06/06/2021 (2795)

Greetings Dunseith alumni folks and friends,

Sorry for the long delay between these postings. I have been a bit busy. I don’t have much to post, so I need to get back into reposting years back blogs.

My plans were to Visit the states this summer, but with the restrictions imposed for my return to the Philippines I think I will forgo my plans for going back this year. Only Philippine Permanent Resident Aliens and Philippine Citizens are allowed entry into this country when traveling from other countries. Upon our arrival we are required, even those that have been fully vaccinated,  to spend a 7 day quarantine in a hotel room before being able to fully enter the county. I have chosen not to go thru all that. I am one of the 1.1% of the Philippine population that is fully covid vaccinated with both shots too.



Please wish Barbara Hiatt Cote happy 80th birthday
Posted by her son. Jeff Cote: jccarpentry64@gmail.com

The link to wish Barbara Happy birthday.

Gary I hope this finds you, not sure if I should use Gmail or AOL. Sending you our condolences and best wishes for your loss and for one if the worst years in my memory. This is a link to a page my sister Nicole started to wish my mother a happy 80th birthday which is June 20th. I realize the email stuff takes a lot of time and if you are not able to add this to a blog we completely understand. Thought you would be interested to know since you are all things Turtle mountains 😉. Though not raised there myself we spent a large portion of our early life in “the hills”. I and all of my family have an untold number of great memories at Hiatt’s, Radley’s, Ackworth, Peace Gardens, numerous lakes,…well you know the rest. Again, best wishes and hope this finds you doing well.

Son of a “Hill Billy” Jeff Cote.

Gary Stokes’ comments

So hard to believe that Barbara is 80 years old. We are all getting older.

I remember well Barbara teaching me the Alphabet, on the blackboard, when I was a first grader and she in 7th grade. Charlette Lang was our teacher. It was the last year of Summer school at Ackworth too.

Barbara is the oldest child and only girl of Willie and Maxine Hiatt. They are very much Ackworth community folks. I remember well when they sold their Farm to Norris Knutson in 1955 and moved to Bottineau. Barbara had just graduated from Ackworth country school. The primary reason for their move was for Barbara to attend Bottineau High School. Doing the math I think she Graduated from Bottineau HS in 1959. Folks, please correct me if I am wrong. My guess.

When they lived on their farm, now the Norris and Arlene Knutson farm, one mile to the east of our farm, our families were back and forth almost on a daily bases. We were very close. After they moved to Bottineau, we remained good friends, but didn’t see each other nearly as often.

I listed Laurence Dale as LD on the photo. In those days everyone knew him as LD. Very few knew his Given name.

Christmas card from the Willie Hiatt family to the Stokes’
Hiatt, Willie family