10/31/2012 (1633)

Happy Birthday Dave Wurgler  (DHS ’64):  Rugby, ND
Jess Hosmer – Thank you
From Kay Hosmer (‘77):  Crown Point, Ind
 Thanks to the entire community for all the support during my mom’s (Jess) illness and recent passing.  Mom was forever making reference to people as “one of my fifth grade students”.  She so enjoyed those classes of fifth graders & spoke with pride of all their grown-up accomplishments over the years.  Thank you to everyone.
Yes, your mother’s former students remember her well. Having not attended grade school in Dunseith, I never had your mother for a teacher, however,  the vibes I have gotten is that she was very well liked and respected.  That was very evident at our class of 65 reunion in 2007 too.  Putting our class list together, our class mates made a special effort to located your mother too, at their  winter home in NV.
Rememerance of old days
From Marlys Hiatt (’71):  Dunseith, ND
Dale – I sure enjoyed seeing that picture of your home.  Of course the
only one I remember is the last home.  I don’t remember not having
electricity but the first home I remember living in started out as a log
cabin which ended up with 3 additions before I remember it.  I do remember
the running water in the spring.
I work part time at the local walmart.  One day I commented on all the
bottled water/drinks we haul now days.  Then I remembered and commented
that I guess I hauled a lot of water when I was young too but it was from
the well to the house.

I often think about those of us who remember living in a time young people
can’t even imagine and I think we are pretty special.  We are a treasure
that won’t last forever.

Marlys Hiatt.

Snow – Message/Picture
From Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismarck, ND
I bet this photo makes you homesick.
There was plenty of snow falling,
and the wind was blowing
during the playoff game in Hazen, ND last weekend 10-27-12.
We were lucky here in Bismarck, we just had flurries.
If Hazen wins two more games they will be state champs.
They play Stanley-Park River next, last years state champs.
We are keeping our fingers crossed.
I do miss the snow a tab bit, but it doesn’t make me home sick. When we experienced a little snow and freezing cold (30F) this past Feb/Mar in Bremerton, WA, it reinforces my appreciation for the tropical climates here in the Philippines.
Several days ago when I was chatting with Art Hagen on FB, Rose was posting snow pictures from Bottineau. Art said they will be going to Bismarck this Sunday. On Monday they will be flying to Seattle. On Thursday they will be leaving for Cebu, Philippines. Today, Wednesday, is our bowling day here too. Next Wednesday Art and Rose will among the bowlers too. We are all looking forward to seeing them. So many folks have been asking about them. 
Joke of the day
The Psychiatrist
Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a fear of someone under my bed at night. So I went to a psychiatrist and told him. . . ‘I’ve got problems. Every time I go to bed, I think there’s somebody under it. I’m scared. I think I’m going crazy.’
‘Just put yourself in my hands for one year,’ said the psychiatrist. ‘Come talk to me twice a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears..’
How much do you charge?’
‘$140 per visit,’ replied the expert.
‘I’ll sleep on it,’ I said.
Six months later, he met me on the street. ‘Why didn’t you ever come to see me about those fears you were having?’ he asked.
‘Well, a hundred and forty bucks a visit twice a week for a year is an awful lot of money!
A bartender cured me for $20. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought myself a new car!’
‘Is that so?’ With a bit of an attitude he said, ‘and how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?’
‘He told me to cut the legs off the bed! Ain’t nobody under there now!’

10/30/2012 (1632)

No Blog yesterday
For the record I did not get a blog posted yesterday.
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND.
From Dale Pritchard (’63): Leesville, LA



You have probably seen this before.  If not, it was my folk’s first home after getting married.  My Dad built the front log section during the Winter of 1933/34.  I suspect the back addition was put on when they ran out of room.  I have always heard that we moved from there to the farm where I grew up when I was four years old.  This put 2 adults and 6 kids in that little place.  Carol came along in the Fall after we moved.  We had no electricity at either place.  That came in later after we moved.  We did have running water (in the Spring when the snow melted).  Joking aside, I have no memories of living there.  My Dad burned the place down after one of our livestock got in through the front door, fell through the floor into the cellar and died before he was found. 

What I’m doing is converting about 800 40 to 50 year old slides into my computer system.  They bring back a lot of memories.  However, I need some help.  At 100megs each, they are about to run me out of hard drive space.  Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to reduce the size of the pictures so that more than 5 or 6 can be put on a disc?  I would very greatly appreciate it.

Dale Pritchard


I always knew and heard all the talk about your family living in a log house in the woods east of where you lived in my growing up days. I never did see the location though. As I have always vision in my mind it was about a half mile or so NE of your last family home.
That looks like an “H” International Tractor in this picture
Picture from Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismarck, ND
My youngest Grandson, Isaiah (2) delivers helmet to my oldest Grandson, Nathan (17)
on the gridiron in Hazen last Saturday.  Hazen defeated Heart River 41 to 14.
Nathan scored two touchdowns.
Joke of Day
Posted by my good Cebu Irish friend Michael Kenny
An old Irishman was asked, “At your ripe age, what would you prefer to getParkinson’s or Alzheimer’s?”
The Irishman answered, “Definitely Parkinson’s.
Better to spill half an ounce of Rum than to forget where you keep the bottle

10/28/2012 (1631)

Funeral in Cebu today
Today is the funeral of our helpers mother. At noon the funeral home will come to our house, pick-up her casket, load it into their hearse and proceed to the church very slowly with everyone walking behind. The church is about a mile away. Bernadette said we will be driving and not walking. The funeral is scheduled for 1:00 PM. Following the funeral, they will proceed to the cemetery, very near our house, walking behind the hearse. Following the burial, they will have a meal at our place. Tomorrow all will be back to normal at the Stokes residence.
Art (72) and Rose Hagen combining Sunflower’s
Next week on 11/9, Art and Rose will be arriving here in Cebu and for the winter
months too. We are looking forward to seeing them.

DHS Class of 64 folks 

Top: Terry Espe & Dave Wurgler

Bottom: Dale Hoffman & Dennis Zorn

Cebu Philippines
50th Birthday party celebration this past Friday for a good friend of ours.
Notice who the lucky guy is with all of these beautiful women
Cebu Philippines
Another birthday party last night (Saturday) for another good friend of ours
Joke of the day
Posted by Larry Liere (55):  Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ

This is a story which is perfectly logical to all males: 

A wife asks her husband,

“Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk,

And if they have avocados, get 6.”

A short time later the husband comes back with 6 cartons of milk.

The wife asks him, “Why did you buy 6 cartons of milk?”

He replied, “They had avocados.”


10/27/2012 (1630)

Happy Birthday  Odell Millang  (DHS  ‘1991):
Chief – United States Navy, Oak Harbor, WA
Dunseith High School class of 1938
Those living from the class of 1938 that I recognize are Beatrice Dailly Johnson and Eleanor Metcalfe Nerpel.
Beatrice is living the Oak Manor Apartments in Bottineau and Eleanor is living in Rugby’s Haaland Home.
Bottineau Courant – San Haven
Postings From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

Posted From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

10/26/2012 (1629)

Ivy Eller Robert (’74)
Message from Mel Kuhn (’70): St. John, ND
I forgot to mention that about a week ago my wife Kathy and I met Ivy Robert for lunch in Rolla and had a real good visit. She was looking good and says that she has the cancer on the run. I see that she had the grandchild that she was expecting and we had our new grandson on 10/11/12. As I said we had a good visit and she has moved back to North Dakota with her sister in Bottineau. So maybe we can have some more lunches as I go to Bottineau to visit my mom at God Sam quite often. Later.
Hey Larry, did I do OK?
How wonderful that Ivy is beating her cancer. I’ll bet her new grandchild was an influence for her to move back to Bottineau too. She was living in Everett, WA.
Congratulations with your new Grandson too.
Reply to yesterday’ blog
From Bob Lykins (Mid 60’s DHS Teacher):  Hutto, TX
Great blog.  I looked through the attachment on Ghost Towns in North Dakota and found it interesting.  The photos of the San were great and great comments.  I responded with a comment as well.  Great shots of the guys putting in your garage.  Reminds me of my days in Luzon.  Things haven’t changed much.  The “joke of the day” comes under the catagory of, “Don’t get mad.  Get even.”  Luv it.

Bob Lykins
Reply to yesterday’ blog
From Dennis Dubois (’63): Minneapolis, MN

Wow! What a blog. I lived at San Haven for 3 years, so i really enjoyed the photographic tour. I have gone back quite a few times to drive by and remember what it used to be like. I used to be able to drive through it, but now it is barricaded up. It sure was a beautiful place at one time. My mom was a cook there for about 15 years  and my dad also worked there for a time.

     Oh, the cement work is fascinating too, as I was a masonry contractor for many years, retiring in 1999. That’s 13 years ago, but , back then, my foremen were paid $45 an hour, my masons $35 and laborers $20-25. Concrete (ready-mixed, delivered) was about $80 a yard. Roughly, your garage floor and driveway (4000 sq. ft.) would have cost about $10,000 in 1999, if I remember right. It would cost about $15,000 today, in Mpls. Oh, and OSHA would shut you down and fine you for not wearing hard hats. I don’t know what they would have said about the foot wear. When all is said and done you have a floor and everyone is happy. Makes you wonder about all the regulations we have to put up with, doesn’t it? Oh, it would have taken us 2 days to prep and pour all of the concrete. Have a good day and thanks for the memories.

Portland Cement here costs about $5.00 a bag. With a five bag mix per yard that is $25. Sand and Gravel costs about $22/yard. The labor cost per yard is about $4.00. So the grand total is roughly $51/yard complete (poured and finished). Here everything is in meters, so I had to break it down into yards.
Material costs have sky rocketed since we have been here too. When we first got here nine years ago, Portland Cement was only $1.40/bag. Some of the cost increase though is attributed to a weaker dollar and a stronger Peso. Nine years ago the exchange rate was 56 Peso’s to the dollar. The current exchange rate is 41.25 Peso’s to the dollar. 

Shirley LaRocque Wendt (’59):  Tukwila, WA
With her Grandson Zach
Reply to house photo posted yesterday

From Larry Liere (55):  Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ
Going back to my days in Dunseith (during World War II – early 40’s) Ray Murry lived in this house  the Father of General Emerson Murry. 
The house to the right that you can see part of was were the Haynes (sp) family lived.  He worked for the U.S. Customs & Border Protection.
Our house was the next one right of the Haynes home and then came the Campbell house.  I know we rented, and I think from Mr. Horsman.
I would guess the Haynes family also rented because the Custom Officers were transferred a lot.  I always thought, but don’t know for sure
that Murry’s & Campbell’s owned their homes.  If any one has an old photo of the third house South from the corner where this picture was
taken I would love to get a copy.

10/25/2012 (1628)

Gary’s comment to Eldon Berg’s reply below
Eldon, I am guessing that you completed 8th grade in Bottineau before moving to Everett. You must remember most all of your class mates from the BHS class of 1966 and they you too. I know that your mother was a very close friend of Bernice Stewart too, whom so many of our readers remember also. Off the top of my head, several of your relatives that are on our distribution are Bonnie (Monte) Berg Espe and Sue Berg, both of whom are your first cousins. With your Aunt Mabel Berg having been married to Clarence Berg who was a brother to Erling gets you tied to that family too. Your family has many connections, through marriages, to many of the folks from the Overly/Ommee areas. To name several, the Schoonovers’s and the Drew’s
Reply from Eldon Berg:  Kenmore, WA.
How do you remember all that info and do excellent blog post almost every day, I am lucky to get 1 blog post a month.
I am just a young buck, graduated from Everett High School in 1966 :-) and we live in Kenmore, WA  just south of Everett maybe 15 miles. Thanks for kind write up. 
I hope the others enjoy seeing pictures of the many towns in ND like I did.  It looks like that guy spent a few years photographing the towns, by the looks of the pics, I have a hunch he likes old signs.  I found the pics interesting but at the same time it is sad to see how many towns have gone by the wayside.
Keep up the good work.

Eldon Berg
Reply to Dick Johnson (’68)
From Mel Kuhn (’70): melku St. John, ND
I woud just like to say that I agree with Larry about Dick. I had pretty much given up on Dick back in the school days but I’m trying again now that he has some years on him[quite a few years]. His wife Brenda has had a good influence on him but there is only so much you can do with an old Norwegian. She herself being Norwegian kind of limits her too. Sorry Brenda. I did buy him a box of color crayons and tablet with the wide lines so that he can take notes[or draw pictures] of important things to remember. This seems to have helped some, at least he can find his own way home now. There are quite a few people around here that kind of-you know-keep and eye out for him so that he doesn’t get into too much trouble. So if anyone sees Dick somewhere and he seems confused please see if you can help him out. Maybe just draw him a picture in his book what he needs to do for the day and he should be OK.
San Haven Ghost town Web link
From Diane Millang Volk (’77):  Sherwood, ND

Interesting site I thought you might like to see.


Diane Millang Volk

Reply to house photo posted yesterday
From Bonnie Awalt Houle (’56): Becker, MN
Gary the home in 1627 at one time belonged to Leonard Cote and then was sold to Lawrence and Ruth Hetle. They lived on the corner across from the Catholic Church, My Parents John and Gertrude Awalt were next then Bena Fassett, last on that street were the Campbells.
Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)
Reply to house photo posted yesterday
From Lloyd Awalt (’44):  Bottineau, ND
The house that Larry wants to know is or was built by Mr. Al Horsman.  Leonard Cote bought it, then Lawrence Hetle bought it.  As far as I know  his daughter lives there now.  My folks lived in the house just south of it.  
Lloyd Awalt 
Cebu Philippines – Mixing and Pouring Cement
I just took these pictures of the two guys I have mixing and pouring the cement floor in our new garage. The guy outside mixes all the cement by hand. He then places the mixed cement in the two buckets and dumps them on the garage floor for the guy inside to level out and trowel. They average about 250 SQ FT per day. It takes a bit longer than what we are used to in the states, but with lower wages, they are not breaking the bank either. The guy mixing gets $6.00/day and the guy finishing the cement gets $7.00/day These guys are excellent cement masons too. As you can see in the door opening to the right in the top picture, the door jam is entirely cement and is ready for a door.Take note of the construction shoes these guys are wearing. I am willing to bet that neither one of these guys owns a pair of shoes.
Joke of the day
Posted by Belgarde (’72):  Bemidji, MN 

Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church’s morals, kept sticking her nose into other people’s business. 

Several members did not approve of her extra-curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence. 

She made a mistake, however, when she accused Frank, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town’s only bar one afternoon. 

She emphatically told Frank (and several others) that every one seeing it there would know what he was doing!

Frank, a former Marine and man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away.

He didn’t explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing.

Later that evening, Frank quietly parked his pickup in front of Mildred’s house…. walked home…. and left it there all night. 

(You gotta love Frank!)


10/24/2012 (1627)

Cebu, Philippines
Our helpers Mother’s death
Things are pretty active at our house at the moment with all of our helpers relatives that are here for their mothers death. She died on Tuesday the 16th and her funeral will be on Sunday the 28th. They wanted the funeral tomorrow (Thursday), but there were no vacancies until the 28th.
10 Relatives arrived from the Island of Mindanao last Friday. Then there are another 6 or so local relatives that are here full time too. That combined with the 9 family members that live here makes for quite a bunch of folks. They just sleep wherever they can find a dry spot to lie. They went through a 110 pound bag of rice in 4 days. They do not bother us inside our house though. I will be kind of glad when this is all over and things get back to normal. Mama is in her coffin on our porch. She was only 59 years old too. I think lack of a proper nutrition and also periods of time in her life without food was a contributing factor to her death.
Reply From Dale Evans:  Algona,  Washington
Thank you for the birthday wishes – it has all the makings of a great day!
Reply from Marie Iverson Staub (’60):  Seattle, WA
The North Dakota sites that Eldon Berg sent in were so interesting. Thanks to him and to you for all your work.
Marie Staub (Iverson) 1960
Message/Picture from Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismarck, ND
Dunseith photo showing two grain elevators, Morgan Lumber Co,
and what I think was  Joe Pelows Trucking office building in the back ground.
I think this photo was taken from in front of the catholic church looking east?
Gary I want to thank you for noting I’m a handsome devil  in that photo of the
hardwood boys and we thought we were so grown up at the time.
I also would like everyone to know that Mel and I helped Dick out as much as we could,
 at the time we were all going to school and we are still doing what we can.
Larry, Whose House is this?
           Dale (’63) and Jackie Pritchard holding their friends baby
  Gwen Grimme Eltz (’68) with her friend – Who is your friend Gwen?
Gary and Bernadette Stokes’ Grandson
Tyler with his homecoming date. Tacoma, WA.
Posting from Wayne (’61) & Rosemary Smith:  Bottineau, ND 

Penny Postcards from North Dakota

Gary:  Here is another interesting site that was sent to us and may be of interest to those on the blog.

Wayne & Rosemary Smith
ND Deer Paying attention to Road Signs
Posting form Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND
I  believe this Montana editor was in Sidney when I was there.  Pretty neat defending ND in Montana!


Recent Bucyrus ND Fire
Posting from Ken Striker:  Dayton OH
Reports are that the homestead farm of Chas W Striker (brother of Wm Elmer Striker), and the church survived any damage.
Dunseith News
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

10/23/2012 (1626)

         Happy  Birthday  Dale  Evans:  Algona,  Washington
Elwood and Eleanore Fauske’s Anniversary date
Reply form Lindy (Arlinda) Fauske (’69):  Yorkville, IL

Hi Gary,
You do such a great job with the blog and I’m sorry I don’t thank you more for all the time and care you put into this, I know so many people look forward to reading it from day to day.
Yes Mom and Dad did get married on October 31, 1942. We really had a wonderful time celebrating it in September.
Hope all is well, thanks again.
Thank you for the nice compliment Arlinda. It is my pleasure.
Myron Dammen
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (’57): Forsyth, MO
Response to Margaret Leonard,  Sure I remember Myron Dammon.  It must have been before 1957 because I remember him as band director in Dunseith.  Thanks.  Gary Metcalfe
According to the Dunseith records, Myron Dammen was hired as a teacher in Dunseith in 1957.  Gary S
Myron Dammen
Reply from Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,      Margaret is correct.  Myron Dammen was once the music teacher in
Dunseith in the 1950s.  He is in the JMB band in Minot and we have been
involved with them through our Frozen Fingers group.  He plays guitar
with Jerry Schlag on the accordion and Bud Whitty on the bass guitar.�
Jerry and Bud were both board members of the Frozen Fingers Music
Association for many years.  The JMB band has several CDs out for sale,
mostly in Minot stores.


Myron Dammen
Reply from Lee Stickland (’64):  Dickinson, ND
TO: Margaret Leonard
      Indeed, Myron Dammen did teach music in Dunseith.  Russel Fauske and I took guitar lessons from him when I was 11 years old.  I believe I recall he  may have taught high school music in the building across the street from Hassens’ store.?
Last time I saw Myron was when I was going to college in Minot, +/-1970.  He may have been teaching there.  We had just a short visit at that time, which I do not recall content of.  I know that he did frequent the Jacobsen music store in Minot.  There is also  Jacobsen music store here in Dickinson.   Lee
Dennis, Thanks for YOUR great memory and complimentary comments about my parents,  Mom died suddenly from heart failure and Dad was in a nursing home here in Dickinson that had been my competition when I had the other home from 1977 to 1987.  I tried to visit him each day.
My brothers, Darrel (Doc) and Dean who live in Olympia, Wa rode the train to Williston and came to see me for my birthday and were here for two full days.  Was BEST birthday gift!   Lee
Cooper David Robert
Posting from Ivy Eller Robert (’74): Everett, WA
   I just wanted to tell everyone that I have a new grand son. His name is Cooper David Robert. Born to my son Jonathan & his wife Kate, Saturday morning in Minot. Cooper weighted 8 lbs 15 ozs. This is my first grand child & may be the only one, so I’m told! I have wanted to be a Grand Ma for so long, and it was definitely worth the wait. He is great medicine for me…..
Ivy (Eller) Robert
Congratulations Ivy. I’ll bet you will be in ND soon too.  Gary
ND Towns – Pictures.
Links provided by Eldon Berg: Everett, WA
Eldon Berg, I believe is a familiar name to many of you and is also related to a number of you folks too. His parents were Carl and Mavis Berg. Carl and Mavis left the Bottineau area in 1962 moving to Everett, WA. Mavis was a school teacher in many of the local Bottineau county schools inclusive of the Bottineau High School. Blindness ended her teaching career in the early 60’s.
Eldon’s dad, Carl, was a brother to Helga Berg Petterson. Helga was married to my dad’s brother Nels. They lived in Everett, WA. In 1962, Carl and Mavis built a house right next door to Nels and Helga in Everett. Eldon must have been a HS freshman at the time. I think Eldon is my age and graduated form Everett High in 1965? Eldon, please enlighten us a bit more with what I have said and feel free to make corrections to anthing I have said too.
Both Carl and Mavis have passed on. Eldon is married to Marlene. They live in Everett, WA.
PS – Edon’s reply to me 
Feel free to put the links in the Duseith Blog.  I usually read it every day, once in a while something jogs memories,
keep up the good work.
Eldon’s Posting
FolksFollow these links to pictures of towns in North Dakota, very interesting.

This link as every town I could think of including Omemee which there isn’t much left.
Joke of the day
Posted by Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND
    True story–A friend of mine from Wishek, ND told me he was in a bar
in his old home town and an old German was asking questions and they
started to tease him a bit about his dumb questions.  He eventually
caught on to them and got a bit upset that they were making fun of him
so he said,  “Yeah,  make fun of me.  I never got very smart ’cause I
only went to school two miles.”  No, it wasn’t Larry Hackman or Mel
Kuhn.  They’re German, but they went further than that.

10/22/2012 (1625)

No Blog Yesterday
For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday.
Birthday Wishes to Lee Stickland (’64)
From Dennis Dubois (’63): Minneapolis, MN
Happy Birthday Lee. I can’t ever forget the many ping pong games we played and thanks for the paper route. And as always, Thanks for sharing your parents with us in our time of need. What wonderful memories. Thanks for all.
Myron Dammen
Question from Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (’65):  Rolette, ND
Hi Gary.
Cecil Berube Reynolds, my daughter, nikki Medalen and I attended the Hostfest in Minot.  Looking at the schedule, Nikki pointed out that a man who frequently comes to her footcare clinic plays in a band at the hostfest.  His name is Myron Dammen.  I was surprised because I told her that I thought Myron Dammen had been the band and choir director in Dunseith many years ago. Does anyone remember Mr Dammen from back in the day?  I could be mistaken. Margaret Leonard

Picture from Rose Hohl:  Bottineau, ND & Cebu, Philippines
Dinner at Dave and Marcia Abrahamson’s: St. John, ND
Standing: Dave & Marcia Abrahamson, Tom & Betty Abrahamson
Sitting: Loraine (Neameyer) & Larry Haas, Rose Hohl and Art Hagen
Picture/Posting “Day of the Horse”
From Trish Larson Clayboren (’73): Portola Valley, CA
Here’s a photo of me and Bella all dressed up for “Day of the Horse” in Woodside, CA.

All of my horses participated, dressed to the nines for the Camelot theme by my loyal subjects, Cathy, Linda, and Dr Terry.  It was a lot of fun, rode for 3 hours and earned a goodie bag chock full of surpises from the ride sponsors.

Most excellent fun for a Saturday in October!

Joke of the day
From Allen Richard (’65): AllenRnd Midland, MI
Four brothers left home for college, and they became successful doctors and lawyers.


One evening, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the 95th birthday gifts they were able to give their elderly mother who moved to Florida.


The first said, “You know I had a big house built for Mama.”


The second said, ” And I had a large theater built in the house.”


The third said, “And I had my Mercedes dealer deliver an SL600 to her.”


The fourth said, “You know how Mama loved reading the Bible and you know she can’t read

anymore because she can’t see very well. I met the preacher who told me about a parrot

who could recite the entire Bible. It took ten preachers almost 8 years to teach him. I

had to pledge to contribute $50,000 a year for five years to the church, but it was worth

it. Mama only has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot will recite it.”


The other brothers were impressed. After the celebration Mam sent out her “Thank You”



She wrote: Milton, the house you built is so huge that I live in only one room, but

I have to clean the whole house. Thanks anyway.”


“Marvin, I am too old to travel. I stay home; I have my groceries delivered, so I

never use the Mercedes. The thought was good. Thanks.”


“Michael, you gave me an expensive theater with Dolby sound and it can hold 50 people,

but all of my friends are dead, I’ve lost my hearing, and I’m nearly blind. I’ll never use

it. Thank you for the gesture, just the same.”


“Dearest Melvin, you were the only son to have the good sense to give a little thought to

your gift. The chicken was delicious. Thank you so much.”


Love, Mama

10/20/2012 (1624)

      Happy  Birthday  Lee  (Leland)  Stickland  (DHS  ’64)
                    Happy Birthday Karen Mhyre (DHS ’65)
Darlene Counts Poitra (’71): Woodenville, WA
Request from Debbie Poitra Rondeau (’77): Dunseith, ND.
Hi Gary could u please add my sister Darlene to your contact list. 
Thank You Debbie Poitra Rondeau
It is my pleasure to add Darlene to our distribution list. I have added her email address to all of my records.  I have her listed in my files as living in Woodenville, WA.
Reply from Judy LaCroix McGuire (’59): Litchfield, MN
Thank you for the birthday greetings– right on the day.  I went to Ackworth school in 4th and 5th grade.  I think it was 1951 and 52.  Charlotte Lang was my 5th grade teacher.  I do remember walking home from school every day up that crooked hill road and then turn past your folks’ place by the cemetery and then sometimes back to your place when our folks were not home.  Your Mom would always let us wait there.  I thought she was really nice.  Judy LaCroix McGuire        I enjoyed the joke of the day!
I had Charlotte Lang too, in first grade, the year after you left. That would have been in 1953.
You had a long walk from School to home too. That is at least 2 miles, maybe more and then back down to our place if your folks were not home.
That Crooked hill west of Ackworth used to get kind of greasy too, when it rained. I remember folks being stuck on that hill several times. There wasn’t much gravel on the roads in those days either. The road from our place to your place up on the Johnnie Hiatt farm was kind of a trail back then too. Lots and lots of mud when it rained and lots of snow in the winter months. Those were the good old days that we can look back on.  Not sure I would want to relive them though.
Reply to Basket Ball photo posted yesterday
From Jean Nicholas Miller (’66): Glendale, AZ
    In the picture of the boys in the basement (61-62)- back row:Tom Evans, Larry Hackman
                                                                                      front row: Jim Tooke is second from left, the rest are right.

Reply to Basket Ball photo posted yesterday
From Susan Fassett Martin (’65):  Spearfish SD
I think the boys are,   Tommy Evans and Larry Hackman standing in the back.  Jimmy Tooke, Alan Houle, Jim Berube, Terry Martinson, and  Jay Vanorney

Reply to Basket Ball photo posted yesterday
From Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND

     The Hardwood boys–Three in the back row L-R  Jim Tooke, Tom Evans, and Larry Hackman.  Front Row  L-R  Allen Houle,  Jim Berube,  Terry Martinson, and Jay Vanorny.


Gary Stokes’ comments.
For me Tom Evans very much resembles the way I remember Alan Boguslawski.
Larry, you handsome devil, you do mirror Carmen Myer, at least in my eyes.

Back: Tom Evans, Larry Hackman
Middle: Jim Tooke
Front: Allen Houle, Jim Berube, Terry Martinson & Jay Vanorny

10/19/2012 (1623)

Judy LaCroix: Doing the math, I believe you were only 16 years old when you graduated from DHS in 1959 and at the top of your class too. It must have been the head start you got attending school and summer school too in those days, at Ackworth. How many years did you guys live up on the Johnny Hiatt farm? I know Donna attended first grade at Ackworth too. I am thinking you were there more years prior too?  I’ll bet you remember the Crooked hill and the Cemetery hills too?  Folks my age and younger probably will not remember the Crooked hill. It got straightened out in the early to mid 50’s.
The Tibor Brothers aka The Mavericks
Memories form Peggy Wurgler Axtman (’71): Kent, WA
Gary & All
After reading Dick Johnson’s recollection of the Ray Little Show (which I vaguely remember), I got to thinking about another show at the City Hall that made an impression on me. Does anyone remember The Tibor Brothers aka The Mavericks? They were a band made up of all brothers from Hebron, ND. I even remember their names – Albert, Charlie, Bernie & Gerard (the cute one). I don’t know what year that would have been for sure but probably ‘62 or ‘63. Somewhere in my belongings, I have their autographs and the ticket stub. Can’t say if I have the 45 record that I bought after the show or not.
Anyway, its good to bring up more memories of those times. Thank you, one and all.
Peggy (Wurgler) Axtman
Kent, WA
Thank you Peggy for sharing this wonderful Video. Great music. I watched it several times.  Gary 
Photo posted by Larry Hackman (’66): Bismarck, ND
Dunseith Boys of the Hardwood
Photo taken in the basement of the Dunseith City Hall 1961-1962
Coach Dennis Espe
Great Picture Larry. I have labeled who I think these folks are too.  Gary
Back: Alan Boguslawski, Carmen Myer
Front: Allen Houle, Larry Hackman, Jim Berube, Terry Martinson & Jay Vanorny
Correction to the ’75 picture posted yesterday
From Debbie Gunville Champagne:  Rolla, ND
In the picture with Diane & Debbie Fugere, isn’t it Diane in the middle?
I’m pretty sure it is.
 Correction to the ’75 picture posted yesterday
From Debbie Fugere Fauske (’75):  Minot, ND
Hi Gary:
Vickie Johnson’s married name is Messner.  Also, Diane is in the middle. 
Debbie Fauske
I thought that was maybe you on the end, but wasn’t sure. I knew you guys would correct me though of which I am very glad you did. My philosophy is if when in doubt post and folks will make the corrections.
The Error with Vickie’s married name is mine. I do have her correct name in my records. Sorry for that error Vickie. You were just too modest to tell me I screwed up.
 We would love to be unlighted about the trip you guys made to visit Kim Schimetz Zorn in Wyoming too.
Joke of the day
Posted by Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI.
Some of us see deer crossing signs in a whole different way.

You gotta watch this video!

10/18/2012 (1622)

        Happy  Birthday  Bob  Leonard  (DHS  ’51)
Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (’70):  Lake Metigoshe, ND

Happy Birthday Cousin Bill, you handsome devil!  It was great seeing you while you were here.

Reply from Paula Fassett (’71):  North Branch, MN
First of all – Happy Birthday to Bill Hosmer – one of my favorite Dunseith personalities!!

Second – in reply to Dick’s wondering if anyone remembered the Ray Little Show…….Yes, I do!!!  I don’t remember any details of the show itself, but I remember Mom taking us girls to see it (don’t remember if Dad went along – I would assume so, since that was right up his alley – as he would have said).  The reason I remember it is because to me, at whatever tender young age I was,  it seemed like a HUGE event – ‘music stars in Dunseith’.  After the concert, we got an 8 X 10 photos of the band and also got it autographed.   I don’t remember if it was Ray Little or someone in his band, but mine was signed “To my little sunshine”…..I was totally impressed!!!I probably still have the photo stashed somewhere.  

Paula  Fassett

Correction to the ’75 picture posted yesterday
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (’75):  Boonton, NJ
Hi Gary, sorry to hear of your staff mother’s passing.  Our condolences.  In the picture of the 75 group, the lady on the left is not Kim Zorn, it is Vicky Johnson.  This group was to Wyoming to visit Kim Zorn.  Have a good week.
Lynn Halvorson Otto

Correction to the ’75 picture posted yesterday
From Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND

   I do believe that’s Vickie Johnson Gessner rather than Kim Schimetz in the class of ’75 picture.


DHS Class of ’75 visit to see Kim Schimetz Zorn in Wyoming.
Vickie Johnson Gessner, Debbie Fugere Fauske, Diane Fugere
Lyle Olson, Don Lamoureux
Obituaries posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND


Mass of the Christian Burial for JoAnn Eden, age 69 of Dunseith, was held on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Dunseith. Burial was in the St. Louis Cemetery also in Dunseith. Officiating at the service was the Reverend Fr. Jeff Eppler S.O.L.T. special music was provided by Richard St. Claire.

JoAnn Rita (LaRocque) Eden was born April 14, 1943, at home in Dunseith, North Dakota, to Joseph and Madeline (Bergie) LaRocque. JoAnn attended and graduated from Dunseith High School. She went on to become a seamstress after attending school in Oakland, California. After JoAnn’s schooling to become a seamstress. She then moved to Colorado then Nebraska. JoAnn was united in marriage to Wayne Eden December 27, 1974 at Gering, NE. They then moved to South Dakota, Missouri, and Washington. JoAnn loved sewing from the time she was a very young girl and made clothes on a tiny sewing machine for her small dolls, when she graduated to a large machine she began designing clothes for her sister. Her heart was set on being a designer and she was to a great extent. While working in Sioux Falls she had the opportunity to work with a lady that was a designer and JoAnn was able to travel around and help design outfits. She worked in factories and out of her home. She made uniforms for baseball teams as well as what the factories asked such as snowmobile suits, parachutes etc. She started up her own company in Washington called Dakota West Sportswear and made the parkas for the Alaska Pipeline for many years. She designed and made wedding dresses for her sister Ginger and niece Lisa including the veil. She also made dolls and even Barbie dolls that she sold locally. JoAnn was the best our family ever knew in her field, others will agree. This was her life long career until her health forced her to retire in 1994 and they returned to North Dakota. She was still feeling well enough to sew she made crafts, bridesmaid dresses, and different things people asked her to do out of her home. JoAnn enjoyed senior meals and visiting other seniors at the senior center.

Joann passed away on Monday, October 8, 2012 in a Belcourt hospital.

Her loving family includes: Husband Wayne Eden, Dunseith; Daughters, Dakota Eden, Seattle Washington, Aurora (Jason) LaRocque, Dunseith North Dakota, Brandi Eden, Las Vegas, Sons, Stacey (friend, Darilyn) LaRocque, Belcourt, North Dakota, Kenny (friend, Chelsea) Eden, Kelly (Shawna) Eden Lynwood, Washington. Sisters, Shirley (Bob) Wendt, Seattle, Washington, Lana Ueke, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Ginger (Anthony) Poitra, Belcourt, North Dakota, Brother Garry (Elaine) LaRocque, Dunseith, North Dakota. Grandchildren, Marcus LaRocque, Amanda LaRocque, Troy LaRocque, Evan LaRocque, McKenzie Rondeau, Bobby Eden, Hanna Joe LaRocque, Hennicy Jay LaRocque, Heavenlee LaRocque, Kinton Eden, Kayahna Eden, Aaron Davis, Emma Eden, Mitchell Eden, Elliott Eden, Tasha Thompson, many nieces, nephews and friends. Her Caregiver and friend for many years was Kim LaRocque.

Preceding JoAnn in death were her parents and son Chuck Eden.


DOUGLAS LIDER (Son of Clayton and Arliss Halvorson Lider both DHS ’54)

Douglas Lider, age 50 of Minot, died Friday October 12, 2012 in his home. Cremation will take place. A memorial service will be held on Friday October, 19, 2012 at 10:00 A.M. in the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau. Private burial will happen later. Visitation will be Thursday beginning at 10:00 A.M. until 9:00 P.M. in the funeral home.

Douglas Lider, a son of Clayton and Arliss (Halvorson) Lider, was born at Bottineau on September 28, 1962. He was reared and educated at Bottineau. On July 3, 1982 he was married to Pamela Walls at Bottineau. They lived in Bottineau for a time. They moved around the upper mid-west working. This marriage later ended. Douglas continued to work in Minnesota and North Dakota. he was married to Becky Schell for a time. They returned to Minot in 2006. For the past several years he has been working for Baker Hughes in oil field services.

He enjoyed riding motorcycle, classic cars, cruising with his grandson, Lane, gardening and hunting with his brothers. Douglas had a natural gift of being able to talk to anyone he met. He was always remolding the houses he lived in.

He is survived by his son Christopher (Allison) Lider of Thompson, ND; daughters, Heidi Lider of Fargo, and Heather (Lucas) Underdahl of Makoti, ND; a grandson Lane Underdahl; Parents, Clayton and Arliss Lider of Bottineau; brothers, Jeffery Lider of Hatton, ND, Gregrey Lider of Bottineau and Donavan Lider of Antler.

Joke of the day
What Is Couple Sex?
An 8-year-old girl went to her grandfather, who was working in the yard and asked him, “Grampa, what is couple sex?”
The grandfather was surprised that she would ask such a question, but decided that if she’s old enough to know to ask the question, then she’s old enough to get a straight answer.
Steeling himself to leave nothing out, he proceeded to tell her all about human reproduction and the joys and responsibilities of intercourse..
When he finished explaining, the little girl was looking at him with her mouth hanging open, eyes wide in amazement.
Seeing the look on her face, the grandfather asked her, “Why did you ask this question, honey?”
The little girl replied,Grandma says that dinner will be ready in just a couple secs”

10/17/2012 (1621)

No blog yesterday
For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday.
              Happy Birthday Bill Hosmer  (DHS ’48): Tucson,  Arizona
                               Happy 87th birthday Guy Knox
                           Happy birthday Eileen Brudwick: Fargo, ND
DHS Class of ’75: Captured from FB. Hopefully I have a everyone labeled correctly?
From Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,       I remember a musical event that was held in the old Dunseith City
Hall.  It was called the ‘Ray Little Show’  and was a country music show
with all the usual guitars and steel guitar type instruments.  It was
probably in the early 1960s,  if my memory serves me right.  Although
I’m not certain,  I think the 4H clubs sponsored the event as I remember
some of the 4H kids were involved in the ticket sales etc.  Martha Lamb
Schepp was at the show and I think somehow involved which would then
probably mean the Mountaineers 4H club would have been included in the
promotion. Gary,  was this something you can remember being involved
with? Maybe Martha remembers the deal. The City Hall was filled to
capacity and folks seemed to enjoy the music and the comedy acts that
were included.  I remember how the lead singer (probably Ray Little)�
asked his steel guitar player how the new steel finger picks were
working out?  The steel player said,  “Just fine” and then proceeded to
pick his nose with them.  Another more raunchy part was when he asked
one of the guys in the band what was so special about his new girl
friend?  The guy reached in his guitar case and took out a big bra and
unfolded it and it had three cups on it!  The crowd was laughing

     Another event in the City Hall just came to mind.  Can anyone
remember a school play or fun night where Jim McCoy was playing the part
of Elvis Presley and was really getting into the act when two guys
dressed in police uniforms with caps and all, came in and walked up on
the stage and grabbed him and escorted him out of the hall?  The guys
were Harlan Nordquist and I believe, although not sure, one of the
Pigeon boys.  Anyone remember that deal.  Being a young kid,  I wasn’t
sure if it was real or not!  I remember how parent were really upset
about some of Elvis’s body moves and thought he should be arrested.�
That would probably have been around 1960 also.  Anyone remember any of
these things?


I don’t remember that Country Musical event that was held in the city hall building, but if Martha Lamb and the 4-H clubs were involved, it would have been the Mountaineers 4-H club. Dorothy Lamb, Mary Ann Hagen and my mother formed the Mountaineers 4-H club in 1961. I remember that event so well too. Those 3 ladies were all members of the Kelvin Home Makers club too that is still in existence today.
Cebu, Philippines: Our Helpers mother passed away yesterday
Our helpers, Tata and Gaga (sisters) mother passed away yesterday. She had been living with Tata and Gaga at our place for the past several years along with Michael, now 19 years old,  her youngest son.
He body was embalmed yesterday and will be lying in her casket on our porch until her burial on the 28th of this month. They will be doing the traditional nine days of evening prayers too. A family member will be with her body at all times until she us buried.
Posting of the day
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
You have been sent this article from Vickie L. Metcalfe
Folks living elsewhere may not recognize North Dakota.a

Brock: You might be living in a boomtown…
Harvey Brock, Forum Communications – 10/16/2012
Who knew that North Dakota is experiencing an oil boom? How do you know you are living in a boom town without waiting for USA Today or the LA Times to tell you?

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, you might be living in a boom town if:• Unemployment is an election issue in the other 49 states, and if you can’t find a job here, you don’t want one or can’t read.

• Merchant signs now broadcast they need help instead of telling you how they can help you, and preference is given to prospective employees who brought housing with them.

• Fast food workers and maids earn more than teachers. You can rent an apartment or motel room cheaper in the Big Apple, despite having more motels than churches.

• Your neighbor’s house guest hasn’t moved his RV for three years, and your other neighbor has nine pickups parked in front of his two-bedroom house.

• Subdivisions spring up overnight and folks are still living in their cars.

• City and county zoning meetings require a dinner and supper break.

• You can’t find a dry cleaner but coin-operated laundry mats stay busy 24/7.

• Guns, bottled water and energy drinks don’t fly off the shelves because they don’t hang around long enough to make it to the shelves.

• You get a U.S. geography lesson counting license plates while driving through the Walmart parking lot.

• There is no such thing as fast food and ordering a cheeseburger would be easier with a translator.

• New fine dining features award-winning BBQ and moves around on four wheels.

• Three out of four vehicles on the road are white pickup trucks.

• Scoria is a color as much as a road building material.

• Driving on state highways require nerves of steel.

• Auto horns are no longer used for greeting each other, and usually used in unison with a raised middle finger.

• Police officers serve as mixed martial arts referees at closing time in bar and bowling alley parking lots.

• Newcomers and long-term residents think each other talk funny.

• Finally, star gazing has been replaced by counting gas flares more numerous than lakes in Minnesota.

That is all I have but if you can think of any, shoot me an email.


10/15/2012 (1620)

Happy birthday Rita  Parisien Anderson (DHS ’73):  New Rockford, ND
Correction to yesterday’s picture. Robert Kofoid was Neola’s Uncle
From Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND.
Need to make a correction in your excellent description of Robert/Clifford’s relationship. Robert was Dad’s brother. 
 I was going to include the connection between Robert and Clifford when I sent the picture, but it was too late/my brain was too tired to figure it out! LOL!
Thelma’s mother, Anna Berg Slyter Halvorson (Ella Berg Christianson’s sister) was married to Andrew Halvorson, Clifford’s uncle, and her first husband (Slyter) died in the 1919 flu epidemic.
For my part, it gets even more interesting, as Clifford Halvorson was married to Alma Christianson (Casper/Ella Berg Christianson’s daughter).  Alma and Clarence Christianson were siblings.  Clarence married my aunt, Alvina Brudwick.  This means Clifford and Alma’s children, Arliss and Curtiss, are first cousins of Lois Christianson Roland (Clarence’s side of the family), who is also my first cousin (Alvina’s side of the family).  So you have the Halvorson’s, Christianson’s, Berg’s, Brudwick’s, Kofoid’s involved in the “larger picture”. :)
To go back a little farther, when my grandfather, Andrew Brudwick, moved his family to the Turtle Mts. in 1930, the second place they lived on was owned by Ella Berg Christianson/Anna Berg Slyter Halvorson’s parents.  It was the place where Sivert Berg (Ella’s and Anna’s dad) raised his family.  
All this was “off the top of my head”; there are probably more connections, too.
More of this saga. :)  Leona Slyter Johnson, who was married to Milford Johnson, had three sons: Johnny who is married to my girlfriend, Gayle; Jerry who died when the tractor he was driving rolled over near Carbury in about 1954; Ronnie who owns Cowboy’s in Bottineau.  These three boys and I share cousins, too.  Robert and Thelma’s children (Karine, Leland, Joanne) are Johnny/Ronnie’s cousins and my cousins.  There will NOT be a test on all of this!! LOL!!
Note: Clifford and Alma Halvorson were parents to Curt ’59 (Denise Quillinan ’63) and Arliss ’54 (Clayton Lider ’54).
Curt and Denise live on a farm in rural Dunseith and Arliss and Clayton live in Bottineau.  
         Debbie and Diane Fugere with their mother Donna Fugere
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
Note: Jordan Metcalfe is Mary Eurich Knutson’s (’62) and the late Cliff and Lottie Metcalfe’s granddaughter. Jordan is also Vickie Metcalfe’s (’70) niece.
Joke of the day
Posted by Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismarck, ND
Ole is getting ready to celebrate his 50th anniversary and Sven says,
“Vhat are you going to do for
your anniversary?”

Ole says “Vell, for my 20th
anniversary I took Lena to Norvay”.

Sven says, “Dats nice, so vhat
are you going to do to top dat?”

Ole says, “I tink I’ll go pick her up.”


10/14/2012 (1619)

Condolences to Mark and Colette Pigeon Schimetz
From David Slyter (’70):   Sabin, Mn
My condolences to Mark and Colette on the loss of their father.   It is never easy.  May he now rest in Peace in Gods arms.
Also I want to say how great it was to see the picture of Jack, and Patty Woods.   I use to clean Jacks office when he worked at the University in Bottineau.   What a nice man and a good teacher he is.   Patty was great friends with our folks back in the day.   They both look great and still sporting the young look.  :)
Trish Larson, what a beautiful picture of you and the white horse.   Keep on riding.  :)

Dave Slyter (70)

Robert Kofoid & Clifford Halvorson
Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
When I saw this picture I did a little research to figure out the connection between these two guys. Robert Kofoid was married to Thelma Slyter who was a first cousin to Clifford Halvorson. Thelma Slyter was related to Richard, David and Bobby Slyter too and Robert Kofoid was a first cousin to Neola’s father, John Kofoid and my dad, Bob Stokes. What a tangled relationship maze.
Posting of the day
Posted by Blanche Wicks Schley (’42):  Grand Forks, ND
Maybe something you did not know?


Did you know????

The Goldberg Brothers – The Inventors of the Automobile Air Conditioner.
Here’s a little factoid for automotive buffs or just to dazzle your friends.

The four Goldberg brothers, Lowell, Norman, Hiram,
and Max, invented and developed the first automobile
air-conditioner. On July 17, 1946, the temperature in Detroit
was 97 degrees.

The four brothers walked into old man Henry Ford’s office and sweet-talked his secretary into telling him that four gentlemen were there with the most exciting innovation in the auto industry since the electric starter.

Henry was curious and invited them into his office.

They refused and instead asked that he come out to the parking lot to their car.

They persuaded him to get into the car, which was
about 130 degrees, turned on the air conditioner, and
cooled the car off immediately.

The old man got very excited and invited them back to the office, where he offered them $3 million for the patent.

The brothers refused, saying they would settle for $2 million, but they wanted the recognition by having a label, ‘The Goldberg Air-Conditioner,’ on the dashboard of each car in which it was installed.

Now old man Ford was more than just a little anti-Semitic, and there was no way he was going to put the Goldberg’s name on two million Fords.

They haggled
back and forth for about two hours and finally agreed on $4 million and that just their first names would be shown.

And so to this day, all Ford air conditioners show —
Lo, Norm, Hi, and Max —

on the controls.

I can hear your groans from here. Control yourself!!!

A buddy sent me this, and I was sucked in, too!

Just forward it.


10/13/2012 (1618)

      Happy Birthday   Patti Metcalfe Woods    (DHS ’67)     Dunseith, ND
Condolences to Mark and Colette Pigeon Schimetz
From Jean Tooke Berger: (’75):  Mandan, ND
Mark and Colette I am sorry to hear the loss of your Dad you all our in my prayers.  

Reid Schimetz
Reply from Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI
You are correct on Reid’s name.  Reid was the second child of Louis and Stella (Richard) Schimetz
Holiday Craft show
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Copied from Marj Teske’s fb page:
Holiday Craft Show, October 13, 10:00-5:00, at the Bottineau Armory. I hope many of you will enjoy a shopping experience at the show, including a Bake Sale by the Bottineau Music Dept. to raise funds for the European Concert Tour group. This show is all about handmade and creativity! You all come!
Captured from Face Book
Trish Larson Clayburgh (’73):   Portola Valley, CA

10/12/2012 (1017)

No posting yesterday.
For the record I did not get a blog posted yesterday. I spent the day installing the remainder of the electrical in our new garage.
Ydola Pigeon
(Died October 8, 2012)

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  Ydola Pigeon  

Ydola Pigeon, age 85 of Dunseith, died Monday at a Bottineau hospital. Funeral will be held on Friday at 10:00 am at St. Michael’s the Archangel Catholic Church in Dunseith. Wake service is Thursday beginning at 4:00 pm with a prayer service at 8:00 pm all at the church. Burial will be at the Riverside Cemetery at Dunseith.

Ydola Pigeon, a son of S.C. and Horntense (Roberts) Pigeon, was bon on May 20, 1927 on the family farm east of Dunseith. He was reared there and graduated from Dunseith High School in 1944. On May 31, 1951, he married Oylnda Eurich at St. Louis Catholic Church in Dunseith. They made their home on the Pigeon family farm, where they raised dairy and beef cattle and grew small grains. They also ran the Pigeon Country Store until is closing in 1956. They have remained on the farm.

Ydola was a lifelong member of the Catholic Church. He was also a member of National Farmers Organization. He enjoyed playing cards, gardening, building model airplanes and was an all around handyman who could fix or build anything. His life center around his family. The farm was the gathering place for his children and grandchildren.

He is survived by his wife Oylnda Pigeon of Dunseith; son, Mark of Dunseith; daughter Colette of Bottineau; 11 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; sister, Louise Horseman of Seattle, WA and numerous nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, Romulus “Bae”, Ted and Jack “Ubald”; sister, Emeline Richard  and son-in-law, Reid Richard (Schimetz?).

Arrangements were with Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau. Friends may sign the online register book at www.nerofuneralhome.net.

Note: I think Ydola’s son-in-law’s name was Reid Schimetz. 

Our condolences are with all of Ydola’s family with his passing.



Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND





10/10/2012 (1616)

Jess Hosmer Condolences
From Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI

Sad to hear she left us.  She was one of my favorite teachers, favorite people and a treasure to Dunseith.  My deepest condolences.
Allen Richard
Happy Birthday wishes to Marge Kester
From Allen Richard (’65): Midland, MI

What a wonderful lady!  And Red—-an all time best friend to Mom, Dad and me.  Many stories.  All good.  Too many for the blog.  Almost too many for my memory.  Let’s say they go back to a pic of Red (Ormal) when he worked for Grandpa Pigeon.  Ending with the fact that his reloads went through my Remington 7400 better than any factory loads— Well didn’t quite end there—AMAZING PEOPLE.
Again— Happy birthday, Marge!!!!!   And many — many more!
Allen Richard
Reply from Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI

To Larry Hackman — about the important people to know — This is one of the best lessons one can ever learn!  I had a hunch about it when i was in high school, but was INFORMED by my professors at Mayville that if I developed a relationship with (in on particular order) the custodial staff, office staff, lunch staff and library staff everything else would work out.  In my career I took it beyond that to legislative staff and office staff in my other positions. 
So much for being “self made.”
Allen Richard

10/9/2012 (1615)

Margery Kester celebrates her 95th Birthday
Message from Jan LaCroix Kester (’59):  Fargo, ND
Saturday, October 6 was Margery Kester’s 95th birthay. This is Mick Kester, Joanne Boucher, Cheryl Gaugler, and Pennie Greiner’s Mom.  She is still sharp, in good health for her age, and loves her apartment at Haaland Estates in Rugby.  She and Red were an active couple in the community.  The family is getting together this weekend at the Boucher farm to celebrate this remarkable woman’s birthday.  Margery’s address is:  Haaland Estates, 1025 3rd Ave SE, Wing B #5, Rugby, ND  58367

(Janice LaCroix Kester)
Class of 1959
Happy Birthday Margery
The last time I saw Margery and Red Kester was when they attended Ernest and Lucille Dailly’s 50th wedding anniversary in Bremerton, WA in 1987. Margery and Lucille are sisters. Lucille is still living in Bremerton. Ernest pasted away several years ago. Without looking it up, I think Ernest died in 1988. I know that he and Lucille celebrated their 70th Wedding anniversary in 2007 before his passing. I remember having a nice long good visit with Red the day of Lucille and Ernest’s anniversary celebration.
Sympathy to Jess Hosmer’s family

From Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (’68):  Dunseith, ND


Our sincere sympathy to Don and family—Jess was a great lady – always  happy to see  her –  and have a little visit-  Lola

Memories of Jess Hosmer

From Geri Metcalfe Munro (’59):  Fargo, ND

When I was in high school, I substituted for Jesslyn Selzler, in her 5th grade classroom; also in Elinor Fuch’s 1st grade room in Dunseith several times:  I believe Claudia Espe did, as well.  We didn’t get paid anything, but it was fun anyway; Claudia became a teacher.  Jess was a great gal; she was my Phy Ed teacher, and I enjoyed all the sports, as well.
Replies to yesterday’s pictures
From Diane Larson Sjol (’70):  Lake Metigoshe, ND

Rod Hiatt is the kid in the middle on the top row.  Don’t know who the girl is in the last row.

From Sharon Peterson Harmsen (’63):  Bismarck, ND
Gary.  Guy on top row is Rod Hiatt and gal in bottom row is Lola Metcalfe.
From Marlys Hiatt (’71): Dunseith, ND
To me, the unidentified girl looks like LoLa Metcalf.
I also think the boy whose name is hard to read is Rod Hiatt.
From Geri Metcalfe Munro (’59): Fargo, ND
I recognize the picture of my little sis, Lola Renae (Metcalfe) Vanorny and some of her friends.  Enjoyed the picture of Ackworth School———–would love to have a picture of my beloved Hilltop School (Carpenter #4)–Peggy Sime Espe, where could we find a picture??  Would any of the Brennan’s ( Faye was my 5th grade teacher/wonderful teacher/she passed away when she was quite young)—would any of you have a picture?
Geri Metcalfe Munro ’59
From Susan Fassett Martin (’65):  Spearfish SD
That is Rod Hiatt and Lola metcalfe Vanorny in the pictures that you asked about
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
“Me thinks that girl,  in the last row is my cousin Lola Renae” V.
From Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (’68): Dunseith, ND

HI Gary—the guy in the top row is Rod Hiatt  in I believe 2nd grade??–  and the unidentified girl would be me in 3rd grade–  what a hairdo huh?? Lol!!

From the Archives
Joke of the day
Posted by Bernice Belgaard (’72): Bemidji, MN

The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees was absent but had not phoned in sick. So he dialed the employee’s home phone number and was greeted with a child’s whisper. ‘Hello?‘ ‘Is your daddy home?”Yes, he’s out in the garden,’ whispered the small voice.’  May I talk with him?’  The child whispered, No.’ ; So the boss asked, ‘Well, is your Mommy there?’ ‘Yes, she’s out in the garden too& The boss asked; ‘May I talk with her?’ Again the small voice whispered, ‘No.’ Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message, the boss asked, ‘Is anybody else there?”Yes ,’ whispered the child, ‘a policeman.‘ Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee’s home, the boss asked, ‘May I speak with the policeman?’ ‘No, he’s busy , ‘ whispered the child. ‘Busy doing what?’ ‘ Talking to Daddy and Mommy and the police dog men. ‘ Growing more worried as he heard a loud noise in the background, the boss asked, ‘What is that noise?’ It’s a helicopter answered the whispering voice. ‘What is going on there?’ demanded the boss, now truly apprehensive.The search team just landed a helicopter ‘A search team?’ said the boss. ‘What are they searching for?’ Still whispering, the young voice replied with a muffled giggle…ME


10/8/2012 (1614)

Gary, Please post
Diane Berg Rheault (’79):  Moorhead, MN
Jesslyn Hosmer
(Died October 4, 2012)
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Jesslyn Hosmer
 Jesslyn Hosmer, age 75 of Dunseith, died Thursday at a Minot hospital. Funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm at the Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith. Visitation will on Tuesday from 1:00 pm until service time at the church. Burial will be at the Riverside Cemetery at Dunseith. Jesslyn Maureen (Selzler) Hosmer, a daughter of Joseph and Ila (Korthal) Selzler, was born on November 14, 1936 at Towner, ND. Jesslyn was baptized at the Presbyterian Church in Towner. She was reared there and graduated as Salutatorian from Towner High School in 1954. She then attended Jamestown College and earned her teaching degree. On July 6, 1958, she married Donald E. Hosmer at the Presbyterian Church in Towner. They made their home in Dunseith. She worked at the Dunseith Elementary School for several years teaching 5th grade and later physical education. She also assisted Don with the bookkeeping for the Laundromat. In 1975, she began working at Security State Bank in Dunseith where she worked until 1994. She then worked at Uniband in Belcourt for a short time. She assisted with management of the Birchwood and Dunseith golf courses and also managed the Log House Tourist Shop and RV Park in Dunseith for several years. In the early 1980’s they bought a cabin on Lake Metigoshe where they loved spending time in the summer and in the past several years they spent the winter months at their home in Mesquite, NV.

She was a member of the Methodist Church in Dunseith. She was also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Willing Workers and the Dunseith Country Club. She enjoyed bowling, golfing, playing bridge, fancy hand work, reading, traveling and going to the casino.

She is survived by her husband Don of Dunseith; daughters, Kay Maureen Hosmer (Cantley) of Crown Point, IN and Donna Jo (Hosmer) Larson of Helena, MT; 3 grandchildren, Keely Inez Larson, Nicholas Hosmer Cantley and Hannah Vi Larson; brother, Gregory (Barbara) Selzler; brothers-in-law, Bill Hosmer and Bob (Katrine) Hosmer; aunt and uncle, Margaret and Garn Radabaugh and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

In addition to her parents and grandparents, she was preceded in death by a sister-in-law, Patricia Hosmer.

In lieu of flowers the family requests that memorials be given to the Peace Lutheran Church and the American Lung Association.

Arrangements were with Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau. Friends may sign the online register book at www.nerofuneralhome.net

From the Archives
Who is the unidentifed gal in the last row?  Also the guy in the middle on the top row. His name is hard to make out?
Ackworth School
I saw this on Face Book, thought it was a wonderful picture, so I saved it. I have forgotten who posted it?

10/7/2012 (1613)

No Blog yesterday
For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday
Jesslyn Hosmer
(Died October 4, 2012)

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Jesslyn Hosmer, age 75 of Dunseith, died Thursday at a Minot hospital. (Nero Funeral Home – Bottineau)

Our Condolences are with Don and all of Jess’s family with her passing. She was a wonderful person.


   Happy Birthday Darrel Abrahamson (DHS ’68): St. John, ND

Olson picture

Reply from Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND


      The picture in today’s blog is of Don Olson (’72) and posted by
his brother, Lyle.


Olson picture
Reply from Lyle Olson (’75):  West Fargo, ND
The picture you posted for Lyle Olson is actually a picture of Don Olson, my much older brother from the class of 1972.  In addition, I am much better looking than he!  HA!!
Lyle Olson
Class of 1975
Lanette Richard’s book – Tommy and Sara’s Country Adventures
Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
This was taken a couple of years ago.  I think I sent it to you at that time, but I’m not sure about this. 
This Christmas Bazaar (My name for it.)  This “bazaar” will be held November 10.  I was unable to attend the bazaar last year, but my two very able “elves” did just fine. :)  I’m not sure if I’ll be there in person this year, either, but my “elves” and my caramels will be there. :)
If you can use this picture, please do.  If not, no problem. :)
I’ve forgotten who the lady with Carmen is.
                       Rosemary LaCroix & Carmen Richard
Posting of the day
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
When Newfoundlanders get laid off
Paddy and Mick worked together in St. John’s and both were laid off, so they went to the unemployment office. When asked his occupation, Paddy answered, “Panty Stitcher. I sew the elastic onto ladies cotton panties and thongs.” The clerk looked up panty stitcher on his computer and finding it classified as unskilled labor, he gave him $80 a week unemployment pay.

Mick was next and when asked his occupation replied, “Diesel fitter.” Since diesel fitter was a skilled
job, the clerk gave Mick $160 a week.

When Paddy found out he was furious. He stormed back into the office to find out why his friend and co-worker was collecting double his pay. The clerk explained, “Panty Stitchers are unskilled and Diesel Fitters are skilled labor.”
“What skill?” yelled Paddy. “I sew the elastic on the
panties and the thongs. Mick puts them over his head and says: “Yep,
diesel fitter!”

10/5/2011 (1612)

Reply to Margaret Metcalfe Leonard’s picture posted yesterday
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND.
 I do believe, Margaret is a beautiful Grandmother!
That smile and the love in her eyes for Oscar,brought a glow to my heart! 
thanks for sharing.
Vickie Metcalfe
Birthday Roses for Rose
Note: Kevin is Rose’s son who is currently attending college in Australia. Kevin will be graduating next month. I believe Rose and Art plan on attending his Graduation too.
Wonderful Picture
Lyle Olson (’75): West Fargo, ND
Bill & Diane Pritchard’s grandson
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Minot & Bottineau, ND
Posting of the day
From Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismark, ND
Folks,  This is part of massage I received from Larry. The whole message was a bit long to post, but I think this part of the message is a good reminder that we are all equal and should be respected the same. Gary
During my second month of college, our professor
Gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student
and had breezed through the questions until I read
The last one:”What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”
Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the
Cleaning woman several times.. She was tall,
Dark-haired and in her 50’s, but how would I know her name?

I handed in my paper, leaving the last question
Blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if
The last question would count toward our quiz grade.
“Absolutely, ” said the professor.. “In your careers,
You will meet many people. All are significant..
They Deserve your attention and care, even if all you do
Is smile and say “hello..”

I’ve never forgotten that lesson.. I also learned her
Name was Dorothy


10/4/2012 (1611)

              Happy Birthday Jean Pladson: Bismarck, ND 

Happy Birthday Rose Hohl: Bottineau, ND & Cebu, Philippines
Happy Birthday John Tangen: Calistoga, CA.
Harmen Hiatt Family Picture
Reply from Marlys Hiatt (’71):  Dunseith, ND
I sure loved seeing the picture of the Harmen Hiatt Family.  I don’t think
I had ever seen a picture of the family before.  Thanks to whoever had it
and posted it.

Marlys Hiatt


That picture is one that I scanned from the 1982 Dunseith centennial book. I am not sure who had or has the original. I am thinking that maybe Charlotte Lang provided a copy for the Centennial book or possibly Leola Lagerquist. Stubby Fauske may have a copy too. The copy in the centennial book is a little granny. It would be nice if we could get a scanned copy of the original for our files and also the original of the John Hiatt family that we could post in our Alumni Web site. 

Reply from Susan Brew Roussin (’59):  Rolla, ND
Love the story about “Old Farts”  Thanks so much.  Have a wonder filled day.
Grand Baby Picture
From Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (’65):  Rolette, ND
Hi Gary.  Just had to send you a picture of my grand baby, Oscar Graham Leonard born July 2nd to my son, Chris and Lisa Leonard from Cleveland OH.  He is my pride and joy!
Margaret Leonard.
Nice picture and of Oscar’s grandma too. Cute boy.  For being only 3 months old, he is so mature.

10/3/2012 (1610)

Dunseith High School Class of 1963 – 50 year reunion
Do you know what event happens in 2013?  It has been 50 years since our high school graduation.  Scary, huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Start planning now to come to Dunseith to reconnect with your high school classmates.  Tentative dates of August 9 – 10, 2013 have been selected which are the dates of the annual Dunseith Days celebration typically held the 2nd weekend of August.  The Dunseith Days event includes, but not limited to, the pow-wow, free Saturday morning breakfast and, of course, the parade.
More details will be sent as they become available.  Please email Sharon Peterson Harmsen at harm0825@bis.midco.net with ideas and attendance confirmation.
See you next summer.
Sharon Peterson Harmsen
Bismarck, ND

Cheryl Larson Dakin :Can’t wait for you to get here!

Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (’70):  Lake Metigoshe, ND


This year is absolutely beautiful…leaves have changed and are actually still on the trees so it is a bevy of oranges, yellows, greens and reds when driving up to Lake Metigoshe.  The colors would rival Connecticut or any of the other New England states in the fall.  The geese were out near my dock last evening just honking away.  I stepped outside to see them and there about twenty of them paddling away on a lake that was as can be and looked like glass.  I guess we should enjoy this little glimpse into fall because Old Man Winter will not be far behind.

Have a good week all.

Uncle Harry Hiatt Memories
Florence Hiatt Dahl (”50):  Anchorage, AK
It looks like you need some turtle mountain stories–Don and I were number 7 and 8 in our family of 9, When we felt picked on, bored or what ever we would walk to our favorite person,s farm–Uncle Harry,s mansion–a mile away through a meadow, then a couple fields.  He had two children–Pete and Sally…..We would be sooooo quiet because they would hear us and run and hide in the  trees.    Don’t have the foggest idea how old we were before we realiized that there was no Pete and Sally..   He was a bachelor and by far our favorite person–a wonderful person 
                                    John and Margaret Hiatt Family
Posting of day
From Darlene Quillinan Lamore (’63):  Bivalve, MD
I never really liked the terminology “Old Farts” but this makes me feel better about it.
And if you ain’t one, I bet ya you know one!
I got this from an “Old Fart” friend of mine!
I’m passing this on as I did not want to be the only old fart receiving it. Actually, it’s not a bad thing to be called, as you will see.
  • Old Farts are easy to spot at sporting events; during the playing of the National Anthem. Old Farts remove their caps and stand at attention and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them.
  • Old Farts remember World War II, Pearl Harbour , Guadalcanal , Normandy and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War, The Cold War, the Jet Age and the Moon Landing. They remember the 50 plus Peacekeeping Missions from 1945 to 2005, not to mention Vietnam .
  • If you bump into an Old Fart on the sidewalk he will apologize. If you pass an Old Fart on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a lady. Old Farts trust strangers and are courtly to women.
  • Old Farts hold the door for the next person and always, when walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection.
  • Old Farts get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and children and they don’t like any filth or dirty language on TV or in movies.
  • Old Farts have moral courage and personal integrity. They seldom brag unless it’s about their children or grandchildren.
  • It’s the Old Farts who know our great country is protected, not by politicians, but by the young men and women in the military serving their country.

    This country needs Old Farts with their work ethic, sense of responsibility, pride in their country and decent values.

    We need them now more than ever.

  • Pass this on to all the “Old Farts” you know.
  • I was taught to respect my elders�.It’s just getting harder to find them.

10/2/2012 (1609)

Elvin Haagenson Memories
From Pam Wenstad Lane (’78):  Dunseith, ND
To Cheryl,  
           I am so sorry to hear about Elvin. I’m so glad that I got to know him for the short time I worked for you. He was a hoot to take care of. You took very good care of him and I’m sure that he was so glad to be able to stay home with you in his finial years.He made a person laugh and if he did’nt like a persons cooking he let you know and if you asked if something was alright he would say “Not Bad” That was an O.K. from him. Nothing was as good as your cooking.
           Here’s to alot of memories and laughter we will always have  of you dad.
                                Pam Lane
North Dakota Trip
Message from Cheryl Larson Dakin (’71):  Bedford, TX
HI Gary and All
I finally bought my tickets for North Dakota yesterday for the end of October. I am looking forward to spending time with my Dad in Bottineau and my sister at the lake, hiking and breathing in the cool crisp air and just drinking in the beauty of the Turtle Mountains. It’s always been a beautiful spot to recharge. I imagine we’ll split a Jumbo when we go to Dales as well. YUMMO!
Have a great day everyone.
Cheryl Larson Dakin
How wonderful. Yes, the end of October it can be a bit crisp in ND.
We are contemplating going back next September too. The air fares are about double in the months of June, July and August for travel to the Philippines, so we decided that September would be OK.


Laurel Hiatt’s Benefit
Report from Rod Hiatt (’69): Bottineau, ND
Thought I would give you an update on the Benefit for Laurel last week at the Midway bar. I would mention all the people that were involved in putting it together but I know that I would miss some, I do know that Dawn Allard was kind of the head things and her and the crew that was with her did an excellent job.
It was to start at 4 pm and by 4:30 the place was packed and people continued to come for the next 3 to 4 hours. Just guessing, but the ones that I talked with figured around 400 people attended and there was enough food prepared by locals to feed that many and more. It was a totally beautiful evening and there were tables and chairs outside that were full most of the time as well. We did raffles and live auction with merchandise that was donated by friends, family and local businesses and the crowd stayed late into the night bidding on some fantastic items.
Jimbo Hanson was the first name drawn for choice of the handmade quilts and he told Laurel to pick the one that he wanted, then his father James Hanson won the other handmade quilt and he donated it back to the auction and it sold for $300 dollars. Neola sent out 10 packages of her famous carmel which we auctioned off and it brought in well over $200, an etched mirror for $375 and one for $475, a 22 rifle for $525 just to mention a few of the items.
My brother Rick and myself started a hay drive to maybe get a load of 15 to 20 bales of hay as we knew Laurel would be short this year, and the good friends and neighbors started calling and hauling in loads of hay to help him out.
I can not thank the people of this area enough for the generousity and kindness that they have shown, The financial support that was given was totally awesome, but more so the emotional support that these people gave will never be forgotten.
One truely doesn’t know how fortunate we are to live in such a fine community.
Thank you all !!!!
Thank you so much for this report. I have had several personal messages asking if I had heard how his event went. Several replied saying they heard it went very well.
I am so glad to hear that so many folks turned out making this a great success. You mentioned Neola’s caramels. She does sell them too, but I know she donates and gives away a whole lot more than she sells. She normally gives me a few pounds of assorted flavors whenever I see her too. She sent a few pounds with Art Hagen last year too, to give to me, when he came over here. They are so good too.
We are so hoping that Laurel’s cancer can be put into remission so he can get on with the rest of his many years of life. He is only two years older than me, so he is just a young dude.

Trish Larson – Horses – Memories

Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (’59):   Fargo, ND


Gary, Trish rides those horses so eloquently—on my folks farm, our beautiful Pinto Pony, Scotty, loved to let little kids ride him; I would call him, “Scotty, do you want Jeff, age 4, to ride you and he would shake his head “YES”–he would let Jeff ride him all pm; rather than my Dad, who was like 240#  Gary, we had the best lives growing up on farms…we sure weren’t SPOILED, were we?? Geri 

Geri, At the time we maybe didn’t think we had the best lives, but in retrospect we most certainly did. You are so right, we were not spoiled. Every person contributed  their share of the work force to get things done. We all had our chores to do, whether they were in the barn or the house or wherever. The same was true for those not living on farms too. That is just the way things were in those days. Gary


Happy Birthday to my wonderful cousin Kim Fugere!

From Diane Fugere (’75):  Minot, ND

From Lois Tweten:  Helena MT
Also wanted to say to you Bernadette & Gary…I wasn’t able to make it to the Hostfest this year….But yesterday my son Jeff took me with him and his friend John to the LAST CHANCE COMMUNITY, HONOR THE CHILDREN, POW WOW here in Helena. John is a drummer.  While there one of the vendors were a couple from Cebu!! So I was telling them about being on your blog from Cebu. She & I had such a lovely conversation. She was wondering where the Catholic Church was in Helena.. So I explained it was the beautiful church up on the hill downtown and the early service would be at 7am.The windows with the stations of the cross are on the windows – imported from Germany. A site you must visit while in Helena. She asked if I was Catholic, but no, it didn’t matter as we worship the same God. She was so full of fun. So I told her of you Bernadette and your home with the altar etc.   Also the new renters in my apartment building upstairs from me – she is also from Cebu.. Small world!!
Take care new friends..Lois
How wonderful that you were able to have a nice chat with those folks from Cebu.
Yes, Bernadette has a Grotto of her saint Lourdes with Bernadette in our yard. The celebration for Saint Lourdes is February. Normally the 2nd week of each February we have big fiesta that is preceded with 8 days of evening prayers.  The 9th day is the fiesta with a big dinner following the prayer. Each of the 8 evening prayers are normally attended by just the local folks in our area. They normally last about an hour and are the same readings (scriptures) each of the 8 evenings. Bernadette normally has a Catholic lay person come for the 8 readings. On the day of the fiesta a group of lay ministers come in to administer the proceedings. Then it is the big dinner that is normally attended by many of our Expat friends.  
Each city and town in this country has a saint. Each year, in the month of their Saint, they go through the same proceedings as Bernadette. On the 9th day there are numerous fiestas in private homes throughout the towns with many invited guests. This month is our towns (Consolacion) fiesta.  
In Bernadette’s Grotto pictured below, Lourdes is standing in the center with Bernadette (not Bernadette Stokes) kneeling in front. We used to have a water fall, but the pump quit and we have not gotten it fixed. From dusk till dawn, each day, Lourdes and Bernadette are lit up to include a light also in the cave below.
                               Lourdes and Bernadette Grotto
Fauske Siblings

Joke of the day

Posted by Geri Metcalfe Munro (’59):   Fargo, ND


10/1/2012 (1608)

No blog yesterday
For the record, I did not get a blog posted yesterday
Bottineau Filipina gals
Trish Claybrough (73):   Portola Valley, CA
Nice picture Trish.  Your horses always look so nice too. It must be the rider that gives them that added beauty.