02/24/2017 (2496)

Gary Weaver passed away
Comments and Obit posted by Vicky Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseith friends,

My sympathy to the Weaver family on Gary’s passing.

Dad and Art  called him ‘Swede’. They had another  pet name for his brother, Walter. Art Seim and Swedes mother, Clara (Myer) Weaver were first cousins.  Art, my dad and Uncle Archie were neighbors and  good friends with his dad Glen.

For one or two summers, Walt came and worked for Art and Eva. Gary Weaver worked for mom and dad in his youth. I believe he was only about 13 or 14 when he was there two summers. He would go back to St. John with his mother on weekends or go with his dad Glen.

Gary was the first person I heard  saying,
“That looks like something the cat drug in”.
I thought Gary was rather clever to have made that up!

Mom told me, “Gary wouldn’t  eat any  meat except hamburger. ” So she’d  pull out the meat grinder and grind his beef by hand. Mom’s meat grinder got a workout that summer as she put a steak or roast through it. Then, fry it  in the cast iron frying pan.

Years later, Gary told my mom,, “I don’t know why you let me get by with that.” “He told her I eat steak now, that was a waste of a good steak”. Mom said,  “She did it because he worked hard, was a good farm hand, and was having a tough time. 

Gary was especially helpful in the hay field and  choring around the cattle.

I  finally got old enough to drive the John Deere and  sweep rake during haying, When ever I messed up. Dad would let me know how much better ‘Swede’ aka Gary was at driving.BAH!

Through the years,  whenever Gary passed through North Dakota he’d always make time  to visit mom and dad at the farm. My parents  enjoyed his visits and always were ever so  fond of Gary.

May Gary Weaver rest in peace.


Vickie Metcalfe


Gary Dee Weaver, 74, of Powell, passed away at the Spirit Mountain Hospice House in Cody on February 21, 2017.

Gary was born on August 12, 1942 to Claire Myer Weaver and Glenn Weaver near Dunseith, North Dakota.  As a young man he helped around the farm.  He graduated from St. John High School.  He joined the army 1961 and served overseas in France.  Gary was honorably discharged in 1964.

Gary then followed his father to the oil fields in Wyoming. Gary started at the bottom of the industry and worked up to drilling consultant. He worked on many off shore rigs throughout his career.  He enjoyed ice fishing, fishing, hunting and helping on his best buddy Doc’s ranch.

Gary is survived by his life partner and best friend Cathy Potts, brother Walter (wife Donna) daughter Amy and daughter-in-law Bev.  He is also survived several step children, grandchildren, step grand children and nieces, nephews and cousins.  He is also survived by the EO Bischoff family that adopted him as one of their own.

He was preceded in death by his parents, sister Judy, son Charlie and his best friend and running mate Doc Gene Bischoff.

A memorial service will be held at Eagles Lodge at 1:00pm on Saturday February 25, 2017, with the spreading of ashes at a later date.

An online memorial is available at www.BallardFH.co



Looking for the Pilloud Dunseith family history
Message from Pamela Pilloud: 

Hello There—

I go on your siyte now and then but never came across photos of my family who were from Dunseith & Bottineau/

I know little about thier bithplace , where the family attended school-  I have next to none of the pictures of my family.  I was born in Bottineau at St Andrews Hospital====

Could you p;ease get photos of the following people of my family:

Henry Pilloud ( Earl Sr-)—my Father
Frances Kjensrud Pilloud   my mother—
Their children—-Baby Robert —-Lavern, Gloria, Earl Jr , George, even me Pamela as a baby  or where baby Robert is buried—-I searched for Robert many years/

Then my Aunt Theresa Krieg who own the Gas Stastion  in Dunseith. ( the one in the wheel chair )

Thank you for helping me—I am Henrys daughter ( Earl Sr ) and I would love to find any photos of my family—-if you know where Robert is buried please let me know—-it could be under Hagen or Hanson  or Earl even as he was born out of wedlock.

Pictures of my Dad would be just wonderful even his rodeo photos back in the 30’s

I am getting very old and would like to see some photo of my Dad’s roots—-aND OR WITH HIS WIFE fRANCES.

Thank you so much for helping me find my family

Respectfully submitted—-Pamela Pilloud

Reply to above Pilloud posting
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): Belcourt, ND


I realize that the names are not the same as mentioned in the email but Neola got a picture from the Wondrasek Studio to disperse to people who had their pictures taken at the studio.

Neola added info to a picture.   She might know which picture I am speaking about. It is an old picture.

Ernest and Ruth Pilloud / Parents of Louise Pilloud ( Glen Schneiderman and Patsy ( Patricia) Pilloud.

I don’t know how to send a picture from my note book.  Sorry

Pilloud 2496


Blog (557) posted on September 22, 2009

Posted on September 22, 2009

Folks, Bernadette and I got back today, Wednesday, from our trip to Boracay, Philippines. We had a wonderful trip. Boracay is for sure a paradise vacation resort island. The Boracay Regency Beach resort where we stayed is a fabulous place spread out over about 7 Acres with over 500′ of ocean front beach. They do not have a parking lot, because POV’s are not allowed on the island. The Boracay beaches have some of the finest sands with the clearest, warmest and shallowest waters anywhere in the world. After swimming in the ocean, it was refreshing to take a dip in one of the Regency’s pools. I have attached several pictures at the bottom of this message.

Since I have this ready, I will send it out tonight rather than in the morning Filipino time. Gary

Email address change for Marvel Hill Thompson (69): Bottineau, ND.


It is great all you do, but for some odd reason I quit getting your emails. Could you please put my address back on. I did change emails August 1 but have been getting them until last week.


Marvel (Hill) Thompson

Class of 1969

My new address is:

Request from Randy Hiatt: North Bend, WA.

Gary, when you get back from your very interesting sounding trip please add Delmar Fugere (my first cousin, Lois (Hiatt) and Orelle Fugere’s son to the blog. Lois was my mothers (Delores Hiatt) sister.


Randy Hiatt

Delmar, with all the wonderful things folks have had to say about your mother with previous postings, it is my pleasure to add you to our distribution list. You certainly have a whole lot of relatives included with the distribution of these daily messages too. I found a listing for you living at Bonney Lake, WA. Would that be correct? I believe your dad is living up in Mason county west of Bremerton, WA. I lived in Bremerton for over 35 years. Gary

Jerome Allard’s picture

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.


Gary, I think Jerome Allard was mentioned in one of your emails awhile ago. I think Jerome is Arlene Allard’s brother. She is my classmate. The dad passed away within the last year, I think. Jerome’s mother was, I think, one of the four/five sisters who lived at Good Sam within the last year, or so.


Neola, Jerome Allard graduated with the DHS class of 1958. Arlene is his sister. Without doing some research, I don’t remember if their mother was one of the 5 cote sisters. If she was that would, I think, make her a double cousin to Carol, Mary & Larry Allard. I may be all hosed up with what I remember. Mel Kuhn and some of you others, please verify all this. I do know for a fact though that Jerome is married to Donna LaCroix (64). I remember his sister Corliss Allard (66) very well too. Gary

Cruise pictures from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND.
Nancy Hosmer Baldwin (62) with her fiancé Keith Kontzie

Cousins: Ardis, daughter of Lucky and Jennie (Nelson) Metcalfe;
Dianne, daughter of Jean (Metcalfe) Maki; Geri; Ken, son of Leona (Metcalfe) Oswell;
and brother, Gary Metcalfe.

Phyllis McKay (65), Bill (Willie 60) & Al-lyn Longie

Cheryl Haagenson (71) with the judges after winning the singing contest on the cruise

Gary’s note/question
This sure looks like Mike and Sandra Zeiler (62) Vandal?

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

I ran across a picture that is obviously very old. It was actually a
postcard, which was common in the early to mid ’20s. People could have
their pictures printed in postcard form and then mail them to friends
easily. This was in with my grandparent’s pictures and several others
are postcards and are dated in this same time period. With the recent
loss of our friend Thurman Parrill, and LeaRae Parrill Espe’s many
contributions to this blog, this old picture might be of special
interest to her family. The hand written inscription on the back
says–‘Parrill’s barn in the Turtle Mountains’. Actually it
says–‘Parels barn in the Turtal Mountains’, but then some of my
ancestors weren’t the best at grammar and phonics! I can only assume it
is LeaRae’s grandparent’s barn, and before the death of her grandfather
when the family moved to Mountain, ND. I don’t know the exact dates but
I assume it was in the ’20s. Can you fill in the blanks LeaRae? Thanks Gary!


Made out of sand on the beach – Boracay Island, Philippines

Dinner buffet at one of the Boracay Regency restaurants on the beach.
This buffet only cost $12.00 net with taxes and gratuities. The Breakfast
Buffet was free. Restaurant food is cheap on Boracay.

Bernadette in the seating area of the Buffet pictured above.

Bernadette at the Boracay Regency. The beach is to the left behind the trees.

Me (Gary) on the Beach. Later on I did go swimming

Bernadette on the Beach. That water is as warm as heated bath tub water.

One of the 3 pools at the Boracay Regency. That is a bar in the lower right

of the picture with bar stools about 6″ under the water in the pool.

later on in the

afternoon all the stools were taken.

2/22/2017 (2495)

Looking for the Pilloud Dunseith family history
Message from Pamela Pilloud: 

Hello There—

I go on your siyte now and then but never came across photos of my family who were from Dunseith & Bottineau/

I know little about thier bithplace , where the family attended school-  I have next to none of the pictures of my family.  I was born in Bottineau at St Andrews Hospital====

Could you p;ease get photos of the following people of my family:

Henry Pilloud ( Earl Sr-)—my Father
Frances Kjensrud Pilloud   my mother—
Their children—-Baby Robert —-Lavern, Gloria, Earl Jr , George, even me Pamela as a baby  or where baby Robert is buried—-I searched for Robert many years/

Then my Aunt Theresa Krieg who own the Gas Stastion  in Dunseith. ( the one in the wheel chair )

Thank you for helping me—I am Henrys daughter ( Earl Sr ) and I would love to find any photos of my family—-if you know where Robert is buried please let me know—-it could be under Hagen or Hanson  or Earl even as he was born out of wedlock.

Pictures of my Dad would be just wonderful even his rodeo photos back in the 30’s

I am getting very old and would like to see some photo of my Dad’s roots—-aND OR WITH HIS WIFE fRANCES.

Thank you so much for helping me find my family

Respectfully submitted—-Pamela Pilloud


More memories of Art Seim’s auction sale
From Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

I do have a couple more memories from the day of Art Seim’s auction besides the two I mentioned a few days ago.  I have always been interested in old guns that have a history from the area.  Art had a Winchester 1894 lever action 30-30 carbine that I sure would have liked to have been able to buy at the sale but I didn’t have enough money at that time to bid on it to anywhere near the amount it eventually sold for.  I don’t remember the amount anymore but it was more than I could afford.  Art had somehow gotten the rifle from someone in the House family and it was locally called ‘the House gun’ which was well known by most of our neighbors.  The day of the auction,  Obert Medlang had the winning bid and within the past few months,  I was talking with Obert’s son, Owen, and he said he still has the old rifle and knows the history of it so I think that’s interesting.  The day of the auction,  I was helping get things loaded after the sale was over and was walking across the yard when Leo Poitra yelled, “LOOK OUT!”  I froze in my tracks and turned my head to see a mower sickle just a few inches from my face sticking out the back of a pickup over the end gate.  I hadn’t seen it and I give Leo credit for saving me from what would surely have been a vicious injury to my face or eyes had I walked a few more inches. It was so close that I never forgot the incident.  Close calls seem to stick with a guy.  Thanks Gary!



Jim and Ella Metcalfe Family memories
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70): doBottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseth friends.
LOLA’s Photos


  1. Jim Metcalfe leading his prize  at the barn on the  home farm in the ’50s
  2. Ella Metcalfe with Geri, Jimmy and Gary in WA state in the ’40’s
  3. Lola Metcalfe

Lola enjoyed connecting with people.

She was especially fond of a good visit with many neighbors, dear friends and family.

Lola took teasing in stride from my brothers who enjoyed her (blonde) reactions with quick laughter to their practical jokes. She was also known to have the ability to give a tease right back. 

Like Jim her father, Lola was assertive. She never was afraid to stand up and speak (share) her opinions. She had no tolerance for behavior, which hurt others, especially those she cared deeply about.

Like her mother Ella, Lola’s home was open and inviting to extended family, friends and neighbors.  Strangers she met at the farm were not strangers long. She’d put on strong Norwegian coffee, treat or two from her reservoir of goodies and settled in to a good visit..

As Lola aged, her mannerisms became more like her mother. 

My siblings and I would comment to her on this point and she would glow with pleasure to be compared with similar characteristics of her mom.

 Aunt Ella was not only a beauty on the outside.  She carried all the beautiful, positive qualities of character.

 My dad said when he was a boy; his big brother Jim was smitten with
Ella Evans and she with him.  Their love story endured many years and mutual respect was clearly evident to all of us throughout their lives.

 Picturing Uncle Jim and Aunt Ella together in my minds eye. Humming comes on my lips with a melody following  behind.  I first heard a melody at one of Jim & Ella’s daughters (Helen) wedding celebration at the Odd Fellow’s (?) Hall here in Bottineau. 

 Leaving the hall with my parents the stars covered the sky on a warm summer night. Fainter and faintein  harmony  Jim and Ella’s children gathered in song around a piano.

            “I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad”


Thanks Gary!
Until Later,
Vickie L .Metcalfe ( FYI My God parents were Jim and Ella.)

Jim Metcalfe leading his prize  at the barn on the  home farm in the ’50s
Metcalfe, Lola 2495-1

Ella Metcalfe with Geri, Jimmy and Gary in WA state in the ’40’s
Metcalfe, Lola 2495-2

Lola Metcalfe
Metcalfe, Lola 2495-3


Blog (556) posted on September 21, 2009

I’m making this a fast one today. Bernadette and I are leaving shortly this morning for Boracay, Philippines. We are going on a 3 day 2 night excursion, so we’ll be back Wednesday evening. Boracay is a little Island located about 200 miles NW of us. The island is only about 4 miles long and about 3/4 of a mile wide. We’ll be flying to a near by island and then taking a boat (2 miles) over to Boracay. Boracay’s beaches with the fine white sands are ranked #6 in the world with some of the literature I’ve read. Boracay is a well known tourist resort. We have always talked about going there, but never have.
With us being gone, I will not be sending out a blog for the next 2 days. Please keep your messages coming though. I’ll catch up when I get back.
Boracay Regency beach resort
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Dunseith, ND.
Gary thanks for your response, below in the Peterson information recently sent by way of Dick Johnson,
#4, Emma Peterson m. Bill Childs children Billy and Donny…….They attended country school Seim School land owner unknown which was known previously as Oakes School located on the Metcalfe Farm SW corner of Holmes Township. All connected to the Lude Peterson Family
also please note #5 Vida Peterson m Jess Wilson……. Arla (Wilson) Hall long time former teacher at Bottineau school and many country schools is I believe a Wilson. I see Arla Hall out with other retired teachers, former country schools and Dunseith School ie. Millie and Marie Parrill their sister Jeannie Walker
Vickie,In Gary’s message he sent me it shows a Billy Dean Childs born in Bismarck and Died in Dunseith in 1942. I think this could be the boy. I should have read his message first. Does this sound right? I remember Mom talking about this little boy being killed but never the year–just that he was 8 years old. His mother was Emma Peterson Childs, according to Gary’s Peterson family history. I’ll forward the page from Gary–actually from Vance Bailey. Thanks.


Yes, you are correct about Billy Dean Child’s. I’ll fwd these to Nancy…..since she does recall alot of stuff. I remember, the Child’s had another younger child too. I wonder if they came back once or not…I think Jim and Ella Metcalfe, while Jim was in partnership with Berg construction out of Seattle lived for a time in Spokane during the war, visited with the Peterson clan often, Jimmy or Gary Metcafe would recall this.

Descendants of Ludrick “Lude” F. Peterson

Generation No. 1

1. LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2 PETERSON (ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 20 November 1865 in Hjorted, Sweden, and died 1959 in Spokane, Wa.. He married LILLY MAE OAKS. She was born 1880 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and died 1964 in Spokane, Wa..


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


2. i. MAX LEROY3 PETERSON, b. 1897, Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota; d. 1963, Renton, King Co. , Wa..

3. ii. MAUDE PETERSON, b. 1899, Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D..

4. iii. EMMA PETERSON, b. 1903, Rolette Co., N.D.; d. 1994, Spokane, Wa..

5. iv. VIDA LILLIAN PETERSON, b. 1905, Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D.; d. 1990, Spokane, Wa..

6. v. MINNIE PETERSON, b. 19 March 1915, Rolette Co., N.D..

Generation No. 2

2. MAX LEROY3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1897 in Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota, and died 1963 in Renton, King Co. , Wa.. He married MARY LEAH AWALT 29 August 1920 in Dunseith, Rolette Co. ND, daughter of WILLIAM AWALT and MARY KNIGHT. She was born 14 December 1896 in Plano, Appanoose Co, Ia, and died 20 August 1977 in Bottineau, Bottineau Co, ND.


Burial: Oak Creek Cem., Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND

Fact 1: Buried at Oak Creek Cem., Bottineau, N.D.

Children of MAX PETERSON and MARY AWALT are:

i. LUCILLE4 PETERSON, b. 02 October 1920, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 15 July 2003, Washington State; m. LOUIS HOVELAND, 02 October 1940, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 17 September 1915, Perth, Towner Co., ND; d. 18 November 1999, Renton, King Co., WA.


Burial: Greenwood Cem., Renton, King Co. WA

ii. MARION PETERSON, b. 01 April 1922, Rolette Co., ND; m. CARL FEUTCHER.

iii. MAYNARD (BILL) PETERSON, b. 24 March 1923, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 31 August 2004, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. JOY STICKLAND, 20 October 1944, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 12 February 1927, Rolette Co., ND.


Burial: Little Prairie Cemetery

iv. DUANE LEROY PETERSON, b. 14 May 1924, Rolette Co., ND; m. LORRAINE EVA DUE, 1953, Willow City, Bottineau Co., ND; b. 26 March 1935, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND.


The Courant, Bottineau, ND, Tuesday September 30, 2003


Approximately 200 friends and relatives gathered at the Lodge at the Peace Garden, Sunday, Sept. 14, to help Duane and Lorraine Peterson celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

At the punch bowl was Tami and Frank Gladue. Serving coffee was Gail Lagerquist. Cutting and serving the Weddidng Anniversary cake was Renee and Holly Lagerquist. All are their grandchildren. The cake was baked by their daughter-in-law Sheri, and granddaughter Heather Peterson.

The Kelvin Homemakers provided and served the delicious lunch.

All four of the Peterson childrn were in attendance. They are Connie and Karen Lagerquist, (Mike) and Sheri Peterson of Dunseith, and (Kim) and Miles Brown of Colorado Springs, CO. All nine of their grandchildren were here for the event. They are (Russell) and Holly Lagerquist of Butte, Montana, and their grandaughter, McKenzie of Bismark. Renee and and Gail Lagerquist and Tami and Frank Gladue, and Danny and Heather Peterson of Dunseith and Alecia Brown of Colorado Springs, CO.

Duane’s brother (Bill) and Joy Peterson of Dunseith and sisters, (Vida) and Howard Hiatt and Doris Williams of Bottineau; Shirley Lagerquist of Rugby; Lois Peterson of Spokane, WA.; and Mary Artzer of Algona, WA were all in attendance.

Lorraine’s family were also all present.Dolly Schoonover of Rolette; (Joann) and Emery Vigness of Alexander, ND; (Helen) and Wesley Satron of Minot, ND; Marta of Fort Collins, CO; and Morris’ twin sister (Marion) and Mike Nerple of Dunseith, ND.

(then follows a description of the program)

Fifty years ago, Max Peterson’s Model A Ford truck was in Willow City to escort the bride and groom around town after the wedding. On their 25th anniversary, that same Model A truck was at the Peace Garden for a ride around the Garden driven by Jack Peterso. Would you believe, that same Model A was waiting at the Peace Garden on their 50th anniversary, driven by Martin Peterson for another ride around the Garden?

Approwimately 50 friends and relatives enjoyed supper after the open house at the Peace Garden, visiting and reminiscing. Relatives and freinds came from North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Colorado, and Canada.

v. VIDA PETERSON, b. 16 February 1926, Rolette Co., ND; m. HOWARD HIATT, 27 April 1944, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 22 September 1924, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND; d. April 1977.

vi. LOIS PETERSON, b. 08 March 1927; m. (1) LEONARD HONSEY; m. (2) ROBERT RUDE.

vii. SHIRLEY MAY PETERSON, b. 26 August 1929, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. RALPH BENJAMIN LAGERQUIST, 03 December 1947, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 22 April 1921, Kelvin, Rolette Co., ND; d. 10 December 1998, Rugby, Pierce Co., ND..

viii. DARREL (JACK) PETERSON, b. 19 February 1931, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND; d. 14 June 1989, Minot, Ward Co. ND; m. NETTIE Z. HIATT, 11 April 1951, Rolla, Rolette Co., ND; b. 08 March 1930, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND.

ix. MARY PETERSON, b. 24 April 1933, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. (1) MARTIN EVANS, 08 June 1957; b. Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 20 April 1970; m. (2) ERWIN “BUD” HOERLE, 09 March 1972; d. 28 September 1984; m. (3) JOHN “JIM” ARTZER, 11 July 1986, Renton, King Co., WA; b. 08 March 1930, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO; d. 13 January 1995, Renton, King Co., WA.

x. DORIS PETERSON, b. 04 November 1934, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. MARLIN B. WILLIAMS, 27 August 1955, Rolette Co., ND; b. 10 July 1935, Rolette Co., ND.

3. MAUDE3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1899 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D.. She married (1) A. M. (ABIE) ROTHWELL. She married (2) FRANK WOLVERTON. She married (3) HENRY J. MORLAN 01 December 1917 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D., son of WILLIAM MORLAN and EVELINE AWALT. He was born 30 August 1879, and died 27 September 1944.


i. EVYLEN4 MORLAN, b. 18 December 1919, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. MEYER QUAM.

ii. PHYLLIS MORLAN, b. 02 February 1925, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. ALVIN MARTIN.

4. EMMA3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1903 in Rolette Co., N.D., and died 1994 in Spokane, Wa.. She married BILL CHILDS. He died 1958 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA

Children of EMMA PETERSON and BILL CHILDS are:

i. BILLY DEAN4 CHILDS, b. Bismark, Burleigh Co., ND; d. 1942, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND.

ii. DON CHILDS, m. PAT [–?–] CHILDS.

5. VIDA LILLIAN3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1905 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D., and died 1990 in Spokane, Wa.. She married JESSE C WILSON 10 June 1924 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND, son of SOLOMAN WILSON and EDITH ANDERSON. He was born 06 January 1897 in Mo., and died 13 December 1971 in Spokane, Spokane Co., Wa.


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


i. LUDRIC CALVIN4 WILSON, b. 01 August 1925, Gary, In.; d. May 1982, Spokane, Wa.; m. SHIRLEY ANN BERNICE STEINER; b. 13 May 1932.

ii. JESS CLEO WILSON, b. 14 September 1927, Eureka, Ca.; d. 31 May 2003, Spokane, WA.

iii. MARGARET CORINNE “CONNIE” WILSON, b. 04 December 1929, Minot, Ward Co., N.D.; m. MERRILL ALAN READ, 06 February 1957, Spokane, Wa.; b. 23 January 1920, The Dalles, Or.; d. 15 October 1967, Spokane, WA.

6. MINNIE3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 19 March 1915 in Rolette Co., N.D.. She married (1) LESTER PINE 11 March 1937. She married (2) EUGENE HARRY PATTERSON 03 June 1975.


i. LARRY4 PINE, b. 21 February 1940.

ii. MIKE PINE, b. 27 December 1943; m. ARLENE CHILDS.

iii. LESLIE ANN PINE, b. 09 March 1951; m. (1) DALE LEE MILLER; b. abt 1950; m. (2) TIMOTHY PETE

02/20/2017 (2494)

Bill and Joy Peterson family memories
From Margaret Metcalfe Casavant (’65):  Rolette, ND.

Happy 90th Birthday to Joy!  She and Bill were such great friends to my parents all the years they lived in the hills.   Sharon was a friend from the time we were wee little girls and of course, the boys Bobbie, Larrett and Scott.  In fact, I remember when the last two boys were  born!  Great memories of dances, card parties, and Ladies Aid in our homes with the Peterson’s.  Uncle Martin was married to Bill’s sister (Tootsie) Mary.  They were all part of my life growing up in Dunseith.

Whenever I see Joy at the Lutheran Church in Dunseith, she makes my heart happy because it brings back memories of Mom!

Such nice pictures!  One more reason why the blog is so important to me!  Thank you for sharing all these great events!



Jim and Ella Metcalfe Family memories
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70): d Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseth friends.
LOLA’s Photos posted with Blog (2491) dated 2/15/2017

  1. Lola 2. Ella with Geri, Jimmy and Gary in WA state in the ’40’s, 3. Jim leading his prize  at the barn on the  home farm in the ’50s

Lola enjoyed connecting with people.

She was especially fond of a good visit with many neighbors, dear friends and family.

Lola took teasing in stride from my brothers who enjoyed her (blonde) reactions with quick laughter to their practical jokes. She was also known to have the ability to give a tease right back. 

Like Jim her father, Lola was assertive. She never was afraid to stand up and speak (share) her opinions. She had no tolerance for behavior, which hurt others, especially those she cared deeply about.

Like her mother Ella, Lola’s home was open and inviting to extended family, friends and neighbors.  Strangers she met at the farm were not strangers long. She’d put on strong Norwegian coffee, treat or two from her reservoir of goodies and settled in to a good visit..

As Lola aged, her mannerisms became more like her mother. 

My siblings and I would comment to her on this point and she would glow with pleasure to be compared with similar characteristics of her mom.

Aunt Ella was not only a beauty on the outside.  She carried all the beautiful, positive qualities of character. 

My dad said when he was a boy; his big brother Jim was smitten with
Ella Evans and she with him.  Their love story endured many years and mutual respect was clearly evident to all of us throughout their lives.

Picturing Uncle Jim and Aunt Ella together in my minds eye. Humming comes on my lips with a melody following  behind.  I first heard a melody at one of Jim & Ella’s daughters (Helen) wedding celebration at the Odd Fellow’s (?) Hall here in Bottineau. 

Leaving the hall with my parents the stars covered the sky on a warm summer night. Fainter and faintein  harmony  Jim and Ella’s children gathered in song around a piano.

            “I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad”


Thanks Gary!

Until Later,

Vickie L .Metcalfe ( FYI My God parents were Jim and Ella.)


Postings from Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
Neola-1 Neola-2 Neola-3


Blog (555) posted on September 20, 2009

Posted on September 20, 2009

Condolence to the Poitra family from Marge Longie Wilcox (56):Vancouver, WA.


I would like to send my prayers and condolences to the Poitra family for their recent lost.

Marge Wilcox

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70):Dunseith, ND

THANK YOU. Dick and Gary for the information on our neighbors, the
Peterson’s of Holmes Township.
My dad was between Bill and Duane in age. When dad lived with the
Seim’s, Duane lived with the Carlson’s. Dad was there from the
time he was 14 to 17. He left the Seim farm to join his older
brothers in Seattle along with Bill Peterson. Dad and Bill ”
bached” together at Meyers rooming house for a year until he joined
the navy. Dad recalled many other hired folks a the Seims. Some
were were Jennie Nelson, & Louis DuBois. All the hired help that
ever worked at the Seim farm carved or wrote their in names in to
the wood close to the milk house in the barn. Dad or Art showed me
the many names that continued to withstand the test of time.

I recall mom and dad taking Nancy and I across the road to the north
to Lude and Lillies, where they would visit and would play cards
under the light of a kerosene lamp.

The article also made the connection as dad recalled it with the
Oakes family. While riding one of my trusty steeds ….(Byrd the
barn horse, Scout the Tennessee Walker…or Smokey…..the killer.)
I often rode over or around the original foundation of Oakes school.
Thanks Gary & Dicki

Vickie L. Metcalfe

Vickie, I think you are referring to some Peterson family info that Doreen Bailey sent to me with a personal message that I forwarded to Dick Johnson. I have posted A reply I got from Doreen about that very message below. Gary

Reply from Doreen Bailey:Tempe, AZ


I am happy if any of the information I have in Vance’s research is of interest and or helpful for others who are searching for family connections/history.. I just did not want to send something that was not appropriate for the email newsletter.

Thanks for continuing to send me the emails. I admire your dedication to the newsletter, it certainly has brought joy and renewed friendships for so many, God Bless. Doreen

Doreen, We know that Vance acquired a lot of Dunseith/Turtle Mountain/Rolette county info with his research. When you see subjects discussed that you have info on, please share. Not being that familiar with the Peterson family, I forwarded that message to Dick. I am glad that he shared it with those he thought it would be of interest too. Thank you Doreen, Gary.

Reply from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND.

I printed out the picture of Little Prairie Ladies Aid for Marie(Eurich) Beachler and she was able to identify almost everyone.

Back row:-Hannah Kirkwold, Ella Metcalfe, Arla Millang, Joy Peterson, Jesse Millang, Kenrose Medlang, Bertha Meyer, Agnes Solmonson ? Elenore Fauske, Velma Millang.

Front row: -Christine Carlson, Annie Nicholson, Hilda Strong, Martha Handeland, Clara (Seim) Anderson, Francis Espe, Ingrid Seim.

Carmen, Thank you so much for sharing this with Marie. I do not have Marie or any of her children listed in my records. I see she is a sister to Dave Jr. Eurich (deceased). I also see that another sister, Olynda Eurich, was married to Ydola Piegon, Colette Piegon Reid’s mother. Colette, I had no idea that your mother was a Eurich. That makes you a first cousin to all of Dave/Winifred’s children. Gary

Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND.

Hi Gary,

I will list the ladies on this picture beginning with the back row (including some that were standing a little forward): Hannah (Tom) Kirkwold), Ella (Jim) Metcalfe, Arla (Art) Millang to the rt of Ella, Joy (Bill) Peterson, Jessie (Carl) Millang, Kenrose (Odin) Medlang, Bertha (Earl) Myer behind Agnes (Cliff) Salmonson) , Pat (Johnnie) Myer, then to the right in front of Pat, are Dorothy (Leonard) Millang and Velma (Cliff)Millang.

Front row is Christine (Pete) Carlson, Mrs. Fred Nicolson, Hilda (LeRoy) Strong, Martha (Oliver) Handeland, Clara (Leslie) Sime, Frances (Elmer) Espe and Ingrid (John) Seim.

I think Dick Johnson’s guess of 1948 was probably closer than my guess of 1951–my family moved to the farm from Seattle by the time
Margaret was born in 1946 and they joined Little Prairie Lutheran Church. I have pictures of the pastors who served our congregation.

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

In the picture of the Ladies Aid, they should be as follows:

Back row–L-R Arla Millang, Jessie Millang, Bertha Myer, and Pat Myer

Middle row–Hannah Kirkwold, Ella Metcafe, Joy Peterson, Kenrose
Medlang, Agnes Millang, Dorothy Millang, and Velma Millang.

Front row–Christine Carlson, Annie Nicholson, Hilda Strong, Martha
Handeland, Clara Sime, Frances Espe, and Ingrid Seim.

Gary—I’m sure the Metcalfe girls will know all these ladies and
respond too. After reading the story, it appears the picture was
actually taken in 1954. The roster with the picture shows another date.
Stan Salmonson found the picture in the Dunseith history book on page
318, for those who want to read the story. Thanks Gary!


Back Row: Arla Millang, Jessie Millang, Bertha Myer, and Pat Myer
Middle: Hannah Kirkwold, Ella Metcafe, Joy Peterson, Kenrose Medlang, Agnes Salmonson,
Dorothy Millang, and Velma Millang.
Front Row:
Christine Carlson, Annie Nicholson, Hilda Strong, Martha Handeland, Clara Sime,
Frances Espe, and Ingrid Seim.

These are some pictures that we took on the cruise. The flash was not set to go off on our camera when these were taken so they are not the best pictures. Gary

Cheryl Haagenson (71)

Geri Metcalfe (59) and Chuck Munro

Gary Stokes (65) Lorette Berube Leonard and Bernadette Stokes

02/17/2017 (2493)

Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Hello Gary,

Sorry Gary and friends.

I messed up!

Kenrose Medlang’s mom and Mrs. Evans were childhood friends.
1. Ella Evans 1932.  She married Jim Metcalfe in 1934.

  1. Nellie Evans Byre and her mother, Randina Svingen Evans.
    Nellie Evans married Paul Byre. They lived in the area and Kramer area.
    Retiring to Minot.

3.Hans Svingen was  Randina’s father with his oxen.

By the way, Randina  (Svingen) Evans and Kenrose (Ryan) Medlang  mother were childhood friends growing up in Overly.

Thanks, v


Blog (554) posted on September 19, 2009

Harry Poitra, 71, Dunseith, died Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009, in a Minot hospital.

He was born Sept. 23, 1937, to Robert and Eva Poitra in Belcourt. He married Leona Delorme on Aug. 6, 1957, near Dunseith

Survivors: sons, Richard, Dunseith, Larry, Rapid City, S.D., Douglas, Grand Forks, Randy, Bottineau, Kevin and Michael, both Belcourt, Sandy, Park River; daughters, Donna Fredericksen, Grafton, Cheryl Trottier, Williston, Peggy Parisien, Dunseith, Diana Poitra, St. John; 36 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; sisters: Theresa Manson, Rolla, Helen Sunblad of Minnesota, Amanda Poitra, Grand Forks; brother, Virgil, Dunseith.

Funeral: Saturday, 10 a.m., in Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau.

Burial: St. Louis Cemetery, rural Dunseith.

Visitation: Today, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., in the funeral home.

Marlin (Virgil 64), you are the only one of your brothers family members I recognize. I am sure many of our readers know many of your family members. Our condolences are with you and your family with the passing Harry. Gary

Request from Lyle (61) and Sharon Pearson Zeiler (62): Rugby, ND
Hi Gary,
We would like to be included in the Dunseith Blog.
We moved to Rugby in Jan.2008 and just got hooked up
to the internet again. Our e-mail address is
Our address is 410 -7th st sw
Rugby,ND 58368.
Copy of message sent to Janice Leonard Workman (56): Auburn, WA, From
Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO
Hi Janice, Good to see you in Seattle. Sure did enjoy your brother Bill on the cruise. We really had a lot to talk about.Though I know you did not work full time for Judge Ray Wilson, I thought you might have been there the day Tony Christianson paid his fine for whatever. He gave the Judge and extra $20 and said, “I am gonna feed you so well that I hope your short leg grows out to match the other one.”
Tony wasn’t in Dunseith that long, I think he was Danish and some kind of a character. They all had a sense of humor those days. Tony was married to Velva House.

Hope you had a good time in S.D. for the reunion and that you found Bonnie and Keith doing well!!

Thanks Janice. Gary Metcalfe

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,Marshall Awalt’s latest picture of the Ladies Aid was at one time in
the papers with the caption ‘Fried Chicken Experts’. The ladies served
the Peace Garden board of director’s annual meetings at the old lodge.
They did this for many years and used the proceeds for the church. My
guess on the date is ’46 or ’48, by looking at the bottom part of the
numbers. They continued the serving tradition for probably close to 30
years. After looking, I believe only four of the ladies in this picture
are still living today. One is Joy Peterson who was in the kitchen today
helping with the lunch at Greg Grimme’s funeral. She is going strong!

When Vickie Hiatt LaFountaine mentioned the cream cans, I thought of a
neat thing that happened just a couple years ago. I’ve been known to
take an early morning drive over to St. John to have coffee with the
guys. One morning Doug Stewart came in after I did and told me he put a
‘present’ in the back of my pickup. When I left I noticed this old rusty
smashed cream can in my pickup box and thought it was a joke of some
kind, probably just something that was laying in the street and needed
to go to the junk. We pull tricks on each other too, so it could be
something like that. I went to throw it in my scrap iron pile and then
noticed the brass name tag on the can—Paul Strietzel-St. John, ND–my
great grandfather! I took it to the shop and heated the tag to loosen
the solder and now I have the tag as a keepsake. Doug had also noticed
the name and thought I might like to have it–he was sure right!

Greg Grimme’s funeral today was well attended and even though it was
sad to have lost our friend at such a young age, folks came together to
support the family and to remember all the good times we had. Several
classmates of Greg and Gwen came to pay their respects and visit with
Gwen and Bill. Greg was buried at Riverside Cemetery in the Grimme
family plot by his parents and brother, Conley. The Grimme family was an
integral part of our community and I think that was reflected by those
in attendance. My sympathy sure goes out to Gwen and Bill in this time
of sorrow.


Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND
THANK YOU , Marshall Awalt and Gary Stokes for the precious picture of the Little Prairie Lutheran Ladies Aid group. My mom had it framed and on a wall at the farm, but I lost track of it, so I was DELIGHTED to get this back, and it prints so well. I am thinking the picture was taken in about 1951. Joy Peterson would probably remember the year. I was just about to write and ask her if they still have the picture. I remember these ladies so well from my childhood–good friends and neighbors all. They made money to support the church by serving chicken dinner to the Kiwanis and other organizations; it was the best in the world!

Many thanks and Marshall, I’ll bet you have other great pictures, too.Geri (Metcalfe) Munro

Replies from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Gary I try to inform my cousins (Kith and Kin) of family news It is so great to tell them to log onto your blog.. Always great when a special treat appears. Thanks Gary.

Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:12:28 -0500
To: Kith and Kin,
From: “Vickie L. Metcalfe”
Subject: Fried Chicken Experts

On today’s Gary Stokes #560 web site, there is a photo of the Little Prairie Ladies Aide. I’m sure you will recognize many familiar names. Each a wonderful rolemodel. These farm women served meals at the Peace Garden during the summer to earn monies for the ladies Aide.I think this group was called “The Fried Chicken Experts”. I hope Geri Munro writes in on Gary’s blog to tell him about her mom, Ella and others’ frying the chicken’s at home and how we all have Ella’s coleslaw recipe. When,after the big serving day,they would bring home roaster scraps to feed the family. ….What about it Geri?… I recall most of these ladies in the congregation at Little Prairie and also at Peace Lutheran.
Little Prairie merged with Dunseith Lutheran and Rendahl Lutheran, the ladies aide from all of those congregations grouped together and continued to serve at the Peace Garden for special meals. However, as time moves on and congregation grew smaller that doesn’t happen any more.
Tall evergreens now stand stately in place of the old church over the final resting place of many of these fine women. Clean up day at Little Prairie Cemetery is the first Saturday in May. After cleaning up, Little Prairie folks gather around, under the trees for….coffee, sandwiches, bars and commune.
Love, Vickie


Vickie L. Metcalfe
Geri You’d remember more than I. I think you are right about the cooking at the Peace Garden because of the big ovens. Our mom wasn’t part of that earlier group, she did help in later years.
I know for the 1980 Metcalfe family reunion that’s what we did, led by Lorraine Somer’s and Cousin Barbara Straub cooked the in the day’s before.

Help Geri out here.

Please correct me if I’m wrong about the ladies frying chicken at the Lodge. They used to serve 150-250, I think–not sure of the #’s–it would have made sense for the ladies to fry at home–since they served so many…let’s hear from you guys out there!


From: chuckgerimunro
To: vickie.metcalfe
Subject: RE: Fried Chicken Experts
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 15:15:27 -0500Hi Vickie–You know, I remember that the ladies aid fried all the chicken at the Lodge at the Peace Garden, not at home–maybe they browned it the day before and went back–it was a long day and I know Mom was tired by the end of it, but it was so enjoyable for her. All she brought home was the scraps in the bottom of her roaster (my mouth waters just to think of what a wonderful flavor that chicken had–of course, they did not spare the butter, cream or browning) –the folks that were served always rushed to purchase the chicken that was left and it always sold out, no matter how much chicken there was.

Mom used to say that she didn’t know what they would do once Christine Carlson and Ingrid Seim were no longer available, so I guess that she decided to learn to be one of those in charge, which she often was after they were gone.

Love, Geri
This is the Little Prairie Lutheran Ladies Aid picture. We know the names of who all is in this picture but we do not know who is who. Geri, Vickie, Dick & others; can you guys help us out? Thanks, Gary
Reply from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND
Hi Gary and Marshall Awalt,
My cousin, Vickie Metcalfe and I were talking this week about old pictures and she suggested I send this picture to the Dunseith blog.
Gertrude Awalt had given Lottie and Vickie the picture, and they had it copied and gave copies to relatives. The kids are left to right: Jim Metcalfe (my dad), Uncle Lucky Metcalfe, friend and neighbor, Charles Anderson, (uncle of the Awalt kids)and Uncle Archie Metcalfe in front. We are not sure of the date but maybe 1924 (?)
Thanks, GaryGeri (Metcalfe) Munro

Back L to R:Jim Metcalfe, Lucky Metcalfe, Charles Anderson
Front: Archie Metcalfe

02/15/2017 (2492)

Joy Peterson’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday Joy
Peterson, Joy 2492-1 Peterson, Joy 2492-2

Peterson, Joy 2492-3



Ella Metcalfe, her mother Randina and her grandfather Hans.
Pictures posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Hello Gary,

I took  photos to Karen Larson at theSpectrum .

My sister and I have been missing Lola.

I think Lola would have liked me to share these photos.

After her funeral, her daughter Tina handed me an envelope with many photos.

This set is three generations Ella Metcalfe,her mother Randina and her grandfather Hans.

Ella Evans 1932 , she married Jim Metcalfe in 1934.

Nellie Evans Byre and her mother, Randina Svingen Evans.

Nellie Evans married Paul Byre. They lived in the area and Kramer area.

Retiring to Minot.

Hans Svingen was  Randina”s father with his oxen.

By the way, Randina  (Svingen) Evans and Kenrose (Ryan) Medlang were childhood friends growing up in Overly.


Karen did a fine job enlarging.

Thanks Gary.

Later. Vickie

This set is three generations:
Ella Metcalfe, her mother Randina and her grandfather Hans.


Ella Metcalfe
Metcalfe, Ella 2492-1

Ella Metcalfe with her mother Radina
Metcalfe, Ella 2492-2

Ella Metcalfe’s Grandfather, Hans
Metcalfe, Ella 2492-3



Blog (553) posted on September 18, 2009

Posted on September 18, 2009

Pamela Fugere Schmidt (73): Mandan, ND

Loved Sharron’s comments on Jeff Gottbreht. I think I was just 10 years old when I started babysitting for the Gottbreht boys. Jeff, you’re quite a guy and you make us all proud!

Pamela (Fugere) Schmidt, class of ‘73

From Cheryl Kester Gaugler (69):North Brunswick, NJ


Just wanted to check in and thank you for keeping Dunseith alive for everyone. I left 37 years ago, but my family knows that when I refer to ‘home’ I’m referring to Dunseith (New Jersey just feels different somehow!).

I’ve been enjoying Dick and Brenda Johnson’s CD, especially Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil. It’s my favorite Johnny Cash song, so was great to hear Dick’s version. I told them the best part of the CD was hearing Dick talking and Brenda’s laugh in the background. I’ll be home in October for Mom’s 92nd birthday and am hoping to hear the Highway 43 group live.

Thank you for keeping everyone connected – it’s appears to be a labor of love on your part and everyone appreciates your efforts.

Cheryl Gaugler

From Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

Hi Gary, I just got home from working the night shift. This past week I’ve been listening to Dick,and Brenda Johnson’s & Ron Hett’s Hwy 43 C.D. on my way to work each night, and again on my way home in the morning. The more I listen to it the more I love it.

Lastnite I watched on T.V. who was going to walk away with 1st Place on “America’s Got Talent”. There was some awesome talent on there this past month or so. A chicken farmer from Kentucky won it. As happy as I was for him for winning it cuz he really did need a break in life, he didn’t come remotely close to how good Dick, Brenda,and Ron are. Dicks got such a clear strong great voice, and Brenda, Ron & Dick really know how to play those instuments. I’m not just saying this to have something to say, I’m dead serious they need to go to the next audition in New York, that’s coming up. That would be awesome!!! I Am So Serious About This …Go Dick, Brenda & Ron!!!!!

Who ever out there doesn’t have the C.D. “Get It” and then lets cheer them on…. all the way to New York!!!

Cheryl and Aggie, I’m assuming you guys have the same CD of Dick & Brenda’s that was recorded at the Frozen Fingers Festival in Minot last winter that Brenda sent to Bill Grimme and Me. It is for sure a jewel. And yes, you are right Cheryl about Dick’s talking. I enjoy that ND/MN accent that I’m sure at one time I also had. After being away from the area for all these years I can sure pick up those from that area by their accent. Guess what, Hwy 43 just came up on our Stereo as I’m writing this. It’s 50 plus minutes of wonderful music.

Folks, I’m not sure of the cost or the distribution of this CD, but I’m posting both Dick and Brenda’s email for them to answer those questions for those of you that are interested.djcars@hughes.netBrenda.Johnson@ndsu.edu Gary

Reply from Randy Flynn (70): Happy Valley, OR


The message from Gary Metcalfe prompted 2 thoughts. First, it would be wonderful to hear Gary Metcalfe and his Granddaughter sing. Their singing on the Alaskan Cruise was enjoyable. Angelina was truly as entertaining as her Grandfather Gary. I hope they are now recording a few songs so we can all enjoy their voices on the internet throughout the year.

Secondly, Gary’s desire to see the Ocean is well understood. I am presently working for 3 days on the central Oregon coast. I have not had many days as enjoyable since the Alaskan Cruise. The sun has been shining for several days, tonight the temperature is still 64 degrees at 11:15 at night, and some forthcoming bad weather is creating a beautiful surf rolling white waves upon the beach and rocky shoreline. It is truly mesmerizing and therapeutic to see and hear. If anyone travels to the west coast and has not visited this area, it is a real treat. Driving HWY 101 from Lincoln City to Coos Bay permits you to see and feel the ocean as well as the majesty of the rugged cliffs filled with wildlife.

So, Gary Metcalfe, please record a few songs for all of us to enjoy. I will play them the next time I drive U.S. Hwy 101.

Gary Stokes, Thank you for your continued efforts to keep us all connected.

Randy Flynn

Reply from Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): Grafton, ND

I have fond memories of every sat bringing the cream into town to Minnie Alvin and waiting for the cream check as mom called it. I remember thinking how horrible that place smelled and commenting only to get the shhh and head shaking. Oh and yes dear Bob and the cream truck what a pleasure it was to see him. As a child I never knew the importrance of those cows until mom told os that the cream check was what they survived on. Guess I should’nt been so mean to the hateful old cows.

Yes Vickie, the cream check was the bread and butter of those days for most of the farm families. Dad got paid 3 cents for each butterfat pound of cream that he delivered to the Bottineau Creamery. The farmers paid him one cent and the Creamery 2 cents. The over loads on his pick-up were well over loaded with all the cream cans, double stacked, in that extra wide wooden box on that ford Pick-up by the time he got to Bottineau. Gary

From Marshall Awalt (51): Newport, NC

HI Gary I don’t know if I posted these ladies before or not but some of the readers might see a mother or grandmother.

Marshall Awalt 51

Folks, I recognize a whole lot of these folks, but there are some I don’t recognize, so I’m not going to start placing names or guessing from the list posted below the picture with the names of those in the picture. I’ll leave that up to you guys. The four that stuck immediately to me were Ella Metcalfe, Velma Millang, Kenrose Medlang and Agnes Salmonson. Taking a closer look I do recognize a whole lot of the others too.

Thank you Marshall for sharing this picture. Can you tell us the year of this picture. The date got cut off on the top. Gary

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:neola@min.midco.net Minot & Bottineau, ND.

02/13/2017 (2491)

Reply from Dennis Dubois (’63):  Minneapolis, MN
Nice to hear from you Gary. I’m sorry to hear about Bernadette. I am going on my annual trek to the Southeast part of the U.S. and I have contacted Bill Grimme in hopes of visiting with him while I’m in that area. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama and I plan on playing golf in that area at least a couple of days. I have taken it upon myself to play all the courses on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. This year I will have played AT every venue, all 11 of them. I will then complete playing every course on the trail. Last summer I made a trip to Medora and met up with Carol Allard. We went to Dickenson and visited with Leland Stickland. It was a wonderful time. I go to dinner with Paula Fasset every so often. She lives about 20 miles from me. That is always so enjoyable. I know we’ve told each other the same stories many times over. Last summer I visited with Francis Poitra, the oldest son of Frank Poitra. I’ll bet a lot of old timers will remember him. Agreat musician. He was a friend of Kicky McKay, Donnie Wittmeyer, Chuck Lindberg and Jackie Peterson. There that should get some discussion going. Have a great day everyone.


Message from Larry Liere (55):  Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ


Looking back at some memories you posted and a 3 year old memory posted on Facebook in the attachment which was posted today.

I want to thank you for all the work you do to keep this blog going.  It is truly a great service to all of us that ever lived in the Dunseith area.

Having been a good friend of Conley Grimme I thought I may hear from the Grimme family but so far no contact.

My 2nd. grade picture (Attachment) I was lucky to hear from a boy and 2 girls that were in 1st. grade at the time of the picture.  This 2nd. grade would have graduated 1955 & the 1st. grade in the picture would have graduated in 1956.  My best friend in Dunseith was Barry Shelver and I did hear from David Shelver a few time.  I think David may Winter in AZ because I see his name signed as attending the North Dakota Picnic held here in Mesa.  David was just a baby when we moved from Dunseith but his son & my son went to basic training together for the Army Guard.  The last time I contacted Dave he sent an email stating he was very busy and could not meet.  I think he may be retired now and may have more time to meet.

Since I moved from Dunseith the only people I have seen in person are Barry Shelver, and Denise Leonard, who I met when Dunseith had their 100 city reunion. and General Murry who I worked with for over 30 years.

Thanks for the memories,


Art Seim Auction
Reply from Vickie Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary & Friends of Dunseith,

3 Treasures of the LAZY JS 

As I stepped over to greet Art noticing  three items left on the auction trailer.

One was a collie and lamb print which  graced a bedroom at the Seim farm home for as long as I remembered.

(Later google a search about that print indicated).

It is from a painting by Walter Hunt  known for his painting of Collies.

It was entitled “Shepherds Call”.

I said to Art, “Is that what’s left and  you are keeping?”

Shrugging, He said, “NO’ That’s the things that  didn’t sell.”

I said   “Wow.”

I was flooded with warm thoughts,  strong, beautiful childhood memories  of our  black and white collie cross dog,

Skip keeping watch and knowing I was safe.

And told Art i always loved that painting.

Art said, “Do you want that print? ”

“You can have it,  I will give it to you.”

“YES!  Thank you!”

I went over to pick the frame off the dusty trailer.

Next to  it were  two  pieces of  iron bar.

I picked them up saying” What are the two pieces of iron things, Art?”

He replied,  “Those were my dad’s, they are the original Seim branding irons.”

He said,  “You can have those too.”

I said, ” NO,” “I will accept the print as a gift from you,”

” But, I will buy the branding  irons.”   “I want  to own them  fair and square”

” Would  that be ok?”

He smiled and nodded.

I paid  him cash.

That is how I ended up with the best stuff from the Seim sale,

Art gifted  me with, “Shepherds Call”.

I am the  owner of, the  LAZY JS branding  irons.

Thanks Gary, until later.

Vickie Metcalfe


Blog (552) posted on September 17, 2009

Posted on September 17, 2009

Sympathy to Gwen & Bill Grimme

From Toni Morinville Gredesky (68): Farimount, ND

Gwen and Bill–

Please consider this my deepest sympathy on the loss of your brother Greg. His death brought back many memories of our childhood. There were so many kids in the neighborhood. Remember how we spent summer days outside all day? Greg was so incredibly intelligent and unique. He represents one of the reasons I am proud to be part of the class of 68.

Toni Morinville Gredesky

Sympathy to Gwen/Bill Grimme from Phyllis McKay (65): Auburn, WA.

To Gwen and Bill Grimme,

I am so sorry to hear of Greg ‘s passing. Words of sympathy can never capture the pain of losing a loved one. After losing my parents and little niece, I can only look forward to the day we will be reunited. You are in my thoughts and prays. Phyllis McKay

Message from Pam Wenstad Lane (78): Dunseith, ND.

Hi Gary,

I missed reading the blog in the last couple of weeks. I’m back HOME !! Been a long time, almost 25 yrs. Its nice to be around family again. Anyway, I was wondering if there are any friends out there that might have any insight on the history of the Willow Lake School? If there are any classmates around and years they went to the school? I myself did’nt go there but I know that Debbie did . Thats where she lives now. So, if you or someone out there could help me out I would greatly be thankful.

Pam Wenstad Lane (78)

Pam and All, I post all of these daily messages on the Dunseith Alumni WEB site. http://garystokes.net/default.aspx

I strip all email addresses and personal contact info when posting.

Reply from Nathan Richard (2000): Fairbanks, AK

In regards to the picture of C. Emerson Murry. Wow it is really cool to put a face with the name of the ND National Guard Fire Center (South Camp Grafton). Before moving up here to Alaska I have spent many days on that range qualifying. We are enjoying summer still up here. Last week it was still reaching around 70 which is great!

Nathan A. Richard
Bravo Crew Sensor Operator
HHB, 49th MD BN
Unsecure: (907) 873-2222
Home: (907) 869-3563
Cell: (701) 330-6563

Larry Liere (55) and C. Emerson Murry (42)

Reply from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND.


One more thing of interest about the Turtle Mountain Creamery. During WWII that little creamery had a contract with the Army and shipped a railroad box car load of butter I think every week. At that time just about every farmer milked and they would bring in cream to sell in 3 to 20 gallon cream cans. It is hard to believe that those farmers, that little creamery, with one churn could produce that much butter. Emerson and I were talking about this subject at the reunion. I remember they would box the butter in boxes about 2 foot square maybe a little smaller. Emerson thought the weight of the box was about 60 lbs. If anyone out there knows the size and weight of butter to make 60 lbs. you can prove us right or wrong. Even after shipping to the Army they still had enough butter to supply Dunseith, and the San Haven.


Larry, how well I and a whole lot of our readers remember milking those cows and selling the cream to the creameries in Bottineau and Dunseith. My share of the milking was three cows morning and night 7 days/week. There were no vacations. My dad had a cream route that he ran twice a week for many years. He hauled cream from the farmers in the hills from #3 to Bottineau. Many of those farmers would invite him in for coffee along the way too. He loved to socialize and he also loved his coffee.

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.

Gary and friends;
Responding to blog# 556, Albert Peterson and the Lude Peterson’s
were not related. Lude and Lillie Peterson lived across the road
to the north from my parents when they first purchased their primary
farm site from Bill Child’s. The Child’s were related to the Lude
Peterson’s as were the Oakes who had moved on to Spokane,Washington.
Cliff Metcalfe, (Dad) waded in snow waist high walking down from Bob
Lambs (Grandpa’s) to purchase the Child’s place in May 1950. My
parents, lived for a couple months with Nancy behind Kelvin. Around
that time Bertha (Metcalfe) House was the Central telephone operator
at Kelvin, then Kathy Gregory, Eleanor (Metcalfe) Nerpel was the
operator as late as fall 1961. I answered the crank telephone the
one August day she called ,she said, “Tell your dad to call Eleanor
Nerpel”…I didn’t Which.. I still feel guilty because as a 2nd
grader I forgot to tell Dad to return the call…Eleanor was calling
to notify him of his mother’s (Grandma Rose’s) death in Seattle.

> Previous to Carl Nelson,Albert Peterson owned the land to the
>north of “the flat” ,which is now owned by Mike Peterson. Various
>folks lived in the Albert Peterson shack, for short periods of time,
>Among them, Elmer and Sylvia Rush(mom’s first cousin), and later,Ed
>and Celia Walter and their new baby Erna.
Albert Peterson, a bachelor,was brother to Christina Medlang,
also owned the land across the road to the south of the Seim meadow.
Odin Medlang sold that portion of Albert Peterson land to my
parents, it was their second land purchase… Dad and mom called it,
both “the flat” or “The Homestead”.

> My sister, Nancy,commented to me about the questions Gary
>Metcalfe wrote in your blog. “Re. Gary’s email about Albert
>Peterson. Does he realize it was “out on the flat”. That’s who our
>dad bought “the flat” from in the 1950’s, just after we moved in to
>the Child’s house.. There was a shack in the trees at the end of the
>field where we used to pick rocks . (The row of trees between the
>flat & the rock field.) every spring. He was Odin Medlang’s mom’s
>brother. I don’t think he was related to Lude. But I’m not sure.
>When we were in Seattle, remember the story Aunt Leona told about
>him when he came to see Grandpa Metcalfe. He rode a old fat nag.
>When it was time to go he kept trying to jump up on the back of the
>horse but couldn’t make it. The boys were all standing around
>watching. She was exasperated they did not help him. When he tried
>the last time, Aunt Leona ran around and gave his foot a boost up,
>he made it. She was pleased he was smiling and was exasperated at
>her brothers.”
Later, Vickie

Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello All, I do watch the news everyday and see the world changing drastically and I don’t know how long it will last, but we can still go back in time and will continue too. My wife and I drove to Mt. View, Arkansas the other evening. There were six or eight groups of 5 to 10 fiddle players, guitars and other instruments. I can always find someone to sing, “All Around the Water Tank” for me, an old Jimmie Rogers yodeling tune. Then to Kingston, Arkansas the next week, they were singing on the square and toward the end had an open mic time. So our six year old granddaughter, Angelina, sang without music and I did one too. She said that I did good, that was the best part of that endeavor. Anyway, the people, the setting, no cop in the town, we camped on the square that night and when we woke in the morning they were singing for a different benefit, some thing for a motorcycle group.

We can go to Alaska and watch a mother bear catch a salmon from that clear, cold creek; hear the bones crack in that big fish and take it up to the tree where her spoiled cubs were hanging out. That was at Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier. We saw Alaska at its best, clear skies. No one seems to be able to convey the true beauty very well. She’s a 10 for sure!

I won’t say too much about that beautiful place called Seattle, other than that I love every bit of the area. The place where I saw two generations of N.D. people fulfill their life dreams. I surely noticed a change in scene from the earlier days with the gorilla family at Woodland Park Zoo. Now they have a more natural surroundings. It seems to me that they enjoyed putting on a show, especially the one that was a baby. If I were to guess I would say that that big, magnificent guy weighed about twelve hundred pounds, I could be off by 300 pounds or so. The big guy sat where he could keep an eye on us, the spectators and his family. When he put his big hand over his face and looked through his fingers at us, I felt he was thinking “if I could get out of here, I’d sure put the run on whatever they are. But, then again they sure are entertaining at that, bald heads, tennis shoes, large stomachs. I wonder where they are from?” And he has to observe them every day.

On a trip last week back from Arizona there was a scene similiar to one we as a family had seen 25 or more years ago in northern Arizona. It was early evening, the young sheep dog was bringing the flock home with a big smile and he was in the lead with a happy look on his face. The earlier encounter was an older, unkempt, three legged sheep dog. It was a very hot Arizona day and I thought a human being would have to be paid a lot of money for what he does from the heart.

If we can see the ocean one more time this year, we will be ready to start all over again next year. Maybe earlier next year!!!

Gary Metcalfe

y are

02/10/2017 (2490)

Memories of Art Seim
From Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

First, I have to thank Gary for his nice compliments on our Dakota

Drifter CD.  Glad you like it.  As I was reading Vickie Metcalfe’s post

about Art Seim,  it brought to mind a couple of memories I have about

Art.  We were in California at Christmas time in 1968 visiting my aunt

and uncle.  We were driving down the eight lane freeway north of LA in

pretty heavy traffic and I was in the back seat just watching traffic

alongside us as a car came up on the right side and got slightly in

front of us in the right turn lane. I looked at the license and it was

  1. I said,  “Hey , look, a ND car.”  As they slowed a bit to turn,  we

came along side and I looked at the driver and it was Art Seim!  He was

busy watching what he was doing and didn’t notice us waving at him as we

went on past. My point here is—a couple thousand miles from home and

in millions of people in millions of cars and who do we see?  A guy from

less than two miles from home!

Another memory involving Art Seim is from the day he had his farm

auction sale.  I was asked to help direct people to park their cars so

was there early.  I was not always real busy and was kind of watching

the crowd too as they milled around looking at the equipment for sale.

There was a guy that caught my interest who was over by Art’s old John

Deere tractor.  I saw the way he looked around and it just appeared he

had ‘something up his sleeve’, so to speak, so I just kept watching

him.  He looked around to see who was watching him but didn’t see ME

watching him.  He reached down to the magneto (this makes spark to fire

the spark plugs) and switched the wires around.  I knew exactly what he

was doing because this would make the old tractor backfire and not start

and he could get a good deal on it.  I watched as he just walked away

and looked around at other stuff.  When he was out of sight,  I went

over and switched the wires back to where they belonged.  There are only

two, so it’s not complicated.  Later in the day,  I was watching stuff

sell and when they came to the tractor,  he was right in the front of

the guys ready to bid.  Art came over and fired up the tractor with no

problem.  I just watched the guy and the look on his face was

priceless!  Thanks Gary!



Reply to Paula Fassett (’71)
From Marlys Hiatt (’71):   Dunseith, ND

Hey Paula,

Can you believe our 50th reunion will be coming up in a little over 5 years.  Maybe our class should start thinking about a reunion.   I can’t even believe we are already 50 years old, let alone about to have graduated 46 years ago.  I know I should be writing more because I am a faithful reader and enjoy what others write.  I often think I need to update people about good old DHS as it is today.  We have such a great bunch of staff and students.

Paula, I hope to see you at Dunseith Days 2017.  I will be looking for you.

Marlys Hiatt
School Social Worker
Dunseith Public School


Blog (551) posted on September 16, 2009

Gregory Grimme
December 19, 1950 – September 6, 2009

DUNSEITH – Gregory Lee Grimme, 58, Katy, TX, and formerly of Dunseith; died Sunday, September 6, 2009, in Tomball, TX.

He was born December 19, 1950 in Rolette to Carl and Kathleen (Fassett) Grimme. He was raised in Dunseith and graduated from Dunseith High School in 1968. After graduation, he attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

He moved to California and worked in Walnut Creek for Cordis Dow in the plastic fabrication field. His career led him to many destinations including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Texas where he designed and built commercial reverse osmosis water purifications systems, much of it tied to the oil industry. In recent years, he travelled internationally with his work. He made several trips and spent time in the Ukraine. He was currently employed by ITS Engineered Systems, Inc. in Katy, TX.

Gregory was a giving person and felt empathy for others. He enjoyed woodworking and built several clocks, and enjoyed hunting in North Dakota.

Family: fiancé, Lynn Snider, Magnolia, TX; brother, Bill Grimme, Birmingham, AL; twin-sister, Gwen (George) Eltz, Spokane, WA; and several nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles and cousins.

Gregory was preceded in death by his parents, brother, Conley; and Dingo, his pet German Shepherd.

Funeral: Thursday, September 17, 2009, at 2:00 p.m. at Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Dunseith

Memorials: Memorials preferred to the Rolette County Historical Society or to Cypress Creek Christian Church, Spring TX.

Visitation: Two hours prior to the service at the church.

Sign the Online Guestbook

Symphathy to the Grimme’s from Esther Murray Fleming (65): Flint, MI
My deepest symphathy to the Grimme families. I know what it is like to lose someone you love and at such a young age. You will be in my thoughts.
To the Grimme Family from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.
I feel lucky to have met Bill Grimme, Greg’s brother. Sibbling bonds are indestructable. I pray that Bill and Gwen will continue to experience the closeness of their brother and their parents until all are reunited. Saddness is a lame word to describe the loss of so young a sibbling. I hope Bill hears many stories in the coming days that will affirm how splendid a man has passed by. Sharron
Condolences to Bill & Gwen Grimme & Message from
Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,First of all, my condolences to the Bill and Gwen. There were lots of
good times with Greg. He left us too soon, but with many good memories
of our time together. We spent a lot of time together doing things that
kids do while growing up in old Dunseith. We will surely miss him.

To Aggie–Your story about the World Trade Towers was interesting. My
wife’s brother, Greg Knutson, had an office in one of the towers in the
early 90s when terrorists detonated a van full of explosives in the
basement parking area. They had placed the van near one if the main
support pillars in hope that one tower would fall into the second,
taking them both down. The company Greg worked for had the contract for
repair and cleanup of any disaster that could happen to the building. He
never thought anything more than a water leak or glass damage was
likely. The bomb blew down two floors and up four floors and left a
cavern as big as a large gymnasium.The people who were rushing to
evacuate all locked their office doors as they left and the firemen
chopped them all open to check for anyone who might still be in the
building. Everyone doing his job! Clean up was in the millions. The most
ironic part was that his folks saw him come out of the building, on CNN.
He couldn’t get an open phone line for over an hour and when he finally
reached his folks in ND, they already knew he was OK. He was covered in
soot but they recognized him. Of the approximately 30,000 people who
left the building, what would the chances be of seeing ONE person you
were worried about? He later moved to another job in New Jersey and
watched the planes hit the towers from his office window several years
later. He now lives in Denver and and stays close to ground level!

Thanks to Marshall Awalt for the picture of Berdella, ND and the
celebration of the end of WW I. Having lived here for most of my life, I
recognize were the picture was taken. It was taken looking to the north
from just inside of the gates going to our old farm yard. Anton Julseth
had a small store and Post Office just to the right and just out of
sight on top of the small hill that is visible. The store building
became the first part of my grandparents house. They moved it a couple
hundred feet south to a nice spot overlooking Horseshoe Lake and added
on to it. At the time this picture was taken, I would assume my great
grandmother and probably my Grandpa Hans and Axel would have been in
attendance as they were then living less than a quarter mile south along
the lake. Marshall’s grandparents were living where I now live about a
quarter mile northwest of where the picture was taken. It would also be
just out of sight to the left of the picture. Thanks Marshall for this
picture and please post any others you might have–this is great! Thanks


Condolences to Grimme Family and Picture/Message from
Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND
Hi Gary
This past week Sept. 11 to 14 retired members of the North Dakota Army and Air National Guard held their annual weekend get together at Camp Grafton near Devils Lake, ND. About 120 retired members were their to enjoy the reunion of old friends. Two former Dunseith members were there and had their picture taken together. C. Emerson Murry (42) and Larry Liere (55) via Devils Lake. Emerson is a retired Adjutant General for the State of North Dakota and Larry is a retired Supply-Property Officer for Camp Grafton. As a side note Larry’s dad Tony worked for Emerson’s dad Ray at the Turtle Mountain Creamery in Dunseith during the late 30’s and 40’s. When Emerson was Adjutant General for North Dakota Larry worked for him as a Supply-Property Officer. I guess that shows it is a small world and history can repeat its self. Sorry about the Sun making the picture have so much shadow.
Our sympathy to the Grimme families Larry & Karen Liere (55) Devils Lake, ND
I knew Carl, Kathleen, Conley, and kind of remember Bill, but Greg and Gwen must have been born after I moved from Dunseith. My mother and Kathleen were very good friends and our families would visit each other often. Kathleen and Mom would visit a lot even after we moved. We lost a Son to cancer at age 23 and when a family has the loss of a young person like Greg the grief is hard to take. Grief is something most of us will have to live with during our life time. We found that thinking of all the good times we had with our Son helped us through some difficult times. I feel it helps to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Even though we did not know Greg we are sorry for your loss since he was the Son of our mothers good friend.

Larry Liere (55) and C. Emmerson Murry (42)

Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND.
Thank you Verna and Pete.. each message means the world to me….as you all know Verna has done as much volenteering in this area she is truly a angel to all of us. She never asks for a pat on the back she does it cause she can . HATS OFF TO YOU VERNA SOMEDAY YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN WILL BE GREAT… GOD BLESS YOU …………BEV
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Hi Gary, I would like to make a major correction on the name of the F.B.I Agent and the title of the book I mentioned in my last e-mail message to your blog…The name of the book is “The Man Who Knew” not “The Man Who Warned America” and it’s by John O’Neill, not Bill. I read alot of books,and I’m getting up there in years …..I rest my case….LOL! Ms. Aggie
From Tom Hagen (51): Mesa, AZ
Hi everyone of our friends in cyberspace!!!! We are back in AZ for
the winter and finally getting organized again , it seems to take longer
every year. Our son’s family (Sue and 6 kids ) now are in Mesa
permanently but our son is back in NY to sell the house and work at his
regular job at least for the first quarter. We are helping her as much
as we can until he can join them. We will be looking forward to
hearing from you and have already had some contacts.! We are back
online!!!!We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.

Charles Azure, 60, Wahpeton, died Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, in his home.


He was born May 16, 1949, to Martin and Irene Azure in Belcourt. He married Judy Allery in January 1969 in Dunseith. They later divorced. He married Laurie Albertson on July 28, 1978, in Rolla.

Survivors: wife; sons, Gary DeCoteau, St. John, Brian Azure, St. Cloud, Minn., Mike Azure, Wahpeton; daughters, Tammy Azure, Wahpeton, Michelle Roquet, Dickinson; brothers, David, Aberdeen, S.D., Bryan, St. Paul Park, Minn.; sisters, Jeanette Belgarde, Bemidji, Minn., Karen Nadeau, Clintonville, Wis., Debbie Peltier, Dunseith, Sharon Gattke and Kathy Stein, both Rolla.

Funeral: Thursday, 2 p.m., St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, St. John.

Burial: St. John Holy Cross Cemetery, St. John.

Prayer vigil: Wednesday, 8 p.m., Vertin-Munson Funeral Home, Wahpeton.

Visitation: Wednesday, 5 to 8 p.m., in the funeral home.

Judy Allery Azure (65): I saw your name in Charle’s Obituary and with that I want to extent my sympathy to all of his family. Gary


Reply from Ken Striker: Dayton OH

Garrison Keillor out of hospital after stroke

MINNEAPOLIS — Humorist Garrison Keillor has been released from Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Hospital after suffering a minor stroke earlier in the week.

Keillor spokesman David O’Neill released a brief statement Friday night saying Keillor left the Rochester hospital earlier in the evening. O’Neill said Keillor was on his way back to his St. Paul home “and is in great spirits.”

The 67-year-old Keillor had said he felt ill on Monday morning and drove himself to a St. Paul hospital, then was transferred to Mayo Clinic.

Keillor said he still plans to start his new season of “A Prairie Home Companion” as scheduled in two weeks. Some 4 million people listen each week to the long-running show on nearly 600 public radio stations in the U.S.

02/08/2017 (2489)

Reply to LeaRae Parrill Espe’s (67) posting
From Paula Fassett (’71):  White Bear Lake, MN

Hi Gary – and LeaRae….

I agree LeaRae, more of us ‘readers’ need to write something now and again!  I usually have little to nothing to contribute, but I do read the blogs regularly.

The Class of ’67 reunion sounds like a great time – maybe it will spark some interest and other classes will plan reunions during that same time period.  I, for one, am going to try to be ‘in town’ that weekend, even though I’m not part of that class.  It’s always fun to be in Dunseith when there’s a ‘happening’ that people come back for.  I hope you have a good turnout!!!

And a belated Happy New Year everyone!



Reply to Armed forces reunions
From Don Aird:  Fenton, MO.

Getting together with men you served with is a real treat.  Every reunion more of our guys show up.


Blog (550) posted on September 15, 2009

Posted on September 15, 2009

Funeral services for Greg Grimme – DHS Class of 68:

GREGORY GRIMME, 58, Katy, TX, formerly of Dunseith; died Sunday, September 6, 2009, in Tomball, TX. Funeral Thursday, September 17, 2009, at 2:00 p.m. at Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith. Visitation two hours prior to the service at the church.

Sympathy to the Grimme’s & reply from Luella Boardman Bjornseth (49):

Bottineau, ND

My sympathy to Gwen Grimme Eltz and her family in the loss of her brother Greg. I worked with Gwen at the college for several years and we were good friends.

Thanks Gary for passing on the remembrances from Bob’s friends. Erling Landsverks stories brought back lots of memories. We didn’t remember him ever playing football. I wonder if we ever got to watch any of his games. The stories made nice reading. The American Legion in Frazee had a really impressive graveside service for Bob after the church service.


Reply from Pete (65) & Verena Gillis:Dunseith, ND.

Message to Bev Morinvill Azure, HANG IN THERE GAL! Our thoughts and prayers are with
you and your family.
Pete & Verena

Condolences to Bill & Gwen Grimme

From Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

To Bill and Gwen Grimme,my heart goes out to you and your family during this most difficult time. I remember Greg well from high school. I lived in Houston Texas for 3 years,and am familiar with Katy Texas,which really makes Greg’s passing so real.He was too young, it’s all so sad. God Bless you all with peace in your heart in the days ahead,and alot of great memories of Greg. Sincerely, Ms. Aggie Casavant

Condolences to the Grimme family:

FromPete (65) & Verena Gillis:Dunseith, ND.

We are sending our condolences to Bill Grimme and his family. We are very
sorry to hear of their loss.

We were in Fargo last week for 2 days, Pete had testing over there and is
in a little trouble again. They found a spot on his kidneys and his PSA
took a good jump. So they tripled his casadex for 8 weeks and if that
doesn’t bring the PSA down, he will then have to start Chemo. So wish us
luck! We’re gonna need it.

Sympathy to the Casavant & Grimme faimiles and reply

From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI.

First, My deepest sympathy top Gerald Casavant and to the Grimme’s. I’m stunned in both cases.

Second — to Margaret Seim Lawston—The story about Mr. Julseth. In early 1934 he rented a quarter section of land to a young man who was then 14 years old. That young man was my dad. Then at age 15, dad bought his first tractor, a McCormick Deering 15-30. (I have a story about the tractor too, but it may be a bit too detailed) Dad farmed that land until he was drafted in 1942. Later, another 1/4 section that Anton owned was available for rent. He contacted Dad and Dad rented it for several years. Some time in the 60’s He contacted Dad because he wanted to divest himself of property in his later years. He was in his 80’s at the time. He wrote Dad a letter with the price and terms. It was too good to pass up. The land is located about a mile south of where Ernest LaCroix lived, along the road to Currie school. Some of you who are a couple younger than me will recall it as a great party spot. Dad got tired of the beer cans stopping the disks on our grain drills. He somehow found out the name of one of the kids who used to frequent the spot. He asked her if it would be possible for them to put all the containers in a pile from that point on. A couple weeks later, when I went to cultivate the summer fallow I found a pile of containers about 3 feet high, and not a single can in the field.

When Dad died my sister Stephanie got that land. She once met Anton Julseth. I never had the privilege.

Allen Richard

Reply to Jeff Gottbreht – Reference #554 posted on 9/11

From Diane Fugere (75): Minot, ND.


I have always known what a wonderful person “Big Jeff” is. He is a big teddy bear with a heart of gold.

Diane Fugere

Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

To Sharron Gottbreht Shen: Thank you for sharing your memories of 9-11. I found it very interesting how your son Ivan, and nephew Jeff were a part of that day. I had been to New York just a couple years earlier, and had taken pictures of the Twin Towers coming in on the ferry . Later that day, my brother Aime, his wife Brenda, and their daughter Vanessa and I were walking around down by Wall Street, when we came around the corner, and Aime said,”Hey Aggie look down the street. About a block down the street stood the Twin Towers rising high above all the other buildings. We didn’t walk down there cuz we were all pretty tired. So I took my camera and clicked a few pictures off of the Towers. After 9-11 I took the pictures out to look at them, and it struck me just how big those Towers were, cuz even from 1/2 or a block away I still didn’t get a full picture, like I think the top of the towers was cut off…(or it could of been just poor photography…) Anyway, Aime’s daughter Vanessa lived and went to school there for like 4 yrs. If I remember correctly, Vanessa was walking past the first tower when it got hit. She said, she heard an explosion and her and the other people on the side walk looked up and saw smoke coming from the towers. When she got to work she told her co-workers, I think there was an explosion in one of the towers, and already her co-workers said, that a plane had ran into it…and the rest is pretty much history…evacuation of her building, smoke and ash inhalation, which she still has a problems as a result of, not to mention the emotional toll it took on her for some time…She since has moved out of New York City. It would be interesting to know if there are anymore people out there, from N.Dakota who were directly or indirectly connected to that day in New York City. We are so blest that Ivan, Jeff,and Vanessa made it thru it…..so many didn’t… It’s still all so sad,to think about when 9-11 rolls around every year.

Theirs a book titled “The Man Who Warned America” by an ex-F.B.I. agent, by the name of Bill O’Neil. It’s not fiction…once you start reading it, you can’t put it down, it will take you thru every emotion you’ve ever expierenced, and some that you never knew you had….the last two chapters will leave you in stunned disbelief…but with a resolve that we all can do something…that we have to do something…Aggie Casavant’

Reply from Dale Pritchard (63): Leesville, LA

Gary, On the old crank phones, all I remember is that Willie and Margie
Hiatt and your family were on the same line with us. Our phone quit
working early on, way before the SRT came into the picture, so we went
without. It was one of the few times that my Dad
wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t fix something that was broke. We still had the
old phone when the farm was sold. Don’t know what became of it. Dale

Reply/Picture from Marshall Awalt (51): Newport, NC

Here is a picture shot at Berdella. It is celebrating the end of world war I .You can’t see much but they had a lot of people for that time.

Thanks for all you hard work.

Marshall Awalt class 51

Excerpt from Dick Johnson’s message posted yesterday:

Berdella, ND–a store and post office– was located just
inside the gates here on our place


Posted by Ken Striker: Dayton OH

I thought your readers would be interested


-2/03/2017 (2488)

Dakota Drifters With Dick (’68) and Brenda Johnson.

Folks, I received this beautiful Album in the mail yesterday from Dick and Brenda Johnson.

Thank you Dick and Brenda for this wonderful Album. Dick, you have a wonderful voice. Very well done.

Beautiful Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens and other recordings that I truly like.

From the music to the packaging, this is very professionally done. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Dick and Brenda, I know in the past you have forbid me posting your music telling me this is not the place to be doing that. For all that you have contributed to this blog to keep it going all these years and for all the community services you guys do for absolutely nothing entertaining at various places,  this is the least I can do.

Folks can get in touch with you directly, email address above, for a copy of this album of which I strongly suggest they do. With the price label on the back, I am assuming this album may be available in the local stores too?
Johnson Drifters 2488-1 Johnson Drifters 2488-2 Johnson Drifters 2488-3 Johnson Drifters 2488-4


Reply from LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67):  Bottineau, ND

It is so interesting to read the old entries from the past.  Today my uncle John Nelson’s obituary was listed as well as the picture at the Art Seim farm which included my aunt Jennie Nelson Metcalfe and my father in law Elmer Espe.  I wish more would write like they did before. Thanks, Vickie for your recent posts.

Thanks Gary for helping us out with the reunion and also for all you do to keep us connected, LeaRae


Beargrease Marathon Race
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND


It is snowy  here and growing colder again moving to the below zero’s
Buie needed a coat to go out.

That  got me thinking about dogs  who don’t need coats, just foot protection.

My last year working in MT, I learned  things from a 6th grader who just  had moved  from MN. We had  a class discussion on  family ‘roots’. He told the class, “He was  100% Scandinavian….Norwegian.” The next day,  proudly  he came in  and  happily  shared with the 6th grade class. A  family discussion the night before, he discovered, some American Indian descent.

“He proudly said, I am  descendent of John Beargrease!”

No one else had heard  of Beargrease.

He shared about  a  famous dogsled  marathon in MN.

My curiosity  in HISTORY  once again ran amok.

Now, I perk up reading about dogsled races because of one boy a  slight build, tow headed 6th grade kid.

I  follow the Beargrease Race every now and again, when there is snow.

A couple of years ago  it was cancelled due to lack of snow.

I’ve also learned, a well-known MN historical  personality ,

John Beargrease made significant contributions in Minnesota.

I am profoundly appreciative of  knowledge I have received from students over the years.

The Beargrease Race is mushing along this week, because this year there is snow in MN!



Later, Vickie


Art Seim Farm: Lazy JS photo
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

I  remember hearing  that  whoever worked  at the Seim farm through  the years,  carved their name into the wood  in the milk house room in the barn. Dad said,  “Autographs  were  numerous in  the milk room and he enjoyed reading the names.”

Dad also told of helping Grandma Seim whenever she made homemade cheese. He though she started with cottage cheese then….? She wrapped it tightly with cheesecloth, told him  to  help her take it to a north hay field. Dad brought the buggy around and they drove to the hay field. She picked the haystack. Where she instructed dad to lift up a pile of musty  hay. There she tucked the round cheese  under to cure. I think it ended up being a big round of homemade cheddar, It was  brought back to the farm house later in the fall.

Dad  fondly remembered eating Grandma’s homemade cheese. He would mention that memory whenever mom made her  homemade cottage cheese. I wish I would have thought to ask;

How critters like field mice, skunks and raccoon …or  ‘BLECH! … snakes  were prevented  from stealing under the  haystack and/or eating the cheese?

Thanks LeaRae.



Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary & Friends of Dunseith,

Treasures of the LAZY JS 

Upon retirement,  family friends, Art and Eva  spent months wintering close to Margaret and Edwin.

When Eva passed away, Art decided to make the CA  home more permanent.

I was working in MT at he time when I heard the news.

Art had sold the Dunseith home to Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn.

It was at that home close to St Louis Catholic Church,  he and Eva lived in the summer months.

On a  hot fall day, Art had his last Auction sale.

I arrived at the tail end of the sale.

Disappointed I missed out!

Art was sitting in a chair overlooking a trailer.

As I stepped over to greet Art noticing  three items left on the auction trailer.


Blog (549) posted on September 14, 2009

Posted on September 14, 2009

Symathy to the Grimme & Lindberg families from

Richard (67) & Ele Dietrich (69) Slyter: Dunseith, ND.

Richard and I wish to express our most sincerely sympathy to the Grimme and Lindberg families. We both knew Greg in school and thought very highly of him. It’s just not right that people his age should pass so quickly through our lives. Our prayers are with you during this trying time.


Condolences to the Grimme family from the Lester Havorson Family:

Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Seoul, Korea

Dear Grimme family, our condolences from the Lester Halvorson family, Gail, Lynette, Donna, Lori and Mike. We pray for God’s guidance during this difficult time.

Lynn Halvorson Otto, (75).

Condolences to Bill & Gwen Grimm from Bev Morinville Azure (70): Dunseith, ND

I am so sorry to hear the news about Greg …Bill and Gwen may the Lord hold u close in this time of sorrow. I hope I will be up to going to the service but still recovering from surgery.


Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Vickie for the correct story on the partnership–Big Three
not Big Four. I should have paid closer attention to Carroll Carlson
when he told me.

I think Art Seim said his dad had the materials and the carpenters
brought to Dunseith by rail from Iowa. The big house took nearly two
years to build. I believe it was 1919 and 1920. It was probably the most
majestic house in the hills!

The Mountain Home Telephone Company was taken over by Souris River
Telephone in the early 60s and replaced by underground lines and new
phones. We had a very nice Western Electric crank phone on the wall in
the old farm house.Grandma use to polish the oak case with furniture
polish. The guys from SRT said they owned all the equipment so they
were taking all the phones. I couldn’t stand to think of Grandma’s nice
phone getting tossed in a truck and hauled away so I replaced it with an
old phone that was in the attic and we kept the nice one and still have
it. It looks like new! Ingolf Medlang was probably the last
secretary-treasurer of the Mountain Home Telephone Company and he used
to bring notes to church council written on the stationary from the old
phone company. I wish I would have asked him for a few sheets of it for
the museum. There are still a very few of the old phone line poles
around the hills but most have fallen prey to nature since their
abandonment some 46 years ago. Anton Julseth had the ‘central’ office at
Berdella. Berdella, ND–a store and post office– was located just
inside the gates here on our place. This is how my grandparents met
while my grandma was the operator for the phone company. If I remember
right, I think they still called the ‘central’ office ‘Berdella’ after
it was moved to Kelvin. I mostly remember Kathy Gregory being the
operator in the 50s and early 60s. Our ring was 2 longs and 2 shorts.
Three cranks for a long and one for a short! Of course it didn’t matter
who called who—I think everybody listened!! Thanks Gary!


Dick, I remember the central office being called Berdella. I had no idea where the name came from. Now I do. I remember well when SRT replaced that old phone system too. A lot of the underground wire is buried in the middle of the county roads. For a very short time SRT had several parties on one line. That was short lived though. I remember Fauske’s and us sharing the same line. Our rings were different. I don’t remember for sure, but Pritchard’s may have been on our same line too. Gary

Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Reply to Dick Johnson:

It has been a long time since I have had any thoughts about Albert Peterson. My dad used to talk about the Albert Peterson place. Dad and my brother, Jimmy, came back from Seattle in about 1945 and bached on what I thought was the Lude Peterson place, also where Carl Nelson lived near Lyde Lake. But, Dad referred to it as the Albert Peterson place.

When school was out and my mother arrived from Seattle with three more kids, Dad was very happy to have a cook. Just talked to my brother Jim in Arizona and he and Dad came back and lived in Albert Peterson’s house, along with little Martin Evans.. LeRoy and Hilda Strong were living in our house on the farm and had no where else to go. There had to be an addition built on before the rest of our family came from Seattle. Jimmy was not sure that Albert was related to Lude or Max Peterson. But he remembered him being a quiet, skinny old man that must have been living in Dunseith at that time.

That brings to mind another character that spent some time on the Sime farm. His name was Louie DuBois.. My mother would laugh until the tears ran every time they talked about Louie DuBois. Here was a Native American who could talk Norweigan better and with more humor than most Scandinavians. I remember Louie and Jack Hecla in Seattle when they went up in a tree and cut off some big limbs for my dad. Jack was a Finlander from Rolla, one of Lucky’s “colorful” pals. I remember my dad and Art Sime talking and laughing over fun memories of Louie and what a character he really was.

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.

Hi Gary,
Wow, Jeff Gottbreht from our home town.
That morning of 9-1-1 was a clear blue sky day. I was at Bottineau
Elementary School, in Mr.Larry Haugens 6th grade class room watching
T.V…..a history in the making….a teachable moment. My gut
clenched, horrified as those planes. 1—–, 2,—- 3—-,
4…..????,….Helpless. Chilling. Numb.

Later that day, after school, I, driving… through the motions, to
Lloyd’s grocery store. I now know I was out to stuff my dismal
feelings….. A beautiful clear September day. As I got out of my
car, an older neat, clean cut guy approached me… he started and
continued in a preaching voice, saying,”the end of the
world…shoved a piece of paper at me. Taking his pamphlet, I
politely thanked him. ( Yep, Even when I’m gut clenched and numb, I
can still smile and be polite.)

I walked on to the front door of the store…finally feeling angry.
STOPPED. WHOA. I threw that pamphlet in the trash. And thought,”Why
didn’t I say, Today is not the end of the world. We are not a
passive people! ” “We have elected good leaders. And, I know in my
heart, there are Americans….everyday common folks who will not be
sitting by idle. In the face of difficult trials. We are people of
action.” I felt very strong reinforced by personal knowledge; Our
country thanks to patriotic Americans like my dad,uncles, my friend
Carroll, and countless service men…and my Aunt Leona….a true
Rosie the Riveter,and folks back home, rose together fighting back
after Pearl Harbor. I believed and just knew…Americans whatever
their differences would stand shoulder to shoulder with our president
in the days ahead.

Thanks to your blog and Jeff Gottbreht’s aunt, today years later,
I smile and think, ” YES. One of our own would have been there making
a difference.”

Earlier today, I went to the Family Bakery to have a bite before
making my 6 wk. run to Minot.
As I sat down to read the Minot paper, I looked back and noticed a
young man look intently at me. A few minutes later he came to speak
with me. He was Jaylyn Hiatt all grown up! Jaylyn is the son of
Harvey and Tonya Hiatt. What a nice conversation we had catching up
on the last 10 years. Then, Harvey came in said they’d come up from
Arizona to visit Harvey’s mom and Ackworth Cemetery.

On the way home from Minot I listened to Garrison Keiller make
comments about how beautiful every place in the U.S.A. is in
September. He said he once packed up and moved to New York after
visiting there in September. Ah. Folks making split decisions to
move to various places whilst in the throes of Septembers golden
beauty. Well through the raining and zipping down the road, its
more like soggy time here in Bottineau and Minot, North Dakota .
But, it’s indeed a golden September Day compared to 9-1-1.
Thanks Gary and THANK YOU, Jeff Gottbreht!

Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

To Margaret Seim Lawston—

The Anton Julseth you mention—Was he the same man who I believe became Rolette County Register of Deeds and served for several decades? If so I have a story to relate about him. He was a truly wonderful man that my dad referred to as “Mr. Julseth” all his life.

Allen Richard

Pictures/message from Sandra Zeiler Vandal (62): Elk River, MN

Connie and Sandra before and after.

Minnie Mary and me, my first grade teacher.

Hi Gary, just got some pictures scaned with the help of my daughter!!! Was great seeing everyone before and during the cruise.

the picture of Connie and I at graduation—crying. Laughing is so much better! It was wonderful seeing my first grade teacher, and she reallly looks wonderful!!!

Wanted to add, our 19yr. old granddaughter, Vanessa Zachman, has joined the army, and with tears, fear, and pride will be seeing her off on Monday. Our granddaughter ,Kayla is getting married this month also. Different roads, equally challenging and rewarding. Gosh, really feeling old right now!!! more later, Sandy

Sandra Zeiler & Connie Fauske 1962

Connie Fauske Monte & Sandra Zeiler Vandal – July 24, 2009

Sandra Zeiler Vandal (62) & Minnie Mary Mckay Merrill (48) – July 24, 2009

Sandra Zeiler Vandal, Vanessa Zachman & Mike Vandal

02/01/2017 (2487)

Folks, LeaRae Parrill asked me to post the following for their 50th Class reunion.

Class of 1967 50th year Reunion planned for Dunseith Days August 3-6, 2017
Posting from LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67):  Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary, I did get the dates for Dunseith Days which will be Aug 3-6, 2017.  Specific events have not been set, but it will run Thursday-Sunday.  Hopefully, all roads will lead to Dunseith for that weekend. The Class of 1967 will hold their 50th reunion that weekend also.  We will try to get together at least for a couple events and then try to join in on the Dunseith Days activities so we can see others as well. We would love to have any of our teachers come also.

The Class of 1967 has never had a specific reunion, just the all school reunions.  A few of us did plan our 40th which was the same as Dunseith’s 125th.  Jim Berube even bought t-shirts.  So this time we would like to invite everyone who has ever been in our class.  We don’t care if  you moved or did not graduate you are very welcome.  Patti Metcalfe Woods has agreed to make/take contacts through Facebook and I will try to get the emails updated.  Thank you Gary for supplying the names and emails. You have 60 individuals listed. We graduated 54 (I think) from 8th grade and 37 from high school. I believe 37 of us started first grade with my mother (Mildred Parrill) as our teacher.  Yes, she had all of us in one room. Then one after another the country schools closed and we added more. Also, Dunseith Day only went up to 6th grade so in 7th grade we had many new faces.

I will get an email out soon to those that Gary has provided.  Don’t hesitate to email me with ideas.  I think we will get together that Saturday August 5 and also probably August 4.  Please make your plans to be there! Those who live locally plan to meet to plan sometime soon. Let me know if you would like to help plan.

The Turtle Mountain Star covered the festivities in 2016 and it appears they have really elevated the schedule for a full weekend of family fun.  They had many events for kids, two community meals, tournaments like 3 on 3 basketball, of course a parade and more. I have been in contact with Nikki Acosta who is the owner of the former Marie’s, then Margaret’s Beauty Parlor.  Nikki was one of the event planners last year. She indicated they hoped to have a similar schedule this year.

It is so interesting to read the old entries from the past.  Today my uncle John Nelson’s obituary was listed as well as the picture at the Art Seim farm which included my aunt Jennie Nelson Metcalfe and my father in law Elmer Espe.  I wish more would write like they did before. Thanks, Vickie for your recent posts.

Thanks Gary for helping us out with the reunion and also for all you do to keep us connected, LeaRae


Blog (548) posted on September 12, 2009

Greg Grimme Passed Away: Message from
Gwen Grimme Eltz (68): Spokane, WA
Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL.
Greg Grimme (Class of 1968), brother of Conley, Bill, and Gwen (Grimme) Eltz passed away suddenly in Katy, TX of an apparent heart attack last Sunday (September 6, 2009). A memorial service for Greg will be held in Dunseith with burial in Riverside Cemetery. Both Bill and and Gwen are on their way to Dunseith today to make arrangements for their brother’s burial.A complete obituary will be posted with more details, including the day and time of his funeral, in the next few days. Greg was the son of Carl and Kathleen (Fassett) Grimme.
Gwen & Bill, Our condolences are with both of you with the loss of Greg.
Gwen, We all know that Greg was your twin brother making an extra close bond between the two of you.
Bill, You were my class mate of 1965. In the past few years we have become very close and dear friends. You are in deed a true friend, one that I deeply admire and look up to.
We are so saddened to hear of the passing of Greg. We only wish we could be there with you guys at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you though.
Gary & Bernadette Stokes
PS – Bill I am posting your cell phone number.
Folks, I just called Bill on his Cell phone to make sure this is still a good number for him and it is. Bill is flying out in the morning to Grand Forks. From there he’ll be renting a car. He’ll be in Dunseith later in the day tomorrow.
Previously posted by Dick Johnson in message 500
Those in the pictures: John Bogus with the multi colored shirt, Rich
Campbell with the block of wood, Greg Grimme with the hat on, and Tim
Hill with the ‘ I think we made it ‘ look!
Lillian Amanda (Lindberg) Levorson
Lillian passed away on August 25, 2009 at the age of 93. She was born to Ben and Mary Lindberg, homesteaders from Norway, on Sept 6, 1915 in Bottineau, North Dakota. She had two brothers, Elmer and Roy, and four sisters, Alice, Clara, Sally and Mabel. Lillian moved to Tacoma and met and married Alvin Levorson in 1941. They had two children, Lois and Annette. Lillian was a warm and welcoming person whose door was always open. She was a born nurturer and mothered many children besides her own through being a foster mother, a sunday school teacher, a loving grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, and loving friend to many. She enjoyed her flower garden and cooking meals to share with others. Her home was often the gathering place for holidays and celebrations. Lillian was predeceased by her parents, her brothers and sisters, her two daughters, and her husband of 65 years. She is survived by her son-in-law, Dan Macomber, and her two grandsons, Allen and Ben Macomber, and many other relatives. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 at 7 p.m. at United Lutheran Church, 1231 South 76th Street, Tacoma, 98408. Donations may be made to the church.
Pub Date: 8/29/2009
Phyllis McKay an all of the Lindberg/McKay families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time with the passing of Lillian. Lillian was a dear childhood friend of my Dads. They were only 10 days apart in age and were born an raised in the same community up in the hills. Lillian’s name was mentioned often with the many childhood stories of my dad.
Phyllis, You too are another class mate that we have become close friends with in the past several years. You too are indeed a true friend.
Gary & Bernadette Stokes