6/29/2008 (146)

From Jan LaCroix Kester (59):

Hi Gary!  Our network was down for about a month so have a lot of catching up to do.  I came to #156 – regarding whether this is Mick Kester or Jackie Spaeth.  That is Mick Kester, definitely!

Jan LaCroix Kester?

From Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Hi Gary,

Thanks to Susan Fassett Martin and Evon and Eric Lagerquist for sending Betty Nerpel’s address to me.  I delivered the picture to Betty earlier today.  She was thrilled to receive it.

Thanks again, ladies. :)


Picture/message from Neola Kofoid Garbe:


I’m quite sure this is Sophie/Pete Schneider, parents of Doris, Betty, Stanley, and Larry.  Agree?  I’m sure you remember Doris was married to my uncle, Kenneth Brudwick.  I know Betty is married to a Lamb; Stanley was married to Rochelle Pigeon (right?)–think he has passed away a few years ago.  They lived in the Black Hills, right?  Deadwood area? I think Larry lives in Bismarck, or did.  I saw a segment about him on TV a couple of years ago.  It seems to me he is a coin collector and has a business in Bismarck.  Do you know if it’s in Kirkwood?

When I have accurate information, I’ll send the picture/information to Eileen.

Thanks, Gary.


Neola, I think you have everything correct as far as I know.  Betty & Larry please let us know if this is all correct.

Larry, You may be surprised to learn that a good friend of yours, Jared Steele,  is currently visiting us here in Cebu, Philippines.  He arrived June 10th and will be going back to Bottineau on August 1st.  We got connected with Jared through your good friend Terry Moe.  Terry graduated with the class of 72.  Jared is such a nice young man.  I know Terry has a good employee, with Jared, working for him in his Yamaha delership/store in Bottineau.

Actually Jared is here to get married.  We introduced him to several nice young ladies and he has connected well with Geraldine.  They have been communicating since February via lots of email messages and phone calls.  Geraldine is 22 years and a recent college graduate with a BS degree in teaching.  Jared is 27.  There is no doubt that they are very compatible and get along very well together.  Their wedding will be July 28th.  It will take 6 to 8 months, after they get married, for Geraldine to get her visa so she can go back to Bottineau.  Gary

Schneider, Pete and Sophie 2084

Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 


Gary’s Cota’s information is probably in the Dunseith book.  What was his wife’s maiden name?  Can you identify the boys–which is which?  Gary is related to Martin Berg, but I’ve forgotten how.  I’m sure you can tell me. :)  I think it’s through his mother, right?

Neola, I was unable to make contact with Gary when I was putting his class list of 56 together.  I pulled out the Dunseith book see just how Martin Berg and Gary Cota are related.  Their mothers are sisters.  They are also sisters to Dick Johnson’s grandmother and also Freddie Hiatt’s mother.  Dick’s mother (Bernice), Gary Cota, Freddie Hiatt and Martin Berg were 1st cousins.  That’s the way I interpreted it when I read it. Shirley Olson Warcup, Dick’s mothers sister, would also be a cousin.  She is on our Distribution list as well. Gary

Cota, Gary 2084

From Leland Hagen (50): 

After seeing Susan Fassett Martins reply to the ccc camp picture I beleive she is right. There are no trees anywhere in the picture, not even in the background. The layout of the camps and the buildings were probably pretty standard at all CCC camps.

Leland Hagen

CCC Camp 2083

Picture Name Correction from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

I hope everything is correct now. :) Check to see if I spelled “Bakken” correctly, please.


Folks, I just noticed that I sent two messages out numbered (141).  Please don’t get confused with my mistakes.  Gary
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): 

Reply to Deb Morinville Marmon:  I remember those carnivals. We always had so much fun!! You spent more time visiting with friends than you did riding(at least i did anyway).

You got to see everybody and those of us who lived in town just hung out each night so you could end up seeing all your friends!!!  Great memories!!!!!!!

Sharonn Longie Dana(73)

From Gary Metcalfe (57): 

Shirley if you don’t have some of that Johson zest for life in you, I will miss my guess.  First time I remember seeing big Hank, he and your Uncle Norman came up to Kelvin on Saturday night from Dunseith, 20 degrees below.  We never missed a Saturday night at Kelvin for maybe four or five years.  The kids all stayed outside, the men played whist and drank beer and the women stayed home with the kids.  Anyway, when they got out of the car with their big parka’s on, I thought they were a couple of giants.
Then I got to thinking what a big part that family played in my life.  Your cousin, Hilda Strong was like a mother to me.  She and Leroy tended our farm and had no place to live when we came back from Seattle, so they lived with us a few months.  Then Gladys was so great, I don’t remember a cross word for any of the kids whatever we played havoc with.  Like pushing Gussy Hackman’s car over the hill.

I know I said Bruce Poepel was the best dancer, well Lois Hiatt had to be a tie.  A natural harmonizer.  We partied many Saturday nights until the birds started to sing.

Milt Millang, another cousin you wouldn’t believe the fun he was by 2 a.m..  I’d always get Milt going on “I Met Her At the Metro Pole”.  He loved to sing that song.  When I went to Seattle the first person I called was your cousin Wesley Johnson.  Wes had a broken leg and decided to learn to play the guitar.  He and Mavis were great hosts.  He didn’t have to wait for Lars Birkland or Jackie Metcalfe to show up in order to start the party.  Yes, top of the line your aunts were.  Gary Metcalfe

Pictures from yesterday’s message:

Folks, Dick Johnson and Judy Allery have identified the folks in these pictures that Neola Kofoid Garbe provided with yesterdays message.  Neola has made contact with Linda LaRocque Poitra and made arrangements for her to get Eddie’s picture and a few more pictures of other folks that she has.  I have pasted Eddie’s death info at the bottom of the pictures.  Gary

From Dick Johnson (68):djcars@srt.com


The serviceman in the middle photo, I believe, is a kid from our class,
named Eddie Nadeau. He quit school and went into the service. He was
married to another classmate, Linda Larocque. She is now married to
Curtis Poitra and still lives in this area. I heard that Eddie is no
longer living but no confirmation on that yet. The guy in the first
picture sure looks familiar but I can’t say for sure. Someone will know
and hopefully reply. Oh, by the way, Ronnie Larocque is Linda’s twin
brother and lives in Beulah or Stanton, ND and I believe is on your
mailing list. Thanks!


From Judy Allery Azure (65):

Gary the picture dated April 4, 1967 is Rick Williams, the picture dated March 11, 1967 I believe is Eddie Nadeau (deceased) , and Sharon Martin of Belcourt, her brother Dennis was Principal in Duneith.


 Rick Williams – Dated April 4, 1967
Williams, Rick 1281

Eddie Nadeau – Dated March 11, 1967
Nadeau, Eddie 2081

           Sharon Martin 1971
Martin, Sharon 2080

Birth Date: 23 Nov 1948
Death Date: 3 Jan 1996
Social Security Number: 502-54-5836
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Dakota
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 58329
Localities: Dunseith, Rolette, North Dakota
San Haven, Rolette, North Dakota

Message/picture from Mel Kuhn (70): 

Howdy Gary,

Sure Paula, you women could be getting along like a couple of old alleycats until it comes time to pick on one of us old dogs, then you all pile on——HA! HA! It probably was some woman’s idea to put in the skylight, I had to talk like crazy to convince my wife that we didn’t want one when we put new windows in. Yes, I was first in my class in advice giving.

While everyone is taking a tour through the Hawk Museum head straight north to St. John and walk through the Rolette County Historical site. Art Sr. collected things for years for it and stills attends all the meetings. It is open every Sunday in the summer from 2:00PM til 4:00PM. If Sunday doesn’t work out for you just let me or Dick know and we’ll get you in. Dick is Pres. of the group now that Art. Sr. has slowed down and I’m one of his flunkies. There are old buildings to look at as well as two large builds full of goodies and machinery to investigate, Dunseith and San Haven included.Hopefully I’m including a picture of an original old Trappers Cabin that is at the site.

Mel Kuhn

Museum 2081-1

Pictures/message from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

My aunt Shirley ‘Snookie’ Warcup’s story about Hank Johnson was great!
Mom always talked about him as being a very ‘nice’ drunk! He wasn’t mean
in any way, just liked to get loaded once in a while! I remember her
saying that one Christmas during World War II, they were all at Grandma
Johnson’s on Christmas Eve. Hank left with some of his old buddies and
didn’t make it home. The next day they all went up to Mac and Gladys
William’s place for dinner, on what was later the Bob Pritchard place.
Gladys was Hank’s sister, and sister to Grandma Myrtle Olson [Snookie
and Mom’s mom]. About the time everyone was ready to eat, the phone rang
with six longs [ for those of you who don’t know, the crank phones had
long and short rings.] The six long pattern was for emergencies only.
This was reserved for fires, medical, the attack on Pearl Harbor, etc.
Grandpa Henry Olson grabbed the phone and said he could hear all the
phones in the hills being lifted, click,click,click! When it got quiet,
there was this big voice saying, ” Where the HELL is everybody?” Hank
was home! Thanks Gary and Snookie!

Attached are photos of Grandma Johnsons house, through the years.

Johnson, Dick 2081-1

6/26/2008 (144)

Blog (144) posted on June 27, 2008

Reply from Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): 

Reply to Dick’s email saying Linda and Ronnie LaRocque aren’t  twins. They are my cousins, I thought for a minute I had missed something even tho I grew up next door. Thanks again Gary ——-

Reply from Judy Allery Azure (65): 

Hi Gary,Yes, this is Peter Gillis’ nephew (Rick Williams) and he does live in Belcourt.  He is married to Maureen Davis of Belcourt.  I don’t believe that Eddie Nadeau’s ex-wife is a twin of Ron LaRocque, however, they are brother and sister.  Think they had like 10 kids in that family.

Sharon Martin does live in Belcourt also.

I would love to go on the cruise, as that is a dream of mine to someday go on  a cruise.  Just don’t think it will  happen next yr either.  Sorry for not mentioning this sooner.

Its seems unreal that you are still hanging on to that $10 bill lol.  Well Gary it is time for me to get moving as I have to go to work. Tell Neola she may contact me anytime.  Until next time take care.



From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,
Deb Morinville and Sharon Longie mentioned the old carnivals that came
to Dunseith every summer. It was a big deal to us kids and we looked
forward to it with excitement! One time there was this ‘jip joint’
shooting gallery that had cork guns that knocked over wooden blocks that
had prizes tied to them with rubber bands. There were a few that had
dollar bills tied to them. Now, most of us kids had guns and knew how to
hit our target. The cork guns  this  guy had, shot to one side  or  the
other and were rigged to shoot crooked. We aimed at the dollar bills and
knocked over some 2 cent crap from China, that was next to the money. I
looked at the end of the gun and saw that they had put the muzzle end in
slightly crooked, intentionally! Ron ‘Big Chip’ Johnson and I went over
in the alley behind K.C.’s store and found a flat rock and brought it
back over to the front of the gallery and dropped it on the ground where
the guy couldn’t see it, down by our feet. We each paid again and then
when the guy was looking at the other guy’s shot, and as we were cocking
the gun, we tapped the end of the barrel on the rock and straightened
the muzzle out! We cleaned house on his dollar bills, and other stuff we
wanted, before he finally caught on and started figuring out his ‘rip
off game’ had been turned around on him! He ran us off and we watched
him looking at his guns trying to figure out how we did that!! I would
not have done anything to take advantage of the guy if he would have
been honest, but like folks used to say, what goes around comes around!!


Provided by Vickie Metcalfe (70):

Note: Della’s husband  John is a brother to Mildred (Dean) Parrell, Marie (Thurman) Parrell, Erling Nelson, Carl Nelson and others.



JULY 24, 1922-JUNE 16, 2008

POSTED: June 20, 2008

Della Nelson, Minot, 85, formerly of Lansford, passed away Monday, June 16, 2008.

Della Evelyn Nelson was born July 24, 1922, in rural Nanson, to Carl and Ellen Lunde. She was baptized and confirmed at Ox Creek Lutheran Church in Nanson.

She attended grade school in Nanson and graduated from Rolette High School in 1939.

Della was once married to Donald Cobler of Rolette, and together they had three children: Dennis, Diane and Donnie. Don was transferred to Bastrop, Texas, where Della attended nursing school and worked at a local hospital in Bastrop.

Della returned to Rolette in the early 1950s and worked at the Rolette hospital. While living in Rolette, she met John Nelson and they were married July 3, 1955. They had four children: Sherry, Jana, Bob and Jeff. The couple lived in Rolette and New Rockford before settling in Lansford and retiring there. In 2003, they moved to their current home in Minot.

Della and her brother, Howard Lunde, owned and operated D&H Market in Lansford from about 1969 until 1973. Following the sale of the grocery store, she managed Broken Spoke Western Wear.

As a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lansford, she served on the church council and was active with the Ladies Aid. She was president of the Lansford Senior Citizens for several years, joined Eastern Star while living in Rolette, volunteered at Taube Art Museum and belonged to a birthday club. For many years, she was a member of the Potter’s Bar bowling team.

Della had many interests and was rarely bored. She loved to cook, bake and entertain. She spent many hours in her flower gardens and enjoyed silk flower arranging. She was a member of a bridge group and loved playing pinochle with her family. She and John were avid Minnesota Twins fans.

She is survived by: her husband, John Nelson, Minot; daughters, Diane Botton, Great Falls, Va., Sherry (Tim) Coutts, Colorado Springs, Colo., Jana Nelson, Minot; sons, Dennis (Kathleen) Cobler, Muskegon, Mich., Don Cobler, Bob Nelson, of Craig, Colo., Jeff Nelson, Minot; grandchildren, Amy Cobler, Mike Cobler, Brian (Renee) Botton, Teresa (Pete) Gilbert, Carla (Brian) Safigan, Ilona (Ryan) Goltz, Tricia (Tom) Luebesmier, Charisse Cobler, Jake Coutts, Casey Coutts; and six great-grandchildren.

The family will be forwarding memorial contributions to various organizations in Della’s memory.

Memorial service: Thursday, July 3, 2008, at 10 a.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lansford.

Burial: Rosehill Memorial Park, Minot.

Visitation: There will be no reviewal, however, friends may sign a register book on Wednesday, July 2, 2008, from noon until 7 p.m. at Thompson-Larson Funeral Home, Minot.

Those wishing to sign the online register and share memories may access the online obituaries section at (www.thompsonlarson.com).

                        John Awalt – Class of 65 – July 12, 2007
Awalt, John 2082

Ernie Gottbreht, Cecile Berube & Margaret Metcalfe – Class of 65 – July 14, 2007
Class of 65 2082

     Susan Fassett & Angela Berube – Class of 65 – July 14, 2007
Class of 65 2082-1

6/28/2008 (145)

From Joan LaCroix Lannie (67): 

Hi Gary i have changed my e-mail and I want to give you my new information.

You are doing a great job keeping us all connected and i have missed the last few days from hearing from you.

Tony and I and our two grand daughters are going to Minnesota to be with my family for the 4th of July.

Have a great holiday. Joan Lannie LaCroix

Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

This picture says “Ray Nerpel, Dunseith”.  The original is 11 X 13, or so. It wouldn’t fit on my scanner.  Any of the Nerpel family live in/near Bottineau and would like to pick up this picture?  If not, I’ll put it in the “Dunseith” box.


Ray Nerpel Family
(Standing) Wilfred, Gordon, Mike, Carol, Harvey
(seated) Betty, Ted, Raymond
Nerpel, Ray 2083

From Susan Fassett Martin (65):

I think this is the CCC camp #766 Kramer ND.   My dad, Wm T Fassett attended there in 1939.  While there he helped build the lower Souris wildlife refuge, driving truck mostly.  Oddly enough, a few years ago our oldest daughter was working at that same wildlife refuge.  They ran an article in the Turtle Mt Star on Johnida, our daughter and my dad.  I will try to find that and send it.

Also, my husband fell at the landfill on Monday and broke both bones in his right leg just a few inches above the ankle.  He will be laid up for quite some time.  Pray for speedy healing.      Prayers,  Susan

CCC Camp 2083

Pictures from Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Folks, these are some pictures that Neola has found that she thinks may be from the Dunseith/Rolette county areas.  Please let us know if any of you know any of these folks.  Gary

Laverdure, John 2083             

Is this the same James Parisien that was in the class of 1969 and died in 1991?  Gary
Parisien, James 2083

Eddie King Johnson Family, Belcourt  – 1969
King, Eddie 2083

  John Derby Family 1979
Derby, John 2083

6/25/2008 (141)

Updated Dunseith Alaska Cruise list:


I just received this updated list from our travel agent, Gina Ford. This is looking really good.

We have had one fuel surcharge increase since we started booking our group. With the price of crude oil on the rise the way it is, I’m expecting more and a lot higher fuel surcharges in the future.

For those of you even contemplating going on this cruise, I suggest that you lock in your cabin, ASAP, to avoid paying future fuel surcharge increases and also to be more assured of getting the cabin selection of your choosing. All of your moneys are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to the cruise. Hopefully Gina will be able to reserve additional cabins when we get the hundred we have reserved, filled. The quicker we get them filled, the greater her chances will be of being able to reserve more cabins.

Think of the fun we will have on this cruise with so many Dunseith folks on board.  We will have 7 days to enjoy each others company and get reacquainted with folks we have not seen for years, in some cases more than 50 years.

I’m hoping I heard things right when I heard through the grape vine that Minnie Flynn is also signed up to go.  I’m sure hoping we can get more of our former teachers signed up as well.  It will be great having Minnie onboard with us.  Maybe we can twist Art Rude’s hand and a few others too.

Take care,


From: Cruise At Will (Gina Ford)

To: Gary Stokes ; Grimme, Bill ; Leonard, Margaret Metcalf

Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:58 PM

Greetings All –

The newly booked (in green) were sent statements on Sunday June 22nd. I apologize that it took me a couple of days to get the new list to you.

You now have a total of 27 cabins.  GREAT WORK team!!

M/M Gary Stokes

Wm. Grimme and Irina Protassevitch

M/M Ronald Cavaliere

M/M Warren Anderson

M/M Doyle Abrahamson

Nancy Baldwin/Keith Kontzie

Wayne Galloway/ Leona Randall

M/M Michael Vandal

M/M Scott Sjol

Muzette Fiander/ Trish Clayburgh

Randy Flynn Family  – (with 3 cabins)

Dwight Lang/ Rene Cassavant

Florence Sime/ Becky Coles 

M/M Greg Malget

M/M Keith Pladson

Cheryl Haagenson (who would like a roommate)

M/M Mark Vandyne

M/M Wm. Longie

M/M Charles Munro

M/M Dave Shelver

M/M Terry Espe

M/M Darel Stokes

M/M Robert Berube

Phyllis McKay/Pat Heggen

M/M Gary Metcalfe

Thank you and kind regards,

Gina S. Ford

Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

954-578-1718 (local)


6/25/2008 (142)

Gary and Dave Slyter,

Dave’s comments brought back memories of my Grandma Johnson’s farm.  Freddie Hiatt is my cousin so that would make Dave my nephew (by marriage).  Freddie ,I believe, is Dave’s step-father. Dave, I’m sorry you didn’t meet my uncle Hank.  He was quite a character!!   Hank came to town every couple months and always proceeded to get pretty drunk.  He usually ended up in jail, not because of fighting, but just because of being falling down drunk.  The next morning when he was sober,he would be released from jail and he would go back to the farm.  One day when I was probably in 5th or 6th grade, I and someone else (can’t remember who it was) decided to go uptown to get some candy during the lunch hour.  As we were starting to cross the street in front of KC Sine’s store I heard some yell “Hi Snookie”.  It was my Uncle Hank–he was sweeping the street in front of Lamoureux’s Garage.  I quietly replied “Hi” and for about 2 seconds wondered why he doing what he was doing.   I then realized he must have ended up in jail as usual and Frank Flynn decided to have him do a little work before he simply released him–perhaps thinking that would have a positive effect on Hank’s drinking.  I don’t think it worked, however . On one of Hank’s later trips to town, I guess Hank decided he was drunk enough, so he went to Frank Flynn’s home, sat on the front steps and I believe went to sleep, and just waited for Frank to come home and take him to the jail–at least that’s what I was told.     My Grandma Johnson died in May, 1953.  Hank died in Nov. 1952.  My mother said she thought my grandmother felt she had to stay alive as long as Hank was living because he needed someone to  “look after” him.  Once Hank died, my grandmother died soon after.  Hank was a good natured man.  He probably caused a lot of concern for my grandmother but he always made us smile–he was a carefree guy.

Thanks Gary, Dick, Dave and many others for bringing back good memories!!

Shirley Warcup

From Deb Morinville Marmon (70):

Hi Gary,

I was so upset to hear about the storm and the capsizing of the ferry.  I am sponsoring a little boy through World Hope and pray that he and his family are OK. He is from the B’laan tribe of Southern Mindanoa in the Philippines. I haven’t heard anything from WH so I hope that is good news.

Life in Montana is fine except for the weird weather we have had this year. Usually no rain so far this 10 inches!  Now we are hitting the hi 80′s and lo 90′s.  Go figure.  I have a very weird sweat gland disease and sweating is very bad for me so I spend most of the season in my house.  It affects my joints and I am facing a hip replacement very soon.  It’s always something. But I am not complain!  I have a very blessed life with a wonderful husband of 29 years, 4 terrific children who are swamping me with grandchildren (2 due -1 in Sept and1 in Jan) We already have 4.

I wonder if anyone remembers the little carnivals that used to come to town and set up in the skating rink. That was when we got to see friends from school that we usually didn’t see except at school.

Gary we shared an aunt and one of the funniest things I remember about her was the party line.  Aunt Olga never quite got the hang using it.  When she would call my Mom she was already talking when Mom answered the phone and when she was done talking she would just hang up!  One time she won some bedroom furniture at a Bottineau store and when Uncle Bert came home she was building a room onto the house to put it in.

I loved being around her with her Norwegian accent and her stories. She made some of the best bread and baked in an an old wood cookstove.  She was quit a gal!

Keep the stories coming.  They are absolutely wonderful!

Deb Morinville Marmon 70

Gary’s reply
Yes Deb, Olga was my dad’s sister married to your mother’s brother Bert Hanson. Some of our Dunseith folks will remember her.  Everything you have said about Olga is absolutely true. Olga was well known for just hanging up the phone when she decided she didn’t want to talk any more.  It’s not that she was upset, that’s just the way she was and everyone knew and accepted it.  After Bert died she married Emil Haseldahl also from the Bottineau turtle mountain area.  She was a character.  Before going to the hospital for the very last time in her life to have surgery, she took a piece of tablet paper and wrote at the top, “In Case I Kick the Bucket”.  Then she wrote a very detailed list of all of her possessions of who was to get what and left it in her apartment.  Olga did not survive the surgery and died.  Dad was with Jean and Audrey when they split things up using her “In case I kick the Bucket” list.  The Olga stories are endless.  We miss her dearly.  Olga’s granddaughter, Amy, is the one that recently put together the Dunseith WEB site.  As I have mentioned before, The Petterson (dad’s biological family) gatherings were never dull. Gary
From Paula Fassett Pfuhl (71): 

Thank-you Art Rude (jr) for the great photos of your dad – who looks great, by the way – and of the HawkMuseum.  For any of you who haven’t been to the HawkMuseum, next time you’re in the area, you really should go and spend some time there.  They’ve done a great job – and I know Art Rude Sr has been a driving force getting it established and keeping it going.  It’s well worth the trip!

Mel Kuhn, I’m taking sides with your wife!!!  I have a disabled husband, so I’m the one who goes up on the roof and seals the leaking skylights (whoever invented those stupid things), I’m the one who cusses and swears at the weed whip, lawnmower and all the other tools that have a pull start that NEVER starts on the first, second OR third pull…………and my husband is ALWAYS there with the sound advice to give me as I’m preparing to smash one of those handy tools with my hammer!!!!!  Do you guys take a class in advice giving?????????  Maybe it’s similar to the nagging class that wives attend – ha!!!!!

Are there any parades going on in August???  Some of us Fassett-types are hoping to get ‘home’ then……


From Bob Lykins (former teacher):


How well I remember those typhoons. I was more than once stranded at Subic Bay Naval Base because of the weather.  I vividly remember taking the bus from Subic to Clark Air Base after a typhoon and traveling over the one major highway in the area that was for miles completly covered in water.  The only way the driver knew to follow the road was because of the posts jutting out of the water on each side of the highway.  It was all just one hugh lake for as far as the eye could see.  It was not just for natural air conditioning that the houses were built on stilts.  It is amazing how people learn to adjust to living and surviving under such conditions.


Reply from Dick Johnson(68):

Gary and Friends,

The one picture of Neola’s (message 141)is Larry and Lise’s wedding, with their
parents Mr. and Mrs. Billy Metcalfe and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rousseau. The
others are unfamiliar to me. Thanks Gary, glad to hear the typhoon kind
of missed your place!


From Bill Grimme (65): 


This photo was sent to me by my dear friend, Vern Sanden. The photo was taken in 1910. Vern lived in Bottineau.

Vern and I met at UND after Vern returned from his service in the US Army. We tended bar together at Whitey’s Cafe in East Grand Forks for a while and we had a lot of adventures there. One night I accidentally locked Vern and John Frykman in the beer cooler at Whitey’s. They were in there for several hours, I guess, and when they got out, neither one of them complained, for some reason or another; the stock of small bottles of Mogen David that we kept in there was pretty low after their stay.

I got such an education from Vern and John that I quit school and joined the US Navy. Actually turned out to be a good move, eventually, after about 10 years. It was a funny choice – graduate from UND in one year or join the Navy for 10!

Anyway, can you put Vern on the mailing list? I’m sure a lot of our folks know Vern from his high school days in Bottineau.

BillBottineau 2080

From Mel Kuhn (70):

Howdy Gary,

Dick’s eyesite is getting bad. That was a shiney old 1975 Corvette that I was riding in. It belongs to Duane Gourneau who about in 1968 or so was a cop in Dunseith on his first assignment. My wife was riding ahead of us with Duane’s wife Cindy in a 1973 Porche. I could have gotten Dick a little wetter but he moves pretty quick for an old man.

Mel Kuhn

Kuhn, Mel 2080

Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Martin, Sharon 2080

6/24/2008 (140)

From Art Rude (71):

Just a note, to let  you know, you may enjoy the pictures I just published of my dad on Father’s day.  He was the grand Marshall at the parade at the Hawk Museum by Wolford.  www.artrude.com and follow the link to regular webpage photos.

Peace and Power, Art Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions, webpage address: www.artrude.com

Art,  These are wonderful pictures that you have posted on your WEB site.  I love your Solo too. Your Dad is looking great!  You are not looking bad your self. Gary

From Gary Metcalfe (57): 

Sue and I just made a trip 2,900 miles to Almonte, Ontario Canada to research some of my heritage.  We found a beautiful little town with a river running through it and many rock waterfalls that ran down to Metcalfe Park.  I  stopped anyone who looked over 70 years old and got lots of good stories of a great uncle, A.A. Metcalfe who had been a dr. in Almonte for 65 years.  He was from a family of 12 and he was the youngest.  His mother, Jean McLean Metcalfe lived to 97 yrs. and smoked a clay pipe.  They were of Scotch decent.  I looked in the library and found at least 5 generations documented….somebody cared.

That is one reason I am enjoying these letters so much as we touch on so many families and memories.  Keep ‘em coming.

Now only one more endeavor along this line, I need to know more about my Grandma, Veronica Rose LaDuc or LaDuke.  Her father Louis LaDuc seems to have gotten away, so I will try to find a trace of her brother, Joe LaDuc. She was of Native American decent.   Anyone out there that can make my work easier, please help.  I wish I had had more time with her because she was a very loving person and added a lot of joy to our family.
Gary Metcalfe

From Dave Slyter (70): 


Thank you so much for sharing the old pictures of the house that we use to live in.  Before we bought Bennies farm, I remember many times of Terry Hiatt and I going up while my dad went up to help Bennie cut wood and help do some other chores.  Terry and I usually went out on the lake and ice skated or roamed around the farm yards.

The picture of the organ that Agnes is playing still exists.   Mom and Dad moved it down to Rugby and had it in their home.  After mom passed it went on the auction sale and my sister Kim bought it and now has it in her home.  We spent many hours ourselves pumping the pedals and playing the keys.  Brenda became pretty good at it.

It was good to see everyone in the pictures.  Benny was a really nice person as was all his sisters.  I never got to meet Hank but heard a lot about him.

Again thanks
Dave Slyter  : )

Bobby Slyter’s reply to the Philippine Typhoon (70): 

I am so glad gary to hear that you and your family are o.k. from the pics i have seen where it did hit is a total mess.

From Mel Kuhn (70): 

Howdy Gary,

Well the wife and I made it through the weekend without killing each other. Although after her bout with a weed sprayer that didn’t want to work and wondering why she had to do this in the yard and that to the garden and burning herself making BBQ sauce that she just had to have[I do 90% of the cooking]. She has decided that she doesn’t want my job. Well I don’t want hers either, even our dogs are wondering why I’m not playing with them. The incident with the weed sprayer brought me close to killing myself and then her so we had to quit that project. Women just can’t understand that we are not being bossy, that our ADVICE is for their own good and yes we do know everything. Right guy’s?

Mel Kuhn[70]

From Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends,

I suppose Mel thinks he is one up on this old joker with his Boomerang
joke! Mel when your boomerang is broken, you have what we call–a STICK!
Did you hear about the Aboriginie who got all beat up the other day,
Mel? He got a new boomerang and tried to throw his old one away! Nuk,
nuk, nuk!! Old broken down Mel was riding in a new yellow Corvette in
the St. John Days parade on Saturday. He had his hands all bandaged up
but the jerk was still able to shoot us judges with a water cannon! So
folks, don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for him! Actually it felt
pretty good, it was hotter than blue blazes out there in the sun! And
Mel’s wife IS a good cook! She is also a very nice person, she was just
having trouble with her eyesight when she met Mel! Thanks Gary! :-P


Pictures from Ardys Bakken Horner (former teacher):

hi Gary!   Thought you would like to see what I look like, I am not good at putting photos on the web, but there is one of Jon and I with the Packers flag, he’s a fan, I root for the MN Vikings –anyway this is his 70th birthday party  Ardys Bakken Horner  former teacher (68-70)

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 21:44:00 -0500
Bakken Horner, Ardis 2078

These are a few of the better pics from today. Good to see you all–M

            Jon & Ardy Heather, Chad & Ardys
Bakken Horner, Ardis 2078-1


Subject: Capsized Philippine ship that sunk with Typhoon Frank killing hundres for folks:

This letter was forwarded to me by a friend.

I was truly upset when I saw the news. My heart cried for the victims and relatives.

Is there really a dearth of common sense anymore in our native country, the Philippines?

I now live in the US  and I see how safety of passengers is a priority here.

If there is a typhoon coming, and I am Sulpicio lines, would I let my ship go? If I am the Coast guard and a typhoon is coming, will I clear the ship to sail?

I  live near the Dallas Airport and even if a storm is not that strong, the planes are not allowed to fly. I went on a cruise from Houston and the ship was not allowed to leave until the hurricane path was ascertained.

Should we wait for other similar disasters to happen to react or take action

6/23/2008 (141)


First of all, thank you so much for your concerns, I will attempt to answer your questions that I have pasted below.

I listed yesterdays message as 160.  It should have been 140.  I realized the mistake after I had already sent it.

Typhoon Frank hit parts of the Philippines hard.  We were spared from the brunt of the storm.  We had a considerable amount of rain with, I’m guessing, no more than 40 MPH winds.  Areas to the north of us had winds as high as 120 MPH with lots more rain than we had. A passenger ship with over 800 passengers and crew left Manila, headed to Cebu, our island, knowing they were going to have to pass through Typhoon Frank, but they left anyway. They didn’t make it.  Their ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.  Reading today’s paper, there are only 4 known survivors. That’s such a tragedy for the ill judgement of the ship captain that is also missing and assumed dead.

Here in Cebu, we are spared from most all of the typhoons that pass through the PI.  Most all of them pass to the north of us.  We are located about 400 miles south of Manila and about 1,200 miles south of Hong Kong.  Saigon, now Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam is about 400 miles west of us.

From Geri Metcalfe Munro (59):


I received #139 and now #160–have we missed something or were they mis-numbered??
We did sign up for the cruise on 6-18-08–now we’re excited.
Geri Metcalfe Munro

Ivy Eller Robert (74): 


I just read about the typhoon that hit the Philippines, more so Manilla? I hope you are OK? Did the water get to you? The pictures I just viewed are unbelievable…….WOW! I pray everything is OK with you and your Family!

Ivy (Eller) Robert

From Susan Fassett Martin (65): 

Gary and Bernadette,  So sorry to read of the loss of life with the typhoon that hit your area.  I have been praying for you and hope that all your friends and loved ones are safe.  Did you get any of the damage??  Hope all is well there.  Hugs and prayers.   Susan

From Dick Johnson (68): 


This morning I saw a weather report of typhoon conditions for Cebu and
am wondering if things are still OK there? Hope it misses your place!!


From Joyce Murray Anderson (73):

Hi Gary,

Thank you  so much, it was more than 30 years since Bev, Rita and I were all together.  All those years melted away with the first hug.

As a matter of fact, Gary, my cousin Ivy (Eller) Robert, found me the same way.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be reunited with loved ones. Ivy lives a few miles up the road, and has been there for 22 years, we just did not know. Being able to see everyone again is a shot directly from the “Fountain of Youth”.  Thank you again.

I love reading all the blogs, thanks for adding me to your list.


From Kenny Nerpel (65): 


I need to respond to the latest Larry Hackman story.  I also attended the party which he referenced.  I remember it just a little differently though.  I believe that I actually came to the party with the young man, who left the party shoeless, that was central to his story.  The lady also got me with a pretty good shot upside the head, then after I picked myself up and dusted myself off she actually invited me to attend the party, feeling I guess, that she had made a mistake.  The thing I remember about her was that she hit hard and often.  I’m thinking the animosity between her and the then young man were things that went back for a generation or more having to do with differences in the German and Norwegian cultures that existed along highway 43 and exacerbated by the consumption of Schlitz.  I never did understand what it was all about and I am sure that it was all resolved shortly after the incident.  The party was actually in the house, although I’m sure there were a few that slipped off for brief encounters in the hayloft that could technically be termed a barn dance( As Merle Haggard would say, “holding hands and pitching woo”).  Anyway, I actually went into the house and visited for awhile before making a hasty retreat.

Later, I believe that same year, I was involved in another skirmish along highway 43 that was the result of two young men vying for the affections of the same cute young Canadian gal.  After that I pretty much avoided the social life along highway 43 (much too violent).

Thanks for the memories Larry

Kenny Nerpel

From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): 

Hi Gary, I’m sitting here at my in-laws in Lester Prairie, MN enjoying our summer break from Seoul.  Over the weeks I read all of these memory postings and I have to tell you, the ones from Mel Kuhn make me laugh out loud.  I know the last name but don’t know the man.  I’d like to meet him just to say how much laughter he brings into my day.  Also I’m amazed at Dick Johnson’s ability to recall all the stuff he recalls.

I’m hoping to get together with other classmates this summer for more reminiscing while I’m in ND.  Thanks Gary and thanks to your lovely wife for all her support of your time on the computer.

Lynn Halvorson Otto (75)

Lynn, Joe Casavant from the class of 65 lives in Lester Praire.  Joe and his wife were at our class of 65 reunion this last summer.  Joe comes from the Casavant family of 16.  I do have all of the 16 casavant siblings in my files, many of which have email and are on this distribution.  Gary

Casavant Joseph PO Box 31 Lester Prairie, MN 55354 (320) 395-2016

From Mel Kuhn (70): 

Howdy Gary,

Good news, I was allowed out of the dog house last night. The wife made a passable spaghetti and meatsauce with some slightly burned garlic bread and a salad. The good news is that she didn’t hurt herself getting the can of pasta sauce open or anything. She did make me sit out on the deck with the dogs so that I wouldn’t be tempted to offer advice. You know when you try to offer a women advice it’s always taken as being bossy

More good stuff from Larry H. The barn dances and house parties are a thing of the past. Along with the big family picnic’s with softball games and horseshoes and all kinds of food. Grownups and kids all playing in the same games. I remember many a picnic at Butte St. Paul and the Peace Garden. Could you imagine a big family picnic at the Peace Garden now days? You would have to allow about 8 hours for everyone to clear customs on the way out. I think I know where my birth certificate is but what about the elderly like my mom. Good luck! Sorry, didn’t meen to put a down side to a good old memory.

Hey Dick, What do you have when your Boomerang is broken?

Mel Kuhn[70]
From Susan Fassett Martin (65):

The parade picture is Red Kester in the car. The house is the one that the Mongeons used to live in and then the Awalts and John and Bonnie Awalt are both in the picture.     Susan

Kester, Red 2076

From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

Gary’s mention of Charles Hagen and Bennie Johnson had me back sorting
pictures again! Although Bennie Johnson was my grandmother’s brother, I
am not the same ‘Johnson’ name. My mom’s mother was a Johnson, who then
married an Olson and had my mom, who then married a different Johnson!
Are we confused yet? Anyway, Grandma Johnson’s place on Willow Lake was
the gathering place for Mom’s family for many years, especially at
Christmas. Grandma Johnson’s husband died many years before she did, so
we called the farm ‘Grandma Johnson’s’ for as long as I can remember.
She lived to be in her eighties, and died in 1953. She had two sons who
stayed at home and did the farming, Bennie and Hank. Hank died in 1952,
so after 1953 it was just Bennie on the farm. There were about 12 kids,
if I remember correctly, and many stayed in the area and had families.
If anyone wants to read the history of the family, it is in the Dunseith
History book on pages 251-252. The pictures attached are from a
Christmas gathering in about 1952. The picture with Bennie playing the
fiddle and Agnes Salmonson [his niece], on the old pump organ, also
shows Loretta Johnson Quillinan [another niece, mom to Denise and
Darlene] standing in the next room. The other picture with the fiddle
shows Denise on the right and Darlene behind Bennie, both about 7 years
old.  Sitting at the table are Hilda Strong [another niece], Grandma
Johnson, and Myrtle Olson [my grandmother]. The last picture shows
George Cota [with the surprised look] and in the back, Henry Olson [my
grandpa]. They always got out the fiddle, and sometimes an old guitar,
and played old time music. Just a year and a half ago I had the honor of
playing some of the old songs with Agnes Salmonson at her birthday
party. She passed away not long after that so it will remain a highlight
for me for a very long time. Thanks Gary!Johnson, Dick 2077

6/22/2008 (140)

From Mel Kuhn (70):

Howdy Gary,

Did you know that Lola V. is a tattle tale, tattle tale? She just had to go and tell my wife about the Hamburger Helper crack. Thanks Lola! I had to share some dry dog food with my dogs for supper last night [was about the same as her Hamburger Helper]. She did give us a big bowl of water to go with it, so that helped. I hope my hands heal up fast, although I do need to loose some weight I do miss being able to scratch where,what and when I want to.

Mel Kuhn[70]
From Marshall Awalt  (51):

Hi Gary

While there were pictures of the parades going around I figured I might add a couple.Red Kester and Art Sime were two of Dunseith’s finest.

Your doing a great job Gary keep up the good work.


                                            Art Seim
Siem, Art 2076

                    Red Kester & ???? (Need some help)
Kester, Red 2076

From Larry Hackman (66):


I remember attending a barn dance west of Kelvin along Highway #43 back in the sixties. These cousins of the people putting on the dance came cruising and parked in the farm yard much the same way everybody else had parked.  I don’t know how the lady of the house knew they were there. But, she came rushing over into the parking area and insisted that they leave the property right now.  This young man, her cousin who was about 20 years old at the time, argued with her and tried to convince her to let them stay and enjoy the dance.  This lady about 30 years old at the time was’t buying what the young man was selling.  She pulled back a fist and let it fly, hitting that  young man so hard that she knocked him right out of his shoes.  It’s hard to believe, but his shoes were left there sitting in the exact position they were in when he was standing in front of this lady and the young man was laying on the ground about 10 feet behind his shoes.  Needless to say the young man grabbed his shoes and left the premises with his buddies.  At least I think he picked up his shoes?  Anyway, this story in the Pierce

County Tribune reminded me of this little adventure.  Maybe it will jog some other memories?


6/2/2008 (120)

From Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): 
Hi Gary and All
I can attest to the pool table that now resides at Nancy’s……It’s a real beauty. John did a beautiful job restoring it. We played for 2 days on it while we were there a couple weeks ago. John was so patient showing us where to hit to make the shot. Of course I hit all my great shots when nobody was looking!  Also, I checked out the Dunseith website. Really nice. Glad to hear that Debbie Morinville’s surgery went so well. Take care Deb and don’t overdo! Thanks for all you do Gary!
Cheryl Larson Dakin ’71
Article provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Neola, you have gone way back in your achieves to get this one.  Do you know what year this would have been?  Harvey has been deceased nearly 21 years.  Floyd’s wife, Luella, is a sister to Harvey. I recently found out, from Luella,  that my Uncle, Oscar Dahl (deceased – married to my dads sister Anna) was a cousin to the Halvorson’s. He visited Harvey and the Halvorson’s often.  Thank you Noola, Gary
Birth Date: 8 Apr 1929
Death Date: 7 Oct 1987
Social Security Number: 501-22-0329
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Dakota
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 58329
Localities: Dunseith, Rolette, North Dakota
San Haven, Rolette, North Dakota
Halvorson, Harvey 2057
From Mona Dionne Johnson (48): 
Regarding the ’45 basketball pic that Dick sent in.  They are:
Back Row:  Glen Shelver, Coach, Norman Haagenson, Wayne Molgard, Bill
Hosmer, Ralph Thiel, Derrald Dion
Front Row:  Leo Murray, Allison Fiske, Darrel Fassett, Don Johnson, Bob
Mona (Dionne) Johnson (48)
Basketball 1945 2057

6/20/2008 (139)

Letter from Charles (Chuck) Hagen (48): No email address

Dear Gary,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the gradation class list of 1948 you sent to me.  I sure have enjoyed looking it over.

Gary, I got married 3 weeks ago today, May 19, 2008.  Still on my honeymoon.  Call me sometime.

Good to hear from you,

2917 Collins Ferry Rd
Gladys, VA 24554
Landline(434) 283-5825
Cell (434) 941-3119

Note: Following his retirement from the Air Force, Chuck Hagen moved back to his home place up in the Ackworth/Willow Lake community in the hills. I think he told me he purchased the Freddie Hiatt farm too, formally the Bennie Johnson place that connected his property to the south.  He farmed that property (4 quarters) for years before moving back to VA.  Chuck lost his wife a few years ago, but is now remarried. Even though I did not know Chuck, he was sure glad to get my call. We both knew of each other though. Gary

From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

I guess I forgot to mention the horses in the parade, I was just showing

the stores. Brian Fauske is in the chariot and just above his team is
Norris Knutson. I think the Mexican is Wayne Barbot, and the guy behind
Norris is Bob Brennan, although I could be wrong . If anyone knows for
sure, please tell us. Thanks Gary!


Fauske, Brian 2074

6/19/2008 (137)

Question from Susan Malaterre Johnson (69): 

Hey Dick,

Did your Uncle Axel tell you about his time on the Titanic?  He used to tell my mom, Hilda Malaterre, all about it.

Susan Johnson


Passing of Michael Bostic, Former Dunseith teacher and husband of Linda Millang (63):

From Julie Knox Seier (82):


Hi Gary,
First of all thanks for sending out all of the “stuff” that you
do to all of “Dunseith folks”.  Very nice of you, keep up the
good work.

Many people may or may not remember my Aunt Linda Millang
Bostic. She graduated from Dunseith in 1963. Her husband,
Michael Bostic, passed away May 29, 2008 in Buffalo, MN. I am
going to enclose his obit. that was written by their son,
Arthur for anyone who may be interested. Mike taught for a few
years in Dunseith so a few people may remember him as well.

Lola Knox, Susie Millang, Julie Seier, Wayne Olson, Willard &
Laurene Olson, and Dale Millang traveled to Buffalo, MN to
attend the memorail service that was held on June 5th.

Thanks again and send up some prayers for Linda as she deals
with this difficult time.

Julie (Knox) Seier


Julie’s reply to my message. Gary

I don’t know if there is anyone near Linda that has email.
Maybe her son Arthur does but I don’t have his email address.
If anyone wanted to send her messages they could send them to
me and I would print them and send them to her in the mail.
Linda will be in the Dunseith area at the end of June. We are
having a 70th birthday party for my Mom, Lola (Millang) Knox on
June 28th at Metigoshe. Mike’s obit is at the end of my message
instead of attached. I got his picture to attach as it wouldn’t
come up with my message. Thanks so much.

(I do live in Minot. Have lived here ever since I graduated in


Michael Bosic’s Obituary: Former Dunseith teacher.

Bosic, Michael 2073

Michael Bostic, 63, passed away in the comfort of his home in

Buffalo Thursday, May 29th, 2008 with his family by his side.

On March 19th, 1945 in Pipestone, Minnesota, A. A. and May
Ellen (Regan) Bostic was blessed with a son and named him
Michael D. Bostic.

Michael spent the majority of his professional life as a Social
Studies teacher and football coach in North Dakota. In the
later years of his career in education, he also served as a
Business Administrator. He truly enjoyed interacting with young
people, both in the classroom and on the football field.

Michael will leave a legacy of perseverance. Despite a
courageous battle with several chronic diseases, including COPD
and Diabetes, he touched many with his sense of humor and
larger than life laugh. He was active in the Buffalo United
Methodist Church, where he enjoyed strengthening his faith and
sharing plenty of laughs with his Sunday School class.

Family was the most important thing to Michael. He married
Linda Millang on June 16th, 1979 at a ceremony in the Peace
Lutheran Church in Dunseith, ND. Linda was truly his life long
companion and best friend. In their nearly 29 years of marriage
they were rarely apart, and that held through to the very end.
Michael also loved his children, Michael Patrick, who was taken
too soon, and his son Arthur. He was also a “soon to be
Grandfather” and will be looking down from heaven with great
pride in November.

He is preceded in death by a son: Michael Patrick Bostic; his
parents: A. A. and May Ellen Bostic; and two brothers: Arthur
Lane Bostic and James Bostic.

Michael is survived by his loving wife: Linda (nee Millang)
Bostic of Buffalo; son: Arthur (Amy) Bostic of New Hope;
brothers: Steven (Sharon) Bostic of Mesa, Arizona and Patrick
(Cassandra) Bostic of Tigard, Oregon; sister-in-law: Barbara
Bostic of Watertown; and many nephews, nieces, other relatives
and good friends.

The memorial service for Michael will be Thursday, June 5th,
2008 at 6pm at the United Methodist Church of Buffalo.
Visitation will begin at 4pm.

A private family interment will take place the following Friday.


From Bev Morinville Azure (72): 

I would just like to thank  all of  the people  who are  sharing  the  pictures  it  is  nice  to  see .    Thank you  Gary for  what you  do for  us.  Joyce  Murray (Anderson) and  Rita Parisien (Anderson)  and I  spent the  last  2  days  together at  my house  visiting and  getting  caught up. We  were  all very  good friends in  HS . Joyce  found us again  because  of  the work you have done Gary ………thanks again Bev  Azure (morinville) 72


From Bill Hosmer (48):

Gary and Friends.  Dick Johnson’s pictures of main
street 1976 and the airborne shot of Dunseith brought
to mind the density of the main street compared to the
widely spread neighborhoods of town.  Then the
attractiveness of the businesses along main street
that are apparent in the parade shots. These are great
viewing for us senior citizens.  Yesterday I ran into
Art Rude, Sr.  He is definitely senior, but gave me an
excellent report on his activities which are oriented
toward celebrations around the county, including
parades, and his constant search for drivers to
participate.  If there ever was a Mr. Dunseith, Art
Rude would sure be in the running.  Cheers, and
thanks. Bill Hosmer


6/18/2008 (136)

From Jim Robillard (58):









From Dick Johnson (68):


Stan Salmonson says the girl by Dwayne Lang
is probably a girl named Jean Lake. Her dad was Ray Lake and she was in
band at that time. The Dunseith history book mentions Lakes on page 164.

Folks, All we need now is the identfication of that one guy.  Is that Jackie Spaeth or Mick Kester?  Gary

Picture L to R: 1956 DHS Band

Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk, Lowell Williams, Lois Hiatt.

Row two: Karen Woodford, Colleen Conroy, Gerald Lamoureux, Marlene Schneider, Duane  Woodford, Jackie Spaeth or Mick Kester?, Shirley LaRocque, Susan Brew, Connie Bedard, Joanne Kester.

Back row: Charlie Ericson, Ernest Kundart, Charlotte LaCroix, Barbara Bott, Ronnie Link, Lowell Leonard, Dwight Lang,

Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?, John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Jean Lake, DuWayne Lang

Dunseith Band 2072


Pictures/message from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

These are pictures Brenda took at the Bicentenial Parade in Dunseith in
1976.  I just thought it was nice to see the old stores the way they
were then. The old tan 52 Chevy was driven by Eugene ‘Gopher’ Counts and
the Model A was driven by Bob Leonard with Bernice Johnson inside and
Violet Campbell in the rumble seat. Thanks for posting these Gary!


Johnson, Dick 2072-1

6/17/2008 (135)

From Willy (60) & Al-lyn Longie: 



I don’t know if you are keeping a running head count but in case you are, we have booked 2 cabins as of today’s date.


Al-lyn (Willy’s wife)




From Phyllis McKay (65): 

Thank you Gary for the up date on Dennis. I  talked with him at length last September. I also made the reservations for Patsy and myself for the cruise. It should be fun.

School is almost over with for this year. This Friday will be the last day of students. I have two days next week of class and then I will be officially through. I have a wonderful class this year and it will be sad to see them go on to fifth grade.

Phyllis McKay


Folks, Phyllis is making reference to Dennis Dubois (63).Dennis does not have email, but I suggested to Bernadette, my wife, that she call Dennis and tell him about the cruise of which she did.  Dennis is very interested in the cruise and asked Bernadette for Phyllis’ and Margaret Metcalfe Leonard’s phone numbers.  He also asked for our travel agent (Gina’s) phone number. Dennis really aprecitated her calling him and wanted to visit. Gary

Dennis Dubois & Phyllis McKay – July 2007Dubois - McKay 2071




From Vickie Metcalfe (70):  & her sister Nancy Metcalfe Moreno (68):




“What I remember is Mom telling about how Axel Johnson would get poachers on School Section Lake & bring them to Grandpa Lamb’s while he would go get more. Grandpa fed them pancakes.” from Nancy Metcalfe Moreno(68)


” And I remember my dad  Cliff telling the story about Axel walking back and forth on top of the Metcalfe manure pile expressing to the older Metcalfe boys about the illegal practice of poaching of muskrats before  the season opening.   He was saying something like, “I  know they may have been poaching and  have no clear evidence, but if he did find the evidence he would turn them in.” With this story I heard, was that the pelts in question were under the manure pile which Axel was walking back and forth over while lecturing to the uncomfortable boys! I’ve often  wondered if Axel really knew  what the Metcalfe boys were up to and that it was his way of giving the “boys” fair warning he was on to them!”

I do recall our parents having utmost respect for Axel Johnson as a game warden & kind, honest, hard working man.  from Vickie Metcalfe



Folks, I had the identification ofthe folks in these two pictures reversed with yesterday’s message.  Gary


May 1960 in the Garden Tap:

Margaret Hiatt, Joyce Evans, 
Joe Evans, Freddie Hiatt.–
Johnson, Dick 2076-1




May 1960 in the Garden Tap:

Cliff Johnson, Joy Johnson, Bernice Johnson, 
‘half’ of Don Johnson.
Johnson, Dick 2076-2




From Gerry Anderson (61):   and Rita Anderson (mother): 

Gary … My mother, Rita Anderson, received this email and asked me to respond.  My name is Gerald (Gerry) Anderson – we lived in Dunseith from the late 40’s to 1957.  I would have been part of the class of 1961.  I attended school in Dunseith from grade 1 – 9 and then attended Willow City Academy and moved to Jamestown, ND for grades 11 and 12.

The lone male picture with all the beautiful ladies is my brother Mark Anderson who died of cancer about 10 years ago.  He was 4 years younger and would have been in the class of 1965.

My mother does enjoy receiving the pictures as both my dad (Ed Anderson – deceased) and mother were very active in the community and owned the Gamble store.   …Gerry…




Reply From Esther Murray Flemming (65): 




Pictured next to Patty  is Mark Anderson.  Very nice picture.







From Allen Richard (65): 


Bottom left is Mark Anderson




Reply From Debbie Mongeon Cernohous (66): 

Hi Gary,

You may have heard from a few people on the graduates for the bottom row.  I think it is Mark Anderson, Patty Bogus and Me.

Great job with the emails, love looking at them when I get to work.

Debbie Cernohous (Mongeon)




Top: Margaret Metcalfe (65), Dana Henriksen (66), Cecile Berube (65), Angela Berube (65)

Bottom: Mark Anderson (65),Patty Boguslawski (65), Debra Mongeon (66)

Class of 65 2071






From Dick Johnson (68):



I was just studying the old Dunseith postcard and noticed– almost no
trees! It has to be from 1935-36, the brick addition on the school was
done in ’35 and the City Hall is not there yet and I believe it was
built in ’37. The article from the fire says it was 31 years old when it
burned in 1968 so I can assume the picture is either late 1935 or 1936.
Just thought you might find this interesting. Thanks again!



6/16/2008 (134)

 Blog (134) posted on June 16, 2008

Alaska Cruise Update:
Folks,  In addition to those listed below, we have about another 20 folks or so (10 couples), that we know of, that are in the process of signing up for our cruise.  We are off to a good start.  Gina will be giving us weekly updates of which we will be passing onto you.  Gary
From Gina Ford, our travel agent:
Greetings All,
You already have 30 passengers confirmed!
M/M Gary Stokes
Wm. Grimme and Irina Protassevitch
M/M Ronald Cavaliere
M/M Warren Anderson
M/M Doyle Abrahamson
Nancy Baldwin/Keith Kontzie
Wayne Galloway/ Leona Randall
M/M Michael Vandal
M/M Scott Sjol
Muzette Fiander/ Trish Clayburgh
Randy Flynn Family  – (with 3 cabins)
Dwight Lang/ Rene Cassavant
Florence Sime/ Becky Coles (her daughter) 

Thank you, 

Gina S. Ford
Executive Cruise Consultant
Cruise At Will, Inc.
1-866-870-6986 (toll free)
954-578-1718 (local)

From Cecile Gouin Craig (61): 
Hi Gary, I so enjoy the chapters in the life of Dunseith. Alot of memories
have flooded back. I still have pics to send. It has been a zoo here. We had
a tornado come thru our little town May 22, we were very lucky, just roof
and siding damage.The hail that came was the size of baseballs winds were
about 120 to 135 MPH Five blocks away homes were totaly gone.
Clicked on the Red Skelton website it came up as a blank page??? Also in the
picture of the band (massege 132) is it certain that is Lowell Williams in 1st row second
from the rite? Could it possibly be Wallace Longie. Thanks for all you do.
Cecile Gouin Craig (61)
From Art Rude (71): 
I still haven’t heard who the director is in the band picture. 


Art, In message 132 the director is identified as Charlie Ericson.  Gary
Peace and Power, Art Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions, webpage address: www.artrude.com call and leave a message anytime at 800-XRT-RUDE
Message/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends, 

Folks had fun 50 years ago too!! These pictures pretty well tell the story!

The two top pictures are in the Garden Tap–Margaret Hiatt, Joyce Evans,
Joe Evans, Freddie Hiatt.– Cliff Johnson, Joy Johnson, Bernice Johnson,
‘half’ of Don Johnson.

Bottom pictures–Cliff and Don with each others
hats[ Laurel and Hardy!]–    Joyce Evans, Henry Olson, Myrtle Olson,
Loretta Johnson, Thelma Johnson, Darrel Fassett. I think this picture
was in the old Corner Bar, across the street from the Althea Theater.
The top photos are dated May 1960–The bottom left, 1962. The bottom
right had to be before Oct. 1959, as that is when Grandpa Henry Olson
died at 56 years of age. Thanks Gary! 


May 1960 in the Garden Tap:
Cliff Johnson, Joy Johnson, Bernice Johnson,
‘half’ of Don Johnson.
Johnson, Dick 2076-1



May 1960 in the Garden Tap:

Margaret Hiatt, Joyce Evans,
Joe Evans, Freddie Hiatt.–
Johnson, Dick 2076-2



1962 in the Corner Bar:

Cliff and Don with each others
hats[ Laurel and Hardy!]–
   Johnson, Dick 2076-3




October 1959

Joyce Evans, Henry Olson, Myrtle Olson,
Loretta Johnson, Thelma Johnson, Darrel Fassett
Johnson, Dick 2076-4

Reply From Mona Dionne Johnson (48):  
The pics  in question in bottom row.  I’d guess that is Dale Hoffman, and the other is Debra Mongeon.
Mona Johnson (48)
Reply From Esther Murray Flemming (65): 


Pictured next to Patty  is Mark Anderson.  Very nice picture.

Top: Margaret Metcalfe (65), Dana Henriksen (66), Cecile Berube (65), Angela Berube (65)

Bottom: Mark Anderson (65)? or Dale Hoffman (64)?,  Patty Boguslawski (65), Debra Mongeon (66)Class of 65 2076

6/14/2008 (132)

From Dale Pritchard (63): 
Gary,  I don’t remember Summer school at all even though I remember that
Willow Lake used that system.  Dennis and Arnold Hiatt started school at
Willow Lake then transferred to Ackworth.  Jump back a few years
earlier.  My mother and Alice Hiatt were in the hospital at the same
time in the same room with the same problem  — me and Arnold.  He was
born about 2 hours before me.  Because he started Summer school at
Willow Lake he was a grade ahead of me when he transferred to Ackworth.
Anyway, when I finished the 5th grade, Mrs. Phelps, our teacher at the
time, moved me up to the 7th grade so Arnold and I could graduate at the
same time.  Don’t believe that happens much anymore if at all.  Change
of subject:  Mr. Phelps had a daughter, Arlene.  In Arlene’s senior year
in St. John, she got sick one day in school and passed away that same
day (in shool).  I found her obituary just a few days ago while looking
for something else. 

Dale Pritchard

Note: Arnold Hiatt, son of Albert & Alice Hiatt, attended and graduated from Bottineau HS in 1963.  He was electrocuted and killed in a construction accident in the summer of 1964. Gary
From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends, 

The last two unnamed band members; could the girl by Dwayne Lang be
Sandra Trevers? I think Janice Lacroix Kester would know if  Mick Kester
played the tuba, or if it is Jack Spaeth. How about it Janice? Thanks to
Ellen Graff Myrick and Karen Woodford Olson for the other names! I
started band in about 1961 and Don Darling was our director. Dad taught
in Rolette at the time and came to Dunseith in the fall of  ‘ 64. I
think he and Don Darling kind of traded places. Don Darling moved to
Minot later and worked at Northwest Music for many years, He passed away
about a year, or so, ago.
Speaking of Mickey Kester, can anyone else remember the basketball game
at the city hall when he was heading toward the north end of the court
for a layup and an opponent tripped him, slamming Mick’s head into the
furnace grate on the front of the stage? He hit HARD and was out cold
for a while! I bet Mick can remember! It was at one of these games where
I saw, for the first time, another kid [Jerry Wallette, I think?] pour a
bag of Planter’s Peanuts into a bottle of Orange Crush! I tried it–not
bad! Larry Hackman mentioned selling pop and candy at games. I think the
concessions was on the east side of the stairs and tickets were sold on
the west side. Am I right about that, guys? I think there was a small
ticket window opening into the stairs from both rooms and then a large
window in the main gym with an entry door beside it. It is hard to
remember as it will be 40 years ago this August, that it burned down. I
found this picture of the grade school boys team from 56-57, so will
include it. Thanks Gary!

Best Guess L to R:

Front:  Bobby Robillard, John Leonard, Dave Shelver, Jim  Evans, Lyle Lamoureux, Julian Kalk, Garrett Myer ?.
Back row: Coach [ Ray Starks? WILD guess], Gerald Anderson?, Dwight Lang, Billy Awalt?, Stan Salmonson,
Rod Kalk, John Morgan, Nickey Bedard, George Gottbreht.
Dunseith 1958 grade school basketball team

6/13/2008 (131)

From Diane Larson Sjol (70): 
I enjoyed seeing the picture of Charlotte Lang.  I remember in fourth
grade or fifth she was teaching us about Champlain and his travels but
said she liked to call him Chapagne because she liked that word
better…funny the things you remember.
Diane, Charlotte was my first grade teacher in that very school the picture was taken in.  She also attended Ackworth in her school days.  My first grade year was the very last year of summer school at Ackworth.  The next year they switched to regular winter school. Also, my 8th grade year was the last year of school in Ackworth.  After that everyone was bused to Dunseith. Gary
From Bonnie Awalt Hoole (56): 
Good Morning Gary,
That band picture is a puzzle, I was wondering if the young man next to Erickson was possibly Jimmy Robilard?
From Karen Woodford Olson (59): 
Next to the band director Charles Erickson is Ernest Kundart, small person is Charlotte LaCroix.  I think it is Mick Kester next to my brother Duane Woodford.  Can’t recall the girl by DuWayne Lang.  Karen
Picture L to R:  1956 DHS Band
Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk, Lowell Williams, Lois Hiatt.
Row two: Karen Woodford, Colleen Conroy?, Gerald Lamoureux, Marlene Schneider, Duane  Woodford, Jackie Spaeth,
Shirley LaRocque, Susan Brew, Connie Bedard, Joanne Kester.
Back row: Charlie Ericson, Wally Longie, Charlotte LaCroix, Barbara Bott, Ronnie Link, Lowell Leonard, Dwight Lang,
Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?, John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Patsy Smith, DuWayne Lang
dunseith band 2068

6/12/2008 (130)

From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends,Most of the folks reading these messages will probably remember Axel
Johnson. He was my Grandpa Hans Johnson’s older brother and worked at
Dales cleaning and watching things at night. There are some things folks
may not have ever heard about Axel. He was married to a young lady by
the name of Mary Olson, who died in the flu epidemic in 1918. I think
she was only about 20 when she died. She is buried in the old cemetery
southeast of our place on the corner of  Peterson’s land. Axel was
single for many years before he remarried to Bernice Kelly in the late
1930s. During that time he was a local game warden and one time chased
an illegal trapper until the guy climbed a tree. Axel told him to come
down because he was going to ‘yail’, as Axel would have said in his
Norwegian brogue! The guy said he wasn’t coming down so Axel tied his
dog to the tree [mean dog] and then went to Bob Lambs and borrowed an ax
and chopped the tree down and took the guy to jail! He used to tell the
story about when he was in the hardware store in Dunseith and saw a guy
jump into the back of his old pickup to steal a case of beer that Axel
had bought for the ‘fort of yuly’, as he would say. He grabbed a steel
scoop shovel and whacked the guy over the head with it. He used to tell
us, ” It roong like da bell on da catlic church”. One other story he
liked to tell, was when the snow got so deep in the creek coulee east of
the farm, that the rabbits ate the top branches off the trees and left
them bare. He said the next fall some hunters from Minnesota asked him
what happened to the trees along the creek? He said,”I told them it was
the hungry rabbits last vinter, and they said, what the hell kind of
rabbits you got up here!” He had the loudest laugh and ended most of his
stories with a laugh! I couldn’t get to the end of most of his stories
without busting out laughing! He was born in Norway, as was my Grandpa
and their sister Louise. Axel and Grandpa never really lost the brogue,
it was fun to hear them talk! Grandpa said, “By the time I learned to
say ‘telewision’ they changed it to ‘t-we’! I have a hundred more
stories of Axel and Grandpa Hans, but maybe later!!  Again, thank you Gary!


Johnson, Axel 2067





From Ellen Graff Myrick (58): 

Thank you Ellen.  Hopefully we can get those other 3 identified.  Gary



A few comments/corrections in the band names.  I was in the band  in 1956 and have been identified.
The front row people are all identified correctly.  I don’t know why there is a question mark by Marjorie Landsverk but that is Marjorie.
In row two Colleen Conroy is named correctly but her first name is misspelled.  Also Shirley LaRocque is next to Jackie Spaeth and Connie Bedard is between Susan Brew and Joanne Kester.
In the back row I can’t identify the flute playerthe small person, or girl, but the one between small person and Ronnie Link is Barbara Bott (NOT LOUELLA KALK).  Curt Halvorson and Neva Haagenson are correctly identified.  Dwayne Lang’s name is misspelled (NOT DUANE)
I’m thinking small person must be from David Shelver’s class.  The flute playermay be someone who lived at San Haven.  The girl looks familiar – I wonder if Dwayne Lang or David Shelver remember who the female trombone player was?
Ellen (Graff – 58) Myrick


Picture L to R:  1956 DHS Band
Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk, Lowell Williams, Lois Hiatt.
Row two: Karen Woodford, Colleen Conroy?, Gerald Lamoureux, Marlene Schneider, Duane  Woodford, Jackie Spaeth,
Shirley LaRocque, Susan Brew, Connie Bedard, Joanne Kester.
Back row: Charlie Ericson, Wally Longie, Small person?, Barbara Bott, Ronnie Link, Lowell Leonard, Dwight Lang,
Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?, John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Patsy Smith, DuWayne Lang?
Dunseith Band 55-56 2067

6/11/2015 (129)

From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends,My uncle Cliff Johnson bought a Ford Model A fourdoor car when he was
going to highschool in Towner, ND. He actually bought it from Jess
Hosmer’s dad, Joe Selzler, in about 1948. He owned many cars after that
and the old Model A just sat in the yard at the farm, where it was used
once in a while, to go to the field or pasture where they didn’t want to
use a good car. It had sat for a couple years without running and in the
early 60s I got it going and drove it around the farm. One day some
people stopped in and asked if it was for sale. Cliff said it was if
they had $50. They didn’t and drove off, much to my relief! He told
Grandma not to let them take the car if they didn’t have all the money!
I said I would like to buy it, to which he held out his hand for me to
put the money in! He went back to wherever he was teaching at the time
and I told Dad what Cliff had said. Dad said to send him some money and
a letter stating that I would be sending the rest when I could. It took
several months but I paid him the $50 and it was mine. John Bogus and I
put in a set of rings and ground the valves and had it running great.
Then it was time to fix up the body. I sanded the car by hand from one
end to the other and painted it green with some leftover paint I bought
from Jim’s Body Shop for ten bucks. The top is fabric and was about
shot. Where in Dunseith can you find a piece of canvas big enough to
cover the top–MY TENT, I don’t use it anymore anyway. With it tacked
down, I needed to put some tar or coating on it so I went up to Gambles
to see Art Henning. I told him I needed some tar. He asked why, and I
said for the top of my old car. Art took me down in the basement and on
a shelf sat two cans of DuPont Top Coat– the real thing for car
tops–Art said it was there for 30 years and he gave it to me!! The
interior was shot but again, where in town can you find upholstery
material that looks like 1929? I used seat covers and Mom sewed some
black cloth together for a headliner and I needed some stiff composite
material for the wrap around in the back behind the back seat. John and
I made a trip to the most logical place–the dumpground! There we found
some linoleum that we reversed and painted and we were ready for the
road! To you Model A purists, yes, the car is a 29 and the wheels and
headlights are 30, but they were all I had at the time.I still have this
old car in my collection but haven’t run it for many years. It still
looks the same as the picture but needs a REAL restoration to be
presentable! Someday, maybe, when the world slows down!!


Johnson, Dick 2066
Reply from Dwight Lang (61): 
Hi Gary,
I believe the short guy alongside me could be Lowell Leonard and the girl setting in front of me is Marlene Schneider.  We all played trumpets.  Marlene was 1st chair and us guys in the back filled in as 2nd and 3rd horns doing our best.
Reply from Gary Morgan (54): 
I’m guessing that the girl next to Gerald Lamoureaux is Marlene Schneider, the guy with the tuba is Jackie Spaeth and the band director must be Charlie
Erickson.Gary Morgan
Class of 54

Folks, there are only three left to identify.  We are almost there.  Not bad for a 54 year old picture.  Gary
Picture L to R:  1956 DHS Band
Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk ?, Lowell Williams, Lois Hiatt.
Row two: Karen Woodford, Coleen Conroy?, Gerald Lamoureux, Marlene Schneider, Duane  Woodford, Jackie Spaeth,
Connie Bedard, Susan Brew, Shirley LaRocque, Joanne Kester.
Back row: Charlie Ericson, Flute player?, Small person?, Luella Kalk??, Ronnie Link, Lowell Leonard, Dwight Lang,
Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?, John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Girl?, Duane Lang?
Dunseith Band 55-56 2066
From Glenda (Russell [64]) Fauske: 
Fantasy Fiddler Families and Fauske Fiddler FriendsPLEASE ROUTE OR SHARE WITH OTHERS!!

Info below on the “Final Fauske Fiddlers and Fantasy Fiddler
Friends Reunion Concert at Sully’s Hill National Park near
Devils Lake, ND, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 14, 2008″


I’ve put together a draft concert for Sully’s Hill, see the
attached Word document.

Melanie is going to bring her Ukranian costume and dance to A &
D Kolumaka.
Tyrell Witherspoon is going to dance to St. Anne’s Reel
Trent Turner is doing the Clarinet Polka.
Amberley A. is doing Amazing Grace.
Melanie O. is doing Listen to the Mockingbird.
Amberley A. and Ashley A. twin fiddling Everett Larson’s Waltz
Ty & Austin will do 2 Norwegian fiddle tunes and the first verse
of Ashokan Farewell and Lincoln’s favorite “Aura Lee.”

Sully’s Hill is leaving the front extended stage from Friday
night on so Mel and others can dance on the stage in comfort.

Citulsky’s cannot come now at the last minute.  Evan is joining
the military.  Fungs, Goertzens and Randall can’t make it either.

Mark Witherspoon is bringing his financee Carol with for us to

Amanda Bopp, Tyrell’s girlfriend, is joining everyone on stage
for four numbers.

Attendees that I know of (someone surprise us – come if you can
at the last minute!):

Tyrell F. – fiddle
Austin F. – fiddle
Trent T. – fiddle
Amberley A. – fiddle
Ashley A. – fiddle
Melanie O. – fiddle
Amanda B. – fiddle (4 songs)

Tyrell W. – drums
Mark W. – bass guitar
John H. – guitar
Dorothy G. – piano
Brian G. – sound


DRESS:  Black and white – any combination


11:00 a.m.    Optional  Meet at Dale’s Cafe, Dunseith – Lunch
2:00 p.m.    Check into Casino Hotel
3:00 p.m.    Sound Check & Rehearsal – Sully’s Hill
5:30 p.m.    Free Supper – Sully’s Hill
7:00 p.m.    Show


1 GIRL FIDDLERS – Ashley, Amberley & Melanie
1 girl fiddler – Amanda Bopp
1 boy fiddlers – Tyrell, Austin & Trent
1 room – Brian and Dorothy Granter
1 room – John and Pam Halone
1 room – Glenda and Russell Fauske
1 room – Joe and Grace Slewinsky
1 room available til Thursday night.

Mark, Ty and Carol must return home that evening.

I still have Citulsky’s room?  Anyone need it?  I’ll give it up
Thursday night if I don’t hear from someone.

We are all looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

The Lazy RF Ranch            (701) 263-4742
Russell and Glenda Fauske
RR 1  Box 139                 rfranch@srt.com
Dunseith ND  58329

                                       Fauske and Fantasy FiddlersFauske Fiddler 2066

6/10/2008 (128)

Folks,  I would like to mention that I had a really nice visit with Sandra Zeiler Vandal (62) yesterday when I called her about messages they were not getting. Sandra and Mike are living in Elk River MN.  Her parents, Arnold and Lorna are living in Rugby.  She said considering their ages they are doing OK.  Sandra mentioned that she plans on jumping in some day with some comments and replies of her own.  I told her we’d love to hear from her.  She is signed up for our cruise along with Nancy Hosmer Baldwin (62).


Sandra, I did not realize when we talked yesterday that your mother is a Casavant. Are you related to Rene, Joe, Gerald and that family of 16 wonderful siblings?  Gary



From Dick Johnson (68):


Gary and Friends,

Everyone has a wild night to remember, some of us more than others, I
imagine. One such night that I will never forget was August 22, 1961. I
was staying at the farm with my grandparents and had gone upstairs to
bed after a hot day and had opened a window to hopefully cool of the
room so I could sleep. I was sleeping like any 11 year old, without a
care in the world, when all at once rain water was hitting my face and
the wind had the curtains standing straight out in the room! Grandpa
Hans came running into the room and grabbed my arm and dragged me down
the stairs and down into the cellar! He shut the trapdoor above us and
said we may be in a tornado! It roared like crazy above us for a few
minutes and then we heard a loud crashing sound followed by a boom!
Grandpa said, “That was the barn.” It got still within a few minutes,
except for a slight wind, and we came up from the cellar. Looking out in
the night we could see a big pile of debris where the barn had been! The
overhead wires were laying on the rubble and rubbing together making a
constant shower of sparks, so Grandpa ran out to the power pole and shut
off the master switch so what was left wouldn’t burn. He was soaked to
the skin within seconds from the downpour, but didn’t want to see a fire
too! Well guess what! The insurance company said he had insurance for
fire but that they had written off wind coverage because the barn was
looking old and possibly not sturdy!! There is a story about how good
guys finish last, and this sort of fits! Oh,by the way, my memory isn’t
quite as good as it seems. The date is on the back of the picture, even
though the picture was taken later in the fall. I did cut a hole in the
debris and found my saddle unharmed! Not to good for most of Grandma’s
chickens though! The picture shows the aftermath of one of the strongest
winds I can ever remember! Thanks Gary!




From Dale Pritchard (63):

Dale, that does look like your mother.  Gary


The picture is pretty dark but I believe that’s my Mother, Dorothy Pritchard, seated on Edmar Tangen’s right side.  This is a good picture of your Mother, Gary.  In some close ups of you, I see you inherited her eyes.


Standing: Glenda (Mrs. Russell) Fauske

Seated R to L: Elaine Stokes, Alice Hiatt, Charlotte Hiatt Lang, Esther Tangen, Edmar Tangen,

Dorthy Pritchard, Dennis HiattAckworth 2065




From Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): 


Hi GARY I wanted to comment on the band picture, The girls on either side of Susan are

Connie Bedard , Susan, Shirley LaRocque. Thank you Gary


God Bless  Shirley (LaRocque) Wendt


Picture L to R:  1956 DHS Band

Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk ?, Lowell Williams,Lois Hiatt.


Row two: Karen Woodford, Coleen Conroy?, Gerald Lamoureux, Girl??, Duane  Woodford, Guy with tuba??,

Connie Bedard, Susan Brew, Shirley LaRocque, Joanne Kester.


Back row: Director??, Flute player?, Small person?, Luella Kalk??, Ronnie Link, Short kid?, Dwight Lang,

Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?, John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Girl?, Duane Lang?

Dunseith Band 55-56 2065

6/9/2008 (127)

From Erling Landsverk (44): 












From Gary Stokes (65):


Picture taken in the Ackworth school in about, I think, 1992 at the annual Alumni.

Note: All those seated have passed on. Charlotte died in Jan 1994 and the rest have passed on since.

Many of you are closely related to those in this picture.

For you Pladson folks, Is that your mother, Ella, sitting on the far side of your uncle Edmar?


Glenda (Mrs. Russell) Fauske Standing,

Seated R to L: Elaine Stokes, Alice Hiatt, Charlotte Hiatt Lang, Esther Tangen, Edmar Tangen, ??, Dennis Hiatt







From Dick Johnson (68): 

Dick, the only one, in this picture, that I for sure recognize is Dwight Lang. In this picture he looks like he could be related to the Hiatt’s, of which I know he is proud of.  Gary



My best guess on the names of the band kids–




Picture L to R:  1956 DHS Band

Front row: Gayle Bedard, Caroleen Lider, Janice Lacroix, Marjorie Landsverk ?, Lowell Williams,Lois Hiatt.

Row two: Karen Woodford,Coleen Conroy?, Gerald Lamoureux, Girl??, Duane  Woodford, Guy with tuba??,

Girl in front of music stand?,Susan Brew, Girl in front of base drum?, Joanne Kester.

 Back row: Director??, Flute player?, Small person?, Luella Kalk??, Ronnie Link, Short kid?, Dwight Lang,

Curt Halvorson?, Don Conroy, Neva Haagenson?,John Morgan, Ellen Graff, BIG DAVE SHELVER, Girl?, Duane Lang?

 Dunseith Band 55-56 2062






From Bill Hosmer (48):   Please note Bill’s new address.


The basketball picture names by Mona Johnson was well
done.. The player in the back row far left is Charles
(Pug) Lund. His dad was the Supt. at San Haven at the
time of the picture.  He, Dee Nelson, George Gehres
and I used to run around with him.  He later got into
federal law enforcement.  Bill Hosmer



Picture 1944:

Back: Coach W.Schultz,  Charles (Pug Lund,  Wayne Molgard,  Freddie Hiatt, Bob  Molgard, Leo Murray, student Mgr. Howard Landsverk.
Front:  Roger Johnson, Don Johnson, Lyle Johnson ?,  Bruce Cornell, Allison Fiske

Basketball team 1944 2064

6/8/2008 (126)

From Karen Woodford Olson (59): 
Gary,Also had to chuckle about the band photo that Dick sent to you.  I was in that picture and could probably name everyone.  Should apologize to all for the bad hairdo that I had.
Keep up the good work.  Would like to meet you and Bernadette.  My sister-in-law is also Bernadette but we call her Bernie.
Regards, Karen

From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): 
    While I was in school I worked for the Michaelson at the Dunseith Journal.  The Newspaper Press was an impressively large machine.  It was extremely loud, and often broke down, Mr. Michaelson stood on a platform at the top of the press near the ceiling guiding the papers through the press.  He was a tall skinny man and quite frail I often worried he might fall.  My job was to fold the papers as they came off the forks of the press.  Viola Hobbs trained me into the job.  It was a little scary because your timing had to be really good as you needed to reach in and get the papers as the huge forks brought the papers down.  Next you folded the papers and sorted them into piles to be prepared to be mailed.  Town papers were in a square, out of town papers were rolled with a strip of paper to hold them in the roll.  The address were on the front of the squares and on the out of town papers the address was on the strip of paper holding the roll together.  The office was loud, messy and smelly, but both Mr. and Mrs. Michaelson were very hard working and efficient.  Mrs. Michaelson had fallen and broke her wrist so they hired me to help out.  When the machine broke down, Harvey Bailey from Rolla was called over to repair the press. Sometimes when I came in on press day Harvey would already be working on the press so I could just go on home until they called that they were up and running, sometimes that meant coming in before school started the next day.  Harvey often came to our home for supper these type of days, (Harvey being a relative and friend).  I worked there for several years even when Mrs. Michaelson’s wrist was healed.
    On calling days Mrs. Michaelson would spend all day calling everyone in town to find out if they had any news.  They had assigned people in the hills and out on the prairie, someone at the San Haven, and I don’t remember where else the reporters were but those people would call in their news or write it out and bring it to the Office.  What a remarkable process.  Remarkable that we had a newspaper is such a small town.
    About the Band picture, I can name almost every one of the students.  It was 1956 the year we graduated.  Marching Band was lots of fun.
Bonnie (Awalt) Houle 1956
Bonnie & Karen, Maybe we can get Dick to name all those he knows in that picture and then get you guys, an others, to fill in blanks?  Some day these pictures will be available for future generations, so I like to have copies, in my files of all pictures, identifying those in them.  With all the pictures you folks have been sending, combined with all those that I previously got from the class of 65,  I’ve got quite a library of pictures.  Gary
From Deb Wensted Slyter (72): 
I would like to correct Erling Landsverk on his memory of the snowplanes. My Dad, Oscar Wenstad, is the one who had built the snowplane not Arnold, who is his brother.  My sister still has the large wooden propeller.  My Dad could fix and repair anything, if he had to he would build his own parts. He had an old tractor that he had reversed everything around so that the small front wheels were were in the back, that’s why we called it the backward tractor. I remember many summers putting up hay with Dad driving that thing. The tractor is in the museum at Lansford where my brother lives.
I could go on and on about all the things that Dad had fixed for friends and neighbors alike. His ingenuity is greatly missed.
Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  
Note: Clarence (’34) and all six of his children attended Dunseith. Susan (’69), Karen (’70), Art, (’72),
Ellen (’74), Arlan (’75) & Henry (’77).  Arlan & Henry transferred to Bottineau in about 1975.
Hagen, Mary Ann 2063

6/7/2008 (125)

From Floyd Dion (45): 
This is to Randy Flynn  , Yes I did get a golden hammer award , it was a gold hammer tie clasp, and I still have it.  It gold color, But I don’t know if it is gold.
I think most people knew that my wife Luella had slipped on some ice in February and broke and arm and a leg.She was getting along good using the walker and doing different things. Well she had another accident.  We were on our way to Rochester , as I had an appointment with a doctor at Mayo clinic, we were about half way and stopped at a rest stop, as Luella went into the restroom the caretaker held the door open for her, somehow, she lost her balance and fell on the floor.We loaded her in the car and went to the emergency at ST. Mary’s Mayo Hospital and did x rays and found 2 cracks in the upper part of her arm, the good arm. She stayed in the hospital that night and the next day too because I had a 2 oclock appointment. that day, so the next day we went home. the doctors did not think she needed surgery, and told her to see the Minot doctor that did the other surgery. I called the nurse and she said to keep the june 17th appointment that she had made 2 months ago.
So we will see what happens. Her arm is in a sling now.
Luella, When it rains is pours. We hope and pray that all will be fine with the fractures in your good arm. We are thinking about you.  Gary
From Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): 
What a nice article about the Boot Camp.  This is the first time I had heard of it.  I have heard of ranches that bring in city folks to help round up cattle and work them, the city folks pay to get an experience of a lifetime, saves the ranchers lots of money and gets the work done at the same time.  Sounds like the Peace Garden has a similar idea.  Way to go…we all have to keep costs down now days in any way we can!!!
Picture/message from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends, 

I came across this picture of the DHS school band in the 55-56 school
year. The oldest ones in the picture are in the class of 1956, so I
assume it is that school year. I mentioned the band cap with the name
‘Lois’ on the inside,  and Lois Hiatt is on the front right in this
picture. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to let you all look and
not name everyone of the nearly 30 kids in the photo! I’m sure most of
you can name most of them [ I can and I was only in the first grade] so
look them over and send comments! This was taken on the stage in the old
gym in what is now the elementary school. It would appear that all
grades were represented from 5-12. Thanks Gary!


 Dunseith Band 55-56 2062

Folks,  Bill Grimme and Larry Hackman have been passing some very interesting stories back and forth of which I got copies of.  Some true, some fiction.  As we all know, they are both good story writers.  They have given me permission to share these with you guys.



To get a better flow of the stories, it’s best to read them from the bottom up.  Gary






It was junior high and Dunseith was playing football against Rugby at Rugby.  Dunseith just received a penalty for using profanity.  The referee was marching the ball back up the field when one of the Dunseith players walks up to the Ref. and asks, what the _ _ _ _ is profanity?  Needless to say,  the referee ejected him from the game on the spot.


Upon returning to Dunseith, the kid came up to me and asked me what profanity meant.  He honestly did not know.



—– Original Message —–


Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: women’s_toilet
These are good. Reminded me of a story from my working days. We were have a mandatory meeting on integrity. The speaker said that if you had a concern, you could make an anonymous call or send an anonymous email to report it. A person asked, “How do you send and anonymous email?”. Good question. The speaker didn’t know, so, I raised my hand and told him, “You wait until lunchtime, find someone who has left their computer active, and send the email from there.” That really pissed the guy off and he said that would be and integrity violation. He didn’t get the fact that it was a joke. The rest of the room cracked up. Sounds kind of like what you did.
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: women’s_toilet
Do you remember this one?
The lady comes out of the restroom at a club.
The male comedian on stage sees her and yells at her, hey lady, lady, hey lady “did you just come out of the restroom”?  She says, “I did”.  He asks her if she could hear him in the restroom?  She replys that, “no she couldn’t hear anything while she was in there”.  He replys to her, “ lady we sure heard you out here”.   Hehehee
Another story,
In our office where I worked at one time, the ceiling panels were being replaced.  The ceiling workers had removed all the panels and of course never returned to put in the new framework and panels for the new ceiling.  Everything was open above the wall partitions.  Every sound made, bounced around in that concrete structure like a rubber ball.  My office and my buddies office were about two offices down the hall from the womens restroom. I was out of the office a lot, so things did not bother me as much as they did my buddy.  He was getting a little tired of hearing all the restroom sounds.  So he wrote up a little story about the sounds, and him being a Navy man, he related the stories to a submarine or gun boat. You know, The call to emergency stations, the closing of the hatches, the loading of the torpedoes, the firing of the torpedoes,   the explosion of the torpedoes,  the all clear given, the return to normal conditions.  Anyway you get the idea.  He did however go into a little more detail about the sounds of the torpedoes hitting the water and the sound they made slideing through the water and the sound of depth charges going off around the submarine during the battle.  The groaning and labor of metal from being under excessive pressure.  It was funny.  Personally, in the morning, I thought it sounded a little bit like a chorus warming up.  How do they sing, ” doe, ra, me, fa, sew, la, tea, doe,”  in harmony ?????.
Anyway, Bill writes this story, calls me into his office, has me read the story and askes me if he should send it on up to the next level of the chain of command or maybe just go and relay the message personnely to him or just tell someone, that someone ought to do something about getting the ceiling panels replaced, that hearing all these restroom noises is disgusting and distracting.
 I encouraged him to send the message, to go for it. It’s a good story and might bring a little chuckle to someones otherwise dull day and actually convince someone to get the work done.  He was still worried about the consequences or that he might hurt someones feelings, and decided to think about it.  I went back to my office.  A while later I saw him leave his office. It was not long after he left that a couple of fellows that he showed the story to, entered his offfice, and the story magically appeared on about 100 computers instantly.   A few days later, they completed installing the ceiling.
Talk about getting results?  The gal that was in charge of the project and used that restroom must of had a realization.
I’ve never really told Bill, how his story got out,  but he has his suspicions.  He did however, get a pat on the back from the boss for speeding up the project and for giving everyone a chuckle, except for maybe the ladies.  Talk about gunboat deplomacy.
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 12:03 PM
Subject: women’s_toilet
Pretty funny, Larry.
There was a place in Oakland, CA called the “Last Chance Saloon” where Jack London used to hang out. Anyway, it’s an old place and a lot of tourists went there (my experience was in the ’70s.) They had a speaker in the ladies room and the bartender would say things that sounded like they came out of the toilet, like “hey, who turned out the lights” or “careful, there are workers down here”. Women would come out looking really embarrassed. This video reminded me of that.

6/6/2008 (124)

From Erling Landsverk (44):
From Diane Larson Sjol (70): 
Wow, in that postcard you can see the old white school  house!  This
message is for Debbie Rondeau…what is the name of your grandson’s
band and where does he live in Texas?  My son has a band also and
lives in Texas.
Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Peace Garden 2061-1Peace Garden 2061-2


6/5/2008 (123)

From Debbie Poitra Rondeau (77): 
   Good Afternoon Gary and everybody that’s from Dunseith area. I’m just looking to see if anybody is living in Minn. area. I don’t know if alot of you know my son, Christopher Leo Rondeau, grandson of the Betty Counts Poitra and the Late Leo Poitra. My son plays and sings and his on tour right now, the reason I’m writing this letter is to see if anybody knows where the 331 club is in Minn.  stop and listen to him on june 5 he will be there, from there he heads back to Texas. You could also look him up on his web site: my space.com

http://www.leorondeau.net/  check out his site you purchase cd’s and t-shirts. He graduated the class of 1998.

Thank You

Debbie Poitra Rondeau Class of 1977



From Randy Flynn (70):




A question for Floyd Dion.  When I saw the picture of you with Harvey in the electric wheel chair, I remember, as a youngin’, hearing that you had been awarded a Golden Hammer Award from Popular Mechanics.  Did you receive such an award.  Is this the wheel chair that was submitted to Popular Mechanics.  You were always extremely handy and I am certain you made modifications to the original designs. 

To Bill and Irene Fassett’s daughters and Dick Johnson – Your scrapbooks articles and pictures are great.  Please keep sharing your saved memories of Dunseith.  The background of each picture is as important as the subject to recreate our lives in Dunseith.  Thank you.

Randy Flynn



From Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary/Susan,
Thanks for posting the picture of Eldon Hiatt and Dad, Susan.  It’s always fun to see a person’s parent/parents in clippings. :) Whenever I see this clipping, my first thought is always that the fellow with Dad is Jack Peterson, as he worked for Dad.  In fact, it was while Jack (It seems to me I called him Jackie.) was working for Dad that he lost sight in his eye.  Apparently, a sliver of steel lodged in his eye.  I remember what a terrible/sad accident it was.  I can still picture him with the bandage over his eye.  He was such a young fellow to have something like this happen to him.  When we happen to think/talk about the accident, Mom/I still feel bad.
Susan, if I were put in a room with all your old newspapers, you wouldn’t see me for months!  I absolutely love reading the old newspapers.  My problem is I want to scan/send/share so many of the articles with everyone.  I think the articles/stories/etc. are so great, I’m just positive others feel the same as I do about them!! Ha!
Even though I don’t know everyone mentioned in the emails, I enjoy all the clippings, stories, pictures so many of you share through Gary.  I’m with the rest of the people, Gary; I add my thanks to you, too. :)




From Diane Larson Sjol (70): 

Your remark about most 18 year olds not being up at that time of the
morning is partly true…many of them were just going to




From Mona Dionne Johnson (48): 

Don’t recognize them all as this would have in the year (43-44), before
I started at BHS, but here’s most of them –

Coach W.Schultz,  ? on first one,  Wayne Molgard,  Freddie Hiatt, Bob
Molgard, Leo Murray, student Mgr. Howard Landsverk.
Fr.  Roger Johnson, Don Johnson, Lyle Johnson ?,  Bruce Cornell, Allison

That’s all but one and I’m guessing on Lyle, but looks like his grad.
pic to me.
Mona Johnson (48)

Dunseith 1944 Basketball team 2060Dunseith city 2060Fauske, 2060


6/4/2008 (122)

From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends, 

Thanks Susan for the article on the City Hall fire. That seems to be
exactly the way it happened. In the picture you can see how the west
wall had fallen outwards, this nearly blew Terry Martinson off his feet!
The picture was taken a 9 AM according to the article and was before the
big chimney was pulled over into the basement by the Rural Electric
workmen. The part about the siren being saved is not totally correct
though, we retrieved it but I think it was shot. After the roof fell in,
we could see the siren hanging  on the wires, just inside the front
doors! I don’t remember who cut the wires and brought it out but I think
it had been burned badly enough to not be any good anyway. I remember it
sitting on the sidewalk in front of the hall after it was all over. I
talked to Helen Metcalfe this past weekend and she said she and her
husband had the hall rented for their wedding dance that next weekend
but when they drove into town it was just smoldering ruins! They rented
the Odd Fellows hall in Bottineau and had their dance there. The reason
I was up that early that morning was that I worked at Dunseith Sand and
Gravel that summer and I had to be there at 6:30. I worked mornings
until about 2:30 and then went to the farm. Lowell Leonard came to work
then and worked until late evening. The reason I am mentioning this is
that most 18 year olds probably weren’t up at that time, then, either!
Thanks Susan and Gary!


Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends, 

The attached picture is the 1944 DHS basketball team. I know most of
them but I bet Mona and the others can name them all. So that is your
assignment, Mona! Thanks for the help on the 1945 team. Being the
packrat that I am, I still have the leather knee pads Dad is wearing in
this picture! I also have a leather football helmet from DHS. We were
told to haul a bunch of football gear to the dumpground but I kept one
football helmet and a band cap. The band cap has the name “Lois” printed
on the inside. Could be either Lois Lilleby or Lois Hiatt, the only two
I know with that name. Anybody want to inform us on who?? I also have a
leather basketball from 1950 or 1951 that my uncle Cliff got when he was
in high school. That ball is in bad shape from being played with on
concrete and mud and wet conditions when I was young, but I still have
it nearly sixty years later! Thanks to all who have helped put the names
on these pictures and to Gary for everything!!


Basketball 1944 2059







Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Folks, there are a lot of familiar (you guys) names in this Article.

Dunseith community program 1964 2059





From Susan Fassett Martin (65):  

Take special note of the article “Round and Round OH HO, OH HO”  Dennis
Dion and Debbie Morinville are featured.  Susan

Dunseith Basketball 2059

Dunseith girls basketball team 205-1

6/3/2008 (121)

Mrs. Allen (Susan) Richard (65) diagoised with breast cancer: 
Folks, I got a message from Allen Richard telling me his wife, Susan, has visited the MAYO clinic, three times, in the recent past for breast cancer. He said the ordeal will not be over until November.  He said Susan’s family history is horrible for cancer.  He said knowing that they took radical action.
Please keep us posted Allen, with Susan’s progress.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and you too.  Gary
From Bob Lykins (teacher): 

Just a quick note to let you and others know that I have just unpacked a box containing items from my days at Dunseith HS.  Among them is a grade book that lists the names and grades of the students I had in General Business, Typing, and Bookkeeping.  It looks like it was from SY 63-64.  Interesting stuff but my former students need not worry.  I pledge never to donate such revealing information to any display or museum.

Bob Lykins

Bob, that would have been the year I had you for typing.  That grade of mine, averaged with Bill Grimme’s over all 4 year average grade, would probably equal our over all class average grade. Actually, I think I did a little better than that though.  Regardless what my final grade was, It was one of the most beneficial classes that I ever took. I carried around a certificate card, for years in my wallet, signed by you, that I typed 52 words per minute.  Remember, this was on the old manual typewriters.  That class enabled me to easily adapt to the computer automation world with my job and also today, with all of the email communicating that I do. I witnessed many upper level managers struggle, in the shipyard, with their one fingered typing skills.  Gary
Reply from Nancy Hosmer Baldwin (62): 
Good Morning Gary and All,
I just read My cousin’s comments (Bill, Diane and Cheryl) about
the pool table that had it’s beginnings at Kadrie’s in
Dunseith.  That pool table was built in 1895 and is in
beautiful condition thanks to Bill’s son, John, who graced it
with new felt and bumpers and spent a considerable amount of
time removing “red” lacquer paint. I love having that table
with all of it’s history in my home. I have no doubt that
several of you have played on it in the past, whether it was at
the pool hall or at Jack Hosmer’s home.  Anyway, you’re invited
to come to Lake Metigoshe and try your hand at it again –
anytime.  By the way, Cheryl, I saw you make a couple of
those “great shots” and I think we need to match you against
Don Hosmer..
Have a great day, Nancy Hosmer Baldwin
Reply from Floyd Dion (45): 
Hi Gary
You asked Neola what year it was that we made that electric wheelchair for Harvey Halvorson, I got the clipping out of the Minot Dailey News dated February 7, 1958. It may have been a few months before that it was built. I did it in my spare time when when I worked for the Bottineau Coop Creamery . we built it in the back end of Iver Lo’s gas station, Hardware store. Harvey could not do any work, but he was boss and brains of the building of it. We used an aircraft starter for the motor, there were a lot of army surplus things back in those days, after world war ll.
Request from Sharon Longie Dana (73): 
Gary, could you post the Dunseith website stuff again please. I would appreciate it.
Sharon, This the Dunseith WEB site link.  http://www.dunseithnd.com/
From Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
Here is a scrapbook page with the article on the Dunseith City Hall
fire.  Also Lise Rousseau’s wedding article and Lawrence Berube’s
obituary.  I have lots of newspaper clippings and articles if anyone is
looking for any thing specific.  Let me know and I will try to find it.
Love and prayers,  Susan
                       Provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65)
Dunseith City Hall Fire 2058
Message/pictures from Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
Gary,  I didn’t realize that Ann Dahl was a Stokes.  They used to come
to Az when we lived down there.  “Snowbirds” that came in the winter.
We had many good times and good card games with them.  These pictures
were taken in Tucson in 1974 and 1975.  The top left is Ann and Oscar,
the top right is Oscar and Ann Dahl,  behind them my husband, John
Martin holding our daughter Johnida, Alice Christianson, Myself and
daughter Tristania, and Lydia Larshus.  The botton left picture is the
same people except instead of me, my Grandmother Gudrun Wood(Goodie) is
there.  The bottom right picture is in March of 1974.  My husband John
and Oscar both had March birthdays so we would celebrate together.  I
mad the shamrock cake for them–I believe Oscars birthday was the 16 and
Johns is the 18 of March. 

I love all the old articles and picture.   Hugs and prayers,  Susan

Susan, Anna and my dad were full Brother/Sister.  My dad was adopted by the Stokes’ when their mother died, shortly after
he and his twin sister, Margaret were born. Anna is a Petterson, my dad’s biological family.  Dad was always very close to his
biological family.  Oscar Dahl, married to my dads sister Anna, is a cousin to the Halvorson’s.  Oscar and Anna lived in Bisbee
and as far back as I can remember, spent their winters in AZ.  This is a small world hearing that you knew and spent time
with Oscar & Anna. I’ll bet they never put two and two together realizing that you and I graduated together. They were wonderful folks.  I saw them often in my childhood days and also with my summer trips back to ND.
Following their frequent visits to our place, usually after having spent the weekend in Bottineau,  they often times visited the Halvorson’s on their way back home.  Gary
 Fassett, Susan 2058





                    Picture provided by Susan Fassett MartinSine, KC 2058






Picture provided by Susan Fassett Martin.

John Kofoid was Neola Kofoid Garbe’s father.Dunseith Cornerstone garage 2058