Reply from Marie Iverson Staub (60): Seattle, WA.



That is a great picture of you and Bernadette. I want to wish her a late happy birthday.

I would really be interested in the pictures of the San Haven as my dad was a patient there and then worked there for several years. I wish I would have been able to go to the Rolette Museum on that friday but we had made plans with Barbara’s aunt. I remember my dad talking about Mildred Isaakson. I also think that Dr Loeb was the doctor that operated on him. I also have a picture of the class of 1960 but I have no clue how to send it to you. Hopefully I can get some help soon. I am lost without Marv”s help when it comes to the computer.


Marie Staub (Iverson) 1960
Reply from Lois Ann Tweten: Helena, MT.
Hi Dick, (you have the same name as the Dick Johnson married to my cousin Carol, noted below!)
I’ve been receiving the Dunseith Blog since I stopped in at the souvenir shop and met Bev Azure (now deceased as you know). I had stopped in there while visiting my cousin Carol Sletto Johnson who lives 5 miles South of Overly on the late Clara (my Mom’s sister) & Tilford Sletto farm. At the time I explained to Bev that I was coming “home” for a visit and we got to chatting. I told her that my Dad had been killed in the stock car races supporting the John Deere, at the fairgrounds, when he was killed, back in October of 1948. She told me that her folks were there at the time, and could never go back since the accident. My Mom, Ann Shjerve Tweten, my brother Johnnie, and I were also there! When Bev heard all that she said I must get on this blog as she thought I’d enjoy it….and I certainly do, even if I don’t know many.
When I read your note of the San Haven today I thought I’d contact you about the pictures/information on the San that are at the church.
My grandmother, Rønnaug Flaaten Shjerve (Mathias) Aasen (Knute) was in the San a couple of times. But I don’t know much about it. My cousin thought it was in the year of 1948 for one of the dates. So if any information would come about with any of the above names I’d love to have it!
I was born to Kenneth & Ann Tweten 12-22-1941 in the Rolette hospital and lived out at the Tweten Hereford Ranch 2 miles S of Rolette – now Eleanor Tweten Mattson lives there. Later we moved to Botno where my dad worked. My Mom was Ann Shjerve from Barton, and remarried to Harold Skjervem from Botno (1950), the son of Alma and Henry Skjervem. They are both deceased now.
Anyway, if you do come across any information I’d love to know. I intend to have coffee with Neola & her Mom in Botno when I go to the Høstfest in Minot this fall. We were neighbors in the 40’s and am anxious to meet her again. She also has so much interesting information!
Lois Ann Tweten (I returned to my maiden after divorce 30+ years ago.
United Methodist (Stone) church
Reply from Ellen Graff Myrick (58): Grand Forks, ND
Until they joined with Peace Lutheran, this was the United Methodist Church, I think the two together are called a Federated Church. I don’t know when they combined, but I attended this church through elementary and high school. It was still running in 1978 when my mother’s Funeral was held there in early June.
Ellen (Graff – 58) Myrick
Rod Hiatt (69) boys picture with Rod and Brian Fauske (70):
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Rod, You sure remind me of your dad, Howard, in this picture.
Brian, I can sure see the Hiatt in you too with your mother, Eleanor, being a sister to Howard.



Bernadette had a blast for her Birthday celebration last night. It doesn’t take much to get these Filipino women charged up and that they were. There were cameras flashing all evening. They love to have their pictures taken and were constantly getting into groups to have their picture taken. They haven’t hit facebook yet, but they will. I have not had a chance to down load the pictures from our camera yet either. Hopefully I’ll have a couple pictures to share with you folks tomorrow. There were 34 folks in attendance, so she had quite a party. Gary
Hannah & Karen Lobe:
Picture provided by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Today was the final day of the annual St. John Days celebration. We
had an ‘all faiths’ church service in the Old Mill Lake Church on the
museum grounds. It was my turn to open the museum for the day so I had
to be there basically all day and that gave me time to look through some
of the items that have been donated recently. There is a box of old
photos from the late Mrs. Mildred Isaakson who was an RN at San Haven
for most of the time it was open. Many of the pictures are not labeled
so it’s going to be rough to identify those in the photos. Some are of
her house in Dunseith and some are very old San pictures which are self
explanatory and very interesting as they are from the first few years
of operation of the hospital. I will have to go through the box and try
to figure out the names and dates if at all possible. Some of the
readers of the blog may know who is in the pictures. One that I ran
across today is interesting to me and I’m sure will be to others also.
We have recently had posted a picture of Hannah Loeb holding her
great-grandchild. I will attach one of her doing the same with her own
daughter, Karen, in 1947. The inscription on the back reads, ‘Hannah and
Karen Loeb–Christmas ’47’. Several of these pictures should be given
back to family members as they are more important to them than to the
rest of the population. Art Rude, Sr. brought the box of pictures to the
museum and had put a note on the box that read that he had looked
through the pictures for ones that were of importance to the San Haven
display at the museum and that others maybe could be returned to
families of the individuals in the photos. I think we should proceed
with Art’s assumption. I will try to identify the ones that I can and
then post some for others to help identify. Thanks Gary!


Hannah & Karen Loeb

Update from DeAnn Gottbreht O’Hara

Monday, June 28, 2010 1:41 PM, CDT

20 radiation treatments down and only 10 more to go!! I can hardly wait to be done. The treatments are going well. My skin is starting to get really red and burned from the radiation though. It can be pretty sore at times but they say putting lotion on it all the time should help so I hope so.

I have had enough of Fargo, I want to go home. Connor and I keep ourselves busy every weekend traveling to visit family so that really helps make the time go faster. We spent this last weekend with Patrick in Bismarck for a softball tournament. It was sure nice to spend a few days together as a family! Connor and I were both missing his Daddy very much.

Connor is growing and changing every day. He hardly spits up at all anymore so I think he is finally growing out of the reflux! It is nice to know he won’t be feeling the pain caused by it anymore. However he has started drooling all the time and chewing on everything so could he be starting to grow teeth already? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. He is also such a happy boy. He has a smile for anyone who will take the time to get close and talk to him. He is the highlight of the clinic everyday that we go in for my treatments. He is sleeping now so I thought I better get on here and type something. Maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a little nap to. Take care everyone and enjoy your 4th of July weekends. Connor and I are headed for the lake to spend it with Patrick’s family!


Remaining six pictures


From Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC




Paula Fassett with her back to the camera, Dave (Brenda Hoffman’s husband),


Alice Hoffman, Dick Johnson & Brenda Hoffman






Verena Gillis holding her plaque for her services of appreciation for a job well done.





Bernadette and I holding up our gifts that were presented to us compliments of the Security State Bank. We would like to publicly thank the Campbell family (Security State Bank) for these gifts and also for the Peace Garden Season pass that were presented to us the night of the reunion by Les Halvorson. There was a note inside the package that said we could exchange these items at the Peace Garden Gift shop. With constant 24/7 80 degree temps here in the PI, we don’t have much use for outer garment clothing, so we did exchange them. These were $75 value items of which we exchanged for miscellaneous items. The total gift package with the Peace Garden pass was $100. Again, Thank you Jeff Campbell and company.



This brings up another story from when we were back there. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this on the Blog or not, but if I have, it’s a repeat. As we entered the Peace Garden to make our exchanges at the gift shop, we were stopped at the US immigration for a spot check. As they were inspecting us, I mentioned Patti Metcalfe’s name. Patti is a supervisor customs officer. The gal said “yes Patti works here, but she has not been a Metcalfe for a number of years.” I said, “oh, she is now Woods”. For me she will always be Patti Metcalfe. The customs gal then asked for my name to pass along to Patti. She then said “Patti is working today. You will see her on your way out of the Peace Garden.” Sure enough, when we came back thru the customs they waived us into the big building with high doors to the left for a full blown inspection. When we went inside they let us know that Patti was on a conference call. When she was finished with her call, she came out of her office and we had a nice chat. Patti is always so bubbly and friendly. When we got ready to leave, they had forgotten to open the door to let us out, so I went back in to get Patti to open the big door to the south. Terry Espe was the head customs officer for many years. He retired a year or so ago. Following 9-11 they have tightened things up and I think with the addition of a lot more personnel. Gary






Nice Picture of Bernadette. After her Birthday yesterday (6/28/)


we are the same age for 3 weeks.





Mel Kuhn (70). You are looking good mel






Dick Johnson & Brenda Hoffman – both from the class of 68




Folks, Bernadette is 62 years old today. It’s her Birthday. For these PI folks, birthdays are big deals. I’d rather forget mine. So today will be a rather busy one. With that I’m putting this message out a little earlier than normal. We have arranged for a dinner party this evening with about 38 of our friends at a Chinese Restaurant. They will have 3 very large round tables reserved for us. Bernadette has pre-selected the menu. Gary

Picture provided by Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Question from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND



What is the real name of the stone church?












Pictures provided by Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC



Folks, I am posting 6 of the 12 pictures that Brenda sent with today’s message. I will post the remaining 6 pictures tomorrow.



Thanks Brenda, these are really nice. Gary




What a beautiful picture of such a nice couple.

Jim and Connie Halvorson (64) Kester





Ron Peltier (70) & Brenda Hoffman (68)





Ron Peltier (70), Mildred Parrill (Class of 43 & former teacher) &


LeaRae Parrill Espe (67 & Mildred’s daughter)






Harvey & Alice Hoffman (Brenda’s parents),


Dave (Brenda Hoffman’s husband) &


Jim & Connie Halvorson Kester






Angela Berube Malget (65), Art Rude (JHS Principal) &


Connie Halvorson Kester (64)




Need some help – Not sure who this guy is – Jim Tooke ????



Mrs. Mildred Parrill


Comment from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
I had a wonderful time connecting with so many people at both the Rolette County Museum and the Reunion Dinner/Dance. One of my absolute favorite memories was that Mrs. Parrill, my first grade teachers (Mrs. Sime subbed part of the year for her), remembered teaching me to read and asked if I still liked reading. That’s why I love North Dakota.

Class of 68 Pictures Posted by Brenda Hoffman:



Back: Tim Hill, Dick Johnson, Monte Espe & Terry Halvorson


Front: Gwen Struck, Sharlyn Evenson, Brenda Hoffman & Gwen Grimme


Missing in photo: Martha Lamb pictured below



Class of 68 folks:


Terry Halvorson, Gwen Struck & Martha Lamb


Pictures from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Bill, These are great! I have enlarged and labeled the one with John Bedard, Donald Egbert and you. You guys made Donald’s day. Folks say Donald does not eat much, but I noticed he was eating a big plate of food at the reunion. With a conversation I had with Donald, I quickly picked up on his clear sharp mind. He was a great basket ball player too, in our school days. He was a well known jock.
Thanks Bill,
John Bedard, Donald Egbert & Bill Grimme


I have a few more reunion pictures that I will be posting tomorrow. That will pretty much wrap up all that I have. Please send any that you have. I don’t think I have copies of all the class pictures that were taken. I’m still lacking the class of 68 and I’m pretty sure there were some taken of the class of 60 too and others.
I have pretty much dedicated today’s message to the Dunseith Alumni raffle donations that were given to the Filipino needy elderly

Art Rude Sr. update:
From Art Rude (71): Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary,

I don’t write the script, I just try to follow along. I think the last thing I sent you, was that Dad was going to have to be in the Rugby swing bed unit. Well, the Dunseith Nursing Home decided they did have enough certified RN’s to pull it off, so he was moved back to Dunseith. Last night, I stopped at the nursing home on the way back to Bismarck, and Dad had apparently pulled out the IV site (whatever they call it) so now will have to go to Rugby to have it reinstalled, and hopefully, make it more difficult for him to pull out. He didn’t have any recollection of doing it, but it was laying in his wastebasket. Amazingly, there was no blood, so it’s rather amazing. Hopefully, it will work out, and Dad will be able to stay in Dunseith. I’m hoping the IV antibiotics will work, I think he has been fighting this infection for a long time, and if they get it controlled, I’m hoping more of his strength will return.

Thanks again for all the concern.

Peace and Power,

Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions,
webpage address: www.artrude.com
and Art Rude TV at: artrudetv on Utube!
From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
Hope this comes through to you okay. I really enjoyed it and thought it was to good not to forward. For privacy, I’ve deleted who sent it to me, but think it is one of those emails that are just to good to keep to myself. Feel free to send out on the blog if you want. Thanks Gary.
Keith (66)
Just goes to prove, music is an international language.



Dunseith Alumni raffle donations help the Filipino needy Elderly:







Bernadette has always had a soft spot for the needy elderly. It gives her great pleasure to be able to help these folks. Before we left for the states and the reunion we purchased a few miscellaneous items that Bernadette raffled off at the reunion. As you folks remember, she was selling raffle tickets at the registration desk. When we did the drawing at about 11:30 PM, Larry St. Claire was the lucky winner. As we all know, Larry and Bobbie made a special trip down from Alaska for the reunion. We raised a total of $480 with this raffle.



With the money raised from the raffle, we purchased nine (110 LB) sacks of rice along with miscellaneous canned goods and noodles. We then divided the rice into 110 individual nine pound (4K) bags. We did the same with the canned goods and noodles. Then we asked the social services folks to select 110 of the most need elderly in our neighborhood to be the recipients of which they did and they provided us with a list of names. We asked these folks to be at our house at 1:00 PM yesterday.



These folks were so happy and thanked us individually as they received there food idems.



I have included a few pictures.








Our helpers & Bernadette dividing the rice, noodles and canned goods in our office






Food packages ready to be distributed.


Note: Bernadette’s sisters house is the one to the left thru the bars.


We are pretty close neighbors.





These are the folks waiting for their name to be called to get their care packages.


Many of these folks were accompanied by family members. This area is just out


side of our gate in front of Bernadette’s sisters house. As these folks arrived,


Bernadette provided them with a beverage and a snack.





Aldren, our helper, handing out the care packages as their names are called.




Another happy recipient




This says it all.





The observers:



Michael & Barbara are very close and dear friends of ours from the UK (Ireland & England). They have been living here nearly 3 years now. They love it here. They were very impressed with what they saw and made a sizable donation and will continue to be part of our organization with future donations.



Note for all you pie lovers (Larry Hackman): We topped everything off with some of Bernadette’s good ole home baked apple and pumpkin pies with a couple scoops of ice cream.



Gary Stokes, Michael & Barbara Kenny.




Year correction for Hannah Loeb (39)
Folks, Yesterday I listed Hannah Loeb as being with the class of 49. She was with the class of 39, not 49. Another careless mistake on my part. Hannah Loeb and Art Rude were in the same class. Art was advanced a year along the way, so he was a year younger. Armand Mongeon told me that Art Rude would have been in his class of 1940 had he not been advanced a grade.
More Facts from 1965
From Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL.
World News
By year’s end, there are 190,000 American soldiers in Vietnam.
The India-Pakistan hostility erupts into war.
Ferdinand Marcos is inaugurated as the new Philippine President.
An new red-white-maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.
Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes the first person to walk in space, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes.
France announces it will convert $150 million of its currency to gold.
Britain bans cigarette ads on television.
The miniskirt, designed by Brit Mary Quaint, appears in London and will soon be all the rage.
National News:
The Star of India and other stolen gems are returned to the NY’s American Museum of Natural History.
For 21 minutes, Edward H. White is the first American to “space walk” outside Gemini IV
Nonfiction Best Sellers: “How to Be a Jewish Mother” by Dan Greenburg, “Word Aflame” by Billy Graham and “Happiness is a Dry Martini” by Johnny Carson
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Social Security Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid.
Federal Voting Rights Act passes, guaranteeing rights to African-American voters.
In St. Louis, MO, the 630 foot tall steel Gateway Arch is completed.
The U. S. Supremen Court decides Griswold v. Connecticut, which effectively legalizes the use of contraception by married couples
Bob Dylan “goes electric” with his first album featuring plugged-in instruments, “Bringing it All Back Home”
The Beatles are appointed Members of the Order of the British Empire.
The rock group Jefferson Airplane forms.
Top Songs:
Back in My Arms Again – The Supremes
Eight Days a Week – The Beatles
Get Off My Cloud – The Rolling Stones
Hang On, Sloopy – The McCoys
Help Me, Rhonda – The Beach Boys
Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones
I Can’t Help Myself – The Four Tops
I Got You Babe – Sonny & Cher
These Boots are Made for Walking – Nancy Sinatra
The Ballad of the Green Berets – Sgt. Barry Sadler
Monday, Monday – The Mamas and the Papas
May 21, 2010
Class of 65 Dinner At Dales
Remaining pictures that I have. Gary
Rene Casavant in front



Gary Stokes, Margaret/John Bedard



Greg/Angela Berube Malget, Connie Halvorson Kester & Irina (Bill Grimme) Protassevitch



John Bedard Helen Rivard/Duane Christenson & Jim Kester



Brenda Johnson, Paula Fassett & Cheryl Haagenson



Esther Murray Fleming, Susan Fassett Martin, Dick/Brenda Johnson,

Paula Fassett, Cheryl Haagenson, Cheryl Bailey & Ernie Gottbreht.



Margaret Metcalfe Leonard & Cecile Berube Reynolds



New email address:
Floyd (45) & Luella Halvorson (47) Dion: Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary
Just to let you know that I have new email address, I had the dial up and that is too slow.
My new email address is
thanks for all you do
Floyd, For that very reason, I try to keep the file sizes of these daily messages small. Over time I have learned a few tricks to do that. I have updated all my records with your new email address. Gary
Hannah Loeb (49)
From Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): Bellevue, WA
Hi Gary,

Just a quick update on our mom, Hannah Loeb. She had surgery on June 2nd and the doctor found stage 4 bowel cancer with metastasis throughout the abdomen. She had an illus which kept her in the hospital until the 17th. We were able to bring her home to my sister Jane’s home in Bothell, WA. Mom, Jane and my other sister, Marianne (Mari) have lived here together since about 1998. They always have a game of scrabble or pinnacle going. Mother watched CNN if it was not too hard on her blood pressure, read books and kept up to date on the world news. She still subscribes to the Turtle Mountain Star.
She was up in her chair yesterday visiting with her grand kids (our brother Tom is married to Brigitte Burridge from Australia). They have 4 kids: Jaimie – age 6, Alex – age 2 1/2, and “twinnies”: Georgette and Christian – 9 months. They are home from Daharan, Saudi Arabia where Tom works in Cardiac Care at the Aramco Hospital. She read her newspapers and cards. Today is is just a bit worn out. She has been sleeping most of the day.
We are so blessed to be able to take care of Mom here in her home. Our area Hospice has wonderful home care support and really have helped us immensely as we begin this journey.
She loved the trip she and I took for the Dunseith School reunion 3 years ago. We were so lucky to attend that gathering.
Take care and be sure to prey for all your loved ones.
Karen Loeb Mhyre
May 21, 2010
Class of 65 Dinner at Dale’s



Folks, We had a wonderful catered meal at Dale’s. George put out quite a spread. We decided to have this little gathering to get things kick started for the reunion. It was a wonderful event. They had seating set up for 36 and we had one empy space. We have bonded quite well in our more senior days. It’s surprising how age has an affect on all this. I have 15 pictures that Bernadette took the evening of this event. I am posting 8 today. I will be posting the remaining 7 tomorrow. We invited several other class mates to join us for this event at well. Gary





Back table facing: Margaret/John Bedard, Helen Rivard/Duane Christenson,


Connie Halvorson Kester (side view)


Front: Warren/Cora Anderson & Kenny Nerpel




Back table facing: John Bedard, Waitress, Helen Rivard Christenson, Jim Kester


Back table not facing: Irina (Bill) Grimme, Connie Halvorson Kester, Angela Berube/Greg Malget


Front table: Kenny/Sherry Nerpel & Margaret Metcalfe Leonard






Back L to R: Susan Fassett Marten, Dick/Brenda Johnson, Paula Fassett,


Cheryl Haagenson, Cheryl Bailey & Ernie Gottbreht


Front: Raphael Poitra





These folks are all identified in other photos



Left side: Gary Stokes, Margaret/John Bedard, Helen Rivard/Duane Chrisenson & Jim Kester





Left Table starting from the back: Greg Malget, Connie Halvorson Kester, Irina (Bill) Grimme,


Gwen Grimme Eltz, Joanne Smith Fuchs & Rene Casavant.


Note: Bill Grimme was absent when this shot was taken. He was sitting between Gwen and Irina





Front table facing: Warren/Cora Anderson, Kenny/Sherry Nerpel,


Margaret Metcalfe & Cecile Berube Reynolds






Back side facing starting from the back:


Esther Murray Fleming, Susan Fassett Martin, Dick/Brenda Johnson, Paula Fassett & Cheryl Haagenson.




Folks, Today is our bowling day and then this evening we are invited out again by several of our friends, who are members of the ‘Casino Espanol’ club here in Cebu, for their monthly all you can eat Prime Rib buffet dinner. We were just there last Saturday and again on Sunday for Fathers day. They serve some mighty fine food at very reasonable prices. Gary http://www.casinoespanol.ph/
Gary Fulsebakke (71) in Leading Role – “The Pajama Game”
From Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND.
The Rugby ND Village Arts program always puts on a summer musical, this year it is “The Pajama Game” and in the leading role is Gary Fulsebakke with Michelle (Mears) Lind formerly from Rolla and the piano accompanist is Dave Schnakenberg who teaches in Belcourt. We attended last night and recommend it to any one in the area who likes musical -comedy. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Backstage Gallery in Rugby. It is on Tue. Wed and Thurs. so there is still time
Reply from LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND

Gary, Thanks for everything. We really enjoyed the reunion and also the evening in Rolette. I was glad to see that Rottos have kept in touch with Judy and Jim Olson. Quite some time ago I wrote to Marty Spriggs and he sure sent me a nice reply and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to him.


A few of us were discussing our teachers that night at the Bingo Barn. I mentioned Marty Spriggs and Larry St. Claire remembered him well. Spriggs was coaching baseball and Larry was a pretty unexperienced pitcher and he was put into to pitch. Larry said he was very nervous. I can’t remember if the ball has hit back to him or just returned back by the catcher-anyway Larry reached out and grabbed it with his bare hand instead of the glove hand. I think Spriggs just shook his head and said Larry was so big he didn’t need a glove. (Larry can tell it better!)


We (Class of 67)had some great teachers just out of college. They had lots of energy and new ideas. I had Judy Olson for Speech and Jim Olson for Bookkeeping (Accounting). Mr. Twaddle was from Langdon and I don’t know if anyone knows his whereabouts. He was one of the reasons I majored in Math, also Vivian Hewson and Arden Fehr. Hewson taught Algebra I and I loved it. Fehr taught Geometry and Twaddle Algebra II. I loved those classes also. We also had Dorothea West for Senior English. We didn’t appreciate her at the time, but she was trying to get us to write. I got to know her later as a fellow educator and she was really dedicated. Marty Spriggs taught POD or PDP – he had us giving campaign speeches. I think we also had Mr. Spriggs for US History for the last quarter of our jr. year. These teachers were only in Dunseith one or two years. We had many great teachers who stayed much longer, but these just kind of popped in and touched our lives.


LeaRae Parrill Espe




Art Rude Sr. update:

From Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND.


Hi Gary,

Well, on the way to the hills, I saw Dad and he looked pretty good today. The plans are changing however. Dad will have to have IV antibiotics for six weeks, and the Dunseith Nursing Home is not certified for IV patients. So, it looks like he will have to be in the swing bed unit in Rugby. He was disappointed, but handled it well. I think he might be pleasantly surprised with the number of Dunseith, and other communities around the county residents and visitors he might see in Rugby. Time will tell.

Thanks again for the interest, and all the support.

Peace and Power,



Thanks for checking out Art Rude Productions,

webpage address: www.artrude.com

and Art Rude TV at: artrudetv on Utube!

Art, Please provide your dads contact info in Rugby once he gets settled. Thanks, Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Paula’s memory of the boys quartets brought out a dusty memory from
one performance we did in the high school gym. I think it was for the
JCs convention or possibly for the Governor’s Choir selection banquet,
although I don’t remember the exact function.The entire gym was full of
tables and was filled to capacity with people. Anyway, Governor Bill Guy
was in the gym and seated at the head table with other dignitaries and
our quartet had to sing a couple songs. The members of the quartet
changed over the years so it could have included Don Berg or Gary
Fulsebakke as tenors, but for sure the others were Randy Kelly and I for
this deal. Randy was never nervous no matter what and could wade into
anything with a cool head. We walked out and stood side by
side—everything was cool—until I felt Randy’s pants leg shaking
against mine! For some strange reason he got a bad case of stage fright.
I usually did, but counted on him to keep me calm. I still remember
thinking–if Randy’s shaking, this is bad! I think we did fine and
everything went without a hitch, but I still remember poor Randy Kelly
shaking like a leaf! I would venture a guess that Paula was probably our
piano accompanist although Jill Flynn also played for groups, earlier.
Thanks Gary!


Reply from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL




It was another proud moment of historic attendance by the Class of ’65 at the Dunseith reunion. And wasn’t it a great time? Class of ’65 – seniors again – an great seniors, at that.

I picked up a little book of 1965 stats and thought I would start sending them to you every now and then. I enjoyed reading them – hope others do, also.


1965 What a year…for great new things!!


President of the United States Lyndon Johnson


Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey


Time Magazine Man of the Year General William C. Westmoreland


Miss America Vonda Van Dyke – Phoenix, AZ


National Spelling Bee Champion Michael Kerpan, Jr. -Tulsa, OK (winning word: “eczema”)


Life Expectancy 70.2 years


U. S. Population 194,302,963 (now that’s a precise count!)


U. S. Unemployment Rate 4.6%


Spaghetti-Os are first sold


Early Bird, the first commercial communications satellite, is launched


Pampers disposable diapers are patented


Sony introduces the first Betamax “videocorder”


Milton Bradley Co. debuts game OPERATION


Scottish terrier Carmichael Fanfare takes home the big bone-Best in Show- at the Westminster Dog Show


1965 Calendar Events:


January – Joe Namath signs his 1st pro contract

February – The 1st U.S. combat troops are sent to Vietnam

March – NASA launches Gemini 3, its 1st two-man space flight program

April – Americans celebrate Lava Lamp day

May – Patricia R. Harris is name the 1st black female U. S. ambassador (to Luxemborg)

June – Frito-Lay and Pepsi Cola merge to form PepsiCo, Inc.

July – The Mont Blanc Tunnel linking France with Italy opens

August – The Beatles tape an appearance for The Ed Sullivan Show

September – Sandy Koufax throws a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs

October – Henry Mancini receives a gold record for the soundtrack from the movie The Pink Panther

November – The Pillsbury Doughboy makes his 1st public appearance

December – The largest ever Sunday New York Times is published: 946 pages


More later






Pictures from Alan Poitra (76): Bloomington, MN


Hey Gary, here is a mugshot of the class of 76! Starting from the left we have Kevin Fugere, Bernard Morin, Alan Poitra, Everette Enno and Travis Metcalfe. And the second pic has from the left, Pam Wenstad, Delorie Enno, Troy Hill and wife and Allan Enno, notice the gifts that were won…almost a complete set…

Alan Poitra (class of 76)


Class of 76

L to R: Kevin Fugere, Bernard Morin, Alan Poitra, Everette Enno and Travis Metcalfe.




L to R: Pam Wenstad, Delorie Enno, Troy Hill and wife and Allan Enno



Philippine schools correction/update:
The two first graders I mentioned yesterday in the class of 95 pupils are a great niece and great nephew of Bernadette’s, not one being that of our helpers. I am mentioning this because our helpers little boy is in grade two with a slightly smaller class of 80. again with one teacher and no assistants. I’m not sure how they manage, but they seem too. The school day hours are from 7-11 AM and 1-5 PM. They are given a two hour lunch break. Those are some mighty long hours in a crowded class room. Gary

Art Rude Sr. update:
From Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND.
Sorry Gary, I put these pics up on facebook, and then forgot to send you an email. Grace and I were up to Minot on Saturday and took these pictures, and I was up there again yesterday. He is doing well, and should be back in Dunseith on Wednesday if everything goes according to plan. So here are the pictures a little late . . . I didn’t realize until later, he hadn’t been smiling. He has been in good spirits, but the expression on his face probably doesn’t look it. Yesterday, I thought he had a pretty good one. When I was there the doctor came in that is the “expert” on contagious diseases and infections. He asked dad how he was feeling, and dad’s response was, “Not too much, but it takes me all day . . ”

Even if his body is falling apart a little, I’m glad to know his sense of humor is intact.
Thanks for the concern, and all the wonderful messages.

Peace and Power,


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Reply from John Tangen: Napa Valley, CA

Getting caught up with my email today. That was 1948 when Dad and Mom got married, (though their first date was a year earlier when Dad took her out for ice cream shortly after his dad’s funeral). Their friends had quite a time finding them home in the evening, but finally one evening they stayed home but went to bed early, so Freeman Hanneson climbed in through a widow to tell them that they were hosting a party to celebrate! Dad worked several years in Souris, first for John Deere, later for his friend Haaken Skarpol. My favorite memories come from summers on the farm, south of Kramer. Spent many hours with him disking summer fallow, riding on the big fender of the Massey Harris.

Sorry I forgot to tell you where I’m at – in the hills above Napa Valley, California, between San Fransisco and Sacramento. While I’m only an hour or so from the city, what I enjoy are the hundreds of miles of hiking trails in the area, especially Golden Gate and Point Reyes National Seashores. One of my goals is to hike the 120-mile Lake Tahoe Rim trail (in sections), which runs through Desolation Wilderness. (But first I need to finish recovering from knee surgery.)

The other day I was driving through the Sierra foothills; with so much spring rain the wildflowers were so abundant that the horse pastures sparkled golden yellow instead of green! Acutally, these hills are almost a carbon copy of the Turtle Mountains – makes me feel right at home! Speaking of horses, that’s an awesome trip Trish Larson is doing. I’ve enjoyed a bit of horseback riding in the Rockies, too, up by Estes Park, as well as a multi-day ride in the Oregon Cascades. I can thank the Pladsons for teaching me to ride (but I think that was bareback!).

Looks like you had a wonderful time at the reunion.


John, Thank you so much for this reply. You have told me where you live, I just forgot. Your folks never missed any of the annual Ackworth Alumni Picnics either. They were wonderful folks. I remember well when your brother Larry was smothered to death in a flax bin too. I was working for Dave Clark at the time. I remember Dave giving me that sad news. I believe that was in the fall of 1965. Gary
Message from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND.
The last message I got was #829.
I would appreciate you up dating me.
We went up to the Peace Gardens for four days,
to watch it rain and the mosquitoes multiply,
and the camp ground turn into a swamp.
We did have a couple of nice days to enjoy the area.
They are way behind on their plantings due to the amount
and frequency of rain they been getting.
Thanks again for keeping me updated.
Larry, when your inbox was full, I knew you must be away. I just forwarded the last two messages to you. I am sad to hear of the wet conditions at the Peace Garden. Folks talk about the bad mosquito populations of the Philippines and of Alaska too. They sure don’t hold a candle to rural ND when the sun goes down. I remember disturbing a large bunch of mosquitoes when mowing hay near a slew edge when I worked for Dave Clark SW of Bottineau in the summer of 1965. It was difficult for me to see thru the mosquito fog. I wasn’t wearing any repellent either. Needless to say, I was well attacked. I was tough in those days. Gary
Reply from Bernice Belgarde (72): Bemidji, MN
Hi Gary,

Picture #14 is the Isaac & Mable Belgarde daughter’s! Left to right, Eric Poitra, next to Eric is wife Sandra (Belgarde) Poitra, Anita (Belgarde) Benson, in back is Bernice Belgarde. Not sure of the people standing.

Picture Fourteen:
Sitting in back: Bernice Belgarde
Sitting in Front: Eric & Sandra Belgarde Poitra and Anita Belgarde Benson
Reply from Trish Larson Wild (73): Fort Collins, CO.
Hi Gary – Well I can tell you for sure that Larry Tooke is seated in front of Paula Fassett with the class of 72! These photos are really fun to see. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. Sorry I missed it. Trish
Trish, how exciting it would have been for you to have ridden into Dunseith on your horse. Gary
Reply from Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN


You got the “girls” correct in the Class of ’71 – the “boys” are: Alan Henning, Rod Medrud, Larry Tooke and Gary Fulsebakke.

I’m just getting caught up on reading the last few “blogs” and just finished reading the article about Gary Fulsebakke. What a great article. If anyone has the opportunity to go hear him sing, do it. He has a fantastic voice, you won’t be disappointed! I accompanied his vocal solos all through high school so heard him in the ‘early days’ – and he just keeps getting better! There was a lot of musical talent in the Class of ’71…..we had one of the best boy’s quartets (sorry, Dick, the one you were in was good too….) that consisted of Art Rude Jr, Alan Henning, Pete Danielson and Gary Fulsebakke……I was their accompanist, too! I always had the best seat in the house for choir and for solos and ensembles!

Class of ’72 – ??? is Ruby Beston.

Paula Fassett-Pfuhl

Class of 71:

Back: Cheryl Haagenson, Denise Peltier?, Paula Fassett, Marlys Hiatt


Front: Alan Henning, Rod Medrud, Larry Tooke and Gary Fulsebakke




Class of 72:


Loretta Neameyer, Donald Malaterre, David Abrahamson, Bernice Belgarde, Ruby Beston,


Ann Boppre,

Myra Henning, Loraine Neameyer, Linda Johnson, Shelly Fulsebakke




Teacher and Class room shortages in the Philippines:
Folks, Our helpers little boy, JR and Bernadette’s little great niece, Jasmine, are first graders this year. The school year here is from June thru March. When school started last week there were 95 first graders in JR and Jasmine’s class with one teacher and no helpers in an average size class room. That is what you call togetherness. Today, Monday, the principal decided their class was a bit large for one teacher and that there were a few too many students for the room capacity. Today they spilt the class in half with half going in the morning and the other half in the afternoon all in the same room with the same teacher. I’d venture to say there is not much one on one teacher/student relationship in that class. The average teachers salary is $250/month. Gary
Sending greetings to Art Rude in Trinity Hospital:
Site link posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.



I forgot to send this website address to you yesterday. If people want to send greetings to Art Rude, they can go to this site/leave a message for Art/tomorrow it will be typed/delivered to him. :)




Class Pictures taken at the reunion:
Folks, These are some class pictures (71, 72, 59 & 65) that Myra Henning provided that I posted from ND without identifications. I’m pretty sure I’ve identified those in the class of 59 correctly and I know I’ve gotten all those in the class of 65 labeled correctly. The other 2 classes I need some help with. I will repost with the correct ID’s.
I know there were other class pictures taken that I do not have. I know there is one of the class of 68 and I know there must be one somewhere of the class of 60. The class of 60 folks had quite a turn out and I know you guys had a get together a night or two before the reunion. We’d love to see any pictures that you guys may have and others too.
Reply from original posting
From Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN

I must have been singing in the photo – notice the musical note above my head? Ha! How great of Myra to share these. I took several, but haven’t had time yet to even load them into my computer. Susan has my photos on her computer, too, and there are several of the Class of ’65 – which I’m sure she will share so everyone can see how great they look “after all these years”!

What a great reunion!


Paula Fassett-Pfuhl


Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures Officer

Customs and Border Protection

Minneapolis, MN


PH: 612-348-1690, ext. 141

Blackberry: 612-207-9973
Class of 71:

Back: Cheryl Haagenson, Denise Peltier?, Paula Fassett, Marlys Hiatt


Front: I don’t dare guess with this one. I think Gary Fulsebakke is on the right?


The rest, I think, are Rod Medrud, Alan Henning, ????




Class of 72:


Loretta Neameyer, Donald Malaterre, David Abrahamson, Bernice Belgarde, ??? Ann Boppre,


Myra Henning, Loraine Neameyer, Linda Johnson, Shelly Fulsebakke





Class of 59


Standing: Curt Halvoorson, Abe Murray & Lowell Leonard


Sitting: Helen Boguslawski & Geri Metcalfe





Note: I better get this one right. We had a pretty good turn out with 21 folks. 18 of our 26 living graduates were present. Too bad we didn’t get this picture taken earlier so all those present could have been included. Gary




Class of 65:


Standing: Donald Egbert, Ernie Gottbreht, Warren Anderson, Susan Fassett, Henry Hackman, Angela Berube, Raphael Poitra, John Bedard, Rene Casavant, Kenny Nerpel & Bill Grimme.


Sitting: Margaret Metcalfe, Patty Boguslawski, Gary Stokes, Pete Gillis, Esther Murray & Ginger LaRocque.


Those that were present but missing in picture: Cecile Berube, Helen Rivard, Gladys Roussin, Joanne Smith




Happy Fathers Day to all of you fathers out there.
When I got up this morning I had three home made Fathers Day cards on my desk from our helpers children. Tata has a boy, Jr. 9 and a girl, Angie 12 and one in the oven. Gaga has a little 5 year old boy, Kurt. Tata’s husband, Aldren, also works for us. We are good to them and they in turn are very good to us. I’m not sure how Bernadette managed to survive without their services for a whole month back in the states, but she did. They live next door in an apartment that we have provided for them. We have a door bell with a remote button in their apartment that Bernadette rings when she needs their services.
We have been invited to join several of our friends at a membership club they belong to for fathers day lunch at noon today. There were about 20 of us together at the same club last night for our monthly potluck dinner (this month it was not potluck). They invited us all back today for the Fathers Day buffet. My diet has gone to, you know where. I can not resist all this good food. Gary
Sisters, Gaga & Tata.

Update for Art Rude Sr.
From Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND
Thanks again for your concern. I was in Minot yesterday until he came out of surgery, about 5:30 pm. He was resting comfortably when I left, so will look forward to seeing him today. I will be glad to bring greetings to him, Thank you to those on the list who already responded, and I will share with you any new knowledge I have as to his condition.
Peace and Power,

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Art, Thank you so much for keeping us informed about your dad. Please give him our regards and let him know we are thinking of him. Gary
From Sharon Peterson Harmsen (63): Bismarck, ND.
Good Morning Gary,
I’m enjoying the comments and pictures from the recent DHS reunion. We were in the middle of moving out of our house (one we lived in for 26 yrs) into a condo. Just imagine how much “stuff” one can accumulate in those many years…………….Yikes. Anyway, we do have a new mailing address of: 555 Brandon Place, # A, Bismarck, 58503. Email address remains the same.
Very, very windy here past few days with lots of tornado, high wind warnings. Some areas of ND rec’d much rain and had flooding issues to deal with. Bismarck just saw 1/2 inch of rain and lots of downed trees and wind damage.
Thanks for all you do. Like many others on the email routings, this becomes my “morning fix”.
Esther Tangen:
Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND.
Yes I worked with Esther Tangen @ St. Andrews hosp. Esther was a patient of mine when I worked as a nurse for home health. She was a good friend of mine. I visited her a lot when she lived @ Oak Manor. I think John is about my age. I was born in 51. Connie
Connie, How are you doing? We know it’s tough loosing Roger. He is no longer suffering. He was a good guy and you’ve got all the memories. We visited him at the funeral home, however we were unable to make it to his funeral. He looked so nice. We are thinking about you. Keep in touch. Gary
Jim Olson (Teacher):
Reply from Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX
I believe you are correct, Gary. About Mr. Olson replacing me. I still intend to meet this fall with the Hutto HS Student Council to see what we can can do to help the people of your barrio to survive. In addition I have just completed a course through the Hutto Academy on local government in which Hutto was used as the case study. Very interesting. As a result I have volunteered for a couple of commissions and I will be working with the group that handles Hutto’s sponsorship of a helicopter detachment at Fort Hood. Between working, volunteer work, and traveling, I manage to keep myself pretty busy. My hat is off to you and all of the great work you are doing to help your community.. So much to do with such limited resources. Thanks for the photos. It is nice to see so many familer smiling faces. I wish I could have been there. Best to all.
Bob Lykins
From Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): Tukwila, WA
Sounds like you had good time in good old Dunseith. I will be going back there, leaving here on Monday the 21st on the train , will be going to Sioux Falls the 23rd to pick up Lana, will be coming back on Saturday and leaving back for Seattle until the 5th of July.
Shirley, It’s too bad the reunion and your trip didn’t coincide. We would have loved to have seen you. We saw Ginger though and enjoyed our time with her. Ginger keeps hiding Toni or should I say Toni is a bit shy, however, I did have the opportunity to meet him when we had dinner with the group in Rolette. He’s a really nice guy and for you gals, pretty handsome too. Gary
Posted on our Dunseith Alumni Website

From: K. Jacqueline (Flynn) Richard
Phone: (H)
Hi Gary,
I received your phone message. Yes, I changed my email. It is now as listed above. Thanks for contacting me.

K. Richard

K., Thank you so much for this reply. We saw your mother, Minnie, at the reunion and numerous times other places with our trip back. The last place we saw her was at the drive-in at the lake when we stopped there for a bite to eat. She drove up in her big SUV for a snack too. She looked great! I think she is ready for the next cruise too. I have updated my records with your most current info listed above. Gary
Wedding of Doris Peterson Williams (53):
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Congratulations Doris and Harvey.
Folks, Being a sister to Vida Hiatt & Jack, Bill & Duane Peterson, Doris is related to a lot of you folks.








Ah-Gwan-Ching, Minn TB sanatorium:

Letters attached from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC


I received this email from Fay today. I sent her Mom and Dad’s anniversary pictures only to discover that her grandfather also had TB. Both Fay and her husband Bob are from Minnesota. Thought the letters (see attached. Note can not be attached to Website. I can send as email attachement. Gary) were so poignant – obviously her grandfather could barely write and yet so much of what he talked about brought back memories of the San – the tunnels, the overcrowding, the boredom, the fear.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: fay
Date: Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 3:46 PM
Subject: A bit of TB History
To: Brenda Hoffman

Since you like history and we share another interest in TB, I thought you might like to read the letters my grandfather Carl wrote to my grandmother Rosetta and some other people, like my father Harold, while he was at Ah-Gwan-Ching, Minn TB sanatorium in the late 1923 and 1924. He died Feb. 6, 1924 leaving behind a wife and 8 children, the oldest of which, my dad Harold, was 13. He was 51. Get your box of Kleenex out.

Brenda, I know you didn’t expect this to be posted, but I think this may be of interest to a few of our folks. Gary


Art Rude Sr. is in the Minot Hospital.
Reply from Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND.
Glad to hear he had such a good time. Thank you for sharing, I had heard good things from a few others as well, so that is great.

As I write this, he is in surgery. Since he had his last defibrillator (his third), the site of the incision never healed properly. That was one of the reasons for the nursing home, his dressings needed to be changed twice daily. It hasn’t healed.

Last weekend, Dad and I were at the Hawk Museum Farm Show near Wolford, and he had a great time there too. That place is very important to Dad, he was on the board of directors for many years, and brought Dunseith kids out there on 8th grade field trips for many years, the first time about 50 years ago.
Anyway, his incision had opened up, so the nurse told me she could see metal from either his pacemaker or defibrillator. That’s not good, and so they are going in to remove one or both, and replace one or both, I guess we won’t know until he gets a look under the hood so to speak. This is becoming quite routine for Dad on one level, in that this is the seventh time they have opened him up to install, reinstall, replace batteries, and I’m assuming, change the filter.
He was in great spirits on the way in, and this point we assume the procedure is routine. However, at age 87, I don’t know many things that are routine in the same way they used to be.
Thanks again for your concern.

Peace and Power,


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Reply to Larry Hackman’s (66) Story:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Beautiful fun loving couple. This picture was taken the last night of our visit
at the Pizza Inn. Gary
Gary and Friends,

This same story was told to me by my dad, but not in the detail that
Larry brought out. He also mentioned who it was but I am not sure
anymore who he said. He was really laughing when he told me how the
thing went down—it was funny! Good one, Larry! Dad also told about a
guy, back in the late ’40s, who was driving an old single axle gravel
truck and was really a wild man on wheels. He came tearing back into the
old east gravel pit and slid the empty truck sideways and caught a ridge
and tipped the truck on it’s side. As the workers were running toward
the overturned truck, the guy threw out the grease gun and climbed out
and said, “Looks like a hell of a good time to give it a grease job!”
The boss grabbed the grease gun from him and said, “It probably is, but
you won’t be greasing it—your fired!” I DO know who that was, but
better leave it alone! Thanks Gary!


Trish Larson Wild heads south, on horse back, on her 10,000 mile journey:
From Trish Larson Wild (73): FORT COLLINS, CO
Hi everyone,

Click on the link below to the Loveland reporter/herald news story about my ride that came out on Tuesday.

Also, I now have the beginnings of a website at www.equinenomad.com.

My last day at work is June 27. I start living on horseback July 1.

Should be a great summer!


Gary Fulsebakke (71):
Posting from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND.


Hi Gary


Sounds like you had a good time being back in the states for a while.


I saw this story in the Devils Lake Journal about Gary Fulsebakke and since he grew up in the Dunseith area I thought your readers would like to see it.



Larry, Thank you so much for sharing.
Gary Fulsebakke, Congratulations. You have come a long way and have done very well from your childhood days being raised on your family farm adjacent to the Peace Garden. Gary




These are several news paper articles and John Tangen’s picture that were among the pictures we recently found in my Grandmother, Julia Stokes’, suit case.



My Grandmother, like most of the Ackworth community, was Methodist. I remember well, in my really younger days, the Methodist church services that were held in the Ackworth school. Do any of you remember Rev. Samuelson?







Esther Thompson Tangen’s mother was a


Stokes, sister to my Grandfather, Frank.


Esther Owned the original Stokes Place


where the Cemetery is. A few years back


she sold it to her Nephew, Dan Pladson.


Esther passed away several years ago.



I think Esther and Edmar got married in


about 1950. John, can you verify that please?



John Tangen, Son of Esther and Edmar. John lives in either Oregon or California. John, I’m sorry I forgot which. I don’t have your address. Please let us know.


John attended school and graduated from Bottineau. He is a first cousin to the Eldon/Ella Pladson children. John is also on our distribution.


John, this is a beautiful picture. I remember you being so faithful to your mother when she was in Good Sam. Your mother was such a kind hearted sweet lady. She had a sharp mind remembering our family history well. I picked her brain shortly before she passed on about some family stuff of which she remembered well. Gary


Reunion Pictures:

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

Great response on the folks in the pictures! Picture #12 — Harvey
and Eileen Sebelius, Marcie (Mrs. Henry) Hackman, Marion (Mrs. Larry)
Hackman, Larry Hackman, and in front Armella and Lawrence Hetle. I
didn’t know the Hackman boys married sisters until the reunion. They are
Schneiders from south of Rugby, Larry told me.I think he wanted to keep
the German genetics going. Right Larry? Thanks Gary!


Thank you Dick, This almost wraps up the identification of this batch. We still need to ID the gal on the right in Picture #14. I have a few more pictures that I will be posting in days to come. I will repost Myra Henning Halvorson’s pictures too, that I posted from ND with no identifications. Folks, again please send pictures. Gary


Picture twelve:


Back: Harvey and Eileen Sebelius, Marcie (Mrs. Henry) Hackman,


Marion (Mrs. Larry) Hackman, Larry Hackman


Front: Armella and Lawrence Hetle






Picture Fourteen:


Front Left: Eric & Sandra Poitra


Sitting behind: Bernice Belgarde


Front Right: ???? Belgarde




Folks, I have some other postings, but I have limited today’s message to the reunion pictures. Gary
Reunion Picture replies with identifications:
Thanks folks for all the replies and help with the identification of these pictures.
I am posting your replies with a reposting of the pictures with the correct identities.
Again folks, please send pictures.
Thanks, Gary
Note: Pictures twelve and fourteen are the only ones not fully identified.


From Alan Poitra (76): Bloomington, MN
Hey Gary, in pics 14, I know the front 2 people are Eric and Sandra Poitra and the woman behind Eric is Bernice Belgarde I think, the one right of Sandra not sure but I believe another Belgarde. In pic 3, the two ladies sitting on the left are Pam Wenstad and Delorie Enno and the 2 handsome men on the right of course that is me Alan Poitra next to Delorie and my partner Mark Larsen and behind us is Bernard and Robin Morin and I think the lady behind Del and Pam is Mrs Espe, (Robin’s Mom)

Hopefully that will help you out!

Thanks Alan, It was a pleasure to finely see you face to face after all these email exchanges. I dearly love the CD that you sent me last year too with the good old ‘honky tonk’ tunes recorded by your family. It may not be Bernadette’s taste for good music, but it’s mine, so I listen to it when she is not around. Gary
From Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD
#10 -Olynda(Eurich) and Ydola Pigeon, #8 Terry Halvorson on the left, Gwen Struck in the brown jacket, #7 Gwen Grimmes husband in the rear, #3 Peggy (sime)Espe in the green jacket, Alan Poitra sitting in the plaid shirt talking to Bernard Morin, #12 Lawrence Hetle in the blue t shirt and his wife in the pink jacket, #13 Lowell leonard visiting with connie burcham, Judy De Pew, Eva Eurich –That’s all the help I can give.
From Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND
picture 3 top right side is Bernard Morin
picture 4 is Richard Slyter, Dan McKown and Bobbie Slyter, Dan is a friend of Bobbie’s from Kansas
picture 5 in the backround is Diane Wenstad and Ele Slyter
picture 9/10 is Mr and Mrs Ydola Pigeon
picture 12 guy with glasses is Harvey Sebelius and his wife on hiis left..don’t recognize the rest
hope this helps
Ele, It was a pleasure seeing you too after all these email exchanges. I recognized Richard from the pictures when you guys walked in. Had it not been for the pictures, I for sure would not have ever known him. He looks great, but not the way I remember him. My, how we all change and some more than others.


From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Boonton, NJ
Hi Gary, in the picture with the speaker, the guy on the left with the cap on is Terry Halvorson. That is all I know. Thanks, great pictures. FYI: I am now in Boonton, NJ. We just moved back to the states May 29th from Seoul. New beginnings again.
Lynn Halvorson Otto (75).
Welcome back to the states Lynn. I will miss getting your messages from this side of the pond. Gary


From Bobby Slyter (70): Wichita, Kansas


Gary, the lady in #3 in the white blouse is Pam Wenstad in #4 next to Richard is my friend Dan Mc Kown and I am next to him in # 5 next to Diane Wenstad is Ele Slyter great pics thanks for all that you do

Bobby, It was so nice to see you again too after all these years. You Slyter boys are looking great, but not the way I remember you guys and I knew you well in our growing up days. Gary



From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI


Picture 10 Olynda and Ydola Pigeon.




From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA


A couple of identifications that may help. In picture eleven you caught my brother Dan and his wife Robin. To the right of Robin and only partially visible is my sister Tina Bullinger in the pink sweater and to the right of Dan is Tina’s husband John Bullinger. In picture thirteen the lady at the back side of the table pointing to something is Shirley Bercham Sime spouse of Larry Sime (not present).

Hope that helps.
Keith Pladson (66)

Keith, Those were some great old pictures that you were showing me that you got from your Aunt Lillian Thompson. When you get a chance, please scan and zap me copies. I’d love to share those. They included some of my/our Grandparents that I have never seen before. Thanks, Gary




From Marie Iverson Staub (60): Seattle, WA




picture 2 Lady in green standing is Peggy Espe (Sime)


picture 13 in back is Lowell Leanord, next two don’t know Eva Eurich and Cleo Kelly


picture 15 Barbara Iverson (lyonais) Helen Boguslawski


Marie Staub

Marie, It was so nice seeing you too.



From Gwen Struck Dumas (68): Havre, MT


Picture #8
Terry Halvorson
Gwen Grimme
Monte Espe
Brenda Hoffman
Dick Johnson
Gwen Struck

Gwen, I should have recognized you and Monte too. Gary



From Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC


Hi Gary!

Photo eight: Terry Halvorson, Gwen Grimme, Monte Espe, Brenda Hoffman, Dick Johnson and Gwen Struck either shortly before or after we took the class of 1968 photo.




Reply from Tina Pladson Bullinger (78): Bottineau, ND


Number Eleven John Bullinger




Picture Three:


Sitting: Pam Wenstad, Delorie Enno, Alan Poitra & Mark Larson


Standing Left: Peggie Sime Espe


Standing right: Bernard & Robin Espe Morin




Picture Four:


Richard Slyter, Dan Mc Kown & Bobby Slyter




Picture five:


Front: Kenny & Sherry Nerpel


Back: Diane Wenstad, Ele Dietrick Slyter, Richard Slyter.




Picture six:


John/Margaret Bedard, Cora (Warren) Anderson,


Kenny Nerpel & Ele Dietrick Slyter






Picture Seven:


Front: Ernie Gottbreht & Cheryl Bailey


Behind Geroge Eltz, Standing Gwen Struck Dumas




Picture eight:


Terry Halvorson, Gwen Grimme Eltz, Monte Espe, Brenda Hoffman,


Dick Johnson, Gwen Struck Dumas

& Ernie Gottbreht.





Picture Nine:


Olynda(Eurich) & Ydola Pigeon, Brenda Johnson & Ron Hett.




Picture Ten:


Mildred Parrill, Olynda(Eurich) & Ydola Pigeon and Brenda Johnson




Picture Eleven:


Nancy Hosmer, Robin/Dan Pladson & John Bullinger




Picture twelve:


Larry Hackman pointing his finger at the camera.



Lawrence Hetle in blue T-shirt, Armella Hetle in pink – Need some help with the rest





Picture thirteen:


Around the table L to R:


Sharon Zorn Gerdes, Lowell Leonard, Connie Burcham Sime,


Judy De Pew, Eva Eurich Paulson & Cleo Kelly




Picture Fourteen:


Front Left: Eric & Sandra Poitra


Sitting behind: Bernice Belgarde


Front Right: ???? Belgarde




Picture Fifteen:


Harlan/Joyce Flaata, Barbara Iverson Lyonais,


Marie Iverson Staub& Helen Boguslawski



Message with another good story
From Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Hello Gary
Happy to see you made it back to the PI safe and sound.
It was great to finally get to meet you and your wife.
My brother Henry (class of 65) and his wife, and I (class of 66) and
my wife had a great time.
We all wish we could of did a lot more visiting, with more people.
These type events are always tough to make time for and too attend.
Once you are there, you are happy that you made the decision to go.
Once they are over its sad, because it too, becomes a part of the past.
I thought I would write a funny little story that took place many years ago.
I hope you and everyone else enjoy the story and if nothing else it
puts a smile on your face for a little while.

The Backseat Driver

It was the 1960’s.This young fellow and his wife were headed for Bottineau to do some shopping.His wife was a back beat driver, who sat right beside him as most backseat drivers do.She, as usual was on his case from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip.You know, the usual stuff, you’re driving too fast, watch where you’re going, slow down, stay on your side of the road,and of course, turn here,signal before you turn, pay attention.This went on until they parked on

Main Street

in Bottineau.


His wife got out to go do her shopping, and with a smile and a cheery goodbye she was on her way.He stayed in the car, lit a cigarette with the push in car liter and put the radio on, as he did not like having to wander around through the stores.Sitting there on

Main St.

, Bottineau with not much to do, He began going through the glove box.To his surprise, he found a vice grips.Upon finding the vice grips a thought immediately passed through his brain.He had noticed while sitting there, that the steering shaft between the dash and the floor of that old car was exposed, and when he turned the steering wheel, it also turned…


He wandered if he could steer that car with the vice grips attached to that steering shaft.He attached the vice grips to the exposed steering shaft, and pushed it back and forth and the steering wheel turned.He was getting excited as he knew he could make his idea work.

He was able to remove the horn button from the center of the steering wheel with his fingers.He used a screw driver that he had also found in the glove box to disconnect the electrical wiring for the horn.He then removed the nut holding the steering wheel onto the end of the shaft.To his surprise, as he lifted up on the steering wheel.The steering wheel just slipped off and on to the end of the shaft with ease.He was getting excited, this was possible and his plan was going to work.He replaced the steering wheel on the end of the shaft.Then he installed the horn button.He did not hook up the electrical wires to the horn.He put the nut to hold the steering wheel onto the shaft, into his pocket.He was ready!He was excited!He wanted his wife to hurry-up and finish her shopping.He was ready to head back to Dunseith.

The man could hardly contain himself as he saw his wife coming back to the car, loaded down with sacks.He got control of himself and greeted her pleasantly.He got out and happily, helped her put the sacks into the trunk.He made no comment about the stuff she bought or how much money she had spent.He even opened the door and let her in, and closed the door after her.He was happy.She was a little surprised, and asked him if he had gone to the bar while she was she was shopping.He replied, no, and that he had stayed in the car and enjoyed the country music that was being broadcasted.She not wanting to spoil a good thing, happily said, lets, head for home.

He happily drove out of Bottineau and headed east down highway #5 toward Dunseith.His wife was her usual self, telling him when and where to turn, to slow down, and to stay on his side of the road.He would smile at her and say yes dear to keep her comfortable and happy.As he drove he would feel down beside the seat to make sure the vice grip had stayed where he had put it and to reassure himself that everything was in position to implement his plan.

While driving east on highway #5 toward Dunseith, he finally came to the stretch of road that he was looking for.It was long and straight and as luck would have it, not another car in sight.He would have to distract her for a little while.He asked her if that was a coyote running out in that field as he pointed off to the south.While she was gazing off trying to locate the coyote, he calmly reached down grabbed the vice grips and locked them onto the steering shaft between his knees.His wife turned back to him and said she couldn’t see the coyote.He calmly said it had disappeared back there.

While driving he loosened his hand hold on the steering wheel and moved his knees back and forth and the wheel turned with the movement of his knees.He was ready.She noticed the car swerve side to side and told him to drive straight.He purposely now let the car drift toward the center of the road.She noticed immediately and told him to get on his side of the road.He argued with her, saying he was on his side of the road.She went onto say that he never keeps his eyes on the road or watches where he is going.He says to her, “Do you want to drive,” and calmly[1]y lifts off the steering wheel and places it in her hands.She looks at the wheel.She looks at him.Her eyes kept getting bigger.They look like they were going to fall from their sockets.Her face was going through all kinds of contortions, she was gasping for air and her mouth was open and moving.You could tell that she wanted to say something, but nothing was coming out, not a sound.She kept looking at him and then back at the steering wheel in her hands.Then all of a sudden she found her voice and emitted this horrible sound of terror.A scream that chilled you, and made you shiver, a scream of pure terror.It surprised and scared him to the point, that he almost lost control of the car.It scared the hell out of him.He got so surprised by her look of pure fear, that he forgot where he was and what he was doing for an instant.

Remembering where he was and assuring himself that he still had control of the car, he reached over and took the steering wheel from her and slipped it back onto the end of the steering shaft.Removed the vice grips and continued driving.His wife who had watched him put the wheel back on and remove the vice grips in silence all of a sudden remembered how to talk and emitted a tirade of language that would have made a preacher blush.She pounded on his shoulder until it was numb.He laughed so hard that he was crying and could barely see the road.

This fellow , who is no longer with us,I’m sure, still laughs at this, and will appreciate me telling this story, so that everyone else can imagine how his wife felt, and how funny and proudhe was and is of his accomplishment and his method of treating a backseat driver to some of her own medicine.

I think he is still laughing?

I was also reminded at the reunion that this fellow was also an excellent shot.That he once shot a hole through his neighbor’s ear, at distance of over 100 yards, with a 22cal. rifle.I don’t think his neighbor had asked for a piercing?Now, I have read somewhere that women, voluntarily started having their ears pierced in the year 1966.Apparently men started a little earlier and it was involuntary.




[1] It occurred to me that some people reading this might not know what a vice grip is and what it is used for.It is a hand tool with adjustable gripper jaws that can be set to the dimension of the object you are grasping with a screw you turn in the handle.The handles of the tool are spring loaded and so when you set the jaws to the object size and grasp the object with the jaws, and lock the handles, by squeezing them together.The tool stays locked onto the object until the tool is released by pulling the spring loaded handles apart.I still remember how proud my dad was to get his first vice grip tool to use on the farm.Before the vice grip came along, there were a lot of knuckle busting tools like the adjustable wrench.




When referring to a nut in the above story, I was not referring to the guy that lives down the street from you.I was referring to the fastener that is usually applied to the end of a bolt to hold something in place. In this case it was used to hold the steering wheel securely to the steering shaft that is connected to a lot of other stuff that makes the front wheels of your vehicle turn when you turn the steering wheel.

Story writing is a gift you have that we all enjoy. This one was no exception. Your stories are so bonding focused around Dunseith. Most of us walked the same turf, some at different times is all. That is what makes all this stuff so bonding.
Yes Larry, it was a pleasure to finely see you face to face, after 45 plus years, at the reunion. As you noticed, I did not recognize you, even when you said Larry. It was a pleasure meeting your wife too. I did not realize that you and Henry married sisters. I’ll bet they’ve got some good stories they could tell too???
Reply to Mel Kuhn (70):
From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI



At least you are loyal to Mopars and didn’t “pollute” it! Nicely done!
Reunion Pictures:
Folks, I don’t recognize everyone in these pictures. Please provide feed back so I can repost with the correct identities.
Again folks, please provide any pictures you may have. I am nearing the end of mine for posting that we took at the reunion.
Thanks, Gary
Dale’s Bill board sign.
I was pleasantly surprised and honored when I saw this. Thanks George




Jerry/Susan Pladson & Keith/Alice Pladson




Picture Three:


Need some help with identification.




Picture Four:


Richard Slyter, ????,???? – need some help




Picture five:


Front: Kenny & Sherry Nerpel


Back: Diane Wenstad, ????, Richard Slyter.




Picture six:


John/Margaret Bedard, Cora (Warren) Anderson, Kenny Nerpel, ?????






Picture Seven:


Front: Ernie Gottbreht & Cheryl Bailey


Behind ????, Standing ????




Picture eight:


????, Gwen Grimme Eltz, ????, Brenda Hoffman, Dick Johnson, ????


& Ernie Gottbreht.





Picture Nine:


????, ????, Brenda Johnson & Ron Hett.




Picture Ten:


Mildred Parrill, ????, ???? & Brenda Johnson




Picture Eleven:


Nancy Hosmer, Robin/Dan Pladson, ????




Picture twelve:


I beleive that is Larry Hackman pointing his finger at the camera.


I will not guess on the rest.





Picture thirteen:


Sharon Zorn is the beautiful blond in front. She has not changed.


I dare not guess on the rest.




Picture Fourteen:


I dare not guess with this one either.




Picture Fifteen:


Harlan/Joyce Flaata, ????, Marie Iverson Staub& ????




Jim & Judy Olson (Former Teachers) finely located:
From Curt & Ann Rotto (Pastor): Fergus Falls, MN

Someone requested information on a former teacher, Jim Olson. We do correspond with Jim and Judy at Christmas time. Jim and Judy Olson, 311 Crescent Dr., Sheridan, Wyoming 82801; 307.672.2565. Thanks for the blog!

Curt and Ann Rotto

Thank you Curt & Ann, Early on when I first started putting class lists together and locating former teachers and folks, several folks were asking about Jim and Judy. At the time we exhausted all our leads unable to locate them. That was before you guys were onboard. I believe that was about the time I was putting the 67 class list together. I think LeaRae Parrill Espe is one of the folks that I was working with trying to locate Jim & Judy?
I just got off the phone with Jim. He is very interested with what we are doing and has given me permission to post his email address and their contact info listed above. I have also added them to our daily distribution.
Mr. Lykins, I believe Mr. Olson was your replacement? He started teaching in DHS in the fall of 1965, I believe as the head of the business department.?
Congratulations to Harvey and Alice Hoffman:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Congratulations to Harvey and Alice Hoffman on their 65 wedding
anniversary! While they were touring the museum, I had a chance to talk
with them and reminisce about the old days spent snowmobiling here with
my folks. They are both as sharp as a tack! Alice and Brenda were
looking at dates in the San Haven register of patients and I was amazed
how Alice and Harvey knew the exact dates when Alice and Brenda were
hospitalized and released. They flipped to the page and instantly
pointed to their names and the corresponding dates etc. Harvey and I got
to the subject or old cars (imagine that) and he gave me the
information, in detail, of Dale’s and Brenda’s cars that he found for
them while they were in high school. He remembered every little detail
that I remembered about those vehicles—did I say sharp as a tack?!!
Congratulations, Harvey and Alice! Thanks Gary!


Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): melkuhn@utma.com St. John, ND

For Allen Richards. The old Plymouth is a 52. I replaced the front part of the frame with the frame from a 90 Dodge Dakota and dropped a 318 in it. Also the Dodge rear end. I pretty well dethroned it also. I’ve got the interior to finish yet but I got sidelined by my next project. Which is a 31 3 window Plymouth Coupe.
Mel Kuhn
Reply from Phyllis McKay (65): Auburn, WA.

Gary and Bernadette,


Thank you for the pictures. I had a good time seeing you two again. I also enjoyed meeting your grandkids. They both are delightful, kind to each other, and they certainly livened up our dinner. That is one of the most wonderful things about children, they make you so happy to be around them. I bet Tyler will enjoy the laptop and Nevaeh will love her doll. It is awfully hard to be so far away from grandkids. For one thing, they seem to grow up so fast when you only get to see them once in awhile.



I have been enjoying all the pictures of the reunion. I was sad I wasn’t there to see everyone. But the notes and pictures help me feel like I am still in the loop.

Thanks again,


Phyllis, I know this was meant as a personal message, but I want to post it so folks and you too, know you are very much still in the loop. You will really be in the loop, as a group leader, once we get started planning our next cruise scheduled for Presidents day week in 2012. Gary

From Florence Pladson Sime (62): fes1944@hotmail.com Dunseith, ND

Gary that picture of the two women in the beauty shop is named wrong. That is Esther Murray and Susan Fasset not Connie Halvorson. Florence
Thank you Florence, This was another careless error on my part. I was with both Susan and Connie a lot last month, so I should be able to tell them apart. Gary
PS – Folks, when you see these errors don’t be afraid to bring them to my attention. My feelings are absolutly not heart in doing so.

Esther Murray Fleming (65) & Susan Fassett Martin (65):



Repost of this article


Folks, this article and picture was folded over when I sent this picture several days ago. I did not realize there was an article attached as well. In all fairness to everyone mentioned, I am reposting to include the whole article.






Willie & Maxine Hiatt family:



Folks, this post card was included with a bunch of pictures we just discovered in a suit case from my grandmother, Julia Stokes. She pasted away in the early 70’s. She lived Alvarado, MN. Willie and Maxine moved to Bottineau in 1955 when Barbara started high school. Norris Knutson bought their farm. Harvey graduated from Bottineau in 1961, so this must have been the Christmas of 1960. Willie/Maxine and their children Barbara, Harvey & LD all attended Ackworth. Doug had not yet started school when they moved to Bottineau.



Maxine celebrated her 90th birthday this month. Her children had a nice celebration for her that was held at the Bottineau Senior Center. We were there and were able to attend. It was a wonderful event and I saw so many folks that I had not seen for years. Maxine looks great and seems to be doing quite well. I had not seen LD for years. It was so nice seeing him again. Gary








Sister Stephanie:
Folks, when we were in Dale’s one day for dinner, we struck up a conversation with these two very nice beautiful ladies that were sitting at the table behind us. The one lady introduced her self as Sister Stephanie. In the course of our conversation she said she was a sister to Armand Mongeon. We had a nice chat. She was so friendly and nice. I can sure see where the Mongeon kids got the genes for their good looks. She said Armand periodically forwards our daily messages to her. Gary
Reply to Brenda Hoffman (68):
From Jean Nicholas Miller (66): Glendale, AZ.
It was so nice to see the picture of your Mom and Dad, they look wonderful!! I remember them well. Your dad made some of the most awesome desserts at the San. I have alot of good memories of living at the San. I had forgotten that Dad shuttled the kids to school then. We too lived in the childrens building after our apartment over the dining room. My Dad passed away in 1993 at the age of 78 and Mom in 1978 at the age of 65. Take care and greet your parents for me.
Jean Nicholas Miller
Error correction:
Folks I mislabeled this picture with message 820. The gal in the center is Susie Knox Millang, Not K. Flynn Richard. That was a dumb careless mistake on my part. Thank you folks for pointing this out so I can make the correction. Gary
Minnie Knox Flynn (47), (Edna) Susie Knox millang (60) & Phyllis McKay (65)
Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010





Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65) and Esther Murray Fleming (65)




Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010




Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Sandy (Rick) Gottbreht & Bernadette Stokes




Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Verena Gillis & Bernadette Stokes




Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Sandy Gottbreht, Verena Gillis & Bernadette Stokes






Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Very spacious and nicely decoratedset up for nearly 300 folks




Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010


Very spacious and nicely decoratedset up for nearly 300 folks





Dunseith Alumni Reunion 5/22/2010







Steak Dinner at John/Margaret Bedard’s:


Gary & Bernadette Stokes. John Bedard barbequing steaks




Folks, I am kind of rushed today with our friends from Bremerton visiting. I will post more reunion pictures tomorrow. Gary
Touching story – PI donations for the needy:
Folks, I try to keep the postings in the daily blogs to a minimum for the Dunseith PI donations given for the PI needy. This one is an exception though. I have a page listed in our Dunseith Alumni Web sight for the PI needy. Last month when we were back in Dunseith a very generous Dunseith couple gave us a donation to be used however we saw fit for the PI needy. I am sharing with you my reply to this couple for how we used their money. We raised $480 with the raffle we had at the reunion for the PI needy. Bernadette has that money ear marked for the elderly in need. Gary
Hello (Dunseith couple),
When we got home we were informed that the wife of the Hayag family that lives across the street from our garage had miscarried at 7 months. This would have been child number seven. This is the same family we have chosen for Brenda Hoffman’s donations. She miscarried the same morning we got back. We arrived late on Wednesday the 9th. She miscarried at home, but with complications had to be hospitalized for a D & C. In this country no medical attention is rendered until the funds are available. She is/was placed on a bed in the back of the hospital with no treatment until the funds are available. If funds do not become available and she gets infection, in all likely hood, she’d died right there in the hospital with no medical attention. This happens everyday in this country. He husband canvassed the area soliciting for funds with virtually no success. Because of who we are and all the solicitations we get hit up for, we are normally the last resort. Even at that, we can not possibly help all. We have to draw the line. When her husband came to us last night he said he needed 5,000 peso’s to cover the D & C and all hospital expenses. That’s about $108.00 with the current exchange rate of P46.3 to the dollar. With that all said and done, we decided to use your hundred dollar donation to cover her medical expenses. We siphoned a little from the other donations to cover their remaining $8.00. He walked out of our office last night with P5,000, in hand, headed for the hospital. Thanks to you folks, Mrs. Hayag is getting the medical attention needed. We will keep you posted. We were also told that her tubes have to be tied too, so she will not be having anymore babies.
We see and hear of these situations very often. We have learned to say no without feeling guilty. We will do our part, but we realize there is no way in the world that we can help all and these folks realize that.
Thank you (Dunseith couple),
Alice and Harvey Hoffman are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary today.
Posting from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC

Wedding Photo June 14, 1945


They met on a blind date in Bismarck in December 1944 and were married the following June 14, 1945. The day they met Alice was a clerical employee at the State Capital in Bismarck and Sargent Harvey Hoffman was on leave from the army. Following Harvey’s release from the army in September 1945, they lived in Bismarck, moved briefly to McClusky, ND (Harvey was from McClusky and Alice from Denhoff), returned to Bismarck and then on to Lodi, California.

It was in California that doctors discovered both Alice and Brenda (born in 1950) had tuberculosis. The California doctors strongly suggested Alice and Brenda return to ND for treatment (each state provided free treatment for residents – Alice and Harvey were considered residents of ND). Unfortunately, San Haven, the North Dakota Tuberculosis Sanatorium, was filled to capacity. The San Haven Superintendent, Dr. George Loeb, promised both Alice and Brenda beds if they could return to San Haven by a specific date – just a few days away. Harvey hired a driver and Alice, Brenda, Dale (born in 1946) and the hired driver, drove night and day from California (including over the mountains in winter) to North Dakota to meet that deadline. Brenda and Alice were admitted on March 4, 1950 (Alice’s bed was the fifth in a room designed for four patients).

Brenda was released in 1952 and Alice in 1953. During their hospitalization, Harvey worked in the hospital kitchens and Dale lived with his grandparents in McClusky. Dale joined the family when Alice was released in 1953. Their first home as a family at San Haven was in the Children’s Building.

Other families living in the building at that time included the Jay Vanorney, Charlene and Sharon Pearson, Carol Jasper, John and Alan Boguslowski and Jeff Olson families. Most of the families shared one of the two central bathrooms on each floor and the one telephone in the hallway. The Children’s Building was also the school bus stop. San Haven school children were bused by Herc Nicholas (father of Jennie and step-father of Ellen G) to and from school in Dunseith including a trip home for lunch.

Cindy, Alice and Harvey’s third child, was born in 1959 after they had moved to the cottage next to the hospital.

Harvey took over the San Haven bakery in the mid 1950s and Alice started her work life babysitting Chuck and Mona Johnson’s boys (Brian, Craig and Kevin), moved to Occupational Therapy with Barbara Schaalt (sp?) and then accepted her position of more than 20 years, Executive Housekeeper. Alice and Harvey retired from San Haven in the early 1980s, wintered in Truth or Consequences, NM for years and maintained a summer home in Rugby where they now live. Alice is 84 and Harvey will be 87 in October. Both are healthy, active and continue to enjoy their retirement

April 2008:

Alice & Harvey Hoffman





Phyllis McKay (65):



Folks, We called Phyllis and she was able to join us at the at the “Old Country Buffet” in Federal Way, last Sunday the 6th, when we had our grandkids with us for dinner. She lives in Auburn, just a short distance away. Phyllis was in ND the day of our reunion too. Her Granddaughter, who lives in the Fargo area, graduated the same day as our reunion, so she was unable to attend. She would have dearly loved to have attended, but she could not be two places at the same time. These are several pictures we took with Phyllis. Phyllis is a 4th grade teacher and loves kids. Gary



Phyllis McKay & Gary Stokes





Phyllis McKay and Bernadette Stokes





Phyllis McKay with our two Grandkids, Tyler 12 & Neveah 5.




I would dearly love to be able to attend Elwood’s Birthday celebration, but unfortunately we are unable to attend. I congratulated him though, when we had dinner with them at Dale’s last month. Both Elwood and Eleanor look so nice. They for sure do not show their ages. They are like family to us.
The Country School reunion is being held the same day as Elwood’s Celebration of which many of you are signed up to attend. Looking at the time lines you can attend both. The Country School Reunion is being held at the Twin Oaks at the Lake. Registration & social time is until 6:30 PM with the Dinner being served from 6:30 to 8:00. I am very sure that Orvin Hagen will be attending both celebrations. He and the Fauske’s have remained good friends over the years.
Elwood, you are a Pillar & Icon to the Dunseith community and the whole area from the Turtle mountains to Bottineau and beyond. You have done so much for so many over the years. You were always there for my folks and our family in our growing up days, especially in the latter years when you farmed our home place. Dad spoke highly of and had the utmost respect for you. In his eyes you were the best farmer to have ever been on this universe. You had farm land all the way from your place north of us to the prairie. I remember well when you worked for the Rolette county Soil Conservation running their Cat. First it was a D-7, then they upgraded you to the D-8. You did a whole lot of brushing for us and a whole lot of others in the years that you worked for them. You are a saint in our eyes. Enjoy your celebration with family and friends of which you are most deserving of. It couldn’t be for a nicer kind hearted guy and Stubby too. We can not forget her. Gary
PS – I will make a special attempt to attend your Centennial in 10 years. Just for you I’d make the 9,000 mile journey across the Pacific from the Philippines to Bottineau. You can hold me to my word with this one.
Fauske family in about 1960:
Back: Carrole, Russell, Connie
Front: Eleanor, Arlinda, Beth, Brian & Elwood




Fauske family – November 2008:


L to R: Carrole, Brian, Connie, Eleanor, Elwood, Beth, Russell & Arlinda






Having mentioned Orvin Hagen above, I thought I’d share this with you. We found this in a suit case full of pictures from my Grandma Julia Stokes that had been left in the barn up on the farm when dad sold it to Larry and Mona Marchus in 1996. Larry discovered this suit case several months ago and left it at Bud & Debby’s. There were some other interesting pictures in that suit case too that I will share with you in days to come.


Orvin was the 4-H leader of the Mountaineer’s for well over 20 years. I think closer to 30 would be more accurate. He was a great leader and family friend too.







Question for Mel Kuhn:

From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI


To Mel–
Is that a ’51 or ’52? We had a dark blue ’51 coupe like that — the Cranbrook package. Dad traded in ’59 and I think Albert(?) Bedard bought it.




Reunion & Scotland Pictures:


From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND




Geri Metcalfe Munro (59), Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62) & Gary Stokes (65)




Travis Metcalfe (76) and Chuck & Geri Metcalfe (59) Munro



Patti Metcalfe Woods (67) & Travis Metcalfe (76)



Bernard Morin (76) & Travis Metcalfe (76)



Geri Metcalfe Munro (59) and Vickie Metcalfe (70)

at Luss, Loch Lomond. Scotland




Chuck and Geri Metcalfe Munro on the boat “Lady of the Lake”. Sir Walter
Scott, loch Lomond, Scotland




We returned from Scotland one night, the next morning I rang up
Larry Metcalfe. He invited Geri and I to visit with them. We went
at 9:30 a.m. and left at noon. I then drove home to Bottineau and
got home to Bottineau about 5:15. Here are photos I am sharing.



Geri Metcalfe Munro (59), Larry Metcalfe (59) & Vickie Metcalfe (70)




Lise Rousseau Metcalfe (64)



Hannah Loeb is not well:


Message from Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): Bellevue, WA

Hi Gary,



Sadly, I am writing to tell you that my mom is sick. She had been having abdominal pain since the later part of April. I returned home the 19th of May after a stay with our daughter in Ann Arbor. we saw the surgeon on 5/21 and she had a bunch of tests. She had surgery on June 2nd & is still recovering @ Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. She has a bad diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the bowel with +. nodes and spread throughout the abdomen. It is a stage IV cancer. She has been followed closely by the cancer center with extensive lab work every 6 months, and had a normal workup December 9, 2009. she had a colonoscopy three years ago. She is 89 years young and has lived a full and wonderful life. She has raised 5 great children and now we will take good care of her. Up until June 1st, she was reading, playing scrabble or pinochle. She is a fighter and we hope for some time to be together, probably 6 months to a year. She is pretty mad about the whole thing as you can imagine! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Mom’s address. We hope to have her home by early next week.

It is:
23321 8th Place West
Bothell Wa 98021

Thanks again for all of your wonderful communications!! Mom’s inner strength from her North Dakota days will serve her well as we make this journey.




Take care,


Karen Mhyre (daughter of Hannah Loeb)

Reply from Ron Longie (65): Yakima WA
It looks like I missed a terrific time, and nice to see pictures from the reunion. I am going to Dunseith the first week of July to see old friends, I will be going back with my kid brother Donnie he hasn’t been back in 30 years so it’s time for a trip, as for me all I need is a reason. I am really looking forward to this trip it should be a blast.
Vickie Metcalfe & Chuck/Geri Metcalfe Munro’s trip to Scotland:
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Chuck and Geri Munro and I returned yesterday evening to the
USA. Both the very first day and the very last day of our journey
were hectic stress.
Ah, in-between was pure magic. More sunshiny days than i
could have ever wished for or imagined.
Flying into Glasgow, we spent the first two days on the at
Luss on Loch Lomond, the Fargo First Presbyterians were part of the
church service celebrating it’s 1,500 year anniversary. (we missed
Prince Charles by 3 days) From Loch Lomond and the River Clyde,
traveling by bus, we stayed at a bed and breakfast on the Isle of
Mull, where our great Grandmother, Jean (Mclean) Metcalfe’s clan
hailed from.
Ferrying to the Isle of Iona we mingled with people from
various parts of the world who were also making pilgrimages. On that
isle, St. Columbe introduced Christianity to the Druids, Picts and
Celts. We found it to be a truly special spiritual place.
Through the busy days, often one track trails led us to many
castles, some in ruins, others very opulent. We stayed at Knock
Castle. We saw an old cathedral where it is believed one of the
oldest Yew tree survives in a kirk yard, just a mere 5,000 years
old. We photographed Highland Coooo’s…….
Venturing down history trails to that last battle field. We
listened to bagpipes, learned of Culodian and the Jacobites, Bonnie
Prince Charlie and Sir William Wallace, Rob Roy MacGregor, and
Robert the Bruce etc..
Throughout the highlands, among castle ruins, cottages and
rock fences we saw gentle long woolly long tailed sheep who patiently
wait til late July to be sheared. We learned there are over 7
million sheep in Scotland, the wool market throughout the world is
dipping downward. Central Scotland has its’ own silicon valley as
the number one export is technology ………..followed by #2 export
While Chuck and Geri visited a monastery existing for
centuries. I went off to find the ever reclusive,Nessy who has also
existed for centuries……. I spent two hours exploring the
sometimes 560 foot deep Loch Ness. While aboard,I met a teacher on
school holiday, from Wales and her daughter. Francesca, the
daughter, was wearing a Cooooo hat and preferred to be called Mosey
the Coooo. We made exchanges about the school systems in each
country and I believe, “We are more alike and have more in common
than we have differences”.
The last three days of our journey found us crossing the
Firth of Forth to Edinburgh.
By this time I was weary of castles. Walking through the
rain, we searched to find the grave of Greyfriars Bobby, walked a
bit of the royal mile and listened in the magnificent acoustics of
St. Giles Cathdral, finally hoppong a double decker city bus where
we got a birds eye view for a couple hours.
Food each day began with a full Scottish breakfast. Bacon,
eggs, sausage, black sausage, grilled tomatoes, toast, Sottish
jams,…..or cold cereal, ham, cheese, or…..kipper, or salmon.
Often the fish and chips were favored for dinner. Supper, we had
choices of venison, mussels, roast beef, chicken, haggis, cullen
skink, carrot soup. In between was tea time…… Scottish food
is fantastic!!!
Finding a wealth of treasures to be brought home; Red Hot
Chilli Pipers and Mclean of Lochbuie tartan ties for the Metcalfe
men. Golf hats and tees from St. Andrew’s. Linens, wool, and books
for the women and wee children.
Yes. We three agreed; the history, culture, scenery and food
rate across the board high marks.
The people of Scotland made the magic as they were
welcoming, warm friendly to animals and people, honorable, and
containing healthy doses of vibrant humor and wit.
I came home to my Lochbuie. Whom, thank goodness is not
purring having spent the last 2 weeks with Cyndy’s family and her
cats. But… me thinks, I find Buie has developed a fine taste for
people food. Acht! Another-r- r tomorrow to be filled with dog
walking, picking ticks and r-r-reminiscing.
Pictures taken at the Rolette County Museum in St. John:
Folks, these are a few pictures that we took when we visited the St. John Museum on Friday, May 21st.
Thank you Dick Johnson and Mel Kuhn for your hospitality, allowing us to make this tour possible of this great facility of exhibits. I was impressed with all that you have.

Gary Stokes & Art Rude
Angela Berube Malget, Connie Halvorson Kester & Gary Stokes




Gary Stokes, Harvey Hoffman, Dave (Husband – Brenda Hoffman),


Alice Hoffman, Brenda Hoffman (68) & Esther Murray Fleming





Greg Malget, Angela Berube Malget (65),

Connie Halvorson Kester (64) & Gary Stokes




Susan Fassett Martin (65), Dick Johnson (68) & Paula Fassett (71)





Esther Murray Fleming (65)




Angela (Berube) & Greg Malget




Esther Murray Fleming (65) & Connie Halvorson Kester (64):




Gwen Grimme Eltz (68)




L to R: Mel Kuhn, Bill Grimme, Greg Malget, Dick Johnson,

Connie Halvorson Kester, Gary Stokes,

Angela Berube Malget & Jim Kester



Mel Kuhn’s Classic that he restored and drives




I am putting this out a bit early today. We have friends from Bremerton, WA staying/visiting with us. They will be here until Tuesday. Bernadette is fixing Breakfast, so hopefully I can get this distributed before she is ready for us to eat and our friends get up.
Please send any pictures that any of you have from the reunion.
Reply from Marie Iverson Staub (60): Seattle, WA



It was wonderful seeing everyone at the reunion. Peggy & Dennis Espe had a nice get together for the class of 1960 at there house before the big reunion and it was great seeing people I had not seen in over 50 years. I wish I could have stayed around the area longer but Barbara is still working so we had to leave the next day. I also want to add my thank’s to Verena for all the work to set this up it was great fun. Hope you and Bernadette had a nice trip getting home and many thank’s for all you both do to keep us informed. Thank’s to Peggy & Dennis Espe for having the class of 1960 at there house. I found out I ‘m related to Peggy, I guess it is a small world.


Marie Iverson Staub

Marie, It was so nice to see you. There were a number of your class of 6- folks in attendance. We’d like to see some pictures. It was so nice seeing your cousin Joyce & Harlan Flaata too. I remember them well from my younger days when we attended the Metigoshe Lutheran churches of which my folks and them were very active members of. They look the same and yes they do live on Bear Butte. Joyce confirmed that.
Address & Phone number change:
For Mona Dionne Johnson: Bottineau, ND.
I am now living in Bottineau.

Address: 325 5th St. E., Bottineau, ND 58318

Tel. No. 702-534-0131


On Thursday afternoon/evening, before the reunion, John and Margaret Bedard invited us up to their home on Lake Metigoshe for a 10 plus course steak dinner. They prepared some might fine dishes with some of the most tender steaks I’ve ever eaten. John did a might fine job barbequing. Then they toped it all off with June Berry Pie and ice cream.
Shortly after we got to John & Margaret’s, Susan Fassett Martin called me. She and Esther Murray Fleming had just arrived in Dunseith and were at Dale’s. John and Margaret invited them to come up and join the party too. Later on Les and Myra Henning Halvorson came over too. They have a cabin next door to John & Margaret’s. It was a most enjoyable evening and a kick start for the rest of the reunion days to follow. We need to dearly cherish these type of gatherings, because they are so few and far between.
John and Margaret, you are great hosts. We thank you so much for this enjoyable evening. We will remember this day for years to come.


L to R: Bill Grimme, Sherry Nerpel, Irina Protassevitch, Ken Nerpel,

Brenda Johnson, Dick Johnson, Susan Fassett Martin & Gary Stokes



Bill Grimme with his Fiancé Irina Protassevitch



Esther Murray Fleming, Brenda Johnson,

Sherry Nerpel & Susan Fassett Martin



Kenny Nerpel & Brenda Johnson



Dick Johnson & Esther Murray Fleming



Esther Murray Fleming, Susan Fassett Martin & John Bedard



Irina Protassevitch



Bill Grimme & Sherry Nerpel



Dick Johnson & Susan Fassett Martin

Note: Dick must have caught a big one???



Esther Murray Fleming & Gary Stokes



John Bedard



John and Margaret Brennan Bedard



Front to Back: Irina Protassevitch, Les Halvorson,

Myra Henning Halvorson & Esther Murray Fleming



We got back home to the Philippines last night about 11:00 PM. When we landed they announced that it was 86F. That is about 4 degrees warmer than normal for that hour of the day. It’s currently 94F at 4:00 PM. This is the warmest that I have ever seen it here in Cebu.
We most certainly had a great trip seeing so many of you folks. It was absolutely wonderful. We so enjoyed the many small gatherings before and after the reunion as well. Last Friday, the evening before we left ND, we gathered at the Pizza Inn, in Bottineau, with Dick/Brenda Johnson, Jim/Connie Halvorson Kester, John/Margaret Bedard and Darrel/Debbie Stokes for Pizza and some good conversation from years past. When we were leaving, one of the workers in the back said to Dick, “You guys are leaving”. What was he thinking, we had only been there a little over 5 hours! We sure had fun reminiscing old times and stories from the past. Some day we’ll have to pick up from where we left off. We weren’t finished by any means, right Dick, Margaret & Connie.
I have not had a chance to down load any pictures from our camera that we took in the states yet today. I need to download and get them all separated. Hopefully I’ll get that done later this evening so I can post a few tomorrow.
I have posted some pictures, at the bottom of this message from our Alaska Cruise, that Phyllis McKay provided. When we were in Federal Way on Sunday with our Grandkids, we called Phyllis to join us for dinner at the “Old Country Buffet”. It’s always a pleasure visiting with Phyllis.
Reply from Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND
I went and cleaned up on Sunday and didn’t find any camera so someone may
have picked it up Saturday evening. They may respond to your posting on
the blog, I hope.

Got everything all cleaned and put away and returned to key to George plus
$100.00 to cover any electric expenses. He told me anywhere from $30.00
to $80.00 so I just gave him $100.00 and that seemed to satisfy him.

I have been getting so many compliments on the food, the organization, the
decorations, etc. from people in the community that attended and this
makes everything all worthwhile! I am so happy it was a huge success and
this makes my heart soar like an eagle!

Verena (*-*)

Verena, Your heart has every right to soar like an eagle with the huge success of this wonderful reunion. You made it happen and we so appreciate you going the extra miles to make this whole event the success that it was. When I visited you at that school several days before the reunion, I can not for the life of me figure out how you manage to do all that you do with all the things that you have on your plate. To top things off you were tasked by the school to make up graduation announcements, banners, etc for the DHS gradation the day following our reunion. How do you manage to do it all and so efficiently? You are most certainly a super woman. DHS will be lost when you retire someday.
We want to thank George Gottbreht too, for letting us use the Bingo Barn rent free. He only ask that we pay the utilities that were incurred for this event. Thank you George. I was also pleasantly surprised to see my name on Dale’s Bill Board out by the road too “Welcome Stokes Bogglers”. Bernadette first noticed it when we drove into Dale’s several days after we were in the area. Her words were “Look at that, your name is posted on that sign!” Sure enough it was and for three weeks too. Again, thank you George.
Reply from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a great reunion. I missed talking to so many people- just ran out of time even though the lights were shut off on Dick, Brenda, me and Tim Hill! I thought Bernadette was probably a lovely lady but know so now – a entire week of listening to our stories PLUS manning the reception area. Way to go Bernadette. And I can’t even begin to tell you how important the San Haven info at the Museum was/is to me. Kudos big time to Mel and Dick and Kudos to you for using the blog to tell us about it. Great weekend that I wish had been longer.

Love Brenda

You are so welcome Brenda. You were among those of us that were there to the most enjoyable end. We all had to leave about 12:30 AM so they could lock the place up. Brenda, you are a hoot and so much fun. I am so glad that you were able to attend. We enjoyed seeing Dave too, at the Museum. Gary
Message from Aime Casavant (66): Jamestown, ND

Not sure if your checking your blog on vacation.

I have been assigned a bus charter run to Oklahoma City next week.
Were supposed to be back around 1:00PM on Friday – I’m hoping for no
problems so I can make it to Dunseith. Hope to see everyone there.

I drive charter tours in the so called semi-retirement.


Wild Weasel Mission in Viet Nam

Bill Hosmer’s (48) reply to DIck Johnson (68): Tucson, AZ

Bill Hosmer wrote:
> Dick, Thanks for your reply. Yes, the Wild Weasel mission is somethingthat I, personally, initiated by way of recommendation to the general who asked each of us flight leaders what we thought of a mission the day before in 1965 when six of us got shot down attempting to kill SAM sites very near Hanoi. Forty eight F-105 “Thuds* attacked two sites. We had to fly at very low level in order to not be shot down by the missiles themselves, but the AAA guys had a ball. My wing man was hit and had to eject as we were attacking one of the sites. I was leading eight birds and were supposed to hit everything left standing after the other forty had attacked. My guy was the only one not killed or taken prisoner that day, out of the six shoot downs. I was pretty pissed when the general asked me what I thought of the mission. I told him it was the f—ing dumbest thingI’ve ever experienced in my life. He said, ok, you get a meeting set up with representatives
> from all the units involved and give me a recommendation on how to kill SAMs. By the way, you will be leading the next effort to get them. Igot the other guys together and we put together a long range and short range plan to kill SAMs. The long range one was to get a group of fighterpilots, with stuff already on the shelf,trained to do just that one specialty and develop tactics to lead the attack force into those high threattargets close to town. The F-100 was the first bird they had available to do this. The commander of that first outfit was and is a good friend of mine, Gary Willard. Later F-105s were modified with more advanced avionics to try to do it better, and finally F-4s got into the act. I led a twelve ship flight of F-105s on the next effort after the bad day of losses. I was able to develop my own tactical approach to getting the job done. We damaged the site and guns around it and did not lose one bird. I got some recognition
> for doing it, and was proud of the people who volunteered to go with me on that one, in the face of the bad day with all those losses. So, Dick, I got carried away when you mentioned Wild Weasel and got a little offthe track. By the way, I flew the F-100 my second time over there, and it was all strikes against targets in Laos, and close air support for troops in South Vietnam. The president called off strikes in North Vietnam which boiled my blood. Cheers, Bill

Dick’s reply to Bill:

Gary Willard was the guy they we interviewing, I’m quite
sure—Brig. Gen. Gary Willard–if my memory serves me. Thanks for the
info and you can ‘get off track’ with me anytime—I love it!! It’s too
bad they didn’t ask you guys the day BEFORE rather than after the black
day. Thanks again.


Dick’s reply to Bill:



I will certainly greet the reunion goers on your behalf. We will
miss you and Pat . The news about Pat’s improvement is great! This is a
step in the right direction for her and just being home will be
therapeutic in itself. Tonight the Military Channel ran a documentary on
the Wild Weasels in Vietnam. It told the in depth course of action you
guys did in the F 100s to decoy the SAMs ahead of the strike force. The
entire NVA trick with ‘off and on’ radar to hide their sites was
explained in detail. It was interesting but made me realize even more
the danger you guys faced on a daily basis. It sounded like the Wild
Weasels started the sorties in late ’65. Were you in the initial
squadrons? We bought a new satellite TV system and now get some real
good channels—-for history and aviation buffs, anyway. Hope things
keep improving for Pat. Give her our best!



Mike Hill:

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.




I think I’ve mentioned Wally’s nephew was married this past Saturday. Once again, it’s a small world. Shane’s “best man” was Mike Hill, Tim Hill’s son. I met Tim at the reception.






Message from Cecile Carbonneau Marchand (50): Kenosha, WI & Clearwater, FL.


Welcome t5o the states. I can not be there for the reunion but I will be looking forward to hearing all about it. Wish you good weather and good times.. Cecile Marchand (1950)




Message from Marge Longie Langan Wilcox (56): Vancouver, WA.


Gary/ Bernadette,

hope you both have a great time at the reunion.

one of these years I will try and make a reunion.

tell everyone hello for me.


Marge Langan Wilcox tigerlady414@aol.com
Message from Donald Malaterre (72): Sioux Falls, SD.

Hi Gary,

This is Donald Malaterre from the class of 1972.


Would you please add my name and my wife’s name, Joann Malaterre to the list of attendees of the Dunseith Reunion next week.


Joann is not a Dunseith alumni, but she thinks you are some kind of a legend.


We live in Sioux Falls, SD.


Thank you, and we will see you there.


Donald Malaterre

Donald, I am so glad that your were able to make it to the reunion. I enjoyed meeting you and Joann. It was nice of you to stop by at Dale’s to visit with our class of 65 folks on Friday too, the day before the reunion. I noticed you knew a number of folks and they too were glad to see you. Gary

Message from Paulette LaCroix Chisholm (68): paulette.chisholm@verizon.net Newark, Delaware

Have a safe and pleasant trip back to the US! You and Bernadette should have a great time visiting family and staying in the area. Better bring a jacket, it’s been downright chilly in the US. Thank you so much for keeping the blog going and for the opportunity for the extended community of ND to stay connected to their roots, memories, and old friends. You are a peach without the pit!

Paulette LaCroix Chisholm

Posted on the Dunseith Alumni Web Site:
From Beverly Hamnes Handeland Hamnes (48): Bottineau, ND

From: beverly hamnes

Reply to the pie postings sent from ND.
From Gwen Struck Dumas (68): Havre, MT

I just made my first ever angle food “pie”! Not sure how that happened, but it’s definitely different!
Clint went outside to cut firewood. It’s raining pitchforks and hammer handles and has been all week. I think he needed to get away to have a good ol’ belly laugh!! I may do the same…..some day.
Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Thank You Gary for making things happen.
Your blog continues to be like the old General store where folks gathered or Central Telephone Exchange of yesteryear. Many folks use quite frequently (other folks just listen in /view). All of us benefit by the exchange of positive communication.
I sincerely hope you and Bernadette had a good vacation. I here stateside felt it was great seeing you both again.
Happy Trails to you until we meet again……….Vickie
Vickie, Thank you so much for this nice compliment. It was most certainly a pleasure seeing and visiting with you both at the reunion and at the Bakery hashing out days gone by. I am hoping you are enjoying your trip back to Scotland with your cousin Geri Metcalf Munro and her husband Chuck. You may be back now. Please fill us in? Gary


Note from Bob Leonard (51): Lake Metigoshe & Dunseith, ND.


Hi Everyone:


Just a quick note to let you know I will be moving my computer to Lake Metigoshe, effective today, 5-23-2010. I am assuming I will have my same Metigoshe e-mail address, which is


If I find that I have to use another address, I will let all of you know.


Plan on having it up and running tomorrow afternoon, perhaps best if you do not use it until Tuesday.


We plan on making our physical move this week, perhaps on Wednesday or Thursday.


Hope all is well with all of you, have a good summer.







Trying to locate Jim Olson – Former Teacher

From Larry Nagel (Former Teacher): Shields, ND


I have been trying to locate Jim Olson for sometime. He taught at Dunseith High School Business Department until the spring of 1966.

Thank you!

Larry Nagel

July 2009 Alaskan Cruise pictures:
Posted by Phyllis McKay (65): phyllis.mckay@kent.k12.wa.us Auburn, WA

Note: I think the date on these pictures must have defalted to the wrong date when Phillis took these.




Class of 65 members:


Back: Gary Stokes, Patty Boguslawski Gottbreht & Phyllis McKay


Front: Bill Grimme





Gary Stokes & Phyllis McKay





Darrel (Bud) 970)/Debby Stokes, Phyllis McKay (65) & Oliver/Marlene Reing


Note: Debby and Marlene are sisters.




Gary (57) & Sue Metcalfe





LeaRae Parrill Espe (67) & Terry Espe (64)




Cheryl Haagenson (71)




Cheryl Haagenson (71), Florence Pladson Sime (62), Becky Sime Coles (83) & Phyllis McKay (65)




Lee Stickland (64), Phyllis Mckay (65) & Gloria Pflepsoen (Lee’s Friend)




Patty Boguslawski Gottbreht (65) & Phyllis McKay (65)





Minnie Knox Flynn (47), K. Flynn Richard (67) & Phyllis McKay (65)


Note: Minnie & K. are mother/daughter