what
else, Fulsebakke! The farm was also a resort with cabins scattered on the
mountain and partments and rooms on the farm. From there, I took a train
ride to Bergan where I witnessed some of the most amazing scenery on the
planet, culminating with a cruise through the fjords. And now I am in
Berlin, an amazing place in itself. But I’ll tell that story later. See
you later! Gary Fulsebakke

Message/Story from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Hello Gary;
How are things in the PI.
We have a beautiful summer day here in the Dakotas.
Everything is nice and green.
The farmers are getting started harvesting their crops.
The State Fair started on Friday.
Parade today with lots of farm equipment and oil related equipment on display.
No, sign of a depression in this state.
Thanks to our farmers, plenty of rain,
and oil.
Most of all, Thank You God.
Another story that took place in the Beautiful Turtle Mountains of North Dakota.
Back in the day, about 1966.
Have a good day Gary.

Scenic Highway #43, North Dakota

It was a quiet, sunny, Sunday afternoon.I decided to go for a drive, up and around, and through the Turtle Mountains for some alone time. I was about 18 years of age at the time, and probably nursing one of them self induced headaches.I was cruising up on a gravel road, near Highway #43 when I came across a group of fellows standing along the road.They were standing in bunches, visiting and looking into this road ditch where plumes of smoke were lazily raising into the late summer, clear afternoon sky.Recognizing and knowing some of these people, I stopped to find out what the commotion was all about.While visiting with these fellows, I gathered that this ditch had started on fire all by itself, and that they had saw the smoke from their farms and had came to put it out before it could get serious and burn up the whole country side.The farmers in the Turtle Mountains are forever watchful, as they know that if a fire ever got going up there, it would be hard to stop.You know, with all the fuel in the area, trees, grass, and brush, everything a fire needs to grow into a forest fire.

While visiting with a few of these guys I heard one fellow say that he thought the fire was started by Larry Hackman.My ears perked up right away and I thought why would this fellow be thinking this.I listened while this fellow explained that he had seen the butt of a tailor made cigarette, and an empty beer bottle lying in the ditch, where the fire had burned.I thought to myself, I wander who the hell they think I am?What would make any one think of me, because they happened to see a cigarette butt, and an empty beer bottle, lying in a ditch, where a fire had been burning?Not being born yesterday, I wasn’t about to jump up and down shouting, that I’m Larry Hackman.Yes, I had noticed the brush in the ditch still smoldering, and the smoke rising into the air.I also noticed that these fellows had worked up a sweat, and that their clothes were black, from fighting the fire.I recalled that one fellow stated that two fence posts of the adjacent fence had also burned.These farmers were in no mood for joking around.

Not wanting to be the guest of honor, at a neck tie party, and them apparently not knowing who I am, I wasn’t about to inform them, or try to correct their thinking.The one fellow stated that the ditch should have been cleared of brush a long time ago, and then the fire wouldn’t have burned to the extent that it did, or probably wouldn’t have started at all.Hearing this comment made me feel better, but I still wasn’t about to stand up, and say who I was.To this day, I wander who they thought I was.Maybe they knew exactly who I was, and were just trying to tell me, in a nice way, without hurting my feelings, to mend my ways.Naw, I can’t imagine them gruff old farmers being worried about my feelers, or my ways.I can’t imagine them thinking, that I was the fault of that fire either.I just happened along, on a Sunday afternoon, and hadn’t been in that area for weeks, maybe months, a long time.

I made a few comments to them farmers as I made my way to my vehicle, like, great job, looks like you fellows got it under control, and that I better be on my way.Then I drove off, not to fast, not until I was out of sight anyway, then I punched it.Leaving behind a situation I never expected to encounter, and a cloud of dust.

I must have an alias running around, somewhere up in them hills.I know a few other fellows, who use to circulate around them hills, and some did write some stories about Highway#43, some even named a band after Highway #43, and one did admit to throwing that paper air plane with the stick pin in the nose that stuck in my ear.That was an involuntary piercing.That same fellow claimed that he use to meet girls from Canada up on #43.I was never that lucky, eh.But, would any of these people go through all the trouble of planting a cigarette butt and an empty beer bottle in a ditch to implicate me in arson?Naw, I don’t think so, not intentionally anyway.Most of them young fellows would probably have choked, on the smoke of that cigarette, anyway.But it is hard to say what they would have done if they emptied enough of them long neck bottles?

I’m still wandering about them farmers?They didn’t know who I am?They didn’t ask who I was?Apparently, they didn’t care who I was?Maybe, that’s a good thing?

Keep on laughing and the world will laugh with you.


Since I’m a little bit over 50 and haven’t had no June berry pie yet this yea?
I’m also on to my last rhubarb pie.
The wife says she isn’t going to clean the oven again because of rhubarb pie.
At least not this year.
I double thought this story about Highway 43, and realized that
I’m probably not going to get a response from any them farmers.
I don’t think any of them are around any more.
Yes, they knew exactly who I was and had decided to have a little fun at my expense.
Kind of like that guy who threw that paper airplane from the class of 65 picking on a underclassman.
Well, you know what they say.
He who laughs last, Laughs best.
I’m still waiting my turn on a few of these subjects..


Yes Larry, having been born in about 1948, you are quite a bit over 50. Gary



We have finely made our Dunseith Alumni cruise selection for February 2012. We have chosen the Western Caribbean with the “Norwegian Cruise Line” on the “Norwegian Pearl”. The Pearl Hull design and ship layout are very similar to that of the “Norwegian Star” that we took to Alaska in 2009.
As with the Alaska Cruise, The one free person credit we receive for each 8 cabins booked, will be turned into money and credited to each of our groups cabin fares at the time of final payment.
Gina has reserved 100 cabins for our group. There is a very high likelihood that we will fill all of these cabins and ask for more. As with most everything, the best cabin choices and rates are available early on. As time goes on you are stuck with what is left. Our reserved cabins are not specific, so we are competing with everyone for cabin choices.
Please see Gina’s letters below and get in contact with her to make your bookings. Gina did a hell of job for us with our Alaskan Cruise of which we know she will be doing for us again with this cruise.
We are looking forward to seeing many of you folks onboard the “Norwegian Pearl” in February 2012
Your group leaders,
Bill Grimme
Phyllis McKay
Gary & Bernadette Stokes
PS – Your friends are welcome to join us on this cruise as well.
Gina’s message:

Gary, I am now in receipt of your Group confirmation. We have 100 cabins on hold for you, at this time. 

A cabin deposit of $250 – per passenger is due by 7.19.2011with formal names and preferred cabin type.


Final payments are not due until: November 18th 2011


Inside cabins begin at $708.75 – total per passenger (depends on deck).


Ocean view with a port hole window – $848.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


Ocean view with picture window – $918.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


Balcony cabins begin at – 1058.75 – “ “ “ “ “ “ “


*Mini Suite – is first come/ first serve and will be quoted at time of passenger deposit for a Mini Suite.


*(with a current price of $1288.75 – total per passenger)



7- Day NCL Western Caribbean Round-trip Miami




Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line
Ship Name: Norwegian Pearl
Sailing Date: 2/19/12

Website link to the Norweigian Pearl



Embarkation: Feb 19, 2012 – Disembarkation: Feb 26, 2012


Ports of call: Miami; Great Stirrup Cay; Ocho Rios; Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Miami

Please contact Gina Ford at either of the below phone numbers to confirm your cabin.


Thank you,


Gina S. Ford

Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)







Recent letter we recieved from Gina:


Hello Gary and all,


Perfect! You will not be disappointed in the NCL Pearl (nor in me – of course).


Yes you will receive one person’s base cruise price Free – for every 8 cabins booked.


I will also confirm champagne and/or onboard credit, etc… for every cabin in your group.


The cruise line will provide us all options at time of final payments (with your exact head count).



I will check all of the Miami Group hotel rates for you. Miami is a city where location is important.

(being a South FL resident for more than 20 years, I will also know quality and location of hotels).


However, the hotels do not usually hold reserved rooms until about one year prior to hotel stay.


I will begin my search this autumn for you, which is plenty enough time in advance – I promise.



I will request the 100 cabins that you prefer for your group. We can always adjust numbers later.



My suggestion for now – is to pat each of you

on the back for making an Excellent choice!



I have been on more than 30 cruises and the NCL Pearl is one of my all time favorites.


She is larger than your last ship and I like her design and style better (a step up for sure).



Warm thanks for once again selecting me as your cruise agent,







Gina S. Ford




Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)





Hassen’s Store:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Cheryl Haagenson’s memories of Hassen’s Store sure were on the mark.
I remember primarily the smell of fresh fruit that always met me at the
door. It was nearly the same across the street at K.C. Sine’s Red and
White. It’s funny how the smell of those two stores still hangs on in
the old memory. Sometimes when I happen to be in one of the larger
stores, I get a ‘deja vu’ when I get near the fruit section. I also
remember how mad K.C. got once when I was in the store to buy some
tennis shoes for basketball. He took down a box and opened it and it
contained one tennis shoe and one ‘penny loafer’ dress shoe. He threw
the box on the floor and yelled, “G—D—YOU, MARRRRRRGIE! He scared
the devil out of me, as I was only 9 or 10 years old at the time. She
wasn’t careful putting away shoes that people had tried on and mixed
them up. Then he had to try to figure out where the other shoe was, in
all those boxes! He eventually found it and I got my shoes—white high
top Converse All-Stars! We must have been WAY ahead of our time as now I
see some of the ‘punk rockers’ are wearing them as if they really found
something! You know—-I might have to look in my closet! Thanks Gary!

Postings by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND








Reply from Phyllis/Alan Campbell: Minot, ND
Hi Gary and all! Cathy told me this was on your wonderful communication and I finally got it (not bacause I’m so busy but just didn’t take the time!). We had been up to our Lake Metigoshe cabin to get it ready for Rich, Vicky, their son Kyle, wife Grace and two children plus daughter Nicole, her husband John Grubb and son to spend this week there! First time they had all been together in the same place at the same time and it’s been a wonderful week for them. We stopped at the Pride Dairy ice cream parlor to try the famous “Cow Pies”!! Found them delicious and generous! Cathy took us up there again this past Tues to celebrate several June and July birthdays and what a day! Fun to have children grandchildren and great-grandchildren together for us to enjoy! We truly are blessed!We do like it here in Minot at the Wellington and if any of you have time to stop we’d love to see you. Alan and I will be riding in the Wellington bus in the State Fair Parade on Sat. July 24 and tho you probably won’t see us, we’ll be waving!

Julie Hiatt Bonebrake’s (81) Birthday:
Reply from Bobbie Slyter (70): Wichita, Kansas
Today is Julie’s birthday also.
Happy birthday Julie. We are certainly hoping you are enjoying this special day. Gary
Hasen’s Variety Store:
Message from Cheryl Haagenson (71): Dunseith, ND
As I drove down Main Street in Dunseih today, I noticed alot of commotion North of the Sinclair Station ( formerly known to me as Roberts’. Well for heaven’s sake , they were tearing down Hasen’s Variety Store. I had a flashback of going into the store walking on creaking floor boards through the aisles to the back of the store with the low hanging ceiling. The clerk, Mrs. Hassen or Neil, would reach up and pull the string attached to the bare light bulb and begin the search for my new overshoes. They had alot of stuff in the store. Perhaps they are going to build a new one, one with penny candy and rainbow stripped toffee, with keds shoes, four buckle overshoes and bib overalls, I suppose that is too much to wish for!

Cheryl Haagenson

Mel Kuhn (70):
Message from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
I imagine it makes you feel purity damn good that you have all these upper classmates worried about your well being.
We all care Mel.
Bill and I were just appointed spokesman for the group.
We want you, to congratulate your son on his safe return, and would like you too, to also thank him for his service for us.
Once you get him traveling with you, we all know you will make it back to us, safe and sound.
Them soldiers, are all taught to give First Aid and CPR if you need it. So if you have an attack with your son there,
I know he might break a few of your ribs and fracture your sternum, but he will defiantly get you back to us in one piece.
We are all hoping for the best for your family and of course you.
What would this blog be, without the St. John critique?
May your family and you have a safe and enjoyable trip.
We will be waiting for a full report when you get back and we just don’t want to here about the damn humidity.
Does that cover everything Bill, or do you have something to add?
Feel free to do so.
Mel likes it when we show a little sympathy and concern.
Have a good day and a good trip.
Bill Grimme’s (65) reply
As usual, you covered it all very well. All I would add is that if you, Mel, get close to Birmingham, AL, you are certainly always welcome to stay in the “Grimme Inn” there.
Have a great trip
Pictures taken at Elwood Fauske’s 90th Birthday celebration:
Eleanor & Elwood Fauske

Elwood Fauske Family:
This is a beautiful picture. I counted 59 in this photo. Arlinda (Lindy), You are a mirror image of your mother, Eleanor, and she too is a beautiful lady.
Folks, Eleanor and Elwood look so nice in these pictures. It’s hard to beleive that Elwood is celebating his 90th birthday and that he and Stubby have been married nearly 68 years.
Fauske siblings in this photo: Brian (5th from the left), Carrole (6th from the left), Connie (Hands on Elwood), Russell (Back row one over to the right above Eleanor’s head), Beth (7th in from the right standing), Arlinda (Lindy – Extreme right). Note: The only Fauske Sibling I am not sure of in this photo is Brian. Gary
Brian Carrole Connie Russell Beth Arlinda



Message from Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND

Howdy Gary,


Just letting you know that the KFOR-12 Troops are back on American soil from Kosovo. Our son Ricky is now at Camp Atterberry in Indiana along with many other peoples sons from the area. We are going to be going to our son Toby’s graduation from basic training in Fort Jackson, SC on the 29th of next week. We will be able to pick Ricky on Saturday the 24th in Indiana while we are going through. My oldest son Shannon lives in Indian Trail, NC and we will be stopping to see him and his family also. They are only a little over an hour from Fort Jackson. We will also be visiting with my wife Kathy’s family while we are in Indiana.


I want to put Larry Hackman’s mind at ease about my wife and I traveling this long distance together. I believe that I have packed enough mind relaxing drugs that I’ll be able to put up with button pushing and direction giving and other such things.I know that when I wrote about our other trip together [2 years ago] Larry was worried about my recovery. He also shows concern over my heart condition when I get into these high stress conditions:i.e. the buying of new dishes a couple of months age when I ran out while she was gone. He and Bill Grimme both showed concern when they were here for the reunion.


Leaving on July 23rd and hoping to be back and still as sane as normal is for me on August the 1st.

Mel Kuhn

Mel, I am glad to hear that Ricky is home. That sounds like quite a trip and a fast one at that, that you guys will be taking. That’s a lot of miles to travel in such a short time. Please keep us posted. Gary

Reply from Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula, MT
I was mostly raised by my granparents Pete and Rose Longie. My Mom was Amelia Longie Underwood.(she has been gone for 11 years.)
Sharon Longie Dana (73)
Happy Birthday Toni Morinville (68)
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Today, July 21, happens to be Gary Stoke’s and Toni Morinville’s
birthdays! I hope you both have a great day with friends and family. It
doesn’t seem at all possible that the years have gone by this quickly.
They say time flies when you’re having fun—that must be it! Happy
Birthday Gary and Toni!


Thank you Dick. You are so right, today is my Birthday and I know it’s Toni’s too. It’s also Norris Knutson’s birthday. I just called him too, to wish him happy birthday. Norris said he has not been feeling too well. He has been battling some broken ribs. They can be painful.
Happy birthday Toni. I believe you have now caught up to Dick, one day later, reaching a new milestone in life too.
Bernadette actually had a big party for me this past Saturday at our house with about 40 of our friends. A dear friend of ours posted 55 pictures taken at my birthday party on facebook. For those of you with a facebook account, you should be able to view these pictures by going to my profile by clicking on this link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1495682224#!/photo.php?pid=5917714&id=521519873 As you will see, these PI gals love to have fun all just in fun. These gals are very much attached to and are very true to their sole mates.


Correction from Sharon Longie Dana: MIssoula MT



Al Longie is cousin to Willie and Ron, brother to Louie Longie of Tioga. Al’s folks were Pete and Rose Longie.


Sharon Longie dana (73)

Sharon, I was thinking Al was a brother to Ron & Willie. I knew Louie was a cousin though. Who is your father? Gary
Posted by Noela Kofoid Garbe:Minot & Bottineau, ND





Folks, I have a little extra room today, so thought I’d share several pictures of a family/home in our neighborhood. This is a family of 9 with the parents. That is a dirt floor too. Parts of the roof were totally missing too along with holes in what was there.




This is a very lucky family though. Friends of ours from the UK were here when Bernadette passed out the food for the Elderly with donations from the Dunseith reunion raffle

. They were impressed with what they saw and asked if we’d find them a needy family. This is the needy family we found. This family is now getting a new home. Education is very important in the eyes of our friends too. The two older girls, 17 & 19 are pretty bright, so plans are in the works to send them to college so they can provide for their family.



Seeing this is kind of a reminder of how lucky we are. Gary







Reply from Leland Hagen (50): BRYAN, TX

Hi Gary,

We returned home yesterday. We had a great trip and got to see many friends and family during our short stay. We stayed with Orvin some and took him with us to Bottineau then back to Kindred on our way home. He saw more people than we did and seemed to thourghly enjoy every minute of the trip. He does know lots of people! We were glad we could take him along.


I know you published some pictures in your blog relating to the festivities in and around the Bottineau area recently, but since I had you hold all emails since 4 July I did not see any of them. I would appreciate it, if you would add me back on your daily list. I will go to your blog and check the recent messages. I should be able to find all the back issues.


Thank you so much for all the great information that you continue to send to all of the Alumni every day. Your dedication is remarkable and appreciated by all .


I also want to tell you that the phone calls to Orvin really

make his day!!! He is amazed that the calls are so clear all the way from the Philippines!



Leland Hagen

Class of 50

Leland: Yes, Orvin is well known throughout the Dunseith, Bottineau & Turtle Mountain areas. That was quite evident with the thousands, not hundreds, of folks that attended his wedding in 1980. I have forgotten the numbers, but more than 2,000 comes to mind. Orvin accompanied my folks to Bremerton, WA in 1978 to attend our wedding too, but we didn’t have thousands at our wedding.
I have all of 2009 & 2010 daily blogs posted on our Website http://garystokes.net/default.aspx As of yet I have not posted all of the 2008 daily messages. Some day I will get that done.
We did not start the numbering of the daily blogs at first. With today’s message there have been 890 daily messages posted. Today’s number is 860. When the actual posted messages reach 1,000, I will advance the daily number to 1,000. On December 26th, we’ll start year four. That’s amazing. You guys have done well keeping this going. My daily email distribution is about 650. We have another 50 or so daily views on our Website too. Gary

Reply from Connie (Zorn) Landsverk: Bottineau, ND.


I attended Alvina Christianson,s 90th birthday party & Alvina looks great for 90. She was ready to dance but there wasn,t any music.She was so happy & really enjoyed her party. I visited with Dick & his wife lois. I went to school with both of them. When I was in 8th grade they were seniors. I met their son Cody today. He,s a nice kid!!!

Connie ( Zorn) Landsverk
Al (Adolph) Longie (61) Spokane, WA
Request from Sharon Longie Dana (75): MIssoula MT

Hi Gary,
I would appreciate if you would add my Uncle Al (Adolph) Longie to your daily blog.
his address is
Al, It is my pleasure to add you to our distribution. We know that any brother of Willie’s and Ron’s must be a good guy. Gary




Reply from Ardys Bakken Horner (Teacher): Detroit Lakes, MN


Gary Thanks for all the reunion photos, great to see people I knew in Dunseith again, especially Orvin Hagen and the Campbells. We are having a busy summer of family reunions, kids just left after a week with us, which is always fun, its great living on a lake with “built-in” entertainment, they love fishing off the pontoon and the jet ski. The washing machine gets quite a workout. This weekend we hosted a relative of Arv Bakken’s from Gjervik, Norway. She is a teacher there and great fun as a guest. Ardys Bakken Horner.



Dunseith memories:

From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.


Growing Up in Dunseith Then Beyond

Once upon atime, I believed there were 3 churches. Growing up on the farm north of Dunseith I knew there were;The Methodist, The Lutheran and The Catholic.
In recent time, I thank you, Bob Leonard, for the timely explanation which referenced the building and history of the Dunseith Stone Church.
Also this summer, I met Sharon and her cousins, ie. the Erling Landsverk and Borghild Filia clan who told me they were in the area looking at rocks.
“Rocks”, I thought incredulously? “There are people who come to North Dakota to look at historical places like Fort Union or Saint John” ……then, understanding, I immediately recalled my dad and Art Seim discussing those skilled stonemasons who were responsible for many area traditional stone structures built, the brothers, Landsverk.
On a Saturday in July, the Landsverk group gave me another lesson in history. Through their simple explanation of long long ago in Norway, the skilled crafts of wood carpentry and stone masonry came into being part of their identity.
……Aye yes! an understanding why so many Norwegian decent have the “gift” of being skilled artists in wood and rock.

Tonight I heard another story of two little boys, the Dunseith Stone Church, and Shelver Drug.
In years gone by, I was told, there were church services held at the “Dunseith Methodist Church” early Sunday morning then later Sunday night.
This family would go into town twice a day to attend both services. The two young lads,father gave them a shiny dime.
The two boys felt the evening service was too much. So they would tell their papa they wanted to wait,come in last and sit in the back.
Are you with me here? Can you picture those two boys…of long long ago…Probably had their Saturday night bathes. Clean and ironed Sunday go to Church meeting clothes. Slicked back hair, Squeaky clean earnest faces. SHiney dime…?
Yep. They stayed outside. They played. They headed for Shelver Drug. They made it back to church in time to slide into the last pew.
Their plan worked for a time, until one Sunday night the preacher finished preachin before they could slide back in the pews…….and they smelled of licorice.

No more sitting in the back pew. Yep these are stories I was told. Vickie

Vickie, Now we are curious as to who these young lads may have been????? Gary
finished my last radiation treatment on Wednesday! Hopefully I never have to do radiation again. The worst of my cancer treatments are finally over. It is such a great feeling. It is also a little scary because I am not sure what life will be like without having to be going to the cancer center every week for some kind of treatment. I guess I will adjust. Connor and I got home Thursday night and it is so great to be home. It has been about 7 weeks since we have been back here to Kenmare and I really missed it. Patrick had the weekend off and we spent the weekend out a Mouse River Park for a Softball tournament he had set up to help raise money for a family from Antler, ND who recently lost there mother to cancer. The tournament was a great success and a beautiful weekend to spend as a family. Connor sure enjoys being outside. However he spent most of the time sleeping in his stroller while his daddy was playing softball. We are taking Connor to the doctor today for a check-up so I am excited to find out how much he has grown. I will try to write on here again tomorrow to let you all know. Take Care everyone. I better get some lunch befor Connor wakes up from his nap.
“All country School” reunion Photo:
Reply to Neola from Laurel Wenstad (63): Dundas, MN
Hi Neola, That is Diane in the wine top,the blue shirt is my brother Pete. My wife and I are to the left of Pete. I’m the one with the dark glasses, Lynette is right behind Diane. Lloyd Gardner is behind the man with the blue plaid shirt on the right.His sister Linda is the lady on the left side with the red shirt. The tall man in the very back with the gray hair is my cousin Jerry Christianson. To the left of him the guy with the cap is Gary Wenstad and the one his left is Arlen Wenstad. Arlens sisters are the lady in blue next to the lady with the cane. And his other sister is right behind the one in blue. There are others who are shirt tail relatives also, but alot are neighbors and friends from the hills. It did seem like a family reunion with so many familiar faces. It was an occasion I will never forget. Thanks for forwarding the photo. I will keep it in my file. You do a great job on the blog. I really enjoy it. Thanks again, Laurel and Sherri


Message from Trish Larson Wild (73): Fort Collins, CO.
Trish’s Website: www.equinenomad.com

Hi Gary,


Not sure if you’ve been reading my blog or not, but I’ve recently started trying to provide daily updates, so check it out if you’re so inclined. I have big plans for big rides this summer….then depart for South America on 10/10/10 to ride 10,000 miles. I think everyone knows this by now, but just in case you have new readers….


I retired from 36 years in healthcare as an emergency room trauma nurse last month and have spent the last weeks getting rid of “stuff”. I moved out of my little cabin in Estes Park, and morphed into “the Equine Nomad.” Everything I own is now in my Silverado and my horse trailer. I owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful people who helped me move, stored my stuff, and bought everything I own. Including the 2nd hand store that came with a truck at the end.


I have more to go if I’m going to fit everything on one pack horse come October, but I’m getting there.


Here are a few photos of horseshoeing today. I have a lot of respect for farriers now. It took me four hours (and a lot of sweating, bleeding, and swearing) to take off the old shoes, trim the feet and put on the new Eponashoes. (A fancy technical polycarbonate shoe my one sponsor provides me with). They are AWESOME shoes – it’s like your horse is wearing Nikes. Anyhow, I got the job done and then my niece Kelly and I rode into “town” for a nice steak dinner. (Once in a while I stray from raw fruits and vegetables). That saphire martini tasted pretty good too!


Anyhow, anybody who is interested in my big expedition/adventure can follow my blog, which I am trying to update daily, at least for now. I plan to write something everyday, but probably won’t be able to post to the blog more than once a week when I’m in the wild.



Thanks again for all that you do to connect us. Happy birthday Dick! And Sybil! I really enjoy seeing the reunion photos. Wish I had been there.


Happy and free on the road in Colorado…..


Trish Larson Wild

Trish, This is quite an adventure and life style change too, of which I know you will enjoy.
Folks, Trish has some beautiful pictures posted on her bloghttp://www.trishwild.blogspot.com/Gary


provided by Myra Henning Halvorson (72): Bottineau, ND



Brenda Johnson, Ron Hett & Dick Johnson




Bill Grimme (65) with his fiancé Irina





Verena Gillis & Bernadette Stokes at the reunion reception desk





Les did a wonderful job with the presentations.


Les Halvorson, Verena Gillis & Gary Stokes



Les Halvorson (Teacher) and Verena Gillis




Darrel Abrahamson (68)
Message from Phyllis: Dunseith, ND

Hello to all.
Darrel is resting at the moment==he has had his ups and downs. Today is 2 weeks since his fall on the pipe on the bucket of the tractor. You can imagine what a painful fall, but then he developed fever,infection and gangrene. The surgery took care of the infection and gangrene. Now he has been fight a blockage in the intestine. 2 weeks of nothing by mouth or clear to soft diet. He has lost weight. we try to keep his spirits up. He enjoys all the cards , well wishes and prayers. Tries to exchange places with me, so he can go farm. Minimumof 3-4 months healing time, but first we have to get the intestine working.
Just a little update on my husband. It is 11:20pm Friday , July 16—–he is asleep and I pray tonight goes well Phyllis .
Happy Birthday Dick Johnson (68):
From Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, WY.
Hey Dick, you look alot like your dad. Happy Birthday! I have you beat, mine was on July 2nd. Have a wonderful day. Sybil Johnson
Dick Johnson’s (68) Birthday part:
Picture from Brenda Johnson: Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary

Here is a picture from last night at the Pizza Inn with some friends.
In the picture starting at the left with the green shirt is Ron Hett,
Wayne Johnson, my brother Greg Knutson, Dick, Wayne Johnson’s wife
Crystal, and Barb Hett. Wayne and Crystal are friends originally from
Sherwood and now live in Bottineau. Wayne drives truck for Dick in the
fall hauling hay. We celebrated a little early as Dick’s birthday is
actually on the 20th. Ron & Barb left for Alaska this morning on a
month vacation. Thanks Gary.


Brenda, this is a beautiful picture. The only thing lacking is you.
Congratulations Dick.
Legion Picture:
Latest update with ID’S From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Folks, We’ve almost got this one nailed. We are down to three. The unidentified guy in the 4th row on the right is the 3rd guy up from the bottom on the extreme right. Gary


Top Row: Tony Jundt, Bob Stokes, Carle Kirkeby, Alex Brusven

Row 5: Peter Wold, James Jacobson, Don Newberger, Harlan Renick (front of Alex Brusven)
Row 4: John Molberg, Loren Renick, Oscar Sletto (worked at Bottineau Creamery)?,______
Row 3: Albert Dravland, Carl Freeman, Walter Trengen, Harold Refling
Row 2: Herman Thuve, ______, Martin Vinje?, Clarence Helgeson, _____
Row 1: Leland Simek, Wally Gangle, Joe Houle, Lloyd Jelleberg, Leo Zorn, Freeman Thorleifson
Alvina Brudwick Christianson Celebrates her 90th birthday
Message/pictures from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,


My aunt’s, Alvina Brudwick Christianson, 90th birthday is on Sunday, July 18. There is a “box” in the Courant, stating there will be a card shower for her. As I don’t have this week’s Courant, I can’t scan it. However, if you would include the info in your newsletter, I would appreciate it. Alvina lives in the long term wing at St. Andrews Hospital in Bottineau. She’s doing VERY well. :)If cards arrive after her birthday–no problem. :) Her address is:

Alvina Christianson

316 Ohmer St. Rm. 111

Bottineau, ND 58318


I’ll send a picture of Alvina/Mom, too.


Thanks, Gary.









It’s been 45 plus years since I’ve seen Dick Roland. He and I were confirmed



at Nordland Church. I have not seen Lois in all those years either. Gary





Clarence/Alvina Brudwick Christianson’s wedding picture








Barbara Kalk Lopez (65) Cancer Update:
From Al Lopez: Inver Grove Heights, MN


Barbara Kalk had her surgery today for lung cancer.

The doctor was unable to take the tumor out, because

another lymph node outside of the lung was cancerous.

Barbara will recuperate for the next 2 weeks or so and

start chemo and/or radiation therapy.

Thank you for your prayers.


Barbara, You are a fighter. Hang in there and whip this whole thing. It’ll be tough, but you can do. We are all thinking of you. You are in our prayers. We are looking forward to seeing at our next reunion in a few years too. It would be so nice if you and Al could join us on the Dunseith Alumni Caribbean Cruise in February 2012 too. Most of us have not seen you for 45 plus years. This would be a great opportunity for a whole lot of us to see you once again. Take care, Gary

Darrel Abrahamson’s (68) Caringbridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/darrelabrahamson
From Sara Abrahamson: Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary,

This is one of Darrel’s daughters, Sara. I got your email address from my dad email account. I have heard you posted on your blog the incident with my father. Jeanmarie (my aunt) has mentioned that you were looking for a website to post updates for everyone. Well I finally got a caring bridge sight up. Just look for Darrel Abrahamson and you should be able to find it. I am trying to keep it updated as much as possible. Thanks,

Sara Abrahamson

Sara, Yes your Aunt Jeanmarie Abrahamson (65) called me about your dad’s accident. I am so glad that he is doing better. This was a terrible accident and one that I can imagine really hurt. Thank you so much for this Caringbridge site. Gary
Update for Hannah Loeb (39):
Reply to Neola from Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): kmhyre@comcast.net Bellevue, WA.
Hello Neola,

My mom and my middle sister, Marianne live with my sister, Jane Loeb. Jane and Mom built their home about twelve years ago, and now my sister Jane owns the home. Mari came to live with them about 8 years ago when our mother had back surgery and needed some help. Mari has some mental health issues so she had lived independently for many years in a “cluster house” for clients of the North Seattle Mental Health System. It was safe and we did not have to worry about her living on her own. When she stayed with Jane and Mom, they discovered that they all got along very well and that it was good to have Mari there to help Mom as she needed. They have a wonderful life. Mom helped Mari learn to be a good cook. Mari is in her mid fifties now and is a remarkable person. She loves to cook and sew and write. She and Jane and Mari have a game of Scrabble or Pinnacle going all the time.

Until my mom got sick in May, she was busy reading or watching the news (CSPAN or MSN) most of the time. It came as quite a shock, especially to Mom, that she was not able to recover and resume her normal activities. Jane arranged for a hospital bed to be placed in their family room so now everyone can care for Mom and spend this quality time together. We are very lucky to have our Evergreen Hospice Services to support our family as we take care of Mom in the home she loves.

Mari’s health has been stable for many years, but she is not able to work or live totally independently. It is so wonderful for our family that they have been able to share their home and life together.

My husband and I live about twenty minutes away and I spend the week days at Jane’s helping care for Mom and I go home on the weekends. It has been a gift to our family for us to share in caring for Mom at this time. All the “sibling stuff” goes away. We are mush more able to focus on Mom and give her the care she needs as we all are on this journey together.

Mom is still alert and eating pretty well and can get up in a chair most days. She is able to do chair transfers, but is no longer strong enough to walk, even with a walker. We have some one pound weights for her to work on arm exercises, and we do range of motion exercises to help her from becoming too stiff. Mom has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years and had always been able to walk up and down stairs several times each day to keep herself “fit”. However, when someone is 89, and gets cancer, it is very difficult to keep strong as the disease progresses. Your body just does not have the resilience of a younger person.

Her comfort is what we all are working for and right now we are able to manage this fairly well. We are so grateful to have the Home Hospice Care Program to support us as we make this journey.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Mother. I am sure she will enjoy the caramels that you are sending!

Her address is:

Hannah Loeb
23321 8th Place West
Bothell, WA 98021
Dick Johnson to Celebrate his 60th birthday. djcars@hughes.net
Hi Gary

Just was going to mention that Dick’s birthday is on the 20th, but we’re going to celebrate a little bit early tonight. Ron & Barb are heading off on their Alaskan cruise and wanted to help Dick celebrate his birthday so we’re going to do the pizza/beer thing tonight. I also invited a few other friends to join us. I hope to remember to bring my camera and I’ll send you a few pictures. A big milestone of 60 years. Hard to believe. We will also have a family celebration for his birthday on the 24th at our lake cabin. I’m sure he’s thinking no one knows his birthday is coming up! ha. Knowing him he really doesn’t want 2 celebrations either, but we just couldn’t get it to work for 1 day. Take care.


Brenda, This couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy. We are looking forward to seeing those pictures too.
Dick, Congratulations for this big milestone. I think there are a lot of you class of 68 folks that have or will be celebrating this milestone this year as well. Gary

From Neola Kofoid Garbe:Bottineau & Minot, ND

Patrick W. Davis
(August 19, 1940 – July 15, 2010)

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PATRICK W. DAVISFuneral services for Pat W. Davis, age 69 of Belcourt, will be held on Monday at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church of rural Dunseith. Burial will in the Church Cemetery.

Patrick W. Davis, a son of Gregory and Alvina Davis, was born on August 19, 1940 at Belcourt. He was reared and educated in the Belcourt area. On October 10 1963 he entered the US Army and was honorably discharged on October 5, 1965. Pat returned home and owned a meat market in Rolla for a time. He later operated a construction company in Belcourt for many years. Pat was a bus driver for the local school for several years. He worked security at the Turtle Mountain Community School until he retired. Pat has continued to make Belcourt his home.

He passed away on Thursday, July 15, 2010 in a Rolette nursing home.

Pat was a member of the Belcourt American Legion. He enjoyed playing poker at the Casino and with his friends and family. Pat enjoyed traveling with Joe Gillis and taking his friends and family traveling. He is survived by a son, Gregory of Jamestown; step-children, Leonard Parisien Jr., Jeff Parisien, Jolene Allard, Kelly Parisien and Fabian Peltier all of Belcourt.

Pat was preceded in death by his parents, Gregory and Alvina; brothers, Lloyd, George, Charles and Simion; sisters, Deloris Peltier, Verna LaFountain, Martha Davis and JoAnne Davis.


One Room Country school Reunion:


Pictures from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND



Hi Gary,
This photo was in the Courant. Rena Roland is sitting (in her wheelchair) in the center of the picture. Linda Gartner is the lady in the red blouse on the left side of the picture. Helen Brandvold Taylor is in the front row toward the right side of the picture; she’s wearing white slacks, blue shirt.
The article about the reunion is very good–wish I had a copy of the Courant. I’ll send it when I get to Minot next week–unless I obtain a copy before then. Perhaps someone will send it to you before then. :)
Neola, this is great! It looks like they had quite a turn out for this reunion. I recognize a lot of folks, but by no means all. Hopefully someone can identify those in this picture. Linda, we’d like to get in list of all those in attandance too, if we can?






Here’s the other picture from the Courant–thanks to Scott Wagar. Victoria Krogen Gillies (Alex) is Scott’s grandmother. Rena Larshus Roland is, as you know, the “author” of the “One-Room-County Schools” book. You also know Earl is her son. :)
Neola, another great photo. I have not seen Earl for years. I would not have recognized him. This Gillies I believe are related to the McKay’s. I think Mrs. Doc Gillies was a McKay?? Is Victoria part of the same family. Is Victoria related to the Lloyd Krogen family from the Lake Metigoshe area? As we all know Rena is a first cousin to Art Rude Sr. Art’s mother was a Larshus, sister to Rena’s dad. Rena is also a sister to Dorothy Clark and Lloyd Larshus. Gary
Rena Larshus Roland, Victoria Krogen Gillies & Earl Roland







Picture from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND


Each of YOU should recognize me, my son Eric, is wife Kim and My grandson Sam/
We had a busy day in Medora and a busy day in Dickinson. Sam will be 3 years old on August 23. Certainly, he is the best grandson of all.
This is my first attempt to send a photo attachment, so… Lee
Lee, you are looking great! All of you.
Thanks for sharing, Gary
Lee Stickland with his son & his wife Kim with Lee’s Grandson Sam





Mona Dionne Johnson (48): Congratulations Mona. Wonderful Picture!



Pictures from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

My Grandson, Nathan Leintz #12 standing 3rd from the right on the group photos, and with one of his coaches being his dad Scott, standing 1st from the right WON THE CONFERENCE, BABE RUTH CHAMPIONSHIP today. Now, they will continue on to go to state.
There is one photo showing my Grandson, Nathan #12, and his dad, Coach Scott Leintz holding the championship trophy.
Nathan pitches and plays shortstop.
They have worked hard.
We are very proud Grandparents.
Congratulations, Nathan and Scott and the to the rest of the Lumberkings.
Marion & Larry
Larry, Congratulations are in order for your grandson and his team. Please keep us posted with the state championship. Gary






Campbell’s picture:

Folks, this picture is posted in the Bottineau Cooperative Creamery Facebook page. There is no caption.


Phyllis or Cathy, Can you fill us in a little more about this picture? It appears to have been taken in the Bottineau Creamery? This is a beautiful picture of all three of you. Gary.




Alan and Phyllis Campbell and their daughter, Cathy (Campbell) Springan




Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Note: Orvin told me that he even had time to sneak in a couple hands of whist with Wesley Schneider when he visit him in Bottineau too.





Postings from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.




I happened to find Gladys’ obituary, so I’m scanning/sending it. Now I can throw the clipping.
As you can see, Gladys was a Dalbec. Her family lived on Thompson St. Her brother, Elwood, lived there until he died last year. I don’t know who owns the house now.








Andrew Fassett (38): North Liberty, IN.
Message from Gwen Grimme Eltz (68):

Hi Gary,

We really enjoyed the “Class of ’38” picture that was submitted by Wayne Smith in yesterday’s blog (#853) . One of the young men in the picture is our uncle, Andrew (Fassett). I forwarded the blog to him and his wife, Aunt Betty, and they were really interested receiving the daily blog. Will you please add Uncle Andy to your Class of ’38 class list and also include him and Aunt Betty on your e-mail distribution? Their e-mail address is they live in North Liberty, Indiana. Uncle Andy is a brother to our mother (Kathleen Fassett Grimme). He just returned last week from taking part in the “Honor Flight” to Washington, DC, and loved every minute of that trip! Andy served in Europe during World War II; he has two Presidential Cititations–one for the Battle of the Bulge and one for capturing the bridge over the Rhine River at Remagen–and three battle stars and a bronze star. He’s 90 years old, healthy, and active.

Belated “Happy Birthday” to Bernadette! Hope you are both doing well; thanks again for all that you do to keep us “Dunseith folks” connected!

Gwen, Thank you so much for getting Andrew included. As I mentioned to you earlier, The Dunseith book is not complete with it’s listing of those that attended DHS. I did not bump those in the class of 38 picture to those listed in the book when Wayne sent the picture either. Andrew, Thanks to Gwen, we now have you on our daily distribution and in our records. Please keep in touch, Gary

Message from Laurel Wenstad (63): Dundas, MN
Hi Gary, Yes we had a nice visit with Emma Kofoid (Neola’s mother). She is very alert and remembers things that happened many years ago. Her and my mother Lela were very good friends. We had a great time at the reunion. Fun to see and reminise about old times. We sure had alot of laughs. We had so many relatives there almost felt like a family reunion. I am the oldest in the family and am a brother to Pete, Diane, and Arlis. Sure appreciate all you do on the blog. I enjoy reading it daily. My wife and I spent the week up in the mountains and visited many old friends. It sure was beautiful up there. Would like to have been able to be there for the first reunion also, but time didn’t allow. Orvin Hagen was there and we really enjoyed him. He has a great sense of humor. Thanks for all you do, Laurel and Sherri
Orvin Hagen
Folks, I just called Orvin. He just returned home from his Bottineau trip, I think today or late yesterday. Today, July 14th, is his Birthday. While in Bottineau, he stayed with Donnie Nelson, his nephew. Donnie is on our distribution, so Orvin saw our posting yesterday with his (his brothers) picture wishing him happy birthday. He was so surprised and excited to see all of yesterday’s posting. I read the “Orvin Hagen” postings to him that are posted in this message too. Orvin had such a good time with his trip up to Bottineau/Dunseith. He attended Elwood Fauske’s 90th Birthday celebration, the All Country School Reunion, the monthly musical jamming at the Bottineau Senior Center, visited the Peace Garden and visited with lots of family and friends. His Brother Leland and his wife Betty are currently visiting him at his house.
Orvin lives near Fargo in Kindred, ND. His phone number is (701) 428-3125. Feel free to call Orvin anytime. He loves phone calls and hearing from people. He told me today, “You know, I’m a people person”. And that he is of which we all know very well. Gary
Orvin Hagen
Greetings/memories from Susan Brew Roussin (59): Rolla, ND.
Wishing Orvin Hagen many happy, happy memories of his birthday. Don’t know if he remembers me, I used to tag along when our Grandpa Jerry Demo worked at the Peace Gardens many years ago. Lorna (Brew) Abbey and I, Susan (Brew) Roussin spent every summer for a few years helping with the flowers and trees to be tended. Love the picture of the Hagens in this blog. Thanks so much Gary.
Orvin Hagen & Art Rude Sr.

Memories from Lorraine Richard Nelson (46): Meza, AZ
Hi Gary..I have not met you and did not attend the Dunseith reunion this year but I am so enjoying your blog.. And I can’t believe the picture of Orvin Hagen, and that he is 89 years young..I attented Beaver Dam school with the Hagens, so knew them well..They lived only 2 miles from us in the beautiful Turtle Mountains.. And of course we lived very close to Hannah Rude, and son Art SR. so now I know where Art Sr. is and sent greetings to him..Thank you so much for all you are doing for the rest of us Dunseith folks.. My dad and brothers had a Mobil gas station in Dunseith after the war.. Lorraine Richard Nelson

About General C. Emerson Murry (42)—
From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
I didn’t really know him, except by his remarkable reputation until I began my service in the legislature. He was Adjutant General during most of my years there (’76-’90) and had a long highly respected tenure with the ND Legislative Council before that. Knowing him by reputation was nothing compared to the enjoyment I got from working with him. “Well if Emerson said so, then what are we waiting for?” is a good way to summarize the level of respect we in government had for him in those days as well his value to North Dakota — and the nation.
I could go on in some detail, but I’d rather say thank you Emerson. I am proud to know you and glad that I had the opportunity to work with you. I hope our paths cross again!
Just a thought — maybe we should think about starting a list of the truly outstanding people who developed their character as Dunseith area natives and Dunseith Alums — something like the HD hall of fame in the state capital. I have a couple of nominees–both are on the mailing list for this blog. Maybe add an extra wing to the Log House?
Allen Richard
Lake Metigoshe Lions officers
Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith Alumni folks in this picture:
Mona Dionne Johnson (48), Terry Espe (64) & Les Halvorson (Teacher)


Reply from Barbara Kalk Lopez (65): Inver Grove Heights, MN

Gary,Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I plan on being at the next one.

God bless you all.


Barbara, Please keep us posted as you progress thru this ordeal with your breast cancer. Yes, we are looking forward to seeing you at our next reunion. Gary


Fauske Memories
Aime Casavant’s (66) reply to Aggie (69): Jamestown, ND.
Aggie, thanks for the ” truth be told.” Particulary about Carrole – who wouldn’t be?( I still remember how to spell her name) – and I’m not embarrassed. And sweet Beth. And your friendship with Arlinda. But I think the truth also was a special nicesness we all felt about about the Fauske kids and their parents. We were half way between Rolette and Dunseith and we always felt a special connection to Dunseith because of them . Like I said …. as I think back on the memories, it had to start with Eleanor and Elwood and their family – Aggie, think about many families we have known through our lives – then think about about the Fauskes. And I still remember the clomp, clomp, clomp of those horses …. love Aggie …..

Orvin Hagen
Message from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,


You mentioned Orvin Hagen attending the music at the Sr. Center on Sunday. When Orvin arrived, he started visiting with Arla Hall and a couple of other ladies, very near the table where I was sitting. I didn’t pay much attention to this group, as I was listening to the music. Suddenly, I heard a voice I recognized. I said, “That has to be Orvin Hagen!”, which it was. I visited with him, briefly, just saying hi and identifying myself. He sat at a table with Arla Hall, Lloyd and Orlene Larshus. I immediately started looking for someone who had a camera with them. Eloise Boppre had a camera; I asked her to take a picture of Orvin/Arla Hall, which she did. Later, when Orvin was on-stage, I quickly asked Eloise to take a picture of this, too, which she did. She will have her daughter get copies of these pictures to me, either by snail mail or email. Eloise wasn’t sure how soon this would happen, but when I receive the pictures, I’ll send them to you. Orvin seemed to be really enjoying himself. It was FANTASTIC to see him again–before Sunday, I didn’t think I’d ever see Orvin again. God is good. :) I’m not certain if it was Margaret Sebelius who brought Orvin to the Sr. Center, but that’s the name that comes to mind for this lady. Dick would know, as he visited at the table, too.


Anyway, when I get the pictures, you’ll get the pictures. :) I’m guessing people will be sending pictures taken at the One Room Country School reunion to you, too. I’m hoping they do!!


Hagen brothers picture:
Provided by Clayton Parrill (73): Bottineau, ND



I wasn’t able to make the all school reunion until late in the evening, but was told Orvin did a little yodeling there too.

On Sunday he and his brothers were at my mothers home (Marie Parrill) for a get together.


Happy Birthday Orvin Hagen. Today, July 14th I believe you are 89 years young. You are looking so good as are your two brothers, Leland & Tommy as you call him.
Folks, when their father died, Orvin raised Tommy. When Donnie Nelson’s mother, Orvin’s sister died, Donnie was just a baby. At that time Donnie went to live with Orvin and Orvin raised him too. That really makes Orvin Donnie’s dad. That explains a lot of how Donnie turned out to be such a nice guy.
Brothers – Orvin, Leland & Tom Hagen with their nephew Donnie Nelson
Legion Picture

Someone thought the guy in the middle row, extreme right, could be Gordon Kittelson. What do you folks think? Gary
Top Row: Tony Jundt, Bob Stokes, Carle Kirbey, Alex Brusven
Row 5: Peter Wold, James Jacobson, Don Newberger, ?
Row 4: John Molberg, Loren Renick, CarlGarbe?, Gordon Kittlelson?
Row 3: Albert Dravland, Carl Freeman, Walter Trengen, Harold Refling
Row 2: Ray Garbe?,?, Martin Vinje?, Clarence Helgeson, ?
Row 1: Leland Simek, (Brad Gangle?/Darrell Nelson?), Joe Houle, Lloyd Jelleberg, Leo Zorn, Freeman Thorleifson
Ole Pladson Photo:
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
To me, the man in the light suit in the middle of the back row, resembles Lyle Johnson, Alvina Johnson Brudwick’s brother. What do you think?
Back: Olaf Pladson, ??, ??, ??, ??

Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??



Fauske Memories:

From Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC


Happy Birthday Elewood! I know your birthday is going to be great with all your kids and grandkids around and the love of your life Eleanor. Before I get into what I remember about you and your family, I want to take the time to embarrass my brother Aime. You know all this stuff he said about all us kids were friends of your “children” so we went to hang out at your place…the truth be told he was crazy about Carol…really…and that’s the only reason he was at your house ever LOL. Ask Carol…..I know Carol will tell it straight…LOL. I can see Aime blushing from here, but remember Aime, Mama always taught us to be honest…

The thing I remember most about you and your family,was when MaryAnn and i would spend the night,and you use to always play those Jim Reeves albums. The song I remember the best was the song “Snowflake” I remember I couldn’t believe that there was someone else in the world that loved Jim Reeves as much as me. I also remember one time riding with your family back to Dunseith one night and Mary Ann and I singing that song “All Of The Monkeys Ain’t In The Zoo” All I remember is singing and Carol, Lindy,and Beth laughing so hard they almost drowned us out. In retrospect that was probably the whole idea. Thanks for the memories…you are so blest with such a great family. Once again Happy Birthday! Aggie



From Aggie:


To Gary Metcalf, I still don’t have the internet so spontaneous stories don’t come easy. However I will share with you a sign I saw on the desk of a lady at the DMV the other day. It said,” To those who think little things can’t make a difference has never slept with a mosquitoe in their bed” I couldn’t quit laughing…

Aggie, It’s so wonderful having you back on line. We sooooo missed you. It was such a pleasure seeing and visiting with you in person at the reunion and again the next day on Sunday. You have the gift of being able to tell stories the way they were in such an interesting way, instantly grabbing folks attention. And to top it all off, you are a wonderful human being. Gary




Darrel Abrahamsom (68):

From Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC


Dear Darrel,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m so hoping that this will just be an unpleasant accident and all will be ok

Brenda Class of 1968



From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI.

Barb and Darrel are in my thoughts and prayers. I was worried that the negative news that started this blog would go on. thankfully it didn’t. Barb, I wish you had made the reunion too. You were missed more than you know.


Elwood–Happy birthday. You are a few months younger than Dad would have been. I think I first met you when you built up the road to our farm — in ’54 or ’55. Anyway it was after Floyd Richard married Carmen Leonard. Floyd was living with us on the farm back then and had to park his car on hwy. 3 because it had rained so much and our old road was under water. I don’t remember how we got from the farm yard to the highway or where our car was parked. I think we towed our car to the road with dad’s WD6 and left the tractor. (I sold that tractor to Joe Boguslawski in the ’80s and as far as I know.


I could go on–but I’m not retired yet. :-(



Yes Allen and Barbara too, At the reunion and at our class of 65 gathering folks were coming over to me asking “Where is Barbara Kalk? I thought she was going to be here?”. Barbara, you were missed in a big way. Gary




Recap of Dunseith Reunion trip

From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA

Just thought I would mention this. Alice and I spent about a week and a half in North Dakota when we were up for the reunion. In addition to the reunion, we also helped to celebrate Tina and John Bullinger’s (my sister and brother-in-law) 25th wedding anniversary as well as my youngest Nephew, Jacob Bullinger’s, high school graduation. So it was an enjoyable trip for us for several reasons as we also visited my Aunt Lillian in Superior, WI on the way up and Alice’s Mom in Louisville, KY on the way back.

In addition, Alice and I also enjoyed our 39th anniversary on the 29th of May by going to the Twin Oaks? Restaurant at Lake Metigoshe. It was slow there that night and there were two waitresses on duty so in the course of ordering, etc., I asked the one waiting on us a few questions as polite conversation and then mentioned that I was originally from over by the Rolette/Bottineau county line. It was quickly clear that we did not know each other, but the other waitress overheard some of our conversation and she came over and asked me my name. When I told her she said she was Charlene Pearson. So that lead to a somewhat brief but very enjoyable conversation with her. As you may know, Gary, she was only a year behind me in school (I believe she graduated with my sister Fern) and we (Charlene and I) did take a math class together one year.

It’s kind of funny. If it had not been slow in the restaurant that evening, we probably would not have had time to strike up a conversation with our waitress and thus Charlene would not have overheard us. So, she probably would not have come over to our table. And because we all change over the years, I know I would not have recognized her if she had not come over and introduced herself. Of course, had Alice and I not chosen to go over to Lake Metigoshe to dine in the first place, we also would not have seen her. So, as I said earlier, it’s kind of funny how those things happen.

Lastly, I should also mention that I got to meet and talk with Larry Millang a couple of times when we went to Walmart for things. All in all, a great trip for us.

Keith (66)




Class of 38 picture

From Wayne Smith (61): smranch@srt.com Bottineau, ND


Gary, I am attaching a picture and names of the class of ’38 when the students were juniors. Hank Salmonson, my uncle, gave me the picture. Since Vickie Metcalfe’s very nice write-up was posted in #851, I thought this would be an interesting picture also.


Here is the class list.


Wayne Smith (61): smranch@srt.com



DHS class of 38 living today:


This is a list of the folks from the class of 38 that are, according to my records, living today. I talked to each of these folks when I was putting the their class list together several years ago. Please let me know if any of these folks have passed on. These folks would all be 90 years of age or more. What a hearty bunch of folks. Gary


Orvin Hagen I think was bumped up a grade, so he is a year younger. Orvin has a birthday tomorrow, July 14th. He will be 89. I heard thru the grape vine that he attended the jamming session at the Senior Center in Bottineau this past Sunday too and did a little Yodeling. I understand that folks loved him too. Gary


Bedard Serumgard Antoinette 3389 SQUIRE OAK DR LEXINGTON, KY 40515 Sister Georgette (248)960-7565 Antoinette is suffering from advance stages of Alzheimer’s
Boguslawski Rose 141 Bryant St Ketchikan, AK 99901 (907) 225-3268 No Email Address

Christianson Struck Florence 823 Railroad Ave Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-2759 Note: Florence attended country school with some of these folks.
Dailly Johnson Beatrice 823 Railroad Ave, Apt 11 Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-2449 No Email Address

Hagen Orvin 261 Maple St Kindred, ND 58051 (701) 428-3125 Note: Orvin attended country school with some of these folks.

Landsverk Filas Borghild 150 Hess Ave Golden, CO 80401 (303) 526-4495 FILAS@COMCAST.NET

Nelson Molstad Arlene 1371 Parkside Dr. #146 San Bernardino, CA 92404 (909) 884-4062 No Email Address
Nerpel Bishop Eleanor 6111 W Arrowhead Ave Kennewick, WA 99336- (509) 783-9921 abmyers2@verizon.net (Daughter Ann’s email)

Radley Hiatt Maxine 823 Railroad Ave, Apt 9 Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-2767 No Email Address
Rohrer George PO Box 431 Sitka, AK 99835 (907) 747-8204 No Email Address

Salmonson Henry RR 1Box 134 Dunseith, ND 58329 (701) 263-4338 No Email Address



Class of 1938 (Picture taken in 1937, their junior year)


Back row: Henry Wicks, Anthony Ryan.


Middle Row: Andrew Fassett, Myron Evans, Dary Ryan, Henry Salmonson, Russell Stadheim, Charles Kester,Wallace Thomas, Ralf Landsverk.


Front Row: Arlene Nelson, Borghild Landsverk, Agnes Millang, Alice Tennancour, Maxine Radley,Sovia Hiatt, Beatrice Dailly, Class Advisor – Hanna Jevne.

Those not pictured:Caprice Petty,Eleanor Nerpel, Clara Hagen, Antoinette Bedard, Ovide Boucher,Violette Tennancour.





Legion Picture

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Bottineau, ND.


Hi Gary,


David Woods identified a few of the men. I added those names and have now forwarded the picture to people who might be of assistance. I think I’ll also send it to my Bottineau list.


Note: Albert Dravland is in the legion picture below:
This is info David Woods provided:
Albert Dravland was a WWI vet and was a good friend of the most famous WWI hero and perhaps the most decorated WWI vet Sergeant Alvin York. They were in battle together and became good friends. They promised to name their boys after each other. Hence the name Alvin Dravland was one of the Dravland boys. Albert Dravland also exchanged an item such as a gas mask, mess kit or canteen. Not sure which item, all I know he had one of those items from the famous Sergeant Alvin York on an exchange. Also, a movie was made on Sergeant York.



Legion Picture

Reply from Vern Sanden (61-Bottineau):


Regarding the American Legion photo. Back row to the right of Mr. Stokes is Carle Kirkeby. Next row to the right of Jim Jacobson is Don Newberger. It isn’t Carl Frykman it’s Carl Freeman. Bottom row end right is Freeman Thorleifson. Not sure of all the spellings.

Thank you so much Vern. Gary



Legion Picture
Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau


Hi Gary, I recognize my dad (Leo Zorn) on the legion photo!!
Take care Connie (Zorn) Landsverk



Folks, We’ve almost got this one nailed. Only those in red remain to be identified. Gary
Top Row: Tony Jundt, Bob Stokes, Carle Kirbey, Alex Brusven
Row 5: Peter Wold, James Jacobson, Don Newberger, ?
Row 4: John Molberg, Loren Renick, Carl Garbe?, ?
Row 3: Albert Dravland, Carl Freeman, Walter Trengen, Harold Refling
Row 2: Ray Garbe?, ?, Martin Vinje?, Clarence Helgeson, ?
Row 1: Leland Simek, (Brad Gangle?/Darrell Nelson?), Joe Houle, Lloyd Jelleberg, Leo Zorn, Freeman Thorleifson
Ole Pladson Photo:
Reply from Mary Eurick Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary

Boy that picture of all those men sure has everyone stumped. I can’t remember who suggested it but they said they thought the middle man sitting down was Pastor Lovaas. Maybe somebody with access to church records could help us on that. The longer it takes to identify them the more curious it makes me. Take care. Mary K

Mary, Larry Hackman’s reply below may explain some of they mystery of this photo. Maybe some of these guys were from the Rugby area?


Ole Pladson Photo:

Reply Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND.



My mother-in-law was down this weekend from Rugby, and I had her look at the picture of these gentlemen.

She thought the guy in the center, sitting, looks like a Bailey. Maybe Dan Bailey who use to run the Bailey Drug Store in Rugby.

She was not sure if the guy sitting next to him is a Bye or not. She said she knew the wife well, many years ago. She thought her name was Luella or Lucille Bye.

She also thought the guy standing on the far right looked like a Johnson. So, maybe he is related to the Johnson mentioned.

There seem to be Johnsons everywhere?

Have you noticed that Olaf looks like the guy seated in front of him. The second guy from the left standing looks like the fourth guy from the left standing.

The center guy standing looks like the guy seated in front of him. The two guys seated on the Right look like brothers. She was not sure if they are Bye’s or not.

By, BY,

Back: Olaf Pladson, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??


Barbara Kalk (65) has lung cancer:
Message from her husband Al Lopez: Inver Grove Heights, MN


Kathy (Barbara Kalk) Lopez has lung cancer and will have surgery on Thursday, July 15th, please pray for her.

She really missed not going to the reunion.

Please pass this on to the others from Dunseith.

Thank you.

Al Lopez

Barbara, We are so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Yes, we missed you too at the reunion. Please keep us posted with your condition. Gary

Darrel Abrahamson (68) had a very serious accident:
Folks, I got a phone call from Jeanmarie (Jean) Abrahamson letting me know that her brother, Darrel Abrahamson, fell when he was either siding or shingling his house. He landed on a very sharp object that really ruptured him internally. He is in the St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck. At the moment it’s touch and go if he will make it. Like Jeanmarie said “He’s not out of the woods”. Darrel’s twin brother, Doyle, who lives near Jeanmarie in Aurora, CO is in Bismarck as are their parents, Howard and Maude Abrahamson.
Jeanmarie is not well herself. She is currently on home dialysis with kidney familiar. Gary
From Aime Casavant (66): Jamestown, ND
Happy Birthday Elwood and Hi Eleanor,

Elwood, I think I met you only once and visited with Eleanor several
times at the Post Office. I’m sure you don’t remember me but that is
just more testament to the many people who knew and respected you.

Of course, I knew you through your children when I was a Dunseith High
School. You and Eleanor had the formula, you raised a wonderful
family. We (the Casavants) enjoyed going to school and growing up
some with your children ( Russell, Carrole, Beth, Arlinda and Brian).

Just one story that has stayed with me all my life. We (the Casavants
including Mary Ann and Aggie) were invited to your farm in the hills
one friday evening for fun and ice skating. I think you had built an
ice skating rink east of your house. After an evening of visiting and
ice skating and hot chocolate and other things – us kids decided it
would be fun to hook a toboggan behind the car we came in and ride
down the road off of your farm ( to the east, I think). You know
those “not so well thought out” fun things that kids do.

As we got to the east corner, there was some sort of dead end and it
had ice. All I remember is I could not stop the car, it kept sliding
on the ice – and most of your kids and the Casavants were on the
toboggan behind. I went over the end of the road, into the ditch and
of course – the toboggan followed. At first, of course I was
horrified. Was anyone hurt?

We quickly all got together, no one was hurt, all were accounted for
and I think Carrole said “we have to go to the house – dad will get us
out.” My car – it looked as if it was not damaged but appeared
irretrievably the ditch, stuck in the snow. I waited, half in
happiness that no one was injured but worried that you might be in bed
( it was near midnight).

Finally, after not too long – maybe a half hour a clomp, clomp, clomp
was coming down the road. It was two large horses and I think you and
Russell were (driving them or whatever handling horses is called).

All I remember is you did not seem a bit disturbed and just calmly
said “yes, its quite slippery on this corner” or something like that.

Then you and Russell hooked up the team of horses to the back of our
car and tightened the (ropes). Handling the horses masterfully, they
slowly lean forward as the rope became tight and I back the car. You
advised me not to spin the wheels and to be ready to stop when the car
was out. I remember my surge of confidence when you calmly said “when
the car comes out.”

The car came out. I did not know two strong horses could do this.
Elwood, at the time I was nervous and scared and I don’t know if I
ever thanked you but if I did not, its probably 46 years belated but I
want to say “thank you.”

Happy birthday – I hope it is a good one Elwood and a big “hi” to all
of your family.

Aime Casavant

Reply from Anna Landsverk McGlothlin: Edmonds, WA.
Thank you so much for the update Gary. I’ll pass along the news and photos to my dad, Howard Landsverk, about his cousins ( Borghild and Erling) wonderful visit! Great photos!
Anna Landsverk McGlothlin
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

To Gary and others:


On the Olaf Pladson picture, if Alex Pedie does not know these guys then they are not from the area. My guess is Otto Slemmon, Leadolf Larson and maybe Almer Lindberg rather than Elmer???????


The Bob Stokes picture I see Leland Simek, Joe Houle, and Lloyd Nelson..


I am certainly all about history. It provides a look into peoples lives like Elwood Fauske. Elwood deserves all the recognition that you throw his way. If anyone was given a tough row to hoe, like no silver spoon it was Elwood. He just kept on hoing with a bigger and better hoe. Stubby and Charlotte were salt of the earth also.


Later I think I will tell a story about one of the generations I think was by far the greatest generation, with all due respect to Tom Brokaw, because he has a lot more credentials than I do. I wish I would have learned typing skills from Arlene Lamoureux instead of Leo. Leo had that one finger technique down better than I. Then I wouldn’t have to ramble and say it all at once, the great procastinator.


Oh by the way Bernice Belgard, did you know you came from a very enterprising family? Eva was my next door neighbor and Charlie was successful in military and also business. They were all plum full of business, hope they passed it on.


To Aggie, we need you back Larry H. can’t do all the humor by himself.


Gary, at the end of June we were at Lake Metigoshee for a family reunion with limited time. First morning in Dunseith, I walked over to Dale’s Cafe and hit pay dirt in a setting still clean with quality food run by a guy who thought enough of Dunseith to still be in business there 100 years later. I found 6 or 8 guys in position of lots of history, that happened the last 70 years. Ken Hill, Elmer Bushy, Jim Evans, Roba and Marlene Arnentrout, Dwain Fugere; to name a few. It would take a while to record their stories. In another 10 years it will all be lost, so goes it, a different world. spelling i should have proof read.


By the way, at a rest stop in Fargo. I came face to face with Bill and Betty Lamb, they were on their way to see their son in St. Paul, MN.


That’s enough for now! Thanks for all you do Gary . . . .

Pictures provided by Clayton Parrill (72): Bottineau, ND
Highway 5 looking west from main street in Bottineau on Memorial Day 2010
there are about 420-425 flags from veterans put up for Memorial Day
Bottineau Main Street on Memorial Day 2010




Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND


Gary, I’m not on the picture I came to Bottineau in 1970, but your dad is. On your dads right I believe is Tony Jundt. bottom row left to right Leland Simek 5th person Leo Zorn. Faces look familiar but cant put names on them. Velma wanderaskie would probably know. But I will keep trying to figure them out. Have a great day. Lloyd Awalt




Reply from Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62): Windsor, CO

Gary, regarding the photo with the American legion gentlemen. I may be way way off base, but the very front row , second guy from the right looks like my uncle Leo Zorn, and on his left looks like Lloyd Jelleberg. I know they were both active military and it sure looks like them ( much younger). Sharon Zorn Gerdes.
Follow up reply from Sharon:
I must have been asleep when I wrote this first one, because Lloyd Jelleberg is on Leo’s right. And to the right of Lloyd I think is Floyd Dion. Don’t know him but have seen him, but as usual could be wrong too. Thanks, Sharon.
Sharon, That is for sure your uncle Leo Zorn and Lloyd Jelleberg. I knew both those guys pretty well. Lloyd may be able to help us out with this picture. Gary
Neola’s Guesses:
Folks, I have listed Neola’s guesses below. She wasn’t sure with some but listed her best guess. Now that she has mentioned it, I can for sure recognize Harold Refling, Walt Trengen and Joe Houle. That does look like Carl Frykman, but I’m not sure if he was a Legion member? Joe Houle works mornings until 1:00 PM, 5 days per week, at Wal-mart. Larry Millang relieves him working until 10:00 PM. I’ll bet Joe could help us out with the identities of those in this picture too. Joe worked for over 50 years at the Creamery and now he’s working at Wal-mart. He is 80 years young. Following his shift at Wal-mart, everyday, he goes to the bakery for a bowl of soup. Joe is always so friendly and nice. He knows a lot of history too. I learned some of these guys habits in the three weeks we were back there.
Please verify what is listed below and fill in the unknowns. Thanks Gary
Top Row: Tony Jundt, Bob Stokes, ?, Alex Brusven
Row 5: Peter Wold, James Jacobson, ?, ?
Row 4: John Molberg, Loren Renick, Carl Garbe?, ?
Row 3: Albert Dravland, Carl Frykman?, Walter Trengen, Harold Refling
Row 2: Ray Garbe?, ?, Martin Vinje?, Clarence Helgeson, ?
Row 1: Leland Simek, (Brad Gangle?/Darrell Nelson?), Joe Houle?, Lloyd Jelleberg, Leo Zorn, ?


Take note with today’s blog with a lot of focus on our 90 plus year old Alumni folks. As I’m posting this too, I got a nice birthday letter for Elwood Fauske, from Aime Casavant, that I will be posting tomorrow. Today, for you folks, Elwood had his 90th bithday celebration. Gary
Lillian Thompson Bergstrom (36): Superior, WI. (715) 394-2189
Folks, I just had a very enjoyable visit with Lillian Thompson. Her mother was a Stokes, sister to my grandfather Frank. Ella Pladson and Esther Tangen were her sisters. Lillian is the one that provided the pictures, Via Keith Pladson, of my Grandparents, Frank & Julia Stokes, and also of her parents, Ulysses and Alice (Stokes) Thompson that I posted with message 841 on June 30th.
Lillian, 94 years of age, was born in February 1916. She left the Ackworth area in 1937. She lived in Dunseith for a few years before leaving the area. She has a sharp clear mind with quick recall of her earlier Ackworth/Dunseith days. She has kept up with family/friends events to the present. She told me she visited my mother in the Good Samaritan home in Bottineau in about 2003.
Lillian would love to hear from any of you folks. Her phone number is (715) 394-2189. If you tell her you know me or Keith Pladson, she will instantly know where you are coming from. She remembered me well today and knew I was calling her from the Philippines. Gary
Reply from Lynn Halvorson Otto (85): Boonton, NJ

To Clayton Parrill: The picture of our parents farm, Lester and Dorothy Halvorson is a very good one. Thanks for posting it. Lynn Halvorson Otto
Erling/Borghild Landsverk & Henry Salmonson Pictures/letter
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Today, July 10, 2010 Borghild Landsverk and Henry Salmonson
met for a Dunseith High School 1938 reunion lunch at Bottineau
Family Bakery. Joining them for lunch were Erling Landsverk , his
two sons, Borghild’s son, and myself.
The “Landsverk lads” told me they were enjoying “sight
seeing” especially the regional stone masonry work. Imagine that?
These guys were exploring their heritage of their gifted Landsverk
ancestors. Who’s work is to be found in Dunseith, Bottineau and at
the Peace Garden.
Affectionate cousin comradery was apparent through their
stories and laughter. As was the relationship of the family group.
While Hank and Borghild discussed favorite teachers, I took
the photos of this momentous gathering.
In parting, Erling pulled out a collection of guitar music
c.ds that he has recorded. Once again I was blessed with discovering
more North Dakotan hidden talent. Saying goodbye, Erling gave Hank
and myself each a c.d. which we can listen to and exchange. And I
was then instructed by Hank to send my c.d. entitled “88 years of
Hank” to Erling.
So we parted to once again go on our life journeys……..
And as Hank and I strolled down the sidewalk, Hank says, “It was an
enjoyable time”. He hadn’t visited with Borghild for 72 years!
I figured I’d go to Walmart and get photos printed.
Unfortunately I found my photographing skills were lacking,my camera
had been switched to movies…by myself….. ..
Karen Larson at the Spectrum once again saved my day. Within
minutes, she was able to lift some still prints off the movies. A
big Thank you Karen, and small town businesses of Bottineau!
Thank goodness for folks who journey back to N.D.
Vickie, What a treat to see these pictures of Erling and Borghild. We have certainly enjoyed all of Erling’s contributions to this blog. He is such a remarkably talented guy with all his music and writings. And to think he accomplishes all this being blind. I knew Borghild was signed up for the “All Country School Reunion” but I did not know Erling was attending as well. I have Erling’s book “My Dakota Years” and also his CD. You know Borghild & Henry, being from the class of 38, are 90 plus years old. Being with the class of 44, Erling is just a few years behind.

Erling, When you get home, We are looking forward to a report. You guys are looking so good and so healthy. Gary

Borghild Landsverk Filas (38) and Henry Salmonson (38)




Erling Landsverk (44) and Borghild Landsverk Filas (38)


Picture provided by Clayton Parrill (72): Bottineau, ND
Clayton, you are so right. My dad, Bob Stokes, is in this photo. He is the only one I recognize too. He is the only guy in his original Army uniform in this picture too. He is standing proud and tall, proud as a peacock, holding “Old Glory” the American flag. He loved to tell his stories about carrying “Old Glory” in the Bottineau Memorial day parade most every year.
This picture must have been taken in the 60’s. Most guys out grew their military uniforms as the years went on and then purchased Legion uniforms. After more than 20 years, sometime in the 60’s, dad was no longer able to fit into his Army uniform either. Unlike me, Dad never carried around much extra weight.
Lloyd Awalt, I think I see you in this photo too, but I didn’t think you were back in the area yet in the 60’s. Can you identify any of the guys in this picture? For any of the rest of you folks too, please let us know who all you recognize in this photo. Gary Wall, you may know some of these guys too. Neola, I’m assuming you know a lot of these guys too and I’ll bet your brother Jim does too. Gary
Gary Olson BHS class of 57
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:neolag@min.midco.net Minot & Bottineau, ND
Folks, This is a tribute that Neola put together for Gary Olson when they had their class reunion several years ago. Gary was married to Sharlyn (ChiChi) Evenson (68). ChiChi attended our reunion last month. She has recently moved back to Bottineau. Gary’s mother, Adeline, was a sister to Eldon Pladson making him a first cousin to the Pladson siblings.


From London England:
Gary Fulsebakke (71): Devils Lake, ND
Hi Gary,

I read on the blog that Brenda Hoffman and her husband were
vacationing in England. I am presently in London and am heading for
Paris tomorrow. Then off to Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
If anyone is over here maybe we could meet somewhere. I’ll be here
till Aug. 4. Thanks, Gary Fulsebakke

Yes, Brenda and Dave are vacationing in Salisbury England. I asked our friends living here from England how far Salisbury is from London and they said a very short 100 mile drive. Folks must drive fast over there, because they said it’s only a tad bit more than an hours drive. Gary
Elwood Fauske’s 90th Birthday celebration Today,
Saturday 1:30 – 4:30 at the Grace Lutheran Chruch in Bottineau


From The Fauske Siblings:

Everybody, we are back in ND and everybody should be arriving today for the big celebration tomorrow. Dad’s 90th birthday is being celebrated tomorrow with a big party. They are expecting around 300 to 400 people. All the grandkids and great grandkids are putting on a program of singing some of the songs Dad has taught us over the years, and some of his favorites as well. Some he created and taught us to sing. Most quite funny and didn’t make a lot of sense, but bring back great memories…



He is quite excited about it all and loves to be the center of attention, much to our Mom’s consternation. Please pray for all of us that it continues to be a time of celebration, with our God at the center of all of it.



Love you all. Connie, Russell, Carrole, Beth, Lindy and Brian

Yes, When I saw your dad in May, he was very excited about this whole event. It couldn’t be for a nicer guy. You guys too, enjoy the moment and have fun. Gary


Happy Birthday Mr. Fauske:

From Lynn Halvorson Otto.(75):

I remember spending many summer evenings going to 4H meetings at your home. Your home was very nice and Mrs. Fauske was always the best host.
Lynn Halvorson Otto

Happy Birthday Elwood:
From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
This in response to two inputs on your last blog.

First, in response to Audrey Hanson Aitchison, if Halvor Johnson was born in 1881 and died in 1993, he would have been 112 years old when he died. Pretty impressive. Some people are lucky and do live that long, but it is rare.

Second, in response to Larry Hackman’s comments about one of the gentlemen in the photo, I assume that the Clarence Bye you refer to would be a different one than the one who lived up along side of Willow Lake and was a county commissioner for years for Rolette County?

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elwood. I know you probably don’t remember me, but I was in the same class and graduated with Carole. I also worked for Carl and Shirley Melgard in 1965 and you and Carl done some haying together, so I worked along side of you and Russell quite a bit that one summer.

Anyway, I wish you a fun filled day and hope you enjoy all the company you are sure to have.

Thanks Gary for all you do.
Keith Pladson (66)

Keith, I kind of think that was a typing error for Halvor Johnson’s year of death, however, Audrey did a lot of typing for us and others in my growing up years with few mistakes. I have pasted below Halvor Johnson’s record from the Salem Cemetery files. He was 86 years old in 1967 with his passing.

Johnson Halvor 86 1881 1967



I believe this is the Clarence Bye that Larry was referring to that may be in that picture?

Larry, can you fill us in a little more about this Clarence? How would he be connected to the picture? Gary


Clarence BYE
      Birth Date: 4 Feb 1912     Death Date: Oct 1986     Social Security Number:       State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Dakota     Death Residence Localities     ZIP Code: 58368     Localities: Pleasant Lake, Pierce, North Dakota   Rugby, Pierce, North Dakota  
Silva, Pierce, North Dakota

Halvor Johnson:
Reply from Eileen Brudwick: Goodyear, Arizona
Hi Gary & Audrey Hanson Aitchison
I have searched the Norway census in Telemark, Norway for Halvor Johnson and his sister, Gertie, but wasn’t able to locate anything that I could positively say they were the correct person.. I did find this Halvor Johnson on ancestry.com, but don’t know if he is the same Halvor.



Pictures from Dakota Memories Photography

Clayton Parrill (72) Owner: Bottineau, ND


Folks, Clayton has provide these two pictures and several others that I will be posting tomorrow.


Thank you Clayton,




Salem Church located along Hwy 43, several miles into Bottineau county.


The Lester Halvorson farm.

This is the Bottineau/Rolette county line road looking north.

The Halvorson stone barn, now torn down, used to be right on the county line.

Thurman & Marie Parrill, Clayton’s family, lived a short distance west of the Halvorson’s.

Orvin Hagen’s farm was located a mile or so west of the Halvorson’s too.



Reply from Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, NJ

Hi Gary, yes my parents are still living on the farm, such a pretty place. The rock barn was very unique. It’s long gone but as kids we spent many hours playing in that great hayloft. Lynn Halvorson Otto
From Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Happy Birthday and many more Mr. Fauske!
Brenda Hoffman
Note: Elwood, This message came from England. I got a message from Brenda telling me she and Dave are currently vactioning in England. Gary
General C. Emerson Murry’s Speech:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Thanks for posting the speech by C. Emerson Murry. It is this type
of patriotism that we need to revive in today’s world. They were truly
‘The Greatest Generation’, as described. Thanks Gary!



Halvor Johnson Info

From Audrey Hanson Aitchison (Stokes/Morinville Cousin): Bottineau, ND



I have information that Halvor Johnson was born October 16, 1881 and died December 25, 1993 and buried at Salem. I don’t think he had ever been married. Do you know who his folks were? Thanks!

I am helping my sister, Jean Pladson. She is having an auction sale at the fairgrounds in Bottineau on September 11 and selling everything except what she is keeping when she goes into assisted living in Bismarck. We have worked 5 days on the garage. We just got the garage done today. She has 5 little buildings to go through next and clean out, then the basement and the house.. She will be selling her house and a few acres around the house. She wants to have it for sale by September 1. I have helped her 10 hours a day most days since we started. She doesn’t have the energy to do it alone. We hauled a big pickup load of junk to the dump ground by Bottineau yesterday. Darrel (Bud) Stokes works there and helped us unload it. He was so kind. He even sprayed the end gate so we could open it since it was so hard to open. I’d say that was going beyond the call of duty! He said he worked at Frykman’s Ford Garage for 26 years until it folded in February 1998. He got a job at the dump grounds but they let him finish seeding his crop so he didn’t start until June, 1998. He crushes the folded cardboard and makes bundles out it and takes it to Minot.

Audrey Aitchison

Audrey, I knew Jean had long range plans to do what she is doing. I’ll bet she’ll have a lot of good stuff at that auction too.


Yes, my brother Darrel (Bud) runs the city transfer station. As you know, all of Bottineau’s garbage is transported out of town to an area SE of Minot. At the moment I have forgotten the name of the town. The Monson Brothers, I believe are contracted to haul all this garbage. They, I believe are Brothers to Sandy (Rick) Gottbreht. Folks (Sandy) please correct me if I am wrong. I know you are related. Gary

Message with story to Dick Johnson and Gary Stokes
from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

Hello Dick & Gary;

We are finally getting some beautiful weather here in the Dakotas.

I hated to say that. We always worry about jinxing things up here in the North country.

I knocked on some wood.

That should help.


I hope this message finds you and your family well.

I’m still a little envious of you folks getting to eat June berry pie up yonder

in the hills. Are the June berries ready for picking yet?


Yes, Henry I did marry sisters. They can’t tell you any stories though.

They have been censored.

I hope that works for us.


About the picture, of that group of fellows. I think the guy sitting, second from the right is

Clarence Bye of Rugby, and the guy sitting to the right of him could be his brother.

I’m not sure, just my guess.


I hope you enjoy the attached story.

Have a good day,


Larry, this is a beautiful story with a great punch line. Gary





I have thought about this story for a long time.In fact, ever since someone submitted a story about the cotton dresses, and aprons those women used to wear back in the day.In them days people did not have much and their closets were not bulging with clothes, as they are now.In fact if you go back and look at them old homes, they did not even have clothes closets.The bedrooms were usually big enough for a bed and that was about it.People had little to wear.Usually one set of clothes for company coming to the house and the same set for going to town, or visiting.Another set or two for doing work around the place.So, usually you were either wearing the clothes or they were in the wash.There was no need for dressers, chests, and closets.Everything was being worn or hanging outside on the clothes line.Some had what they called a wardrobe, (a tall cabinet with hangers and sometimes drawers for storing clothes) in which they stored their best clothes, for Sunday going to meeting or church day, and the one wardrobe contained the clothes for the whole family.People did not have much and what they did have they had to make it last.If tore, it was mended and mended again and again until it just fell apart.Clothes got mighty thin from the wear and tear of being worn and washed often.But as long as it held together and resembled what it was suppose to resemble, it was worn again and again.

I remember Dick writing a story about a young lady who only had one set of clothing.When she was ready to wash them, she had to wear something.So she took a burlap bag (potato sack) and cut holes for her head and arms and slipped it on over her body. People had little and had to make do.I bet she did not have to luffa sponge that evening, at bath time.

This story takes place back in the 1930’s and involves my father.In them days there were no TVs or radios, to entertain anyone.They had to find ways to do this on their own.One of the ways was to have a good old fashion barn dance.Usually someone was having one somewhere in the area on almost every Saturday night.I was told by my dad and by his brothers that my dad would not miss a dance.No, matter if it was 40 below zero with a 50 mile per hour wind, he was going to that dance come hell or high water.In fact that was one of dad’s favorite expressions, “come hell or high water”.Which meant he was going or doing, no matter what the consequences, if he couldn’t drive it, he was taking the horse, if the horse didn’t want to go, then he was walking?Hell, we know that horse was going wither he wanted to or not, even if he had to carry the horse, dad was more stubborn then any horse, and he knew after the dance that horse wouldn’t mind carrying him home.Horses always hated going places, but, when you got ready to head home, and after you got on the horse, and turned their nose toward home, and then you better hang on, because that horse was headed for the barn.You did not want to point the horse for home before you got on, or the horse might be headed for home and you still standing there.

No, Dad would not miss a chance of going to a dance and dancing.At this particular barn dance, dad was dancing with this pretty young lady, and as he swung her this way and that way to the lively tune being played, his eye kept going to the dark spot on the front of her well worn faded dress.It looked like someone had cleaned a wad of dark colored hair from a hair brush and somehow she had come in contact with it, and it had clung to the front of her dress.Now dad didn’t want to embarrass the young woman.After all, he liked her and liked dancing with her.So he thought that when the dance was over, rather than tell her about it, that he would accidently bump into her, grab that wad of hair that looked like a dark colored caterpillar crawling across the front of her dress, just a short distance below her waist, and throw it on the floor.The problem would be solved and no one would be the wiser. In his mind he had the problem solved. The dance ended.Dad made his move, bumping into the young lady, saying excuse me, grabbing the caterpillar.There was this loud scream.There was this loud pop.His cheek was burning.He had done an about face without intending to do an about face.He didn’t even remember moving his feet, but he knew he was facing the wrong direction.The young lady had slapped him.He turned back to apologize to the young lady.Why, she was nowhere in sight.She was gone?The guys around him were all laughing.The women had all turned away from him and holding their handkerchiefs up to their faces. They all carried handkerchiefs in them days.Their shoulders were bouncing like they were trying to contain themselves, but they were all laughing.Dad was beside himself, he had tried to do the right thing.He remembered grabbing that caterpillar, the caterpillar did not move.It was stuck fast to her.He thought!Apparently that was no caterpillar crawling across the front of her dress.That caterpillar was attached to her.That dress was so thin that her pubes had apparently found their way through the material.

I wandered if I should submit this story or not to you, Gary, for this blog.I kept thinking that it might hurt someone’s feelings.Then I thought that we are all grownups on this here blog, and we all have been around the block a few times.We have all been in embarrassing situations before.It’s the way we handle them that makes us what we are.Whatever that is?People just always say that.

Why not enjoy the story.Dad was a perfect gentleman.He never did reveal the young ladies name.I don’t think he ever danced with her again.I don’t remember ever asking him that question.I guess that’s purity much understood.Although I remember dad did tell this story on more than one occasion.Maybe he was just trying to make the point that people back in them days did not have closets full of clothes, and accessories to choose from, and that they had to make do with what they had.I bet that’s what he was trying to tell us?

Remember to try and laugh, because if you are laughing the rest of the world is laughing.





Dorothy Christianson Halvorson not well.
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, NJ
Hi Gary and all, I’m requesting lots of prayers for my mom Dorothy Halvorson. She is back in the hospital after only being home for a week. She and dad really enjoy your blog when they get it. Please keep her in your prayers, hearts and thoughts! Lynn Halvorson Otto
Lynn, Thank you so much for keeping us posted with your mother. Pease give her our regards. Are your folks still living on their farm located 1.5 miles west of the Willow Lake school grounds? They had that famous barn that was built smack on the county line with half being in each of Bottineau and Rolette counties. Gary

San Haven Reply:
From Lois Lilleby Fielding (51): Prescott, AZ
My mother, Hattie Olson Lilleby was employed, as a nurse, at San Haven for a couple years, then married Arnold, my Dad. (A Swede and a Norwegian–UFF DA!)
She also worked at San Haven at other times, and very much admired Dr. Loeb as he worked to rid countless people of tuberculosis. Sometimes she worked in surgery with Hanna and him. She later developed TBC. and he did surgery on her. She later moved, with my Dad, to Phoenix, where she was in charge of the Tuberculosis Unit at the County Hospital.

When I worked at the San as an aide after high school, my chest x-ray showed that my lungs had substantial TBC. scars, but not active TBC. Perhaps, this happened when my Uncle lived with us as he awaited a bed at San Haven. He had advanced TBC, but recovered there. I was a toddler then. Lois Lilleby Fielding



Story from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I was just wondering how many of the kids who were about my age in
1960 remember the homemade motorcycle that Jim McCoy had? I was in the
alley behind the Crystal Cafe one day and watched Jim trying to get the
contraption going. He had an old bicycle with a small gas engine from a
washing machine mounted behind the seat. The motor turned a washing
machine roller that ran against the top of the back tire. I don’t know
if he made the invention or got it from someone else but it was
something that I thought was really neat. He did get it started and rode
it off down the alley so I know it worked. There must be some other
people who remember this invention. Usually everyone with even a little
mechanical aptitude tried something like this once or observed another
kid’s attempt. John Bogus made a go-cart from an old riding lawnmower
and we wore out the grass around Boguslawski’s house. He and I figured
it was too slow and rigged a motorcycle transmission into the thing and
it went like crazy. Usually our folks would let us go until we reached
the limit and were about to get hurt with our inventions. When I was
about 10 or 11, I put an old truck cab onto a trailer frame and rigged
two ropes out the windows to steer it down the hill by Grandpa’s barn. I
had a helper, I think Terry Hiatt, who was going to steer on one side
and I was going to use the rope on the other side.We worked on it for a
couple days and just as we were about to take it down the hill, Grandpa
came and said, “NO, your NOT going down the hill in that!” I remember
being disgusted and thinking we could have made it, but looking back–we
would have probably run into something or tipped it over and really
banged ourselves up. The old cab was just sitting on the frame and would
have rolled off like a soup can–with us in it! Oh well, another attempt
foiled. Thanks Gary!


Retired Major General C. Emerson Murry (42):
From Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND
Hi Gary
See attachment (pasted below) about the Special Guest Speaker Maj Gen C. Emerson Murry at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery on Memorial Day May 31, 2010. This is a good read.
These guys went to War right out of High School some didn’t even go through graduation before they left. Gen. Murry is another great Dunseith Hero.
Larry, Thank you so much for sharing this article. Yes, General C. Emerson Murry is a Dunseith boy.
General Murry, You are indeed a hero and we are so honored to have you as one of us, the Dunseith Alumni. Gary






Picture reply from Eileen Brudwick: Goodyear, Arizona


Hi Gary,
Thank you for the information about Halvor & Gertie. For the life of me, I cannot locate Halvor Johnson on the census in North Dakota that coincides with the birth year you sent for him. Do you know if he was married? Both of them are buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Bottineau, if I have my information correct. I couldn’t locate any information about Ed Gilberts either. I don’t understand why the two children born to Ed Gilberts & Gertie had their names changed to Knutson, and shown as Pete’s (Gertie’s 2nd husband) sons. I suppose to make the boys more a part of the family being Gertie had two sons with Pete Knutson also.
I have to write-up for Gertie & Pete below.
Eileen, I don’t know the answers to your questions, but I’ll bet we have some folks that do. I wasn’t aware that Norris and Bud were born to a different father with a different last name than Knutson either, until I just read it in the Bottineau Book. Gary




Picture reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


I printed a picture of the fellows and stopped at Carlyle Nelson’s today (As you know, someone suggested he might recognize the fellows.). He didn’t recognize anyone, but said they are having a Nelson reunion later this summer. He’ll take the picture to the reunion. I think he said an 83-year-old sister will be there. Perhaps she/others will recognize someone.



Thank you Neola, Eventually we’ll find someone that will know what this picture is all about and who the folks are in it.



Picture reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

In answer to the question of Ingolf Medlang being the man seated
second from the right, it’s not Ingolf. There are some resemblances but
I knew Ingolf well and this is not him. I feel it is some sort of
recognition photo for some group like a co-op board or possibly like an
honors group of farmers achievement awards because of the ribbons most
are wearing. There were new REA groups, telephone co-ops, and soil
conservation award groups, etc. that were made up of people from several
areas so it could be one of those. Just my guess. Thanks Gary!




Picture reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.


The tie worn by the man sitting, holding violin, has symbols? Perhaps these men are part of a brotherhood or club. The ribbons worn by all but one are certainly significant. I’m checking on TMS entries for Pladson and Twp where they lived 1930. Sharron

Back: Olaf Pladson, Elmer Lindberg ?, ??, ??, ??

Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??



Elwood Fauske Celebrates his 90th Birthday this coming Saturday:
Elwood, I am dedicating today’s blog message entirely to you. I do not want to distract folks attention with any other postings. We, the Dunseith folks, need to salute you for all that you have been and have done for the community. You are one of the most gentle kind hearted soles on the face of this earth. You and Stubby raised a wonderful family too, one that you can most certainly be very proud of. It’s hard to believe that Brian, your youngest is 58 years old. How is it that we all get older, but you guys (You an Stubby) seem to stay the same?
Folks, For those of you in the area, please plan your day to at least stop by and wish Elwood a happy birthday this coming Saturday. They are having family introductions at 2:30. I am very positive that all six Siblings, Connie, Russell, Carrole, Beth, Arlinda & Brian will be present. Those names should bring back a lot of memories for a whole lot of you folks.
This is one event that I so wish I could attend. There’s just too much ocean between the Philippines and Bottineau for that to happen.
Elwood Fauske
1252 Lake Rd
Bottineau, ND 58318
Previoiusly posted June 12th.

I would dearly love to be able to attend Elwood’s Birthday celebration, but unfortunately we are unable to attend. I congratulated him though, when we had dinner with them at Dale’s last month. Both Elwood and Eleanor look so nice. They for sure do not show their ages. They are like family to us.
The Country School reunion is being held the same day as Elwood’s Celebration of which many of you are signed up to attend. Looking at the time lines you can attend both. The Country School Reunion is being held at the Twin Oaks at the Lake. Registration & social time is until 6:30 PM with the Dinner being served from 6:30 to 8:00. I am very sure that Orvin Hagen will be attending both celebrations. He and the Fauske’s have remained good friends over the years.
Elwood, you are a Pillar & Icon to the Dunseith community and the whole area from the Turtle mountains to Bottineau and beyond. You have done so much for so many over the years. You were always there for my folks and our family in our growing up days, especially in the latter years when you farmed our home place. Dad spoke highly of and had the utmost respect for you. In his eyes you were the best farmer to have ever been on this universe. You had farm land all the way from your place north of us to the prairie. I remember well when you worked for the Rolette county Soil Conservation running their Cat. First it was a D-7, then they upgraded you to the D-8. You did a whole lot of brushing for us and a whole lot of others in the years that you worked for them. You are a saint in our eyes. Enjoy your celebration with family and friends of which you are most deserving of. It couldn’t be for a nicer kind hearted guy and Stubby too. We can not forget her. Gary
PS – I will make a special attempt to attend your Centennial in 10 years. Just for you I’d make the 9,000 mile journey across the Pacific from the Philippines to Bottineau. You can hold me to my word with this one.
United in Marriage in October 1942
Elwood & Eleanor Hiatt Fauske
Fauske family in about 1960:
Back: Carrole, Russell, Connie
Front: Eleanor, Arlinda, Beth, Brian & Elwood




Fauske family – November 2008:


L to R: Carrole, Brian, Connie, Eleanor, Elwood, Beth, Russell & Arlinda




Hannah Higgins Loeb (39):
Reply From Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): Bellevue, WA
Hi Gary,


Thank you for posting the picture of me as a baby and my mom, Hannah Higgins Loeb a few days ago with your story about the San. That was a photo I had not seen, but my sister Jane had seen it in an old box of photos. You know that my mom is dealing with terminal cancer at this time. Thank you for posting her photo with Katelyn, one of her great grandchildren (she has 4). She also has 7 grandchildren. Three are mine: Jill age 36, Andrew age 34 and Hannah, age 20 this month – same crazy parents!! Tom (age 54 – also the one born at the San in the big white house), Mom and Dad’s 4th child who lives in Saudi Arabia and his wife Brigitte, age 50, have 4: Jaimie age 6, Alex age 2 1/2 and twins: Georgette and Christian age 9 months!


Following a two week hospital stay June 2 – June 17) for surgery, with the help of our Hospice Care we have brought Mom home (June 17th) so we can care for her. She is resting comfortably now, although it has not been easy. She has been troubled by terrible itching and we have finally gotten it under control with some doses of prednisone and a change of pain medication to Morphine. She has her hospital bed in Jane’s family room, and we all can spend time with her and help each other take care of her. Mom is still eating very small meals and generally prefers comfort foods like oatmeal, bacon, fresh peaches, and almost any other fruit.


She has sporatic good days and enjoyed reading the Turtle Mountain Star and looking at family photo albums one day last week. She seems to be sleeping much of the time now for which we are grateful. Tom and his family visited last week and she was fairly alert and comfortable when they were here. Our daughter Jill and her husband and kids are here now, and we hope she has a good day for visiting before they head home to Ann Arbor on Wednesday. Our Andrew and his family and our youngest, Hannah Connelly are here in the area so that is easier for them to see their Gramma.


Thank you all of those who have sent email notes and cards. Mom loved our trip to the reunion 3 years ago and getting cards and greetings from so many of the families she became reaqquainted with has been wonderful. Thank you all so much.


I will let you know how things progress. It is a sad time for our family, but also a joyous one. Andrew and his wife, Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ashley Hannah Mhyre, on June 15th! Such is life and it’s journey.


Take care,


Karen Loeb Mhyre
Reply from Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND.

Hi Gary/Keith

I’m still working on that picture that Keith sent. I took it down to Art Rude and asked him if he knew any of them. He didn’t. Could the one second from the right be Ingolf Medlang. I’m thinking these are people from the Willow Lake / Rhendahl Church area but I could be wrong. It seems like they should have been identified by now if they were. Halvor’s farm was right beside Ingolf M. if I remember correctly. I don’t remember anybody ever mentioning Halvor playing a fiddle. We need to talk to the right person at the right time and eventually somebody will have some answers.

Till next time. Take care. Mary K

If there is a way Carlyle Nelson could see this photo, he may be able to shed some light on this with who some of these folks are. He lives in Bottineau. I saw him several times at the Bakery when I was having Breakfast.
Folks, Does that look like Ingolf Medland? I think Mary is referring to the guy sitting second from the right?
We’ll get this mystery solved yet.
Thanks Mary,



Back: Olaf Pladson, Elmer Lindberg ?, ??, ??, ??

Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??




Reply from Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
Reply to Mary Knutson Re: the photograph I earlier submitted. It is interesting that you identified the second from left in front as Halvor Johnson. After I sent the photo, I started looking at it again and had reached the same conclusion. After my Junior year and through much of my Senior year I worked for Carl and Shirley (Knutson) Melgard and remember stopping over at Emil’s place a few times with Carl. Halvor was living with Emil at the time so he was usually there when we stopped. Once I started looking more closely at the photo, I was pretty sure it was Halvor. Thanks, Mary, for confirming my memory of a long ago time. Do you know, by the way, whether Halvor ever played the violin?

Thanks, Gary for your help.
Keith Pladson (66)

Folks, I talked to Phyllis McKay yesterday about this picture. She has not had a computer for the past several weeks, so she has not seen this picture, but she doubts this is her uncle Elmer. She said Elmer never belonged to anything, was not musically inclined and seldom, if ever, wore a suit. She said it’s very possible that this guy could be a member of the Peter Lindberg family who lived in the Willow Lake area. Peter died in 1946. Peter was a twin brother to Phyllis’ grandfather Ben Lindberg. Peter was also Dennis Dubois (63) grandfather. Phyllis does not remember Halvor Johnson, but remembers his sister Gertie Knutson. Gertie died in 1959. She was a close neighbor of Elmer’s. Phyllis spent a lot of time with her Uncle Elmer in her younger days.
I mentioned the guy in the center middle reminded me of Pete Peterson. Eileen Brudwick send me his picture for comparison of which I have reposted below. The resemblance is there, but the guy in the picture has more hair than Pete. Taking a closer look at this picture, the guy in the front center reminds me of someone from the Bottineau as do a lot of these guys, but I just can not determine who.
Folks, with an earlier posting a few months ago when I posted Ruth & Pete’s picture below, I was all mixed up thinking Ruth had passed on. She is alive and well living at the Good Samaritan home in Bottineau. As I mentioned before, Ruth and Art Rude Sr. are first cousins. Many of you had Ruth for a teacher in Dunseith and also at the many country schools where she taught throughout the area. I knew Pete and Ruth pretty well in my growing days thru the Metigoshe churches. Gary
Back: Olaf Pladson, Elmer Lindburg ?, ??, ??, ??
Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??





Picture provided by Myra Henning Halvorson (72): Bottineau, ND
Many of you know Les Halvorson. He is from Wolford, but taught School for a few years in the 70’s in Dunseith. He is married to Myra Henning (72). Les has continued his teaching career and is currently teaching in the Newburg and I believe one other school district in Bottineau county. Les has been a Radio broadcaster for years too. You can hear him on the Bottineau station with the sports announcements and sports broadcasting among other announcing. He’s also an Auctioneer, so he is a man of many talents. Les and Myra live directly across the street from my brother Darrel (Bud) & Debby on Vera Street in Bottineau.
Les Halvorson, Gary Stokes & Bernadette Stokes


Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ
On the San Haven issue, I need to say that my mother, Inez Adams Hosmer was a nurse there in the 1928-29 time frame. She met my dad, Jack Hosmer, and they married in 1929. My uncles Fred and Bob Hosmer were patients there in the early 30s. I used to stand outside the hospital and wave at them when I was a mere tad. Mrs Isacson was a favorite figure in my young days. She and her husband,Carl lived one block west of our place, which was across the street from the Commercial Hotel. I used to go there with Pat Sunderland and knock on her door, and ask if she had any cookies. She always did, and Pat Sunderland and I sat on her steps and ate delicious treats. Also, another “hit” house was Alida Higgins, the mother of Hanna and Patty who also was good for a couple of freshly baked cookies.
Life was good in those days, and quite simple and quite innocent. They were quality times. Bill Hosmer
Reply from Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX
Nice photos of the party. It looks like you all had a great time. Congratulations to Burnadette on another year. I have always said that the Philippine ladies are among the world’s most beautiful. The Eurasians are particularly striking in their good looks. When I was living and traveling there, Eurasians were much sought after for modeling jobs. As I recall, at that time, (latter 70’s) the highest paid model in the orient was a young lady (part Hawaiian, part caucasun) by the name of Agnes Lum. She caused quite a stir in Japan when an oil company posted her photo, with her in a bikini, across an exterior wall of their gas stations located throughout the country. There were so many traffic accidents caused by drivers gazzing at her form that the government made the oil company take the ads down. Sigh, yep, they sure are lookers!! Memories of days long gone by.
Bob Lykins
Bob, When you get a bunch of Filipina women together there is always a lot of laughter too. They love to kid around and have lots of fun. Gary
Reply from Luella Boardman Bjornseth (49): Bottineau, ND.
Ralph was looking at the picture and says he thinks the man next to Olaf Pladson is Elmer Lindburg. He couldn’t identify any of the others.
Luella, That does kind of look like ole Elmer. Maybe Phyllis McKay can shed some light on this one too. Elmer was a brother to Alice. The guy sitting in the front middle looks a lot like Pete Peterson, Ruth’s husband. He’d be a little young for this group of guys though I think? This picture was taken in Wondrasek’s studio, so there was an occasion, but what? With the violin, one would think musical. Was Elmer a singer or a fiddler? If Elmer was a singer, I’m sure he’d been base. Is it possible that some of these guys are not local? Gary

Back: Olaf Pladson, Elmer Lindburg, ??, ??, ??

Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??
Dunseith News:
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.







San Haven Reply:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

In answer to Bernice Belgarde, I read the register of patients and
found when your mother, Mabel, was admitted and released. So far there
are no pictures that I have seen of patients, only of nurses and
employees. I knew Isaac well and would quickly recognize him in a photo,
so if I do find one of him I will post it and get it to you. There are
many people who were hospitalized over the years and it is helpful to
know approximate dates ( as in: about 1952 or maybe 1953, etc.) when
looking for specific people. It is a continuous register by day of
hospitalization and not listed alphabetically, so it is time consuming
without some approximate dates. This was a pet project of our friend,
Art Rude, Sr. and he was able to find information for many people who
requested data on relatives who had at one time been at the San. I guess
we will have to try to help out with this now while Art is on the mend.
Thanks Gary!


Picture reply:
From Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary
I really enjoyed the pictures Keith sent. Regarding the picture of all those men. I pretty sure the one sitting by the fiddler is Halvor Johnson. Don’t have a clue on any of the rest of them. I sent a copy of the picture over to Norris to see if he knew them and he didn’t but said he has the same picture. I suppose it was in Emil’s stuff. Halvor Johnson was a brother to Gerdie Knutson Therefore, he was Emil’s Uncle. Be interesting to know who the rest of them are.
You mention Norris Knutson, your brother-in-law. I did not have a chance to see him with this last trip back. Norris and Arlene purchased the Willie E. (Little Willie) Hiatt farm, located one mile east of us, in about 1955. Norris and I have the same birthday, but different years is all. I had totally forgotten that until he reminded me of that last time I saw him. I believe Norris will be the big “Eight Zero” next time around.
About the picture: Both Halvor Johnson and Olaf Pladson lived in the Willow Lake area. Norris & Buddy Knutson’s mother (Your mother-in-law), Selma was a sister to Olaf Pladson.
Folks, we need some help with this one. The guy with the fiddle looks familiar.
Thanks, Gary
Back: Olaf Pladson, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front: ??, Halvor Johnson, ??, ??, ??


San Haven Replies:
From Susan Brew Roussin (59): Rolla, ND

To Bernice Belgarde


My parents met at San Haven. Mom (Jane Roberts Brew) had been a patient twice. Dad (Albert Roussin-my step Dad acturally) had been sent to San Haven after he contracted TB in the Armny. He later became an orderly there. Also my maternal grandmother, Kate (Gilman Roberts) Demo was a nurse’s aide at the San for many years. My sister Lorna and I made several trips from Dunseith to San Haven sometimes on foot, sometimes on the “Taxi). We have many memories and second hand stories of those days.
Reply from Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT

To Bernice Belgarde (72)
I agree with you about the patients. My Mom was a patient there Amelia Longie Underwood and I was also there for a few months when i was 5. I remember one of the nurses was my Grandpa Pete’s cousin, whom i called Auntie Florestine Belgarde. I lvoed it when whe worked at night, she could come and sit me me and eat popcorn. They were so strict about some things my Mom couldn’t enter my room to tuck me in at night she waved to me from the doorway.I use to hide under her nightstand when i heard someone coming. I am sure they knew i was there but it was hard to stay away from her when whe was just doors away from me. Talk about some tough lessons when you’re just a little kid. then when I got to go home, I wasn’t allowed in to see my Mom and her stay was 11 months. It definetly a time i won’t ever forget.
Sharon Longie Dana (73)
Reply from Jean Nicholas Miller (66): Gendale, AZ
I would to see the pictures of the San. My father was a patient there in the 40’s and my Mom was a nurses aide there. They met there and married in Jan. 1948. We lived at the San from the time I was10 till after my parents moved to Dunseith when my Mom had to retire because of leukemia. My Dad used to talk about Mildred Issakson and what a good nurse she was. I believe it was Dr. Loeb who operated on him . He was Herc Nicholas and she was Agnes Graff.
Jean Nicholas Miller (66)
Stone Church:
Reply from Bob Leonard (51): Dunseith, ND

Gary: In response to Neola Garbe’s request of the name of the stone church. Dunseith Lodge No. 99 has owned this building since 1912, they purchased it from the Methodist Church congregation who started to build it, could not finish it. Believe it was started around 1902. Dunseith Lodge rented the church to the Dunseith United Methodist Church all those years, for a few years in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the local Morman Church rented the basement for their activities. The church building has been known in the community as the United Methodist Church of Dunseith until 2009. Because of the dwindling church membership, the Methodist congregation started to hold services with Peace Lutheran Church in about 2003 and continue to this day. The Dunseith Lodge had the same membership problem and without the rent from the two churches, could no longer afford to support the building expenses. A decision was made to try to sell the building, and fortunately we found a buyer quickly. It was purchased by the local Church of God and assume that is the name of the building today.


Since about 2006, a new church organization was formed in our area consisting of Peace Lutheran and United Methodist of Dunseith, Valle Lutheran of Rolette and Willow Creek of Overly. The name of this organization is Mountain View Ministry. In 2009, we added another member from the Dunseith area, that being St. Sylvan Episcopal which is north of Dunseith. They hold services twice a month, plus has special services for holidays, deaths, baptisms, etc. Seems to be working fine, our minister preaches to the 3 churchs each Sunday, plus St. Sylans for their schedule. Has been working out very good, everyone seems to be happy, our minister is very busy, makes a lot of miles, came to us from Detroit, has been in New York City for many years, was born and raised in Boston area; so this is a new type of experienece for him.


Bob Leonard

Dunseith Lodge No. 99 Secretary

From Shelley Sime Fossen (86): Jamestown, ND
Hi Gary – the kids in the picture are 1. our son, Reid Fossen (grandson of Larry and Connie (Burcham) Sime of Dunseith as well as Odin and Marlys Fossen of Maddock ND. 2. Allie Smith of Jamestown (a former Sunday School student) who shows our horses at the local shows 3. Maria Susana (exchange student from Ecuador) whos favorite sport is mountain climbing, but she was afraid to go into the water with the horses :o) 4. Arielle the redhead is our current foster daughter. They all lead busy lives but it is fun to get together on occassion and have a ride. Three of the 4 are gearing up for the 4 day stay at the Stutsman County Fair in Jamestown which starts next Wed/Thurs and goes through the weekend. We stay because of the animals and caring for them properly at the fair means we stay with them. Along with a neighbor girl who comes from adjunct poverty so we paid for her NYC trip, we leave for a mission trip that same Saturday at 6:00 am to work in the soup kitchens and food pantries in New York City. So three days sleeping in our horse trailer and then 30 hours sleeping on a bus to New York City. I am thinking Ben Gay (vanishing scent!)!!! I am Shelley Sime Fossen – the daughter of Larry and Connie Sime. These pics were taken 11 miles south of Jamestown ND on our hobby farm.
This looks like quite a hobby farm. You’ve got some mighty fine looking horses there too.
I had a nice visit with your dad one day for Breakfast at the Bakery in Bottineau when we were there too. I would not have recognized him had he not told me who he was.








6/28/2010 Cebu Philippines

Pictures from Bernadette’s Birthday Party

A few of the Women. Didn’t get one shot with everyone.





A few of us guys.


Folks in this photo are from Holland, England,

Ireland, Australia & the USA





The Birthday Girl





These round tables are nice. There are 14 folks sitting at this first table.