8/31/2015 (2271)

Note to Phyllis McKay (’65)
From Pastor Oval Moran:  Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Hello:  Please forward this note to Phyllis:  I reminder you,
Happy birthday.  Bernell and I send our love.  Pr. Orval Moren
Confirmation class of 65 2271


Martin Belgarde and Andy Patnaude Stories
From Travis Metcalfe (’76):  Mesa, AZ

I enjoy reading the old blogs you attach and thought for sure I shared a couple of stories about Martin Belgarde and Andy Patnaude but I searched the site and could not find them…

If I have already shared them I hope I am telling them the same as before….But hey..they are my stories so I can tell them any way I want…

I would go to the Powerhouse at San Haven and listen to the stories and remember Martin telling about how fast his old Chev pickup was.  He had a White 65 or so and said he got going so fast going home the other night he “overran” his headlights..yep…he had to slow down so they would shine out in front of the truck again……I remember thinking about that for months before I realized he was pulling my leg…I am sure he had a good laugh….

Andy was Marlene (Kraft) Armentrout’s uncle and she tells a couple of stories about him…

First was the day a fellow came into the A C Bar that she owned and told her he was looking for the family of a soldier killed in WWII that was from Dunseith.  He had carried Andy off the battlefield and thought for sure he had died.  He wanted to talk to his family but he ended up talking to Andy himself….

The other story was when Andy was hit by a car in town and his glass eye was lost…Marlene was out helping look for it and she told him that he sure had bad luck…Andy said..”I am ok as long as they keep hitting me in the head-someday someone is going to kick me in the ass and kill me”….



Fort Buford / Fort Union
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,

For me,  love of learning is never ending!



I love  the beauty of Eastern Montana.

I was  there for a number of years.

I was delighted to read this article this  morning about  my friend


The years  I was  in Montana,  Becky was  one friend who shared my

love of history, reading, and learning.

Becky’s undergraduate degree  is Archeology  and her graduate degree

is Reading and Elementary Education.

Her knowledge of history, teaching children to read and learn is

absolutely amazing!

I learned so much from Becky about respect of elders.

Especially, POW Veterans, Native American burial  sites and Native

American Medicine rings.

Before her dad passed away from  the treatment  he suffered years ago.

Becky, her husband and her elementary age children took her mom and

dad  to visit  Germany.

They visited where her dad was held.

Her Dad  a WWII POW veteran, was held in a German Concentration camp.

While in Montana, I was fortunate to have Becky as a friend and

share many interesting unforgettable adventures.

Among them, exploring the MonDak region, canoeing   the

Yellowstone, and visiting with Assiniboine elders at Wolf Point.

Thanks Gary.

Until Later. Vickie Metcalfe


Berry Picking time in ND
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,

It is chokecherry season in ND. Today, a friend and I were discussing her recipe for preparing choke cherries.

As kids on the farm,in our family we rather enjoyed foraging for wild fruit.

We would go to fetch cows and end up side tracked in a  berry patch, greedily gobbling down raspberries or tiny wild strawberries.  Perhaps a handful might make it home to be shared  as a treat with  our mom and dad.

My mother canned many quarts of wild  and domesticated fruit.  How I loved to crawl down the steep steps into the depths of cool musty smell on a hot summer day. The root cellar  smelled of the good earth. Peering into  the darkness,one would  reach up, sensing  the  pull of the light string.   ah Light! Then, gaze  at all the colorful labeled jars., row by row back, back back and beyond.

Blog (339) posted on January 15, 2009


Reply from Monte Espe (68) to Martha Lamb Schepp’s (68) Question: 

Gary, I have to let you know how much you are appreciated by

putting this all together. So much history is being recorded by
our own little group.  Here is what I found out.  Shane
Lester’s Grandmother [Fern Wetherelt], was born at Kelvin in
1905. The oldest daughter of Thomas H Wetherelt. Thomas H
Wetherelt and my Grandmother Scelina Wetherelt House were
siblings. Fern Wetherelt moved with her parents to Broadus,
Montana in in 1922 and in 1928 married Joseph Lester [Shane’s
Grandfather]  Shane’s father [Lloyd Lester] married Charleen
Best[who grew up on a ranch west of Towner]. So yes Shane has a
lot of relatives from up in the Hill’s.  Hope this answers your
question Martha.  Of course Martha and I go back to our first
grade as classmates at Hilltop School.  Gary, When I came in
from the shop tonight , the snow crunch’es under your feet like
it did when we were kid’s.  It’s -38 out tonight and clear as a
bell. WILL BE OUR COLDEST NIGHT IN YEARS !!! Hope it’s years
till it returns. Also the coyotes are really howling it up.
Bring back any memories ?

Monte, It is so nice to hear from you.  I know many others will be excited to hear from you as well.   So things are kind of cold in Minot. I’ve gotten several other reports of this nasty cold front that is passing through your area. It got cold here last night too. It was 76F when I got up this morning. These folks had their coats on.

Martha, It sounds like Shane may have a whole lot of relatives he didn’t realize he had.  Gary


Dwight Lang (61) – Colon Cancer: 

I think most of you know Dwight and knew his parents, Adam & Charlotte (Hiatt) Lang. Gary

Dear Friends,

2008 has finally ended, thank goodness!  Property values, retirement accounts and all other investments free fell as expenses, taxes and living costs, grew like pig weeds in early summer.  To cap off this wonderful year, I has a colonoscopy performed on the 31st of Dec.  Happy New Year!!  On the positive side of the ledger, this old tight wad finally splurged on a new LCD 47″ TV.  Merry Christmas to me!  Now I actually pay my Comcast bill each month knowing I enjoy watching their service.

Here we go with 2009.  As the Obama maniacs plan for their super blow out bash in DC, I awaited the biopsy results.  Got a call Friday and malignant was the verdict. Since moving to Tucson some five years ago, I have used the VA for my primary health care services.  Having had several health issues mainly back and hip problems these last few years, at times I have bitched and moaned about the delays in receiving services thru the VA bureaucracy.  I have found the care and the staff both to be great at the VA, but scheduling to receive them is usually another matter.  Well today being Tuesday, I got a call from the surgeons assistant, Mary, and I am set up for pre-opt testing and consultation within two week with surgery scheduled to remove the cancerous section of my Colin the following week.  Now how about that for service?  I know and trust Dr. Levine, the surgeon, and Mary, his asssistant.  Yes, I am relieved and hope for the best in the remainder of 2009.

I still have the area code 58319 (Lake Metigoshe) on my AOL welcome screen and as I logged on tonight, I see it is 25 below in Bottineau (hope the wind is not blowing).  The extended forecast for Tucson is for highs in the low 70’s all this week.  Yes, there are some things to be thankful for even when this old body starts giving me fits.  This Internet thing is kind of neat too, isn’t it?  Within a minute, my small sermon here, will find it’s way to the Phillipines, Ukraine and Texas to North Dakota without a stamp.  Happy New Year to all of you and I wish to each of you the best life can offer through 2009.

Dwight Lang

Dwight, We are here pulling for you.  We know the thought of cancer is kind of a scary thing, but you can beat it. Our son Bernie had a spot of colon cancer a few years back and he’s cancer free today. Don’t let this get you down. We are here for your support. Please keep us posted.  Take your laptop with you when you check into the hospital so you can keep us posted with your condition.  In May you’ve got to be well and ready to head north to Lake Metigoshe. Gary
Lang 2271


From Carmen (Leonard) Richard (Rolette): 

Our nephew, Bryan Schmeitz, son of Stella (Richard) and Louis Schmeitz. is truning 50 on Feb. 4th.  He has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years  and is a resident of the  Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Bottineau. He is pretty much confined to his room, as the heat and lights bother him. I am requesting a card or letter shower to help him celebrate this milestone birthday. It would brighten his day to hear from any of you.  Bryan graduated from Dunseith High School in 1977. His address is

Bryan Schmeitz

Good Samaritan Home
725 E 10th St.
Bottineau, ND 58318

Carmen, Bryan is on our daily distribution also.  I’m not sure how much of each of these daily messages he reads, but when I first added him to our list many months ago, his mail box was full at the beginning. Since then it’s only been full a time or two.  I have pasted his email address and phone number below.

Folks, Please send Bryan a card. You can send him an email message too, but I think he’d really appreciate cards and a personal visit if you are in the area. Gary

Happy Birthday Bryan

Terry Espe (64) retires from the Head of the ‘Home Land Security Office’ at the Peace Garden Port of Entry.

Posted by Patti Metcalfe Woods (67):


Jack and I will be attending Terry Espe’s Retirement Party tomorrow night, Thursday, January 15th, at the Norway House in Bottineau.

Wish you could all join us. Terry’s wife, LeaRae (Parrill)  and I started first grade together in Dunseith.  LeaRae’s mother, Mrs. Millie Parrill was our first grade teacher.

Terry’s brother, Dennis Espe, was my junior high teacher.  I road on the same school bus as Terry’s sister, Claudia.  She had a beautiful long plaid coat and

would wrap our feet in her coat to keep them warm.  There were no radios or heat in Johny’s bus.  These are all very fond memories of mine.

I have worked with Terry at the border for 22 years. He was a number one boss and we will miss you Terry.


His job is complete. He has given his best effort.  It is time to sweep up and turn out the lights on this career.  For the light

will come up brightly on the brand new adventures that await him.  Enjoy your retirement, Terry.

Best Regards, Patti and Jack Woods

Congratulations Terry!  I see they are celebrating your retirement today, 1-15-09, but I’m kind of thinking, like the rest of us Federal retiree’s, your retirement was effect on the 3rd of the month.  Is your successor from in house or did they bring someone in from the outside?  I’m hoping Patti was selected for the position?  Enjoy your retirement.  We are looking foreword to seeing you and LeaRae, on our cruise and also at the Dunseith Seattle Alumni reunion, this coming July.  Gary
Espe, Terry 2271

Terry and LeaRae (Parrill) Espe


Reply from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Jill Flynn Tinjum for the correct story on her uncle Harold
Flynn. This was great research and very interesting. Also thanks to
Ginger Larocque Poitra for her input on Martin Belgarde and Andy
Patnaude. If you find out more from Alfreda, please post it for us. Gary
Metcalfe—the John Belgarde I mentioned is the dad to ‘Little Raymond’
and Chippie, and lives on the south side of Hwy 43 across from Carpenter
Lake. I think the boys even worked for you, if I remember right. I think
you have a couple stories about that too! Something about Richard
(Elvis) always sitting in the middle of the pickup so he wouldn’t have
to open gates. You tell it! Thanks Gary!


Reply from Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra (65): 


This summer the Wondrasek Photography lady and her daughter in Bottineau
decided to give to the people, pictures she had kept all these years, that
were taken at their studio.

They said that if we know who they were to take them and give them to the
people we knew.

I took a few of them and some were of this couple. Jeannie and Ron,
Jeannie lives in Belcourt and is the sister of Dave Jollie who owns
Jollie’s Supermarket here in Belcourt. I talked to her one day about the
pictures because I wanted her to have them. She said that her children
would love to have them, since they are no longer married. I still haven’t
gotten them to to her but I will.

Mrs. Wandrasek and her daughter are very kind in doing this, there were a
lot of pictures there. The lady at the museum was telling me that  a
couple of the older ladies stayed up until 4:00 in the morning at the
court house looking at pictures.

Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra (65)

Ginger, I am about 100% positive one of those ladies that stayed up all night going through those pictures was Neola. Do you have a copy of the picture Neola posted of this couple in Message #337?  Gary

Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): 

Dear Gary,

In this very kind message from Neola she mentioned a picture posted of Ernest Tennancour. Could I have a copy or forward of the posting.

Ernest Tennancour was the great uncle of the children of Dale and Alma Gottbreht. Ernest, brother of Mary Louise Tennancour our great grandmother by her first husband John Levi Gaudette, was our neighbor across the street and up the block. Their home was near the steep Willow Creek bank. EJ and I were returning from a visit to Aunt Celia Evans late one spring, traveling along the creek shore. One could hear the rush of water under the snow covered ice and EJ decided she would check this out, we were 6 and almost 5. “Don’t do it Emma Jo”, but out she went and fell through about 8ft from shore. I fled up the embankment and started screaming for Uncle Ernest all the way to his home. He was out the door and rushed past me with a long shovel and was able to extend it to EJ and pull her off the ice. Lucky she was such a “light weight” and only lost boot and shoe from one foot. I am sure Uncle Ernest and Aunt Theresa must have tired of my frequent visits; a family hero. I’ve never had a problem believing in
Guardian Angels; he was one of those too.

Be well. You do good work Neola and Gary. Love the prospect of Gary’s page in 2009.

Sharron Gottbreht Shen

I think this is the picture you are referring to?  Gary

                                     Ernest Tennancour


The Robert & Dorothy Pritchard family from Dale Pritchard (63): 

Dale, I hope you don’t mind me posting this.I know it will be of interest to many of our folks.

I’ve included a recent picture of your mother too.  Gary


Gary & Neola,

Shirley (#1) was married to Alvin (Howard) Wagner from Bottineau.

Divorced and remarried to a Zahn.  All three deceased.

Lorraine (#2) is married to LeRoy Tohm from Kramer.  To show how we all
get tangled up with shirt-tail relations, LeRoys brother, Melvin, was
married to Fay Hiatt (Deceased).

Lois (#3) was the one married to Lyle Draveland from Bottineau.
Divorced and remarried Allen Beckman from Bottineau.  I’m not sure if
they are divorced also or just gave it up but they don’t live together.
They both live in Golden, Colorado.  I think Lyle passed away two or
three years ago.

Carol (#7) is married to Don Corzine from Texas, currently the Sherrif
of Yokum County, Texas.

Neola – We had 7 in the family.  Shirley, Lorraine and Lois then Darold,
John (Deceased), and myself, then we had a tie-breaker with Carol.  The
first four went to Bottineau High School.  I don’t have any idea which
ones stayed long enough to graduate.  Lois also went one year to high
school in the Washington DC area.  Our Uncle John, who lived there at
the time, somehow persuaded our folks to let her go back with them.


Dorothy Pritchard several weeks before her 96th Birthday this month – 01/09


8/29/2015 (2270)

               Happy birthday Peter Gillis (’65): Dunseith, ND
Gillis, Pete 2270

      Happy Birthday Shirley Anderson Doan (’60): Yakima, WA
Anderson Doan, Shirley 2270

Pictures Snagged From Phyllis McKay’s Face Book Page. Thanks Phyllis.
Berube, Angela 2270 Boguslawski Gottbreht, Patty 2260 Poitra, Raphael 2270 Halvorson Kester Connie 2270Hackman Henry, Longie Ron 2270 Longie, Ron 2269

Blog (338) posted on January 14, 2009

Reply from Claudette McLeod (From Belcourt):

Hello Gary & Friends,

I would like to begin by thanking you Gary for all of your hard work, and keeping everybody connected and sharing all those of memories as I sure remember alot of names but just never knew where everyone was at nowadays. But it is sure nice. I am writing in response to Martin Belgarde, he was a nephew to my Grandpa Roy Poitra who is the father of deceased Thelma Davis & Della (Jean) Poitra, Martin’s mother was Rose who is a sister to my Grandpa.

Claudette, I have you listed in my files as ‘Nadeau/McLeod, Roberta/Claudette’.  I can not locate the email you sent me, so I’m hoping I have you listed correctly in my files. Thanks, Gary
From Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73) Daughter of Norman & Irene Hiatt:

Good morning I went to work @ 6 a.m and it was -28 here in grafton n.d. the first thing that came to mind was mom getting us all on the bus and then going out to do chores. I don’t think she ever complained. For all of you that your parents are still living call them and tell them “I love you” I sure wish I could.  Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine

From Susan Fassett Martin (65): 

I found the article in Readers Digest and sent a letter to the magazine protesting the use of the Peace Garden as pork spending.  I hope many of you will do the same.  The Peace Garden is a wonderful place to visit and I have many fond memories of times spent there with family and friends.  I know many or most of you do too.  Please let readers digest know how you feel about this.  Thanks.  Hugs and prayers Susan

Susan, I’ve reposted Bonnie’s message below from message #336 addressing this topic.


Reply from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): 

Dunseith Alumni:  Check out the slam in the Reader’s Digest February issue, page 50.  Speaking about a bill the was passed through they are speaking about PORK SPENDING,  Dunseith North Dakota, pop.739 received $295,000 for the International Peace Garden,  I don’t believe that they checked at all to see what the Peace Garden is, what it stands for, or the correct population of Dunseith.  Maybe Readers Digest should get a lot of letters from our Alumni letting them know the importance of the Peace Gardens, and what it represents.  You can e-mail Readers Digest at letters@readersdigest.com.  Let our appreciation of the Peace Gardens be known.


From Jill Flynn Timjum (68): 

Thanks, Gary, for all your work on the Dunseith Alumni blog.

I passed on the above messages to Mom and Dad. They will appreciate it.

The following information I have gathered about our uncle, Harold Flynn, who died in the Philippine Islands during World War II. (Our grandmother, Mathilda Flynn, was honored as one of the Gold Star Mothers during Memorial Day programs in Dunseith, having lost her son as a result of the War.

Frank and Mathilda Flynn lived in Rolette in the years before World War II, so the family was schooled and known in that area. Their son, Harold Frederick Flynn, born in 1919, joined the army in May,1941 at Ft. Snelling, Minneapolis, MN. Previous to that, Harold had been in CCC camps in North Dakota and also worked at various jobs, like for farmers in the area. Dad (Jack) was inducted into the army in 1942 at Ft. Snelling. Frank and Mathilda moved to Dunseith in 1942 after Dad joined the service, so the family was not located in the Dunseith area until that time.

Harold was with Company B, 803 Engineering Battalion, U.S. Army. He sailed from San Francisco on the U.S.S.Tasker Bliss in October of 1941. He was stationed at Fort Stotsenburg, Pampanga, Philippine Islands, about 80 km north of Manila. (Part of Fort Stotsenburg became Clark Field, then Clark Air Force Base –from an internet source.) He drove a reconnaissance or commander car. He usually drove the Captain (company commander) or other officers to their destinations.

Harold died in Camp #3, Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp, Philippine Islands, on June 12, 1942 from malaria and dysentery. Lack of food and water and no medicine caused so many of the prisoners to die of disease. The family was notified by Western Union in October of 1942 that Harold was missing in action on the Philippine Islands. There was no official confirmation of death until October 1945. Harold’s remains were buried in the US Armed Forces Cemetery, Manila, PI, and were reinterred at the request of the family at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN in 1949.

Besides the official notices from the government, the family received notes from the diary of Lt. Col. F. S. Conoty:

Pvt. Harold F. Flynn, 803 Eng. Battalion

a. beleagured from 8 Dec 1941 to 6 May 1942

b. was a P.O.W. from 7 May 1942 to 12 June 1942

c. died of disease (malaria and dysentery) 12 June 1942

d. was not absent from his post without proper authority

Harold was not on Bataan, a peninsula to the southwest of Manila, I am sure.  He was in Camp #3, Cabanatuan, north of Manila,at the time of his death.

A Fergus Falls, MN Ex-POW Clarence K Larson wrote a book in 1998, A Long March Home, where he fulfilled his promise to his compatriots that whoever survived would tell the story of the Bataan March. Part of Clarence’s POW stay was at Camp #1, Cabanatuan, which he said was built as a prisoner of war camp. He tells of the death, disease, and horrific treatment they endured, which undoubtedly existed in each of the camps.

Thanks again, Jill


From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65): 

I think someone mentioned something about Andy Patnaude getting shot
during World War ll, and wanted to know more about the situation.  Andrew
has a daughter who stills lives around the area her married name is
Alfreda Morin.  She probably knows a lot more about him, and then maybe
not, some of those dad’s didn’t mention those kinds of things to their

Alfreda’s brother (Jigs) Andrew was killed in a car accident on San Hill
not long after the new road was built, he was only 17 at the time of his

Alfreda’s mother was Mary Delorme.

Martin Belgarde was my Grandma (Poitra) Bergie’s, sister Rose’s son, her
sister, Rose was married to Fred Belgarde. Martin had a sister Agnes
Peltier (her husband was Dan), Ida was another of his sisters. Agnes and
Dan had one daughter Dorothy, who didn’t have any children. Dorothy passed
on too so that ends that family. Ida had no children and was never
married, Martin and Florestine had no children.

I’ll quit here for now, I will write more later.

Ginger (Poitra) LaRocque (65)


From Gary Metcalfe (57): 

Another memory of Martin Belgarde, one morning in the sixties, old John Bedard, at age 86, and I were looking out the picture window of the old house at the little lake and about a foot of fresh snow.   Can you imagine Martin riding a Scorpion snowmobile, they were tippy and smaller.  He had his big brown parka on with the hood up.  He made a turn and when we saw him from the back, John said, in his broag, “Gentle Ben”, so I called Martin  Gentle Ben from then on.  Needless to say I just listened to those old timers?  Martin lived about l mile east of us on the old Fred Belgarde place, next door to George Albert.

Dick you asked about John Belgarde’s war stories, now I am sure you didn’t mean Toby’s son, but I am sure it was Dan’s brother or else Charlie’s  brother.   Charlie held a higher rank in the military, Captain, and was a very successful contractor in Minneapolis.  Warren Anderson’s uncle.

Thanks Gary Metcalfe

Message/Pictures fromVerena (Pete 65) Gillis: 

Hey Gary,

Wonderful to hear from you.  Pretty Cold here right now, with the wind
chill around -15.  Schools are running late, some not having school at all
and bus trouble.  I’d rather be where you are right now!  Especially since
we are supposed to get -30 to -40 below weather this week, eeeeeeeeeeeek!

Pete and I are doing very well.  He had a check-up in December and the PSA
has not gone up any higher nor has it gone down but they are just going to
continue him on the medications he is on now and hope it keeps working.
He is very thankful to have been able to be with us another Christmas.

Our daughter moved home in May and she is going to school at the TMCC in
Belcourt for elementary ed.  Her husband is currently on unemployment but
that is good as they have 4 children, Taylor who is 11; Thalia who is 8;
Elizabeth the terrible 2 year old and Elliott 8 months.  So he is a big
help with the 2 babies.  But we now have 9 people in our house and of
course Pete and I had to make some renovations again!  Turned our garage
into 2 huge bedrooms for them and we are one big happy family.  Naturally
Pete and I are thinking about rebuilding a little shack for us, after all
we are getting up in age and that much activity is a little bit too much
for him, lol.

I have been pretty busy what with benefits for other unfortunate people in
our community coming down with this horrible disease called Cancer.  We
had one for Linus and Diane Gladue’s daughter Shelly Azure (married to
Mark Azure who manages the golf club) this past Saturday.  We managed to
raise over $2000.00 for them.  She has to go to Minneapolis on Tuesday of
this week.  Andrew LaVallie is another one we heard of, they have found
lung cancer and he has to go for surgery on the 26th or 27th of this
month.  He says he hasn’t touched a cigarette since Vietnam!

Anyway, enough of that, I saw the pictures of your wife’s family members
and they were great!  I’m glad she was able to get together with them.  I
sure miss my family members who are no longer with me.

You tell Bill hi for us.

Gillis 2270
ND Poem from Verena (Pete 65) Gillis: 

> Hey everybody, Happy New Year!  Here’s another cute little poem about
God’s Country for you to enjoy-

It’s winter in North Dakota and the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour at thirty-five below!
Oh, how I love North Dakota
When the snow’s up to your butt, you take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut!
Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I’ll hang around.
I could never leave North Dakota-
I’m frozen to the ground!

Verena Gillis (Mrs. Pete)


ND Poem from Larry Hackman (66):


A few people were sending in poems, that they would sing as they traveled into North dakota.  Here is the one we ar singing now.



It’s winter in North Dakota

And the gentle breezes blow

Seventy miles an hour

At twenty-five below

Oh, how I love North Dakota

When the snow’s up to your butt

You take a breath of winter

And your nose gets frozen shut

Yes, the weather here is wonderful

So I guess I’ll hang around

I could never leave North Dakota

‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground

8/28/2015 (2269)

          Happy Birthday Phyllis McKay (’65): Auburn, WA
McKay, Phyllis 2269


      Happy Birthday Cathy Campbell Springan (’73): Stanley, ND
Campbell Springan, Cathy 2269


Happy Birthday Margaret Bedard Strong (’62): Dunseith, ND
Bedard Strong, Margaret 2269

    Happy Birthday Carrole Fauske Rude (’66): Vancouver, WA
Fauske Rude, Carrole 2269


Happy Birthday Betty Lamoureux Badget (’49): Fountain Valley, Ca
Lamoureux Badget, Betty 2269

     Happy Birthday Bob Abrahamson: Bottineau, ND
Abrahamson, Bob 2269

Longie, Ron 2269


Blog (337) posted on January 13, 2009


Posted on January 13, 2009

Reply from Shirley LaRocque Windt (59):




Reply from Judy Allery Azure (65):


Florestine and Martin Belgarde were my aunt & uncle (Florestine was my dad’s sister) Frank Allery was my dad, and Clarence was my uncle, all these people are deceased. Yes, Ronnie they were related to you also, as our dads were 1st cousins. My uncle Martin did serve in the service and so did my Uncle Clarence Allery.

Hope you all have a wonderful 2009…


Judy, I can see now where you got your good character, being related to Martin & Florestine. Because you had to work, we missed seeing you at our 2007 reunion. I’m hoping we will see you in future reunions. I remember you well and it’s been over 45 years since I’ve seen you.

Folks, Judy, after dropping out of High School, went back and got her GED and from there went on to graduate from college. She told me her major too, but I forgot. Judy lives in Fargo.


Reply from Clark Crum (54):

Hi Gary,

I enjoyed the picture of Mrs. Shelver, what a wonderful lady. Visited her at the Haaland Home in Rugby when she was over 100, alway sharp and her appearance never changed.

She and Glen were my 2nd. set of parents, and Barry was my Best Man at my wedding in 1960. Clark Crum (1954

Reply from Bobby Slyter (70)

to the mellmers: congratulations on your 60th anniversary, sure do have some great memories with you guys when you lived in dunseith

to randy hiatt: welcome aboard, this blog is great and you will enjoy it greatly and also find out things that you never knew about,gary does such a great job putting it together, cant have my morning coffee without it.


Comments about ND folks from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71):

You just don’t find the same friendliness that people from North Dakota display anywhere else. And I don’t think that it’s because most of us are related in some way. They just are. When I got married 32 years ago and my in-laws came out from California, I gave them directions to get from the airport in Minot to Bottineau. I even told them about the 2 curves in the road. What I forgot to tell them about was Thompson Street. So after they got to Bottineau and drove around for a few minutes, they decided to stop at someone’s house and ask for directions. The lady who answered the door made the comment “Oh, are you here for the double wedding? Well let me just get my buns out of the oven and I’ll take you right over.” So she pulled her batch of bread out of the oven and led my in-laws the few blocks to my Dad’s house. They talked about this for a long time. Six years ago friends of ours from here in Texas came up for my mom’s funeral and it was way below zero and snow was blowing like crazy. They ended up drifting into a snow filled ditch. They called us on their cell phones and a couple of our husbands went to rescue them. Meanwhile, every single car that passed them on the road, and there were several, stopped to see if they could lend a hand. I could go on and on with examples but you all know them too. I’m just saying…….. what wonderful, kind and generous people!

Cheryl Larson Dakin

Cheryl, I have been around some in my day, and yes ND folks are well know throughout the nation for being really friendly folks. I am well know by the PI folks as being an above average friendly American and that is a fact. It’s my ND roots. Gary

Reply from Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends,

The picture of Herman Boucher and the other soldier, unknown, in #333
looks a lot like Dary Ryan in #336 to me. Could he have been in the same
training camp at the time? I could be wrong but the facial features are
similar. Thanks Gary!



From Sybil Johnson:

Good morning all from Wyoming. Its now 23 and we got our first snow for winter of about 2 inches. I woke up and looked out and to my surprise, there was snow on the ground. I had to even go out and brush off the food for my

squirrels and birds.
I was appalled, when I saw what they are calling “pork spending” to the Peace Gardens. I use to drive from Minot,
just to visit them and feel the serenity of the Gardens. Of all the sites in North Dakota, the Peace Gardens were
my favorite. Sometimes, I would go up and I would feel the Canadians were doing a better job on their side,
than what was happening on our side. For, I would see where visitors threw their garbage on the ground/ not
even bother picking it up. What I like mostly were the Bell Towers and the Chapel, but yet, the whole Gardens
are so Peaceful, I just wish more people would learn about them. Sybil Johnson


Warren Anderson’s (65) reply to picture posted below by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Gary, They are Belcourt people. Nice folks, Ron Laverdure is the Groom and Jeanie Jollie is the Bride. The gentlemen 3rd from the right is Doug Gourneau, I knew him some before we were drafted togeather in ’69. was in viet nam togeather and both wounded in the same area. He has left us now. Kind of a sad ending, like Cliff Henrey. Have fun, Warren

                  Ron Laverdure & Jeanie Jollie Wedding
Lavendure and Jollie Wedding 2269




8/25/2015 (2268)

Cebu Philippines
Picture taken at our Bowling Banquet last night. Bernadette was having a spell and was not able to go. She is little bit better today

L to R: Steve, Gary, Garlyn, Alma and Joy
Stokes 2268


Blog (336) posted on January 12, 2009


Brenda Berube Lenertz Obituary posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

BISMARCK Brenda Lenertz, 55, Bismarck, formerly of the Minot and Rolla areas, died Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009, in her home.

She was born Aug. 20, 1953, to Edward and Evelyn Berube in Rolla. She married Myron Lenertz June 24, 1977.

Survivors: husband; daughters, Andrea Lenertz, Bismarck, Jenna Lenertz, Fargo; mother, of Belcourt; sister, Sharon Austel, Simi Valley, Calif.; brothers, Gary, Mandan, Brian, Bismarck, Perry, Euclid, Minn., Timothy, Andover, Minn.

Funeral: Saturday, 10:30 a.m., St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Bismarck.

Burial: St. Mary’s Cemetery, Bismarck.

Vigil and rosary service: Today, 7 p.m., Bismarck Funeral Home, Bismarck.

Visitation: Today, 5 to 7 p.m., in the funeral home.

Folks, This Berube family recently lost their father/husband Edward too.  Edward was a brother to Fortune & Lawrence Berube.  My condolences go out to the Berbube family for the loss of Brenda and Edward. It has to be tough loosing two family members so close together. Gary


Pete & Vie Mellmer Celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversay:
Message from Jim Mellmer (72): 

Today, January 11th, is the 60th wedding anniversary of Pete and Vi Mellmer.  They were married in 1949 in New England, ND.  They are living in Bismarck at 3009 N. Colorado, Bismarck, ND  58503.  Also, Pete will be celebrating his 80th birthday on March 2nd of this year.

Thank you Jim for posting this. We congratulate your parents for 60 years of marriage and also your dad with his 80th birthday. Your family was well known in the Dunseith community.  Gary


Question from Martha Lamb Schepp (68): 

Hi Gary,

Last night we were at my husband’s company Christmas Party, Souris River Cooperative, somehow the agronomy manager, Shane Lester, started talking about his heritage. He said his Grandma Wetherelt was at Kelvin Store in the 1920’s and later moved to Breadas, Montana. Does anyone remember hearing this name or have any stories to share. He also says he is related to the “House” family. Any comments would be welcomed. Thanks for all that you do Gary and everyone else. Martha Lamb Schepp

Martha, I think Shane Lester may have some relatives among us. This is from the 1982 Dunseith Book. With what you said, his family may be one of the ones listed below.  I’ll bet we have some folks that will know.

Herman House Married Scelina Wetherelt.  Their children were: Velva (Mrs. Tony Christianson), Jessie (Mrs. Carl Millang), Effie (Mrs. Art Espe), Walter, George (Married Violet Hiatt) Harold (Married Pearl McKay, and Richard (Married Bertha Metcalfe).

Reply from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): 

To Randy Hiatt:  Lois Hiatt and I were friends and she baby sat for you while your Mom worked at the Gamble Store.  Your nickname was “Pudgy” and we all called you that, infact couldn’t remember your name as anything but Pudgy until you signed on to Gary’s newsline.  We had a lot of fun taking you around with us even at Slumber Parties at Lois’s house.  Sure am glad you were so small you couldn’t remember anything that went on!!!.

Dunseith Alumni:  Check out the slam in the Reader’s Digest February issue, page 50.  Speaking about a bill the was passed through they are speaking about PORK SPENDING,  Dunseith North Dakota, pop.739 received $295,000 for the International Peace Garden,  I don’t believe that they checked at all to see what the Peace Garden is, what it stands for, or the correct population of Dunseith.  Maybe Readers Digest should get a lot of letters from our Alumni letting them know the importance of the Peace Gardens, and what it represents.  You can e-mail Readers Digest at letters@readersdigest.com.  Let our appreciation of the Peace Gardens be known.

Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)


Reply from Ron Longie (65):


I remember Martin and Florestine very well they were real close friends to my folks, they lived north of town, and we used to go there quite often. I believe my dad and Florestine were cousins, if I remember right Florestine was Clarence Allery’s sister (I could be wrong). Randy thanks for the memory recall.

Ron Longie

Ron and Dick with your posting below, My dad became a close friend of both Martin & Florestine when he worked at San Haven.  He spoke highly of them, very often. I never met them, but I felt as though I knew them through my dads converstations.


Reply from Dick Johnson (68):

Gary Metcalfe mentioned Martin Belgarde and his service time. I knew him
in later years through selling hay to him and trading guns. He was a
story teller for sure. Another serviceman who was badly wounded was Andy
Patnaude, who was shot through the eye as he peered out from a trench.
He was supposedly with another Dunseith soldier when he was wounded, but
I can’t remember who. Maybe Martin Belgarde or Dan Decoteau–I’m not
sure any more. Maybe someone can fill us in if  they know the details.
Jay and Lola Vanorny were good friends with Martin and Florestine, maybe
they know.  I remember Andy had an artificial  eye and a plate in the
back of his skull, his injury also affected  his balance.  Gary M.  did
you ever hear  John Belgarde  tell  about his experiences in the tank
battles? He said they were told the new Sherman tanks were bullet proof
and to take the Panzers head on. They met up with a new a Tiger tank and
it shot right through their new Sherman tank! It was the wrong kind of
shell so only blew a hole and didn’t explode. He said they headed for
cover and stayed out of sight just like they did with the old tank! The
Turtle Mt. Star did an article on John’s WWII experiences about 2-3
years ago. I don’t think I kept the article but I planned to and forgot.
John passed away just shortly afterward. It was interesting, although he
may have ’embellished’ a tad! I guess he earned that right! Thanks Gary!



From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

My wife’s dad told about how his ship, a destroyer escort, was also used
to help transport Marines between islands and battles. While on the Navy
ship the Marines were under the command of the Navy Admiral. The rivalry
between the different branches of the military caused a lot of barroom
brawls, so this unique command made the Marines on board disgusted, to
say the least. The Admiral ordered everyone on deck and at attention,
while he gave the men their orders for the coming day and the next
battle. He started out the briefing with—“Tomorrow morning at 0600
hours–for you Marines, the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is
on the 6!” My father-in-law said all the sailors were grinning and the
Marines were boiling mad! There wasn’t anything they could do that
wouldn’t cause a court martial! They were heading into places where they
probably needed both the humor and the anger just to survive. Thanks Gary!



Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

It just ocuured to me again how connected everyone is.  Rich Campbell and Wally, my husband, worked at the same bank in Minot for a few years.



Annabelle Shelver’s picture posted by her grandson (Dave’s son) Jeff Skjelver: 

Hi Gary,

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Annabelle Shelver with one of her great-granddaughters taken at the Shelver cabin at Lake Metigoshe in 2002.

My wife posted this one at her website:



Jeff Skjelver

Jeff, this is a great picture. Many folks remember your grandmother well. Thank you so much for sharing.  Gary


        Annabelle Shelver with her Great-Granddaughter – 2002
Shelver, Annabell 2268


Message/Pictures from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): 

I will attempt to attach some pictures of my Uncle Bing Evans, Dary Ryan and my parents, Jim and Ella Metcalfe, Jimmy and Gary taken while they lived in Seattle–1941–I was not born yet at the time of these pictures, but soon after. lol  Hope our cousin, Randy, enjoys these.
Geri Metcalfe Munro  Class of’59

p.s.  Hi to Margie Longie; I graduated with Wally and friends with Willie and Marg.

Pictures posted by Geri Metcalfe Munro – Lto R:
Dary Ryan, Jim Metcalfe holding Gary, Uncle bing
and Jimmy Metcalfe in front.
Metcalfe Evans Bing 2268

Ella Evans Metcalfe holding Gary, Uncle Bing Evans;
Jimmy Metcalfe and Dary Ryan in front
Metcalfe Evans Bing 2268-1


Dary Ryan (he was Kenrose Medlang and Glady’s” brother;
their mother was a good friend of my Grandmother, Randina (Martin) Evans
Ryan, Dary 2268




8/24/2015 (2267)

  Happy Birthday Luella Boardman Bjornseth (’49): Bottineau, ND
Bjornseth, Luella 2267

Russell Pigeon’s Memorial Service
Posting from Sharon Peterson Harmsen (’63):  Bismarck, ND

On Thursday evening, August 20th, Tom Berube and myself attended the Remembrance and Memorial Service for Russell Pigeon held at the Thompson Funeral Home, Garrison, ND.  As was evident by the standing room only attendees of family and friends, he was a very well liked and admired man.  Russell was very well known for his meat processing and sausage making  and this became evident as his friends and family shared their stories.  He was also apparently quite a jokester as friends told stories of his shenanigans.

His older brother, Bruce, spoke as well as his two sons Steven and Michael whom Tom and I had the pleasure of meeting after the service.  Steven, the spitting image of his dad.  As Bruce mentioned in an earlier blog posting, Russell’s final interment will be on Tuesday, the 25th, at 10:30 am at St. Louis Cemetery, Dunseith.

And, as a bonus, Tom and I were able to go out after the memorial service for something to eat and to get “caught up”.  It was very good to see him again.

Sharon Peterson Harmsen, Class of 1963


Stubby and Elwood Fauske
Reply from Stubby’s sister Florence Hiatt Dahl (’50):  Anchorage, AK

Bless you Gary for your many visits to Stubby and Elwood,  Your pictures show the joy Elwood had with your “talks”

Stubby and Elwood Fauske
Reply from Lindy Fauske Van Eynde (’69): Yorkville, IL

Hi Gary,

Thank you for the nice write up and Happy Birthday wish to my Dad, Mom & Dad both really enjoyed you coming to visit them while you were back in Bottineau and yes they love to have company esp. Mom, I think the time gets a little long. They are getting such great care and Love at the Good Samaritan Home.

I hope Bernadette is doing better.

Thank you Gary for all that you do for us and to make others happy.

Take care,
Lindy Fauske Van Eynde


Tyrell Fauske and Amanda Lyn Bopp Wedding shower
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND


Blog (335) posted on January 11, 2009


Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): 

Wow, I guess I have another cousin!!  I tried calling Randy Hiatt tonight to welcome him to the family, but did not get an answer.

It’s really something how one letter can tip you off to lots of things you would like to know.  Herman mentioned Cote’s outfit, I thought Laureus Cote was somewhere over there, now I know for sure.

Does anyone remember Martin Belgarde?  He was a fixture at Lamoureux Bros. Garage, about like Carroll Carlson was.  Martin was a great storyteller.  I think he actually was in Italy for awhile.  He said he jumped off a ten foot bank hoping to break just one leg and all I broke was my gol dang gun. LOL

Janice and all of you in Seattle area, hope you are staying safe and dry through all of this unusual wet/snowy weather out there.   Gary Metcalfe

Gary, I think you’ve got a pretty squared away cousin too with Randy.  You mention Laureus Cote.  I knew him well.  He and Loretta included me as if I was one of the family when I went to Bremerton, WA in the fall of 1966. Laureus often mentioned his WWII service years in Europe.  He passed away several years ago. I can get you connected to his children if you wish.  Fern Cote Berube (Mrs. Lawrence) and Laureus are siblings.  Gary Stokes

Request from Marge Langan Wilcox (Ron Longie’s (65) sister):

Good morning Gary,

You probably don’t remember me.
I am Ron Longie’s sister in Vancouver WA…. would like to be added to the Dunseith alumni
I left Dunseith in 1956….. after marrying Hollis Wilcox
I get all of the messages from my brother Ron longie.

Marge Langan Wilcox

Marge, I know a lot of folks will remember you. Ron and Willie are remembered well by many.  You guys come from good stock.  Welcome aboard. I have reposted your family photo below along with a more recent picture of your mother and Hannah Loab. You are a very pretty girl. Gary

Wilbur Longie Family:
Back row: left Wallace, Wilbur, Marge, Ronnie
Front row: left Willie, Patti, Ursula, Donnie
Longie Family 2267


Hannah Higgins Loab & Ursula Longie – 7-13-07
Loab and Longie 2267


Reply from David Slyter (70): 

To Dick Johnson:

I too enjoy reading the War stories.  It is so interesting to read the letters of the soldiers to their loved ones during a very tough time in their lifes.   Not being a military person myself, I still have a respect for the ones that serve in any of our armed services.   Our dad Fred Hiatt was commander of the American Legion in Dunsieth for many years and as you know we always played or sang at the memorial day programs at the old Duseith city hall or the High School.  It takes people like my dad, or Jack Flynn, or Floyd Dion and the Hosmers and many more to keep things going in a small town like Dunseith.  Those were the good ole days.

To Randy Hiatt:

Welcome to the Dunseith Alumni pages.  Mom always spoke of the day that she delivered you into the world and it was a proud moment for her.  In 98 we took Mom out to Washington on a summer trip with us.  It was great seeing you and the rest of the Hiatt clan at the picnic that everyone thru for us.   I had seen relatives that I hadn’t seen in 25 years.   Mom passed the following year in 99 but had always talked about that previous summer.    So again welcome to our world and enjoy.

Dave Slyter (70)

Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): 

It is so frustrating that I cannot send mail direct to Gary Metcalfe. Just wish to thank him for the keen insight he has into the 34th. I shall look for the book he recommends. Copies of the camp picture in the mail by Monday; I am sure Aunt Emily and/or Uncle Roland will know fellow soldier. I have no idea what camps behind the lines looked like but the tent structure looks collapsable and screened – good for buggy Louisiana but also important in Italy where fever born disease from mosquitoes was a problem in river areas. Sharron


Reply from Allen Richard (65): 

To Wally Garbe– Yeah this is a weird winter by modern standards for sure.  Saginaw Mi was a couple inches short of its annual snow fall last week– we are supposed to get another 3-4 inches tonight.  Over the Christmas Holiday — in a 10 day period, we went form nearly no snow to two feet of snow to no snow.  We have about 8 inches now.  I hope you don’t get another “blizzard of ’66”  That was the nastiest in my memory.  I have a few stories about that one– I’m sure a lot of you do too.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season — onward and upward for 2009—not sure if we can get much lower!


Willie/Maxine Hiatt picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Folks,  Willie and Maxine Radley (38) Hiatt lived in the Ackworth community until moving to Bottineau in about 1955.  Norris Knutson purchased their farm and has lived there ever since.  Willie was a plumber in Bottineau for many years.  Maxine worked for Dr. Sveen, a Dentist in Bottineau, for a number years. Willie pasted away this last year. Maxine is currently living at the Oak Manor Apartments. Their children are Barbara Cote, Harvey, Lawrence & Doug. Doug has been working the Good Samaritan home in Bottineau for quite some time now.  Gary
Hiatt, Willie and Maxine 2267


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Jammin’ to the oldies      Minot Daily News: December 28, 2008

Frozen Fingers Music Association holds stage show, jam session

The Frozen Fingers Music Association held a stage show and jam session at the Sleep Inn in Minot Saturday. Members of the association entertained an audience with old-time and bluegrass music.

“This organization is for the education of people about old-time music, and it’s for fun. The whole purpose is to promote bluegrass and old-time music, to get a few more people interested in it,” said Dick Johnson, vice president of the Frozen Fingers Music Association.

Once individuals are interested in the music, it seems to be something that sticks with them. Johnson recalled how he started playing.

“I came down to the concerts three years ago. I went in a jam session with my guitar, and I didn’t leave my chair for 14 hours,” he said.

The Frozen Fingers Music Association is made up of old-time and bluegrass groups from around the region.

Frozen Fingers hopes to interest more young people in the music, and the association serves the purpose of teaching them how to play.

“The best way to learn how is to sit down with people, and do it. It’s something we need to keep doing, or it’s going to slowly dwindle away,” Johnson said.

Frozen Fingers’ next stage show and jam session will be held at the Sleep Inn in Minot Feb. 14-15. A dance will be held Feb. 13, and a guitar clinic will be going on during the stage show and jam session.

“It’s a full two days of music groups, old-time or bluegrass. Sunday morning we’ll have a polka mass, and during the day we’ll have old-time gospel music,” Johnson said.


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

I know some of you know Claudia Harrison Trebas. Gary

Hi Everyone,

Claudia sent the info written in green.  I had “run” the original email by her before I sent it.  I’m including her latest info.  Thanks, Claudia.

FYI:  Claudia has acess to a computer in Bismarck/Bottineau, so you may visit her site/send emails any time, and she’ll receive them immediately.  Neola

January 9: Good morning Neola, I am home now, as of last night. Really
glad Bottineau didn’t get the snow. I will be in Bismarck
for treatments, 6 chemo, 3 weeks apart and then 6 weeks
radiation. I will be home when I can be. I have to have
hercepin every week until I’m done with chemo, then
herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. Thank you for passing it
on, it is so nice to hear from people and have the support.
How are you? When do you start? Is radiation first? Let me
know how that goes and keep me posted. You are in our
prayers also. Thanks for all the laughs, you know laughter
is the best medicine. God Bless, Claudia
Hi Everyone,

Some of you know Claudia Harrison Trebas/her father and mother, Marvin and Muriel Bergeron/her grandparents, Leo and Claudia DuBois Bergeron (Page 76 in Centennial Book).  Leo and Claudia lived 9 miles east of Bottineau (about half-way between Bottineau/Dunseith; Leonard Neubauer and family lived there later; Leonard’s son now lives on “the place”.

Claudia is married to Brad Trebas of Bottineau.  Brad/Claudia live in Bottineau.  I copied/pasted the following info I found in Claudia’s Caring Bridge site.  I have had two surgeries to achieve clean margins and the lymph nodes were removed after cancer was found in the sentinel node. I will begin chemotherapy treatments January 16th and radiation will follow. Maybe we can’t see this as a blessing quite clearly yet, but we do know we are blessed with such loving and supportive family and friends.

It is with Claudia’s permission and blessing that I send this email to all of you.  If you click on the link I’m including, it will take you directly to Claudia’s journal on Caring Bridges (Hi, Claudia!).  Claudia would love to have you visit her journal/read the information/look at the pictures/sign her guestbook.  Claudia is staying at her daughter’s (Chelsey) home in Bismarck.  It’s not exactly the way you’d choose to spend more time with your grandson, but, if you have to stay somewhere, you can’t do better than seeing your grandson (other family members) every day. :)




Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: neolag@min.midco.net

IPG “Rainy Day” fund.


As you can see, this is a little old.  The Courant was lying on the table.  I saw this article and decided to scan/send it.  Now I can throw this part of the paper. :)

Dunseith Men 2267

8/22/2015 (2266)

Happy 95th Birthday Elwood Fauske: Bottineau, ND

Folks, I visited Stubby and Elwood numerous times with my trip back to
Bottineau last month (July). They are both residence at the Good Samaritan Home in Bottineau. Stubby is recovering well and Elwood is physically fit as someone 50 years younger than he. I visited a lot with Elwood discussing his soil conservation days when he used to run their D-7 and then their D-8 cat. He remembers those days very well. For those of you in the area and those of you visiting, please stop by Good Sam and see them. They love company.  They are both in the same room.
This picture was taken at Stubby’s 90th birthday party in 2013.


Russell Pigeon’s final internment will be held on Tuesday at 10:30 AM
Posting from Bruce Pigeon (’61):  Garrison, ND

Hi Gary

I was finally able to make contact with the priest in Dunseith and Russell’s final internment will be held on Tuesday at 10:30 am at St. Louis Cemetery in Dunseith.  We held a Visitation and Memorial at Thompson Funeral Home in Garrison today.  Russell had many friends and there was standing room only.   I am hoping that many of his classmates and friends will be able to make it on Tuesday.


Message from Dale Pritchard (’63): Leesville, LA.


You have been pretty quiet for a few days.  I hope everything is going OK for you and that you’re just busier than usual.  For the past few months I have been working on a family tree project for my wife.  Her ancestors settled primarily in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana the spread out from there.  I have around 1,500 names so far and am nowhere near done.  In the course of this I ran across the Stokes name several times individually.

Today, I found a “Stokes’ Cemetery” but there aren’t very many Stokes’ in it.  I don’t know if any of your ancestors prior to your Grandfather were in that area.  If you’d like, you can find your cemetery through a google search at “Stokes Cemetery, Greensboro, Hale Co., Alabama”.  Hope to see you up and running soon!

Dale Pritchard

Gary’s Reply
Yes Dale, I had a pretty busy week with the Cebu Expats and personal stuff, so I wasn’t able to get a blog out for several days. I did get a blog our yesterday though.
The Stokes name is not all that popular in the US, but it is a very command name in England. At least the is what I was told from a good Stokes friend of mine here in Cebu.
Thanks, Gary

Giving Generous for Lola Renae (Metcalfe) Vanorny
Posting & pictures from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family and friends of Lola gathered to joyfully give generously in Lola Vanornys’s memory at a Kelvin Klinic Indian Taco gathering.  Here are some of photos faces of Lola’s family & friends at the event.

Photo #1 (L to R)
Lola and J.’s three children, Jason, Tina (Corley), & Joe; and their dad Jay Vanorny. Pete II (a.ka.Pete Two)Azure is the wagon boss who donated wagon rides to folks participating at the benefit’ with his team of fine gentle, black draft horses.  Also pictured Pete II’ s wee granddaughter.

Photo # 2
Giving generous, laughter with Lori (Demers)

Photo # 3
Friends Sandy Hagen, Jeff Azure and Marge (over the border Canadian friend) busking for donations. Marge & Jeff each modeled stylish red high heels; and Jeff demonstrated pretty  fine jigging moves ….whilst in  heels.

Hey, we weren’t in Kansas…….!.



Lola and J.’s three children, Jason, Tina (Corley), & Joe; and their dad Jay Vanorny. Pete II (a.ka.Pete Two)Azure
Metcalfe Vanorny 2266-1

Lori (Demers)
Metcalfe Vanorny 2266-2

Sandy Hagen, Jeff Azure and Marge
Metcalfe Vanorny 2266-3


Blog (334) posted on January 10, 2009


Weather report from Wally Garbe, Neola’s husband: 

We got 13 inches of snow last night.  To say the least Minot is shut down completely and most of Ward County.  Schools are closed and many of the businesses. The forecast is for some more wind this afternoon.  So we could have a good old North Dakota blizzard.  Like the ones I remember many, many years ago.


Request from Jacqueline Hiatt Fix (79): 

First off Gary thank for your hard work keeping us in touch with whats going in North Dakota today and taking us down memory lane.

My cousin Randy Hiatt son of Aunt Deloris (Hiatt) and Uncle LeRoy Birkland would like to be added to your distribution list. He lives in Seattle (or Suburb). His e-mail address

Thanks again for bringing us all closer.

Happy New Year!
Jacqueline (Hiatt) Fix

Gary Metcalfe and all, Randy Hiatt mentions Bing Evans in his message below as being his biological father. He would like to learn more about his father Bing.  I think he has hit the jack pot with you Gary Metcalfe.  I think you guys would be related too. Gary


Message from Randy Hiatt: 

Gary I can’t believe how much you know about all the relatives in ND. I wouldn’t mind at all if you posted my e-mail. Thanks for bringing me closer to my family and friends.

As you have probably figured out this is my work e-mail address. Would it be to much trouble to ask you to add my home e-mail to the list? It is hapicamper2@comcast.net

Thanks Gary.
Randy Hiatt.

Randy’s message.

Gary thanks for adding me to your distribution list. I am neither the Randy Hiatt from Lynnwood or Everett. My wife Lori and I are from North BendWA. 98045.I have lived there for more than 20 years now. I was born in Dunseith in 1954 in the house my mom (Delores Hiatt) was living in and delivered by my aunt Margret (Fredy Hiatts wife). My step father who I was just back to see is Leroy Birkland and yes he lives in Bottineau.

I just read a lot of the e-mail that you sent me after this one. Dunseith Alumni  Wow a lot of those names were very familiar. Like Dick Johnson who was my half brothers (Terry Hiatt) good friend.

As time goes on I want to learn more about my real father Evan Evans or Bing Evans as he was called. I know that he pasted away in a house fire when I was only 1 or 2 years old. Anyway it so good to hear about some of the people from the Turtle Mountains.

Thanks Again

Randy Hiatt
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From Gary Metcalfe (57): 

To Sharon Gottbreht,

Good job Sharon!  That is not Bing or Ole in the picture with Herman.  If you go to message #70 you will see Ole with the gal he married in San Francisco and Bing in work uniform.  Bing was 27 years old and Ole was 25 when they went in the service.  They realized what they were in for from the beginning.  Most of the replacements were probably 18 year old kids and the older soldiers felt terrible guilty for not being able to keep them alive in a rifle company.  When Herman mentions Ick and Dary Ryan, I think he meant Ike Hagen??

When he says you all got to see Ole, Ole had been wounded pretty bad and had had 28 months in combat so needed rest badly.  They sent him home for a time, 3 or 4 weeks maybe.

I am going to suggest the picture of Herman and the unknown soldier was at Boot Camp in Louisiana.  It is fun trying to figure out the wat and when of a time so far in the past.   I don’t think any of these men had a racket, this was about the time that they were abandoned by Patton and most of the units as they went into France and Normandy, the 34th went on to the end of Italy.
Here is another letter that Bing sent his mother dated

November 18, 1944


Dear Mother,

I’ll have to find out how Ole works that furlough stuff.  I could go for a little of it myself.  If I didn’t know him so well, I’d swear he was AWOL.  Two generous furloughs in quick succession isn’t the usual thing you know.

The mail came in this evening with your letter of Oct. 27.  Rather slow for a V-letter but I guess that’s to be expected this time of year.  Christmas packages have been pouring in for more than two weeks now.  I got one from Hanna and two from Edna about a week ago.  Tell Edna the cookies were swell.

It appears the young ladies around that part of the country are making one last desperate drive while it’s still legal, and it’s a long time ’til ’48.  Poor Ole.  I wonder if he survived the mad rush of matrimonial-minded maidens?!?  A Tech. Sgt. I hear is considered a pretty fair catch….up in them thar’ hills…should be good for about a hundred dollar monthly allotment, which ain’t to be sniffed at, by any means.  As to my chances, —I feel confident and maybe just a bit smug over the fact that all First Sgts. in general are considered such utterly repulsive people, that even the most hardened character must indeed be in sorry straits to dare associate with one.  However, being a cautious sort of a guy, I’ll stay away ’til Leap Year is over.


Over here, things are going much the same as usual, although the weather has turned somewat colder.  We’ve already seen the first snowfall of the season, which melted within a few hours after the sun came out.  Of course we’ve been issued warmer clothing and I for one, don’t fear the cold.

Best regards to all!  Bing

PS.  This blog is such a wonderful register of history that could just be forgotten.  Now I wish I had my one and only letter from Ole to type into the blog, but….I have lost it.  How sad for me.  One thing I do remember from his letter is that he told his mother that “I had a coke today, the first one in over a year”.

Randy Hiatt, I will forward message #70 to you with those pictures.  Gary Stokes
From Dick Johnson (68): 

You all are doing a great job on the history of WWII. I really enjoy
hearing local stories of those who served. It does seem to me though
that some people, especially younger ones, really don’t care about this
stuff or even want to be bothered hearing about it. Little do they
realize that without the sacrifices that these men and women endured,
they would not have the life they take for granted today. I’m sure we
are not as removed from the issue because it was closer to our time and
much study of it was done during our schooling. Anyway the old slogan
‘Lest We Forget’ is certainly self explanatory! Memorial Day is becoming
a day to enjoy the lake or other activity when we need to remember what
the true purpose of the day is!

In the message from Sharron Gottbreht Shen, the picture of Hermann
Boucher and another man–I don’t think that is Bing Evans, but Gary
Metcalfe and his crew will know for sure. The letter is very interesting
and gives us an insight to what our local soldiers were up against.
Italy was  another rough battle zone and was one Hitler did not want to
give up. The battles of Anzio, San Pietro, and Cassino were some of the
worst of the war. Heavy casualties for every yard gained. Thanks
Sharron, Gary M., and Gary S.!


Posted byDick Johnson:

Gary and Friends,

Bill Hosmer mentioned his dad, Jack Hosmer and someone going to Kansas
City to recruit a baseball team. Today I was looking at an old Dunseith
Journal and here was the article—April 2, 1936. If there is some
interest from the readers I can scan the article and post it. Thanks Gary!


Here is the article although it doesn’t fit the scanner completely. Thanks.
Dunseith Baseball 2266






8/21/2005 (2265)

Happy Belated Birthday Dennis Dubois (’63): Minneapolis, MN
Dubois, Dennis 2265


Happy Birthday Susan Fassett Martin (’65): Spearfish SD
Fassett Martin, Susan 2265


Russell Pigeon Internment
Posting from Bruce Pigeon (’61):  Garrison, ND

Thanks Gary

I wanted to let you know, that the boys are requesting that no flowers be sent, instead of someone wants to a donation to the American Cancer Society would be appreciated.

The date of his final internment, we are not sure of, as  have not been able to contact the Priest to schedule,  hopefully that will be taken care of the first part of the week. Then I will pass that information on.



Pigeon Family Memories
Posting from Aggie Casavant (’69):  Fort Mill, SC

My  thoughts  go  out  to  Bruce  Pigeon  with  the  loss  of  his  brother  Russell. Although  there  was  a  few  years  age  difference  between  all  of  us  I  remember  Russell, and  the  Pigeon  Brothers  (as  we  use  to  refer  to  them)  well, and their  sister  Rochelle. I  remember  when we   were  neighbors  growing  up  and they  went  to  Russell  School. I  was  like  only  in  the  first  grade  and  they  were like  in 6-7-8  grade  I remember  them  well.It’s   funny  the  things  a  person  remembers, but  I  remember  at  Russell  School  when  the  “BIG  ROOM” (5th  thru 8th grade) and  “Little  Room” (1st  thru 4th  grade) would  get  together  and  get  around  the  piano  and  sing. One  time  with  Mrs.  Larsen  was  playing  the  piano  we  were  singing  this  song  about  the  school  called  “Russell  Will  Shine  Tonite”  When  we  started  singing  it,  Russell  started  jumping  around  and  dancing. Mrs. Larsen  stopped

the  piano  and  said, “you  can  stop  dancing  were  singing  about  the  school, not  you!!! (which  in  retrospect  was  pretty  harsh, but  that  was  Mrs.  Larsen….everyday  in  every  way) Russell  and  the  other  boys  started  laughing and  horsing  around, and  Mrs.  Larsen  made  us  go  back  to  our  rooms,I  also  remember  Russell  when  he  rode  our  bus  when Russell  School  closed  and we  all  started  going  to  school  in  Dunseith, and  when  he  got  his  first  brand  new  car  I  think  it  was  very  pastel  pinkish  purple  metalliac  color  and  he  came  over  to  our  place  to  show  it  to  our  brothers.I   think  it  cost  all  of   $4,000  LoL…..One  other  thing  I  remember  about  Russell  is  he  didn’t  like  eating  lunch  at  the  school  and  he  ate  at  the  Crystal  cafe  every  chance  he  got, but what  I  remember  about  Russell  the  most  is  he  was  just  all  around  nice  guy, from  an

overall  nice  family. I’m  so  sorry  for  you  loss  Bruce. God  Bless  you, and  hoping  you  find  peace  and  enjoyment in  the  months  and  years  ahead  thru  Russells  boys,  and  great  memories.  Sincerely, Aggie  Casavant’ ——————————————–


Cebu Expat dinner at the Radisson Blu, Cebu Philippines – Wed Aug 19, 2015
Stokes 2265  

Alice Hafsahl, Everett, WA, Passed away
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,

My Cousin Ardis kindly let me know of another passing in our family

Alice Hafsahl, was the second daughter of Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary Metcalfe.

For many years,

I enjoyed Sunday evenings of summer or lazy winter afternoons, spent at Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary’s. Whenever their “kids” came home was fun time to visit and hear the easy laughers .

Uncle Bill and Auntie Mary’s little white house nestled in the hills, would ring with laughter whenever we all came together. Driving up the long driveway to their home,a person would hear,story telling, banjo & guitar  picking, singing and bursts of delighted laughter coming from the depths of the home, and the hearts ….belly laugher.

Aunt Mary wearing an apron, would greet and envelope each visitor at her door with big warm hug whenever a person came into her presence and again in parting, another warm loving hug goodbye.

Years later after her passing, to my delight, Uncle Bill began to hug!

I loved Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill well. And  always felt well loved in return.

At the back door on a stand was a water bucket and dipper. They never had running water or plumbing. Aunt Mary cooked on a combination wood heat electric stove. Uncle Bill cut wood for heat.

Mouth watering smells flavored Mary’s kitchen where she provided most delicious meals and lunches.  Some of her recipes were amazing. I wondered where in the world she learned to put flavors like apples and dill pickles together on that last  Thanksgiving meal she prepared for our family.

Aunt Mary was brought into life and lived a rural simple farm life in the early part of the last century; she attended Fort Totten Catholic Boarding school when she was four; raised most of her family through the great depression;somewhere she learned to create awesome wonderous flavors out of simple ingredients.

Whense inside their home, every visit was a treat to the eyes; everywhere were old photographs which were changed often. It created many opportunities for us to open conversation and discuss who were in the photos; perhaps a story or two would  be gleaned.

In the living room, my Dad and Uncle Bill shared snoose cans………  They favored Copenhagen. In my earliest memories Uncle Bill wore “arm garters” around his shirt sleeves. Those garters reminded me of “Gunsmoke.” When asked,  Dad said Bill  wore them because his shirt sleeves were too long.

As kid an unspoken lesson; men of the house, have a favorite chair.  It was simple courtesy of the time, never sit in the home owners chair.

But for his little brother, my dad, Uncle Bill would give up his favorite chair, especially noticed  when dad lost his sight.

Sitting quietly in the warm company  of the wood stove, I would listen to family stories  over and over told by Dad and Uncle Bill.  Stories about people and times they recalled. They would both get quiet in thought then spit in the spittoon.

Some nights while there, Uncle Bill would frequent the entry way. Dad told me later,sometimes Uncle kept a little bottle behind the water bucket!

Stories to me, never lost flavor as I heard them again another time..

It took me some time as a child to listen and figure out who’s who in the branches of the Metcalfe family cousins;

Uncle Bill Metcalfe and Aunt Mary DeMontigny were married in September of 1923 a two months after their brother Cliff was born. As a kid, I felt the love Dad had for each of them and they for him.  Stories told that my father was a sickly child after the death of his little tow headed brother, Lloyd.

When he was seven, Cliff was taught the alphabet at the knee of his brother Bill along with his niece, Eleanor Rose. Cliff and Eleanor started first grade at Hill Side School together. Much to his embarrassment she would run trying to catch up calling Uncle.. uncle…

William Bryant  the son of William and Mary Marjorie  the daughter of Rose, were each the eldest children, of my respective grandparents; So, they were each Dad’s half sibling. Some folks scratch their heads and snicker?  I never let any ones  silly ness about that bother.  However, I was bothered years after my aunt and uncles  passing away, When a drunk I was dancing with said the demeaning word…..squaw in reference to my aunt. My response,I walked off the floor.  I choose to not tolerate that behaviour.

Chronologically; Eleanor Rose, Robert a.k.a Bob , AliceLloyd a.k.a Punch/Dutchie, Bertha, Billy, Jack a.k.a John, Lorraine, and Larry.

Some stories heard through the years

Mary decided go picking Juneberries;  she was adamant to go picking because the fruit was a needed necessity…it was picking berries.,Cousin Alice was born at Butte St. Paul.

A few years later Jack was delivered into this world by his sister 11 year old Eleanor  at their home.

About 10 years ago on a hot summer day was invited to Lorraine’s home on Scotch Annie  Island for a gathering of the Bill and Mary Metcalfe family.

Like an impatient kid I could not wait. I drove up one day early. Lorraine greeted me and said Alice and Bernice were in the camper. She led me to the dining room . A man stood,with his back to me looking out at the lake. WHoly Buckets!. But from behind he could have been my Dad or Uncle Bill. My heart  had nearly stilled. There was was my cousin Billy.

The next day I joined those cousins for fried chicken dinner. Swapping tales with Larry, Lise, Bernice, Alice, Lorraine and a laughter fun filled argument about  a crazy made up family name, or was it a gaelic or Metis word ?

Billy started pickin his guitar.Sweet music filled the air along with occasional sounds of distant thunder.


Later, I drove Eleanor back to her Dunseith apartment when a summer thunderstorm hit

On my way home, I stopped at Good Sam to tuck my mom in. I went to her  dark room stroking her cheek, She asked “How was your visit with Mary and Bill’s kids.”  I told her about the day.…

Mom smiled saying, “Oh Vickie, You sound so much like your dad!

“huh Mom?  She said, “Your dad would go over to see those kids and always come home happy!”  …I said,  Oh mom I  am happy, I love being with my cousins. When we all get together we are “easy laughers”.

Thanks Gary,

May you  each experience the joy of being among …easy laughers.

Vickie Metcalfe
August 17, 2015

Alice Hafsahl Obituary

Our beloved mother Alice Hafsahl entered Heaven peacefully on Friday, August 7, 2015, with her daughter Lynn Beck at her side. Alice was 88 years old. She was born June 18, 1927, in Dunseith, North Dakota. Alice spent the last seven years of her life at Cascade Valley Senior Living Memory Care in Arlington, Wash. where she was tenderly cared for by their wonderful staff. She was loved by so many. Alice always had a smile on her face, was an excellent listener and willing to help and provide comfort. She loved to be outside, especially in the sunshine, enjoyed gardening, fishing and RV traveling with her husband and close friends. Her children Gary and Lynn Beck were blessed to have such a dedicated and loving Mom. She was preceded in death by her husband, Harold (Hal). In lieu of flowers, please bring stories to give to the family as keepsakes. Mom, you were my best friend and you will be so missed more than words can express. We love you and will keep you in our hearts forever. A Celebration of Life for Alice will be held Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 2 p.m. at the Sons of Norway Hall, located at 9910 270th Street NW, Stanwood, WA 98292.

Published in The Herald (Everett) on Aug. 14, 2015

See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/heraldnet/obituary.aspx?n=alice-l-hafsahl&pid=175502942#sthash.1CsAU4vD.dpuf

Class of 65 Dale’s Picture was Mislabled
Correction from Larry Hackman (’66): l Bismarck, ND


The photo is mislabeled.  Henry is sitting beside Ron Longie with the baseball cap and beard. I tried straightening it out, so scroll down and take another look.

They use to think we were twins, until I proved I was smarter and better looking.

I graduated in 66, but they the class of 65 adopted me because they needed some class in their class?  Glad you liked the story.

It did have some good subject material to work with.


Gary’s Comment

Larry, I also missed Phyllis McKay. I include the Labeling with the picture making it hard to correct.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Very much appreciated.

Correction pasted below.

Class of 65 Dales 2265


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith news

Joke of the Day

One day, Sven was walking down Main Street when he saw Ole driving a brand new pickup truck.

Ole saw Sven, and pulled over to him, grinning from ear to ear.

“Ole,” said Sven, “where’d yew get dat truck?”

“Lena gave it to me,” Ole replied.

“She gave it to yew?” Sven responded. “I knew she vas kinda sweet on yew, but a new truck?”

“Vell, Sven,” said Ole, “let me tell ya vat happened. Ve vere driving out dere on County Road 6, in da middle of nowheres, und Lena pulled off da road, put da truck in four-wheel drive, und headed into da voods. Den she parked da truck, yumped outta da cab, trew off all her clothes, und said, ‘Ole, take vatever yew vant!’ So, I took da truck!”

“Ole,” Sven replied, “yew are a smart man! Dose clothes woulda never fit yew!”


Blog (333) posted on January 9, 2009

Posted on January 9, 2009

A big salute to Mrs. Flynn from Martha Lamb Schepp (68):

Hi Gary,Lynn and I very much enjoyed Minnie Flynn’s birthday party. I would like to give a compliment to Minnie Flynn as a teacher. I think Dean and I were very fortunate to have teachers who really cared for the individual all through our school years in Dunseith. When my brother set his goal to be a Veterinary, it appeared that there was much studying to be done before such a task could be accomplished. Mrs. Flynn was Dean’s teacher, I believe in about the 5th grade. Mrs. Flynn approached Dean to see if he would accept extra help during her break and his recess. He respectfully accepted her offer . He always felt she had a lot to do with giving him the extra boost to earn his Dr. of Veterinary Medicine Degree..

Thank you, with much respect Mrs. Flynn.

Martha Lamb Schepp

Randy, K & Jill Flynn, Please pass this message onto your mother? Thanks, Gary

Thanks to Jack/Minnie from Rob Olson (79):


I just had to write after I saw the Flynn family photo. I picked Randy, Jack and Minnie out right away. Don, Lyle and I lived right across the street from the Flynn’s. What a nice famly. In fact I credit-or blame Jack Flynn for introducing me to ice cream. If I was out in the yard when he came home he would invite me over and Minnie would get me a bowl, or two. (Like I needed it!). Jack was another person who would take me and whom ever wanted to go to away baseball games. We rode in his pickup-sometimes in the front seat and sometimes in the box. It didn’t matter to us we were going to a game. It was always an adventure. It did not even matter if I or any of the guys had any money which we usually didn’t Jack would take care of us buy us seeds and pop or whatever.

Some times-early in the morning Jack would come over to the trailer and knock on the door and ask Lyle if he wanted to go up to the farm and pick rock or haul bales. After a lot of begging Jack even took me. Jack told me that if the rock was to heavy for me to lift I was to let Lyle know and Lyle could pick it up and put it in the pile. Being no dummy eventually all the rocks got to be to heavy for me so Jack let me ride on the tractor/loader with him.

Minnie was the owner of the gift shop at the Peace Garden. One year she hired a gal by the name of Christina Hiatt- Jim Hiatt’s daughter. I was working for Orvin Hagen on the grounds ( I did that for 4 summers-great job!). Orvin’s crew spent most of our breaks at the gift shop and Christina and I met. We celebrated our 25th this past summer. Thanks Minnie!

Randy, as most of the older baseball fans know, was a stellar second baseman for the Dunseith Dragons. By looking at the size of his arms in the picture I think now Randy could make that throw from second to first without a problem–just kidding. I did not know Jill or Kay well but one thing is for sure those Flynn’s are good people and I owe a big thanks to them for treating me so nicely.

Happy belated birthday Minnie.
Rob Olson

Rob, What a surprise! I had no idea that you are married to Jim Hiatt’s daughter, son of Norman and Irene. What a pleasant shock to read that statement. As you well know, I know Jim and his sisters well. We were close neighbors our entire growing up years. I’m hoping Jim can make it up to Seattle for our ‘Seattle Dunseith Alumni Reunion’ this coming July. It’s been nearly 40 years since I’ve seen him. Speaking of Orvin, he was like family to us. I need to call him again one of these days too. He lives in Kindred ND. What a small world!

Randy, K & Jill, Can you pass this along to your folks too? Thanks Gary

From Rod Hiatt (69):

Gary, Not sure if you even want to put this on your blog, but sure were

a lot Dunseith people there.

Rod, I for sure want to post this. Thanks for sharing. Gary

Good morning Gary and the rest of the world.

Well I believe that we started 2009 out with probably one of the social
highlights of the year, not saying that there won’t be
more events to come.
Toad Knutson and Jenna Mastvelton wedding brought out almost every
Hillbilly from Souris to St. John and flat landers from
the Canadian border to S. Dak. and east and west to the neighboring states.
Now Jenna, is the daughter of Lisa (Williams) twin to Lois Soland and
sister to Lori Lagerquist, and another 3 sisters that I never knew
existed + some brothers I was also informed about. When these younger
ones moved to Dunseith the others were already on their own. I noticed
that they were all getting their picture taken, so maybe someone will
have a copy to post later. So now thats where a lot of the Dunseith
people came in, knowing or being related to the Williams family.
Ray and Lori Lagerquist and there 3 daughters and new son-in-law came
back from Montana and it sure was good to sit and talk with them. I
don’t think that I had seen Ray for 15 years or better and back in the
early 70′s Ray, Brian Fauske and myself were kind of a, well thats
another whole chapter that maybe we’ll just leave out for right now.
Toad, son of Roger and Julie(Bullinger) Knutson & grandson to Norris and
Arlene Knutson, well that brought out all the Hillbillies Toad is
involved in Demolition Derby racing, so that brought out the rest of the
people in at least the 2 counties.
The wedding was held up at the Metigoshe Chapel and the reception and
dance followed at the Armory in Bottineau. They had the place decorated
up really nice with the wedding party at the head table and parents and
grand parents up toward the front as well. They served a large group a
very good meal( a little disappointed that Rodney and Curt Lagerquist
didn’t furnish fresh Venison).
My son Jason and his wife Lisa were matron of honor and best man, so
they both gave a short speech or toast. Lisa’s was very nice and sweet,
what you would expect to hear from someone talking to their best
friends, and Jason’s, well lets just say that it sure got the crowd woke
up, as well as embarrass his mother. A nice slide show was presented and
then the MUSIC began.
It was -20 outside but it was heated up inside. I’m sure that with all
the anti freeze that was consumed that night, it wouldn’t have made much
difference if it were-40.
The dance floor was full with steps like the St. John Shuffle and the
Turtle Mountain Twirl. Not so sure I didn’t see the Williams Twins (
Lisa and Lois) doing some kind of Shottish or Highlander step as well.
It sure was great visiting with all the friends and family that you just
don’t see often enough. Seems like its either a wedding or funeral that
brings people together. I know that some of you might be thinking that
there isn’t much difference in the 2, but I’m not saying that, as my
wife reads all of Gary’s emails. I hope all that were there enjoyed the
evening as much as I did


From Shirley Olson Warcup (49):


I am enjoying all of the information I receive in your e-mails! It’s almost like being “home” —-in Dunseith. A few people have commented about how many of the men who served in the military are rather silent about all that took place while on duty. I met a couple men where this was certainly the case.

Many years ago, I met a man called Gail Halvorsen. His sister introduced me to him one Sunday. I spoke to him for a short time; I can’t remember what we even talked about. Sometime later, his sister Marilyn, said he dropped candy to children in Germany when he was stationed there. She told me this about 25 years ago. It wasn’t until last week that I found out what that “dropping candy” was about. There was a 1 hour special on TV about the “Candy Bomber”. Gail Halvorsen was that candy bomber. He has been honored by the Republic of Germany in many ways. He received the highest medal awarded by them. He also carried the German team’s National Placard into the Rice-Eccles Stadium in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He became the commander of some airbase in Germany and also participated in its closing. He has been back to Germany many times and something was named after him (I missed what it was). They said the U. S. Military has modeled some of Halvorsen’s actions in Iraq, dropping toys, teddy bears, and soccer balls to Iraqi children. I wish I had known all of this at the time I met him–I imagine he could have told us many things !!

Another man we knew for about 30 years was Jess Bullock. Ron saw him frequently, Jess worked at the lumber yard where Ron bought lots of “stuff” We also saw him at church on Sundays. He left Merced about 15-20 years ago. One day after his departure, someone mentioned he had served in WW2. He had never said a word about that. They then told us he had been at Guadalcanal and that he was the 2nd most decorated soldier in the war–right behind Audie Murphy. Jess was the most gentle, soft spoken man I’ve ever met. They tell me he’s mentioned in “Guadalcanal Diary”–I’ve never checked that out—one of these days, I will.

There are so many stories to be told and so many men (and women) to be thanked for their service to our country. I had no idea so many men from the Dunseith area served in the military. We owe them a great deal!!!Thanks for doing what you’re doing, Gary. I’m learning more about Dunseith and its people from these e-mails.

Shirley Olson Warcup


From Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends,With the interesting discussion on the men and women who served in WWII,

there is one young man who hasn’t been mentioned. Harold Flynn, the
brother of Jack Flynn, was among those who died at the hands of the
Japanese on the infamous Bataan Death March. He would be the uncle to
Randy, Jill, and K. Flynn and also uncle to Terry, Tim, and Tera
Martinson. I can’t find any mention of this in the Dunseith history
book, but I believe it’s correct. Maybe some of the family will confirm
or correct me. That was one of the worst atrocities of the Pacific war.
Carroll Carlson said that Gen. MacArthur told the men to fight to the
end until reinforcements could arrive, knowing none were being sent!
Those that did hold out to the end were nicknamed the ‘Battling Bastards
of Bataan’, by those who knew of their valiant, though hopeless, effort.
Thanks Gary!



From Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s Nephew):

Dick Johnson mentioned that you had to live in North Dakota to understand how folks help each other. When my Uncle Carroll died I had to come up from St Louis to make the funeral arrangements. It was mid May and there was a lot of new snow on the ground from a freak storm. I had to drive between the funeral home in Bottineau to Dunseith where Uncle Carroll’s funeral would take place then on to Rolla to stay with my Aunt Verlie Aird Clark. On the way back to Dunseith from Bottineau a van had gone off the road into the ditch. The Sheriff stopped the first 4 wheel drive vehicle that came by and had him pull the van out of the ditch. Then the sheriff let the traffic move on. There are very few places in the US where something like this would have happened.

From Sybil Johnson:

Dick, you are so right. Not even here in Wyoming, can one depend on help from a stranger. You really dont even dare

look for help; atleast that’s the way I feel. Being by myself, I dont trust alot of people that pass my apartment.
Wyoming is known for being one of the main routes for drugs and where I live here in Cheyenne, there have been
many homes around me that have been noted as drug outlets. The 10 years that I have been in my apt., I have
made very few friends and that is sad. I have more friends on the internet, than right here in Cheyenne. But, I
cant do anything about that and I wont dwell on it. Have a nice day everyone.
Sybil Johnson (great_grandma2007@live.com.)


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Folks, Leonard & Eleanor have asked to put their messages on hold until they return to their summer home at Lake Metigoshe in the spring. I’m hoping they will see this posting? Gary
Dunseith News-1


From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):

I spoke with Aunt Emily Birkland Boucher this week; she confirmed that bootcamp was in Louisiana but did not know exact location. She said that Herman did receive the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star and several other ribbons. Uncle Herman seems weary of war and the more fierce combat as Axis lose ground and are pushed north. The attached picture was found with Herman’s letter. Uncle Ernie confirms that the picture was taken in Italy. I was told identity of the brother-in-arms, but did not write it down! Perhaps Ole or Bing Evans?Sharron

Herman Boucher’s letter from Italy in 1944:

Dear Sis & Bro Italy 7-11-44

Well my mail finally got up with me & I guess I owe you girls all letters. So I guess this will have to hold you for awhile. Anyway, I suppose these letters all go around, I hope.

Well I see you all got to see Ole [Evans]. So you should have got the low down on this outfit pretty well & on my racket. My racket is a good one, as long as you got to be in the Infantry. Ole doesn’t throw the bull, he isn’t that kind of guy. And there’s a rumor here now that he’s back in Naples, so I’ll be seeing him before long. I should be able to get lots of good news. I suppose you thought he had lots of stripes. Well I don’t think he’ll be wearing them very long when he gets back. He’ll be wearing a bar instead. That is if he wants to take it. They’ve been making quite a few officers out of these line Co. & Ole’s been a good soldier. So I guess he’s got it made & I sure hope he gets it.

Ick and Dary Ryan were down to see me this afternoon. The first time I see Dary. Well he didn’t get taller, still a runt and looks about 50 yr’s old & he sure can throw the bull. I got a couple of pts of rot gut & we got feeling pretty high. He’s got some tall stories to tell, pretty interesting. I just listen. They’ll make good stories to tell at the bar – should be able go get a lot of free drink out of them. His racket is about as good as you can get in the Inf. The only thing that bothers him most of the time is the noise of our own artillery guns & I think I could stand that pretty well. Somebody has got to get the breaks.

I think it was you or Yvette was hoping that my wound would keep me in the hospital for awhile. I told you it was just a scratch. I just went to the medic & got it patched up. I wasn’t going to go to the hospital at first, said it was too damn far to walk. So the Sgt took me down in the jeep. He said you might as well get the Purple Heart – some of these other boys are getting them for the GI’s or in plain English the s___s.

Well I wrote a letter to Hector & told him we were off the lines. That was right but we had too good a setup and I knew it wouldn’t last. We got a pretty good rumor that we’re going back Fri night. We’ll have been off 9 days. Well I don’t know what they would do if they didn’t have this Div over here. They keep us on all the time. We thought at first we were getting a Div relief, but it was just a regiment relief. I guess Cote’s outfit is coming back in our place. These new outfits they brought over here last winter & spring laid on their ass most of the summer & went up the line when we did this fall. And now their getting Div relief. I hope our boys get good & drunk and clean their ass before we go back up. Their a pretty cockeye outfit. It’ll do them good.

Well one thing I know, before we go up again we’ll be bringing ourselves some cough medicine along. The last pass we couldn’t even get wine. The Dagoes that we run across up there are no damn good. They won’t give you nothing. The only way we can get anything from them is to steal it. In the southern part of Italy they were glad so see us. They use to give us anything they had. We didn’t have to steal it at least.

Well I was suppose to go on a day pass tomorrow but now they called it off until the next day. They better be careful how many days they call it off or I’ll just be out of luck. We get five day passes every so often in a rest CA. but that comes about every 6 mo and the last one I had was about 3 months ago. So I don’t have to think about that for awhile.

It’s about my bedtime so I better sign off. Hoping this finds everybody in the best of health.

Love & Best Regards from your Bro Herman

Herman Boucher
Boucher, Herman 2265


Herman Boucher & Bing Evans?
Boucher Herman and Evens, Bing 2265

Posted by Carmen Leonard Richard (Rolette):

Carmen, this is beautiful. Gary


On the sixth day God turned to the Archangel Gabriel and said: ‘Today, I am going to create a land called North Dakota.


It will be a land of outstanding Natural beauty; a land of beautiful lakes, each one full of fish. It Shall have tall majestic pines, peacefully flowing rivers, landscapes full of Buffalo, tall grass, and eagles, beautiful blue skies, forests full of bear, elk And moose, rich farmland and fair skinned people.’


God continued, ‘I Shall make the land rich in resources so as to make the inhabitants prosper and They shall be known as a most friendly people, people who practice being Nice every day.’
But Lord,’ asked Gabriel, ‘don’t you think you are being too Generous to these North Dakota people?’

‘Not really,’ replied God ‘just wait and see the winters I am going to give them,’


8/15/2015 (2264)

Happy Birthday Flavia Moraes (’73): São Paulo, Brazil


Happy Birthday Val Moyer (’63): Bottineau, ND.
Moyer, Val 2264

Russell Pigeon (‘63) passed away
Posting from Bruce Pigeon (’61):  Garrison, ND

Hi Gary

Sad news.  My brother Russell lost his battle with his cancer yesterday morning.  I am meeting with his two boys to plan on when to have a memorial service and burial.

He will be buried in Dunseith at the family plot.  I will send more details as soon as I know more.

Please put something out on the list to let his friends know of his passing.



Gary’s comment

Bruce, our condolence are with you and the rest of your family with Russell’s passing. He was well known in his school days too. He was a good guy. He will be missed.

Russell Pigeon’s reply to Allen Richard (’65)

Hi Allen

I am sorry to have to tell you Russell lost his battle with the cancer about 7am this morning.  He fell asleep and didn’t wake up.  He went peacefully which is all that we wanted.  He is in a better place now.

I will miss him terribly as he wasn’t only my little brother, but also my best friend.

We will have a memorial here in Garrison and they he will taken to Dunseith to be buried in the family plot with mom, dad and Gary.  There will be a gravesite memorial for him, the date has not been decided.


Russell Pigeon

(Died August 12, 2015)

Send Flowers
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Russell Pigeon, 71, Pick City, died on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at the Garrison Hospital. Memorial services will be held on Thursday, August 20, from 5 to 7 pm at Thompson Funeral Home in Garrison. Burial will be at St. Louis Catholic Cemetery in Dunseith.

Russell Albert Pigeon was born February 20, 1944 to Romulus and Pearl (Stevens) Pigeon in Rolla, ND. He was raised and educated in Dunseith, graduating from Dunseith High School. He married Cheryl Jacobson in 1966 in Rugby, ND. They had two sons, Steven Russell and Michael Paul.

Russell was a retired union pipefitter with Local 300 working construction most of his life. He was very well known for his meat processing and sausage making. He spent countless hours in his meat shop, many of those hours with his sons helping him.

Russell is survived by his sons, Steven, Pick City, Michael, Hazen; brother, Bruce, Garrison; and numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother, Gary, and one sister, Rochelle.


Art Hagen with his farm toy tractor.

He can cover many acres in a day with this rig.
Look at the size of those tires and there are 12 of them.
Lots of traction with lots of power too.
Hagen, Art 2264



Blog (332) posted on January 8, 2009


Condolences to Ivy Eller Robert with the loss of her brother from Robin & Bernard (76) Morin:  

Our sincere condolences to you and your family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Robin and Bernard Morin

Thanks. Bernard

Request from Jacqueline Hiatt Fix (79): 

First off Gary thank for your hard work keeping us in touch with whats going in North Dakota today and taking us down memory lane.

My cousin Randy Hiatt son of Aunt Deloris (Hiatt) and Uncle LeRoy Birkland would like to be added to your distribution list. He lives in Seattle (or Suburb). His e-mail address

Thanks again for bringing us all closer.

Happy New Year!
Jacqueline (Hiatt) Fix

Jacqueline, Thank you so much for including Gary. I know many of our folks remember both his parents.  Gary


Reply from Debbie Armentrout Metcalfe (77): 


For many years mom has reserved her Monday mornings to gather the news for the Turtle Mountain Star and the Courant.  I will pass on your thanks.


Debbie, Neola has provided us with several more of your mothers wonderful ‘Dunseith News’ columns posted below.  Gary


From Gary Metcalfe (57):

Reply to Dick and Larry,

I think the stucco man was probably Adrian Egbert, who else but a man who used to custom saw firewood.  You may remember how we used to push a whole years supply of poplar trees through a buzz saw in 6 ot 7 hours in the winter with the help of 3 or 4 neighbors, well Adrian traveled doing this every day for a given amount of time.

The second house you talk about was Martin and Randina Evans.  That old model A probably  belonged to Bing or Ole.  I pulled the spark lever down all the way and really made a lot of miles in my minds eye.

The third house was built by Archie Metcalfe, logs running vertically.  A warm house and it may have been sheeted before the stucco.

Sue is retyping a letter from Bing, I have several, in hopes that Sharon Gottbreht will send that one from 1944 by her Uncle Herman.  I had surely wondered about Fritz Eurich for a long time, also Olard Boucher, they were definitely heros.  When we find out about Adrian Mongeon’s Bronze Star and Johnny Danielson’s Silver Star, we will have Dunseith surrounded.

Bing always guards his mother from worry in his many letters:  Dated March 23, 1944

Dear Mother,

This marks a little more than two months on the Anzio beach-head for us and we’re beginning to feel almost at home here.  Jerry, in his crude manner, still continues discouraging any such ideas but to no avail.   This was their favorite bathing beach, guess that’s why they were so riled up when we barged in.  Well, if they want to bathe, there’s a river running through Berlin.  That’s where they belong anyway.  One of these days maybe they’ll wise up.

In many respects we’re living quigte comfortably in spite of Hitler’s hench-men and their threats.  We’re eating pretty good NOW.  Our regular ration is supplemented with bread and fresh meat.  And once we even had “sure enough” cow butter which was a real treat.  Of course we get butter in our regular rations which good too.  And I almost forgot the doughnuts, we’ve had ’em a couple of times.  We have facilities for taking hot baths and the civilians do our laundry, so you see we’re living alright.  A “rest camp” has been established and those who are fortunate enough to go there can see movies and they have other forms of entertainment, but the rest is the best thing away from the worries and danger of the front lines.

Dary Ryan is here on the beach-head although I haven’t seen him yet, but I hope to soon.

I got some home town news papers from some of my Rolette friends in one of the other Batteries so I’ve been reading up on the latest developments back home.  It appears they’re having some difficulty meeting their “Bond” quotas and I can’t blame them.  Their quotas are altogether too much for rural communities.

I hear the girls may come home this spring and I suppose you’re looking forward eagerly for that, after being so much alone this winter.

Best regards to all!  Bing

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

You nearly have to live in North Dakota to understand the way folks here

help each other. The other day there was a picture of Randy Hiatt, Ike’s
son, posted here on the blog. A couple years back I was out in the
eastern part of the state to pick up an antique car. As I was heading
back with the car on my car trailer, I looked in the mirror and noticed
a tire was going down on the trailer. I stopped out in the middle of
nowhere to put on the spare, but my spare was also flat. I limped along
at about 20 miles an hour until the tire was nearly flat. I came to a
rural elevator at Loma, ND. There are no houses anymore but the elevator
is still operating. I pulled in to see if they might have an air
compressor I could use to air up the tires. The young guy came out and
said he loaned his compressor out that day and it hadn’t been brought
back yet. I told him I have a real problem with a flat and a flat spare.
He said we could just drive over to the next farm and use his air and he
jumped in with me. I asked if the guy was home and he said it didn’t
matter, he knew where the stuff was and how to turn it on. We did
exactly that and I was ready to go. On the way back to the elevator he
asked who I was and I told him. He said he was Randy Hiatt and was from
St. John. I told him I had breakfast with his dad in St. John that
morning before I left! He wouldn’t take a dime for helping me and wished
me luck on the rest of my trip. I can only imagine what my chances of
having this kind of help in other places than good old ND,  would have
been ! Thanks Gary!


Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): 


In answer to Bev…….That saying about you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…….Well I’m a pretty old dog. Besides, if anyone saw me with a smile on my face they’d think I got my medication mixed up. HA!HA!HA!!!!

Mel Kuhn

Picture posted by Susan Fassett Martin (65): 

These are the five Watkins girls–Irene (Mrs Wm T Fassett), Lenore (Mrs

Leslie J Hoover),  Carol(Mrs Emery Carbonneau), Jeannine(Mrs Adolph
Robert) and Murl (Mrs Johnny Hill).  There was also Elaine but she was
much younger and was not part of the run around together pack.  This is
dated Oct of 1976.  I will try and find an older set of the five if I
can.  Thought some of the older Dunseith alumni might be interested.  I
am sorting pictures—again!!  I may never get done with scrapbooks and
albums, but I am  going to give it a try.   Hugs, and prayers,  Susan

Irene (Mrs Wm T Fassett), Lenore (Mrs Leslie J Hoover),  Carol(Mrs Emery Carbonneau), Jeannine(Mrs Adolph Robert) and Murl (Mrs Johnny Hill).
Dunseith women 2264


Dunseith News posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Dunseith News Dunseith news-1




8/13/2015 (2263)

Message to Trish Larson Clayburgh (’73):
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (’75):  Boonton, NJ

To Trish:  you have the most amazing life!  Best wishes for your new adventures in Montana and beyond.  We ( the class of 75) also got the pleasure of seeing Gary at our reunion on July 11th.  We had a very nice time catching up on everyone’s life.  Best wishes,  Lynn Otto


Gospel Music Festival at the Peace Garden
Posting from Don Boardman (’60):  Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary

Just thought I would send you some information for your blog.  We are having a Gospel Music Festival at the Peace Garden in the Burdick Center for the Performing Arts this weekend.  It is the “International Country Gospel Music Fest” and the website is www.internationalcountrygospelfest.com.  You can see all the performers, the write-up on each with pictures, the schedule, and other information on the festival.  This is the 11th festival we have sponsored with groups from the US and Canada.  No charge to get into the festival except the charge to get into the Peace Gardens itself.  The Gardens are beautiful this year as usual.

Don Boardman, Tina Bullinger, and Jerry Olson


Ackworth Cemetery

Folks, the Ackworth Cemetery is looking very nice. The Lagerquist boys are doing a wonderful job taking care of it.

My Brother Darrel and his wife Debby looking at our Parents graves.


                               Ackworth Cemetery – July 2015
Ackworth Cemetery 2263


Blog (331) posted on January 7, 2009


From Warren Anderson (65): 

Hi, Gary we are talking about WWII alot and a friend of mine sent this to me.  I think it is great as we only studied about “Betty the

Ribbeder” in History Class but here is another nation that used wood.  Maybe Mr. Hosmer can say alittle more about it.   Class of ’65 Warren

Warren, This is a very interesting movie about the 1944 Australian fighter bomber manufactured out of wood called the Mosquito.  This movie is a bit large to be sending out with a group message.

Folks, please get in touch with Warren if you’d like for him to send you an electronic copy of this video.  It’s an interesting clipping.  Gary


Reply to Neola from Chery Larson Dakin (71): 

To Neola Kofoid Garbe, good luck on your surgery tomorrow. You are in my prayers for a quick recovery. Take good care, and let us know when you can how you’re doing.

Cheryl Larson Dakin


Neola’s reply following Lumectomy Surgery: 

Hi Everyone,

First, THANK YOU to everyone for your prayers.  They were definitely answered. :)  I’m so blessed to have so many “praying” relatives/friends.  I did not worry about the surgery before I had it, and I’m not worried about it now.  I don’t expect cancer will be in the tissue they removed. If, by any chance, there is, we’ll take it from there. :)

Wally and I got home about 20 minutes It[It’s taken me 15 minutes to write this email, so it’s a little long ago now)ago (after dropping off a prescription for pain pills and buying a few groceries for me to take along to Bottineau tomorrow).  Annn Kofoid’s funeral is tomorrow at 2:00 at Nero Funeral Parlor.  At this point in time, I plan to go.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  I’m feeling fine right now–the pain pills will wear off sometime this afternoon, so that might change.  I’ll take a couple more pills if I need them.

I am very fortunate in that I heal quickly.  The first thing I did when I got back to my room was to ask for Diet Coke (Yes, I KNOW it isn’t good for me!).  Then I had two slices of toast/jelly and a cup of coffee.  After that, I had to prove my kidneys/bladder worked.  They do. :)

I see the surgeon on January 19, unless something comes up.  I don’t plan to see him before the 19th. :)  I imagine that’s when I’ll find out when the radiation treatments start. Again, I don’t anticipate any probelms before/with the treatments. :)

Again, thanks for all the prayers, emails, cards, anything I might have missed mentioning. :)  Like I said, I am BLESSED!


P.S.  We stopped for groceries to buy ice cream.  Wally says I can rationalize anything; I didn’t want to let him down, so I “rationalized” that I need to indulge myself and have some ice cream–half-gallon, of course!! (Two of them!)


Tim Martinson’s reply to Larry St. Clair’s photo posted in message (328): 

Hello Gary, I had to comment on the picture that Larry sent to you. I had mentioned that Larry was part of the

class of 1966 and you had said that he was from the class of 1965. It kind of puzzled me that was I wrong

and my mind slipping but has the truth come forward at the bottom of the picture. Tommy was a senior that

year as his 4 year stripes on the letterman’s sweater attest to. I could still be wrong and Larry was eligible to

play an extra year as in a red shirt freshman status. I sure hope this does’nt raise a stink and DHS has to forfeit

all those games that were won that year!!!! Maybe we should keep this quiet? Hope your web site is secure?

Anyway the picture brought a smile to my face and fond memories of loud cheering and fast paced basketball.

Always looked forward to the next day breakdown of the previous nights game at the bakery. Back then it was

slaps on the back, way to go, and usually a win, that paid off for off for all the hard work put in at the lengthy

practices.  Take Care, Tim

Yes Tim, you were right.  I had Larry in the wrong year.  He’s listed with the class of 66 now though.  You are not the only one that brought this to my attention. It’s wonderful that you guys catch this stuff so it can be corrected.  Future generations will be looking at this stuff in years to come and we want it to be right. Gary

Reply from Dale Pritchard (63): 


I did a search for “USS Cole” on the internet and it brought up several
newsworth and interesting things.  On the first page are listed
“Recovery of the USS Cole” and “U.S.S. Cole.”  The first one is a video
of the recovery with music.  The second is a tribute with music to the
17 sailors who were killed in the terrorist attack.  Scroll down on each
to see it all.

You mentioned going through Clark Air Base in the Philippines.  When I
was stationed in Okinawa and both times in Japan we spent a lot of time
there working with our sister unit.  I guess you know that Clark was
closed after Mt. Pinatubo erupted and buried it in ash.  It wasn’t
practical to rebuild it after so much damage was done.


Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): 

Mel  Kuhn,  I think you should  come and live in  our house  with me  for a few  weeks  I  could  train you and   send  you home  after   that  and  your  wife  would   be  soooooooooooo happy,  After all most  men  are  trainable   lol



Reply from Bobby Slyter (70): 

To Mark Schimetz: Thanks for that wonderful picture of your mother at Minnie Flynn’s birthday party, she looks great, when we where in school I could not wait to go to lunch so I could see your mother she is and was then too, a wonderful person, I did not realize until years later that we where related as her brother Ernest Richard was married to my aunt Beatrice slyer, next time you see your mother give her a hug from me


Lloyd Awalt’s service posted by Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): 


I hope this comes thru ok…happened across it this morning and thought you might enjoy it.  Thank you to all our veterans for all you did and continue to do.
Awalt, Lloyd 2263-1 Awalt, Lloyd 2263-2


8/12/2015 (2262)

Happy Birthday Allen Pladson (’67):  Dunseith, ND

Happy Birthday Denice Casavant: Rolette, ND
Casavant, Denice 2262

Ron Peltier (’70)

Folks, I had the pleasure of meeting and having my picture taken with Ron Peltier in Dale’s Lounge
Stokes 2262

Reply from Trish Larson Clayburgh (’73):  Livingston, MT.

Hello everyone!  I was very happy to get back to North Dakota this year, although it was a very quick visit and I didn’t manage to connect with some dear friends I hoped to, I was so glad to see others and meet Gary in person for the first time.  It was fun seeing Terry Espe and Les and Myra Halvorson and also great to run into Vicky Metcalfe in Bottineau.  And one of the sweetest surprises was running into Connie Halvorson at Wal Mart!

I am now officially living and working in Livingston, Montana, and plan to stay here and “settle” down.  I am taking a break from nursing and took two jobs at the Chico Hot Springs resort near Yellowstone.  I work three days as a massage therapist at the Day Spa, and two days a week as a wrangler with the Outfitter there.  My life has changed dramatically from what it was in California, and I am loving it.

I just returned from a photo shoot at the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse sanctuary near the Wyoming border.  We got some great photos, including a bear with two cubs and a big buck in full velvet.  My friend is a professional wildlife photographer with proper gear, so we were able to zoom in for some special shots of some of the beautiful Spanish mustangs that roam the top of the mountain.  Those photos are being posted on FB.

My horses are doing well here in the Paradise Valley.  They live at the outfitters place I work for, and get to mingle with their herd of 60 horses.  My goal is to buy land and build an old style log cabin eventually, but for now, I am living in town, just a few blocks from downtown Livingston.  There are frequent music festivals going on in the summer, so it’s a lot of fun to be able to just walk a few steps and join the fun.

I love the old west feel of this small town, and feel very lucky to live here.  It’s about 23 miles to Bozeman and 100 miles to Billings from here.  Those cities have everything a person needs for supplies and shopping.

Well, that’s my update for now, and be sure to give me a shout out if you’re coming this way.


Reply to Dick Johnson (’68)-  old ‘57’ Chevy
From Dale Pritchard (’63):  Leesville, LA

To Dick and Brenda Johnson,

Looks like you found my old ‘57’ Chevy.  I bought it, or one like it, in ‘65’ and traded it in Bottineau in Jan ‘69’ for a ‘64’ Ford with only 28,000 miles on it.  Two years of not being used while I was in Japan didn’t do the engine any good.  I’ve seen some of your great restoration work, thanks to this blog.  Please post another picture of it when you get done.

Dale Pritchard


Blog (330) posted on January 6, 2009


Reply from Kay Hosmer (77):

From Kay Hosmer (77) – to Marlene Armentrout, I hadn’t remembered that you have done the news column for so long in the paper!  It reminds me of my maternal grandmother Ila Selzler who did the column in Towner for probably 50 years?  Good job, Marlene!

Folks, Kay is the Daughter of Don (Bill & Bob’s Brother) and Jesslyn Selzler Hosmer.  Kay is currently living in Indiana. Her mother Jesslyn taught school in Dunseith for a number of years.  She had the class of 65 and others in their elementary years.

Debbie Armentrout Metcalfe, Can you relay this message of Kay’s to your mother? She has been doing a darn good job of posting the Dunseith news to both the Star and the Courant for many years.  She is to be commended for such dedicated service.  Gary

Reply from Sharon Longie Dana (73): 

Response to Ivy Eller:

My condolences to you and your family. Thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.

Sharon Longie Dana(73)


Reply from Loraine Neameyer Haas (72): 

Gary, I believe the piano teacher in message 328 is Alice Solberg from the Rolette area.  She is deceased but her son Peter is living in that area.  Very often Peter plays guitar with Rocky LaRocque (Floyd) at the Dunseith Nursing Home and the residents do enjoy their music.

Loraine Haas (Neameyer) – Director of Nursing at the Dunseith Nursing Home.


Reply from Dale Pritchard (63): 

Good Morning Gary,

Ships were not my thing during my military time.  However, the picture
of one with a hole in the side reminded me of the USS Cole after
terrorists got done with it.  They carried the “Cole” home on a barge.
I had a email video showing how the barge was submerged then moved under
the ship and brought back up with jacks under the ship at critical
points to stabilize it.  The video got lost with everything else when my
hard drive decided its time was done.  It was interesting.

Talking about left over WWII equipment reminded me of all the rusted
hulks at Diego Garcia, an island off the tip of India.  I went through
there many times during the 70s on trips to Djakarta, Indonesia and Iran
and finally had time to act like a tourist.


Dale, Debby provided some great pictures of your mother posted below.  She’s looking great!  You mention Diego Garcia. I’ve been there too. As I recall it’s located about 800 or so miles south of the tip of India.  It’s below the equator.  The island is so small, that it’s listed as a mere fly spec on maps. With my trip to the Subic Bay, PI in 1978 we had to do some ship checks, under way, on the USS Enterprise. We got stranded on the ship out in the Indian Ocean and were flown off the ship to Diego Garcia.  We spent 6 days there waiting for a flight back to Clark Air force base in the PI. At the time there were about 1200 US Military stationed on the island.  There were also no women on the island.  It was a beautiful place.  Gary


From Mel Kuhn (70):

Howdy Gary,

Finally I can say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I say finally because they’re finally over with, Geez—-don’t they just go on forever? We have a grandson that lives with us—finally he’s back to school. Finally the wife is back to work on a daily basis like she should be. It’s bad enough when they leave you these honey do lists but when they’re right there telling you what they want done—-day after day after day. Now Lola is gonna tell her what I said again and here goes the circle again—day after day. Women—Geez—-OK Paula have at it, go ahead I can take it. I kind of roamed off of the holiday stuff, finally the credit cards are full and the checking account is empty and everyone is happy. Finally the house is back to empty and I can have some peace and quiet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Mel “The Scrooge” Kuhn


Message/Pictures posted by Debby (Darrel 70) Stokes: 

Here are 2 pictures I took at Dorothy Pritchard’s birthday party today. Her birthday isn’t for another 3 weeks but they celebrated it along with Winifred Eurich at St. Andrew’s Long Term. Winifred is 90 and Dorothy will be 96. Dorothy seems to like it at St. Andrew’s Long Term, but she still misses Oak Manor.

Thank you Debby for sharing these pictures. Dorothy is looking great!  You can see the spark in her eye and I know in her mind equally as well.  Joanne Smith Fuchs from our class of 65 has been her hair dresser of a number of years.

Folks, Debby is married to my brother Darrel or better known as Bud among a lot of us. Debby retired from a life long career of teaching several years ago.  In retirement she chose to help out 3 days a week with the noon meals that are delivered to Oak Manner. Dorothy had an apartment at Oak Manner for a number of years. She recently moved to Saint Andrews.  The Lagerquist boys or I think Lyle purchased Robert and Dorothy’s farm following Robert’s death. The Lagerquist boys sister Evon is currently living on the Pritchard home place located one mile south of our old home place up in the Turtle Mountains.  Believe it or not, there are a number of our Senior Dunseith Alumni currently living at the Oak Manner apartments in Bottineau. With your visits to Bottineau feel free to stop down there and see them. Noon is a good time to catch them out in the dining area.  They are a friendly bunch of folks.

Back to my brother Darrel (Bud). He works for the City of Bottineau and also farms. He’s one busy guy. Bud is in charge of the Bottineau Land fill and transfer station located less than a half mile north of the fair grounds on the west side of the road. If you have any garbage to get rid of, he’s the guy you will see.  He welcomes friendly visits too, even without garbage.  Gary

                        Dorothy Pritchard & Darrel Stokes (70):
Pritchard Dorothy

    Dorothy Pritchard several weeks prior to her 96th Birthday.Pritchard Dorothy 2262-1

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

A note to Bill Hosmer– saddened to hear of the loss of your flight
leader. It sounds as though he did a lot for his country and it’s
citizens, as well as his friends. Just a point to check; at the
beginning of each township chapter in the Dunseith Centennial book there
is a map of the township with home sites shown in the early days and
then another with a newer map. The homes are shown as a black dot. It is
interesting to see how many people lived on each parcel back then.

Ivy— We are sorry of the loss of your brother. It’s good that you got
to know him in these later years.

When we were talking about trails and sleighs, I remembered another
trail story. In 1967, Ernest LaCroix passed away and Dad bought his
black angus cattle. I remember going to look at them with Elwood Fauske,
who was Ernest’s brother-in-law and was handling the sale for Lydia, his
sister. If I remember right, there were about 30 cows and a bull that
had been wintered about three and a half miles straight south of our
farm. There is no road through the trees, just some trails that link
together to go through the ‘jungle’. On a Saturday morning Dad and Randy
Kelly and I went cross country through deep snow and started the long
cattle drive on foot. The cattle had no idea where we were chasing them
so they took every wrong turn and spread out through the brush every
chance they got. Dad was in front of the herd with a tractor and hay
rack. Randy and I had to run through the hazelbrush and get them back to
the trail time and time again. We started the day thinking it was a two
hour hike. About eight hours later we finally got them all to our place.
We were so worn out and hungry we could hardly get in the pickup for the
ride back to town. That evening Dad took us to Dale’s and told the
waitress to give us anything we wanted. We each had a Jumbo and fries
and a chocolate malt. When we finished that, we each had a sundae! If I
tried to eat HALF that much today, I would croak! Randy and I had some
good times together when he lived in Dunseith. He went back to St. Paul,
MN and graduated there in ’69. He later was a state legislator and most
recently mayor of St. Paul. I’ve often wondered I he remembers some of
the stuff we did as kids? Thanks Gary!


Dick, Randy Kelly’s mother was a Fauske, sister to Elwood and Lydia LaCroix. Randy is currently on President George Bush’s staff. I’m assuming that most of President Bush’s staff will be replaced with our new President?  With his status, I’ve been unable to get in touch with him. I’m hoping that he has been recieving some of these messages via some of his family members?  Randy is well remembered and was well liked by those from his school days.  I think Randy spent a lot of time at the LaCroix’s in his growing up days. Gary

               Randy Kelly (69)  & Donna LaCroix Allard (64)
Kelly LaCroix 2262


Folks, This picture has been posted several times before, but now we have a story to go with the folks in this picture.

Yes, Lydia looks like one of the girls. She’s retained that Fauske youthful appearance over the years. Gary

Ernest LaCroix family
Joan, Judy, Lydia & Donna LaCroix – 2007
LaCroix 2262

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 


I was quite sure I (Dad’s) have a copy of Rolette Counties (the one I’m assuming this page came from.)  I just found it tonight.  If anyone in the Bottineau/Dunseith area would like to borrow it to scan pages, they are most welcome to do so.  I’m guessing many of your readers also have this book, so this is can be a “back-up”, if you need one.  I’ll take it along to Bottineau the next time I go and will have it there.  228-3917, or send an email to me.

I’m trying to remember what all I have to do while I still have two “good” arms.  I think I’ve heard you aren’t suppose to lift anything heavy for a week, or so, after a lumpectomy.  I also have to remember to not eat/drink after midnight.  That might be the hardest of all!  I drink a LOT of liquids, so going 8+ hours (until the surgery) will be challenging.  I’ll have to leave notes around the kitchen, reminding myself not to drink anything; I always have a mug of something on the counter and drink without even thinking about it. :)  I’m still fine with the surgery tomorrow.  I probably should be concerned about it, but, as yet, I’m not.  Because I stayed up so late last night (10:00 this morning), I slept all day.  I suppose I’ll be up all night.  That’s OK. That might make it easier to be at the hospital by 8:30 A.M.

I’ll try to send an email later tomorrow.  I’m not sure when I’ll get home, but I’m guessing by maybe three-four o’clock in the afternoon.  I’ll have to see how much energy I have/how I feel later in the day. I can hardly believe how many people are saying prayers for me.  They must be working already being I’m so calm about all this.  It’s wonderful.

I’m checking into attending Ann Kofoid’s funeral on Tuesday afternoon at Nero Funeral Home.  I’ve contacted someone who might be willing to take me to Bottineau/visit her relatives while I attend the funeral/lunch, depending on how I feel, of course.  As you can tell, I don’t plan on being “laid up” for very long.  I might be over-confident, but that’s OK. :)


Neola, you’ve got the right attitude. Please keep us posted.  You are in our prayers.  Gary
Reply from Mark Schimetz (70):

Jack Flynn is wearing the Dark glasses (1st Picture) behind him is Kay Flynn (Richard) in purple, Jill Flynn’s son next to Kay, and Jill is next to her mother Minnie. Randy is to the right of Jack in a green sweater. Behind Kay is her son and to his right Kay’s Daughter Brook, Other than that. Randy will have to fill you in.

The Bottom Picture is Stella Schimetz, Jennie Took and Sharon Tooke

It was a wonderful Tribute for a stellar individual of our community and the program was so well done with music and singing from family and stories abound.  It is so great to see something like this done while the person is still alive.

There just wasn’t enough time to visit with everyone as the church was near full,   not enough coat rack space.  Larry, Tooke and his wife along with Linda Kay Tooke came in from Westhope, Jeannie Tooke came in from Mandan.  Randy from the South I think he said Alabama,  anyway it was a blast.   mark

Reply from Randy Flynn for his mothers birthday pictures (70): 


Thank you for posting the pictures from Minnie Flynn’s Birthday Party.  It was very nice of Mark Schimetz to take the pictures.  This was the first time MiniGran’s Children and Grand Children were all together in one place in 15 or 20 years.  We had a enjoyable weekend.

Gary keep reaching out and dusting us all a little each day.

Randy Flynn

Flynn Family Foto

L-R Back  Greir Huck Flynn (Randy’s 2nd Son), Liza Southwood (Friend of Wyman Flynn), Brooke Silbernagel  and Patrick Richard (K’s Daughter and Son), Elizabeth Richard (Pat’s Spouse), Dr. John Tinjum (Jill’s 2nd Son), Tally Tinjum (John’s Spouse), Stephanie Tinjum (Jill’s 3rd Child), Larry Tinjum (Jill’s Spouse)

Middle – Wyman Flynn (Randy’s Oldest Son), K Richard, Richard Tinjum (Jill’s Oldest Son)

Front – Laurice Flynn (Randy’s Spouse), Randy, Rio Flynn (Randy’s Daughter), Jack Flynn, Minnie Flynn, Jill Tinjum, Sonja Tinjum (Jill’s Youngest Daughter)

Randy Flynn Family

Randy Flynn, Greir Huck Flynn, Jack Flynn, Rio Flynn, Wyman Flynn, Liza Southwood, Minnie Flynn, Laurice Flynn

3 Amidas ?

Stella Schimetz, Jean (Tooke) Berger, and Sharon (Tooke) Parkhouse

Reply to Minnie Flynn’s birthday pictures from her daughter Jill Flynn Tinjum (68): 

We had a great time celebrating  with Mom.  She wanted her party at the end of the holiday season so all our families had time to get up to Dunseith, before commitments of school and work.  Thanks to so  many family and friends who came out in  the nasty weather. We had such a nice time visiting everyone.  It was a great party!  Thanks, Mark, for the pictures.

Sibling family color code- Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Gary

Randy’s family
K’s family
Jill’s family

Top row:  Greir Flynn, Liza Southwood, Brooke Silbernagel, Patrick Richard, Elizabeth Richard,John Tinjum, Tally Tinjum, Stephanie Tinjum, Larry Tinjum.
Middle row: Wyman Flynn, K. Jacqueline Richard,Richard Tinjum.
Front:  Laurice Flynn, Randy Flynn, Rio Flynn, Jack Flynn, Minnie Flynn, Jill Tinjum, Sonja Tinjum.
Flynn, Minnie 2262

Randy with his family and his parents
Randy, Greir, Jack, Rio (middle), Wyman (Back), Minnie, Liza, and Laurice.
Flynn, Minnie 2262-1

Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): 

In the photo of the three ladies supplied by Minnie Flynn’s family,

the gal on the left in the red sweater is Stella (Richard) Schimetz.
I don’t know anyone else.  Diane Sjol

Reply from Evon Lagerquist (77): 

Gary, I think the 3 ladies in the bottom picture are Stella Schimetz, Jean Tooke, and her older sister, Sharon.

Picture taken at Minnie Flynn’s birthday party:
Stella Schimetz, Jean Tooke Berger, Sharon Took Parkhouse
Shimetz, Stell 2262


8/10/2015 (2261)

Happy Birthday Geri Metcalfe Munro (’59): Fargo, ND
Metcalfe Munro, Geri 2261


Happy Birthday (8/9) Mick Kester (’59): Fargo, ND
Happy Birthday (8/10) Janice LaCroix Kester: Fargo, ND
Kester, Mick and Janice 2261


Reunion in Bottineau with my First cousin Randy Woodward.

Randy lives in Omaha, NB. Randy’s dad and my mother were siblings.   I had not seen Randy since my folks 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1991. Randy was able to spend several days with us in Bottineau when I was there. It was so nice being able to see him again too.

Randy is an Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in backs/spines. Randy is a good friend of Dr. Uthus in Minot. They were roommates in Med School. Over the years, Dr. Uthus has done many hip transplants for lots and lots of the Bottineau folks including my mother and my Uncle Emil Petterson all with great success.


First cousins – Randy Woodward & Gary Stokes
Stokes 2261

Dick Johnson’s Birthday, July 20th
Posting/pictures from Brenda Johnson: Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary

I’m a little late, but thought I should forward you a picture of Dick’s 65th birthday.   We celebrated at the lake with some friends and family a couple of weeks ago.  Probably more of interest to blog readers would be the second picture of his 57 Chevy restoration project.  A car he found in the weeds and will keep him busy for some time!  We enjoyed having pizza with you and Trish and reminiscing about old times.  Thanks Trish for the treat.

Johnson, Dick 2261-1 Johnson, Dick 2261-2


Blog (329) posted on January 5, 2009



Leo Eller passed away – Posted by Ivy Eller Robert (74): 

Hi Gary & Dunseith Alumni,

I hope you will post this:

My half-brother Leo Eller, died Friday morning January 2 at 10:30am, of lung cancer. He had several heart attacks in the past 15 years or so. He also had a kidney removed a couple of years ago, it was full of cancer. He had been in and out of the hospital, more in than out, for the last couple of years.
I don’t know his exact age, but I think he was in his late 60’s. He did not graduate in Dunseith, but lived around there as a kid and is related to several folks in the Dunsieth and surrounding areas.  He had moved out of the house when he was a teenager, and lived a brief period with my grandfather George Albert. Then moved out to California, and eventually moved to the Seattle Washington area. He went to work for the Boeing Company when is was pretty young and ended up work for Boeing for 48 or 49 years. His heath was not good enough to reach the 50 year mark. Him and his family lived in the Marysville/Everett area most of the time until he retired from Boeing, 3 or 4 years ago. They bought a place in the country, about 20 miles north of Portland Organ in a town called Battle Ground Washington.
Not growing up with him, I didn’t really know him as my brother, but when I moved to the Seattle area in 1986, I really got to know him. I must say, you could not have found a more layed back, mischievous, and “full of the Devil”, gentle soul as Leo. He was the best and will be missed very much.
I know he thought very fondly of a lot of people from his home town (Dunseith) and I didn’t know how else to let those people know of his passing. Anyone wishing to contact his wife can at,

Billie Joy Eller

Thanks again Gary for all that you do…….

Ivy Robert

Ivy, we are saddened to hear of the death of your brother. I’m sure there are some of our alumni that do remember him. Our condolences are with you and his family.  Gary


Map reply from Bill Hosmer (48): 

Gary and Doreen, Thank you for presenting the display in this mailing.  Doreen has picked up on Vance Bailey’s penetrating interest and actions regarding the history of our fair community. Doreen, I thank you for sending the display.  Surely there are those among us who can build on this offering.  It looks like a whole wall with enlarged maps and homesteads, etc could handle the challenge.  I’ll keep encouraging ideas like Doreen’s and try to figure out the ways and means.  Cheers, Bill Hosmer
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): 

Gary, Another tremendous collection of good reading.  I’ve got a couple of things to say.  One is that I’m old enough to have met all four of the Gottbreht gentlemen in the 4 generation picture that Evie gifted us with. There is a picture of George and my Dad, Jack Hosmer in the Centennial Book, when they were in Kansas City trying to get a baseball team to come to play for Dunseith.  They were the all black team who used to play all comers, including The House Of David team which was all caucasion, and all with full beards.  They played on Sundays at the ball field west of the Dunseith City Park   The gentleman holding the youngest of that clan, William Gottbreht was still operating the mill at the site now owned by Jim Evans.  One day when we were young and wreckless Joe Evans and I were running around doing what kids do, and we picked up alot of mud and other barn yard materials on our shoes just before we ran across a whole stack of newly sacked

flour which had not been delivered to the stores in town.
We left ugly tracks on those beautiful white sacks of flour.  William, who was a friend of my grandfather, Will Hosmer (Jack’s Dad) came around the corner while Joe and I were trying to disappear into thin air and said, ” I know who you are, Hosmer, and I’m going to tell your grandpa about this, Now, GET HOME.  I got home.  The word never got out and I could start breathing again after about a week of agonizing suspense.  Dale was always friendly toward us young guys running around the place, and Alma was everyone’s friend especially if they were Dunseith Kids.  That family certainly gave our town alot of the character we still take pride in.  And George and Ernie are still maintaining the watch.

The second thing I wanted to say is that the Leader of the Thunderbirds who took us down main street in 1961 died yesterday here in Tucson from a fall. It took the wind out of me, because, since those days, we have had alot of togetherness on the social arena.  He was a very giving person who was also a great leader in the business of formation acrobatics.  He was also a fighter Ace from the Korean War. He shot down 6 MIGs during that war and is a member of the Arizona Aviation Hall Of Fame, along with other notables like Barry Goldwater, Frank Borman(astronaut). I guess I just felt like letting the readership know that it happened. No one in my experience had the fortitude to break all the rules and give our town a salute like he did.  So, in the fighter pilot world we have an expression about these things. “Hoot Gibson has gone West”.  So it is.I will miss him and remember him. Bill Hosmer

Bill, is this the picture your are referring to? Gary
Hosmer, Gottbreht 2261


Minnie Flynn’s Birthday pictures posted by Mark Schimetz (70): 

Here are the photos that I want to share with you. Gary These are from Minnie Flynns 80th Birthday Party at Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith.  This adobe method is new to me so here goes, anyway it was a great turn out but was a nasty day outside and the weather has not improved. Later Mark.

Mark, Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.  I had no idea they had a birthday party planned for Minnie.  Now we will have to ask you or someone to identify everyone.  I recognize for sure Minnie and I think Jack and also Randy, but from there I’m lost.  Randy, is that by chance you and your family with your parents in the 2nd picture?  Who are the 3 ladies in the bottom picture?  I don’t see any of them in the group picture.  When I get the names, I will repost these pictures.  Randy, K & Jill, do you guys realize it’s been nearly 44 years since I’ve seen you and I don’t think I’m alone in that department either.  I used to see your mother some up at the Peace Garden over the years. She has not changed from the way I remember her back in our school days.  Gary
Flynn, Minnie 2261 Flynn, Minnie 2261-1 Flynn, Minnie 2261-2
From Mike & Sandra (62) Zeiler Vandal: 

This is “GREAT!”   Tells it like it is……

“If You’re Gonna Play in Fargo” (ya better have a shovel in the Van)   . . .  It’s pretty funny.

Click on Play when you get to the site.



From Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): 

Happy New Year All! To Diane….we (I) still sing the North Dakota song when we hit the North Dakota border, and our kids still roll their eyes . Between that, stamping white horses, and making them get out of the car to take a picture every time we got to the Geographical Center of North America at Rugby, I know they think I’m half nuts. With all the plays we would put on, and the singing we would do, how did our kids get to be so quiet and conservative?


Email address change for Sybil Johnson: 

Good morning Gary! Just a note to let you know of my new address–

Because of the change, I have missed the last 4 emails, so, you can send future ones to this
address. Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sybil Johnson


Message & Pictures posted by Susan Fassett Martin (65): 

Gary, with all the back and forth on service men, I thought some might be interested in this page from my Dad’s history book. Gottfred “Fritz” Eurich was the son of David and Eva (Kraft) Eurich.  He had served at Guadalcanal and several years overseas.  Then he contracted thyphus while in Burma and died there.   He was a first cousin to my dad and his sister Bette Nerpel was just here visiting.  If anyone wants to know history of Dunseith,  go visit Bette in Bottineau.  She has an amazing memory and loves to tell stories.

Happy New Year to all.    Hugs and prayers,  Susan

Susan, I recognize Clarence Hagen.  That’s him.  I did not realize that Dave Jr. and Betty had a brother that died in the war. Speaking of the Eurich’s, today for you guys and yesterday for me they celebrated Winifred’s (Mrs. Dave) 90th and Dorothy Pritchard’s 96th Birthdays at Saint Andrews hospital in Bottineau.  Gary.
Hagen, Clarence 2261 Eurich, 2261 Dunseith Journal 2261






8/8/2015 (2260)

Happy Birthday Carmen Richard: Rolette, ND
Richard, Carmen 2260


Happy Birthday Mel Kuhn (’70): St. John, ND
Kuhn, Mel 2260


Sympathy to Donna Fugere
From Nathan Richard (‘2000):  US Army.

Deepest sympathy to Donna Fugere. I had the pleasure of her company just a few weeks prior when my family and I were home visiting. Donna, was my bus driver for many years growing up.


Reply from Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (’65):
Rolette, ND

I’m so sorry to hear that Bernadette is having some bad days. Why do bad things happen to such good people???  It was such a pleasure to visit with you again. Stanley and I enjoyed the evening with the class of 65 immensely. It was such fun. It is wonderful to have come from a small town and to be able to go back and connect with all those friends once again.  You have made a difference in so many lives. Thx for making that difference in mine. My prayers for healing, strength and peace for you and Bernadette.  Margaret

Gary’s Reply
Thanks Margaret for the nice words.


Blog (328) posted on January 4, 2009


Reply to Peggy Peltier’s picture posted yesterday, from Judy Allery Azure (65): 

Gary,Peggy is not Gailord Peltier’s sister, she is a sister  Linda Gunville.  She is married to Frank Gillis, Pete’s nephew.

Have a Wonderful 2009

Judy Allery Azure


Reply from Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): 

Gary….I took my lap top over to my grand daighter. and bless her brainy mind, she got my computer back to normal.  The moral of my story is, don’t let your well meaning friends touch your computer…………….they don’t know any more then I do…..which is little.      Anchorage is absolutely spectacular right now.  Every thing is piled high with snow.  The trees are thick with frost.  We seldom have wind.  AND it is 12 below.  I don’t miss North Dakota at all, certainly not the wind and the fact that the below zero weather never lasts long in Anchorage…another story in the interior.  I’m always amazed at Dick Johnson,s memory…his stories are like listening to Dad’s stories.  Bless you Gary…………….,,,Florence

Pictures from Larry St. Claire (66):

This picture was given to me by Jim Tooke, his mom took it. Left to Right top row, Donny Mongeon, Mr Hepper, Larry St.Claire (me), Tommy Evans, bottom row, Allen Houle, and Jim Berube. I hope this attachment opens, it’s the first time I tried this.

Larry, You did great! both these pictures came through just fine. It’s wonderful hearing from you. I was wondering if you were still out there. This a great picture of you guys in Hawaii too.  Gary


Top row: Donny Mongeon, Mr Hepper, Larry St.Claire, Tommy Evans
Bottom row: Allen Houle, and Jim Berube

Happy New Year from Larry and Robbie St.Claire in Anchorage, Alaska. It is cold and snowy here, about 13 below for the past week. Brrrrr!. Time to go back to Hawaii. Hope this picture comes through.


From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):

Joan, Uncle Roland Mongeon’s step-daughter, shared the Herman Boucher letter and picture of his farm; he enjoyed seeing his old farm and little EJ once again. Uncle does not recall the date of the visit or where in Louisiana Army maneuvers might have taken place. It had to have been a moment of satifaction for FDR having the 34th readied for battle before Pearl Harbor. Alma wrote at the top of her letter “Herman went in May ’41, overseas early 1942.
Certainly Rolette County suffered more casualties than the Boucher/Casavant cousins Harvey Grenier [Europe] and Olard Boucher [Pacific], but I also like to recall persons like Roland G Tennacour who died young of illness; made his mark in local history through Ronnald Tennacour. Where would Bottineau County and Dale’s be without the plummer who has sorted out folks’ problems for 40 years. I’ve heard he has retired to local golf courses; I hope so.

Herman and Emily Boucher are the parents of Barbara/Gary/Martin/Marvin; Aunt Emily Birkland Boucher lives in LaGrande, OR near Gary. Herman was a lumber jack there for years. I was happy to read that Gary Metcalf is in touch with Barb and will enlarge on Herman’s service years. I hope Gary will forgive me for calling him “Greg”.

Ernest Boucher, older brother of Herman, born Sept 1910, also served in WWII. He was conscriped about 1943, stationed in England initially, probably with the Quatermaster Corps in armaments. He served behind the front lines in France. At Bastonge he related that there was a foot of frost on the trees the morning of the Battle of the Bulge. He must have been attached to the 10th Army. Ernest Boucher lives in Fort Benton, MT. Excellent memory but does not see or hear well. Ernest Boucher is very modest about his contribution to the Allied victory in Europe. He is fluent in French and I believe he served additional time after the fall of Germany. I recall his visit to Alma in uniform winter 1946.

From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):

Cousin on the Casavant limb of my family tree, Harvey Orndorf, USMC and Nam vet, sent this indepth reply concerning the entry about Herman Boucher in bootcamp. Interesting to me and perhaps to all. Sharron

From: OrndorfH@aol.com
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 20:40:17 -0500
Subject: Family Letter
To: sharron_shen@msn.com

Sharron, I asked a friend and classmate who resides in the Baton Rouge, LA area about probable location referred to in the letter from your uncle “Herman”  Below is the response.  He is my USMA classmate, Phil StAmant.  I really enjoyed seeing the picture of your family when you were expected and EJ as an infant.  It is something you will treasure forever.  Love, Harvey

From: Pastamant
To: OrndorfH
Sent: 1/1/2009 11:15:24 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Family Letter



To the best of my knowledge, there were no field training locations for Army combat arms units in or near Baton Rouge. Most of the training that occurred in Louisiana prior to and during World War II was associated with the “Louisiana Maneuvers,” and the bases–both Army and Army Air Corps–were located in Central Louisiana, in the general vicinity of Alexandria (Rapides Parish), although some bases were also found in Natchitoches Parish, Vernon Parish (where Ft. Polk is currently located), and Sabine Parish.

The most important of the Army training bases was located right by Alexandria, and is still operational as Camp Beauregard, a Louisiana National Guard base.

For a discussion of the various locations, look at the following two websites.



Baton Rouge was not left out of the war preparation; however, I don’t think that’s where your cousin was based. So far as I know, the only military training in the Baton Rouge area was at Harding Army Airfield, which is now the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, also known as Ryan Field. It was used for a variety of training purposes, including glider training.

The distance from Baton Rouge to Alexandria, where it is most likely your cousin was based, is today about 110 miles, via I-10 and I-49. In World War II, it would have been a somewhat shorter distance, but it would have taken considerably longer to make the trip.

The 106° temperature mentioned is quite a record for this area. It has happened, but is rare enough that it wouldn’t have been an everyday occurrence, even in primitive training conditions. In fact, the all-time high for the state was 114°, which occurred on 10 August 1936 in Plain Dealing (north of Shreveport, near the Arkansas border). Perhaps he was pining for the North Dakota summers, where the all-time high was (I understand) recorded on 6 July in that same year, when it reached 121° in Steele.



Doreen Bailey’s reply to Bill Hosmer’s suggestion for a map: 

Reply :  Vance  Bailey has alot of research papers for the Dunseith area.

I found the Township and Precinct Maps and am sending a sample copy of
Hillside so you see what they include.  It may be a starting point for
anyone that is interested in the map project.  The county court house has a
lot to offer in the mapping department.  Vance and I picked these up 5 or 6
years ago.  It would take alot of guess work on the locations and lakes etc.
Just a thought!   Doreen Bailey, Tempe, AZ

Folks, this map idea is a wonderful idea. I think these Township and Precinct Maps would be a great tool in placing farmsteads, etc onto a good graphical map, if we can find or create one of Rolette county.

Thank you Doreen.  Gary
Hillside township Hilside township -1

Question – Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 


A couple of people have mentioned the piano teacher might be Mrs. Miles.  Do any of you have info about Mrs. Miles/her children/etc.?  I can’t remember hearing a thing about the Miles family, so I would appreciate any info about them.


Hi Everyone,

This is another courthouse picture.  There are quite a few of this lady/her students.  Do you recognize the teacher or her students?  Such precious pictures.

Piano teacher



8/7/2015 (2259)

Bernadette has been having some bad days, so I have been spending a lot of my time with her so I have not been getting the blog posted. She is a lot better today though.



   Happy Birthday Almo Pladson (72): Williston, ND
Pladson, Alamo 2259


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Duaine Fugere (DHS class of 1949)
Fugere, Duaine 2259
Died August 1, 2015)Duaine E. Fugere, age 83 of Dunseith, died peacefully Saturday under the care of Unsong’s Assisted Living Center in Minot, surrounded by his loving family. Funeral will be held on Thursday at 10:00 am at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Dunseith. Visitation will be at the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau on Wednesday from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm, with a prayer service at 7:00 pm. Burial will be at the St. Louis Cemetery near Dunseith.

Duaine Fugere, son of Arthur and Josephine (Bergeron) Fugere, was born on February 27, 1932 in Rolette, ND, and grew up near Dunseith, attending Russell Country School before graduating from Dunseith High School in 1949. Duaine was united in marriage to Donna Norby on January 15, 1955 in the Chapel of the Cathedral of St. Paul, MN. In 1961, Duaine and Donna partnered with John and Murl Hill to start the Dunseith School bus business, running it jointly until 1983. Duaine and Donna then continued the bus business until 1995, proudly without injury to children or drivers over the entire 34 years.

These were busy years! From 1955 to 1961, they also brought 6 lively children into this world, topping that off with another major move when they purchased the Alida Higgins farm near Dunseith in 1962.

An avid golfer, Duaine was highly skilled at whist and pinnocle, and played a great game of chess. Duaine also had a special connection with dogs. His collie, Tony, could carry 5 gallon pails, walk a tightrope, and carry messages from the farm to Duaine’s brother’s farm nearby. Tony was featured in the Minneapolis Tribune.

Gary’s comment
Our condolences are with the entire Fugere family with Duaine’s passing.
Duaine was well known in the entire community. Many of us rode his school buses too. He was a good man and will be missed.

Art Hagen’s farm:

This is picture of Art Hagen and me with Elma Severson at Art’s farm. Elma is from the Philippines and has relatives here in Cebu. She visited us here in Cebu this past March to. She stayed with Art and Rose. In the three days that she was here she did a lot things. She golfed, Bowled with us, Visited Bohol a neighboring Island, visited us in our home, visited her relatives and manage to find time to socialize and have dinner outings with us too.  

Many of you know Elma. She lives in Bottineau across the road from the fair grounds. She teaches at the college in Bottineau.
Stokes 2259-1

Bottineau Veterans hall purchased by Dean and Jacqueline Hiatt Fix
Posting from Jacqueline Hiatt Fix (’79): Springfield, VA

Hi Gary
Any time I hear someone gets to visit the Turtle Mountain area I get jealous,  especially in summer months. LOL

Not sure if you heard or saw the article in Courant about the old VFW building but thought some blog readers may be interested. My husband Dean & I are remodelling into a 4 plex.

It really is a small world, the home phone rang a week ago, I saw it was a local number and the gentleman started conversation with I see you have some luxury apartments in Bottineau. It was Mr Gene Wunderlich who resides minutes from our home here in Virginia and still owns a farm north of Carbury. We have exchanged emails and telephone numbers and plan to meet each other.

Prayers for Bernadette to have more good days. Take Care and thank you for all you do in keeping us close to home when we are so far away.

God Bless

Gary’s Note:
Yes Jacqueline, I heard that you had purchased the Veterans Hall. I was hoping to have been able to see you too when I was there but our schedules didn’t jive. You have taken on a nice project.  Gary
Jacky-1 Jacky-2
Another passing
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseith friends,

On Memorial Day  after the Bottineau Parade, I went to Dunseith for lunch at Dales.

My cousin Travis invited me to eat  with several current and former  Dunseith area folks.

This is when I met the Myricks very congenial couple.


Claude R. Myrick
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Dunseith News


Blog (327) posted on January 3, 2009


From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): 

Florence, I replied with an individual message to you, but I want to post this so folks know you are still out there.  Gary

GARY, you have disapeared from my internet.  Are you o.k.?  The wind seldom blows here in Anchorage, thus with all the snow we have this last two months we have a winter wonder land.  I live in a condo, so I have pity for the poor souls that have to shovel snow and shovel and shovel….Thank you again for your peraverance on this internet.  Happy New Year and God bless you.  I’ll bet you don,t miss shoveling snow…………………
From Blanche Wicks Schley (42):\


When we lived in Dunseith, we would visit a Lamb family in the Turtle Mountains.  Do you know if any of their family are still around.

Reading your blog each day is so interesting and it certainly has brought a bunch of people closer and you can read the pride in their notes about their early lives in Dunseith.   I don’t know if it is the cold weather that makes North Dakotans so resilient.

We could use a few warmer temperatures here in North Dakota and a little less snow.  Grand Forks has made a new record in snow fall and the weather service forecasts another front passing through to the east.

Best wishes for all the Dunseith alumni for a good 2009.

Blanche Schley

Blanche, Yes we do have members of the Lamb family from the Turtle Mountains in our group. For those I know of, I have pasted their info below. Bill Lamb is Martha Lamb & Vickie Metcalfe’s uncle. Martha’s father Floyd, Vickie’s mother Lottie and Bill are siblings.  I’m thinking the Lamb family you visited would have been Bill’s parents and Martha & Vickie’s grandparents, but then again I’m just guessing.  I think we have lots of folks in our group that will be able to answer your question very well. I’ll bet there are some that remember your family or stories of your family too.  Gary

Schneider Lamb Betty Jane  Willard (Bill) 3216 Walnut St. Grand Forks, ND 58201 (701) 775-8817   54
Lamb Schepp Martha 630 92nd St. NW Newburg, ND 58762 (701) 272-6341 68


Metcalfe Vickie 401 13th St W Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-3353   70




Request from Bill Hosmer (48): 

Gary and Dick Johnson, and several others.   When you old timers were talking about the different homes around the hills, it occurred to me that someone with some abilities beyond my own, that it might be possible to develop a map of the area which included all the families we hear from and about.  It could be a graphic display with a little bit of surveyor assistance and possibly result in a two by three foot chart, which might be reproduceable and even a sale item for the Dunseith Log House and the Rolette County Museum. I can see a framable image of the map, with sketches, and or photos of the homes of a given year, or a given decade. For example, “The Way It Was in the Hills in 1930 to 1950, or less and more, and I think it could include pictures of those who were early settlers and the location of their sites.  This would be on a detailed map of roads, highways, and trails that we have enjoyed reading about recently. It would also accurately plot

the location of the homes of these tremendous family groups that gave us our collective heritage.  As I think about it more, it could include all of Rolette County, and the part of Bottineau County that include former Dunseith people.  It might take awhile, but I think there would be a mob of us scrambling to see just who and where we are from, and where it was in “The Hills”. Bill Hosmer
ps.  It should also show the graphic shape and locations of the major lakes, as well as the churches and cemeteries. Ok Guys, go for it.
Bill, this sounds like a great Idea.  I’m hoping someone will be able to put this together.  Gary

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends

Thanks to Martha Lamb Schepp for the story. It brought back good
memories of the old days here in the hills. Your memory of your Grandma
saving Christmas wrapping paper wasn’t odd. My Grandma did that too. She
never ripped open presents, just carefully opened them and saved the
paper! Hard times taught them to save things. Thanks.

Thanks Bill Grimme for the pictures of NYC. Gary mentioned the movement
of the Empire State Building. That is the one thing I remember about
being up there in’67. The tour guide told us the building has a
deflection of 12′, six feet either direction of center. It’s hard to
believe a concrete and steel building that big could sway! I see they
also have shields to stop jumpers now. I don’t know about Bill and
Irena, but that was the last thing on my mind! Thanks Bill.

Thanks Gary for your tireless posting!


Reply from Bill Grimme (65): 


The “Go to North Dakota” song is credited to Lois Steele and Jack Fulton in 1958. I have had a lot of fun with this song over the years. In fact. I think we sang it at our reunion last year. Here is the complete song, although I think Diane had all the lyrics the other day:

Go Ta North Dakota

You Oughta Go Ta North Dakota
by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton (1958)

“Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
See the cattle and the wheat,
and the folks that can’t be beat
Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
And you just can’t say goodbye.”

“The sky is bluer than blue
The sun is sunnier, too
And if you don’t believe me
There’s only one thing to do…”
You were pretty accurate on Irina. She has a Phd in Chemistry and she is the head of the biophysics lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She just earned her citizenship this year and she has been in the U.S. since 2000. Good girl.

You were also correct in stating that our class and many other people on your mailing list helped me through a tough time. I will be forever grateful.


Bill, I found this WEB site.  Gary

You Oughta Go Ta North Dakota
by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton (1958)



Class of 58 Pictures posted by Ellen Graff Myrick (58): 


Thought I’d share these pictures of the class of 58 from the 125th Reunion  The word document has all the people, but one, identified.  It took three pictures to show the 9 members of our class of 18 who attended the reunion in July 2007.  You may not want to use the individual pictures.  It’s up to you as the expert.

Ellen S. Myrick

Ellen, These are wonderful pictures. Now we can put a face with some of you that we hear from. I just copied and pasted your word document directly into this message.  It worked great.  Bobby Lagerquist also attended our 65 reunion.  It was nice seeing him again.  Gary


Back Row:  Robert Lagerquist, Jerome Allard, Marlene (Schneider) Haverland
Front Row:  Ron Link, Joanne (Kester) Boucher, Mrs Ron Link, Colleen (Conroy) Martel, Ellen (Graff) Myrick
Class of 58-1

CLASS OF 58 + Granddaughter
Allen Johnson’s granddaughter, Allen Johnson, Colleen (Conroy) Martel
Class of 58-2

125th Anniversary Opening Banquet Some of Class of 58 +
Left Side:  Don Martel, Marlene Haverland, Ron Link, Jerome Allard
Right Side:  Colleen (Conroy) Martel, Mary Ann (Gottbreth) Brennan, ???, Robert Lagerquist
Class of 58-3

Message/Picture from Evie Gottbreht Pilkington (65): 

Hi Gary,

Happy New Year from Southern CA – we are experiencing a cold snap….must be 50 degrees…..LOL

Today January 2 would have been my Dad’s 92nd Birthday…he died in 1961.  My Mom and Dad were also married on this day in 1939.  I found this picture in my “stuff” today and decided a few might enjoy this bit of history.  It is a four generation picture – George Gottbreht, William Gottbreht, Dale Gottbreht and my brother George on Great Grandfather William’s lap.

I found it interesting to once again see how tall my grandfather George was compared to my Dad, he was a shorty 5’6” I think…..Daddy’s mom, Evelyn was less than 4’10”.

Evie Pilkington
949-246-6984Gottbreht 2259


Peggy Peltier’s (84) picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:


Here’s a good picture of Peggy Peltier.  I don’t think I’ve sent it before as I don’t see it in my “courthouse” file.

May I send Peggy’s pictures to your address, Gailord, or do you have an address for Peggy?  I’ve already sealed/taped your envelope, Gailord, but I would be happy to mail Peggy’s pictures to your address/address you provide.  My husband will mail your envelope after I return to Minot.

Folks, Peggy is listed among the graduates for the class of 1984. Do any of you know if she has an email address and would like to be included with these daily messages?  Gary
Peltier, Peggy 2259



8/3/2015 (2258)

Happy Birthday Florence Hiatt Dahl (’50): Anchorage, AK
Hiatt Dahl, Florence (2258)


Happy Birthday Bill Pritchard: Bottineau, ND
Best wishes in your retirement too Bill
Pritchard, Bill 2258

Trish Larson Clayburgh


I finely had the opportunity to meet Trish Larson in person. With all of our message exchanges the past few years, I feel as though I know her pretty well.

No, she didn’t ride into town on horseback. She was driving her truck.

She messaged me and said she was in town. We had made arrangements to meet in the bakery for Breakfast the next morning. Within several minutes she text me that she was going to get Chinese food next door. That is exactly where we were headed too, so we met at the China Inn. We had a wonderful 2 hour visit.

The next morning she met me at Bakery for Breakfast where she saw a number of Dunseith folks too, all sitting at the long community table. To name a few of the Dunseith folks: Les Halvorson and Terry Espe, her former teachers. Terry Olson, Lorenzo Anderson and a number of others whom I have forgotten at the moment that happen to be in there at that time.

That Evening she Joined us for Pizza, with Dick and Brenda Johnson where she saw more Dunseith folks. Martha Lamb, Vickie Metcalf, Betty Schneider Lamb and a number of others that I have also forgotten at the moment that were there too.

Thank You Trish for picking up the Pizza tab. I had the slip in my pocket. I was delayed a bit talking to folks and when I went to pay they said the bill had already been paid. I grabbed the ticket from Dick, so I thought he was the one that had paid, but when I called him he said, “It wasn’t me”, so that just left Trish. She was very clever with that one.

Horses are Trish’s love. She had four, but recently sold one. They are her babies.

Trish’s career is a Nurse. She has a PHD in nursing. I said to her, “Then they call you Doctor too with your work”. She said no. “We are on first name bases.”  When asked what percentage of Nurses have PHD’s she said “5%”.

Trish, thank you for swinging into town. We have heard so much about you and now a number of us were able to meet you face to face. It was a real treat seeing and visiting with you. You were a breath of fresh air.
Larson, Trish 2258

Jay and Lola Vanorny’s Benefit
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseith friends,

Lola and Jay’s  “Thrivent Action Team” were the people like Sandi Hagen, Karen Melgaard, Jeff Azure, Grace LaRocque, Dick & Brenda, and Raphael & Evon with a  passion to help.

They got the action started, which accumulated to the benefit last night, Saturday, August 1, 2015.

When positive people have a passionate fire for helping others,  it is becomes a  wonderful uplifting  experience for everyone who comes to participate.

I know of Thrivent members in the region, who when  hearing of a benefit, come out and support the efforts to help.

Thus,  everyone who comes or gives to the benefit feels less powerless over things we cannot change AND  empowered to change the things we can.

Bless the entire Crew & Community  for believing and making a difference!

Honsey Passed away

Posting from Sharon Honsey:  charge7thcavalry@aol.com Seattle, WA

Dear Gary, wanted to let you know that my dad Leonard Honsey passed away July 22, 2015.  His obituary will start appearing in the Courant next week and the Star the week after.  The funeral Home here in Seattle set up dad’s obituary under mem.com,  And you search his name.  I bet he is sitting with your dad reminiscing about the good ole days!

Leonard L Honsey
Honsey, Leonard 2258
December 7, 1925 – July 22, 2015


Leonard L. Honsey

Leonard Lyle Honsey, age 89, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family and his dog on July 22, 2015 in Seattle, WA. Leonard was born to Arla Cecelia (Lagerquist) and Sam P. Honsey on December 7, 1925 in Holmes Township, Rolette County North Dakota.
The most profound moment of Leonard’s life came, when at just 13 years old he was sent out by his mother in a blizzard to look for his dad. Leonard found him shot to death in a horrible trapping accident. The gun, which had been a recent birthday present to Leonard, went off when Sam tried to use the stock to break the trap free from the frozen snow.
Leonard instantly had to fill his father’s place, in the household with the younger siblings and on Sam’s threshing crew with his uncles Ole and Andrew Honsey. Young Leonard drove Sam’s Rumley up and down the Radley Hill through Dead Horse Canyon many times.
Leonard married Lois Peterson in October of 1946 and to this union 3 children were born: Leonard Eugene, Lynette Jean and Leo Jackie. Leonard worked out, helping farmers all the way to the Valley, drove taxi around Dunseith and the San Haven, and later started working for Rolette County running the dozer cat. He had started out on the blade but someone said “Hey kid, go jump on that cat and see what you can do!” And dad’s love of being a heavy equipment operator began.
His first marriage later ended in divorce and he moved to Seattle in order to find enough work to provide for his family. He transferred to Local 302 Operating Engineers in December 1955 and began working in the Seattle metro area.
On April 9, 1960 Leonard married June Salmonson and they made their home in Seattle. In 1965 their daughter Sharon Lynn was born and she became Leonard’s best buddy along with his brother Harvey.

Leonard worked on many projects throughout the state of Washington and some work in Montana. He worked on the construction of the I-5 freeway, the I-90 corridor over Snoqualmie Pass through Ellensburg to the Columbia River, Sea-Tac Airport and even did some prep work on the future site of the Space Needle. Leonard worked for Northwest Construction, Tri State Construction and later Associated Sand and Gravel.
Leonard is survived by his wife of 55 years, June; his children: Lenny Rude (Gayle) of Placerville, CA; Lynette Honsey of Seal Beach, CA; Leo Honsey (Katsumi) of Veradale, WA; Sharon Honsey; 6 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren; his sisters Doris Pontius (John) of Sioux Falls, SD and Faye Williams of Woodbury, MN; his ½ brother John Abrahamson of Federal Way, WA; many nieces and nephews; his North Dakota friends and his cherished dog, Scout.
Leonard will be buried in his beloved North Dakota at Little Prairie Cemetery, Rolette County, near his parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

He was preceded in death by his mother Arla, dad Sam, uncles Ole and Andrew Honsey, brothers Glenn and Harvey Honsey.
Memorial Services will be held at Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith ND with Pastor Don Short officiating, August 18, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. Interment to follow.

Sharon and June (Salmonson) Honsey


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND


Blog (326) posted on January 2, 2009


From Martha Lamb Schepp (68): 

Happy New Year everyone!

*It is blowing snow around the corner of our home as my husband and I watched the Tournament of Roses Parade in California. My thoughts went back probably about 40 years when my dear friend Jill Flynn was marching in that parade. My fond thoughts go back to the days of band and chorus in Dunseith, what a wonderful experience, I remember marching in the Minot State Homecoming and thought I had reached the top. We were so fortunate to be under the music direction of Mr. Johnson. I don’t know if we let him know how grateful we were.but I’m sure he hears our praises of him in heaven. Anyway Jill you made us proud and to think your music adventure was started under the direction of Mr. Johnson and of course your hard work.

*Another thought to the class of 1968. Do you remember the neat looking quill pens Mrs. Conroy gave us for Christmas in the 4th grade? When I was looking for a gift for the Title 1 students, I thought I haven’t seen a quill pen forever in the teacher catalogs. I would have loved to have given them to the Title 1 students this year.

* Can you tell the holiday rush is over? I have time to write now. I always tell my students about going with horses and a sleigh to my Grandparent Abrahamson’s for Thanksgiving if there was an early snowfall, and for Christmas every year. There was not a graded road by the Berdsley lake and no mail route or bus route for one mile between us and my Grandparent Abrahamson’s. This trail was never maintained. My parents worked so hard to make this a special day for us. The day started our milking the cows, feeding the animals, gathering the eggs, harnessing up the horses hitching up the sleigh, making sure there was fresh straw on enclosed sleigh or sometimes the stoneboat. Plus Mom had made our favorite dishes to take to Grandpa and Grandma’s, packed blankets and stoked the foot warmer. One time my Dad had to shovel in front of the horses by the Berdsley lake and the horses would lunge forward as he tried to make a narrow path for them. I remember my brother Dean and myself being scared that the sleigh might not make it through the snowbank or tip over, but Dad always pulled us through. Those horses knew just how to work for him. Once we got to Grandpa and Grandma’s, Dad would tie up the horses and give them hay and water, I assume some of Granpa’s hay and water. We always pulled our runner sleighs behind as we would spend the day sliding down Grandpa and Grandma’s hill by their house, we were lucky there wasn’t too much traffic as we went on the main road. We never had a accident. When it was getting dusk and after our last time of an evening feast Dad would get the horses out of Grandpa’s barn and we would start home. This is what I remember the most was the jingle of the harness on the horses after dark. I remember that like it was yesterday. We always pulled the runner sleighs and after dark the runner might hit a rock at different times , I remember the sparks would fly.
When we were home 2 miles later, Dad would unharness the horses, we would milk the cows, feed the calves , haul in drinking water and stoke the furnace. Thanks to our ancestors for making our life so easy today. This is when we learn the song to Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandma’s house We Go in my Kindergarten class. I’m sure it is the lesson when my heart yearns for the good old days.

* Another thing that sticks out in my mind is that Santa Claus always in real life to Grandma’s during Christmas day. Grandma saved the wrapping paper from the year before and ironed it for the next years Santa gifts.

* One more thought I remember is both Grandma Lamb and Grandma Abrahamson always wearing a apron. I happen to have one of my Grandmas aprons. I also have a book My Mother’s Apron by Dr. Edward Keller, The author is from Strausburg, North Dakota. Our grand daughters love to wear grandma’s apron as we read this book to them. Memories!!!

Love to all and Happy New Year!! Martha Lamb Schepp


Reply from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

To bring others up to speed on the messages between Larry Hackman and
Larry Millang and me, I need to fill in some blanks. We were discussing
where some of the farmsteads were along Highway 43 and who lived where,
long ago. Larry and I concur on several places and have things fairly
well worked out. The thing I mentioned about Larry being done dusting,
was an inside joke. I told him he blew the dust off some other memories
in the back of my mind. To this he said that we better not let our wives
know we are into dusting or we will find ourselves with another job!

To Diane Larson Sjol,

I may be mistaken totally, but I think when I was a very young kid
someone told me the words to your little North Dakota song were written
by Henry Sunderland from Dunseith. Can someone confirm or correct my
memory? I think Bob and Donna Leonard would know. As I stated, I may
have been mistaken or possibly told wrong. I remember most of the words,
but hadn’t heard them for years–cattle and the wheat, and the folks
that can’t be beat! True. Thanks Diane!

To Sharron Gottbreht Shen,

Thanks for sending the letter and picture from the WWII era. I assume
Roland Tennancour was a casualty of the war, judging by his young age
and death in 1942. Do you have information on his story that you would
be willing to share? Thanks !



Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70):

To Sharon Gottbreht,

I so enjoyed the letter from Herman Boucher and the picture….you can
see the Gottbrehts in little EJ’s face in the photo.  I have a
question….my grandmother was Johanna Boucher and married to Fred
Richard (my mother, Verdellis Larson’s parents).  They lived on the
farm in Thorne…do you know how we were related to Hermann?  Mom was
born in 1927…Fred and Johanna were married in 1918…born in 1897 I

Diane Larson Sjol


Bill Grimme (65) in Times Square NYC 01/01/09: 


Here it is – 2009. Just got back to the room after watching the ball drop in Times Square. The attachment is a picture of Irena and me during our wait for the event. We stood for 5 hours on 7th Avenue. Temp was about 20. Breeze was stiff. Snowed for a little while. I think I just neared, but did not reach, my limit. Damn close, though. This is like Mardi Gras–great to do once, but once is enough.

We are staying in NY until Sunday. Then back to Alabama to say hi to my little dog and cat, then off to Arizona for a little while.

Happy New Year to all!

Folks, Bill Grimme lost his wife to cancer in about August 2006. Her death was extremely painful for him. It was several months later that I contacted Bill putting our class of 65 list together. Shortly there after I distributed our whole class list to all of our class members.  Our class had not seen one another for nearly 42 years. The release of our class list was great timing for Bill to get reacquainted with all of us helping ease the pain of having lost his wife.  Bill was in no means looking for sympathy, but just talking to folks eased the pain even if he didn’t mention the fact to those he talked to that he had lost his wife. Bill called each and every person on our initial class list.  For our class folks, getting a phone call, out of the blue, from Bill Grimme was heart wrenching. Bill was a pretty popular guy, well know for his academic achievements, in our high school days.

In the last while, Bill has been seeing and has become attached to Irena. She immigrated from Russia and has a PHD in I think Chemistry. Bill has told me several times and I keep having Physics on my mind of which is not correct. Irena is a department head in one of the state colleges, I think at the University of Alabama.  Bill, please correct me one more time with the correct info. Thanks, Gary

Bill Grimme with his friend Irena at Times Square in NYC – 1/1/2009
Grimme, Bill 2258


Still having fun.


Bill, I’ve been up there and it’s beautiful. On the top floor, where you guys are at, it feels like one can feel the resiliency movement of the building.  It’s so high and that top floor is not very large. It kind of gives you the feeling of being in outer space.  Gary


Bill Grimme & Irena – New Year’s Day (2009) at the Empire State Building
Grimme, Bill 2258-1


Jeff Skjelver’s (Glen & Annabel Shelver’s Grandson) reply to yesterday’s message: 

“I and Ole Evans went to the Carnival last night & had a few drinks – don’t feel so good today but when you get about half drunk it gets your mind off of the Army for a little while – this Army will make more bums then soldiers.”

Wow!  It’s just like the present with the Afghanistan and Iraq BS in which we currently find ourselves mired.

How prescient of Mr. Boucher.

Yet another truth-speaker:  Wilfred Owen (Dulce et Decorum Est).

Semper Fidelis and Peace…


Randy Hiatt’s photo provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Folks, Randy is Glen (Ikie) Hiatt’s son. Ikie is the younger brother of Leola Lagerquist & Netty (Jack deceased) Peterson. Their father was George Hiatt.

The following is a reply from Leola’s daughter, Evon Lagerquist.  Gary

Yes Gary, This is our cousin Randy, Ikie’s 3rd son. He lives in Langdon,ND now. I believe he is around 44 yrs. old. I haven’t seen him in quite a few years, so really do not know his kids. Ikie lives in Rolla now.

Hiatt, Randy 2258