08/10/2021 (2797)

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well with everyone. My schedule these days has been a bit busier, so I have not been posting blogs as frequent as I used to. I try to get one posted every several weeks or so. In the past 14 years, we have pretty much covered and discussed all of the Dunseith and area past that there is cover. As long as I am alive and able, I will continue posting. Fortunately my health is good, so I plan on being around for a lot more years, but we never know our fate. It’s been nearly 18 years since we moved to the Philippines. This is home. I have things just the way I like and want them here. I love having summer every day of the year too.

My plans are to Visit the States next year. Right now, with the covid pandemic, it’s too much of a hassle, especially here in the Philippines with all the restrictions to leave and come back into the country. I am Vaccinated, so I am protected.

Gary Stokes


Dunseith Bakery Memories: Reply to Don Malateree’s posting
Posting from Ken Nerpel (’65):  Rugby, ND

Everyone who lived in the Dunseith area in the 60’s certainly knew Herman and I would guess most of us have a Herman Martinson story. From 1962 to 1965 my family lived next door to the Martinson’s in the Gustav Nerpel house on the corner across the street from the school. Herman’s house was just to the north of us and to the east was the Ed Boguslawski family. Herman would get up every morning at about four A. M. and would have half a day’s work in before most of the rest of the city was awake. Most of the houses in this area were very small and had very little space and ours was no exception. Therefore my parents slept in the basement and my sister had the only bedroom. I slept in the foyer on the west side of the house on a piece of plywood sitting atop cement blocks. I knew I had a few more hours to sleep when I heard Herman heading out to work.

Herman made the best Bismarck’s I have ever eaten and I have spent many years sampling as many as I can to try to find a match. I even tried making my own, buying all the necessary equipment to accomplish the task but coming up short every time. I know nothing of Herman’s ancestry and am curious as to where he learned and perfected his craft.


Dunseith Bakery Memories: Reply to Don Malateree’s posting
Posting from Allen Richard (’65):  Grand Rapids, MI

Herman was one of Dunseith’s greatest treasures.  Your post brings back fond memories—-especially those Bismarcks!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Forgotten Store Name:
Question from Harlyn Oppeboen (’51):  Colorado Springs, CO  

I worked in the Dunseith bakery in 1946 I was 13 years old. I think the baker was Alan Berg,  I don’t really remember.  but he taught me how to drive his 1935 ford so I could deliver bread to a little store a few miles south of Dunseith on the Rugby road. I don’t remember the name of the store Can you help me.

Harlyn Oppeboen