02/23/2019 (2696)

A little update on Bernadette.

Bernadette’s condition has deteriorated quite a lot the past several months. She just isn’t rebounding back either. It takes two of us stronger folks to hold her when she walks. Today she is having problems chewing and swallowing her food. With persistence we managed to get her to intake food and water.

I have made arrangements, next week, to have a feeding tube surgically inserted into her stomach. They said it’s a simple overnight procedure in the hospital. She will still be able to eat and drink normal, even with the tube. She’ll have the tube for use in times of need.

It’s very hard to understand her now too. She gets easily upset when we don’t understand her. She remembers most everyone, but it’s very hard for her to following along with or comprehend anything other than simple subject matters.

She sleeps well at night so that is a real plus.



Clifford Allery
Reply from Judy Allery Azure (65):  Bismarck, ND

Ginger, Thank You for the kinds words…it was one of the saddest days of our lives when we lost our dear brother Clifford.  He passed from cancer as that is such a killer disease…we will always have our memories of him and will love him like he is still with us…One day we will be all together again….Thanks again.


Undefeated Dunseith Football teams Reply from Dennis Dubois (’63): dlpmd@comcast.net Minneapolis, MN

Upon reading about that 1950’s football team. They surmised it to be the last undefeated Dunseith team. Well, the 1959-60 football team was also undefeated. It was my freshman year and we had a great coach. Bill Allen. I can’t remember everyone, but here are the ones I remember. Jerry Strong, Ronnie Strong, Willie Longie, Rick Henriksen, Dwight Lang, John Morgan, Lyle Zeiler,  Lowell Bad Heart Bull, George Gottbrett, Gary pigeon, Bruce Pigeon, Russell Pigeon. Bradley Solmonson, Stan Solmonson, Nick Bedard, Jim Bedard, Jim Evans, David Shelver, Bill Henry, Ronnie Morin, Johnny Leonard, Leland Stickland, Donald Egbert, Lyle Lamourex, etc. We lost one game the next year, when Rolla had the eternal clock that drove Virgil Vanorny to a premature demise, or at least temporary insanity. Maybe this was the last undefeated football team???

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND Gary,  Ron and Friends of Dunseith,

Thankyou Ron Longie on your reply about Chaga. Now I know it was an important source in the hills.

Did you ever sample the tea?

I  believe  there is merit in  the study of  wild medicinal and healing plants.

It would be a wonderful Turtle Mountain summer class.

Mr. Vaughn, an elderly friend of my maternal grandparents and  parents would pick tender pigweed and dandelion greens in  early spring.

He’d  show mom how to prepare them.

He  and his wife also made dandelion, rhubarb  and potato wines which they would treat my parents whenever we visited them.

We curious  kids weren’t allowed to taste wine.   Years later,  I acquired the Dandelion Wine  recipe from their son.

I haven’t quite managed to pick my yard free of dandelions and brew it.

I suppose am one of  those dreaded neighbors with a robust lawn of yellow all summer!

Each fall, mom  made chokecherry wine which in rare times she allowed us a frugal  sip.  She said it was to be used to wrap her holiday ‘fruitcakes’

she shared.  Mom also shared her homemade wine with the Vaughn’s, Uncle Bill and  neighbors, Art and Eva or Emil and Genevieve  usually after a little lunch.

Oh how, I wish I had  listened and asked more questions of those wise elders!

Until Later,

Vickie Metcalfe


Posted by Karen Loeb Mhyre (’65):  Bellevue, WA/

This photo was today’s picture in the daily ND posting!


Like a vast snowy ocean, the North Dakota prairie is illuminated by an early morning sun dog in this photo taken in Rolette County. Photo by Rick Craig via Facebook.

It is so beautiful !








Blog (769) posted on April 10, 2010

Ed Milligan:
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,

I don’t know if this is of interest, but one of my classmates said Ed Milligan is mentioned in the last North Dakota Horizons magazine. I think Dad subscribed to this magazine when he was alive, but I haven’t seen a copy since then.


Have any of you seen this article? Gary


Reply from Lyle Olson (75): West Fargo, ND

Reading the football edition of your archives brought back some good memories regarding my time playing football at Dunseith. We played Rolette in 1973 and beat them 73 – 0!!! Curt Berg was the star of that team and I remember he was in on the tackle on the opening kick-off that broke the leg of Brian Berube, one of Rolette’s star players. Everyone on the field heard the leg break and everyone in Rolette heard the howl that followed! Rolette folded like a cheap suit after that play. I don’t know how many points David Hagel scored on running touchdowns that game, or how many touchdown passes Terry Counts caught, but both players sure were tired come the 4th quarter.

That same year we played against Walhalla, ND. They had a football player named Daniel St.Vincent and he was the biggest high school running back I ever saw. We beat them 8 – 6, but the most impressive part of the game was that we did it with 13 players. Actually, we started the game with 13 players, but Curt Berg hurt his knee early in the game so I guess you can say we beat them with only 12 players (Dunseith was still in 11 man football at that time).

We had a pretty good football team in 1974 as well. Jesse Marion was the quarterback and David Hagel was the main running back, with Mark Fugere and Gary Poitra running the ball too. Sam Tooke was on that team and he was a mean noseguard. He once had the great idea to rattle the center for Cando that sort of backfired. His plan was to pounce on this rather small center well before the ball was to be hiked. He thought that if he did this enough, it would lead to a fumble or two. Well, Sam threw all his considerable weight on that poor kid for about 8 plays in a row, being penalized 5 yeards each time. However, that kid just pulled himself out of about 6 inches of dirt each time and went back to the huddle without saying a word to anyone. Jim Berube and Red Johnson were referees at that game and I remember Jim asking Sam what the heck he was doing. Sam just grinned and lined up to crush the kid again. By the time this played out, Sam had amassed about 40 yards in penalties and Cando was at the 5 yard line. The next play they scored and they didn’t look back. I later met that center and he laughed and laughed when I mentioned the game. He told me his big brothers had been doing that to him for years whenever they played football at home!

Football season was always a fun time in Dunseith. The warm nights were not as frequent as the cool, crisp nights, but it did not seem to matter then. I remember running all over town in “snake” lines lead by the older football players at homecoming time, and the homecoming parades and bonfires. I wonder if they do that anymore???

Thanks for all you do, Gary!

Lyle Olson – 1975


Folks, I just ran across these pictures. I have some extra room today, so thought I share. Gary

Stokes farmstead in the 70’s

 Stokes Farmstead – Easter Sunday, 1979


Stokes Farmstead the way it looks today, now owned by Larry & Mona Marchus


Folks, I thought I’d throw this one in too. This is My brother Darrel (Bud) and our cousin, Alice Petterson Hahn(deceased). Alice’s parents were Hans and Gerda Petterson. Dad and Hans were brothers. Alice was the oldest of the 26 Petterson cousins and Bud the youngest.


)2/17/2019 (2695)

Geraldine Robillard Volker (DHS ’60) Passed away.
Posting from Gloria Robillard Patnaude (‘69): Belcourt, ND

My sister Geraldine (Robillard) Volker passed away today February 9th. She had a long battle with cancer but passed away peacefully in her sleep at home. She was the daughter of Bill and Elvena  Robillard. She was also a sister to myself, Jim, Bobby, and Raphael Poitra.

Her husband was Terry Volker and she was the mother to three sons; Bill in Washington, Jim in Montana, and Terry in North Dakota.  She will be greatly missed by all that knew her.

Gary’s Comment: Our condolences are with you and all of Geraldine’s family with her passing. Raphael, one of the nicest gentleman you’ll ever meet, was in my class


World famous Dales Jumbo Burger
Posting from Rod Hiatt (’69): Bottineau, ND

Gary, while having dinner at Dales, my wife asked me why I was taking a picture of the last portion of a Jumbo. I told her that I wanted you and Larry Hackman to see and remember what the last 4 bites of a World Famous Dales Jumbo looked like. Sure was good!!!!!!!

Gary’s comment
Yes indeed Rod. One of the best burgers ever. I can never eat the whole burger, especially with their golden crisp fries. Too much food. I think Larry Hackman can manage to make one of these disappear though.  

July 2015
Henry Hackman



Blog (768) posted on April 9, 2010

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Folks, I didn’t have much today, so I went into the Achieves.
Note: It may be easier to read the following from the bottom up.

Posted with message 183 on 8/5/08

Message/News paper Article from Gary Morgan (54):

Gary & All, Attached is Garry Woodford’s writeup on the game Darrell referred to. Also his wrapup of the season. Any success I enjoyed on the football field has to be attributed to Virgel Vanorney. We had two weeks of football practice in the spring of 1950 and another two weeks before school started that fall. Since we didn’t have a football coach yet, Virgel drilled, and I mean DRILLED, us in the fundamentals. He instilled in all of us two basic principles: “Stay low” and “If you hit them harder than they hit you, you’re not going to get hurt”. I’m convinced that had Vidge stayed our coach, we would have had a more successful season that first year. This is evidenced by the fact that we thoroughly dominated Towner in a preseason scrimmage but they beat us during the season. I had another advantage. Being a freshman the first season Dunseith fielded a team in several years, I had just as much experience as the upperclassmen. This enabled me to start all four years. Dick should hang on to that helmet. It’s a relic of possibly the only undefeated seasons Dunseith ever had in football.

Gary Morgan


Posted with message 182 on 8/4/08
Reply 1950 football picture From Darrel Fassett (47):

What Gary Morgan didn’t tell you about that football team was that they turned into a very good team. I followed the progress of the team(via Turtle Mountain Star) and they and Rolla were both pretty good. Gary was the Dunseith running back and Rolla also had a very good back. Of course, the Rolla player got all the ink. Since I had worked with both Gary and Dick at the lumber yard I had to come watch the game when the two teams met. Early in the game the two met whie Gary was carrying the ball and Gary ran right over him. After that it was a rout. I don’t remember the score but it was large in favor of Dunseith. I bet Gary remembers the score. At that time there was an intense Rolla-Dunseith rivalry( maybe still is) so that made it even better. Gary was too modest to tell you that they became a very good football team.


Posted with message 182 on 8/4/08
From Gary Morgan (54):

Gary & All, Thinking back to my freshman and sophomore years in high school….we never had cars to cruise like you younger people. Mostly, we would hang out in the bowling alley or wander down to the Crystal Cafe. Some of the older guys might go to the pool hall. Once in a great while, Donnie Hiatt would get his dad’s pickup. He would pick up Jerry Williams and myself and sometimes Jimmie Footit and with the three or four of us jammed in the pickup, it would be off to Bottineau to pick up girls. Those Bottineau girls were really a bunch of snobs. There might be three or four of them walking down the sidewalk and we would pull over to the curb and throw them the only pick up line we knew..”Do ya want a ride?”. They never did and only once did one actually flee, but that was probably because she was alone. It could be thirty below and they still wouldn’t get in. Looking back now, I can’t help but wonder if the stock rack with the cow crap up and down the sides might not have been a disadvantage. I think it may have somehow intimidated them.

Gary Morgan


Posted with message 180 on 8/3/08
Message/Picture from Gary Morgan (54):

Gary & All, Attached is a snapshot of the entire 1950 football team that my mother took after we had beaten Belcourt in our first game of the season. We had previously thumped Towner in a practice scrimmage so we were on a roll. Back row: Billy Leonard, Marshall Awalt, Clayton McKay, Bob Leonard, Jerry Blake, Don Hiatt & Stephen Renault. Front row: Gary Morgan, Eddie Leonard, Dick Morgan, Jerry Williams, Glen Williams & Don Hosmer. White jersey: Barry Shelver. We only had 12 game uniforms so Barry, being only a lowly 8th grader didn’t get one. However, in the next game, against Leeds, Stephen got his nose broken, a not uncommon occurrence in those days, and was out for the season. This was a good thing for Barry cuz now he got a game uniform. I don’t know why Bill missed the team picture. This was the first football team Dunseith fielded since before the war and we took our lumps. We played Belcourt twice so got two wins but were humiliated by Leeds 60-13 and also beaten by Rolla, Towner and Bisbee twice for a record of 2-5. We were competitive in all but the Leeds game. The next year, we won our first two games but in the second one, against Rolette, Don Hosmer’s head met Eddie Leonard’s knee and they were both knocked out of action. Since we only had three subs to start with, including 90 lb. Barry Shelver and 75 lb. Gary Woodford, we had to cancel the rest of the season. Janice is right. Old school friends are special.

Gary Morgan

Back row L to R: Billy Leonard, Marshall Awalt, Clayton McKay, Bob Leonard, Jerry Blake, Don Hiatt & Stephen Renault.
White jersey: Barry Shelver

Front row L to R: Gary Morgan, Eddie Leonard, Dick Morgan, Jerry Williams, Glen Williams & Don Hosmer


Letter from Patrick Godfrey from the the class of 1950 – Phone (712) 322-8770Note: Patrick does not have email.





02/06/2019 (2694)

DHS class of 69 reunion

Gary, please post for me.

 Last opportunity to sign up for the DHS class of 69 reunion.  Please let Marvel know  thompson.marvel @yahoo.com..  Date  is July 26 and 27.

 Thanks Gary.


Memories of Leonard and Eleanor Awalt Stickland
From Bill Hosmer (’48): Tucson, AZ.

Leonard and Eleanor have been friends of mine for many years.  We

had some terrific poker games with them, and Darrel and Dorothy Fassett

and Bob and Donna Leonard,



Clifford Allery Memories
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,

I just read of Clifford on this email. I was very much surprised to read that he had passed away.

Clifford was a friend of ours, Lana and myself, while in school.

We,  after we were all doing what we chose to do in life, Clifford and I would visit when we would meet, that didn’t happen so much. In fact I had just seen him when I was getting my eyes tested, that was a month or ago. He was there with his brother Hubert. Now I know why it happened, it happened because it would be the last time I would ever see him again.

I was not able to make it to the funeral today because I try not to go out in the cold.

I always remember back in our school days how he was always making jokes,  him and his sister Judy. Although he graduated before us in 1962 with my sister JoAnn,  he would join in with his sisters and us in our neighborhood. It was kinda like the Morinville family, neighborhood kids getting together doing fun things.

I would just like to say to the family how sorry I am that you lost your brother Clifford. He had a good heart. I know he will be missed a whole lot by all of you and his friends. Keep him in your hearts he will be unforgettable by all.

You will all be in my prayers.

Ginger Poitra class of 19


Jean Pladson Memories
From Connie Zorn Lansverk: Bottineau, ND

Very sorry about the passing of Jean! She was a fun loving person! Her smile was very precious, May she rest in peace & may god comfort her family


Reply to Vicki Metcalf
From Ron Longie (’65): Yakima, WA

My Dad Bill Longie used to have us harvest it off the black burls on Polar trees crush it up and use it like tea.

Correction: Vicki it was Birch trees


Miss Vivian Hewson, PE teacher at Dunseith, sister passed away
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND


Gary and Dunseith  School Friends,

I would like to extend  sympathy to  the families of Beverly Medalen,  including her sister Vivian  a former Dunseith teacher.

When I read her obituary I thought, “she sounds  she was like a remarkable teacher.

I felt, her sister,  Miss Vivian Hewson, PE teacher at Dunseith another remarkable teacher.

( I  was  one of those  reluctant students at climbing ropes in gym).

(Mrs. Medalen’s daughter in law, Nikki is  the daughter of  cousin Margaret Margaret Metcalfe  Casavant.).


Vickie Metcal


log (767) posted on April 8, 2010


Reply to Yesterday’s posting:
From Ron (71) & Janet Houle: Kensington, MN

Hi Gary – Ron was in the US Army stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany from 1972 – 1976. Larry Barbot, his wife Hilde and daughter Ilene also lived in KTown. Patty Barbot Froseth and her husband Gary were also stationed nearby. It was nice to have friends from ND over there. Scott was born at Landstuhl Hospital. He now lives in the Brooklyn Center, MN and works in Ramsey MN.

Janet Houle


Photo Identification:
Reply from Phyllis McKay (65): Auburn, WA

Hi Gary,

The very handsome man on the right of Dick Morgan (in the picture ) is my wonderful brother Clayton (Kick) McKay. He and Dick have been friends since high school. Dick was a frequent guest at our home. We always looked forward to his visits and still do. A few years ago the two of them hosted a Dick and Kick flick for their classmates at the Mckay place just south of Dunseith.

Phyllis McKay


Photo Identification:
Reply from Janice Leonard Workman (56): Auburn, WA

Hi, Gary, The “other” guy in the picture with Dick Morgan is Kick McKay. You will probably get lots of replies. Also, Barry Shelver, if you are reading this, please reply to Larry Liere!!!!

Janice Workman 1956

Janice & Phyllis, I see both of you live in Auburn, WA. How far apart do you live from one another? Phyllis, you have a beautiful home. You are such a great host too. Bernadette & I truly enjoyed your invite to have dinner with you following our cruise last August.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD

The bearded ones are Dick Morgan and Kick McKay.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

The two fellows in the picture are Dick Morgan and Clayton ‘Kick’ McKay. Two of Dunseith’s more colorful characters! I have a cute short story about Kick. He went to Minot with Lowell Leonard a couple years ago and they stopped at the truck stop for breakfast. The menu was on the wall and had– One egg, two eggs, three eggs–etc. with prices accordingly. Same with bacon–one strip, two strips, three strips—etc. Lowell said he asked for two scrambled eggs and toast. Kick hadn’t seen the wall menu and just asked for a couple eggs and bacon. The waitress asked how much bacon? Kick looked at her a while and said, “Oh, whatever you can spare.” Lowell said he about fell off his chair laughing at Kick’s answer! Thanks Gary!



Photo Identification:
Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND.

That’s Kick McKay next to Dick Morgan.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Glen Williams (52): Missoula, MT

You are correct it is Dick Morgan and the other guy still lives in Dunseith area…Kick McKay….They are old buddies of mine….

Glen Williams


Dick Morgan (52)and Kick McKay (52)