Happy Birthday Pete Gillis (DHS 1965)

The rest of ‘Day before yesterday’s’ story

From Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO


PS Here is the rest of the letter….sorry

We observe people who evidently had not had a lot of adversity in their life, ignore the horrendous suffering of beautiful people in one of our most interesting cities in the U.S. The courage and valor of these people held them until the love and compassion from people like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Harry Connick and other people that we know as servants. But, I think the Saints came through with a rush of adrenalin that even the hardest hearts got a lesson on the art of living.

For Minot I hope that even half the love that New Orleans has received will find you in your grief.

Don Conroy, how far is your house from the one we lived in our college days? I will never forget what that dr. told you on a day when you came home and reported to me!! lol Gary Metcalfe

Dunseith Photographer – Antoine “Moss” Masse 1910.
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: neolag@min.midco.net Bottineau & Minot ND



I found this on the ND Geneology sight. Can any of you help? Neola

Darrayl Habberstad (DHS 1959)


Reply from Erling Landsverk (44): King, Wisconsin

Hi Gary and Everyone:


I was pleasantly cheered and inspired by Gary Metcalfe’s letter in your most recent blog. It is always a joy to read positive and cheerful words written by old neighbors who live the lessons our parents taught. Thanks Gary, keep it up.

When I read Doreen Larson Moran’s letter, I was happy to learn that they have done well and have two homes and are hale and hearty, however I was disappointed to get a lesson in political opinions. I really do not believe that Gary’s blog is helped by bringing political controversy into it, but I for one would rather maintain the informal neighborly and friendly social intercourse that has been the norm to date. That is not to say that Doreen should not have the right to state her opinion. As I remember, the words Dad used, “the best way to spoil a friendly conversation is to mention politics or religion”. Thanks anyway Doreen, I got your message loud and clear


Erling landsverk

Erling, I don’t think Doreen meant to have that posted on our sight. It was sent to me more as a personal message. She made it very clear to me with a personal message that she was not the author of that article. It was a forward. I need to be a bit more careful with the screenings of our postings. Gary
Reply to Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s Nephew) & Gary Stokes
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Don and Gary,
Some out houses were pretty nice,…two seaters like the one in this poem.

As a kid i wondered about those, hmm. Were those folks more affluent?

I recall some well kept up, folks had painted and planted specific plants around?
I believe it was “Tansy” or “Old Man” which kept the critters away.

I recall little bags of “lime” inside the door too.

The out house I use most currently use is at Little Prairie,
which, many times I am most grateful for, when I’m there visiting.

Since it doesn’t get alot of use,
I automatically make lots of noise to warn the mice and snakes I’m coming on in.
This summer, I even found a metal storage can at a yard sale, I plan to leave there with toilet paper.
Never the less, I don’t spend any amount of time reading____ in there.

____i wonder if other folks recall out house stories.
I recall a few.
Later. Vickie

On Aug 28, 2011, at 6:41 AM, Don Aird wrote:

The Carlson outhouse always leaned back. I don’t know how Grandma Christine used the darn thing.  




(*note: If you don’t know what an OutHouse is – ask someone a little older)


The service station trade was slow
The owner sat around,
With sharpened knife and cedar stick
Piled shavings on the ground.

No modern facilities had they,
The log across the rill
Led to a shack, marked His and Hers
That sat against the hill.

“Where is the ladies restroom, sir?”
The owner leaning back,
Said not a word but whittled on,
And nodded toward the shack.

With quickened step she entered there
But only stayed a minute,
Until she screamed, just like a snake
Or spider might be in it.

With startled look and beet red face
She bounded through the door,
And headed quickly for the car
Just like three gals before.

She missed the foot log – jumped the stream
The owner gave a shout,
As her silk stockings, down at her knees
Caught on a sassafras sprout.

She tripped and fell – got up, and then
In obvious disgust,
Ran to the car, stepped on the gas,
And faded in the dust.

Of course we all desired to know
What made the gals all do
The things they did, and then we found
The whittling owner knew.

A speaking system he’d devised
To make the thing complete,
He tied a speaker on the wall
Beneath the toilet seat.

He’d wait until the gals got set
And then the devilish tike,
Would stop his whittling long enough,
To speak into the mike.

And as she sat, a voice below
Struck terror, fright and fear,
“Will you please use the other hole,
We’re painting under here!”

How well so many of us remember those out houses. They used to freeze up in the winters too.
Speaking of a certain Outhouse, I remember well when the Ackworth Cemetery Outhouse was set in place. Willie E Hiatt and my dad moved that Outhouse into the cemetery in the summer of 1963. That Outhouse came from the original Pritchard farmstead that was located nearly on the Canadian border on the very end of the Willow Lake road. From Harry Hiatt’s you had to cross several fields to get there. Corbin Pritchard was the last one to live there. I think he moved from there in the mid 40’s. Dad did some horse trading with Carl Melgaard, who owned the property in the 60’s and ended up with a few of the Pritchard buildings with the Outhouse being one of them. That Outhouse was at least 30 maybe 40 years old when Dad and Willie moved it into the cemetery in 1963. I had the pleasure of attending the Ackworth cemetery association meeting last year. At that meeting they discussed the Outhouse being in need of repairs. I am not sure if they repaired it or replaced it. After 80/90 plus years it was still standing and functional. Amazing. It may have been made out of Poplar lumber too.
Reply to Doreen Larson Moran’s posting yesterday
From Florence Hiatt Dahl (51): Anchorage, AK

Doreen Larson Moran put it nicely and I would like to be the first to say AMEN—-VOTE and don’t be silent.

Reply from Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61): Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND

I am quite sure almost all your blog followers identify VERY well with the sayings but I felt I shouldn’t take the credit (although I wish I had taken time to write such a piece). I love the Walk With Me.Through Old Age……………………..


Am watching the heavy rains that Hurricane Irene is dropping on the East Coast. Seems like I heard something about a typhoon hitting PI. How are you faring? When Bob was stationed there in 1966 – 67 there were heavy rains, landslides, maybe even Pinatubo blew then too. His base was Clark AFB but he spent his time with the Negritos in the Jungle Survival Training area. Now I don’t remember just where. I did not even hardly consider going over there with him. Alice and Jody were babies; I knew the heat would be unbearable for me; (my thick Norwegian blood); he was almost never on the base proper. When he went over there was no housing for families – after ten months we could have gone but I had figured out by that time I had gone from June to March alone on Minot AFB and going to the Farm on the weekends, I could handle “things” until he would be assigned back stateside after Dec.


It did work for us quite well as he was sent to Fairchild AFB (Spokane WA). He spent from 1968 until his retirement in 1984 with Fairchild AFB; Global Headquarters of USAF Rescue and Survival Training. They now are called SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). True, he was still gone from home a good deal of the time but we had a good home base, great school system, wonderful church family in St John’s Lutheran Church in Medical Lake. Now 43 years later we still love this area – a lot of friends through the years have chosen this area for retirement. The not quite so severe winters as the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota are good. Although I notice more than ever we don’t get near the sunshine in the winter time especially, that the prairies get. Clouds like to hang heavy many days on end.


No message yesterday
Yesterday we had an early luncheon with our good friends, Michael & Barbara, who were leaving for the UK for a one month visit, so I was unable to get a message out.
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello Gary and all, I just threw a whole lot of pages of stories. I fear telling the same story over and over, so will try a new approach. Just a few thoughts that come to mind.


#1 Gary let them eat their hearts out, you have earned the devotion of all these beautiful gals. I think the highest calling of a person is to be a servant, many people get praise for things they have excelled in, but very few are in the class of servant. A servant is one who does things without expecting anything in return and you fill this well. I feel that by surrounding yourself by younger people definitely keeps you young at heart.


#2 I had a good experience today on the NET. A couple of guys are teaching a kids’ class on how to handle a bully. I have been thinking of asking for support from all the Stokes Bloggers to stick up for one kid everyday and for anyone that has to face someone who thinks they are better than they are. Can you imagine what a lift in the spirit that a few people can make. There are hundreds of kids that won’t go to school out of fear. I was the new kid on the block, came from Seattle to a rural school setting, if a bully was 2 or 3 years older than you, it was like a prison sentence. If I would have had some good physical training and an asthma inhaler, I would have settled that score a few years later.


#3 Trish Larson, I surely think of my dad when I read of your adventures with your horses. He had a working relationship with all of his horses. I guess I can see why he took on the hard farm life now. He said, “your cows will take care of you as well as you take care of them.” We had only a few in the hills that did not take care of their animals. So Trish keep letting us know of your travels. I thought it was neat when you camped at Rancho Oso above Santa Barbara. Now you are near another place that is dear to my heart, northeast of Spokane is Newman Lake and we lived at Newman Lake. By the way, there were no bullies there, at least not for me. I remember Chris Craft boats, people having fun, learned to swim, almost drown, picking beer bottles after the dances and selling them for probably a nickel….really hit the jackpot! have enjoyed several return visits to the area. Gary Metcalfe

Cebu Marriot Pool Side Bar and Grill Expat Dinner 8/19/11
Folks, I wanted to share this neat picture of Bernadette with some of the gals with you. Can you believe these gals use whitening creams to lighten their completions. In the states many folks go to the tanning booths, here they use whitening creams. These gals find that the westerners like their darker skins though. As a race the Filipina’s are known to have the nicest skin, so why do they want something different? Gary
Another nice photo




Today’s posting
From Doreen Larson Moran (BHS ’61): Usk, WA & Hazelton, ND

Well, you do have the gray hair and I know you remember the outhouses, the party line telephones and a few other items (Bob always said ND or more the Turtle Mountains were at least fifty years behind the rest of the country). I don’t think you quite are in the old fogie or geezer category!!!!



Let us all pray this happens. Being part of the baby boomers———I’ll be there voting and we sure could use the young ones helping……….forward this on to everybody :)

They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies, geezers, and in some cases
dinosaurs. Some of us are “baby boomers” getting ready to retire. Others have been

retired for some time. We walk a little slower these days and our eyes and hearing
are not what they once were.

We have worked hard, raised our children, worshiped our God and grown old together.
Yes, we are the ones some refer to as being over the hill and that is probably true. But
before writing us off completely, there are a few things that need to be taken into
consideration. In school we studied English, history, math, and science which enabled
us to lead America into the technological age.

Most of us remember what outhouses were, many of us with firsthand experience. We
remember the days of telephone party lines, 25 cent gasoline, and milk and ice being
delivered to our homes. For those of you who don’t know what an icebox is, today they
are electric and referred to as refrigerators. A few even remember when cars were
started with a crank. Yes, we lived those days.We are probably considered old
fashioned and out-dated by many.

But there are a few things you need to remember before completely writing us off.

We won World War II and fought in Korea and VietNam. We can quote the pledge
of allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing so. We wore the
uniform of our country with pride and lost many friends on the battlefield. We didn’t
fight for the Socialist States of America , we fought for the “Land of the Free and the
Home of the Brave.” We wore different uniforms but carried the same flag. We know
the words to the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, ‘America’ , and ‘America the Beautiful’ by
heart, and you may even see some tears running down our cheeks as we sing.

We have lived what many of you have only read about in history books and we feel

no obligation to apologize to anyone for America.

Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight
left in us. We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are
going to save it. It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us. We
took oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an
oath we plan to keep. There are those who want to destroy this land we love but, like
our founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent.

It was the young people of this nation who in 2008 fell for the “hope and change”
which in reality was nothing but “hype and lies.” You have tasted Socialism and
seen evil face to face, and have found you don’t like it after all. You make a lot of
noise but most are all too interested in their careers or “climbing the social ladder”
to be involved in such mundane things as patriotism and voting. Many of those
who fell for the “great lie” in 2008 are now having buyer’s remorse.
With all the education we gave you, you didn’t have sense enough to see through
the lies and instead drank the kool-aid.

Now you’re paying the price and complaining about it. No jobs, lost mortgages,

higher taxes, and less freedom. This is what you voted for and this is what you got.
We entrusted you with the ‘Torch of Liberty’ and you traded it for a paycheck and
a fancy house. Well, don’t worry youngsters, the Gray-Haired Brigade is here, and
on ELECTION DAY we are going to take back our nation.

We may drive a little slower than you would like but we get where we’re going, and
in November we’re going to the polls by the millions.

This land does not belong to any special interest groups or political parties. It belongs

to “We the People”, and “We the People” plan to reclaim our land and our freedom.
We hope this time you will do a better job of preserving it and passing it along to our grandchildren.

So the next time you have the chance to say the Pledge of Allegiance, stand up, put
your hand over your heart, honor our country, and thank God for the old geezers of
the “Gray-Haired Brigade.”
This pretty Much Sums It up!! can I have an AMEN!


Message from Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN
Gary, I can’t download the master list of Dunseith grads, so could you email me one.
I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone, The Tetons and Glacier. On the way home I spent 3 days in Dunseith. Didn’t get to see many people. I did get to talk a little with Lester Halvorson and Larry Tooke, both doing fine. I vistited Lester’s wife’s grave at Rendahl (?). All in all it was a great trip of Americana. Have a good day.
Eleanor Birkland Dubois

Joke of the day
From Keith Pladson (66): Roanoke Rapids, NC
An elderly man in Florida had owned a large farm for several years. He
had a large pond in the back.

It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic
tables, horseshoe courts, and some orange, and lime trees.

One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn’t
been there for a while, and look it over.

He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit. As he neared
the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.

As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in
his pond.

He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

One of the women shouted to him, ‘we’re not coming out until you leave!’

The old man frowned, ‘I didn’t come down here to watch you ladies swim
naked or make you get out of the pond naked..’

Holding the bucket up he said, ‘I’m here to feed the alligator.’

Some old men can still think fast.

Keith, That was a good one. Thank you for sharing. Watching the news this morning/evening for you guys, I see the Hurricane Irene is headed your direction. It doesn’t look good. I am hoping all will be OK for you and the many others that will be affected. Gary


No Blog Yesterday.
For general info, I was not able to get a blog out yesterday. Gary
Luella Boardman Bjornseth
Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND

Happy b,day Luella B. good seeing you on Sunday!!
Folks, Today Dwight Lang (61) would have been 68 years old. He is dearly missed. May he rest in peace.
Oak Park in Minot – Live Postively contest
Submitted by Wayne (’61) & Rosemary Smith: Bottineau, ND


Oak Park in Minot, ND is still ranked #1 in the Live Postively contest, but the #2 park is closing the gap. The contest ends September 6. The winning park gets a $100,000 grant. This grant will be used to restore, rebuild or enhance places within the park to play or be active. The Mouse Rive flooded Oak Park this spring. All you bloggers who wish to vote, do it and vote often. Vote at http://www.livepositively.com

Thanks, Gary

Wayne (’61) & Rosemary Smith











Joke of the day

Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:Minot & Bottineau, ND



1· I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

2· There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

3· Life is sexually transmitted.

4· Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

5· The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

6· Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.

7· Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to?

8· Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

9· All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

10· In the 60’s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it Normal .

11· How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

12· Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, ‘I think I’ll squeeze these dangly things and drink whatever Comes out’?

13· If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

14· Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up there anyway?

15· If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

16· If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

17· Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

18· Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?

19· Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

20· Do you ever wonder why you gave me your email address?




Smoking Policy change for Norwegian Cruise Lines

Message from our Travel Agent, Gina Ford

Hi Gary –


Will you please forward this to your group, in event any are smokers?


It is highly recommended that all smokers consider a balcony cabin.


Thank you and kind regards,





Gina S. Ford

Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)



Dear Travel Partners,


I wanted to inform you of our new smoking policy effective January 2012.

Please read statement below and refer your clients to NCL website for any further details.


Thank you,


MIAMI – August 09, 2011 – Norwegian Cruise Line today announced adjustments to its smoking policy in response to changing guest preferences. Effective January 2012, guests setting sail on a Norwegian cruise vacation are no longer permitted to smoke cigarettes in their staterooms. Guests who are in a balcony stateroom will be permitted to smoke on the outside balcony;however, cigar and pipe smoking in staterooms and on balconies is prohibited. Ashtrays will be available for use upon request through housekeeping staff.


In an effort to diminish the presence of smoke indoors, cigarette smoking is only permitted in the casino, where ashtrays and appropriate signage will be displayed. Smoking is prohibited in all other public interior venues including all bars, restaurants, conference rooms, corridors, restrooms, staircases and landings. Guests may utilize the enclosed cigar bars on board Norwegian Pearl for cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking.In addition, the policy allows guests to smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes in outdoor public guest spaces and open decks, where designated by the appropriate signage. Smoking is not permitted near outdoor venues which serve food, in open spaces such as the jogging track, sport complex andchildren’s pool.


For more information on Norwegian’s updated smoking policy guests may consult their Freestyle Daily once on board the ship or view the policy on website at www.ncl.com


Norwegian Cruise Line ®


7665 Corporate Center Drive | Miami, FL 33126


Freestyle Cruising ®ncl.com



Correction and assumption

Lillian Thompson Bergstrom (DHS 1936) is the Oldest living to have graduated from Dunseith High School
Folks, I just assumed that Lodena Sanders Carpentier was the oldest living to have graduated from Dunseith because she is the only surviving in her class of 1934 and all the rest are deceased in the previous classes. I was wrong with that logic. Many folks back then, with the hard times, were older when they graduated. I now believe that Lillian Thompson Bergstrom from the class of 1936 is, I think, the oldest. Lillian was born in 1915, so she is or will be 96 this year. Lillian is living with her daughter in Superior Wisconsin. To this day she is a lady of a very sound and very bright mind. Not long ago I had about an hour long chat with Lillian. She was a first cousin to my dad and was born and raised in the Ackworth community, so we had lots to talk about. Lillian was is sister to Ella (Eldon) Pladson and Esther Tangen.
Folks, If I am wrong, please let us know. Gary
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Beulah Danielson

April 30, 1921-Aug. 15, 2011

Beulah Marie Danielson, 90, Rugby, died Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, at the Heart of America Medical Center in Rugby.

Beulah was born April 30, 1921, to Peter and Delia (Fortin) Pothier, in Bottineau, N.D. She was raised in the Overly area and went to the Cleveland School in Rolette County. She graduated from Dunseith High School in 1938. She worked at the San Haven Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Dunseith for three years.

She married Johnny Robert Danielson in Dunseith on Oct. 31, 1941. They moved to Cut Bank, Mont., where they lived for a few years. She lived in California and Washington, where she worked in a shipyard, while her husband was serving in the Army during World War II.

In 1946 they returned to North Dakota and farmed in Rolette County until they retired in 1974. She lived in Rolette until 2003, when she moved to the Haaland Manor in Rugby. Her husband died Feb. 15, 1976.

She was a member of the America Legion Auxiliary, the Shell Valley-Russell Homemakers Club, and the Sacred Heart Altar Society. She enjoyed participating in the farming operation, playing cards, and playing golf in her younger years.

She is survived by: her sons, Curtis and his wife, Rosemary, Alexandria, Minn.; Harley and his wife, Irene, Fargo, N.D.; Dennis and his wife, Gail, Rolette, and Dick and his wife, Linda, Humboldt, Iowa. She also leaves 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. In addition she leaves a sister, Jenny Root, in Fife, Wash.; and two brothers, Tony Pothier, Yakima, Wash., and Fran Pothier, Canyon Lake, Calif.

She was preceded in death by her husband; her parents; sisters, Beatrice Jensen, Marie Kuk, Cecilia Boucher and Terry Harrell; and brothers, Ernest and Phillip Pothier.

Funeral services: Will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Rolette, Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, at 11 a.m. Rev. Phillip Chacko and Rev. Thomas Graner will officiate. Gail Tastad will be the organist, Robert Graber will be the soloist, and Gail Danielson will provide music on the cello.

Pallbearers: Amber, Ashley, Craig, David, Jennifer, Nichelle, Ryan and Steve Danielson; Lisa Jacobson, Robin Long,and Denise Mills. Honor Guard will be the American Legion Auxiliary and the Altar Society.

Visitation: Will be today, Aug. 18, from 1 to 4 p.m., at the funeral home in Rugby, and will continue after 6 p.m. at the church in Rolette with a Scripture service at 7 p.m. Visitation will also be Friday, from 10 a.m. until the time of the service.

Burial: Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery in Rolette.

(Niewoehner Funeral Home, Rugby)

Picture problems
Reply from Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND
Hi Gary,

I had problems with the pictures too, but like Ann Marie said, I just go to the web resource, but I can’t download the information spreadsheet. I would like to update, I really appreciate knowing how to get ahold of people. Would you be so kind as to email me that attachment?

Thanks a bunch.

Peace and Power,



Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions,

webpage address: www.artrude.com

and Art Rude TV at: artrudetv on Utube!

Art, did you by chance get this message with any of my messages “Attachments, pictures and links to the message have been blocked for your Safety”? Messages from me should be safe, so you can allow them to come thru. I think this message is generated because I am sending them from overseas. Gary
Question from Floyd Dion (45): Dunseith, ND



You are always surrounded by beautiful women in your pictures, what does Burnadette say to that. HA HA



Floyd, That is a good question. Bernadette does not mind. These gals are all her friends and it’s all in fun. Many of these gals are in their late 30’s and 40’s. They really admire how well Bernadette has retained her beauty into her 60’s, wishing they will do the same. I am a lucky man. These gals and Bernadette often included will table hop having their pictures taken with us guys. In that one picture posted yesterday, the gals coached some of us guys to gather for a picture, then several of the gals thought it would be nice for them to be in the picture too. Fun fun fun. These gals take lots and lots of picture, many of which are posted on Face Book.
Note: The picture of me with Garlyn, the gal in the red dress below, was taken by her boy Friend, Pete. He also took the one of Bernadette and me. Gary


Laura Fassett Halvorson (33)
Reply from Floyd Dion (45): Dunseith, ND
Laura Fassett Halvorson passed away 3-4 years ago, not sure the exact date as we did not get an obituary of her and time goes so fast it is hard to remember it.
She was married to Luella’s brother Arthur.
Floyd, I am sorry to hear of Laura’s passing. I remember talking to her well too. I have pasted my reply below that I posted at that time. Thanks, Gary
PS – I was unable to find a death record or obituary for Laura.
Posted with message 230 on 9/21/2008
Folks, putting the class of 1933 together, I got in touch with Laura Fassett Halvorson from that class. I think, at the age of 92, she may be the only surviving member of that class. She was married to Art Halvorson (Deceased). Laura lives alone in her house. She recently gave her car to her daughter-in-law. She said she could still drive but with her age decided to quit driving. She has a sharp mind and remembers Dunseith well. Even though she has had 7 surgeries in her life time, she said when she goes to the doctor, they can’t find anything wrong with her.
Floyd/Luella Halvorson Dion, she thinks the world of you guys and had nothing but good words to say about you folks. Curt, Terry & Connie Halvorson, she mentioned you guys too. She also mentioned her husband Art’s younger brother, Lester. When talking to Laura, one would never guess that she is 92 years old. Gary
Lodena Sanders Carpentier (34) – Oldest living to have graduated from Dunseith High School
With the passing of Laura Fassett Halvorson, according to my records, Lodena Sanders Carpentier from the class of 34 is the oldest living that has graduated from Dunseith High School. On September 11th she will be 94 years old. I just talked to her daughter-in-law. She said Lodena is not well.
Folks, These are a few pictures from our Expat dinner this past Friday at the Cebu Marriot pool side bar and grill with about 40 folks attending. We do these dinners once a month at different locations. The ladies (hosts) take their turns choosing locations. Lorna was this months host and chose the Marriot. Lorna is Rose’s (Art Hagen) very close friend. She is the one with the Light blue dress with the white belt in these pictures.
Bernadette with the gals
The guys – from – Canada, Holland, Australia, England, Ireland & the USA – We all speak English


Dunseith High School Combined Class list (1930-1977)
I have attached my working copy of the Dunseith High School Combined Class list (1930-1977). It is in an Excel formant. There are 1283 folks on this list. The list is currently sorted by last name. For those of you with Excel, you can sort it to your liking. For those of you unable to open this file, please let me know so I can copy and paste a copy directly into an email message for you. Please let me know of any updates, errors or corrections that need to be made.
Next I will foreword the master email list. I need to doctor it up a bit first though.
According to my records, Laura Fassett Halvorson from the class of 1933 is currently the oldest living of those of us that graduated from Dunseith High School.
NOTE: For those of you reading today’s blog on the Net wishing for a copy of the class list, please let me know so I can send you a copy. Just click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab and leave a message with your email address. Gary Stokes.
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Joke of the Day

A filthy rich Florida man decided that he wanted to throw a party and

invited all of his buddies and neighbors.


He also invited Leroy, the only Redneck in the neighborhood.

He held the party around the pool in the backyard of his mansion.


Leroy was having a good time drinking, dancing, eating shrimp, oysters

and BBQ and flirting with all the women.


At the height of the party, the host said, “I have a 10 foot

man-eating gator in my pool and I’ll give a million dollars to anyone

who has the nerve to jump in”.


The words were barely out of his mouth when there was a loud splash.

Everyone turned around and saw Leroy in the pool!


Leroy was fighting the gator and kicking its rear! Leroy was jabbing

it in the eyes with his thumbs, throwing punches, head butts and choke

holds, biting the gator on the tail and flipping it through the air

like some kind of Judo Instructor.


The water was churning and splashing everywhere. Both Leroy and the

gator were screaming and raising hell..


Finally Leroy strangled the gator and let it float to the top like a

dime store goldfish.


Leroy then slowly climbed out of the pool.. Everybody was just staring

at him in disbelief.


Finally the host says, “Well, Leroy, I reckon I owe you a million dollars.”


“No, that’s okay. I don’t want it,” said Leroy


The rich man said, “Man, I have to give you something you won the bet.

How about half a million bucks then?”


“No thanks, I don’t want it,” answered Leroy.


The host said, “Come on, I insist on giving you something. That was

amazing. How about a new Porsche and a Rolex and some stock options?”


Again Leroy said no.


Confused, the rich man asked, “Well, Leroy, then what do you want?”


Leroy said, “I want the name of the Sumbich who pushed me in the pool!”


Art Hagen (72) and Rose Hohl
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

I’m also happy to hear Rose is enjoying the U.S. and Bottineau. :)


Dunseith Alumni Web site.
Reply from Ann Boppre Perry (72): Dunseith, ND
tell the readers of the blog to go on the internet and use the web page–
pics are beautiful!!!


Arrangements were with Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau.

Friends may sign the online register book at

Joke of the Day – North Dakota
From my good Irish/English friend Michael Kenny: Cebu, Philippines
Michael Knows I am from ND, so he could not resist sending this one to me. Gary

Tom had been in business for 25 years and was finally sick of the stress. He
quit his job and bought 50 acres of land in N. Dakota as far from humanity as
possible. He saw the postman once a week and got groceries once a month.
Otherwise, it was total peace and quiet. After six months or so of total
isolation, someone knocked on his door. He opened it and there was a huge,
bearded man standing there:

“Name’s Lars, your neighbor from forty miles up the road. Having a Christmas
party Friday night. Thought you might like to come… about 5:00.”

“Great,” says Tom, “after six months out here I’m ready to meet some local
folks. Thank you!”

As Lars is leaving, he stops. “Gotta warn you … There’s gonna be some

“I can drink with the best of ’em.” Again, as he starts to leave, Lars

“More ‘n likely gonna be some fightin’ too.”

Tom says, “Well, I get along with people, I’ll be alright. I’ll be there.
Thanks again.”

Once again Lars turns from the door. “More ‘n likely be some wild sex, too.”

“Now that’s really not a problem,” says Tom, warming to the idea. “I’ve been
all alone for six months! I’ll definitely be there. By the way, what should I wear?”

Lars stops in the door again and says, “Whatever you want. Just gonna be the
two of us.”


Art Hagen (72) and Rose Hohl From Cebu, Philippines
Folks, now that Art’s family has met Rose and after having met each other face to face with a good bonding, we can let the cat out of the bag. Art and Rose had been communicating for a period of time via Webcam, email, phone, etc. Art asked Rose to visit him in the states, her reply was can you come over here to the Philippines, but with his farming it was more convenient for her to go Bottineau. She agreed and is now in Bottineau. I think Rose’s plans are to accompany Art to AZ in November, so she will be in Bottineau for the next few months. Rose is actually loving her new life in Bottineau. She has already spent a number of hours on the combine with Art, has shuffled Art and Ed Kofoid back and forth taking machinery to the fields etc. Her Philippine drivers license is valid in ND.
Rose is a close and dear friend of ours here in Cebu. Art got a queen with Rose, that is for sure. Rose has a Daughter that recently graduated form college in and is living in and working in Switzerland. Her son is attending college in Australia. Rose has a beautiful home here in Cebu too. Now that her kids have left the nest, she was all alone, that is until she met Art.
Folks, Rose is a super friendly person with a lot of good humor too. When you see her around Bottineau, don’t be afraid to greet her. She will most often be with Art, but there will be times she won’t be with him too. Gary
Note: Rose is the gal in green standing between Bernadette and me
Vonda Melgaard Antonson (76)
Request from Alan Poitra (76): Bloomington, MN
Hi Gary, can you add Vonda Antonson (Melgaard) to your email list. Vonda was a classmate from the class of 1976 up until the 11th grade. Her email is
Alan Poitra
Vonda, it is a pleasure for me to add you to our distribution list. I have added you to the records of the class of 76 also. You were only about 5 years old when I worked for your parents in the summer of 1964. I remember you and Wayne well. I thought someone told me you were living in Minot, but I found a Rugby address for you, is that correct? Gary
Arthritis and Carpel bones – Surgery —- Bowling Alley fire Question
From Keith Pladson (66): Roanoke Rapids, NC
I’m struggling to type this with one finger. I broke my wrist 14 years ago, and over the years since then arthritis has set in. To make a long story short after several years of increasing pain I elected to have surgery. They removed four of the eight small carpel bones (a row of four). It was either that or fuse most of the carpel bones together. Fusing them would have left me with a stronger wrist, but little flexibility. The procedure I chose will leave me with a somewhat weaker wrist but I will retain most of the flexibility. Neither choice was all that attractive, but the doctor assured me either would eliminate most (or possibly all) of the pain. Anyway the surgery (on July 31) went fine , but I will be in a cast for another four weeks and then a removable splint for several more weeks while I’m going thru therapy.

Anyway, a couple of things:

First, I’ve been having trouble getting all of the photographs you send to appear when I first open your email. Interestingly, they usually show up when/if I go back into your email a day or two later. I use hotmail for my mail service and I tell you this because my sister, Florence, also has the same problem and she also uses hotmail. Has anyone else who may (or may not) use hotmail reported similar problems with receipt of your attached photos?

Second, could you or one of your readers provide more info on the fire at the bowling alley in Bottineau? I lived in Bottineau for a few years after high school and before going into the US Army and to me (and many others at the time) they were to Bottineau what Dale’s Cafe was to Dunseith — good food at a reasonable price.
Keith Pladson (66)

Keith, Sorry to hear of your arthritis and the removal of half your carpel bones. I think you made the right choice though. At this stage of your life you need the flexibility more than the added strength.
My brother Bud was telling me about the Bowling alley fire when I talked to him on Sunday. Maybe some one can fill us in on what really happened.
About Hot Mail live. I believe all Hot Mail is now Hot Mail live. Microsoft did not do anyone any favors when they replaced Outlook/Outlook Express with Hot Mail Live. Outlook express is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. That is the very reason I have not upgraded from Windows XP. I have been playing around with Hot Mail Live trying to figure some work arounds allowing me to use it for publishing this daily blog, bit it is very difficult. The main draw back is not being able to copy and paste pictures directly into the body of the message. I am not sure what I will do when I am forced to upgrade. It will be a very painful transition that is for sure. Of the multiple email addresses I have, Gmail has given me the least problems with the greatest flexibilities.


Happy Birthday Dennis Dubois (DHS 63)
Happy Birthday reply
From Flavia Moraes (73): Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dear Gary
Thank you so much.
Hope everything is fine.
Best wishes
Correction to yesterday’s posting and location change

From Connie Fauske Monte (62): Lexington, KY
Gary: you have me asking a question about the Olson parents. I think you have me mistaken with some other Connie? Also, you can put our new location as Lexington KY, fior now. thanks. Connie
Connie, You are absolultly right. That was Connie Zorn Landsverk. I have pasted the correction below

Casey & Esther Evenson Picture – Question

From Connie Zorn Landsverk Bottineau, ND


Hi, are Casey & Esther Evenson Sharlyn (Chee Chee) Olson’s parents???

Yes they are Chee Chee (68) and Kenneth’s (67) parents
Name Correction to Yesterday’s posting – Sharron Gottbreht not Hosmer
Sharron Gottbreht Shen and Bob Hosmer meet in Chevrolet Garage
Message from Bob Hosmer (56): Lynnwood, WA
Gary and all,

I always enjoy reading back home news. Recently I went to Seaview Chevrolet to check on some things and a lady waiting for her car saw me coming for some coffee. She said, “You look like a Hosmer.” I said, “I am, but who are you?” Come to find out that it was Sharon Shen. We had a good visit about Dunseith and about her brother Ernie. Really enjoyed the visit, though now she and her husband are moving to Hoboken, NJ shortly.
1999 Newspaper Article – Davidson’s Processing – Art Hagen (72) Owner
Posted by Rose Hohl: Cebu, Philippines & Bottineau, ND

Thank you Rose for sharing this Article. How well most all of us locals remember and know of Davidson’s meat processing. Art has recently sold the Business, but from what I understand, it is still doing very well. Art was in that business for over 35 years. He did well and is to be commended for a job well done.



Many of you know Art Hagen (72) from the Hills. He is Clarence and Mary Ann’s boy. He lost his wife Mavis to Cancer in February 2009. Gary



PS – Doris Kessler, the writer of this Article, is the former owner of the Bottineau Bowling Alley. Doris is currently a resident at the Bottineau Good Samaritan home. I understand that the Bottineau Bowling Alley was recently totally destroyed with a fire. So so sad. That was a common and very popular local restaurant for many years. Doris’s son Tom is the current owner.



Open House Birthday Party for Ruth Peterson
Posted by her daughter Norma Manning: Upham, ND
My Mom Ruth peterson will be celebrateing her 93 b-day on Saturday the 20th at good Samaritan. (I am assuming 2:00 PM – Gary) We are having cake and for everyone. Cousins are included too. Would love to see many people. Gary I love your blog as I catch up on people from the past. Thank you so much.
Folks, Many of you had Ruth for a teacher both in Dunseith and in the Country schools. Many of you knew Ruth and Pete with them having been very active members of the the Metigoshe churches too. Ruth is a first cousin to Art Rude Sr. For those of you from Dunseith planning to attend, I think Art may need a ride. Gary
PS – When Norma says cousins, that includes Lloyd Larshus, Dorothy Clark, Rena Roland, Art Rude, etc.
Note: Vivian Clark, Can you pass this info on to Lloyd and Dorothy. Thanks
Sharron Hosmer Shen and Bob Hosmer meet in Chevrolet Garage
Message from Bob Hosmer (56): Lynnwood, WA
Gary and all,

I always enjoy reading back home news. Recently I went to Seaview Chevrolet to check on some things and a lady waiting for her car saw me coming for some coffee. She said, “You look like a Hosmer.” I said, “I am, but who are you?” Come to find out that it was Sharon Shen. We had a good visit about Dunseith and about her brother Ernie. Really enjoyed the visit, though now she and her husband are moving to Hoboken, NJ shortly.
Thought you might like to see this musical instrument made in Iowa 97% of which are made from John Deere parts. It is really amazing how this thing works. Bob Hosmer
Casey & Esther Evenson Picture – Question
From Connie Fauske Monte (62): Santa Barbara, CA
Hi, are Casey & Esther Evenson Sharlyn (Chee Chee) Olson’s parents???
Yes they are Chee Chee (68) and Kenneth’s (67) parents. Chee Chee is pictured below. Gary
News paper clippings
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Rod Parrill (73) “Yard of the Week”


No Blog yesterday.
For those of you thinking you maybe didn’t get yesterday’s blog, there was none. I got rushed and did not get one out. Gary
Reply to Kathy (Barbara) Kalk (65)
From Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (68): Dunseith, ND

Kathy, I will certainly keep you in my prayers for a full recovery and that you can beat this thing!!-



George & Lela Cota Memories
From Lola

Gary, when I saw the picture of Gary Cota and family it reminded me of George and Lela Cota- two of the gentlest nicest people I’ve ever known- I believe they were the attendants for my parents wedding in 1934– Jay and I lived in town a few months the summer we got married and they treated us like their own kids- they lived right next door– I have fond memories of them!—Lola









World War II hero dies
Article from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
You have been sent this article from Vickie Metcalfe
Another hero of WWII!

Oldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105
Associated Press – 08/15/2011

Joke of the day
Posted by Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND

A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at thePearly Gates. ‘Have you ever doneanything of particular merit?’ St. Peterasked.

‘Well, I can think of one thing,’ thecowboy offered. ‘On a trip to the BlackHills out in South Dakota , I came upon agang of bikers, who were threatening ayoung woman. I directed them to leave heralone, but they wouldn’t listen. So, Iapproached the largest and most heavilytattooed biker and smacked him in hisface … Kicked his bike over, ripped outhis nose ring, and threw it on the ground. I yelled, ‘Now, back off!! OrI’ll kick the c__p out of all of you!’

St. Peter was impressed, ‘When did thishappen?’

‘Just a couple of minutes ago…..…’

I was just informed that today is our good friend, Lorna’s Birthday.
Guys, Lorna is very single too. She would very much like to join her/our
close friend Rose who recently went back to the states. Lorna has a nice
home here in Cebu and as you can see drives a pretty nice SUV. Gary


Happy Birthday Flavia Moraes (DHS 73)
Flavia was an exchange student from Brazil.
She lived with the Campbell family.
She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
First Communion Picture
Grand Baby
Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA
I think LeaRae could perhaps find a few Boguslawski on the first communion picture. I wonder if the fellow standing at the far right might be Duwayne Fuger?

Forgive the spelling errors. All my references [brains?] are packed for the journey to Waretown, NJ. Why? Victor and Sharron Shen have the sweetest grand child! Vivian Jane b April 28, 2011; Ivan and Nora Obringer Shen, parents, living in Hoboken, NJ. Victor retires August 30 and we head east September 1.

Hope someone will enlarge the junior baseball players!


Pete and Loretta Boguslawski Children
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

Graduated from Bottineau High School:

Donald 1953

Martin 1955

Marie 1956


The Class of 1955 held their yearly reunion at Virgil Mortenson’s home last night (Bottineau).


July 26th – Cebu, Philippines International Air Port
Rose’s departure to the USA. These gals all accompanied us to the airport to see Rose off.
Joke of the day
Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

Are Scientists Like Politicians?

Some scientists decided to do the following experiments on a dog.

For the first experiment, they cut one of the dog’s legs off, then they told the dog to walk. The dog got up and walked, so they learned that a dog could walk with just three legs.

For the second experiment, they cut off a second leg from the dog, then they told the dog once more to walk. The dog was still able to walk with only two legs.

For the third experiment, they cut off yet another leg from the dog and once more they told the dog to walk. However, the dog wasn’t able to walk with only one leg.


As a result of these three experiments, the scientists wrote in their final report that the dog had lost it’s hearing after having three legs cut off.


Boguslawski Picture
Identified by LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND

Gary, The Boguslawski couple is definitely Pete and Loretta. Some of their children are Martin, Marie, Donald,Thomas, Phillip, and Bernadette.


My mother Mildred Parrill taught the older kids Martin , Donald and Marie at the Butte school near Butte St. Paul. Some of their children attended Dunseith, but when there was redistricting I believe Bernadette left our class at the end of 8th grade and graduated from Bottineau.


Loretta and Mabel Boardman were the faithful 4-H leaders for the girls for many years. Art Rude and Manvil Sebelius were leaders for the boys. We had a great club and Mr. Rude always saw to it that we had a bus to go to the Minot Fair even before it was the official State Fair. I know Mabel drove to Minot (and Loretta probably did also) with all of sewing and gardening exhibits. LeaRae Parrill Espe ’67
Previously posted with message 157 on 7/10/2008

Picture/message from Sharon Peterson Harmsen (63): Bismarck, ND


Hello Gary and All from Bismarck, ND
On May 5, 2008, Email # 94, Shirley Brennan said —– “My dad, Ray Brennan, was supposed to fight in WWI along with Max Peterson and three other men. The war ended while they were riding the train to Churches Ferry.” She wanted to know who the other men were. I share all the emails with my mother, Joy Peterson who still lives in Dunseith, and she thought she had a picture of the four men who left that day to fight in the war. She has located a picture and isn’t it a great one…………Two of the gentlemen are my grandfathers, one on my dad’s side and the other on my mom’s side of the family. Standing in the back is Ray Brennan, Max Peterson at his right arm, Nels Landsverk in the center and Lee Stickland.
Enjoy the photo as we have.
Sharon Peterson Harmsen (class of 63)
Reposted with corrections from Yesterday

The Hazen, ND LumberKings, Babe Ruth Baseball Team

Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

The boys of summer.
The Hazen, ND LumberKings, Babe Ruth Baseball Team,
took 3rd in the state tournament
held at Surrey, ND. this past week end.
Standing from Lt. to Rt.
My son-in-law and coach, Scott and then my Grandson Nathan.
Nathan is a pitcher and plays shortstop. They fell a little short of the championship.
Losing a heartbreaker by a score of 1 to 0 and the other by a score of 4 to 2 in the double elimination tournament.
Scott says anything other then 1st place is like kissing your sister.
I don’t know what he means by that, and I know he don’t have any sisters?
I think the boys of summer did a awesome job anyway.


Proud Grand Parents,
Marion and Larry


Picture – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND

Gary (63) and Roberta Houle Champlin, MN


We are finally getting this info to you. We contacted Sister Sharon Houle. She verified that those identified as Shirley Houle and Sharon Houle are correct. She also agreed with with your recollection that the Winthrop Smith family was not Catholic. Her last info to me was that “Shirley was a flower girl and I (Sharon) was an angel because we had already made our first communion at Notre Dame Academy in Willow City where we went to school.” Sharon did not know any of the other people in the picture.

Not much help but we did contact Sister Sharon.

Gary(63) and Roberta Houle unionsparky@q.com Champlin, MN

Thank you Gary and Roberta
4th Row: Sister Mary Agnes & Sister Augusta
3rd Row 6 Boys:
2nd Row 5 girls:
Front Row: ?Girl, Shirley Houle, ? Girl, Sharon Houle, Larry Liere





Janet (Ron 71) Houle’s mother


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Which Boguslawski couple is this?
Mel Kuhn (70)
Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND


We shook the tree and Mel fell out.

I was wondering what happened to him?

He hasn’t written for a long time.

I thought the old codger had went and fallen off the edge of the Turtle Mountains.

Mel, I’m glad your still around to kick around.

Maybe now you will write something up for us to read.

You don’t have to wait for your wife to go on vacation.

Although, they are some funny stories.

Happy Birthday Mel,

Have a good day,

Copper Thieves
Posted by Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL.
Bill, As you are well aware of, this same thing happen to us here in Cebu several years ago. Not once but twice. I was without phone and internet service about 6 days the first time and the next week when it happen again I was only without service for about 3 days. Gary

The Birmingham News 08/11/2011, Page A01

Copper thieves leave hundreds without phone, Internet service


News staff writer

Copper thieves left hundreds of AT&T customers in western Birmingham without phone and Internet service most of Wednesday, adding to Alabama’s reputation with the company as the worst state in the nation for theft of its copper lines.

“We have had more incidents in Alabama than in any other state this year,” said Sue Sperry, a spokeswoman for AT&T. “We don’t know why that is.”

AT&T phone and Internet service was interrupted early Wednesday morning to about 600 customers in the area around Baptist Princeton Hospital in Birmingham after thieves — for the second time in a week — stole copper telephone wir es, a spokeswoman for the communications company said.

The theft of copper wire in the alley behind 1232 Princeton Ave. affected clinics and doctors’ offices around the hospital, Sperry said. The hospital’s phone service was not interrupted.

Glyn Agnew, regional director for external affairs for AT&T in Alabama, said about 165 pounds of copper wire was taken Wednesday.

See COPPER Page 4A

Article Continued Below

See COPPER on Page A04


AT&T hard hit by thieves

From Page 1A

Officials had planned to have it replaced by late Wednesday evening.

Sperry s a i d copper thieves have become a major problem in Alabama, and particularly in Jefferson County with more than 100 copper thefts alone from AT&T in the county since January.

As a result of the thefts, Sperry said the company is offering a $5,000 reward to the person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the copper thefts. Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to call local police or go th rough Crimestoppers to provide information anonymously.

AT&T officials urged residents to call 911 if they see someone who looks like they may be trying to steal copper wires.

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said deputies are seeing the bulk of the copper thefts in western Jefferson County. “It has become a serious problem,” he said.

According to a report filed Tuesday, an AT&T representative reported the theft of 300 feet of copper conductor wire from the 5800 block of Rock Mountain Lake Road in the Bessemer area sometime during the night.

The sheriff’s department’s street crime unit is concentrating on the western area to cut down on copper thefts, Christian said.

Sperry said thieves cut the wires hanging between poles, many times by driving a truck under the wire s, pulling the wires down so the thieves can cut them. The thieves then burn off the rubber sheathing of the wires before selling the copper to scrap dealers.

Christian said thieves are melting down the copper wire to make it hard for AT&T to identify it as their copper.



Grand children

Posting from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

The boys of summer.
The Hazen, ND LumberKings, Babe Ruth Baseball Team,
took 3rd in the state tournament
held at Souris, ND. this past week end.
Standing from Lt. to Rt.
My son-in-law and coach, Scott and then my Grandson Nathan.
Nathan is a pitcher and plays shortstop. They fell a little short of the championship.
Losing a heartbreaker by a score of 1 to 0 and the other by a score of 4 to 2 in the double elimination tournament.
Scott says anything other then 1st place is like kissing your sister.
I don’t know what he means by that, and I know he don’t have any sisters?
I think the boys of summer did a awesome job anyway.


Proud Grand Parents,
Marion and Larry
Joke of the day
Posted by Keith Pladson (66): thepladsons@hotmail.com Roanoke Rapids, NC
This traveling North Dakota Norwegian salesman went to a doctor in Ohio and told the doctor something was really wrong. The doctor asked him why he thought that and the Norwegian proceeded to tell him that it hurt wherever he poked himself. He then, using his right index finger, poked himself in several different places and winced and grunted each time he did so. The doctor is stumped and he tells the Norwegian he will have to do some tests to see what it could be. After taking blood and urine samples and several X-rays the doctor finally comes back into the room. “Well,” asks the Norwegian, “did you figure out what is wrong with me?” The doctor looks at him with a little smirk on his face and says, “Yes sir, I did. But first, let me ask you, by any chance are you a North Dakota Norwegian?” The Norwegian is a little confused but says, “Yes, as a matter of fact I am. Why do you ask?” “Well sir, says the doctor, “you have a broken finger.”

Keith (66)


Happy Birthday Denice Casavant

Reply from Barbara (Kathy) Kalk (65): Inver Grove Heights, MN
Hi Gary,

Thanks for your support . It’s been a good, but a tough year. I have alot to be thankful for. Our family went on a two day vacation. One of our sons works for Delta, so I can fly to Sioux Falls to visit my sisters Marlene and Lori. I can also fly to Fargo and visit my brother Vince and sisters Natalie and Janet. We found a wonderful doctor who can control my pain. We get to watch alot of our grandchildren’s sports. I have good support from my husband and my children.

Gary, I really appreciate hearing the tidbits from people who graduated from Dunsith. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love,

Al and Kathy (Barbara – ’65) Lopez

Eagle of the Fort Snelling Story
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
This story has gone viral awesome photo to revisit! Vic















Swedish Jokes of the day

Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

A Swedish truck driver once got stuck in a tunnel in Norway. Soon a Norwegian came by the tunnel and found out that the truck was wedged in with the load stuck against the ceiling. The Norwegian suggested that the Swede let the air out of the tires. The Swede looked angrily at him, “You moron! The truck is stuck up on top.”

“This letter is too heavy,” the post-clerk stated, “You will have to put on an additional stamp.” The Swede looked wonderingly at him, “Will it be lighter then?” he asked.

The little Swedish kid asked his teacher why the days in the summer were so much longer. The teacher answered, “Oh, that’s because the heat makes everything expand.”

A Swede was driving along an interstate-highway for the first time. As he was listening to the radio the music was suddenly interrupted by a warning message which said that there was a car driving the wrong way on the highway. “ONE?” the Swede yells out, “there are several hundred of them out there!”

In a Swedish army camouflage book: “When the soldier is moving through woodland, he’s supposed to break off branches and put them on his helmet. When he is moving through cornfields, he’s to break off some cornstalks and put them on his helmet. When the soldier is moving through a cabbage field he’s supposed to take off his helmet for the best camouflage.”



Dick Johnson (68) is having computer problems
Message from Brenda Johnson:
Brenda sent me a message from her work yesterday letting me know that they are having problems with the hard drive on their home computer. They are working diligently to get the problem solved and back on line. In the mean time we don’t have Dick. With all of his contributions, Dick is a big part of our daily operation. Dick and I exchange many behind the scenes messages. He is wealth of information. Gary
Reply from Erling Landsverk (44): King, Wisconsin

Hi Gary and Everyone:


I have been receiving some of your daily messages, plus your phone call yesterday. I did not call back untill you could advise me of a convenient time for you to receive calls that would work from my side as well.

I will try to explain the problem I have been having and am still working on it. At the time we began to plug in my computer here, we were advised that the entire campus consisting of 5 huge buildings have gone wireless for the Internet. Further, the service was offered to all veterans at no charge. Well, being one that could be persuaded to save a couple of bucks, I agreed to have a local computer service proceed. Of course i was unaware that there would be all sorts of pass words and other words, mostly profane, connected with it and found myself on some strange planet in outer space that did not respond to key commands, but rather was happy to do all sorts of things with the mouse with a click click here and a click click there. The problem the voice prompter in my computer does not respond to the mouse commands, so my computer blocked out messages and sometimes it allowed them depending on its mood.

Aft er a couple of days of this I decided to go back to my old telephone company and get the same hook up I had before our move. Once completed I found I could access most of my outlook express E Mail? ? However I found messages here and there once more. One bright spot, I did get most of your messages and The last one was 1257, which I believe is a current one. Now I will have some folks familiar with the method programmed into my computer make some revisions. Untill then I will limp along, Incidentally, since I do have your number for a call back, I will do that if you would advise me of a time addeptable to you and myself. Thanks for your help and when i get it all corrected i will spin you a yarn about the trials and tribulations of a veteran of norweigen descent who nearly crashed the Internet.


Best to Everyone



It is wonderful hearing from you and knowing that you know what the problems are with your internet system. The unknowns are always very frustrating. It is hard to fix unknowns. I admire, with you being blind, how you manage so well with all this modern technology. It is a struggle for a lot of us that can see the key board, mouse, etc.
The best time to get a hold of me is between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM your time. That is 8:00 AM to noon for me. However, you can call all hours of the day. That phone does wake me up if we are sleeping. If I am out of my office, you can just leave a message with a good time to call you back. I have two phone numbers. (360) 362-1222 and (701) 428-8186.
Reply from Phyllis and Alan Campbell: Minot, ND

we want too thank everyone for their nice comments and good wishes for our
64th wedding anniversary!! We had many good and happpy years in Dunseith and all four of our kids grew upthere and graduated from DHS. Our move to Minot was not an easy desision but has proven to be a good one. Rich is here, Cathy in Stanley, Dave in Bismarck and Jeff at Lake Metigoshe so all stop in frequently and we are blessed. Alan’s hearing and memory leave much to be desired and I am beginning to reluctantly deal with that old nuisance arthritiis but we are glad to be here at the Wellington Assisted Living. We do enjoy all the effort Gary Stokes puts into this “blog” and thank him for keeping everyone in touch with each other. Greetings to everyone!
Email address change
For Joe Evans (83):
Could you please change my e-mail address from – to –
Joe Evans (83)
Joe, I don’t have your hometown address in my files. Can you give it to me. Thanks, Gary
Old age
Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND

Hey Larry Hackman–Do you have a feeling that Gary was looking at the wrong picture or he needs his glasses cleaned? Maybe it’s just that everybody is starting to look young to him.


Mel Kuhn

Mel, You have to realize that I am in the Philippines. These folks do not show their true age.
Trails update
From Trish Larson Wild (73): FORT COLLINS, CO

Hi Gary,

Hello from Spokane, WA. My son Zak has joined the herd and we have been camping in the wilderness areas of Eastern Washington for a couple of weeks. We will head into the Pend Orielle National Forest north of Spokane later today. Just stopped in this beautiful city for a couple of days to resupply. We’ve been camped at the Fairgrounds, and I have to say, I think Spokane has the most beautiful fairgrounds we’ve stayed at on our travels so far! Nice hot showers….lol.

All horses are doing well, and we’re looking forward to getting back in the forest. I understand there are some waterfalls and hot springs where we’re heading….

Happy trails!



Trish, as always, you are looking great! Gary



Joke of the day
Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND



Bubba and Johnny Ray were sittin’ on the front porch
drinking beer when a large truck hauling rolls and rolls of sod went by.

“I’m gonna do that when I win the lottery,” said Bubba.

“Do what?” asked Johnny Ray.

“Send my grass out to be mowed,” answered Bubba.



Cancer update
Barbara (Kathy) Kalk (65): Inver Grove Heights, MN

Kathy’s updateAugust 8, 2011




Last week Kathy visited doctors at the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.

They totally agreed with what was being done for her in St. Paul and had

only two suggestions for further treatment if needed.

Two weeks ago Kathy saw a doctor who specializes in pain management.

He started her on two new meds that have significantly reduced her level of pain and she is now doing so much more during the day.

Kathy is scheduled to be scanned August 31 and the oncologist will tell her on Sept. 6th if she needs more chemo or if she can take a break from treatment.

We thank you all for your continual prayers.




Al and Kathy Lopez

Good news Barbara! You are winning this battle. Gary

Mel Kuhn’s (70) birthday/picture
Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND


Is it just me or is Mel getting older?

It may just be my imagination, but I was thinking Mel is looking younger and more handsome too, as the years tread on. Gary


Happy Birthday Geri Metcalfe Munro (DHS 1959)
Face Book Message from Iris Wolvert: Willow City, ND

I think My cousin John Bedard told me to contact you if I had any questions about Dunseith..something about you being a historian of the Dunseith area..My mother was a daughter to John Bedard and Blondine Robert..so have many relatives in the area like to have you as a friend.

Folks, Iris and I have exchange been getting acquainted today with a few FB chats. Her mother was Bella Blanche Bedard Senechal from the Dunseith HS class of 1932. She passed away in 1979. Having Bedard and Robert family, she is a related to a whole lot you folks. I have now added Iris to our daily distribution. Gary

Reply to Connie Bedard Sullivan’s (59) posting yesterday
From Susan Brew Roussin (59): Rolla, ND
Good to hear about Connie Sullivan’s view of life. This really very good. God bless one and all. Thanks Gary.
Bowl from Myhre’s – Rolette/Dunseith
Reply from Don Martel (Principal): Rosemount, MN

Myhre’s in Rolette was a grocery, clothing and general merchandise store. It was owned by the Oscar/Carl (father/son)Myhre family that owned the bank and was later sold , I believe to Howard Moline, and became known as Moline’s store.

My mother had one of these bowls too and I don’t know what ever happened to it.

If anyone has one of these bowls (or any other premium given by stores in Rolette) that they would be willing to part with, maybe we could make a deal. Please contact me direct at marteldc@gmail.com.



Happy Birthday Mel Kuhn (1970)
Reply to Gary’s question – “How are you related to the Awalt’s?”

From Kay Hovland Notaro: Prosser, WA
John Awalt was my mothers beloved uncle. Moms mom, Mary Leah Awalt was John Awalts sister. My mother, Lucille, often expressed her love and gratitude of John and Gertie for encouraging her thru Dunseith high school, buying her graduation dress for her and her senior pictures. I am so happy to have seen Billy Awalt and Eunice Lentz at the Peterson reunion at Lake Upsilon Sunday.


Continuation reply From Kay Hovland Notaro
Also…Art Rude was Brendas teacher at Oxford School. His mother, Hannah, was my first and second grade teacher at Oxford. Loved her. Wrote her a letter of thanks when she was ninety in appreciation that she gave me a love of learning and the confidence that I could learn.
Kay’s Reply to Gary’s Question
Yes, Brenda was my sister. She retired from Boeing in Washington..moved back to Utah where her two sons live..died May 20 of cancer. She was 69. Her 48 yr old son, Mike, died of heart failure 3 weeks later. Not a good year. I have a bro, Ken, who lives in Tanasket, WA.

Facebook reply from Keith Pritchard (BHS 74): Bottineau, ND

I enjoy your “blog”. The Smith girls (my mother is Doris) were Methodist so I doubt they were in the confirmation photo as one of your contributors suggested, as it clearly appears to be a Catholic confirmation.
Keith, Great hearing from you. Your dad and my parents mutual history began in the Ackworth community in the 40’s. I have known your family my entire life. I remember seeing you guys frequently in my growing up days. Bill and Cheryl are closer to my age, so I remember them the best. You were just 10 years old when I left the area. A nine year age gap as kids is quite a gap, but I do remember you and have known who you are all these years. My Mother’s parents (My Grandparents) thought the world of your dad (Corbin) and without fail would always visit him and your family, often times at your lake cabin, with each of their annual trips to the area in the 50’s and early 60’s. They lived their summers in Alaska and winters in Washington. Your dad, Corbin, was one the friendliest guys on the face of earth. Whenever and wherever I would see him with my trips back to the area, he always made that special effort to greet and visit with me. The last time I remember seeing him was in Tommy’s cafe. He was a true gentleman.
I loved your Facebook pictures too. You have a resemblance of your dad, but in that aspect, Bill clearly has the edge. Gary
Car Memories
Posting from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Over the years there have been a lot of funny—and not so
funny—car things that happened. One time Dave Tooke had a ’66 GTO and
put in a different engine. The engine was from an older Pontiac and on
that year car, the starter bolted to the bell housing. The ’66 GTO had
the starter that bolted to the engine. SO–now he is done replacing the
engine and crawls under the car to put the starter on and there is NO
PLACE TO PUT THE STARTER. He finally just hooked the starter wires
together and being it was a straight stick, he had kids push the car to
start it until he could find an older bell housing with starter holes.
Hey Larry—‘all the holes was gone’.

A guy I know from St. John once bought a used Ford car with a Y
block engine in it. The Y block engines had problems getting oil to the
rocker arm assemblies so often they clicked and squeaked from lack of
oil. This one was quiet as a new engine so he was impressed and bought
it. About two weeks later he could hear the rocker arms starting to
click and squeak like many of them did so he pulled the rocker covers
and found that someone had rolled up bath towels and soaked them with
oil and put the covers back on over the towels. I asked him what he did
then? He got a sheepish smile and said, “I poured more oil on the
towels and put the covers back on and traded it off.” You never know
what kind of morphed engineering you might find on some of these cars.

I once bought a Hillman Minx car, made in England, from some local
kids. They said it would run for 5 minutes and then it had to sit for 5
days before it would start again. I’ve heard everything but not that
one. I got it home and it started right up and ran for 5 minutes and
stopped. I tried to start it every day for a week but no luck until the
5th day and away it went. I knew it had to be spark related so I tried
a few things and then decided to pull out the distributor and see what
was going on. I noticed moisture in the cap so when I got the
distributor out I tipped it upside down and poured out a cup of water.
It would warm up and vaporize the water in the cap and then take 5 days
to dry out so it could start again. They had the hood open and the cap
off during a rain—my guess. It ran great after that. Problem solved.


Today’s Posting
Posted by Connie Bedard Sullivan (59): Renton, WA

1. The nicest thing about the future is . . . that it always starts tomorrow.

2. Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

3. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably don’t have any sense at all.

4. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs.

5. A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep water.

6. How come it takes so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?

7. Business conventions are important. .. .because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without.

8. Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else looks?

9. Scratch a cat . . . and you will have a permanent job.

10. No one has more driving ambition than the teenage boy who wants to buy a car.

11. There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity.

12. There are worse things than getting a call for a wrong number at 4 a..m. – like, it could be the right number.

13. No one ever says “It’s only a game” when their team is winning.

14. I’ve reached the age where ‘happy hour’ is a nap.

15. Be careful about reading the fine print. . . . there’s no way you’re going to like it.

16. The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket.

17. Do you realize that, in about 40 years, we’ll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos? (And rap music will be the Golden Oldies!)

18. Money can’t buy happiness — but somehow it’s more comfortable to cry in a Cadillac than in a Yugo.

19. After 60, if you don’t wake up aching in every joint, you’re probably dead.

20. Always be yourself because the people that matter don’t mind . . . . and the ones that mind don’t matter.

21. Life isn’t tied with a bow . .. . .. . . . but it’s still a gift.





First Communion picture previously posted by Larry Liere (55)

Questions/comments from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ

Neola: I don’t know the Smith family but the Pritchard family that lived in Devils Lake were Catholic so if someone could contact them it may help.


Janice: All I can remember about the Lamoureaux girls are their birthday parties. In fact I can remember birthday parties at your place, Hosmer’s, Shelver’s, Grimme’s, and other birthday parties that I can’t put a name with for sure. As you may remember there were not may toys during WWII but our folks could always find something for a birthday party. It sounds as if you went to church with Ann so if she was Lutheran she would not be in the picture.


Gary: Did anyone ever contact Sister Sharon Houle about this picture?


Thanks, LARRY

Larry, I don’t have contact info for Sister Sharon Houle, but hopefully some of our readers do.
I don’t think the Winthrop Smith family was Catholic, but I could be wrong. Gary

Bowl from Myhre’s – Rolette/Dunseith
Picture/message from Harley Oppeboen (51): Colorado Springs, CO
This bowl has been in my family for about 70 years.

Harley Oppeboen

What business was this? Is this part of the Carl Myhre family from Rolette that has the bank? Gary
The Larry and Dick Conversation posted yesterday
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

The Larry and Dick conversation is hilarious! I wish I could remember 1% of the conversations (polite for BS) that Dick, “Blackie”, Kenny, Dad, Neil, Armand, Bill, Rolland, Keith, Ray, Freddie, Cliff, Darrell, Dallas, and a couple dozen others used to have at “The Gathering.” Those were good days.


So is the “napkin numbers game” still being played? I remember losing and breakfast costing me $22 back in the ’70s. Now you might get a couple beers and a small order of wings for $22.




Reply from Kay Hovland Notaro: Snoqualmie, WA
Hi Gary…I’m Kay Hovland Notaro, daughter of Louis Hovland and Lucille Peterson. I was told that all the news that is the news is on your site. It was so great to be back in the Turtle Mts with my family, I want to stay connected with current events as well as local history. I went to Oxford school and Rolla before we moved to Washington State when I was 11, but I left all the wonderful memories of my childhood in NDak. I’m related to the Awalts, Max Petersons, and the extended clan.
Dale Evans, Kay Hovland and the Peterson Reunion
Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND
Gary—It was nice to hear from my cousin, Dale Evans and Kay Hovland. My mother, Ella Evans Metcalfe was a sister to my Uncle Martin Evans. When we lived in Seattle, before moving to the farm in ND in about 46–(Margaret was born in ND; Helen and I in WA), Max and Mary Peterson, parents of Mary Peterson Evans lived with us, found jobs and lived in Seattle for a period of time in the 40’s. My brothers, Jim and Gary, might remember the dates. The younger Peterson kids lived with Lucille and Louie–Brenda was my age. We were in Rolla over the weekend when Chuck met Kay Hovland and visited with her about the Peterson reunion–we had read it in the Star but missed the details (we were in Rolla for the Don and Julie Berube Lentz’ 50th anniversary). We would have loved to visit with all the Peterson family, as our families were friends from way back in the 1930’s–1940’s and on—and neighbors. I remember all of them fondly.
Geri Metcalfe Munro ’59
First Communion picture previously posted by Larry Liere (55)
Question/comment from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND



I don’t know if the Smith family was Lutheran/Catholic/etc. I’m wondering if the girl who might have moved to Bottineau might have been one of Winthrop Smith’s daughters. As you know, Corbin Pritchard was married to Doris. Two of her sisters were Beverly (Class of 1957) and Lois (Class of ’58). I think there is a younger daughter, too.





Comment from Janice Leonard Workman (56) Auburn, WA

Ann Lamoureaux’s family were Lutherans, I don’t think Ann is in that picture.



1928 Bottineau C.R. Gleason Car Repair Mailer
Posted by Lois Lilleby Fielding (51): Prescott, AZ
I was born in Bottineau, North Dakota. What a fun e-mail. We have been gone most of the summer, so haven’t been sending many e-mails. Will be gone again to Sedona timeshare July 31-August 7. Lois
Interesting Email conversation between Larry Hackman (66) and Dick Johnson (68):
Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Gary you might want to check with Dick before you send this out?
It is OK with me.
I found this floating around on my computer as I was deleting stuff to make more room for more stuff.
Have a good day,
Larry, Dick said it is OK with him to post. Gary
Larry and Dick’s interesting conversation

I really screwed up. I had typed a reply and I think it went into outer space? I was replying about the old car deal. I have lots of old cars behind the barn and quite a few better ones in the garage, quonset, and barn. I do sell the poorer ones for cash to buy better ones and on it goes. A guy with no idea of values said, “What are your kids going to have to do to get rid of all this junk when you’re gone?” I had to stop and give him a little education on what some of the bodies are worth. I don’t think he believed me. I told him that when I have any junk or scrap iron I haul it to Minot to the scrap buyers and only keep the ones with value. He still didn’t believe me! I pointed out a ’33 Ford two door body and asked him what he thought it was worth today on the market. He said, “Nothing.” I told him I paid $1200 and wouldn’t take $4000 for it as it’s worth more than that. He knew I was out of my mind. Values of cars I do know within a few bucks. The old bodies from the tall grass is where the most money is as world wide hot rod builders are hungry for bodies. It has been my hobby for nearly all my life and I make money at it too. I’d like to see a golfer do that!



I knew you were a auto hoarder. I just remember driving around them hills in the 1950s and 60s and seeing all kinds of car bodies

setting back in the trees. I’m sure they are long gone by now. You said you like to drive around them little ND towns. I do to, I wish I could see into some of them old garages and sheds. You know there are some real undiscovered treasures in some of them. A fellow would like to stop and look, but I would hate to end up looking down the wrong end of a shotgun.

I don’t know what them duffers do with their old balls. I do know, some them characters seem to get purity excited, scrubbing them out on the golf course.

Have a good day.



I remember the old ’31 Chevy coupe that Frank had and they used
to pull behind the tractor out to the hay field. Bill used to ride
in the car while Frank towed it with the old John Deere. They had
a pole hitch that fastened under the front and steered the car like
a trailer. Dr. Schack from Rolette bought the car from them. I
think Frank got a Jeep pickup and $800. if I remember right. He
hired John Awalt to redo all the wood for the body and then he had
the metal bodywork done and had it painted. I don’t know where Dr.
Schack or the car went when he left Rolette. I had been in the
basement of the old Gamble store in ’65 and bought an old/new tire
and a muffler from Art Henning for $5. I was at the clinic and Dr.
Schack asked me if I had any parts for his car? I had the new
muffler that had ’31-’32 Chevrolet right on the tag. He offered me
$20 for it! Do you suppose he could afford it? I think I still
have the tire—it’s what we used to call a ‘nobby’. It has round
button type tread on it. It’s a 17″ tire for about the ’33-’34 era
cars, but it wasn’t that old of a tire—-probably from the 50s.
There was some really neat old car stuff in the basement of
Gambles. Seems like I’ve been at this for a long time!


Doctors quit making house calls a long time ago. For some reason
them Rolette Doctors made house calls on the Hackman brothers.
I heard tell while I was in the service that they were making a lot
of trips up to see Frank and Bill and hauling a lot of old stuff
Some felt the Doctors were taking advantage of the Hackman brothers.
I don’t know if they did or not.


One short story about the car after the Dr. got it from Frank.
He had it restored and was driving it in Rolette and it stopped for
some reason. Gary Prouty just happened to come along and stopped to
help. It took him over an hour to get the problem figured out but he
got it going. The Dr. asked what he owed him and Prouty said, “Well,
what do you charge for an hour?” He said the Dr. got sort of pale
before Gary laughed at him and said to forget it.


The jeep pickup that Uncle Frank drove actually was bought new and
owned by Henry Dietrich.
Henry drove it in the winter time and kept it in a shed when he wasn’t
driving it. He always complained when he drove it, that it would never
trail right, and that the engineers that designed it must have had
their heads up their asses, and forgot to pull them out as the wheel
base was wider in the back, then the front. When driving a rutted
road or through snow the vehicle could not make up its mind, what back
wheel was going to follow in the track made by the front wheels and so
it was always fish tailing. He also complained that it was under
powered, as it only had a four cylinder engine, and couldn’t pull off
your hat during a wind storm. The suspension was so stiff that it was
like riding in a buckboard.
So, maybe Frank did get took by them doctors. Although if he got 800
dollars for that old car, that was still, a lot more then what he paid
for it.


I’m off to Minot this morning but checked the email before I go.
Kenny Tooke ended up with the Jeep Pickup you are talking about. He
too said it was so under powered that he hated it so he had me put a
289 Ford V8 in it. I had to use an adapter plate and round up a bunch
of parts in the bush. I had a Buick radiator and on and on. When I
was completely finished, I hit the started and it spun but didn’t
engage the flywheel. I found out I had a flywheel off a 260 V8 and
it’s smaller than a 289 flywheel but bolts on. I had to start over by
pulling the engine back out and doing the whole job again. I changed
all the system over to 12 volt and changed all the tires and even waxed
the body—-all for $300. It seemed OK back then. Larry Tooke
eventually hauled it to Oklahoma and sold it there for $2500. So ends
the lesson.


Didn’t Johnny Cash make a song about using one of them adaptor kits.
Seems to me he said he tried to mate a transmission with an engine and
said they mated Ok,
but he couldn’t bolt them together cause all the holes were gone, so he
used one of them adaptor kits,
like you used. Have you ever had to use one before?
Did you end up with the same amount of headlights on each fender?
I guess we are coming to the end of this conversation.


He said the motor was a ’53 and the transmission was a ’73 and when I
tried to put in the bolts, all the holes was gone.

The headlights was another sight—I had two on the left and one on the
right. But when I pulled out the switch all three of um come on. One
piece at a time.

Old Johnny Cash had the same problem. Actually, being somewhat of a
mechanic I have been in the ‘all the holes was gone’ situation before and
it ain’t good! When someone says that it’s exactly the same part—you
better check close.



Happy Birthday’s to several of the Class of 78 folks.
Pam Wenstad Lane on August 4th.
Tina Pladson Bullinger August 5th.
Kay Hovland Notaro – Peterson Reunion
Request from Dale Evans: Algona, WA
Dale’s Mother is Mary Peterson – class of 54
Dale’s Father is Martin (Deceased) brother to Ella Evans Metcalfe

Hi Gary,


I would like to introduce you to Kay (Hovland) Notaro – Kay is the daughter of Louie & Lucille (Peterson) Hovland of Rolla – Kay had expressed interest in getting on your mailing list.


The Peterson Clan (Thanks to Jackie & Jan) had a wondeful Reunion this past weekend.


Hopefully you will be seeing pictures and stories from those in attendance.
Erling Landsverk is back on line
Message from Erling Landsverk (44): King, WS.

Hi Gary and everyone:


I have attached a breif update describing what we have been up to. I will follow later with any details that may arise. Meanwhile, its GREAT to be back with all of you folks


Erling landsverk

Erling’s attachment

Hi Everyone!



We regret that we failed to stay in touch as much as we should have for the past month, but fortunately we have finally arrived at our new home, and have set up our computers, telephone and new address for anyone desiring to call, E Mail, or mail us a letter.



Please understand; the change to the Veterans retirement home at King, Wisc. was not the easiest of moves, but hopefully it will prove to be a good one.We have found King to be a pleasant and busy place, filled with many kinds of activities to enjoy right here on the campus.For instance; we have our own bowling alley, movies theatre,coffee shop, a little bar, exercise rooms and fishing trips, along with occasional meals out among the nearby towns.Shopping trips and trips away for short vacations are also offered at our own convenience and expense of course.A complete medical staff right here at the campus, including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and clinics for treatment with transportation to nearby hospitals for more extensive treatment if necessary. There is more to talk about but I am beginning to sound like a commercial.Sufficientto know that we are well, we arelearning the ropes, and are looking forward to visits, as well as visits back to see our family and friends in Columbia County, and many other locations around our great country from time to time



Finally; we have listedthe pertinent information to get in touch with us, and be assured, we are very anxious to get your call, E mail or letter. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you or staying in touch in other ways.






Joann and Erling



Phone number7159422461



E Mail: Erling Landsverk(same as before)




Erling and Joann Landsverk

Ainsworth Hall

800 Mitchell Avenue

King, Wisconsin54946

Erling, It is great having you back on line. We missed you and all of your wonderful contributions that we all cherish so well and look forward to seeing. Whenever we see the name “Erling Landsverk”, it brightens our day with all the positives you see in life. You are truly an inspiration to each and everyone of us. We hope everything works out well for you in your new home. We know that you make the best of every situation, so we are very confident that all will be well. We realize it had to be a traumatic move none the less. Gary
Replies from Dave Wurgler (64): Rugby, ND

Gary: I want to thank all of those who sent Char and I the appreciation for our granddaughter, Rachel on her crowning of Miss Super Model USA.. We are sincerely proud of her accomplishment and we hope she continues her goals in life. Thank you everyone—–Dave and Char


Dave’s Reply to Ken Striker:
Ken—-Yes we did kinda got into the family tree. So Ester would be Kevins grand mother and Della would be the great grand mother and Kevin is my son-in-law and Rachel is my grand daughter so from here you have to put the tree together and find our relationship. I think I have it figured out pretty close but am kinda getting confused. You know in am geting older and might have ah ah, whats that thing they say when we got older.LOL You know, Ken if you dig deep enough we might be related to Gary Stokes—-LOL Happy Day and take care—–Dave 64—-
Reply to Bill Grimme (65):
From Mr. Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX

Reply to Bill: He’d be surprised at all I have in that little red grade book. As for numbers, they got everybody and they still do. Especially those contained in a bill.


Picture previously posted – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND – by Larry Liere (55)
Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA
There must be some Picards and Boguslawskis in the picture. Would Gary and Bobbie Houle send this picture to Sister Sharon Houle?

Thanks Gary

Reply from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN
It is amazing all the wonderful people that have been married 50 years or better congratulations to all.
First Communion picture: Second Row Girls: 1. ? 2. Ann Lamoureux 3. ? 4. Arline Lamoureux 5. Last name Bottineau
First Row Girls: 1. Shirley Houle 2. ? 3. Sharon Houle next boy Larry Liere
Okay where are Arline Lamoureux and some of the others from this group, pitch in and name the rest of these people.
Bonnie Awalt Houle 56

4th Row: Sister Mary Agnes & Sister Augusta

3rd Row 6 Boys:

2nd Row 5 girls: ?, Ann Lamoureux, ?, Arline Lamoureus, ? Bottineau

Front Row: Shirley Houle, ? Girl, Sharon Houle, Larry Liere
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Cebu Marriott pool side Bar & Grill buffet. Joe, sitting beside me, is from Australia
The three Steve’s with a couple of extras
Steve (USA), Steve (USA), Steve (Canada), Leo (Holland) and Gary (USA)


Happy Birthday’s to
Florence Hiatt Dahl (50) and Bill Grimme (65):
As I am sending this it is still your birthday’s, August 2nd, in your part of the world. We are hoping you each had a good birthday with lots of celebrations.
Bill, next year marks another mile stone for us. We class of 65 will be 65 next year. Gary
Almo Pladson is moving back to ND
Reply from Almo Pladson (72): Williston, ND
Hi Gary
After 24 years in California we are moving back to North Dakota. I switched jobs and the company I’m working for now wants to start up a new branch in Williston, ND and has asked me to get it up and going. The moving truck will be at our house in Ontario, CA tomorrow for loading and is scheduled to be in Williston, August 9, 2011. We will be spending 3 days in Grand Junction, CO to visit my older son and family and Curt and Kelly Berg. Then stopping in Greeley CO to visit my wife’s sister before traveling on to Williston to our new home.
Almo and Christie Pladson
14030 Lakeview Dr
Williston, ND 58801
Congratulations to LeaRae and Terry and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Espe.
From Brenda Hoffman (68):Greenville, SC


Even though it might be forty years since I graduated from Dunseith, I still find it difficult not to use appropriate titles: Mr. Espe, Mr. Rude and Mrs. Parrill. You helped me understand that learning is a lifelong long joy. Thank you.


And LeaRae – does it seem possible that we were in high school forty plus years ago?


It sounds like you four had a wonderful celebration. Congratulations again.

Brenda (class of 1968)





Mr. Lykin’s typing grades

Reply from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL

I didn’t know that my typing grade would be part of my permanent life record! I’m pretty nervous about what else he may have in that book. I do remember Dan Danielson typing and I wondered, “How in the hell can he do that?”. He definitely had fast fingers and, knowing Dan, I doubt he had any errors. I always hated typing exercises that had numbers in them. That numbers row didn’t seem natural.


Bill, Being at the very top of our class, we all know that whatever Mr. Lykin’s has in that book for you is good.
Yes, the numbers row for me was not good either and it still isn’t to this day. Gary
Reply to Dave Wurgler’s posting yesterday
From Ken Striker: Dayton, OH.



Thanks for sharing the article about Rachael. Thanks to the DHS blog, sometime back we found a Striker connection. To reconstruct, Kevin Allickson was s/o Alan Allickson, s/o Ether Lockhart Allickson, d/o Della Striker Lockhart, d/o William Elmer Striker, the Rolette Co settler from Adams Co/Berne IN


Click on Findagrave link for William Elmer Striker. You can click on links there to find many family members and graves. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=69903250


Ken Striker in Dayton Ohio

Picture previously posted – First Communion Catholic Church Dunseith, ND – by Larry Liere (55)

Reply from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN

Good Afternoon Larry,

After looking over the “First Communion Picture” you sent into Stokes I have some questions: Shirley Houle (Vandal) is carrying flowers, while Sharon Houle and the other little girl were wearing Wings, and you were wearing a cape. What was the reason for the difference in the way you were dressed? Also isn’t it Ann Lamoureux back from Shirley? The taller dark girl looks like the Bottineau girl that we went to school with. Take note of the name from the school picture of first and second graders posted quite a bit before this one.


Just was curious about the picture and thought you would be the one to ask.


Bonnie Awalt Houle 56

Larry Liere’s Reply (55) to Bonnie; Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ
Hi Bonnie

The following is what I sent Gary with the first picture sent in. Gary has posted the picture more then once. I have underlined all I can remember about your questions. My hope is that you and other Dunseith people will remember more then I can because I left Dunseith at such a young age. For some reason I think one or both of the Lamoureux girls were in this class so if you think Ann is in back of Shirley Houle (Vandal) please let Gary know. That information may help other people remember. I think even if you are making a guess send it in because other people can correct your guess.
Thank you very much for your input,
Our friends on your BLOG are so good at coming up with the names of people in old pictures I would like them to identify this 1st. Communion Class.
The people in this picture would be in about the first grade from the class of 1955 so the picture was taken about 1942 or 43. Most of the kids are from
the Dunseith school but there may be a few from grade schools up in the hills. I left Dunseith in 3rd. grade so I only remember some of the kids in the
1st. & 2nd. grade class picture taken about 1944 that you had on your BLOG. Putting that picture (1st. & 2nd.) by this picture I still can not identify any
people for sure other then myself. I remember the four of us in the front row lead the group into the church. The two little girls in the middle of the front
row may have been younger because if you look close they have angle wings so I don’t think they were in the Communion Class. I and the girl on the
left with the flowers followed the two angles and then the rest of the class followed us. I think one maybe both of the Lamoureaux girls are in the picture.
I will start with the first name that I know for sure:
First row right side the guy with a cape, Larry Liere


4th Row: Sister Mary Agnes & Sister Augusta

3rd Row 6 Boys:

2nd Row 5 girls:

Front Row: ?Girl, Shirley Houle, ? Girl, Sharon Houle, Larry Liere


Anniversary Congratulations to Alan/Phyllis Campbell and the Espe’s
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Although I got to congratulate the Espes’ on their anniversaries
at the party at Wayne and Rosemary Smith’s, I want to also congratulate
Alan and Phyllis Campbell on their anniversary. Every good comment I
read about this fine couple is completely true. They really were
involved in every aspect of the community throughout the many years they
lived in Dunseith. Besides congratulations, they should have a great
big thank you from all of us. They deserve it!


Typing speeds
Reply from Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX



Please add to the blog my condolences to the Danielson family on the passing of Wallace.


On a lighter note, I noticed that you credited Dan Danielson with being the fastest typist in his class. As you may recall, in a passed blog, I revealed that I had a couple of my old red grading books from Dunseith HS that I have hung on to over all of these years. I decided to check on your accuracy of recall. I found the old record book deep in the shelves of my personal library stuck between a copy of my old Boy Scout Handbook and Tennyson Selected Poems and Idylls of the King (Ms. Schirer would sudder at my filing system). I could not help but wonder how you could overlook such keyboard speed demons as Susan Fassett, Carol Jasper, Bill Grimme, and Sharon Wheeler just to name a few. However, your memory is a real torch in that, by the end of the school year, Dan did top the class. I will not reveal what his CWPM (correct words per minute) speed tallied out but, let’s just say the resulting year end grade certainly did not hurt his GPA.


Bob Lykins

Bob, I carried around a card in my bill fold for many years signed by you that I had typed 52 words per minute with 2 errors. We were using the old Royal manual typewriters too. I know that over the years I have exceed the words per minute, but with a whole lot more errors. With spell check and the back space capabilities with today’s computers, we have become a bit careless with our typing.
Personal reply to Gary
From Dennis Dubois (63): Minneapolis, MN.
Dennis, After reading this over several times, I wanted to share it with the others too. This will his home to a lot of our readers. Gary
Gary, thanks for the letter, it’s so nice to talk about the “old days”. I was born in a little shack about 3 miles east of the Day School and 1 1/2 mile into the woods. No real road, just a trail. I went back about 10 years ago and found an older gentleman, who was a neighbor of ours when we kids, and he took us to the exact spot where our little log house sat. The four rocks that they used for cornerstones were still in place. I stepped it off and it was approximately 14×16. It had a center wall and the back room was divided into two rooms for bedrooms. He showed me where my parents bed laid and where the midwife would have knelt during my birth and said “there is where you were born”. A year later we moved another mile deeper into the woods. We lived there for 6 more years. So my first year of school, 6years old, I had to walk 2 1/2 miles to catch the school bus. Don’t think I ever forgot that. Then we moved over on Hwy. 3, about 200 feet from the paved Hwy. Hell, 6 or 7 cars a night would go by and wake the whole family up. It was like living in downtown Mpls. We could stand in the south window and see the school bus coming from a 1/2 mile away. We were in hog heaven. We moved to town in 1959. Gary, I’ve always said, “I moved off the farm in 1959 and never had to “work” another day in my life. God, that was such a fun life. We always lived on a lake, we could swim and play an awful lot. Now that I’ve made a lot of money, I still can’t afford a lakeshore home. How ironic.
Well, Gary I hope that answers your question, quite a story huh? We all have those, don’t we? A lot of my present friends find it hard to believe, but I took my girlfriend back in 2003 and we walked all the way back to my childhood homes, right through the brush, not even a trail now. She sure was impressed, but she knows, fully well, what a happy childhood I had. I had my mom and dad and that means so much to me today. Oh, now I’m getting sentimental. Thanks for hearing me out. I just love to hear other peoples stories, as they are so similar to mine. Thanks for all the info. You and Bernadette have a good day. P.S. This reminds me of being in the service and writing home, I really enjoyed that too. Bye.


Dave and Char Wurgler’s Granddaughter is “Miss Teen Super Model USA”


Posted by Dave Wurgler (64): Rugby, ND




Joke of the day
Posted by Glen Williams (52): Missoula, MT

Jacob, age 92, and
Rebecca, age 89, living in Chicago, are all excited about their decision to
get married.




They go for a stroll to discuss the
wedding, and on the way they pass a drugstore.. Jacob suggests they go

Jacob addresses the man behind the

“Are you the owner?”

The pharmacist answers,

Jacob: “We’re
about to get married.




Do you sell heart

Pharmacist: “Of course, we

Jacob: “How about medicine for circulation?”

“All kinds.”

Jacob: “Medicine for rheumatism?”


Jacob: “How about suppositories?”

Pharmacist: “You

Jacob: “Medicine for memory problems, arthritis and

Pharmacist: “Yes, a large variety. The

Jacob: “What about vitamins, sleeping pills,
Geritol, antidotes for Parkinson’s disease?”





Jacob: “Everything
for heartburn and indigestion?”

Pharmacist: “We sure do.”

“You sell wheelchairs and walkers and canes?”

Pharmacist: “All speeds
and sizes.”

Jacob: “Adult diapers?”


Jacob: “We’d like to use this store as our Bridal


Thank you Neola for all of today’s postings
Your are a saint.
Espe’s celebrate Anniversaries
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Congratulations Dennis/Peggy and Terry/LeaRae.
My hunches were right with yesterday’s posting.
Congratulations to Dennis and Peggy Espe
From Connie Fauske Monte (62): Santa Barbara, CA
Gary: I must congratulate Dennis and Peggy Espe on their 50th wedding anniversary. I sang at their wedding and remember the wedding vividly. I can’t believe it has been so many years.

Espe’s Anniversaries

Reply Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND


Gary it was Dennis and Peggy Espe’s 50 Anniversary and Terry and LeRae’s 40th, and Bernard and Robin’s 25 Anniversary. They were all apparently married during the summer months. Hopefully Bernard will comment. It was late Last night, I was to beat to get any more info.

Thank you again Mark for the Espe Anniversary pictures in yesterday’s message. Gary
Anniversary Congratulations to the Espe’s and Campbell’s
From Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX

Please add my name to the long list of those extending anniversary congratulations to the Espy clan as well as to Phyllis and Alan Campbell. All of them wonderful examples of what married life is and should be. I remember them all so well with great fondness.

Bob Lykins

Bob, it was thru Dennis and Peggy Espe that we were able to locate you. We, the class of 65, remembered you well, but just could not located you because you were living in Germany. When Dennis and Peggy were alerted to the fact that we were trying to locate you, they provided us with your address. You guys have been exchanging Christmas cards all these years. How wonderful. Gary

Congratulations to Phyllis and Alan Campbell

From Alan Richard (65): Midland, MI

Phillys and Alan are the definition of “pillars of the community.” The Campells have been a key to the stability of Dunseith—and that goes back at least three generations.




Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Dwight used to send me a lot of personal messages and forwards with his touching replies, many of which I could never post. I miss that. Just today I had several forwards I would have dearly loved to have shared with him, but he is no longer there. Dwight and I actually reconnected back in 2005. Dwight would sometimes call me in the late night/early morning hours his time just to visit. His famous one liner to me was “You and I come from good stock”. It is hard to believe that he is gone. It was hard deleting his contact info out of my records. Gary


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.

Wallace E. Danielson, age 91 passed away at the home of friends on July 17, 2011, near Mentor, MN.

Wallace Earl Danielson was born January 29, 1920, at Vang, ND, the son of Daniel and Bertha (Overaas) Danielson. He married Naomi Thrugstad on April 15, 1942 in Walhalla, ND. Wallace served in the United States Army in World War II, serving in North Africa and Italy. Following his discharge he attended Hanson’s Auto School of Mechanics in Fargo and worked as a mechanic in Enderlin, ND and Mt. Vernon, SD. He later accepted a call to become a lay pastor at the Lutheran Indian Mission near Dunseith, ND, where he stayed for 12 years. He worked at a small Bible school in McIntosh, MN. His final employment prior to retirement was with a group home for people with developmental disabilities in Bagley, MN. He retired in 1989. He later accepted a call as interim lay pastor at Bethel Bible Church in Mentor, MN where he remained until shortly before his death.

He is survived by his five children: Kathleen (Stephen) Gabrielsen, Golden Valley, MN; Daniel (Debra Zanish) Danielson, Minneapolis, MN; Patricia Danielson, Grand Forks, ND; Peter (Jean Daniels) Danielson, Rochester, MN; and Naomi Danielson, Grand Forks, ND; grandchildren: Elizabeth Gabrielsen, Joseph (Heidi) Gabrielsen, Carl Danielson, Arthur Daniels, Vivek Danielson, Ben Danielson, and Tina Danielson, great grandchildren: Micah and Ada Gabrielsen; sisters: Grace Busse, Walhalla, ND; Lenora Peterson, Lois Thompson, Seattle, WA; Edna Swenson, Everett, WA; Carrol Williams, Belleview, WA. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife on May 5, 2006, brothers: Orin and Norris and sisters: Irene Knutson and Florence Arneson.

Memorial services will be Monday, July 25, 2011 at 1:00 PM at Walhalla Lutheran Church, Walhalla, ND. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service at the church. Interment will be at Vang Cemetery, Vang, ND. Military rites will be provided by the Walhalla American Legion Post.


Born: January 29, 1920
Death: July 17, 2011
Occupation: Lay Pastor


Memorial Service

Monday July 25, 2011, 1:00 PM at Walhalla Lutheran Church
Click for Map and Directions


Monday July 25, 2011, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM at Walhalla Lutheran Church
Click for Map and Directions

To all the Danielson siblings, We are so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. Our condolences are with you.
I remember you guys well riding our bus from the Mission. In those years it was known at the basement church.
Dan, I remember you well in our class of 65. I seriously doubt that Mr. Lykins had any other students that could top you typing speed.


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.




Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: neola@min.midco.net Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Joke of the Day

How To Stop Church Gossip !

Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church’s morals, kept sticking her nose into other people’s business

Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence.
She made a mistake, however, when she accused Frank, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town’s
only bar one afternoon.

She emphatically told Frank (and several others) that every one seeing it there
Frank, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away. He didn’t explain, defend, or deny.
He said nothing..

Later that evening, Frank quietly parked his pickup in front of Mildred’s house …. walked home .. .. .and left it there all night.

(You gotta love Frank!)