10/9/2008 (246)

Dunseith Alumni – Seattle Reunion – July 24, 2009

Folks,  With today’s message there are several questions asking about a reunion in the Seattle area to be coordinated with those of us going on the cruise this next July.  Karen Loeb Mhyre (65) from Bellevue, is checking a few place in the Puget Sound area where we could possible hold this event.  We would like to hold this event on Friday, July 24, 2009.  This is the  day before our Cruise.  We are not sure how many of you folks going on the cruise would be interested in this. I think we will be boarding the ship around noon on Saturday the 25th. For those of you flying into Seattle on Friday and would like, I think we will be making arrangements with a hotel near the Airport for our group.  We will be addressing the hotel and transportation to the ship with a separate message to those of you going on the cruise.

I have gone through and sorted out all of you folks living in the Washington/Oregon area. There are 79 of you living in that area that I have on my list with 49 in the Puget sound area alone.  I have pasted that list at the very bottom of this message sorted by areas (Puget sound, Washington out side of Puget sound and Oregon) Please note that this list includes only the folks from the class lists that I have put together so far.  Those are the classes from 1930 through 1977.  Our Seattle reunion will be inclusive of everyone and not just for those from those class years.

We are asking for suggestions, from any of you, where we could hold this event. For planning purposes, I think we should plan for about 150 folks.  We may have less, but we need to be prepared in case we have more.  My suggestion is to locate a restaurant, with banquet room facilities, that could handle this many folks for a meal. That would eliminate the renting of a facility. For those interested in participating, we would ask them to make reservations with us, so the facility would know the number of folks to plan for.

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest. we are wide open for any suggestion of where to have this reunion. To accommodate those of us going on the cruise, some place near SeaTac would probably work the best, if at all possible.  SeaTac is centrally located in the Puget sound area too.  Locating a facility to handle a group of our size will be challenging and that is where we need your help. Gary

Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): 

All correct Gary. I worked at the Everett Surgery Center on Rucker/Pacific 4 years when first in WA. I am a CRNA by profession and practiced anesthesia for 35 years. Love retirement. Love to attend the Dunseith Picnic held in this area 2009. Are you in the know? Sharron

Gottbreht Shen Sharron 11216 39th Dr SE Everett, WA 98208 (425) 379-6254 59

Reply from Francie Gottbreht Dutra (63): 

First and foremost, thanks for doing all the work for this great website…..I do not log in daily but do play “catch-up”.  I wanted to  add some info on the class of  ’51 and my brother Gene’s info.  He was born on October 5, 1932 and passed away on 1-16-91 in Olympia Wa.  Prior to his death  he worked for the Olympia brewery.  We in the northwest had a great fall with sun and temps in the 80′s thru Sept. and now fall has arrived with rain and cold.  We were in Dunseith  the first week of August and as always had a great time.  Also had the great thunderstorms and rain ( 5 inches in a couple of hours) and then the 95+ degree weather later in the day in Washburn , and then more storms in Bismarck later in the evening!!   Washington just does not get those great thunderstorms  like ND.  (Thank goodness)!!!!  I would be interested in the get-together for the Dunseith folks coming in to  Seattle for the cruise…..we will not be joining the cruise (I am not a fan of water) but we may be able to get together with some of you in Seattle before you leave.  Sounds like so much fun but ……….I’m a land lover.  Francie

Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):

Gene [Thomas Eugene] Gottbreht, b Oct 5 1932 – d Jan 15 1991 Olympia, WA

Reply from Lynn Halvorson Otto (75):

Hi Dick, thanks for the tower photos.  I’ve climbed that tower more than once over the years, it was so cool.  The view was so beautiful from there.  Art, also thanks for the photos of the Bismarck bridge going down, great shots.  I lived in Bismarck for 3 years after high school, a great town and I traveled over that bridge many times.  Good memories!  Lynn Halvorson Otto (75)

Message from Janice Leonard Workman, class of (56): 

Gary, This note is from Marlene Lilleby Palmquist Larson.  James Egbert would be her uncle.  Marlene’s mother was Margaret Egbert, married to Louis Lilleby.  Louis was my mother Edna’s brother.  When they lived in Dunseith Margaret and Louis had a taxi service and lived in the house across the street from Adrian.  Don and Bernice Johnson lived there when Dick was young.  My brother Lowell bought that house and lived in it for many years.   Marlene said she had talked to you.

Marlene’s Reply:

“James Egbert was mom’s brother that was killed at the end of the 2nd world war (the last day) in Germany. He left a wife and 2 children, his wife Eleanor never remarried and died last year == she was over 90 years old and a very sharp woman.  Her daughter Eileen lives in Grand Forks and son James Jr. in Minn.”

Janice Leonard Workman, class of ‘56

Reply from Marlene Lilleby Larson(53): 

Thanks Gary for doing all this == It is a great idea and I am sure lots of work. I appreciate being added to your

list even if I may not know or be remembered by a lot of your alumni list. Marlene Lilleby Larsen

Lilleby Larson Marlene 16869 Frey Rd Ephrata, WA 98823 (509) 754-5877 mpquist@donobi.net

Contact info for Clyde/Marge Satrang (51): 

Hello Gary

We just wanted to add Clyde Satrang’s address

5417 Park Drive
Mountain Iron, Mn. 55768

We really enjoy your news Gary!!  Thanks!  Marge and Clyde

Paulette LaCroix Chisholm’s (68) reply to Gary:

Folks, Dick Johnson and I pass a few jokes back and forth.  Dick forwarded a joke I had sent him to Paulette as an attachment. Paulette replied thinking she was replying to Dick, but instead she was replying to me.  With that mistake, Paulette and I exchanged several messages to include the one posted below.  Paulette, this event has enabled us to enjoy the nice letter you have provided.  Gary

PS – Paulette, in answer to your question below, I have DSL for my internet connection.


Dick Johnson is something else.  I loved the story about him buying that instrument for the Lorraine Metcalfe, who thought it too expensive.  It brought tears to both my husband and I.  After the reunion, they invited us to their lake home and Ken played guitar while I sang with them.  He’s a special classmate that has been telling stories and jokes since as early as the 4th grade, with his, “look down your shirt and spell attic.”  Who knew he was going to collect all these stories and information on the area and people?  I’m not surprised you receive lots of email from him.  With all he does, when does he have the time?

Bill Grimme and Alan Boguslawski, on occasion, (they must’ve been very bored) used to sit in some old car with us and entertain.  They were quite the comedians and gave us lots of laughs before they went on their ways.

Is it true?  Are you using still having to use dial up?  We got the FIOS package for TV, phone and internet and the speed is great.  Getting this together everyday must be quite a feat.

My father’s family came from Quebec as did so many of the French families in the Dunseith and Rolette area.  When we visited the cemetery of the little town where my grandparents were born, Contrecoer, Quebec, we read on the tombstones names like Lamourex, Dionne, Mongeon, Vivier,  Boucher, Cote, LaFountaine, Fontaine, and many others.  It was clear these families moved together to our surrounding area.   Looks like we are all related.  Ha!  I asked some French speaking people where I could find the old cemetery.  They took the time to find the  historian of the town so he could tell me.  I know but a few essential words in French, so it was a fun challenge to communicate.  The historian, who spoke English told me about a great split of these families.  It seems for some reason (I assumed was poor soil or poverty) they all moved.  Half the families went to the East Coast to work in factories and the other half went to ND, SD, and Iowa areas to farm.   When we lived in New Hampshire years ago, I made friends with a woman who was French and still had a heavy accent.  These many years later, we find that we are distantly related.  Her family, also from Quebec, were amongst those who moved to work the factories.  Our families names were also on the stones and had married one another over the years.  We laugh because she had little mannerisms that reminded me of my father’s family and I’d suggest she was a cousin.  It is definitely a small world.

Ken and I love to travel and have been going to Europe just about every year for the past ten.  We love the South of France with it friendly people, great inexpensive wine, and savory food.   This year we went to the Languedoc Rousillion  area which is less touristed.  The people were playful and even knew who was winning the debate between Clinton and Obama.  At a colorful street market, I was asked to buy some very expensive sausage.  I pulled out my empty pockets and replied “George Bush.”  A number of people laughed, touched my back and said “Sarcozy, even worse!”  I have tons of pictures of this beautiful area.  The castles of the Cathars were interesting too.  History, which used to be my least liked subject, is now one of my favorites.  To read about Richard the Lionheart is interesting, but to see his castle and look out of the tower towards the ones he tried to capture is just a lot more exciting.

Well, I do go on.  Right now I’m more focused on this economy and the election, but a European trip would sure be a great distraction.

I’d love to see the Phillipines.  Cultures fascinate me.  Is it hot and humid all year round?  Sounds like your wife is a very good cook, yet,  you both look pretty slim.  It’s hard to portion those helpings when its good right?  Ha.

It was nice to hear from you.

Paulette Chisholm
Dunseith Alumni Folks living in the Washington/Oregon areas (Classes 1930-1977)

Last First Address City / State / ZIP Phone Email ClassYear Area
1 Abrahamson Wagers Elaine PO Box 1994 Auburn, WA 98071 (253)-373-1815 re60wag@yahoo.com 62 Puget sound
2 Azure Kenneth 13214 180th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052 (425) 885-1923 No email address 68 Puget sound
3 Bedard Sullivan Connie 13821 SE 180th St Renton, WA 98058 (425) 235-4611 philconsul@comcast.net 59 Puget sound
4 Beston Sharon 714 75th St SE Everett, WA 98203 (425) 322-5258 No Email address 77 Puget sound
5 Beston Desjarlais Ruby 6707 196TH ST SW LYNNWOOD, WA  98036 (425) 776-6458C(206) 406-0248 No email address 72 Puget sound
6 Christianson Baskett Viola 15643 Sunny Cove Dr SE Olalla, WA 98359 (253) 857-2521 No email address 45 Puget sound
7 Counts Poitra Darlene 6219  228th St. SE Woodenville, WA 98702 (425) 408-1124 No email address 71 Puget sound
8 Dailly Bob/Arline Lamoureux 30846 Sixth Pl SW Federal Way, WA 98023 (253) 839-9036 arldailly@aol.com 57 Puget sound
9 Dore Esperum Donna Mae 11500 15th Ave NE #301 Seattle, Wa 98125 (206) 781-4830 No email address 53 Puget sound
10 Eller Robert Ivy 12321 Hwy. 99 South Site #171 Everett, Wa 98204 (206) 853-1959 Roivy@aol.com 74 Puget sound
11 Fugere Orelle/Lois Hiatt 1790 W Star Lake Dr Elma, WA 98541 (360) 482-3010 No email address 54 Puget sound
12 Gottbreht-Dutra Francie 5716 Thornbury Dr. SE LACEY, WA  98513 (360) 943-9232       C 360-556-4317 atdutra@comcast.net 63 Puget sound
13 Gottbreht Shen Sharron 11216 39th Dr SE Everett, WA 98208 (425) 379-6254 sharron_shen@msn.com 59 Puget sound
14 Haagenson Raymond 349 NW 205th St Shoreline, WA 98177 (206) 542-4595 No email address 47 Puget sound
15 Hanson Enghusen Diane 18412 135TH ST  RENTON, WA 98059 (425) 226-5249 jonenghusen@yahoo.com 76 Puget sound
16 Hanson Gregg Pauline PO Box 7845 Covington, WA 98042 (253) 205-7450 No email address 73 Puget sound
17 Hiatt Bernard 1354 Spruce Dr Enumclaw, WA 98022 (360) 802-8987 No email address 53 Puget sound
18 Hiatt Fugere Lois/Orelle 1790 W Star Lake Dr Elma, WA 98541 (360) 482-3010 No email address 56 Puget sound
19 Higgins Loeb Hannah 23321 8th Pl W Bothell, WA 98021 (425) 415-0466 karen.mhyre@gmail.com (Daughter Karen’s email address) 39 Puget sound
20 Horsman Dion Orissa/Charles 14218 73rd Ave NE, Apt B102 Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 821-7306 chasdion@yahoo.com 41 Puget sound
21 Hosmer Bob 18606 52nd W. #222 Lynnwood, WA 98037 (425) 673-6254 rkhosmer@verizon.net 56 Puget sound
22 Iverson Staub Marie 6000 Corliss Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 244-4327 mdmjstaub@camcast.net 60 Puget sound
23 Klang Wayne 6104 S 124th St Seattle, WA 98178 (206) 772-5628  C(206) 334-0913 sharon_wayne@msn.com 55 Puget sound
24 Klang Lindford Arla 18102 SE 132nd St Renton, WA 98059 (425) 226-9422 No email address 55 Puget sound
25 Landsverk Howard 16224 70TH PL W EDMONDS, WA  98026   (425) 776-5566 hlandsverk@hotmail.com 44 Puget sound
26 Lang DuWayne PO Box 65466 Port Ludlow, WA 98365 (360) 437-2012 duwaynelang@msn.com 57 Puget sound
27 LaRocque Wendt Shirley 4024 S 148th St Tukwila, WA 98168 (206) 244-4004 shirleywendt@comcast.net 59 Puget sound
28 Leonard William Lorette (Berube) 23335 Cedar Way #101 Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 (425) 778-6051 No email address 52 Puget sound
29 Leonard Workman Janice 2610 25th St SE Auburn, WA 98002 (253) 833-7619 janice_workman@earthlink.com 56 Puget sound
30 Lilleby Raynor 3673 224th Pl SE Issaquah, WA 98029 (425) 391-1361 klilleby@juno.com 57 Puget sound
31 Loeb-Mhyre Karen 5530 142 Avenue S.E. Bellvue, WA  98006 (425) 641-7594  C425-260-8826 kmhyre@comcast.net   karen.mhyre@gmail.com 65 Puget sound
32 McKay Phyllis 32551 107th Ave SE Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 931-8081     ND 701.244.5774 phyllis.mckay@kent.k12.wa.us 65 Puget sound
33 McKay Merrill Minnie Mary 17815 E Lake Desire Dr SE Renton, WA 98058 (425) 271-1116 EDMIN1116@webtv.net 48 Puget sound
34 Murray Abraham 3411 S Union Ave Tacoma, WA 98409             (Sister Joyce’s address) (253)-905-2089 Joyce 253-843-2135 disawa@hotmail.com (Sister Joyce) Abraham will be moving in Jan 08 59 Puget sound
35 Murray Anderson Joyce 3411 S Union Ave Tacoma, WA 98409 (253)-843-2135 disawa@hotmail.com 73 Puget sound
36 Nelson Asch Barbara 1901 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 (206) 933-2703 lisa-pat@comcast.net  Daughter Lisa (206) 708-6621 42 Puget sound
37 Peterson Artzer Mary 730 Algona Blvd N Algona, WA 98001 (253) 735-6533 No email address 52 Puget sound
38 Pigeon Horsman Louise 14164 73rd Pl NE, Apt D103 Bothell, WA 98011 (425) 821-3038 tohorsmans@aol.com 43 Puget sound
39 Richard Ron 6909 272nd St NE Arlington, WA 98223 (360) 435-9654 rwehavingfunyet@juno.com 65 Puget sound
40 Richard Larson Jerrine 4930 NE 86th St Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 524-4566 rdlars1@msn.com 49 Puget sound
41 Salmonson Honsey June 7558 Earl Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117 (206) 782-0775  (701) 263-4647 charge7thcavalry@aol.com 49 Puget sound
42 Spaeth Farquharson Marjorie 1137 Quince St NE Olympia, WA 98506 (360) 943-1587 cmfar@comcast.net 59 Puget sound
43 Stickland Dean/Roberta 9542 MARLBROOK CT SE OLYMPIA, WA  98513 (360) 459-4566 mail@sticklandbows.com 73 Puget sound
44 Strong Tim 33801 10th Ave E Roy, WA 98580 (253) 843-2263 No email address 65 Puget sound
45 Thiefoe James 907 Columbia Ave #209 Marysville, WA 98270 (360)-658-4049 No email address 69 Puget sound
46 Walter-Zurfluh Linda 5512 224th St E Spanaway, WA 98387- (253) 847-6798 jzurfluh@yahoo.com 67 Puget sound
47 Watschke Cooley Betty 17502 NE 40th Pl Redmond,, Wa 98052 (425) 869-8090 bettyjaycooley@yahoo.com 45 Puget sound
48 Wentland Malmquist Shirley 14810 75th Ave NE Kenmore, WA 98028 (425) 488-2149 vic312@msn.com 47 Puget sound
49 Wurgler Axtman Peggy 25223  45th Av. South Kent, Wa  98032 (253)-854-1008 maxtman21@comcast.net.  71 Puget sound
50 Anderson Doan Shirley 2611 Englewood Ave Yakima, WA 98902- (509) 248-2506 Will send email message 60
51 Boguslawski Alan 405 W 30th St Vancouver, WA 98660 (360) 737-2689 bogey@pacifier.com 65
52 Brennan Groff 1 Morning Beach Drive Apt #10 Bellingham, WA 98229 (360)-927-9444 No email address 52
53 Fauske Monte Connie 162 DAVES VIEW DR Kalama, WA 98625 (360) 673-1620 c.l.designs@comcast.net 62
54 Fauske Rude Carrole 8803 NE 134th St Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 574-1822 LDCJRUDE@hotmail.com 66
55 Goodsell Hyde Alta Mae 5324 N Post St Spokane, WA 99205 (509) 327-7859 No Email address 43
56 Grimme Eltz Gwen 7106 N Tucannon St Spokane, WA 99208 (509) 328-8093 gweneltz@comcast.net 68
57 Haagenson Norman Shirley 15516 NW Second Ave Vancouver, WA 98685 (360) 573-0769 No email address 51
58 Hagen Raymond 3206 S Everett Pl Kennewick, WA 99337 (509) 582-7468 No email address 41
59 Hiatt Rhonda 8907 NE 275th Street Battle Ground, WA 98604 (360) 666-3228 C502-664-9168 rhonda_hiatt@yahoo.com 75
60 Kjos Clayton 2019 N Locust Rd Spokane Valley, WA 99206 (509) 924-5474 cpkjos@netscape.com 39
61 Lilleby Larson Marlene 16869 Frey Rd Ephrata, WA 98823 (509) 754-5877 mpquist@donobi.net 53
62 Longie Don 750 East Greta Ave Spokane, WA 99208 (509) 489-5122      C (509) 991-0677 dmlr2@comcast.net 67
63 Longie Ron 12203 Douglas Rd Yakima WA  98908 (509) 972-8876         C 509-961-1125 longies@netzero.net 65
64 Longie William 6314 NE 70th St Vancouver, WA 98661 (360) 828-7544 longie2596@comcast.net 60
65 Nerpel Bishop Eleanor 6111 W Arrowhead Ave Kennewick, WA 99336- (509) 783-9921 abmyers2@verizon.net (Daughter Ann’s email) 38
66 Smith Eldon 14680 Wide Hallow Rd. Yakima, WA. 98908 (509) 480-8009 No email address 63
67 Walter Clayton 542 Avery W. Winlock, WA 98562 (360)-262-9662 No email address 60
68 Birkland Swart Brenda 3204 N. Columbia St. La Grande, OR 97850 (541) 963-5735 brendaswart@yahoo.com 75 Oregon
69 Christenson-Robinson Cheryl 16037 Se Hawthorne St Portland, OR 97233 (503) 254-2997 cfrobinson21@comcast.net 65 Oregon
70 Faine Delores 268 Washington Ave. Metolius, OR 97741 (541) 546-6487 Friend will send email address 69 Oregon
71 Fassett Halvorson Laura 530 SE 42nd Ave Portland, OR 97215 (503) 236-4462 No Email address Born March 1916 33 Oregon
72 Halvorson Kittleson Doris 19541 GLEN VIEW CT OREGON CITY, OR  97045 (503) 656-8501 No Email address 43 Oregon
73 Henriksen Rick 210 SE Harlow Ave Troutdale, OR 97060 (503) 267-0704 fmhenriksen@comcast.net 60 Oregon
74 Hiatt James PO Box 18 Adel, OR 97620 (541) 947-3983 judycat_2007@yahoo.com 67 Oregon
75 Hobbs Ziegler Viola E. 1602 N.E. Riverside Drive, Unit # 12 McMinnville, OR 97128 (503) 474-2563 rtziegler@onlinemac.com 54 Oregon
76 Hosmer Cobb Janet 7252 SW Lynnwood Ct Wilsonville, OR 97070 (503) 682-3503 janetcobb@gmail.com 60 Oregon
77 Kelly Sawyer Shirley 16160 Widman Ct. Oregon City, OR 97045 (503) 557-0409 sawy56@aol.com 67 Oregon
78 Peltier Pigeon Natalie 406 SW Burgess St Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 956-1707 No email address 41 Oregon
79 Sanders Carpentier Lodena Burns, OR (541) 573-6524 Son Dan lives next door 541-573-3254 35 Oregon

10/1/2008 (238)

Folks, I had another nice visit with Orvin Hagen today.  Orvin is doing great!  He’s still the same Orvin, always on the go.  Orvin is 87 going on 88.  He was born July 14, 1921.  Gary

Message from Vickie Metcalfe (70): 

This past weekend, I had a discussion with 99 year old Elmer Rush regarding Pete Poole. Elmer’s  deceased wife, Sylvia was my mother’s cousin, they were married in 1928.  As newly weds, they lived the first few months of their marriage in the Maxbass area and moved to the hills of the Turtle Mtns  east of Highway #3.  Elmer and Sylvia were neighbors with Pete.  Elmer said, Pete was a veteran of WWI  and he carried those combat scars.  Pete  was kind and helped many farmers with choring. He had a trap line and trapped mostly muskrats for living through the winters. The Rushes then moved further east  to the “Hosmer Place”and became  neighbors of  the Murray’s who were a sister and brother.  Elmer shared, “They lived in a house along side of Carpenter Lake, the sister lived upstairs and her brother downstairs. They had a few cows that they tended. We’d go visit them but, they never went anywhere out in public as Murray came back from WWI  with, “shell shock” .”  Elmer celebrates birthday #100, at the Rolla Community Center on Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe:

Hi Gary,

Thanks to Ivy for this info.  I remember the tower well; I’ve always been rather “chicken” (and over-weight!), so I don’t think I even got up one step!  What I’m really writing to say, is I never knew the tower was on Marlin/Julie Dahl’s land; I always thought it was on Clarence Larson’s land–maybe I have the wrong tower in mind. A person is never too old to learn new info and correct old ideas/thoughts.


Neola, I’m not aware of any tower that was on the Clarence Larson farm, although there may have been.  The Clarence Larson farm was located about 1.5 miles west of The Dahl farm.  Clarence’s farm was located about 1/4 mile south of # 43 just over the hill east of Lake Metigoshe.  The Alfred (Virgil) Rude farm and the Earl Roland farm are in-between the Dahl and Larson farms on #43.

Neola Kofoids reply to Colette Hosmer for scanning her article: 

Please tell Colette she is most welcome.  I was so glad I visited with Nancy’s daughter, Christine, so I knew about the article.


Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

In answer to Sybil Johnson’s question on a fort in Dunseith, I’m willing

to bet Augie showed you the old Riverside Hotel along the creek. It was
about the first building built in town and served as the headquarters
for the cavalry troop as well as a hotel. It survived until the 1960s
when it was torn down. Again, this was considered ‘progress’ and
necessary in keeping a modern image for the town. The last people to
live in the building were Darrel and Lorna Abbey and I asked Darrel to
draw me a floor plan of the building, which he did and I still have. I
was asked to design a belt buckle for the 1982 Dunseith Centennial. I
did this and used the image of the Riverside Hotel as the central focus.
I corrected my original design to read Dunseith–Dakota Territory,
rather than North Dakota, because Dunseith was established 7 years
before North Dakota became a state. I worked with Rod Hiatt on finding a
company to cast our Dunseith buckle. We found a place in Norman,
Oklahoma that had a good reputation, and had them make the buckles. I’ve
worn this buckle every day for years and it still looks good. I’m
attaching a picture of it to show the Riverside Hotel image, or Cavalry
post, depending on it’s use at the time. Thanks Gary!


Dick, In 1982 my dad gave me one of those belt buckles along with a heavy duty leather belt, of his, for my birthday. From 1982 until 2002 I wore that belt with that buckle nearly every day.  In 2002, when I was Temporary Duty (TDY) working a Submarine job at Kings Bay Georgia, the belt came apart where the buckle attached. I purchased another belt from one of the flea markets in the Jacksonville Florida area and wore it, with that buckle, until a year ago, when the belt came apart.  When dad died, I got his buckle too.  All these years I never knew who designed that belt buckle.  Now we know.  You did a wonderful job designing that buckle and having it cast.  I had many nice compliments about that buckle.  Are there any available today that folks can purchase?  Gary

Duneith Belt Buckle 2174

Folks, Putting these class lists together, I am pretty sure that Clarence Hagen, from the class of 1934, is the oldest living to have attended and graduated from Dunseith High school. Clarence was born December 31, 1914. I think that is what I remember Mary Ann telling me. I know it was the end of December.  Hagen sibling’s, please correct me if I’m wrong. Gary

                               Dunseith High School Class of 1934 & 1935

  Last First Address City / State / ZIP Phone Email
Class of 1934
1 Boucher Gottbreht Alma Born December 11, 1917    –    Died August 8, 2005 Deceased
2 Carlson Carroll Born October 10, 1914    –    Died May 5, 2004 Deceased
3 Casavant Martineau Marie Born March 18, 1916    –    Died October 4, 2001 Deceased
4 Cook Robert Can not locate death record Deceased
5 Dailly Bissonnette Irene Born February 23, 1915    –    Died February 1980 Deceased
6 Egbert Lilleby Margaret Born September 26, 1916    –    Died Februay 8, 2003 Deceased
7 Evans Mary Born in 1918    –    Died at San Haven in 1944 Deceased
8 Gottbreht Hendrickson Arla Born September 5, 1917    –    Died February 18, 2002 Deceased
9 Hagen Clarence 1013 Sinclair St Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-2998 No email address
10 Hagen Banister Thelma Born April 1, 1917    –    Died August 1986 Deceased
11 Howery Eva Eva was a sister to John Aitchison’s mother. John was in the class of 1947 Deceased
12 Sanders Washek Henrietta Born in 1920    –    Died of cancer in 1946 Deceased
16 Sanders Carpentier Lodena Burns, OR (541) 573-6524 Son Dan lives next door 541-573-3254
13 Tennancour Larson Easter Sister to Alice Evans Berube Deceased
14 Watkins Charles Born March 3, 1917    –    Died December 7, 2000 Deceased
15 Wicks Gwendolyn Courtrie or Courturie?? Nebraska Unable to locate
Class of 1935
1 Jolibois Wilkie Martha unable to locate Married John in 1938. John died in the 70′s
2 Murray Agelina Unable to locate

Martha Lamb’s (68) Wedding provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe:


Part of the article was cut off and omitted with yesterdays Blog. I am reposting this today with the complete article.  I did not notice that until after it was sent. 


Lamb, Martha 2173Lamb, Martha 2174