04/30/2017 (2517)

Wendell Cattron: Reply to Ivy Eller Robert
From Kathy Cattron Fontaine (69):  Lakota, ND

(received on April 23rd)

Ivy, I am Kathy Cattron Fontaine, Wendell Cattron’s sister.

Wendell moved to Fargo, ND before graduating from high school.  Then went to college there.  After college he got married to a girl from Minneapolis, MN. Wendell & Gwen have 7 children.  He works for Desoto Associates as a chemist and is now living in Chicago, Illinois.

Take Care, K&J


Wesley Schneider
Reply from Florence Hiatt Dahl (50):  Anchorage, AK

Gary, you are amazing.  I don’t even remember writing about Wesley, but I certainly remember his riding  backwards on a bicycle.  He was an amazing person—kindness personified.  .Bless you for all your work  Gary.


Posted by Allen Richard (65):  Midland, MI

In Memory of
Louise HORSMAN (DHS Class of 1943)
Pigeon Horsman, Louise 04-30-2017
April 3, 1925 – April 23, 2017


Louise Horsman was born to S. Cephas & Hortense Pigeon on April 3rd, 1925. She was raised in Dunseith, North Dakota where she and her siblings helped their parents on the farm and in their country store. Louise married Brice Horsman, also from Dunseith. They made their home in Seattle, Washington where they raised three daughters. Louise quietly passed away Sunday, April 23rd at the age of 92 and in the presence of family. She was preceded in death by her husband, sister and four brothers. She is survived by her three daughters–Karen Moe, Lori McMahon (Earnie) and Julie Gerringer (Chuck); three grandchildren–Eric Moe (Bobbie), Brian McMahon and Amy Savage (Erik); the light of her life-her five great grandchildren–Brice, Samantha and Ethan Moe, and Duncan and Kiera Savage; and sisters-in-law Dorie Davis and Eunice Marshall. She will be buried at Acacia Memorial Park, Seattle. At her request, there will be no service.


Blog (591) posted on October 14, 2009

Posted on October 14, 2009

Folks, Today is our bowling day, so I am kind of cramped for time trying to get this out before leaving here at noon. I slept in a bit this morning too. If there are any mistakes, I’ll correct them tomorrow. Gary

I am reposting this to correctly identify Evelyn. I errored big time yesterday.

Reply From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50) sister to Evelyn Hiatt Schneider Deceased.

Anchorage, AK

Did you know Wesley Schneider does not ride bicycles normaly? He rides them backwards. I wish I had taken pictures of him doing this. He was a wonderful friend to Don and I. We were so much younger then our other brothers and sisters and Wes was so kind to us….He would even take us fishing………………….

Florence, I have heard talk of Wesley Schneider and his backward bicycle riding skills too. It was some of the talk of my childhood days. Gary

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.

Hi Gary,

I forwarded the two newsletters pertaining to Wes/Ovidia Schneider, to Ruth Sletten Gust. She is also Ovidia’s daughter. She is married to Ronald Gust, Wally’s godson. Ronald/Ruth live on Wally’s parents’ “homeplace”, a mile north of Kramer (Wally’s grandfather, Herman Garbe, originally owned the farm.). Ruth and her daughter, Renee, have an antique business on the farm. Renee/husband/daughter live in Bottineau.

Ruth enjoyed the newsletters/found them very interesting.


From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.


Alysa a sixth grade student, was accompanied to lunch today by a tall, straight standing, handsome, clean cut MARINE. He came the elementary school to eat lunch with his little sister smartly dressed in his uniform. This young man, graduated from here in May of 2009 and is currently visiting his Family Roots in the hills north of Dunseith and also Bottineau School Roots.

He took time to visit with some of his former teachers, one former homeroom teacher became tearful when she saw him.

Hopefully, his proud grandma Ele will send you his photo. God Bless this MARINE, Devin Millang on his journeys. Thanks. V.

From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN

Dear Gary,

I am certain there must be other people out there that remember having to wear 4 buckle overshoes. (Hateful darn things) When your fingers were cold it was harder then heck to unbuckle them, if you didn’t buckle them they made an awful racket when you walked. The racket from all those boots irritated the teachers to no end. When you came down the stairs at the end of the day with lots of us not buckling the boots we would catch it from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 4th, grade teachers that stood at the bottom of the steps to stop kids from jumping the last few stairs or from running down the steps. After wearing the boots without buckling them the buckles would break off, now you were in more trouble. Who else remembers these overshoes?

Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)

Reply from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne

Gary, My cousin sent this to me, in answer to this AMBER ALERT. Evidently,
this little girl has been missing for sometime. I wish the Wingates would
have sent an updated picture and story. It doesnt take away anything, but
an updated picture and story would have helped much more.
Thought you would like to know. Sybil Johnson
From: usofrnr@cox.net
To: great_grandma2007@live.com
Subject: Re: (591) Dunseith Alumni……AMBERT ALERT
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 09:05:03 -0400

She has been missing for three years and is now six if she is still alive.
The man who police thought might have abducted her committed suicide and
no sign of her was found. I fear if she is alive she won’t look at all
like her photo

From Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND

Hi Gary–In response to my cousin, Vickie Metcalfe in #591:

Yes, George and Lela were with my folks at Jim and Ella’s 25th anniversary
; the picture upper right is George and Lela in 1933; I believe they were
married that year and my folks were attendants, Lower left is on Jim and
Ella’s wedding day with George and Lela as attendants on July 9, 1934, and
lower right is Jim and Ella on their wedding day. They were lifelong
friends. Lela’s maiden name was Johnson, sister of Dick’s grandma, Myrtle


L to R: Ella Metcalfe, Lela Cota, Jim Metcafle & George Cota

George and Lela Cota in 1933

Jim and Ella’s wedding day with George
and Lela as attendants

Jim and Ella Metcalfe on their wedding day

Reply/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I have several more pictures of George and Lela Cota and will post
another one. This picture is of their family at their 40th anniversary
in 1977. George and Lela are seated with their grandson Dean. Gary and
his wife Darla and son Maynard are standing behind them. They had their
25th anniversary at Rendahl church in 1962 and my dad had just gotten
his new 8 MM movie camera, so he filmed the entire event and I still
have the film. Dad filmed many events over several years and we have a
large basket full of his reel to reel films. There is no sound, just
color movies, but they are sure fun to watch. I would like to have them
all put on DVD someday so I could make copies for others too.

Vickie–you are right, George Cota’s mother, Mae, was a Keeler and
they lived where Emil Morin later lived. I will attach a picture of Mae
Cota (holding a small girl I don’t recognize) and Gary. This would have
been in the early 40s. I do remember Mae, but never saw her husband that
I can remember. I think he may have died before I was born or shortly
after. Thanks for the info and thanks Gary!

George and Lela Cota are seated with their grandson Dean. Gary and
his wife Darla and son Maynard are standing behind them.

Mae Cota (holding a small girl I don’t recognize) and Gary

04/26/2017 (2516)

Reply to HAPPY PEOPLE LYRICS Posted by Vickie Metcalfe
From Roberta (Gary-’63) Houle:  Champlin, MN

Hi Gary–

The music and lyrics “hit the spot” for me too.  Thanks for the link, Vickie.

Roberta (Gary-’63) Houle


North Dakotan Secret  Service Agent
Posting from Vickie Metcalf (’70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends of Dunseith,


I was a 6th grader at Schultes Elementary School in 1963-64.

Every week, Mr. Gadwa the 1/2 grade six teacher&  1/2  principal drove a bus into Marysville  to Liberty School.

Liberty School shared their  library with our school

I loved to read and  I immersed myself in that library, often carrying  home as  many books I was allowed to  check out or carry.

I ‘d put nose into a book, reading on the bus ride back to Schultes.

One afternoon,  my nose was into a book when Mr. Gadwa pulled over and  stopped the bus.

He rose stood, with a grim look, quietly, and calmly speaking, ” Listen.”

The bus radio crackled  news was broadcasted.

President,  John F. Kennedy had been shot.

Mr. Gadwa’s eyes filled as tears streamed down his face.

In silence, the bus went back to school.

The next few days our nation grieved while  listening to Walter Cronkite.

At home, our family gathered around the black and white.

Gower and TIna Hanson, our landlord’s told us we could watch activities with them.

Gower and Tina lived in an apartment in what had once been a dairy barn.

The day of the president’s funeral,  mom walked  us walked to Gower and Tina’s.

Sitting on the floor we watched and listened to the Presidents funeral in living color.

Gower and Tina  staunch  Seventh Day Adventists were calming influences.

Walter Cronkite was TRUSTWORTHY  he’d speak  about relevant events in  serious confident tones.

Mr. Gadwa embodied  solemn strength as a teacher / principal. ( I discovered years later like President,  he was a WWII vet)

I  never  forgot  the week our President was assassinated or the amazing  strength of our nation.

Years later,  I became an educator.

Whilst in Sidney, one of my friends shared that her paternal cousin had served as  secret service agent.

My friend, Becky  and many of her cousins and extended family  were from the Roseglen, ND  area.

At the time I thought, WOW. “What an interesting bit of  family trivia”.

Now I realize it certainly was not trivia.

Secret Service agent, Clint Hill was  in Dallas at an awful November 1963  moment in American history.

I will be looking for his  book at the Public library.

Until later, V.


Blog (590) posted on October 13, 2009

Reply From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50) sister to Florence Hiatt Schneider Deceased.
Anchorage, AK
Did you know Wesley Schneider does not ride bicycles normaly? He rides them backwards. I wish I had taken pictures of him doing this. He was a wonderful friend to Don and I. We were so much younger then our other brothers and sisters and Wes was so kind to us….He would even take us fishing………………….
From LeaRae Parrill Espe (68): Bottineau, ND.
There was a very nice service for Joey Millang. So many of us old hillbillies came out to support Lorraine and her family. The Handlelands and the Millangs were big families and Joey had many cousins. Pastor Glenn Berge had comforting words for all of us. I am so thankful that our churches can keep going so they are there when we need them. Joey worked for a farmer by Starkweather and that family attended the funeral and praised his work ethic and said he will be so hard the replace.
Terry went to Lockhart country school with the Handlelands so he has always know them. Of course, Monte Espe & his siblings are first cousins to the Millangs on his mother’s side ( Effie House Espe and Jessie House Millang were sisters) and a cousin to Terry on the Espe side so the Art Espe family are mutual cousins.
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
Hey Gary ,
I just came back to school, from Joe Millang’s funeral. Lots of family & friends were there. Dick, Ron and Brenda musical gift sounded excellent.
I sat next to friends of Joe’s from Devils Lake. They told me they were very fortunate to arrive in Bottineau safely. They encountered very narrow escape with a semi coming up on the icey roads from Devils Lake area this morning.
From Vickie Metcalfe:
Karen Larson is one of Ovidia’s daughters. Karen owns the Spectrum. Karen’s husband, Dr. Larson just retired from practicing medicine in Washington state and arrived back in Bottineau this weekend. Ovidia’s daughters are quite active in helping out the Ovidia and Wes. Last month, Wes and Ovidia celebrated their 30+ ..something ……. wedding anniversary! Also in September, Ovidia celebrated her 91st birthday with her family. I believe Wes’ daughter from Minnesota was here too. Wes likes to pick his apples with this daughter when she comes in the fall and shares. However in September, the apples weren’t quite ready, kind of sourly green…Oh but ah.. the last few sunny weeks (prior to the windy and cold snow) they became quite rosy red and with the last frosty freeze… quite sweet.
From Vickie Metcalfe:
Regarding Lela and George Cota, who were very good friends of Uncle Jim and Aunt Ella Metcalfe. Somewhere in the depth of my memories I seem to recall their presence at anniversary parties for Uncle Jim and Aunt Ella. Hey cousins Geri & Gary, were the Cota’s (witnesses) present the day your parents were married in 1934?
I also know George Cota grew up on the farm stead, later occupied by Emil and Genevieve Morin. George Cota’s maternal uncle was married to the paternal (Metcalfe) cousin of Uncle Jim and my Dad. The Keeler’s, lived somewhere north of the William and Rose Metcalfe farm….. east of the Cota farm.
Neighbors; George’s adopted sister, Carroll Carlson’s sister, and our Aunt Leona were noted horsewomen as teens.
George and Lela were solid, generous and true steadfast friends of many hill folk and active in church activities.
The Medlang twins were also from the hills,north of Rendahl or south of Little Prairie. They were cousins to Odin Medlang and Mrs.Kavali.
Ingolf was the long time caretaker at the Peace Garden for many years after Kenneth and Kathleen Sebilius. He’d also go over and help out the cooks in the kitchen at music camp.
Ingolf, a quiet,shy, unassuming bachelor was very active at Peace Lutheran Church. He’d be the guy cleaning,shoveling, vacuuming and putting things in proper places after church or funerals or weddings. He wasn’t afraid to pick up a dishtowel if needed. I think he might have served as treasurer. He was one of those folks who was sometimes overlooked but a sincere, true blue, solid citizen.
Thanks. I’ll hush up now. Vickie

Folks, I know many of you knew Banks Sieber. He was the Bottineau County Agent for many years. I remember when I was a kid, Banks and his wife stopped at our place for a visit when they were out for a Sunday drive. It wasn’t just one of those quick visits either. Banks was an Icon, so that was a special treat. He made good on our dad’s offer to stop in for a visit if he was ever in the area. Gary

Banks Harold Sieber • 1920- 2009

Banks Harold Sieber (88) passed away on October 9, 2009 at Trinity Nursing Home in Minot, ND.

He was born on November 17, 1920 on the family farm SW of Wolford, ND to Banks J. Sieber and Helen (McNitt) Sieber. He attended Wolford Public School and graduated from NDSU with a BS in Agriculture in 1942.

Following college he entered the US Army and served in the European theater for nearly two years receiving an Honorary Discharge on November 11, 1945. On May 22, 1945 he married Evelyn L. Sanderson of Willow City in the Presbyterian Church in Texas where he was stationed. Banks and Evelyn returned to North Dakota after his discharge from the service, to live in Center, ND where he began his career as a County Extension Agent. His career continued in Sheridan County and eventually Bottineau County, where they spent the majority of their life raising four children. He retired August 30th, 1980 after thirty-five years of service.

Banks was active in many community activities and service groups throughout his entire lifetime. He was most proud of the 4-H, Tractor Safety School and Homemakers programs where he was able to shape many young peoples’ lives. He continued to work after retirement with the Bottineau County Weed Board, ND-Manitoba Zero Till Association, the Bottineau Chamber of Commerce and as an independent farm management consultant. In 2007 he was inducted into the ND Agriculture Hall of Fame where he was recognized for his dedicated career with such outstanding accomplishments as organizing the rural water and telephone services. Banks and Evelyn moved to Minot in 1997 where Banks stayed active with the County Weed Board and Golden Kiwanis.

Banks will be remembered not only for his contributions to agriculture but for his friendship and humor which resulted in many lifelong friendships. He and Evelyn enjoyed traveling throughout the United States and were fortunate enough to have visited a number of foreign countries. One of his favorite quotes that depicts his character came from Theodore Roosevelt, “What a man does for himself dies with him. What a man does for his community lives forever”. He enjoyed traveling, reading, watching sports, visiting and keeping up with friends and family from across the country.

Survivors include his wife Evelyn of 65 years, sons Dennis (Jan) Sieber of Bismarck, Byron Sieber of Fargo/Grand Forks, and daughter Elaine (Bob) Anderson of Cedar Hills, Texas, grandchildren Tracy (Jack) Garza, Scott Sieber, Elizabeth Anderson, Erika Anderson, Matthew Anderson, and Benjamin Sieber, Great grandson Ryland Garza, Sister Maxine Strand of Rugby, and sister-in-law Helen Sieber of Pennsylvania and many nieces and nephews.

Banks was preceded in death by his parents, daughter Loretta Sieber, daughter-in-law Karen Sieber, brother Robert Sieber and sister Margret Braaten.

Funeral Service: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at Vincent United Methodist Church, 1024 2nd St. SE, Minot, ND .

Visitation: Monday, October 12, 2009, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Thompson-Larson Funeral Home, Minot.

Internment: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at the North Dakota Veteran’s Cemetery in Mandan, ND.

Those wishing to sign the online guest register or share memories of Banks, may access the online obituaries at www.thompsonlarson.com

In lieu of flowers memorials are requested by family to go to the North Dakota 4-H Foundations, NDSU Dept. 7280, P.O. Box 6050 Fargo, ND 58108-6050.

Amber Alert From Sheryl Stokes Wingate: Port Orchard, WA.
Hi Dad and Neola,I received this today, and thought that we have a pretty good network out in North Dakota. Can you forward this to everyone you have in your email.


Sheryl Wingate


Missing Girl from North Dakota ! You never know where this email could end up and I’m not going to
stop passing this one around if it means a little girl can be found!!!

Please spread this picture far and wide…. You just never know.

Reachelle Marie Smith, Birthdate: 9/10/02. Answers to Peanut.

Sue & Barry Wilcox

(406) 961-4064

04/24/2017 (2515)

Reply to Boucher Question
From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (’59):  Watertown, NJ

Hi Gary,

I am sure that Kay must have an answer to her Boucher question by now. Sorry to be so late with this reply to her question.

Olivier Boucher/Emma Cunegunde Casavant were the grandparents of Merle Boucher.

Louis Boucher/Emma Lord were the parents of Anna and Cora Boucher. Louis and Olivier were brothers.

I descend from a younger brother, Victor Theodor Boucher and Emma Casavant. My grandmother Emma Casavant was a niece of Emma Cunegunde Casavant.

Kay would be welcome to my BOUCHER master files.

Thank you for all you do dear friend. Sharron Gottbreht Shen


Happy People Lyrics
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Very nice Vicky, Thanks for sharing. Gary

G’morning Gary and Bernadette!

I woke up to this song  playing on my radio.

‘Little Big Town……Happy People’

I fell in love with the lyrics and melody  immediately!

I needed  to share  with  you ALL.

Tomorrow,  when  I am with the sixth graders, I hope to share it.

(Last week I,  along with the sixth grade teacher  shared, Tim McGraws, “Always Be Humble and Kind.”)

As ever, I am still country and it is still COOL.

Fond regards.vickie

Happy People Lyrics:


Ole Hagen, Sr. photo and mystery son
Photo from Kaye Lystad-Kirk Fargo, ND

Hi Gary and Neola,

I didn’t know who I should send this query to, because I know you both can reach out to tons of different people.

Here’s my situation: I went through my grandma Emerson’s stash of old pictures AGAIN and found yet another photo that I’m questioning that might have a relative in it (through marriage). I’m attaching the photo to this email.

As you can see, the photo is of two men..an older and a younger man. On the back of the photo Grandma wrote “Ole Hagen Sr.” So I’m assuming that’s the older gentleman. And I’ll also assume the younger one is a son, but which son?

According to the Bottineau County Centennial book, Gro & Ole Hagen, Sr. had four sons:

  1. Thomas (1885-1934)
  2. Ole Jr. (1892-1978)
  3. Charley (1895-1977)
  4. Gilbert (1904-1974)

Do you think there would be anyone that knows anymore which son is in this photograph? The reason I ask is because Ole Jr. is in my Bjornseth tree as he married Olga Aasness. And Charley is in my Torgerson tree as he married Amanda Torgerson. So if it’s one of those two, I can use this photo in my family history.

I’d appreciate it if you can think of anyone who might be able to help.

Thanks and have a nice “rest of your weekend!”


    Ole Hagen, Sr. photo and mystery son


Blog (589) posted on October 12, 2009

Posted on October 12, 2009

Joseph Millang’s Obituary

POSTED: October 11, 2009

BOTTINEAU Joseph Kevin Millang, 43, Starkweather, formerly of Bottineau, was dead Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009, on arrival at a Devils Lake hospital.

He was born Sept. 29, 1966, to Curtis and Lorraine Millang in Bottineau.

Survivors: mother, Bottineau; brother, Jamie, Lincoln; sister, Pennie Graham, Cadillac, Mich.

Funeral: Monday, 10 a.m., First Lutheran Church, Bottineau.

Burial: Little Prairie Cemetery, near Dunseith.

Visitation: Today, 1 to 9 p.m., Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau.

Reply from Gary Morgan (54): GARRISON, ND

Gary & All,
In answer to Larry Liere, Mr. Haines was an Immigration Inspector. Actually, Kim was his son. His daughter’s name was Nan. He transferred out of Dunseith in either 1946 or 47 and was replaced by Les Greener. Thus began a string of great independent basketball teams that Dunseith enjoyed in the late 40s.
Greener later transferred to Seattle, WA and was replaced by Findel Helgeson. In the middle 50s Helgeson transferred to Baudette, MN and was replaced by Kenny Shirk.

Gary Morgan

Question from Ivy Eller Robert (74): Everett, WA.


I’ve been reading these blogs asking if anyone remembers “so & so”! Well I have one, Does anyone in the class of 74 or any other classes remember a guy named Hal Dupet (I’m not sure of the last name spelling). If I remember correctly, I think his folks or at lease his Mom owned or ran Kalven Klinic Store many years ago! I remember him being in the first grade with us, but not sure any other years. Does anyone know what became of him and his Mother?

Also, there was another guy that was in our class for a few years in grade school. His name was Wendell, but I don’t remember his last name. I remember he had moved to Dunseith from Fairbanks, Alaska. For me, it was fascinating to listen to him talk about living up there! How ironic that I lived in Alaska for almost a year, but I was in Anchorage. That was August of 85 to June of 86. While I was there in Anchorage, I ran into Sam Tooke. Well, he came into the store I was working at and I waited on him. Sam graduated the same year as I did. Sometimes it seems like we live in a very small world.

I’ve wondered for years, what happened to Hal & Wendall? Does anyone know?

Ivy Eller Robert (74)

From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.

Gary and folks,

After a little deep cleaning, and crawling down under the house to winterize the vent, a pleasant October Sunday afternoon came to Bottineau. All is calm.

The best part of my afternoon was walking the “furbabies”. Lochbuie and Molly love the Schneiders, “dear hearts” who live across the street. Wes was spied by the two stubborn Westies and they determinedly pulled me up driveway.

Wes and Ovidia keep treats on hand and my dogs know it. They also love getting gentle strokes from Wes. After treating the dogs, Wes and Ovidia treated me to garden delights. Actually, Wes carried over and set two boxes in front of my door. Yum. Red potatoes and red onions straight from fall harvesting of the Schneider garden. I thought I was pretty lucky. Whoa! I hit another Jack pot! I was invited over to pick some apples from Wes’ prize “Sweet Sixteen Tree”. What an afternoon.

I’d purchased an apple peeler/ corer at a rummage sale this summer and was “fixin” to try it out. Isn’t fall the best time for apple crisp? But then, since the juneberry pies turned out in August maybe I’ll try Apple Pie!…………..

Folks,Wes is an original from Dunseith. He often regales me with tales of his youth in Dunseith. He told me once, he graduated from 8th grade but was unable to attend high school as he was needed on the farm. He retired from Bottineau Pride Dairy when he was well into his 80’s. He enjoyed making ice cream there. He and Ovidia are wonderful kind, steady neighbors! And two dogs best neighborhood friends!

Later, Vickie

Vickie, How well I remember Wesley Schneider working at the Creamery from the days that dad hauled cream from the hills. Wesley was married to Evelyn Hiatt (43) until her death in 1963. Evelyn was a sister to Charlotte Lang, Eleanor Fauske, Florence Dahl and Howard Hiatt. Wesley’s step daughter, Ovidaia’s daughter, is the owner of the Spectrum store on Main street there in Bottineau. At the moment I have forgotten her name. Several years after dad’s death when I was in the Spectrum store she said to me “You must be Bob Stokes’ son”. I’m not sure how she figured that out, but she did. I was alone. She then introduced herself as Wesley’s step daughter. She was so friendly and nice. I utilized her professional services having her scan several documents for me and sending them to me via an email attachment. Gary

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I found a picture of some of our well known folks (at least to many),
from days gone by. It looks to me that the writing on the back says
1937. Those in the picture appear to be dressed up for a wedding or
something. They are George and Lela Johnson Cota and, I think, Inga and
Ingolf Medlang, who are twins. It is definitely Ingolf but I’m not sure
about the other gal. Inga was always Lela’s best friend even into the
later years. I was wondering if it could have been Lela and George’s
wedding? I don’t know if I ever heard the year but it should be about
right. They are the parents of Gary Cota who graduated from DHS in
1956. Gary is a first cousin to my mom, as their mothers are sisters.
They all grew up in the Willow Lake area. Thanks Gary!


L to R:– Inga & Ingolf Medlang–Lela & George Cota.
Don’t know the guy in the car.


I thought I’d throw in several pictures today to show you our latest project here in the Philippines. These pictures were taken from our upstairs bedroom window. As of yesterday they finished installing the Baluster Railing in the foreground. What I thought to be a 3 day project turned out to be a 2 week project. Thank god for inexpensive labor. These guys did a nice job though. The total labor cost for 3 guys working 11 days was $190. I paid them premium wages too. With Marble Balusters and ceramic tile, this railing is pretty much maintenance fee. That is my work shop in the foreground and our office partially seen on the right. These two buildings are both the same size, 16′ X 24′. For those of you that are Catholic, the monument on the end of the work shop is of Bernadette’s saints, Bernadette and Lourdes. Gary

This picture, taken in 2005, is of the same area as the picture above before developing. We purchased this lot adjacent to our house after our house was built. We had not planned to live in this area when we initially started building our house. It was to be a temporary house. Our plans were to live in a development. In the process of building our house, Bernadette expressed a desire to make this our permanent home next door to her sister and I agreed. This lot adjacent to our house is 70′ X 210′. We have the entire lot enclosed with a combination of buildings and an 8′ high cement fence. This is a very secure area. We have never had any theft problems at all. Our front gate remains unlocked at all times. There were seven homes/houses including the two in this picture that we had to ask to relocate. That was a painful process, but we got them out of here. There’s no doubt that we are different and a contrast to the neighborhood, but they love having us here as much as we like being here. The Filipino’s are super friendly folks.

This picture is looking the other direction from those above. The building in the back is a three unit apartment. Our helpers live in the first unit. Bernadette’s niece lives in the unit partially hidden to the left. Directly under her unit, we have a gust Apartment. The building to the left is our outside Kitchen and Laundry room. Those are only screen windows in this building, no glass. To the left down the hill on the bottom the lot we have a 4 unit apartment that several of Bernadette’s nieces and nephews live in. Our place is located about 300 feet from the road. We have a garage up on the main road where we park our car.

04/19/2017 (2514)

Dunseith Alumni Website: http://dunseith.net/index


Every single blog, all 2,514, are posted on our Dunseith Alumni Website.


On the home page just click on “Blogs Home”. There is a good search tool with this site too. On the upper right corner just click in the Search box and type whatever it is you are searching for and then press the enter key. To narrow your search you can us quotations.

Example: if you are looking for Peace Garden and you type Peace Garden, without quotes, in the search box it will locate all the Peace words and all the Garden words in all the 2,514 blogs, however if you type “Peace Garden” with the quotes , it will only locate those two words together exactly as they are typed in the quotes.


Lake ice on Horseshoe Lake in the Turtle Mts.
Pictures posted by Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

I remember mentioning several years ago how my grandmother used to watch things in nature and write them on her calendar.  She used to look back and see how things compared over the years as she had kept every calendar since 1926 when they were married.  One thing was the average date the ice had completely cleared off Horseshoe Lake in their front yard.  That date was April 17 of almost every year for 50+ years.

This year I took pictures on the 16th and the 17th and guess what?  I think we just have to see with our own eyes and then make a judgment call on climate change.  My father in law used to say that we need a Mt. St. Helens once in a while just to show man how really insignificant he really is in the total scheme of things. Thanks Gary!


April 16, 2017 Horseshoe Lake with ice

April 17, 2017 Horseshoe Lake. Note the ice is melted


Blog (588) posted on October 11, 2009


Folks, Several of you have notified me in the last couple of days about not getting some of these messages. Please don’t hesitate to let me know when one doesn’t go through so I can resend it. I also post all these messages on our WEB sitehttp://garystokes.net/default.aspx I strip all the email addresses and folks personal contact info when posting these messages and there are some things that I don’t post too, so getting these messages via email is the most complete way of getting them. Gary

Joe Millang passed away:
Posted on the Dunseith Alumni WEB site by Julie Knox Seier (82)
From: Julie Seier
Phone: 701-839-XXX
Curt(deceased) and Lorraine (Handeland) Millang’s son Joseph died unexpectedly yesterday, October 8th at the age of 43. He was not married and did not have children. Never the less he will be missed by all of his family and friends. Please keep Lorraine and her family in your prayers in the difficult days ahead. His obituary should be posted in the Minot Daily News on Saturday or Sunday.(minotdailynews.com) The funeral is going to be at 10:00 am in Bottineau on Monday at First Lutheran Church.Thanks Gary.
Julie Seier

From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
Gary ,
With lots of assistance, I got a home computer hooked up earlier this week. I note with dismay this a.m. reading the Minot Daily Obit section of the passing of someone with lots of Dunseith connections.
JOSEPH MILLANG, 43, Dunseith, died Thursday in a Devils Lake hospital. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)
My heart reaches out to Lorraine (H) Millang and the family in their sorrow.
I’m up early this a.m. It’s anti-bullying week across the nation and our school,along with the local Wal-Mart’s assistance ran a poster contest among students in grades 2-6. I got excited when so many children participated. Ah, to see the creativity burst forth! I just couldn’t judge as the posters came in, and was quite happy to turn that over to a panel of five. I want each kid to continue educational pursuits with enthusiasm! AND be cognizant of bullying.This little project kept me on my toes, as the kids kept me hopping. This a.m. I needed to get up early and continue my focus on winding down the activity. Until later. As ever, Vickie
Folks, A little history about how I got this photo of Lorraine & Linda. A friend of ours from Bremerton, WA. was visiting the Peace Garden and struck up a conversation with Lorraine & Linda. They said they knew me so she took a picture of them and sent it to me. It had been 45 years since I had seen either Lorraine or Linda. I did not recognize them in the picture. Folks do change some over the years. When I posted this picture I had lots of replies from you folks letting me know who they were. Isn’t this a beautiful picture. Gary
Peace Garden – July 2008
Lorraine Handeland Millang (61) and Linda Millang (63)
Reply from Lyle Olson (75): West Fargo, ND
Good morning Gary and all:I enjoyed reading Trish Larson’s news of moving to Estes Park, CO. The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park is truly a beautiful place to live. I worked there for the National Park Service for 3 summers back in 1984 – 1987. We worked 4 ten-hour shifts and had a 3-day weekend every week of the summer. Needless to say, I explored every inch of the high mountain trails and fished for trout almost daily. Trish’s notation of sizeable elk herds is right on the mark. Elk would often invade Estes Park and destroy gardens and vegetation. The native residents understood this problem but the summer visitors were often quite annoyed. A few years back my older brother, Don, and I went through Estes Park and golfed there. The golf course is often filled with Elk and you just learn to play around them, but most importantly you must learn to play around their droppings!

The National Park Service provides cabins for its summer employees. One summer, I had the privilege to live in an apartment at the Information site high atop Trail Ridge Road, about 11,500 feet in elevation. It was hard to get a charcoal grill going at the elevation but I really enjoyed the nights as you could see the stars just as clear as clear can be at that height.

I hoping Trish enjoys her new home as much as I enjoyed living there!

L. Olson (1975)

04/17/2017 (2513)

Posted by Larry Hackman (’66):   Bismarck, ND

The grandson strikes  again.
Way to go Nate! Proud of Nate and the Cobbers!

Cobber Athletics on Twitter

“WINNER, WINNER, NATE LEINTZ WALKOFF GRANNY WINNER! Nate Leintz pounds a 1-2 pitch over the left field fence for a walkoff grand slam. https://t.co/uDi3qVWddy


Blog (587) posted on October 9, 2009

Posted on October 9, 2009

Folks I made a huge error with my reply yesterday to Diana Honsey Fiebiger Reply. Diana’s parents are Glen and Clarice Honsey, not Leonard and June Salmonson (49) Honsey. Diana, I am so sorry for the mix up. I had you mixed up with your cousin Sharon who is Leonard and June’s Daughter.

Thank you so much Dick Johnson & Evon Lagerquist for pointing out this error and bringing it to my attention.

Folks if you see errors, please let me know so they can be corrected.

Thanks, Gary


Reply from Diana Honsey Fiebiger (71): Cooperstown SD.

Doris & Faye are my aunts. I so well know the picture on the map Gary is talking about. I have a flower bed with wagon wheel running gear and a rose bush growing around it. Whenever working around the spot I think of Doris. Of course I am just a little prejudice-yes they are beautiful woman. Doris lives in Hastings Mn. Faye lives in Palm Desert, CA. Harvey & Leonard are still living in Seattle , WA.

Reply from Dianne Robert Johnson (76): Rolla, ND.

This message is for Trish Larson,

Hi Trish, I was just in Co in July, my husband & I met his family in Granby. Fished for Trout, in the Frasier, Shadow Mt. & Blue rivers. Had a great time, I love Co. !! We try go every other year.

have a good day,

Dianne (Rober’t) Johnson (76)

Reply From Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

To Trish Larson:

Reading your message,brought home a flood of memories of when I lived in Denver for 4 yrs. right out of high school. WoW what beautiful country…it’s endless. It seems like no matter where I’ve lived, I’ve left a peice of my heart. It’s a great expierence, but has left me torn alot longing to be in so many places at once. As i get older I get more settled,but that picture of you on your horse with the Rockie Mountains in the background almost choked me up. Colorado was definately a great period in my life. We have a radio talk show host out here in Charlotte,by the name of John Hancock from Estes Park. He talks about Estes Park all the time. I call into his show from time to time…there seems to be the instant bond,knowing were the same age,and remember the same events in Denver during that period,cuz he was still living there when I was there. Well gotta go Trish….Thanks for sharing….Thanks for the memories…. Ms. Aggie

Reply/pictures from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I think the Jack Hosmer interview was actually in 1982. The first
line says Dunseith will be celebrating it’s 100th in a week–so it would
be ’82. When Jack spoke of hauling mail for 42 years, it brought to mind
that we have the buffalo coat and the horsehide mitts that Jack wore,
now on display at the Rolette County museum. There is a placard
explaining the coat and mitts and their use. The old vehicles weren’t
made for operator comfort so the mail carriers had to dress accordingly.
I’ll send along a picture of my grandfather, Henry Olson, and Carl
Watschke when they were rural mail carriers in the late 40s and early
50s. This gives an idea of some of the vehicles they used just after the
horses were replaced by motor vehicles.

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Dean Helgeson’s (65) reply when asked if Carlan is his Brother:

Gary, In one word -yes He was a good student and is currently a minister with the UCC denomination in Spring Hill , Florida.

Dean and Carlan’s dad, Findell Helgeson, was a Border Patrol/Customs agent when they attended Dunseith back in the 50’s. I believe Dean was in the 7th or 8th grade when they moved out of the area. That would have been in about 1959 or 60. Carlan would have been in the first or second grade. Gary


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Submitted Photo —
Claudette McLeod, left, and Sandra Poitra, members of the Dunseith Horizons Steering Committee, are shown Aug. 8 during the Horizons community meal at the Dunseith powwow. The Dunseith Horizons served 500 meals to powwow participants and attendees, with the meals funded by the Northwest Area Foundation.

DUNSEITH: A Dunseith group is working to reduce poverty in its community.

Dunseith is one of 15 current Horizons communities in the state of North Dakota. The program is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, and facilitated by North Dakota State University Extension Service.

Horizons is a community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in small, rural (less than 5,000 poplation, at least 10 percent poverty) communities faced with economic decline and demographic change.

The Dunseith community had more people living in poverty than the Turtle Mountain Reservation itself, according to the 2000 U.S. Census, said Delvin Cree who is contact/steering committee member with Dunseith Horizons.

“We live in the fourth district off the reservation but we are still part of the reservation proper because of the McCumber Agreement signed in 1904,” said Cree. “We are in a unique situation because we can use tax credits and/or tax exemption as part of our development projects because of Indian trust land located in the Dunseith area. We also have the option to work with state government off Indian trust land to make projects happen. Both would be beneficial.”

Dunseith is part of the third phase of the Horizons program which is called Horizons III, Cree said.

Other communities who are part of the Horizons III are Rolla, Leeds, Fordville, Lakota, Minnewaukan, Fessenden, Underwood, Fort Yates, McClusky, Tolna, Hannaford, Marion, Napoleon and Sheldon.

The Dunseith community got involved in Horizons when Gail Gette, Towner County extension agent in Cando who is regional Horizons coach, approached the community in September 2008 to discuss the project, Cree said. “Nineteen community members attended the informational meeting and left learning more about building leadership and reducing poverty issues in the Dunseith area.”

An application process with required poverty statistics and other pertinent information was needed to be accepted as an eligible Horizons community, Cree said. “I submitted the application and the Dunseith community was accepted.”

Since October 2008, the group has organized, conducted study circles to help people understand poverty and develop ideas to reduce it, built leadership and taken part in events in the community, among its efforts completed or to be completed.

Currently, the Dunseith group has six “core” steering committee members and overall, there are 10 people who have been part of the steering committee meetings, Cree said.

The group co-sponsored an “open house” for the Turtle Mountain Suicide Prevention Program.

During the Dunseith powwow in August, they served meals to more than 500 Dunseith powwow participants and attendees, with the meals funded by the Northwest Area Foundtion.

They developed and circulated a community-wide survey to at least 15 percent of total population. The community survey taken for the Dunseith area and U.S. Census information will be used for future funding and grant purposes, Cree said.

The group is compiling the results from the community surveys to develop a community vision statement that results in solid action on leadership and poverty according to information from compiled surveys.

Other plans include getting more Dunseith community people involved.

On Sept. 23, steering committee members Jeff Baker, Sandra Poitra and Cree took part in the Horizons Partnership Luncheon and workshop in Bismarck. The event was held to facilitate all N.D. Horizons communities’ connections with partners, services, resources and programs across the state.

Dunseith Horizons’ plans for March 2010 are to celebrate Dunseith’s completion of Horizons with other North Dakota Horizons’ communities in Bismarck, Cree said.

The Dunseith group hopes to receive the $10,000 grant from Northwest Area Foundation, St. Paul, Minnesota, to sustain community strategies for poverty reduction and leadership, Cree said.

“I was approached last week by a Dunseith school official to see if the Horizons group would be part of a planned Thanksgiving meal put on by the high school students. A proposal was sent to our tribal officials for their sponsorship and participation also,” Cree said.

“We trained some of our high school students in leadership development last year when we did the Leadership Plenty Training. It’s nice knowing they working in collaboration to make something so caring and positive for the community. What’s more important, they are taking a leadership role to do it,” he added.

For more about Dunseith Horizons visit (Dunseith.communityblogs.us/). A link to the community survey will be posted on the blog shortly.

Pasted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.


Kulas, Juneau to receive Indian education awards

By ELOISE OGDEN Regional Editor eogden@minotdailynews.com

POSTED: October 7, 2009

Cheryl Kulas, retired executive director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, and Denise Juneau, a former New Town teacher and now Montana state superintendent of Public Instruction, will be honored with prestigious awards by the National Indian Education Association at its convention Oct. 22-25 in Milwaukee, Wis.

Kulas will receive the NIEA Lifetime Achievement Award and Juneau will receive the NIEA Educator of the Year Award. Six other individuals also will be honored.

The NIEA award winners have demonstrated exceptional achievement or performance in providing quality instruction to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students.

Kulas was executive director of the N.D. Indian Affairs Commission for eight years until retiring this year. Her past experiences include serving as director of Indian education in N.D.; and consultant to the U.S. Office of Indian Education, Improving American Schools Act. She has served with a number of North Dakota organizations and boards. She is a member an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe, Pine Ridge, S.D., and a descendant/member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa in N.D. Gov. John Hoeven, in announcing the new commission executive director, Scott Davis, in April, said of Kulas, “Her work in education and state-tribal relations has made a real difference in the lives of countless Native peoples, and especially young tribal members.”

Juneau, an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Reservation, grew up in Browning, Mont., on the Blackfeet Reservation. She was elected Montana’s state school superintendent in 2008 and is the first American Indian woman to win a statewide executive office in Montana. She began her teaching career in New Town where she taught eighth- and ninth-grade English and coached speech and debate. Before being elected to her present post, she was director of Indian education for the Montana Department of Public Instruction. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Montana State University in Bozeman, a master’s degree in education from Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and a law degree from the University of Montana Law School in Missoula.

NIEA is the largest and oldest Indian education organization in the United States

From Marge Landsverk Fish (57): mgoldfish@att.net Horicon, WI

HI Gary and all.

I thought this e-mail was so good I had to pass it on.

It fits the whole Dunseith past.

I hope you print it.

Marge Fish

I wish the old paths were before us instead of behind us.


I liked the old paths, when
Moms were at home.
Dads were at work.
Brothers went into the army.
And sisters got married BEFORE having children!

Crime did not pay;
Hard work did;
And people knew the difference.

Moms could cook;
Dads would work;
Children would behave.

Husbands were loving;
Wives were supportive;
And children were polite.

Women wore the jewelry;
And Men wore the pants.

Women looked like ladies;
Men looked like gentlemen;
And children looked decent.

People loved the truth,
And hated a lie.

They came to church to get IN,
Not to get OUT!

Hymns sounded Godly;
Sermons sounded helpful;
Rejoicing sounded normal;
And crying sounded sincere.

Cursing was wicked;
Drugs were for illness;
And divorce was unthinkable.

The flag was honored;
America was beautiful;
And God was welcome!

We read the Bible in public;
Prayed in school;
And preached from house to house.

To be called an American was worth dying for;
To be called an American was worth living for;
To be called a traitor was a shame!

I still like the old paths the best!

‘The Old Paths’ was written by a retired minister who lives In Tennessee

04/14/2017 (2512)

Jim Hiatt (’67).

Folks, I have been chatting with Jim Hiatt this morning. It’s morning for me, Evening for most of you. Today is Jim’s birthday. It’s been nearly 50 years since I’ve seen Jim too. Growing up we were very close neighbors. Jim has lived in Oregon for many years. Norman & Irene Hiatt and family lived one mile east of us in the Ackworth community. At times we were back and forth almost daily in our childhood days.  Good memories.

As I recall, Rodney Lagerquist and Jim are nearly the same age, so Rodney too I think will be having or has recently had a birthday also.



Reply to Eleanore Hiatt Fauske
From Marlys Hiatt (’71):  Dunseith, ND

Eleanore, you are just beautiful in every way.

Marlys Hiatt


Reply to Eleanore Hiatt Fauske
From Greg LaCroix (’66):  Fargo, ND



Reply to Boucher Relative question
From Allen Richard (’65):  Midland, MI

I think Merle’s grandfather could be their brother.  You would need to check with Merle.  You could also check with Carmen Richard.

She is also on Face Book.



Reply to Boucher Relative question
From Carmen Richard:  Rolette, ND

In answer to the Boucher question, Coranna LaCroix and Anna Richard were first cousins to Merle’s grandfather, Emil Boucher.  The women’s father was Louis Boucher and Emil’s father was Oliver.


Trying to locate Emma Mae Peterson
Posting from Cheryl Camp Olson:  Minnesota

Hi Gary, my name is Cheryl Camp Olson and I am looking for more information on Emma Peterson. My sister and brother both sent in DNA and she came up. My father was born in 1929, in Camps Maternity Hospital in Fargo. He was left there by his birth mother, who was single at the time. Dad was raised by Mrs Jenny Camp, owner of said hospital. Emma Mae Peterson was listed as his birth mother. I do not want to upset anybody by this news, but if anyone might have any information on her, we sure would love to hear about her.  Email me atcrolson57@msn.com  or call my cell phone 218-348-2403. Thank you


Pictures posted by Larry Hackman (’66): Bismarck, ND

Elizabeth Grace Schmidt: Granddaughter of
Betty (Hackman) Schmidt – deceased & Gordon Schmidt
Betty Jr. = Grand daughter of Betty (Hackman) Schmidt – deceased & Gordon Schmidt

Elizabeth Grace Schmidt
born 1:43 AM to Gordon Jr. & Melanie Schmidt
7 lb. 13Oz.
20 inches long


Nate Leintz
baseball player
pictured on the front of todays program.
21 years old
big good looking guy
Son of Angie (Hackman) Leintz and Scott Leintz
playing baseball for the Fargo-Moorhead, MN. Cobbers


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

Richard Morin | 1918 – 2017


Richard Morin, age 99 of Dunseith, died on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in his home. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 10:00 A.M. in St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Dunseith. A wake will be held on Monday, beginning at 6:00 P.M. with a prayer service at 8:00 P.M. in the church.

Richard Morin, a son of Peter P. and Mary (Gladue) Morin, was born on January 18, 1918 at home in Medicine Lake, Montana. While still a toddler, his father moved his family to the Turtle Mountains. Richard attended school at Fort Totten and Rolla for a time, graduating from Flandreau boarding school in SD. After graduating, he returned home to work on the family farm and for several area farmers. On February 5, 1942 he enlisted in the Army Air Force. After basic training he was sent to England and was deployed to Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. From there they marched towards Germany, but before reaching Germany, the Germans surrendered. Richard received an honorable discharge from the Army Air Force on October 1, 1945 with the rank of Staff Sargent. He also received a medal for Good Conduct and a Service Ribbon for European-African-Middle Eastern Service.

He returned home to work construction. On June 14, 1949, he was united in marriage to Madeline Parisien at St. Ann’s Church in Belcourt N.D. They then moved to Underwood N.D. where he worked on the Garrison Dam. As their family began to grow, they returned to Dunseith where Richard began working at the Dunseith Day school as bus driver/custodian. He retired from bus driving in 1978, but couldn’t slow down so he started working at the International Peace Garden in grounds maintenance for several years, then at Garden Gate Golf Course. Madeline passed away on June 21, 2005.

Richard was a member of Dunseith American Legion and the Knights of Columbus. He will be remembered for his huge vegetable gardens. Richard loved a good game of cards, which included Pinochle, Canasta, Cribbage, Whist and Poker.

If you were playing with him you could not leave until he won, so some of the games were pretty lengthy and very noisy. He also enjoyed bowling, fishing, golfing and bingo. In his younger years, he liked sleigh rides with the horse and sleigh, ice skating and skiing. He loved to dance and hosted many Bush Dances which included square dancing, jigging and, of course, a good waltz. He enjoyed his grandchildren and great grandchildren and lately he particularly enjoyed Aubrey, whom he called “The Boss”.

He is survived by daughters, Gail (Raphael) Trottier of Belcourt, Alison (Casey) Maloney and Sherri (Michael) Gladue, both of Dunseith; a son, Bernard (Robin) Morin of Dunseith; 17 grandchildren; 26 great-grandchildren; 1 great-great grandchild; sisters-in-law, Grace Morin of Ashland, MT and Beatrice Vivier of Dunseith and many nieces and nephews.

Richard was preceded in death by his parents, wife Madeline, daughters, Donna Kjorsvik, Connie Vivier, sons, Duane and Claude Morin; great grandchild Serenity Gladue; sister Eva Morin; brothers, Joseph, Moses, Emil and Roman.


Blog (586) posted on October 8, 2009

Posted on October 8, 2009

Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

Hey Dick,

I really like that idea even better…just keeping it small and simple,and fun! If we already have that “Hwy 43 Bunch” locked down for entertainment,were half way there already in completing the plans…In all fairness to you,and Brenda,and Ron,with you offering to do the entertainment,it would be with the understanding that you play as much,or as little as you guys want to…Wow that would be Great! I know it’s a ways off, but anyone who thinks you might be interested in doing this please contact me,by e-mail or phone. Does anyone out there have any idea about a location we could do this? I already got one e-mail with someone expressing interest in doing this,so as we get closer to May,I’ll maybe hear from more people. So far there’s 4 of us…Good Start! If anyones wondering about why May? I guess for me that’s the only time I’ll be home,cuz I’ll be coming home for like 10 days for my nephews graduation in Rolette. So anyway were all opened to suggestions.Thanks for the input Dick!… Ms. Aggie

Reply from Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN


I’d like to enter my ‘yea’ vote to Aggie’s suggestion of another, more low-key, reunion in Dunseith. I would gladly drive up for it and I’m sure there are others who don’t live in the immediate area who would attend, also. Dunseith Days is a scheduled yearly event – maybe it could be arranged to have the reunion at the same time as Dunseith Days?

Paula Fassett-Pfuhl

Reply from Verena (Pete 65) Gillis: Dunseith, ND.

> For the mini event-we have the commons area and the library at the
Dunseith High School or the gym itself. Tables and chairs can be set up
along with a PA system in the gym (which we have). We also still have
the old stage in the gym.
Let me know. Our graduation date is May 23rd, 2010.


Aggie, It sounds as though Verena has a good offer. Having Verena on board with you too, planning this event, is a good thing. Verena is the greatest. She will leave no stone unturned right down to the last detail. We, the class of 65 can vouch for Verena’s talents with the excellent job she did facilitating our reunion. Select a date and time and go for it. I like the keeping it simple part too. Gary

Reply from Diana Honsey Fiebiger: Seattle, WA.

Doris & Faye are my aunts. I so well know the picture on the map Gary is talking about. I have a flower bed with wagon wheel running gear and a rose bush growing around it. Whenever working around the spot I think of Doris. Of course I am just a little prejudice-yes they are beautiful woman. Doris lives in Hastings Mn. Faye lives in Palm Desert, CA. Harvey & Leonard are still living in Seattle , WA.

Folks, Diana’s parents are Leonard and June Salmonson (49) Honsey. Gary

Reply from Trish Larson (73): Estes Park, CO

Hi Gary,

I just moved to Estes Park, CO to live high on a mountain top with a view every morning from my bed of the the snow covered mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. I was on a ride today and saw 4 or 5 huge herds of Elk grazing and bugling. It’s like a dream – certainly paradise to me. I was chastised by the park ranger for riding “off trail” though – something I just can’t get used to. I love bushwacking the best – just taking off the trail through the woods and never knowing what lies beyond the next ridge. That’s allowed in the National Forest where I usually ride – but not in the National Park apparently. Ooops. Or Uff dah as we like to say.

This Friday I head to the mountains near Salida, CO for a 6 day trip on horses hunting Elk with a good friend and excellent hunter/horse packer. We’re planning to ride through snowstorms to get to high hunting grounds, and he was all worried about me. They do have some pretty good snows here, but I’m sorry, they just don’t compare to North Dakota blizzards. I told him I was definitely not going to cancel. He’s been waiting 6 years to get a permit for that area where the “big bulls are”. I’m not going to miss the fun because of a little snowstorm – are you kidding? We’re taking 2 saddle horses and our gear on two pack horses. We hope to be hauling out a nice big bull – I’ll send photos if we have success!

Love the stories and photos everyone sends. By the way – my mom used to teach with Mildred Parrill. Does anyone remember her as their teacher? She loved her kids in 2nd grade at Dunseith 1970-73…..

Take care Gary. I’ll be back in touch in about 10 days….

And I’m really glad to hear you’ve been spared the fury of those storms.

Trish Larson 73

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Hi Gary,

When I read the Dunseith news, it read like there should be more to the last sentence. I checked the Courant top and bottom pieces (above/below the Dunseith news), but I can’t locate anything that seems to continue the sentence. It’s probably there, and I don’t see it.



I’m so glad you enjoyed Highway 43’s picture. I took three pictures, rather hurriedly, so I didn’t get any really good pictures. I sat in the aisle chair in the back for their performance, so I could slide my chair into the aisle and have a wonderful view of the stage. I didn’t want to “parade” to the front to take pictures during the performance, so I took the pictures when they were setting up. I wanted the picture to show the background, as I think it’s different from many backgrounds. Next year, I’ll take my time and will, hopefully, get a better picture.



It’s thanks to my mom and dad’s saving almost everything, that I find these neat clippings. Dad subscribed to the Dunseith “paper” (Pioneer) when he was in Dunseith (I can’t remember if it closed while he was in Dunseith.) and also the Turtle Mt. Star. When my brother, Jim, bought a house in Bottineau, Mom’s belongings, including newspapers, were moved to Jim’s house and later to my basement. I’m guilty of being a “pack rat”, too–much to my husband’s chagrin, so I still have the newspapers. I was so surprised/happy/excited when I saw your/Brenda’s wedding clipping–a handsome young groom and a beautiful young bride.


From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I received a package today from Margaret Seim Lawston. It contained
more interesting history from our area. In it were pictures from their
old family album, the scorebook from the Kelvin baseball team from the
’20s, many obituaries of the pioneers from this area, and Eva’s school
pictures from kids she taught through the years. I would like to post
some of this material when I have time to go through it. I did find a
newspaper clipping of an interview with Jack Hosmer which I think will
be of interest to most of our readers, as everyone knew Jack. I would
like to thank Margaret for sending me these items. I will see that they
are preserved in a way that will be best for all those in the area.
After I go through and post some of them on the blog, I will put several
at the Rolette County museum for all to see in the future. Thanks
Margaret and Gary!


Dick, I think this news paper clipping was in 1969. Gary
Jack Hosmer.

Reply/Picture from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.

No doubt EJ is right, it was she holding Lori and not myself. I remember Lori as a toddler that day, propted on my shoulder so Charleton Heston could appreciate his youngest local fan! Indeed he chucked her chin and said hello sweetie. EJ swooned so who was holding Lori? Mr. Heston was one fine fellow and I think he felt right at home in the Garden State. He may have wanted fall on his knees after bouncing around on that doubtful airfield west of Hwy 3 and more than thankful for a ride with Sunderlund to Minot the next day. Does anyone remember the one engine plane canopy that would not slide? Mr. Heston finally leaned into the task opening the back seam of his jacket and got out of that there plane quick. I may be telling on Edgar, but I am certain that Heston spent the rest of the afternoon at Dale’s Motel. Dad hustled between Rm 9 and his office with some VO and ice and all present had refreshments; young George too met Heston at that time. Someone must have done some emergency repair work on the jacket Rita Anderson mentioned and the store would have been just the place to don it before his run to the hills.

The dedication of the Ten Commandment Monolith was the first major event I attended at the gardens. A photo appeared in TIME or LOOK or some such magazine the next week and Ray Lake was certain that he saw Jean Lake and myself in the crowd??? According to the history timeline, the monument was a gift of the Fraternal Order of Eagles of SD, ND and MB in 1956. Lori was born in Nov of that year so the dedication was probably July 1957. I remember the fine band performance mentioned by Larry and am glad to hear Devils Lake had the honor; Rolla’s band represented ND at the International Peace Garden dedication 14 July 1932. Since the International Music Camp was established in 1956, a selection by both Canadians and Americans might also have performed.

Vivian Bakken Osen formerly of Emerado, was a good friend and frequent visitor to our home; this great picture of young Evie, Mom and Divvy was taken by her sister Alpha Bakken in June 1960. Sharron

News paper clippings provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: neolag@min.midco.netBottineau & Minot, ND.

Henry Hagen (77) Son of Clarence & Mary Ann Hagen

Norman Larson is Diane (70) and Cheryl’s (71) father. His wife and the girls mother, deceased, was Verdellis Richard, sister to Leona (Bob) Richard Hosmer.

04/10/2017 (2511)

Happy 94th birthday Eleanore (Stubby) Hiatt  Fauske

Stubby you are looking great. You look the same now as you did 50 years ago.
Beautiful as ever and mentally sharp as tack.
Fauske, Stubby 4-10-2017


Boucher Relative question in reply to Allen Richard (’65)
Question From Kaye Lystad-Kirk:  Fargo, ND.

Are Cora Boucher LaCroix and her sister Anna Boucher Richard any relation to Merle Boucher, son of Alfred Boucher of Rolette? My sister, Susan, is married to Merle. (He was in the ND legislature.)


Lola Metcalfe Pictures Provided by Vicky Metcalfe (’70)
Posted by Karen Larson: Bottineau Spectrum 

Jim and Ella Metcalfe Girls in 1950 or 1951
My guess:  Margaret,  Geri Holding Lola, Helen and Patti.
Metcalfe 4-10-2017=1

Metcalfe 4-10-2017-1

Metcalfe 4-10-2017-2


Blog (585) posted on October 7, 2009

Posted on October 7, 2009

Folks, at the moment there is another storm passing through the PI. They are predicting Typhoon level. So far the only affects that we have had of this storm here in Cebu are dark cloudy sky’s with a few light sprinkles of rain with about 20 MPH winds. The brunt of most of these storms pass to the north of us and hammer Manila. Gary

Reply from Margaret Seim Lawston (54) Citrus Heights, CA

Hi Gary. I’m reading the blogs every day. About Doris Honsey, She
and I were in the first grade together at Hilltop school.My folks
lived on the Micklemyer place for one year . My Grandfather John
died and my Dad went back to the farm to farm for Grandma Ingrid. So
only one year at Hilltop. I recall Doris was burned very badly and
her Mom was gone with the car and her brothers got her to my Dad’s
and he drove her to Bottineau to the hospital. Dad said the trip was
terrible because she was in great pain. Yes she was beautiful and had
no scares on her face. We were the only first graders and Mrs Perry
was our teacher. The communication with all of you N.D. people is
truly a treasure. Thanks all. Margaret Seim Lawstoon {maybe it
wasn’t the MIcklemyer place . It s the place where Carmen Myer lives
now. I’ve been gone 49 years so I may have things mixed up!!!!!

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

Mel– On Thursday, Ron was having trouble with hearing in his right
ear so asked us to switch sides so he could hear me better to sing
harmony. It was a bit odd but it went fine. We played eight times during
the four days and I saw quite a few ‘repeat offenders’ from the earlier
shows so it must have been OK for some folks anyway. Maybe they just
came back to hear our Norwegian jokes! I really felt like I had gone
back to my roots, with the thousands of blond haired and blue eyed
Scandinavians who were there. I saw a cute bumper sticker— ‘ Just Give
Me The Lutefisk and Nobody Gets Hurt!’ I understand!!!!!

Aggie and Gary–I would think it would be fun to have a ‘low key’
gathering for DHS folks. Just getting together for visiting without the
rigors of the reunion routine would interest me more than a full blown
deal. I think that ‘Highway 43’ bunch could probably come up with a few
beer drinking songs for us. At one time I thought our class should just
meet and have a steak fry and hash over the last 40 years or so—not
much planning or expense with that. Plan on!

Neola–Where in the world did you find that clipping? Gary said you
save a lot of stuff—-holy smokes those people look young! I remember
the Sherwood guys were planning to really mess up my car while the
wedding was going on. I knew they would probably get carried away and I
had just bought the car and was worried they might do something that
couldn’t be fixed. That morning I hid my car out at Brenda’s
grandparent’s farm, in a locked garage. We had a guy pull up in front of
the church and we jumped in and got a ride out to my car. I KNEW those
guys would be bad—couldn’t take the chance! That week it had rained
for several days– and inches– and the streets were being rebuilt. The
street in front of the church was–MUD–MUD–MUD. We went down to the
elevator and borrowed a bunch of grain doors for the boxcars and made
sidewalks so people could at least get into the church. I guess I could
say things went without a hitch—but then that wouldn’t be right!
Thanks Guys!


Reply from Rita Anderson (Former Gamble store owner): Fargo, ND

Henry Sunderland was responsible for getting Heston to the Peace Garden. Heston flew from Minot to Dunseith, and Edger Anderson picked him up. Heston changed clothes at the Gamble store then he and Sunderland drove him to the Peace Garden. Upon their return, they had coffee at the cafe next door, then Edger drove him back to his plane to return to Minot. I don’t remember of any band being there. This was in 1957.

Rita Anderson

Reply from Don Lamoureux (75): Bethel, MN

Regarding Charleton Heston’s visit, I always remember being told the Crystal Cafe’s claim to fame was “Heston ate here”.

Don Lamoureux (75)

Reply From Evon Lagerquist (77): Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary,

Besides Faye and Doris, Arla had 3 sons: Glen, Harvey, and Leonard. Glen passed away a few years ago, Leonard lives in Seattle, WA., and I’m not sure if Harvey is still living or not. The last I heard(at Glen’s funeral), he was not very well. He also lived in Seattle, I think.. Hope this is helpful.


Message from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

I hate to lose the old stories I heard from my dad every time one of his brothers came to the house. Art Sime was a good one, he went back a couple years further and all the defectors that came back from Seattle and talked old times.

Stories like the Swede Boys. They were guys that could grab a 180 lbs. hog by one ear and swing him up into a triple wagon box. They had the corner on putting one foot on the ceiling, at their house parties. Granted, some of those houses had low ceilings in those days. Old George Gottbrecht pulling a chamber pot across the stage with the help of a long piece of piano wire in one of his plays at City Hall. Emil Morin was another one, close that one eye and laugh until the tears came. Maybe we had a weird sense of humor, but I don’t see too many people these days reminiscing like that and I miss it.

One thing future generations might be interested in is how we took for granted six full meals a day during haying time, which was from 4th of July to freeze up. Thrashing required eight to ten men. Meal schedule was before daylight breakfast; mid morning lunch in the field; noon back at the house for dinner (as we called it); afternoon lunch in the field; dark was suppertime and I don’t know about others, but we had a quart of peaches or pears plus more before “hitting the hay” as my dad called it.

Those old team of horses would stick their noses in the water tank half way to their eyes and drink in the evening before going to the barn for oats.

We all drank from the same long handled metal dipper. Water never tasted that good since. No refrigerator or electric lights either. Remember when we had to go pick juneberries for tomorrow’s meal, Olinda Eurich?

With the blog, some little piece of information that I did not know keeps coming up and I will take a new look at why they did what they did. Yes, the blog should be enjoyable for future generations. I think everyone has at least one hero that we may not be hearing about…..but you are not done yet Stokes!!! You ROCK.

Gary Metcalfe

Gary M, you are absolutely correct, We are not done yet. Gary S.

July 12, 2007 – Garden Gate Golf coarse, Dunseith, ND.
Esther Murray Fleming (65) – Flint, MI

Karen (68), Gary (66), Arnold & Arlene Wenstad

Trish Larson Clayburgh (73) in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

This is a beautiful picture taken in the Turtle Mountains that I believe Kenny Nerpel provided.

04/07/2017 (2510)

Happy Birthday Lydia Fauske LaCroix Beck
From Allen Richard (’65): Midland, MI

Leonard LaCroix and my dad were first cousins.  His mother was Cora Boucher LaCroix and her sister Anna Boucher Richard was her sister.

Happy birthday Lydia!!!


Blog (584) posted on October 6, 2009

Posted on October 6, 2009

Reply from Larry Liere (55):Devils Lake, ND.

Hi Gary

A little more history about the 10 commandments monument. I was at the event and I think the dedication of the monument was about 1956 because the Devils Lake Band which was the Governor’s Band for North Dakota was invited to play for the dedication. Bob Leonard is correct Charleton Heston was asked to come because he was the star of the Ten Commandments movie. It was a very big event with people coming from all over to see Mr Heston. Dignitaries from the state were there and Mr Heston gave a very nice talk. It may have been one of the bigger events ever held at the Peace Gardens.


Reunion suggestion from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

Hi Gary,

Everyone must be getting the fall blues,with no news…or I missed my morning Dunseith “Whats Happening News” on the blog. I can’t thank Neola enough for the picture of the Hwy 43 Band,AKA, Dick Brenda&Ron…. Can never get enough pictures!

I was just thinking, It would be fun to plan a mini-“BLOG REUNION” for the people who live in the general area of Dunseith ,Rolette, Bottineau, area around the time of the High School Graduations, when people from far away,just might be in the area. Nothing fancy…just a gathering at an agreed location to hang out for the evening and visit. Like a steak house, or pot luck at someones cabin at the lake, or farm yard, or town yard…just anywhere(except “Beer Can Alley…LOL) just to hang out and visit.

If anyone would be interested in doing this give me a “holla” at 803-389-1315 or by e-mail…Maybe we could get those “Highway 43 People” play us a couple songs…

Thanks Gary….Ms.Aggie

Man Aggie, this sounds like a great idea. If I was in the area I’d love to attend something like this. Is there a City Hall or Senior Center in Dunseith that would work for something like this? This would be an Alumni event, so I’m sure you could arrange to meet at one of the schools too. I know you could easily find venders that would set in the area to sell snacks, hot dogs etc. All you need is a place for people to be able to sit down and shoot the breeze and of coarse a place for Highway 43 to be able to set up too. Now is the time to start planning this, so folks can make plans. I agree with you, keep it simple. Gary

Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): Saint John, ND.

Howdy Gary,

I have a question for Dick Johnson. Did the picture of you guys at the Hotfest get put in backwards or when you got down there amongst all the rest of dem Norveegins did you forget where you usually stand?

Mel Kuhn

From Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

There has been some mention about the pretty girls in Dunseith, and I agree. I just wanted to see how many remember or knew a gal by the name of Doris Honsey. Minnie Flynn remembered the ND state map with Doris on the front cover, standing by a wild rose bush, possibily at the Peace Garden, maybe 12 or 14 years old. Blonde and beautiful. I know Willard Lamb knew Doris and her sister Faye very well.

Talk about talent, they put on a performance, musical and dance at that boring old Hilltop School during recesses until they backed into the poison ivy. Faye and Doris rode Dusty and Bernice Jasper’s horse was Fanny. Bernice had two miles home, Faye and Doris had three miles. My brother and I rode old Dewey double and kept up pretty well that first mile north. We had three and half miles and old Dewey was not a fast horse. Anyway, Doris, Faye and Bernice had fast horses and rode like the wind. bareback as we did.

She lost her dad, Sam Honsey, at maybe two years old in the thirties out on his trap line. Her mom and older brothers did a great job on those two girls and Dunseith lost them to Rolla partly because of the roads at that time. Gary Metcalfe

Gary M, Sam Honsey’s family history is listed in the Dunseith book on page 213, however the Honsey name is one of many that got omitted in the index. Sam’s wife was Arla Lagerquist, a sister to Johnnie Lagerquist and Edna Woodford. Arla remarried Alfred Abrahamson. Doris is listed as living in Hastings NB and Faye in St. Paul, MN.

Evon Lagerquist, Karen Woodford, Gary Woodford or anyone else; do any of you know anything at all about Doris, Faye or any of the rest of the Sam Honsey siblings? Gary S.

HEY AGGIE, you did it again splendid real life experience. You could have used big john wayne along to crack a couple skulls. WE LIVE IN AN AREA in missouri when they use the n word i just say id rather be black on the outside than on the inside. Then its time to move along. Gary Metcalfe

June 5, 1971 – Dick and Brenda exchange Vows:
Posted by Neol Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.

Cropped picture:
Twins, Greg & Gwen Grimme

Cropped picture:
Greg, Gwen & Conley Grimme


04/05/2017 (2509)

Happy 95th Birthday Lydia Fauske LaCroix Beck.
LaCroix, Lydia 4-5-2017 LaCroix-1



Blog (583) posted on October 5, 2009


Reply from Bob Leonard (51): Dunseith, ND.

A little history about the 10 commandment monument. I am not sure who decided to place this monument where it is, must have been the Peace Garden Board of Directors.
The impressive thing about this was the fact they had Charleton Heston dedicate the monument when it was completed. Am sure he was invited because of his actor role in the movie, The Ten Commandements. He flew into Minot, was picked up by Henry Sunderland, my father in law, was driven to the Peace Garden for the event.
It was a big day for everyone involved. Henry was a director and promotor of the Peace Garden for many years, starting with the dedication in 1932.
Picture provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Saturday October 3, 2009 – Highway 43 at the Hostfest in Minot
L to R: Ron Hett, Dick Johnson and Brenda Johnson.
Request from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Hi Gary,
Wally/I visited with Myron/Rhonda Eman Langehaug at the Hostfest last night; their seats were next to ours for the Ray Steven’s show. I had also visited with them at Highway 43’s performance. I was telling them about your newsletter (I knew Myron would be familiar with many of the names.) and asked if he would like to receive your newsletter–he would. Here is his email address:
Myron delivers mail in the Turtle Mts. From our visit, it appears he probably has Ole Dyrstad’s (married to Clara Kofoid) old route. I do mean OLD! I remember staying at Gramp’s in the forties and going to the mailbox to go the mail. Ole was the mail carrier at that time. He didn’t like all the curves in the road and would honk his horn so other vehicles would hear him coming. More good memories. :)
P.S. Myron’s wife, Rhonda, was my student when she was in the third and fourth grade in Kramer (combination room). More good memories. :)
Myron, It is my pleasure to add you to our distribution. You have many Dunseith ties with Eve (Rodney) Kalk being your sister and your mother being a daughter of Frank Atherton who used to live on the Willow Lake road south of the Willow Lake school as I recall. Gary
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Folks, I believe Carmelita Lamb is Dean Lamb’s (70 deceased) wife. She would also be a sister-in-law to Martha Lamb Schepp (68). Gary
Martin Rude Family:
Folks, this is a picture that Wally Garbe, Neola’s husband sent to me. Martin Rude is the guy that was the collector of all the old machinery that we mentioned with yesterdays message. Leroy is married to Roberta Lemike (69)lrrude@srt.com . Martin Rude was also an uncle to Virgil Rude who lives in Minot. He is also an uncle to LaVerne Rude who is married to Carrole Fuaske (66). As I mentioned in yesterday’s message, all 40 of Martin’s old Threshing Machines are lined up and displayed, with some other old machinery, along the road near Kenny’s place east of Long Lake up in the hills. I listed the general directions in yesterday’s message.
Speaking of collecting old machinery, Virgil Rude has a collection of old tractors too. Virgil and I could never get coordinated for him to show me his collection when we were back there in 2007. Gary

04/03/2017 (2508)

Lola Metcalfe Vanory’s pictures provided by Vickie Metcalf (’70)
Posted by Karen Larson (Bottineau Spectrum): 

Hi Gary

I  brought some more of Lola’s photos to Karen at the Spectum circa  early 1950’s.

I thought  they should be enlarged to see the faces.

Karen told me she’d send the prints as  they are to you.

And she thought  perhaps you can enlarge so just the people are shown?

  1. The group picture was  taken at fall harvest 1951 (Ella’s handwriting)

Back Standing
Gary Metcalfe, Jimmy Metcalfe, Gordon Strong, Cliff Nerpel, Leroy Strong, Louis Bergan.
Lola, Patti and Jim

  1. The Kirkwold’s stalwarts of the Little Prairie  Church, are buried at  Little Prairie.
  1. The  photo of Joe Menard, Andy Patenaude  and  Martin Lee  with his  Ford,  were contemporaries  of Jim and Ella Metcalfe.

Gary Metcalfe, Jimmy Metcalfe, Gordon Strong, Cliff Nerpel, Leroy Strong, Louis Bergan.
Lola, Patti and Jim Metcalfe.
Metcalfe 4-3-2017-1
Metcalfe 4-3-2017-2

Tom and Hannah Kirkwald. Lived in Little Prairie
Metcalfe 4-3-2017-3


Joe Menard, Andy Patenaude  and  Martin Lee
Metcalfe 4-3-2017-4 Metcalfe 4-3-2017-5 


Blog (582) posted on October 4, 2009

Posted on October 4, 2009

Folks, I got mixed up with my numbering of these daily messages yesterday. Yesterday’s should have been 574, not 581. I am just continuing from 581 now though. Gary

Reply from Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): Anchorage, AK

Reading Erling Landsverk’s memory of working with black people brought back the memory of beling sent to Cook County Hospital in Chicago as student nurses from Trinity Hospital back in the early fifty.s. A black nurses aide took us North Dakotans as her personal friends. She was wonderful—we absolutely loved her. She took us to zoo.s, parks, museums and old churches and down ”town”. Places we would never have found on our own. Just a couple weeks before we finished the Psych,Neuro and Contage part of our training, we were called in for a lecture………………and informed that ”this” relationship had to stop or she would be fired. Erling you are right.

Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

HI Gary and all

Erling Landsverk is so right about meeting people blindfolded and getting to know them before we form opinions. Because we grew up in the service and moved so often, we met people from so many cultures and so many walks of life. We didn’t have time to consider color when choosing our friends. We just wanted to be able to play and get together because before long we would be moving again. We were all in the same boat. If there was any prejudice, we weren’t influenced by it. When Dad retired and we moved to Bottineau my senior year, I had a teacher who taught a family and living class. She pointed out that as I was new to the class and had lived such a diverse life, and had gone to school with black kids, maybe I could tell the class what they were like. I understand now what may have prompted the question but could no more answer to it today than I could then.

Cheryl Dakin

News paper clippings posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Folks, Martin is now deceased, but his threshing machines are still on display. His son Kenny has them display across the road from his house. Kenny lives a short distance east of where his folks lived. I don’t remember the exact directions how to get to Kenny’s place, but I know how to get to Martin’s former place. Using Salem church on Highway 43 as a starting point. Go west on 43 about a half mile to the first intersection. Take a left and go south about a mile or so until the road comes to an end. Take another left and go east about a mile or maybe less. Take the first road to the right going south. Martin Rude’s home place is down that road less than a mile on the right. Kenny lives to the east of there a short distance the way the crow flies. I’m not that familiar with the side roads in that area. Dad took me there several times to see these threshing machines, but I have forgotten the exact layout of the roads. It’s a very impressive sight seeing all these machines lined up along the road. Gary