07/22/2019 (2712)

Cora (Warren ’65) Anderson Passed away.

Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and Dunseith Alumni,

Todays (July 18)  Minot Daily Today
I read of t the passing of Cora ANderson.

I offer sincere sympathy to her  family on their  loss .

Vickie L. Metcalfe

Gary’s Comments

Warren; I was so saddened to hear of Cora’s passing. She was a good person and a nice person married to one of the finest guys on the face of this earth too. She will be missed. We extend our condolences to you and all of your families with her passing.

Anderson, Cora
Sharon Cora Marion-Anderson
March 22, 1950 – July 11, 2019

Sharon Cora Marion-Anderson, 69, Minot, ND, formerly of Rolette, ND, passed away Thursday, July 11, 2019, a Trinity Medical Center of Minot.

Sharon was born March 22, 1950, the youngest of 12 children born to Herman Marion and Georgianna Smith-Marion, in Belcourt, ND. During her early years of education, she attended St. Ann’s Catholic Mission in Belcourt. For her freshman year, she attended Stephan Boarding School in South Dakota. Sharon’s education continued at Belcourt High School, where she graduated in 1968.

She attended Haskell Indian Nations College in Haskell, KS and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business. Her first employment in the workforce was at the State Capital in Bismarck, ND with the Driver’s License Division. She then began a 17 year career with Indian Health Service in Belcourt, which extended it to Washington D.C., Aberdeen, SD and Billings, MT. While in Billings, she attended college and received a four year degree in Business. She then moved back to Belcourt and was employed at the Turtle Mountain Community College.

While attending Haskell, Sharon met Wales Chester Bulltail and they were married in 1971. They had one child, a son, Conrad. The marriage was later dissolved.

In 1999, Sharon married Warren Anderson. They made their home in Rolette, ND for 20 years, where they enjoyed retirement.

Sharon loved her pets: George, her cat, and Lucy and Sassy, her two overprotective dogs. She had a soft heart for all animals. She spoke up when her husband went hunting. They enjoyed traveling, and visited Vietnam in 2012 and Israel and Turkey in 2017.

Sharon’s hobbies included growing flowers, reading and attending school sports, especially when her nephews or grandchildren were playing. She always had a book by her side. She loved playing cards, especially with her cousins, the “trickster” Marion girls. She loved family and get-togethers for birthdays and holidays.

Surviving family includes: Husband, Warren Anderson; son, Conrad (Kim) Bulltail and their daughter, Illyanna; sister, Phyllis (Dave) Jollie; brothers, Clark (Shirley) Marion and Frank (LaVina) Marion; step-brother-in-laws, Lawrence (Shirley) Anderson and Charles (Mona) Anderson; step-sister-in law, Mary Millang; 13 step-grandchildren; and many nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and nephews. She loved all family with a big heart.

Sharon was preceded in death by her parents; 8 brothers and sisters; and her step-sister-in-law, Shirley Doan.

Mass of Christian Burial: Saturday, July 20, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rolette, ND.

Visitation:  Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. followed by a Vigil Prayer Service and Recitation of the Holy Rosary at 7 p.m. at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rolette, ND.

Memorials: are preferred to the Rolette County Veterans Service Officer in Rolla, ND.



Sharon Haakenson, Bottineau, Passed away

Haakenson, Sharon

Sharon was married to Dennis (Hawkeye) Haakenson. Dennis is a 2nd cousin to both Neola Kofoid Garbe and me. I believe Sharon and Sandy (Rick) Gottbreht are first cousins too.

Dennis and Sharron are/were very well known throughout the area. They are known for their horses.

Sharon’s death was sudden. Not expected.

Please follow the link below for her obituary


Elusive Juneberry is Season____ somewhere in ND
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary, Alumni and Friends of Dunseith,
July 14, 2019

The Elusive, Juneberry

I was a child, in the era before a freezer in every home. The root cellar held vast quanities of treasure; jars lined the shelves within walls. Mom pressure canned produce from her garden; vegetables including tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, green and yellow beans.

The little dry but cool & dark corner of the cellar held a colourful calico plethora of quart jars filled with  vegetables, rhubarb juice, as well as stewed beef, deer and chicken.

Mom had a nose for finding and processing juice, jams jellies, pickles, and various fruits of the wild; including plums, pin cherries, raspberries, high bush cranberries, chokecherries and ___JUNEBERRIES. And come winter. It was always tempting to crawl down into the cellar an raid the fruit.

May and June brings spring’s fragrant promise of renewal. However in nature there always “lurks possibility of a hard freeze”.

I base this on a man with extraordinary memory and knowledge, who lived into his 90’s, Uncle Bill Metcalfe. Uncle Bill, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter wore long handled woolies. One July.  I said, “Uncle, Bill,” “Do you wear those all the time, why?” He replied, “They insulate from the heat and are warm in the cold.” “ “One time I took them off the fourth of July but put them back on the fifth of July. He also said, (In his long life) “ I have seen a hard freeze in every month.”  Uncle Bill was always well prepared, wise, and carried within him, simple deep faith.

I was told, One spring, June day, although heavy with child, Mary, adamently insisted Bill to hook up the team. For a long drive. They were to drive South and west to pick berries and camp.  Mary, had been told about the heavy leaden Juneberry trees were plentiful in the foot hills above the prairie. Once there while picking juneberries, daughter Alice, was borne in June at Butte St Paul.

Through the years juneberries patches seem become more elusive. In the last few years it seems the berries are are not ready until July.   I hear, many people hold on and don’t share  the  secrets. One secret always well kept is the location of…_a Juneberry patch.

My mom’s  favorite pie was juneberry.

I was not fond of juneberry pie. But, her last summer, one July, with the aid of Wayne Barbot of Waynes Grocery Store in Dunseith, I purchased berries for many pies.  Armed with purchased frozen crust I picked berries clean and sought recipes from expert bakers I knew.

I found out how simple pie baking is when…..a-hem…. okay… whole _truth.  Actually, quite simple.  Me and Pillsbury Frozen crust!

Yesterday prior to Eleanor’s funeral, whilst in Rugby, a former Bottineau co-worker greeted me at Cenex. He and his family  now live in Bismarck. He told me he was on road trip to Pembina. _ To _____pick elusive ___Juneberries.  He was told they were abundant.

He shared a juneberry recipe which he said he uses on his from scratch cheese cakes.

2 C. juneberries, ¾ C. Sugar, 1 T. cornstarch,

¾ C. Water, 1 T. almond extract stir together,thicken stirring over heat.

When thick, cool, spoon gently over cheese cake.

He kindly said, “Vickie You could just spoon it into a crust if you can’t make a cheese cake.”

Hmm. “I don’t have to go searching for elusive berries, my insurance man thought it odd when I requested to up the insurance to apply to my freezer.

He didn’t know.          It was all about elusive JUNEBERRYS! Those little treasures are well packaged hidden in the deep in the well issured_ freezer.

Until later,

Vickie Leona Metcalfe
Sometime in Ellusive Juneberry Season 2019


Blog (786) posted on April 27, 2010

Lester & Marion Johnson:
Congratulations from Joan Richard (Teacher): Dunseith, ND
I would like to congratulate Lester and Marian on a milestone anniversary,
Happy 60th Anniversary. It was great that the family could be together
and enjoy each others presence. God Bless You all. Joan Richard,
Lester & Marian Johnson

Reply from Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
You are so right about not knowing where you are calling anymore. Several months ago, I had been dragging my feet on making some calls on a few things. None of them were real serious, but after putting them off for several days, I finally decided it was time to make the calls.We had been having some trouble with our computer firewall package, so called their number for customer service. The lady I spoke with was very helpful and was able to diagnose and fix the problem. She spoke with a very heavy accent, so I asked her where she was located, to which she responded with the name of a city in India.

Next our dishwasher had been acting weird when you ran it through it’s cycle. We have an extended warranty on it so I called the warranty company and the gentleman I spoke with ran me through the steps to reset the computerized electronics that control the cycling of it and it’s run fine ever since. In any case, he spoke very good English, but had a distinctive accent. So I inquired where he was located and he said in Honduras.

My final call that day was to the Credit Union through which we have our credit card and I ended up speaking with a lady in Omaha, NB.

Then, a few days later our house phone went dead, so I used my cell phone to make a “local” call to Verizon to report the outage. I really thought I was speaking to someone right here in Stafford county, VA and couldn’t understand why she didn’t seem to understand where I was located. So I asked her “aren’t you here in Stafford, VA?” She laughed a little and said, “Oh no, I’m in Dallas, TX.

Yeah, it’s a small world … and getting smaller every day.

Thanks Gary.
Keith (66)

 1983 Dunseith Dragons Boys Basket Ball Team L to R:
Back: Brother to George Bruce, #40 Gerald Counts, #24 Mark Peltier, #14 Roger Cree, #44 Pat Peltier, #42 Travis Davis, #32 Mitchell Cree, #30 Brian Azure & Gilbert Peltier

Front: #12 George Bruce, Coach James Keating & #34 Dean Gillis

Cebu, Philippines
Several have been asking where we are located in the world, so I thought today would be a good day for reposting this map that Bill Grimme provided about 3 years ago. We are located in Cebu with the big red star. We are about 400 miles north of the Equator. The island of Cebu is nestled between several other islands. It’s kind of hard to tell looking at the map. The island of Cebu is banana shape. It’s about 150 miles tip to tip with a girth of about 20 miles at the widest point near the center. There are about 4 million folks living on this island, so we are not lacking for people. Gary

07/14/2019 (2711)

Eleanor Rose (Metcalfe) Nerpel Passed away (Kathy & Ken’s Mother)
Nerpel, Eleanor

Eleanor Rose (Metcalfe) Nerpel was the first child born to William and Mary (DeMontigny) Metcalfe on August 5, 1924 in Dunseith, North Dakota.

She died at the age of 94 years on Monday, July 8, 2019 at the Rolette Community Care Center in Rolette, North Dakota.

Eleanor Rose (Metcalfe) Nerpel was the first child born to William and Mary (DeMontigny) Metcalfe on August 5, 1924 in Dunseith, North Dakota.  She died at the age of 94 years on Monday, July 8, 2019 at the Rolette Community Care Center in Rolette, North Dakota.


Eleanor went through her first two grades of school at Wildrose School and finished her schooling at Weatheralt School, completing her education and receiving her eighth-grade diploma.  Eleanor worked as a Nanny for a few years and then worked at the Gambles Store in Dunseith for six years, where she met her future husband, Clifford Henry Nerpel.  Clifford worked at the Red Owl store in Dunseith, living with an older sister, Hannah and her husband, Lucien Bedard.  He worked for Lucien and Hannah in their grocery store after school and on Saturdays while attending school.  Eleanor and Clifford traveled west and worked at the Commercial Shipyard in Portland, Oregon, during the War, working on PC boats.  On March 30, 1944, Clifford Henry and Eleanor Rose were married in Vancouver, Washington.  They continued working at the shipyard for a short period and then returned to North Dakota and Clifford returned to work at the grocery store.  The couple lived for a short period on the Archie Metcalfe farm and then bought the Harry McDermott farm west of Kelvin Store in 1949, where they raised cattle, horses and other farm animals.  They used War Bonds that they had bought at the Commercial Shipyards to purchase their cattle.  Eleanor worked at the San Haven north of Dunseith for 13 years and then was employed by the Dunseith School District until retiring in 1993 at the age of 69.


Eleanor is survived by her children, Katherine Jean LaCroix of Rolette and Kenneth Arthur (Sherry) Nerpel of Chanhassen, Minnesota; 6 grandchildren; 9 great grandchildren; brothers, William (Bernice) Metcalfe and Larry (Lise) Metcalfe; nieces, nephews; other relatives and friends.  She was preceded in death by her husband; a granddaughter, Maria LaCroix; siblings, Robert William Metcalfe, John Alvin Metcalfe, Lloyd Earl Metcalfe, Lorraine Somers, Bertha House and Alice Hafsahl; and her parents.




Gary and Alumni and Friends of Dunseith School,

            Today 7/13/19, at  Rugby Anderson Funeral Home,  Pastor Jim Odden of Valle, Overly and Peace Lutheran  led the funeral service of Eleanor Rose (Metcalfe) Nerpel.

 (Eleanor was the eldest of the many Metcalfe First cousins.)


            The congregants were led in Song by Pastor Jim.

            “I was there to hear your borning cry,  I ‘ll be there when you are old. I rejoiced the day you were    baptized, to see your life unfold”_


            This was followed time of sharing  of remembrances offered by several people.

            Rose Ann (Metcalfe)Gottbreht and Cheri (Metcalfe) Evans sang beautifully a Capella  duet of favored song requested by Eleanor  for  them to sing at her funeral”.


            After the service Eleanor’s daughter, Kathy  and her children, Eric, Gina, and Gabriel hosted coffee and assortment delicious bars at the Cottage Café.


            Respectful Sympathy to Eleanor’s, children Ken and Kathy,  her grandchildren, and great grandchildren .

 She was always a  quiet unassuming wonderful  lady.



            Rest in Peace Dear Cousin, 


Vickie Leona Metcalfe

Gary’s Comments:


We extend our condolences to Ken (’65) and Kathy(’64) with the passing of their mother. We know it’s hard and you will miss her.


Kathy was with the class of ’64 and Ken was with my/our class of ’65.


Ken: you and I have some fond, or maybe some not so fond, memories of going through Army Basic Training together in the summer of 1968 at Fort Lewis, WA. We were both drafted. I have forgotten if we were 3rd or 4th rank in formations, but you were always to my right. That I  will never forget. Basic was no picnic. They for sure made men out of boys. They were preparing us for war with training that enhanced our character and outlook on life for a life too.






Blog (785) posted on April 26, 2010

Call Centers:

The other day a friend of ours from the states called his credit card company to let them know he is living in the PI. The gal at the call center taking the call said she lives in and was taking his call from right here in Cebu. When calling for technical support one never knows what part of the world you are calling. Gary


Important reminder – Dunseith Alumni Reunion

For those of you that attended Dunseith schools, planning on attending the reunion, Verena needs your Registration payment by the end of the month (4 more days) enabling you to get a Tee Shirt. Those attending that do not have their Registration payment to Verena by April 30th will not be getting a Tee Shirt.

You can mail your $5.00 registration fee and $10.00 if you want the catered Roast beef dinner ($15.00 Total per person) to Verena at the following address

Verena Gillis
PO Box, 785
Dunseith, ND 58329


John Boguslawski (68) Memories:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

When Trish said she could just see John Bogus standing there, I know what she means. We did so many things together that the memories stay clear. He certainly did have a quiet sense of humor and sly smile. I often wonder what he would be doing now if he was still with us. He had finished college and worked for Bobcat in Bismarck for a while and then had taken a job with a tool and die manufacturer in the Minneapolis area. That type of work was right up his alley as he was always designing some mechanical device of some kind. He had married a very nice gal named Christy and things were going good when he lost his life in the river drowning accident. That was in the spring of 1981. It really doesn’t seem possible that it’s nearly 30 years ago. I guess our good memories of our old pal John will have to fill the void. The upcoming reunion will be a good place to reconnect and reminisce with old friends and classmates before time thins our ranks even more. There is an old saying—-‘Time waits for no man’—it seems to be more true by the day. Thanks Gary!


Previously posted by Dick Johnson in message 500 (Class of 68 folks)

Those in the pictures: John Bogus with the multi colored shirt, Rich Campbell with the block of wood, Greg Grimme with the hat on, and Tim Hill with the ‘ I think we made it ‘ look!

Note: Dick was taking the picture

Reply/Picture from Trish Larson Wild (73): FORT COLLINS, CO

Hi Gary,
I’m sorry to say that there was just not enough time for me to make the ride to Dunseith next month. I’m still working full time in the Loveland Emergency Room through May, and hyper focused on fundraising and preparing for my exodus in the fall. I’m sorry to miss all the fun I’m sure you’ll be having, but rest assured, I’ll be reading your blog and looking for photos!

Things are coming together very well for my ride to Argentina. I will be putting a website up sometime in mid to late May which I hope will make it fun and easy for people to follow along and communicate with me on my ride. My old desk top computer broke down a few weeks ago, but one of my sponsors has promised to deliver a new laptop by the end of April. Once that is acquired, I will be up and running full steam on the internet. Meanwhile, I’m making occasional entries on my blogsite, listed below. People can now sign up as charter “followers” and receive notification when new entries are posted.

The plan is still to head south from Colorado on 10/10/10. In the meantime, I’m planning to increase my riding time gradually, cutting back at work and riding more each month until finally I am full time in the saddle (living in the Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain National Forests) by August, or September at the latest.

Thanks for your interest in this epic adventure! All are welcome to join me on my ride electronically. I will also be taking reservations along the way for friends who would like to join me in person, as I will have an extra horse for that purpose. I expect to be riding through some spectacular scenery, including the Inca Trail in the mountains of Peru….

I’ve included a photo I took this morning in my back yard as I was leaving for work. These are my friendly geldings, Magic and Midnight. I call them the Prince and the Pirate, based on their personalities! As you can see, we still have snow on the mountain. Spring is on the way however, and I expect there will be many sunny days ahead this summer!

All kinds of fun stuff coming together. Sorry I won’t be able to join you in North Dakota, but I really enjoy our connection, and hope to hear from some of you as time goes by.

Your Friend in Adventure,

Trish Wild
The Equine Nomad

Hi Gary,

Here’s another photos of me with Magic, after a 25 mile ride over the mountains into Fort Collins last week.



Folks, These are some pictures from the achieves:

2007 Class of 65 reunion
L to R: Bernadette Stokes in Back, Margaret Metcalfe Leonard, Bill Grimme, Cecile Berube Reynolds & Phyllis McKay

December 1973
Rene & John Bedard

Agnes Berg & Dick Johnson (68)



07/06/2019 (2710)

Questions from Allen Richard (’65): Grand Rapids, MI

Hi, Gary.

Two questions:

Margaret mentioned Carol Jasper.  Has anyone ever heard from her?  Last time I talked to her she was living in Rugby in ’68.  She was a racing fan and was at the track in Rugby regularly.  That was the year that I raced — one of my competitors was Les Halvorson.

Also, Wasn’t Leonard Kavlie The guy who had a truck mounted sprayer for killing parasites on livestock?  He did our heard at least once a year when I was a kid.


Posted by Larry Hackman (’66): Bismarck, ND

Who are these guys and what did they do?

Gary’s comment
Larry I just happen to have this picture, with names, and the one of the Cheerleaders too, in my archives  

Previously Posted on 5/9/2011

Back Row: John Awalt, Terry Martinson, John Leonard, Jim Evans, Donald Egbert, Dennis Dubois, Lyle Lamoureux, Bill Henry, Clifford Henry, Coach Eugene Hepper
Front Row: Dan Danielson, Jerry Gunville, Pete Gillis, Terry Espe Warren Anderson
Dunseith Basket ball team

Back L to R: Francie Gottbreht, Patty Boguslawski & Connie Halvorson
Front L to R: Sharon Wheeler, Sharon Peterson & Karen Schnieder
Dunseith Cheerleaders



Blog (784) posted on April 25, 2010


Marge Johnson Pladson (deceased) was Dan Pladson’s former wife. Marge’s parents were Lester and Marian Johnson. Marge sent me this email message in March 2006. A few months after she sent me this letter she died with a relapse of Breast Cancer. She thought she had it licked, but it came back.

With the posting of Lester and Marian Johnson’s 60th wedding anniversary several days ago, I have gotten permission from Dan Pladson’s current wife, Robin, to post this letter of Marge (Johnson) Pladson’s and picture.

Dan and Robin were married in Salem Church. Salem was our family church of which my folks were members of until they departed this earth. I spent many hours, in my childhood days, sitting in those pews attending chruch services.

Marge was working at the court house in Bottineau when she sent this letter. She sent this letter from her work. I had not yet started putting class lists together when she sent this letter to me. She just happened to see Neola and got my email address.



From: Marge Pladson (now deceased)
To: gws123456@hotmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 7:53 AM

Subject: Hi Gary Stokes from Marge Pladson in Bottineau!!

Got your email address from Neola and thought I’d drop a few lines.

 I am married to Daniel Pladson – Elden & Ella’s son. I used to be a Johnson – Lester & Marian’s daughter. All of us old neighbors of your mom and dad’s.

 Did you hear we moved up to the Pladson farm? Dan & I bought the land about three years ago and one year ago decided to move a house up there. What a busy year it has been. The house we found was across the street from us in town! It was vacant for a few years and they finally decided to move it (the basement had a lot of damage). Perfect timing for us.

 It is so wonderful to be in the hills. If you remember where the cemetery is, we are just on the west side of the cemetery fence on top of the hill. What a view we have looking out of our living room window.

 The Pladson’s & Johnson’s had their Christmas parties up at our house this year. We had so much fun. Especially the Pladson’s. We pulled out a bunch of sleds and away we went for several hours. Listening to the laughter and seeing their joyful faces was so wonderful. It had been 20 years since anyone has spent time on the farm – after Elden died & Ella moved to town.

 Well, I better get to work. I hope you and your wife are doing fine.

 Here’s a picture so you know who you are talking to. Dan & I belong to “Hills & Plains Country Gospel” singing group. We recently played in Minot at an Old Time & Gospel Music Fest where this picture was taken – over 400 people were there that day. It was so much fun for all of us.

 Marge Pladson
1 Box 140
Dunseith ND 58329

Dan and Marge (Johnson) Pladson


Reply/Picture From Robin Pladson: Dunseith, ND

Gary, I am fine with you posting the letter. I am a woman whom is very understanding. I too, lost a spouse in 1994, so I know what’s it is like to lose someone you dearly loved. And I’ve been told, if Margaret had to pick someone for Daniel, it would of been me. We are alot alike in different ways, so that helps.

No, Marian and Lester don’t have email.

Attaching a picture of Daniel and I at our wedding in September of 2007. We were married at Salem Lutheran Church.

Thanks so much for asking me thou.

Love Robin

Dan and Robin Pladson



John Boguslawski:
Reply from Trish Larson Wild (73): Fort Collins, CO


To Dick,


Thanks so much for the story about John B. He was such a great guy, and all of us enjoyed his quiet sense of humor so much. I can just see him standing there in your story. Thanks for sharing that one!



Trish, I was thinking about you the other day wondering if you’d be riding into Dunseith on horseback for our reunion? Please fill us in. Gary


07/03/2019 (2709)

Jerry Kavlie
Posting from Margaret Metcalfe Cassavant (’65): Rolette, ND

Hi Gary,
First of all, I am so sorry to hear that Bernadette is going through such a difficult time;I can only imagine how hard it is for you to watch the one you love suffer so much.  We trust that God knows what we do not know.  You are doing an amazing job of caring for her through all these years and I’m sure tears.  Thank God for giving you the strength that you need.  I send up prayers for both of you and your family.

Secondly, I must tell you that I went to Bob and Judy Martinson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday.  This man came in with his wife and I wondered why I thought he looked familiar. When he came over and knew my name, I recognized him as Jerry Kavlie. I had not seen him since 7th Grade.  He was a year ahead of us, and went to High School in Minnesota at a  Lutheran School.  He was Bob Martinson’s roommate.  Bob was born and farms here in Rolette, so I’ve known him and his wife since I came to town in 1969.

Jerry was born to Violet (Gregory) and Carl Abrahamson; Violet suffered from post-partum depression

after he was born.  Leonard  Kavlie’s lived just south west of Little Prairie Church and they took care of Jerry for five years and then adopted him.  I know Carl Abrahamson’s other children who were too young to care for a baby.  I remember Carl and Violet visiting Mike and Olga Jasper when I was at their house with Carol.  You might remember Elaine Abrahamson going to school in Dunseith and she graduated with the class of 1962.  Another brother, Don and Marlene Abrahamson have lived in Rolette and Dunseith all their married life.

Duane and Phyllis Kavlie lived only about 1/2 mile from me; so I knew their family very well. He would be Jerry’s brother by adoption.   Duane has passed away but Phyllis lives in the Rolette Care Center.  Their daughter Jewel owns the Tesoro Town and Country Store in Rolette and is married to Dale Honsey and he owns Pinky’s Aggregate.  Denise is married to Ted Gottbreht, and another daughter is married to one of the Tooke boys.

You probably remember Jerry very well since he grew up close to your father’s farm.  It was truly a pleasure to visit with him and his wife of 50 years.

May God bless you,


Gary’s comments

Yes, Margaret I remember Leonard and Dot Kavlie very well living SW of Little Prairie church very near Odin Medlang’s too. Their children were all a little older than me and went to different schools, so I didn’t really know them. Leonard had a cattle spraying business. He sprayed a lot of cattle throughout the area for flies and bugs including ours each spring of the year.

 I knew Jerry was adopted too. I think he is a year or two older than us.

 Thanks for this message Margaret. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you. You are one I always looked up to, too in our school days and still do.  


Wally, 88th birthday, Edgewood Vista, 2019
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Minot, ND

Hi folks,
I think all of you know I’m married to Wally Garbe.  On November 26, we’ll have been married 50 years–we were a little “older” when we got married. lol  Wally’s 88th birthday was on June 20th.  Thanks to all who left birthday greetings for him on FB. :) 

As of mid-May, Wally has lived at Edgewood Vista (assisted living facility in Minot) for a year.  The activities department at Edgewood takes a picture of residents on their birthday or anniversary and posts the pictures on Facebook.  This is Wally’s picture.


 Gary’s comments
Congratulations Neola for your upcoming golden Anniversary. You most certainly have a peach of a husband too. Wally is a wonderful man. Happy belated birthday to Wally too.


Stephan “Big Bird” Timothy Renault II | 1961 – 2019 | Obituary
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND


Gary and Friends of Dunseith Alumni

I wish to express sincere sympathy to the Renault family. I recall Alice,   a  much respected para educator at the Dunseith Elementary speaking  fondly  with love  of her  sons.

Vickie L. Metcalfe


Blog (783) posted on April 24, 2010


Posted by Larry St. Clarie (66): Anchorage, AK

Visit Guest Book

Frederick Belgarde

Anchorage resident Frederick Anthony Belgarde, 70, died peacefully at home surrounded by his loved ones on April 19, 2010.

A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Legacy Funeral Home’s Witzleben Chapel, 1707 S. Bragaw St.

Fred was born Jan. 20, 1940, in Dunseith, N.D., and was a proud Native American of the Chippewa Tribe. He attended Dunseith Grade School, Wahpton Indian Grade School, and graduated from Flandreau Indian High School in South Dakota, where he was trained as a bricklayer. Although his academic achievements provided him opportunities to attend Harvard University, his true passion was bricklaying. Fred trained and worked passionately with his relatives and brought them to Alaska after moving here in 1965. He established his own company, Big Sky Masonry.

He served three years in the Air National Guard in Montana.

Fred married Lillian “Pepsi” Roy Davis on April 16, 1960, in Conrad, Mont.

His family wrote: “They shared 50 years together, raising a family, devoted to each other, their three children, and nine grandchildren. He loved his wife and family more than words can convey, but one visit with him and you would feel it.

“If you worked with Fred, and lasted on the job, you left a better person. Besides the robust, larger-than-life presence, he was the most caring, generous and loyal person. He would offer words of wisdom, motivation, and honesty. He also loved cribbage, craps and coffee and the annual trip with Pepsi to Las Vegas. Fred loved hunting with his dogs, grandchildren, son, friends and relatives.”

He is survived by his beloved wife, Pepsi; daughters, Dawn Yeager and Carol Belgarde; son, Conrad Belgarde; son-in-law, Joseph Yeager; former son-in-law, Brian Snow; grandchildren, Arielle, Kyra and Tosca Yeager, Scott Snow, Drew Yeager, Dustyn Belgarde, Morgan, Bayley and Dalton Belgarde; brothers, Roderick and Patrick Belgarde; sisters-in-law, Norlene Belgarde and Jan Persicke; and many nieces and nephews.

He was looking forward to the birth of great-grandson Peter Keel III.

He was preceded in death by his brother, Willie Persicke.

Arrangements are with Legacy Funeral Home, Witzleben Bragaw Chapel.



Lester & Marian Johnson picture posted yesterday:
Reply from Robin (Dan 75) Pladson: Dunseith, ND.

Hello Gary,

The picture that Neola placed within this email is Lester and Marian Johnson. Their family, including Daniel and I celebrated this past Sunday at the Norway house in Bottineau at 1pm. A few of us ladies, their daughter-inlaw’s Dee (Loren) and Carrie (Brian), daughter – Linda, Violet (Marian sister) and I (and a few others) were dressed in a 50’s style clothing – poodle skirts and all the finery to go with. Dinner was served and then of course a beautiful cake. Before we ate, there was alittle program put on by the girls for Lester and Marian.

Love Robin

Robin, It is so nice that you and Dan were able to be with Lester and Marian with the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. It’s been years since I’ve seen any of their children. I briefly saw Loren in the Bottineau Bakery about 10 years ago. However, I have seen Lester and Marian, many times, over the years with our trips back to the area. They live kiddy corner across the street from where my folks lived on Main Street. I remember Lester’s dad, James Johnson, really well. He was such a brilliant man. He walked with a limp that did not slow him down one bit. In his Mid 70’s, in the late 50’s, he decided to start farming again. He bought a W-6 International tractor and farmed all his property located 1 mile west of the Ackworth Cemetery. He had two or 3 quarters of land. He rode that tractor from sunrise to sunset. James, with his brilliance, was a great business mind man. He always had everything calculated right down to the last detail. I remember him telling my dad that the tires on the right side of a vehicle get more wear than on the left. He explained his logic for that analyses too. In 1961, my Dad was the administrator for James’ brother, Sander Johnson’s, estate. Two of James sisters married Bjornseth’s. Cora was married to Jacob and Emma was married Art. Jacob and Cora Bjornseth’s children are Gladys (Albert) Rude, Viola (Alfred) Rude, Clifford & Ralph (Luella Boardman 49). All but Ralph are deceased. Gladys & Albert Rude’s son, LaVerne, is married to Carrole Fauske (66). Virgil Rude’s parents are Viola and Alfred. Clarence Bjornseth’s parents were Art & Emma. Gary


Motor Cycle Story:
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

Today something stirred an old memory from 40+ years ago. John Boguslawski and I were square baling hay here on the farm one summer and had come in to eat some noon lunch in the old farm house. We were both riding on my first old army surplus Harley Davidson. There was only one seat so Big John just sat on the rear fender to ride back to the field. We were roaring down a rutted road and I decided to switch ruts and get a smoother ride. Well, the front wheel crossed the center grass strip in the old mud road but the rear tire caught a rut and whipped us around broadside. I laid the bike down on it’s side and felt John slide off the back. I was sliding along thinking things were going to work out just when the bike caught something and proceeded to flip over, throwing me ahead of it and then cartwheeling right over the top of me. The handle bar jabbed into my gut with the full weight of the bike on it and shut out my lights for a while. I still remember coming to and hearing the old Harley still thumping away off to the side and Big John asking if I was OK. I said I was and he said, “Well it doesn’t look like it.” He pointed to my elbow and I looked to see a big gash bleeding down my arm to my hand. The worst part of the deal was when he grinned at me—he hadn’t even lost the toothpick he had in his mouth! I wrapped my arm with a bandana handkerchief and we went back to baling hay–all busted up!