Dorothy Pritchard is now on our distribution list.
From Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND

Just to let you know how interesting I find your web sight. Would you add Dorothy Pritchard to your mailing list. This is the e-mail address to which she would receive it: activitynd@yahoo.com. This is the activity department at the Long Term Care Center at St Andrews in Bottineau. She became interested when the articles on Sylvia Bergan were put out. They were from the same area and went to the same school as kids and Dorothy tells of how they became friends after she and Robert were married. Sylvia and Oscar were living west of Boundary Lake and Robert and Dorothy were living on the same place where they always lived only the house was further back to the east.(I could be off on that one). Any way, Robert trapped around Boundary Lake and she had gone with him to check traps on this particular day and they decided to walk on over to Oscar and Sylvia. Can you imagine! There were no groomed trails or paved walkways at that time. I didn’t ask her if they were wearing snow shoes or skis. Anyway, they became very good friends over the years. They both wound up at St Andrews Long Term Care. Sylvia was unable to visit anymore but she always recognized Dorothy and they always acknowledged each other with a little wave. So sad! Dorothy loves to visit and is getting hard of hearing but she still loves a good laugh. Appreciate all the local news. Thanks. Mary Knutson

Dorothy, it is with great pleasure, and I stress great pleasure for me to add you to our daily distribution list. It is wonderful that they have email capabilities for you to be able to get these daily messages. I had to take a double take to realize that it was you that Mary was requesting to be added to our distribution list. This is absolutly wonderful. I am adding you near the top of today’s message hoping that the staff will readily see it and share it with you. I am assuming Mary has probably alerted the staff to be on the look out for these messages to share with you. Dale and Carol are also on this daily distribution. Please alert the staff that these messages are posted daily. Feel free to reply as you see fit too. I’m sure the staff will assist you with all of your replies. We’d love to hear from you.


Folks, Dorothy and Robert Pritchard lived one mile south of us up in the hills. John (62), Dale (63) & Carol (67) are her children that attended and graduated from DHS. I always make it a point to visit Dorothy with each of my trips back to the area. At 96 she is sharp as a tack. Evon Lagerquist is now living on the Pritchard farm. Dorothy and Sylvia Striker Bergan both lived in the Cando area as kids.


Mary, Dorothy always speaks highly of you. Your good deeds have not gone unnoticed and have for sure not been forgotten by Dorothy. You are a wonderful niece in Dorothy’s eyes.


Folks, I would suggest adding “Attention Dorothy Pritchard” in the subject line for messages you’d like to send to Dorothy using her email address listed above. Gary


Dorothy Pritchard on her 96th birthday (January 2009) With Darrel(Bud) Stokes



Reply from Jim Casavant (73): Old White School House: Jamestown, ND


I started !st grade in 1961 in the old white school house. I was in Mrs. Seim’s room on the first floor on the east side of the old school house. I remember those first days of school in Dunseith School was like going to New York City after living in that small world on the farm. Mom worked in the kitchen in the basement which was comforting, but I can remember one day climbing up those steep basement steps and instead of turning to go to my first grade room, I somehow got lost and kept on walking down that long breezeway to the “upper grades” side of the school. By the time I reached those steps by the offiice, I thought I had walked off the end of the Earth and was lost forever. I think it was Principal Art Rude or Joan Wurgler, the secretary who tuned me around and headed me back in the right direction. Isn’t it funny how small things like that seem so big at the time and stick in your mind forever. That area where the old gym and locker rooms were also had a second !st grade class room on the west side of the gym. I think you had to climb some steps to get up to it. Mrs. Aus taught first grade there, then they left Dunseith a few years later. Mrs Emma Halvorson also had a second grade class room in that area just before you got to the office steps. I remember Mrs. Seim and Mrs. Halvorson as very kind teachers.

Jim, it’s great to hear from you. You are enough younger than me for me to remember you, but I knew some of the rest of your family well. I graduated with Rene and Joe. As mentioned before, I remember your mother well too, working in the Kitchen. Gary
Message/question from Verena (Pete 65) Gillis: Dunseith, ND
Note: Folks, Pete Gillis has been battling prostrate Cancer for a few years now.
Hi Gary,
Sounds like you are still pretty busy. So am I. Pete might have to start
chemo again, we will find out in September. PSA’s is not going down, took
him off one cancer pill and just going to try the shots for now and see
what happens. I am very busy with my sister who just turned 52 last
She also has cancer, the lungs and her kidneys along with a big tumor in
her stomach. So been very busy with benefits for her to get her up to
Canada to see a medicine man who is supposed to be pretty good. Looking
for a miracle. We are also getting ready for a big family reunion, mainly
for her while she still can get around, July 3rd actually.

I have a question for you since you and Bill are so sharp with finding
things out. In the middle to late sixties Agent Orange was sprayed up in
No Man’s Land which is across the border. I found this out this year from
one of my co-workers who is from Bottineau and she told me it’s a known
fact. So how does a person find this out? We have the highest rate of
cancer in this area. They also have a very high rate in Bottineau County.
There must be a way to find this out. Please let me know if you can help
us out with this or steer me in the right direction. It’s pretty scary
with all the people getting sick from that terrible disease. Darn near
every family is being affected by this disease.

Verena Gillis

Verena, I know nothing at all about any Agent Orange being sprayed up in Canada, but If that truly did happen, I’ll bet we have some folks that will know. I am so sorry to hear of your sister having cancer too. Your sister and Pete are very fortunate to have you in their lives. You know the right things to do at the right times. With you, nothing falls through the cracks. You are a wonderful human being. Gary
Class of 65 reunion 7-12-07
L to R: Raphael Poitra & Pete Gillis

Reply from Jim Casavant (73): Jamestown, ND

In that freshman initiation picture I’m sure that the first guy in question is my brother Rene.



Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC


Hi Gary. Oh Wow! This last set of pictures were awesome…ALL OF THEM…The photos of Dunseith were “GREAT” it was fun looking at them, trying to remember what was what and who lived where. I’m a bit baffled what that white building north of the police station is? I’m still not through studying those pictures. Fun, fun…About the picture, is it Kenny Nerple or Rene? “Dats mo brotha” Rene for sure. I would really like to know what play or skit that was? It was pretty funny at any rate…The last picture with the family from the Philippines on that motorcycle reminded me of when we use to be able to talk our Dad to go on a Sunday drive with the whole family??? I’m not real sure how we managed,but I remember about one Sunday a month he would pack us all in and drive down to Yellow Corners and get dixie cups. It kinda reminds me of this reality show on T.V called, How’d They Do That??? Well thanks for all the great entertainment Gary! Aggie

Aggie & Jim, thank you so much for positively identifying your brother Rene in this picture. When this picture was first posted he was identified as Rene, then we thought it may be Kenny Nerpel and his true identity never was resolved. As far as the skit, I’m not sure what it was. Some of you guys in the skit/picture may remember. All I know is that this was our class of 65 freshman initiation. I remember well attending our initiation too, but I don’t remember this skit. This is a pretty sexy looking bunch of folks. Gary

Class of 65 freshman initiation in 1961:

Rene Casavant, John Awalt, Billy Grimme & Allen Richard

Reply to yesterday’s message from Don Aird: St Louis, MO


That last picture reminded me of the Vietnamese and their mo-peds. I remember at Tet, 1970, just north of Hue, watching a family of five riding to a celebration, all on a mo-ped dressed in their Sunday best. Another guy had two adult pigs wrapped in a bamboo blankets strapped to the back of his mo-ped. Each pig was facing the opposite direction at right angles to the bike.





Message/picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND




Gary and Friends,

Back in the summer of ’62, Keith Smith (67) and I decided to get an
old Model A Ford coupe running. His older brothers, Ron (61) and Wayne
(61) had driven it to country school and had moved on to newer cars and
just let the old coupe sit in the weeds. Keith was 13 and I was 12 at
the time. We put an old battery in it and found several different size
wheels and tires, one 16″, one 19″, one 21″, and yet another, but they
all held air! We kept on tinkering until we got it going. The old
battery was nearly dead so we rolled it down the hill to get it started.
We always had to find a hill if we were going to shut it off. The
rattling old 4 banger motor had an updraft carburetor that leaked gas
all the time so we hung a coffee can under it and when the can got some
gas in it, we would pour it back into the gas tank! Every time we
stopped we had to be sure to shut the gas tank valve off or it would all
run on the ground. There was no fabric center in the roof so we found a
piece of plywood just a little bigger than the hole, and put it on top.
We drove big nails through the plywood and the tin and I bent them over,
inside the car, while Keith held the post maul on the nail heads. We
also didn’t have the bottom floor boards so had to keep our feet up on
the front floor boards and could watch the road go by under us! The seat
was shot so we threw the springs out and put two old car rims inside and
another board on top of them for us to sit on. It might have been a
death trap—but we were rolling! We terrorized the neighborhood with
that old car and now had a way to get back and forth between their farm
and ours, about two miles by road.Up until then, we had to walk or ride
horse about a mile or so around Horseshoe Lake through the trees and
across our pasture. We would take the old coupe out on their hay meadow,
just out of sight from the house, and wind her up and spin cookies on
the grass—of course, after the hay had been stacked. One evening we
were zipping across the meadow, and when Smitty cranked the steering
wheel to one side, we lost a front wheel! The hub dug into the soft
ground and we did a 180 so fast we nearly banged our heads together. The
wheel and tire headed across the meadow and went into the woods and
disappeared. We looked for it for a long time but finally gave up. Ron
found the wheel and tire years later when he was fixing fence deep in
the trees! It went a lot farther than we figured possible!One thing
about a Model A that is rather unique, is the speedometer. It has a
small window through which you can see the numbers that indicate your
speed. As you go faster the numbers move and it shows you how fast you
are going. Those cars were made to drive around 40-50 on the highway.
This old car had loose steering and bald tires and would dive from side
to side on the road and was not safe at 25-30, let alone 40-50. Well,
Smitty was used to the loose steering and we would take it down the big
hill, on the road between Smith’s and our place, as hard as it would
go— so we could see the numbers on the speedometer that had never seen
daylight before! The numbers–50 and 60–looked like new! One fateful
day later in the summer, Al and Audrey Smith, Keith’s parents were out
in their garden and heard us winding up the old Model A and spotted us
as we went flying down the hill about a half mile away. When we came
back into the yard later, driving nice and slow of course, I saw Al
coming toward us with ‘that look’ on his face. When we got out of the
car, he opened the hood and took out his jack knife and CUT the fan belt
and gave it a toss! I knew we were in deep! He told Keith, “You get in
the house!” He then turned to me and said, “You better get home!” YES
SIR, that’s where I’m headed! That was the last time the old Ford ran.
Looking back, I know we could easily have killed ourselves.We had it up
to 60-65 a few times! The old coupe is still sitting at Smith’s and we
still chuckle about our ‘land speed record’ attempt in the summer of
’62. For many years I have looked high and low for the picture of us
standing by Smitty’s Model A, but to no avail. I knew someone had taken
one and I had seen it long ago. My cousins, Doug and Brad Warcup, were
back that summer from California for a visit and were also in the
picture. I went through literally thousands of pictures and several
albums, but no luck. Last night I sat down at the computer to read the
days emails and what appears on my screen—-the picture I have searched
for for years! Wayne and Rosemary found it in some of Audrey’s old
photos and thought I might like to see it. I may have given it to Keith
when we were kids, or maybe this is the picture I saw, I can’t remember,
but this picture means more to me than anyone can imagine! That car,
that summer 47 years ago, was the very trigger that sent me into a
lifelong love of old cars! Thanks to Wayne and Rosemary Smith for making
my day—-year, actually! Thanks Gary!





( The picture is dated ’63, but wasn’t developed until later)




From L-R Doug Warcup, Brad Warcup, Keith Smith, Dick Johnson






July 2007



Rich Campbell(68)







July 2007


Deb Morinville Marmon (70) &


Colette Pigeon Schimetz(70)





Folks, Have any of you had any contact with Randy Kelly? Being on


President George Bush’s Staff, he was kind of a hard guy to get in


contact with. Randy was also mayor of St. Paul, MN for a number of years too.


If any of you have contact with Randy, please let him know we’d love to


hear from him. Gary



Cousins Randy Kelly(69) & Donna LaCroix Allard (64)





Previously posted with message 104 on 5-16-08


Picture/Message from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends

The picture of my old pal, Rich Campbell, prompted me to send one from
51 years ago! The picture is of Patty Fassett, Rich, and me with our
bikes in 1957. The other photo is Patty and me at the farm in 1964 the
day I taught her to drive the old Ford tractor. I tried to teach her to
drive an old Studebaker the year before, but we had a little trouble
with some trees that were in the wrong place! I spent the rest of that
day teaching her autobody repair! Dad’s car, you know how it goes!


Patty Fassett (69), Dick Johnson (68) &
Rich Campbell (68)







Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX


A very happy birthday to Bernadette! You’ll have to let us know how the dinner was, and what was served. Is it similar to German sausage?

Cheryl Larson Dakin

Folks, I don’t think my waist line could stand very many of these birthdays. We had a fabulous buffet brunch at the Gustavian Restaurant in the morning. As the name implies, it’s German. They had pancakes, bacon, ham, sausage, scallop potatoes and the works for my appetite. For Bernadette, they had a variety of seafood. I eat very little seafood. They also had a variety of salads, fruits and pastries. Then at about 7:00 PM we went to a Japanese restaurant for another buffet. They had all the typical Japanese foods with enough chicken, beef and pork entrees to satisfy my appetite. Bernadette loves Japanese food. They do have a lot of seafood’s in their menus. Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (69): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The picture of Susan Fassetts birthday party reminded me of a deal
with the Mongeon kids. In 1960, Armand and Leona Mongeon got a new light
blue 1960 Ford four door car. All of us kids hung out together almost
every day so when Leona was going to take her kids up to Killarney,
Manitoba to go swimming, she told us we could all go. We got in the new
Ford and headed north with Leona driving. I was sitting in the front
seat on the way up. What I remember was that Leona wasn’t used to a car
with that much power and would keep going faster and faster and then
look at the speedometer and say, “Whoops” and then step on the brakes.
She did this several times and we laughed every time. When we got there,
we changed in an old wood changing room on the edge of the lake. When we
were out swimming, someone stole Bobby Mongeon’s money out of his pants
pocket. He brought extra money that he had saved and lost the whole
works. I must not have had any money, or very little because I didn’t
lose much. We had a great time, except for Bob’s loss. It’s funny how
the memories come back with the posting of pictures. Thanks Gary!


From Neoal Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Hi Gary and All,
Thanks for all the prayers/good thoughts for Carol Berg Hamel. As of 4:00 this afternoon, she is home. Her staples will be removed on Tuesday. Carol’s doctor is very impressed with Carol’s progress. Prayer is powerful. :)
Her liver/lymph nodes are cancer free. Carol will most likely have chemo treatments to “kill any stray cancer cells”–my words. :)
Pictures from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA
This arial shot was taken shortly after we moved to our new home on the corner, completed in 1954. The school portion of the picture is enlarged. Thanks for posting the earlier photo.

I was told that the school building was sold at auction; the bid of August Dionne was accepted. This surprise was a headache and worry for uncle: he stood at the foot of George’s bed late one night and said George would have to take it off his hands. George would know who handled the move. The important structure had such presence; a sadness to see it moved.

You do good work Gary. Sharron






Folks, We never did positively identify the first guy in the first picture. It sure looks like Kenny Nerpel to me?

L to R: Class of 65 freshman initiation – 1961.

Kenny Nerpel? or Rene Casavant?, John Awalt, Bill Grimme, Allen Richard



Bill Evans, Lucien Bedard, Janet Evans, Hannah Bedard, Dale Gottbreht





Dale & Alma Gottbreht





Dale Gottbreht & Bill Evans






Dunseith Fishing trip





Dale & Alma Gottbreht Children:



Back: Emma Jo, George, Sharron


Front: Ernie, Marc, Evie





Marge Brodeck, Marge Kester, John Bedard, Hannah Bedard




Family transportation in the Philippines on a 115cc Honda motorcycle

8 passengers (4 adults & 4 children) with a few house hold goods.



Bernadette, with her birthday today, has caught up to me in age. We are now the same age (61) for 3 weeks. We are going out for a Sunday brunch at a Gustavian Restaurant this morning. We have reservations for 10:30. This evening we plan on going out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant of Bernadette’s choosing. I told her McDonald’s is just fine for my birthday, but she may have something to say about that.
Francie Gottbreht Dutra (63): Olympia, WA
Folks, please update your address books with Francie’s new email address
Reply to yesterday’s message from Jean Nicholas Miller (66): GLENDALE, AZ
Yes. that is my mother without the glasses. Thanks.
Jean Nicholas Miller

Memories from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND



Subject: pictures of Ole & Bing.

“I remember a Sat. night in Dunseith being carried to the car by dad
with Bing walking beside us. He had on kakki pants & a white shirt.
He reminded me of Uncle Archie. He was likeable to me & I wasn’t
afraid of him. I must have been 2 or 3. I remember when Bing fell
asleep with a cigarette & died in a fire. It was hard on everyone,
he was well liked & the neighborhood hero. I noticed how upsetting
it was for Lola even though we were both so little. He had been in
the army 8 years. Mom took care of Lola while Ella went to the
funeral, she was about 2 or 3. That weekend, the Evan’s (all of
Ella’s brothers, sisters & families) & mom & dad spend that Sun at

Jim’s. There were lots of kids to play with. I knew they were my
cousins cousins & kind of related which made it all the more fun.
Mom’s cousin Evelyn Nerpal (Lizzies daughter) was married to Arnie
Evans & their oldest was Marvin, I knew he was my cousin , he was
about my age.
I remember having night mares then. Dying by being burned in a fire
sounded like a horror movie to me. It seemed like it was
January/February & freezing cold. Ole’s wife Cora & Ella’s sister
Hanna seemed so classy & pretty to me. Ole was really darkskinned &
sat in that chair by the stove next to the stairway. To come down
from playing upstairs and go to the bathroom or kitchen, I had to
walk right by him. Every time I had to come by him he would make the
ugliest face at me. Lola wasn’t afraid of him, she thought it was
funny watching his expression when she pulled her dolls head off.

When we went to go home & milk cows, it was dark and cold. Dad
backed the pickup up over the heavy wire that had come down from the
electric high line pole, Arnie & Ole came out & lifted the back end
of the pickup off so we could get out. This is one of the first
memories I have of a gathering of relatives.”

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The post card picture of Dunseith is unique in it’s ability to
identify it’s age. The brick addition to the school was built in 1935
and is on the picture. The City Hall is not yet there and was built in
1937, so the picture has to have been taken very close to 1936–within
months. For those of us who really remember where things were, it’s
interesting to look at each city block to see what is or isn’t there yet.

The baseball team has a correction. The guy sitting second from the
right is my uncle Cliff Johnson, but was listed as Gary Morgan. I
contacted Gary and confirmed that it was Cliff. I have to admit, it sure
does resemble Gary in this picture. I gave Cliff a copy of the picture
and he knew all about the team and gave me a rundown on the group. It
looks like Cliff might have had to fight for his spot on the team–he’s
wearing a shiner under his right eye! Thanks Gary!


Dick, Both of those pictures were posted in May 2008 and I think I remember you making that correction with Cliff and not Gary at that time too and I failed to correct it. I save these pictures referencing the email message they were posted with for future reference. I hope I don’t make this same mistake several years down the road if I repost this same picture. I am amazed at how well you remember and how well you know the history of the area from the very beginning. You are amazing an guy Dick and an inspiration to all of us. We love and look forward to all of your contributions. You are a major contributor to the success of what we have going today. Gary
Memorial service for Violet Hiatt House
Posted by her Daughter Doris House Gillies: Boise, Idaho
Hi Gary,
Just a quick note to let you know that we will be having a memorial service for my Mom ( Violet Hiatt House) on July 18 at 12:00 p.m. It will be held at Greenwood Memorial Park, 350 Monrow Ave. N.E., Renton, Washington 98056. It took awhile to get everything organized since her service is being held in a different state than where she was living. Art (my brother) is finalizing everything on that end, and I’m taking care of all the things here on this end. There sure is a lot of paperwork.
Doris House Gillies
Folks, To visualize where Violet fits into the Hiatt family, I have posted the Hiatt family tree below with Violet highlighted in Blue. Violet was the daughter, 2nd child, of Geroge and Eva Hiatt. Gary



Reply to yesterday’s message from Jean Nicholas Miller (66): GLENDALE, AZ

Gary and Dick,
It was such a wonderful surprise to see the picture of Grandma Anderson’s birthday party in 1959!!!! My mother (Aggie Nicholas) is in the picture. She passed away in 1978 from Leukemia. She looks great. I was 11 years old when this was taken. Thank you both so much for this picture and everything.
Jean Nicholas Miller (66)
Jean, with the picture labeling, I believe this is your mother,
Aggie Nicholas, with Agnes Berg.
Reply from Ivy Eller Robert (74): Everett, WA
Hi Gary,

When Dick Johnson mentioned a car show at the Peace Gardens with Jack & Bud Anderson, it brought back a memory for me. When Russell Robert & I were first married and we lived in Rolla. We were the janitor & maintenance people for the Rolette County Court house so we lived in the Janitors house that was located in the behind the court house over to the side. ‘Our House’, the Court House, & the Sheriff’s office formed a triangle and in the middle was the parking lot. While living there Russell had the ‘side’ job of checking out all the new firearms that came into the Rolla Hardware, before they were sold to anyone. Bud Anderson owned the store and his brother Jack worked there, as well as their Dad. Since we were very big admirers of Bud’s classic car collection & he know us pretty well, every once in a while on Sunday’s, he would let us take one of his cars out to ride around town in. ‘To clean out the carburetor’, he would say! About that same time, we had found a 1957 Three Door Biquiscane Chevy that didn’t run. It was the “sister” to the Nomad that most everyone is familiar with. OJ Robert, Russell’s Dad, helped us put a different motor in it. WOW, was that fun to drive. Great memories of those cars and getting to drive & ride in them. I don’t think I ever knew exactly how many cars Bud owned! Bud and Jack were wonderful guys. Jack seemed to be more “full of the devil” than Bud, but they were great!

Thanks again for all that you do for all of us Dunseithers. (I don’t think that’s a word, OH well)

Ivy Robert

Ivy, If Dunseithers wasn’t a word, it is now! I just added it to my spell check dictionary. Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The old white school was the only building up until about 1935, when
the brick classroom, gym, and bathrooms were added. The third addition
was in about 1955-56 and was the new high school. The large room that
was used for the assembly was designed that way, not as a gym. When the
1935 gym became too small for functions, ball games were held in the
City Hall. It was built in 1937 and was used until 1963 when the new gym
was built. As discussed before, the City Hall burned in August, 1968.
There was a brick schoolhouse along Willow Creek, about straight west of
the new high school, that was used before the end of the 1800s. I don’t
know exactly where it was located but people used to find red bricks
scattered in that area. Does anyone know what happened to the red brick
school—demolished, burned, abandoned?? Thanks Gary!


Dick, I believe this is the same old school in this 1939 Aerial photo of Dunseith. This picture was probably taken prior to 1939 though. The post card this picture was taken from is post marked 1939. Gary
Pictures previously post with message 96 on 5-7-08
Pictures from Cyrstal Fassett Andersen (70):
Here is a picture of the 1953 baseball team that my Uncle Darrel Fassett played on. They drove some fancy cars!! Crystal Fassett Andersen





Standing: Don Fassett, Duane Fugere, Guy Knox, Roger Johnson & Virgil Vanory


Seated: Bob Leonard, Jim Footit, Darold Grenier, Lloyd Awalt, Gary Morgan & Darrel Fassett & John Leonard batboy




Here’s another picture of one of my sister Susan’s birthday parties.It is taken in our front yard in Dunseith,across from the creek. It was in August but no year. Crystal Fassett Andersen





Back: Pam Fassett, Tobby Dailly, Karen Loeb, Carol Jasper, Susan Fassett, Bill Grimme, Marlene Richard. Evie Gottbreht,


Judy Jo Johnson & Mark Anderson..


Front: Debbie, Randi & Donnie Mongeon






Folks, going through some old pictures I ran across this one taken inside of Salem church in July 2007. Arliss Rude Hagen and her husband Leonard totally restored Salem church, both inside and out, several years ago. They donated a lot of hours of labor and the results are fantastic. All the furnishings are restored original. Salem is open to the public. I believe Glen Rude unlocks the doors daily in the summer. If for some reason it is locked, Glen lives just a very short distance to the east on the south side of the road from the church. He will gladly unlock the doors if they are locked. Salem church is located on Highway 43 about 5 or 6 miles east of Lake Metigoshe. I spent many hours sitting in the Pews of Salem in my growing up days. When visiting the church, take note of the Sunday school attendance roster posted on the wall. My name with a few others of you out there is on that roster.


Gary Stokes inside Salem Chruch – July 2007



Folks, I ran across this picture too. This is my dad’s biological father, Carl Petterson. For those of you that knew my dad, you can sure see the similarities of him in this picture of his father. Of the 6 boys, dad is the one that most resembled their father. Dad was always very close to his biological family. His father, Carl, lived about 5 miles NE of Bottineau in the Foot hills. Three of his sisters married the only 3 Kofoid brothers in the area. I always knew I was related to all the Kofoid’s, but I always had problems figuring out which Kofoid family everyone belonged to. This picture was taken 6 months before Carl’s death in December 1960. He was 82 years old. Gary



Carl Petterson – Bob Stokes’ biological father.



Reunion question from Bob Hosmer (56): Lynnwood, WA
As always, I appreciate the effort you put in to coordinating all this correspondence. Don’t know how you keep it all straight.
Just a question about which Best Western Hotel in Seattle we are meeting at for the dinner and gathering on July 24th. There are about four of them not far from Seattle Center and about another four in the Seattle area. You may have already mentioned that in an earlier mailing, but can’t find it in my Dunseith folder at the moment.
Thanks for everything,
Bob Hosmer, WA Chaplain
Marketplace Chaplains USA
Cell: 425-299-0928

Bob, We are having our reunion at the Best Western Executive Inn located on Taylor Ave. I have posted a picture with the space needle in the back ground. As you can see, the Best Western Executive Inn is very close to the Space Needle. I have also listed our (Bill & mine) point of contact at the Best Western. Feel free to call Jan for any direct questions you may have. She is a super friendly lady with ND roots. Gary

Jan Peterson-Gross

Director of Catering

Best Western Executive Inn

200 Taylor Avenue North

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 674-6614

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

First, I can’t take the credit for announcing the Bottineau
Quasi-centennial parade–it was very well done by Les Halvorson and
Dwane Getzlaff. Diane saw me setting up the sound system for the south
stage for the ‘music on main’ so it’s easily understood why she thought
it was me. I doubt that I could do it even half as well as Les and Dwane!

Allen—the show and shine car show is Sunday, August 2 at the Peace
Garden. This is our 30th annual show and is being held in conjunction
with an art show in the lodge. I understand Colette Hosmer will be one
of the exhibitors. Our group, ‘Highway 43’ has also been asked to play
music in the other room of the lodge during the shows. There is no
entrance fee for the car show and no judging as it was in the old days,
just come and park and leave when you want. Lots less work for those of
us setting it up! Hope you can make it. Yes, I’m afraid ‘Swearin’ Jack
Smith left us a couple years ago. The show hasn’t been the same without
Jack and Bud Anderson from Rolla. They were the core we built around!
Thanks Gary!

Dick, Les Halvorson does a mighty fine job of announcing. In conjunction with teaching in the Newberg area and being an auctioneer with his auctioneering business, he has been a radio announcer for years with the Bottineau radio station too. Les is married to Myra Henning from the class of 72. Her parents were previous owners of the Gamble store in Dunseith. Les was also a teacher at Dunseith high school in the 70’s. Les and Myra have lived directly across the street from my brother Darrel (Bud) and Debby on Vera street in Bottineau for years. Their daughter, her name has slipped my mind at the moment, replaced Pat (Mrs. John) Frykman when she retired several years ago as the head librarian at the city/county library in Bottineau. Les & Myra, we’d love to have a picture of you guys too.
Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Folks, I was rushed yesterday and failed to see the attached picture that Dick included with this message, so I am reposting with picture. If you folks send me a message with an attachment and I fail to post, please let me know. I will never ever not post an attachment without letting the sender know. To be honest, that has seldom happened, but I’d never do that just the same. The same is true for messages that you send that you don’t see posted. I will, without fail, get back to the sender if I decide not to post. If you don’t see a message posted and I have not gotten back to you, that means that I have not gotten the message or I have missed it. These are my self imposed rules that I will never deviate from. Gary
Gary and Friends,

The last week of August, 1968 five of us guys decided to take a trip
to the Black Hills in South Dakota. We borrowed my dad’s pickup, a
topper from Manvil Sebelius, a tent from Harvey Halvorson ( I think ?)
and took off ! The crew included Rich Campbell, Greg Grimme, John Bogus,
Tim Hill, and me. We drove through to the Black Hills and got to a
campground in the middle of the night, much to the dismay of those who
were already there trying to sleep. It was raining so it took some
gasoline to start our campfire! A Canadian came over and asked if we
were alright? We couldn’t get the stakes in the ground on one side of
the tent but found out why the next morning—that side was sitting on
the road! We did have a great time together and went to most of the
sites of interest around the Black Hills. We hit the dog races in Rapid
City and some low life dive in Ft. Pierre where we were lucky to have
survived. It was our last bash together before we all went our separate
ways to college and beyond. I wouldn’t trade the memories of that trip
together for anything! Thanks Gary!


Those in the pictures: John Bogus with the multi colored shirt, Rich
Campbell with the block of wood, Greg Grimme with the hat on, and Tim
Hill with the ‘ I think we made it ‘ look!


Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): moniesue@yahoo.com Forsyth, MO


Hello all, Neither of the two pictures we have seen on the blog did justice to Mr. Jerstad. He was old school, Navy, boxer, very clean cut and had a hard time with the aroma some of the farm boys brought to school in the morning, but I think he tried to reserve good hygiene to himself. A cool guy with a neat wife.


Mr. Conroy was the guy who said, “get to work or do you want to be a $10 a day ditch digger all of your life!” He also commanded a lot of respect.


The blog has enhanced memories of days gone by. I feel so privileged to have known old settlers, the world’s greatest generation and also generations thereafter. Too bad that we have almost lost the romance of the 30’s and 40’s. Dunseith had the diversity that not many communities had in the area. For instance, I can only remember one Native American who sat in front of the Red Owl on Saturdays, her name was Long Shanks. Minerva Standing Chief and Daisy One Side may have been there as well. The foot hills were burned every spring and the Sundance always had an aura about it.


Johnny Hill was the right age to be entertained by the Saturday night battles, so he had a better handle on what really happened, after all when you are only 8 years old it is hard to really see what is going on. But, some of the best entertainment Dunseith had to offer was toward the end of the 40’s. What with four bars in full swing. \


It was good to see that Betsy Thiefoe got away and made a good life for herself in California. And Janice Striker, by the way her Uncle Elmer Striker was in the west when we got there in ’39. Also his older brother Bill. My dad talked about William Striker having a real estate office in Seattle and was a poet of sorts. That’s when Seattle had only three digit phone numbers. It is going to be great to revisit some of the houses we lived in, especially the big house on Spruce and Yessler Way, where many ND people stopped and some rented rooms. I remember my dad leaving for Juneau to run a plastering job and came back with lots of stories. We will be going to Juneau next month on the cruise. Thanks. Gary Metcalfe

Reply from Sybil Johnson:great_grandma2007@live.com Cheyenne, WY
How I remember those hamburgers at Dale’s. They were large enough to feed a family and they were so good. Alot of the people
mentioned in various emails, I dont know personally, but I do remember when “PA” or Bernice talk about them. Happy July 4th, everyone. Sybil Johnson(
Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): mschimetz@msn.com Rolette, ND
From 1958, I remember the old School House, there was a gym in the basement as well as a boiler room that doubled as a locker room, and said boiler room attached to the south and the east addition from the Old School house basement. I expect my interest in mechanical devises along with friends John and Danny Boguslawski got me the tour of this area. The Gym was also used as a music room , the teacher was Don Darling ? From the Old School house there was a hallway to the newer south wing, and in that area was the men’s bathroom and the trophies and photos of previous years, Which was always a stall in my getting back to the classroom. At that early age these guys were like superheroes to me. Then down the short railed steps heading south right past the principles office, Quickly as the door was always open and back to classroom. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think the kitchen was in the west side of the old school house, but I don’t exactly remember how we got there.
I had the 3rd and 4th grades in the Old School House, First and Second were in the East addition newly added.
Mark, you have jarred my memory. What you described is right on with what I remember about that old school and the south addition. Up until now my memory was a bit fuzzy, but you have revived all that. I was having a hard time recalling the physical layout of the old school until you mentioned that hall way between the old school and the new addition. I had totally forgotten about that cold hall way. That was the missing link. That hallway was mighty cold on -40F days. Yes the principles office was at the bottom of the steps, in the south addition, on the left (East) side of the hallway. The class rooms were located, down the hallway, to the left just past the Principles office. The new gym, used for a study hall, was to the right. I spent my first year of HS in these buildings before the new High School was built. I’m not sure what year the south addition was built. It was there when I started HS in 1961. As a freshman, I remember always being seated in the area to the left (north) side of the gym for our study halls. I think they had us grouped by classes starting with the freshman to the left and the seniors to the extreme right next to the south windows. I remember Connie Fauske, a senior at the time, being in one of my study halls, sitting next to the windows. I remember well, Phyllis McKay sitting across the aisle and several desks up from me in that study hall. I remember her turning around to chat with me, when Mr. Grossman wasn’t looking. For me, being a country boy fresh out of country school and new to the city school, being noticed and talked to by Phyllis was a highlight.

DHS Sophomore Class of 1945 (Class of 47)


First row; Eleanor Awalt, Lola Striker, Patty Mc Atee, Laverne Schick, Shirley Wentland, Doris Schneider, Darraine Habberstad, Jennine Watkins

Second row: Donna Aitchison, Alice Goodsell, Janice Striker, Delores Hiatt, Luella Halvorson, Mildred Brennan, Jean Metcalfe, Velma Brennan, Lorraine Christianson, Gloria Plante, Minnie Knox

Third row: Leo Murray, Leonard Stickland, Raymond Haagenson, Harvey Halvorson, Darrell Fassett, Dee Nelson, Wayne Molgard, Allison Fiske, Darald Dion, Llyle McDermott, Miss V. Marie Nesting, Advisor

Previously posted with message (89) 5-1-08

Message/picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND


Gary and Friends

The attached picture was taken in 1959, at what I believe was Grandma
Anderson’s birthday party. She was the mother of Gertrude Awalt and
Charlie and Walter Anderson, and spent the last part of her life living
in a small house in Awalt’s backyard. I used to walk over to her house
and she would give me cookies and milk. If I remember right, she had a
wood cookstove that she baked in and cooked on. This picture shows a
group of neighbor ladies with her in front and center. It has been a
very long time but I am quite sure this is Grandma Anderson, if not
please correct me, or if I have anyone else wrong please feel free to
send the right name. I am doing this from memory as there are no names
on the picture. Thanks again Gary!

The ladies L_R:
Standing—Irene Teal, Dorothy Egbert, Rose Kalk, Thelma Johnson, Joyce
Evans, Marie Allard, Marie Thompson, Lela Cota {nearly hidden},Joy
Nordquist, Arla Millang, Bernice Johnson, Agnes Berg, and Aggie Nicholas.
Seated— Beatrice Olson, Grandma Anderson, and Myrtle Olson.



Reply from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Gary, I noted on the Dunseith School building photo yesterday that it was obviously moved from somewhere to Dunseith in 1956 – the year I started school there in the first grade. Where was the school building moved from? And what served as the elementary school before 1956?
Brenda Hoffman – class of 1968
Brenda, With a little research and a few faded memories I think that old school was moved around 1970. I think it was erected on the original sight years earlier. I could be all wrong about that though. I’ll bet we have some folks out there that probably can fill us in on the history of that old building. I believe this was the old building that was just to the north of the newer addition in the photo pictured behind the moving of that old school. This old building was part of the entire school my first year of High School in 1961. We had many classes in the basement of this old school. I think this was the old school building basement. I could be wet behind the ears with what I remember, with this being the same building. Gary
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

To Dick Johnson—-Ahh yes— the old school. And I’ll bet a majority of the good memories for a lot of us Mrs. Conroy. That would be synonymous.


When is the Peace Garden car show? I was thinking of visiting Dunseith this summer, but not until August. I was going to drive the old Dodge — But the thought of buying 200 gallons of Premium at $350 a gallon kinda takes the fun out of it. (It has been tweaked a bit.)


I assume our old friend “Cussin’ Jack Smith has passed or would be well into his 90’s by now.. What a character.



Susan & Allen Richard
Dunseith (Seattle) reunion – July 24th
Folks, In a message I got from Bill Grimme yesterday, he mentioned that Larry St. Claire (66) has signed up for our reunion dinner in Seattle on July 24th.
Larry, This is wonderful that you are making special trip down to Seattle from Anchorage, Alaska to attend this reunion. You are a special guy.
Evie Gottbreht Pilkington, you too are making a special trip from Southern California for this reunion. You too are a very special.
We are looking forward to seeing you guys and everyone else at this reunion. Gary
Larry & Robbie St. Claire
Reply from Evie Gottbreht Pilkington (65): Irvine, CA

Hi Gary,

Thanks for posting the picture of my Dad again and also for your message Diane. Have lots of memories of the “Jumbo” – the Canadians would come over and over again for the treat…..The bun was great – hamburger in the old days from the Red Owl but I think one of the secrets was the well grilled bun and the diced onions vs. sliced onion.

Diane when you lived in the barn house I babysat for you girls several times. I also lived in that house for a brief period when we were waiting to move into our new house on the corner. My grandmother Evelyn lived there for a time, she had an old wood cook stove and it was all she cooked on ….we warmed our toes there on cold winter days.

I babysat very little for money, our allowance and fun money was made by working in that café or station ….I have check stubs going back to when I was 12 years old and had a regular summer shift at the café. I was paid 35 cents an hour; most of my checks were signed by Bob Strickland. We just filled out a time card like everyone else and picked up our check on Saturday…..on some checks I notice that Ernie and I cashed ours at the movie theatre – “show hall”.

I am not going on the cruise but will be at the dinner and looking forward to seeing the group.

Evie Pilkington Gottbreht 65


PS – Today I was on google and I put in my cell number and the Dunseith website came up……my cell number was with the picture posting of Dad. If you google a listed house phone MapQuest pops up so you can immediately get a map to your house……hmmm that might be too much info for some in the world today……..



July 12, 2007


Marlene Richard Parslow & Evie Gottbreht Pilkington



Reply/message from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND

A couple of things….Dick brought up the subject of the old white
school house conjuring up some memories….I remember when I was in
the 4th grade, Mrs. Conroy’s 4th grade class was upstairs…we had a
fire drill and I was petrified of those metal steps…some of the
wiggled like crazy when you stepped on them. Being somewhat chubby
and afraid of heights, I was frozen on the top of the steps while the
entire school was down below…I remember them coaxing me to come
down…I was up there scared I would fall down going down the
steps…don’t know if I ever did make it down..

The Rendahl Gospel tape is great….I am sure Art Rude Jr. has more of
them for sale or can tell you where to get them. Ran into him
yesterday and he said to check out his website… http://artrude.com/ … he downloaded lots of
photos he took at Bottineau’s 125th this past week…it was a great
time. Dick Johnson did a great job announcing the parade… Oh, just
told some more people about the jumbo at Dale’s…they should be there
on Sat.

Diane Larson Sjol

Dick Johnson, I’ll bet you did go a wonderful job announcing the Bottineau Q-centennial parade. Les Halvorson (former DHS teacher) from Bottineau, announced the Dunseith Q-centennial parade in 2007. You guys are great! Gary

I think this is the appropriate time for another posting of this delicious ‘Dale’s Jumbo Burger’.


Khayla Poitra displaying Bill Grimme’s ‘Dale’s Jumbo burger’ – July 2007



From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

The last week of August, 1968 five of us guys decided to take a trip
to the Black Hills in South Dakota. We borrowed my dad’s pickup, a
topper from Manvil Sebelius, a tent from Harvey Halvorson ( I think ?)
and took off ! The crew included Rich Campbell, Greg Grimme, John Bogus,
Tim Hill, and me. We drove through to the Black Hills and got to a
campground in the middle of the night, much to the dismay of those who
were already there trying to sleep. It was raining so it took some
gasoline to start our campfire! A Canadian came over and asked if we
were alright? We couldn’t get the stakes in the ground on one side of
the tent but found out why the next morning—that side was sitting on
the road! We did have a great time together and went to most of the
sites of interest around the Black Hills. We hit the dog races in Rapid
City and some low life dive in Ft. Pierre where we were lucky to have
survived. It was our last bash together before we all went our separate
ways to college and beyond. I wouldn’t trade the memories of that trip
together for anything! Thanks Gary!




Reply to Evie Gottbreht (65) from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
I really enjoyed the picture of your dad…I remember as a little kid
while visiting in Dunseith or staying there while dad was stationed
somewhere we couldn’t go, we tried to make enough money to go and buy
a jumbo at Dales. The Morinville girls and my sister Cheryl and I
decided to have a puppet show…we raided mom’s kitchen and served all
kinds of things…I think we made about 55 cents. We had a quarter
saved here and there and we all pooled our money. I believe it was
Debbie, Bev and Duane Morinville, Dennis Dion and my sister Cheryl and
I. Back then the jumbos were about $1.50…we finally had enough and
started walking from town to Dale’s. It seemed like we walked miles
thinking of that great bib juicy burger….we talked about it the
entire way. When we got there, we dumped all of our change on the
counter and ordered one up….best thing I ever ate. Don’t know if we
had the right amount of money, but we got the burger just the same.
We still talk about that burger and take visiting friends and
relatives to Dales whenever they come to ND to see us….

Diane Larson Sjol

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The old white school was moved out around 1970 or later and was
replaced by the ‘pods’, a new concept at the time for open classrooms.
The old school was then moved to a point in the foothills near St.
Anthony’s church, where it was used as a training center for vocational
type instruction. I think carpentry and electrical training were two of
the classes taught. The building later burned to the ground. Until just
lately, the sign was still near the road but it is now also gone. I’m
sure nearly every person reading this has memories from this old
building and and the classes and teachers who were there. Thanks Gary!


Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,


I’ve been meaning to mention there is a good (I think it’s good.)Rendahl Gospel cassette tape for sale. I’m quite sure I bought it from Art Rude, Jr. Art, Ole Bursinger, Jerry Olson, The Lund Family, others perform on it. I also bought, I think, two of Scotty/Thelma Thompson’s tapes and dubbed them onto one 90 minute tape; I had a little space left, so I added a few of Bashful Brother Oswald’s tunes. LOTS of good music on this tape!! I have two of Art’s tapes, too, but I didn’t combine them. Art’s songs are really clever. Speaking of Art, I enjoyed the TV programs he/a few of his friends produced and showed on TV a few years ago.


Art can tell you more about who is on the Rendahl tape.



From Susan Malaterre Johnson (69): Alvarado, TX
Hi! George, Donald, Gordon and I have a brother who lives in Co. Last Sat. I received a notice that his son, our nephew, was in the main bout. I guess he enjoys (?) extreme sport fighting. UGH! Some of you may remember our brother, James. His son is into this crazy sport. He was the challanger for the main bout. He won. I cannot help but compare him to George. Only,Jeremy has ben trained by his father in the martial arts. George learned with genetic skills. I’m sure that our nephew looks like a broken survivor. But, HE won. This reminds me of one of George’s fights . His opponent had about 5 years ahead of him. George lost!! After the fight his opponent came to us. He said that when he saw George, he told himself that if he got hit. I t would be over. So he did the next best thing. He wore Georg down. It’s tactic. I can’t help but feel that Jeremy worked the same way during this fight. kickdownmma.com Love, Susan Yes, I’m proud but so scared. I cannot go to a bout. Better for me to wait and see. Susan Johnson
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Hi Gary,
I know some of your readers remember Carol Berg Hamel. She had surgery (Rugby) this morning for colon cancer. She came through the surgery fine, but they found a spot above her liver. I’m not sure what that means, but that’s what Lynette (Carol’s daughter) said they had been told. As you know, Lynette is married to Wade DuBois (good picture of Dennis DuBois and Phyllis McKay). Would you ask your readers to add Carol to their prayers/prayer lists, please? I know she would really appreciate it.
Carol’s family will be with her today/tomorrow. On Wednesday, I’m returning to Minot, via Rugby. I plan to spend the afternoon/evening/maybe the night with Carol. I have a 12:30 doctor’s appointment on Thursday, so I need to be in Minot by then.
Thanks, Gary.
Neola, Those of us from the Ackworth and Willow Lake areas remember Carol Berg well. I believe she graduated from Bottineau HS in 1967. At Ackworth she was in the class with my brother Allen, Jim Hiatt, Rodney Lagerquist & Carol Pritchard. That was a big class for good ole Ackworth. When they were in 6th grade, I was in 8th grade. There were not 7th graders. Carol transferred to Willow Lake in the 5th or 6th grade. I forgot which. I am sure most of our folks know that you and Carol are first cousins with your mothers being sisters. Our prayers are with Carol. Please keep us posted. Gary
Reply to picture posted yesterday from Ellen Graff Myrick (58): Grand Forks, ND
The guy in the red shirt beside Don Martel is Ron Link, President of the class of 58.
Picture 7-15-07
Ron Link (58), Don Martel (Principle) & Rene Casavant (65)
Methodist Choir picture:
The following three messages previously posted by Dick Johnson, Gary Morgan & Phyllis Campbell all relate to the Methodist choir picture below. I wanted to repost all three of these very informative messages that go with the picture. Gary
Previously posted with message (85) on 4/25/08

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@srt.com


Gary and Friends

The enclosed picture is taken in about 1954. It is in the Methodist
church {stone church} and is probably the church choir except for my dad
who was Lutheran. I think the rest are Methodist? I can name most of the
folks but not all.

The folks I marked “unknown” are only unknown to me as most of you
probably know them. Thanks Gary!!



Back row L-R: Don Johnson, unknown, Gary Morgan, Don Hosmer, Alan
Campbell, unknown, Jerry Williams, Clark Crum, unknown.

Middle row: Florence Conroy, Jenny Cook, Inez Hosmer, Colleen Conroy,
Don Conroy, Rod Armentrout, unknown.

Front row: Unknown, Elsie Schneider, unknown, unknown, Millie Crum?,
Elaine Schneider.



Previously posted with message (86) on 4/26/08

From Gary Morgan (54): gmorgan56@hotmail.com

Hi Gary & All,..We missed you.
About 1950 the creamery that was located where Garden Lanes is now, burned down. It was just luck that the fire didn’t take the whole block. Having suffered two major fires in a couple of years, the Gamble Store and Creamery, it was painfully apparent that the fire department had to upgrade their equipment. About the only way organizations could raise substantial sums was by holding dances and smokers.
About this same time, a new minister came to serve the Methodist Congregation. His name was Rev. Ramquist and he lived in Bottineau while serving the Bottineau and Dunseith congregations. Rev. Ramquist was determined to clean up “Sin City” so when the Dunseith Firemen held a money raising smoker in the basement of the city hall, the Reverend fetched the sheriff and they raided the smoker. Since it was imperative that the fire department at least get a new truck, most, if not all, of the pillers of the community were caught in this den of iniquity. Sin City indeed!
The next day there was a big writeup in the Minot paper about how a gang of vigilantes had run the Reverend out of town. Actually, a couple of fellows followed him out of town just to be satisfied that he was gone and not coming back.
Shortly after that, the Methodist Church Board determined that Dunseith needed fire equipment worse than they did a crusading minister so Rev. Ramquist was asked to leave. He later perished while white water kayaking somewhere.
Between ministers, we Methodists were served on an intirim basis by Rev.
Kepler from Rugby which finally leads me to the point of my story…the fellow
between Alan Campbell and Jerry Williams in Dick’s picture of the Methodist Choir is Rev. Kepler’s son but I can’t remember his first name.
A revised roster of names on the picture is as follows:

Gary Morgan
Class of 54

Back Row: Don Johnson, Findel Helgeson (immigration Inspector who replaced Les Greener), Gary Morgan (young man about town), Don Hosmer, Alan Campbell, aforementioned Kepler, Jerry Williams, Clark Crum, Glen Williams Jr.

Middle Row: Florence Conroy, Jennie Cook, Inez Hosmer, Millie Crum, Don Conroy, Rod Armentrout, Duane Lang.

Front Row: Marjorie Morgan, Elsie Schneider, unknown, Irene Teal, Betty Jane Schneider, Elaine Schneider.




Previously posted with message (87) on 4/27/08

From Pyllis & Alan Campbell (42): campap26@yahoo.com


To help complete the names that are still missing from that Methodist/Lutheran church choir picture – I can fill in a couple of the names ….the young man who wasn’t identified is Don Keplar – son of the Rugby minister who was supplying the Methodist church – and the un-identified lady is Mrs Charles Keplar – the minister’s wife.


As an additional personal note, Gary, we want to tell you how much we appreciated all the help your Dad Bob gave to Alan’s aunt and uncle Anne and Glen Campbell all the years they lived in Botno. He was a wonderful neighbor who shoveled their sidewalks and saw that the grass was always cut. He always went in for a visit too and they also enjoyed visits from your mother Elaine.


Phyllis and Alan Campbell


Phyllis & Alan: I would like to share your personal note with the group, because we have many Dunseith Alumni Bottineau folks on our list that knew Ann Campbell. Many of these folks are married to spouses or have relatives that had Ann for a teacher. She taught school for many years at various schools in Bottineau county. Most folks that knew my dad knew that he loved to talk. With his visiting, he mentioned Ann many times and he was asked, real often, if she was related to Alan. I heard that question asked many times, with my annual visits back to ND, when I’d be out with my father. A lot of folks never made the connection of Alan & Ann. Dad spoke highly of Ann and he thoroughly enjoyed doing the things that he did for her. I too learned to know Ann quite well with my annual visits. She was a wonderful lady. Glen was gone by the time I came into the picture, so I never really knew him. Gary
Methodist/Lutheran Choir Picture:
Back Row: Don Johnson, Findel Helgeson (immigration Inspector who replaced Les Greener), Gary Morgan (young man about town), Don Hosmer, Alan Campbell, Don Kepler, Jerry Williams, Clark Crum, Glen Williams Jr.
Middle Row: Florence Conroy, Jennie Cook, Inez Hosmer, Millie Crum, Don Conroy, Rod Armentrout, Duane Lang.
Front Row: Marjorie Morgan, Elsie Schneider, Mrs. Charles Keplar, Irene Teal, Betty Jane Schneider, Elaine Schneider.





Dunseith High School Class of 1948


Back row: Ydola Pigeon, Dorothy Strietzel Fassett , Betty Watshke, Urbain Cote.

Middle row: Howard Landsverk, Bernice Olson Johnson,
Bob Molgard, Shirley Sunderland

Front row: Patty McAtee, Andre Berube



Memory of Mr. Jerstad from Cheryl Haagenson (71): Dunseith, ND
Many opportunities have been offered for us all to respond, I usually leave it to those more able to turn a phrase then myself, however…
Chic ( Gene) LaFromboise stopped over to the house a couple weeks ago, he has taken up the fiddle and was needing a little explanation. We began the eternal curse of “old timers” and began reminicing. I wish I could give this to you verbatum I will do my best. He said when he was growing up they lived many places , one of the places was Dunseith. He and several pals were out playing ball in the street when all of a sudden a man came up and started playing with them. This continued for several days, then one day he said, ” We should get a team.” They did just that and began playing baseball. No one paid this man to do this, no one assigned the children to him. No one recruited this man. He was a young man, who saw some kids that needed something to do. In Chic’s words, ” I love that man” the man was Lincoln Jerstad. Since he was the topic for the last couple of days it seemed appropriate to throw this out there.
Cheryl Haagenson
4th of July Memories from Gary Morgan (54): GARRISON, ND
Starting the summer after my sophomore year in high school, I would help shoot off the City’s 4th of July fireworks. I think this was a joint venture between the American Legion and the Commercial Club. Anyway, they had to borrow lumber for some of the displays. Bill Fassett always headed up this project and after supper he and another fellow, that first year it was Bob Hosmer, would pick me up and we would go to the lumber yard. Bill would have a list of materials needed….18′ 2x4s for the waterfall, shorter ones for the flag, pinwheels, etc. We would load up the lumber yard truck then drive to the north lip of the Great Northern gravel pit and start setting up. This was hard work because we had to dig holes in the sun baked, rocky prairie to anchor the 2x4s and dig in the metal tubes for the mortars. By the time we got done it would be getting dark but we would have about an hour wait until it was considered dark enough.
Bill would break out a six pack of Hamms and pass it around. To be treated as an equal was pretty heady stuff for me with all of my teenage insecurities. Then we would sit back and watch the traffic on highways 3 and 5 head for Dunseith for the fireworks and/or dance. They looked like long strings of pearls.
This was a magical time for me. As the dusk deepened, there would be a chorus of frogs from the floor of the gravel pit. Occasionally, a bat would flitter by or there would be the peculiar, undulating whoop of a diving night hawk. I would sip my beer and listen to the men tell stories of past 4th of Julys. That interlude before we shot off the fireworks is one of my fondest memories of being a teenager.
When it was deemed dark enough, we would shoot off the fireworks. Two of us would man the mortars. We would have three sizes. One of us fired of the smaller ones and one of us the two larger sizes. There were about as many smaller ones as the two larger sizes put together.
We would alternate between sizes and occasionally st off one of the stationary displays…pin wheel, waterfall, or whatever. If there was a particularly pleasing display, the people would show their appreciation by honking their horns. The water fall always brought a round of honks because by angling the 2x4s out over the edge, the sparklers would fall all the way to the bottom of the gravel pit.
When we ran out of everything, we would set off the flag and that would be the finale.
One year the crowd was short changed on the large mortars. About the third one was a dud. Where we would light the fuse, drop it down the tube and listen for the “Kerchunk” that sent the missile high in the sky to explode in a myriad of colors, this one just lay there. Since no one felt like reaching down the tube and pulling it out, there were no more large mortars that year.
Another year, for some reason, we didn’t shoot them off at the gravel pit. We set up out on Evan’s pasture, 3 or 4 hundred yards west of the old ball field, west of the city park. If not a disaster, this was a mistake. It must have been a particularly dry year because during the performance we had to chase down and stamp out about a half dozen grass fires. The worst part was we didn’t know if one would flare up hours later. It didn’t happen though.
I must have done this for 4 or 5 years. There would be different fellows every year. That first year was Bob Hosmer. Subsequent years there was Edgar Anderson and Junior Melmer that I remember and brother Dick helped one year. Always, Bill Fassett.
I figured I was about the luckiest kid, ever.

Gary Morgan

Bob Stokes
Dad, Bob Stokes, home on furlough before being shipped to the Pacific Theater in WWII for 31 months and 10 days. Gary
Picture taken in the Turtle Mountains 1943
Bob Stokes
Written by Bob Stokes (Service Record)
Fort Snelling Oct. 2, 1942
Co. B 5oth Engineer Combat.
Basic Training Camp White, Oregon
Invasion of Attu the Aleutian Islands
Christmas Island
Canton Island
Invasion Saipan Island
Invasion Okinawa

After the war was over we went
to Korea as occupational troops
before the Korean War.
We left Korea on a destroyer
for the states, and I was discharged
at Fort Leavenworth
Kansas. Dec. 12, 1945
after 31 months and 10 days overseas.

Note: Dad (Bob Stokes) wrote the above summary of his service record on a piece of paper shortly before his death. This is a period of time he did not want gone unforgotten with his passing. We, his family, found this summary among his personal things, after his death. He had many stories to tell of his war years, overseas, of which we never documented. If only we had recorded some. Gary
Previously posted (73) on 4-11-08
Picture (Bill Fassett) from Susan Fassett Martin (65):
My dad also served as a radio operator during WWII and was stationed on
Espiritos Santos in the New Hebrides. His dad served in WWI(Wilmar H
Fassett) Also, my mother’s biological dad, Russell Rennick served in
WWI in the Balloon company. In this picture, my dad is on the far right
side on the cement. Lots of servicemen——how many never returned
home?? If anyone is ever in SD (the Black Hills) look me up. We can
peruse scrapbooks. Hugs, Susan

Note: Bill Fassett cropped and enlarged in photo






Previously posted (82) on 4/41/08

From Evie Gottberht Pilkington (65):

Hi Gary,

I have attached a picture of my dad taken shortly before he died August 29, 1961. Dad was the creator of Dale’s Jumbo Burger. Henry at Snow White was Dad’s vendor for buns at the time. My Dad was full of big ideas…..it’s one of the things we all loved about him. Jack Hosmer often ordered the Marc’s Special, named after my brother Marc and not on the regular menu, big pancakes covered with lots of butter, peanut butter and white Karo syrup, rolled up before they were served. Dale’s has produced a lot of Dunseith “comfort food” over the years. Anyone ever had the Trucker’s Breakfast, how about the stack of pancakes or those giant caramel rolls made by Charlotte Boguslawski? In the good old days almost everything was prepared from scratch in the kitchen….very few frozen food service items in the 60’s.

Greetings fromCalifornia



Evie Gottbreht Pilkington 1965






Picture taken July 15, 2007


Don Martel (DHS Principle) & Rene Casavant (65):





Darrel Fassett (47)





Gary Stokes & Bill Grimme





From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Just a few memories of Lincoln Jerstad. He was our superintendent and
also had an afternoon study hall. I will never forget how he started
each and every study hall period—“Alright, let’s all get down to some
good hard work!” He was a ‘no nonsense’ guy and meant what he said.
After I graduated and then went to college in Bottineau, I guess I
thought Mr. Jerstad would always be in Dunseith. When I got to UND-
Grand Forks, I heard that he had become part of the faculty there
working with a program called ‘ Northern Plains Indian Teacher Corps ‘.
I had classes several days each week in the same building where he had
his office so I stopped by and talked with him on occasion. He was
knowledgeable about general university issues and advised me on how to
make things work to my advantage. Of course we had to talk about
Dunseith and what was going on back home. I don’t remember when he moved
to Fargo but it had to be after ’72, I think, because he was there when
I graduated I’m quite sure. Some DHS graduates were in the NPITC program
at UND and received teaching degrees. I wasn’t involved with this
program and have no idea how it functioned, just that Lincoln Jerstad
was involved with it. Thanks Gary!


Dunseith Reunion being held at the Best Western Near the Seattle Space needle on July 24th.
From Bill Grimme:
This is Bill’s record of those that he has received payment from for attending the reunion.
Folks, please look this over and let Bill know of any discrepancies. Several of you have
very recently indicated an interest in going that are not on this list. As Bill gets your
letters, he will be adding you to this list. We currently have 54 folks signed up for the
Please see the sign up form below.


Chicken Breast

New York Steak

Total Paid


Chuck Munro




Robert Hosmer




Gary Stokes




Nancy Baldwin




Diane and Scott Sjol




Randy Flynn




Gary Metcalfe (child 1/2 price)




Ardis Steggal




Phyllis McKay




Lee Stickland




Lea Rae Espe




Bill Grimme




Bill Longie




Mark VanDyne




David Shelver




Sharron Shen




Evie Pilkington


Shirley Larocque


Laverne Rude




Oliver/Marlene Reing




Darrel/Deborah Stokes




Sandra Vandal




Cheryl Haagenson




Marie Staub




Pat Gottbreht




Janice Workman




Connie Fauske Monte





Bill Grimme’s Banquet sign up form:


To attend this dinner, just fill in the following selections for you or your party, send me a check, and I will return a receipt.

Note: Prices listed are inclusive of all taxes and gratuities.


NumberEntréePriceExtended price


______Pan Seared Chicken Breast$24.90___________

______Angus Beef New York Steak$34.10___________







Send Check to Bill Grimme,

3117 Memory Brook Circle,Birmingham,AL35242

.Phone 205-991-6512.




Hope to see you all there. Thank you.



Bill Grimme Class of ‘65



Picture L to R:
Back: Colette Pigeon, Stephanie Evans, Randine Fuchs, Crystal Fassett, Pennie Kester, Dennis Dion, Holly Myer,
Cheryl Kester & Paula Fassett
2nd: Jeff Evans, Bob Mongeon, Randy Flynn, Paul Grossman & Rod Hiatt
Front: Gordon Fuchs, Roxanne Fuchs & Laurie Evans
Picture L to R: July 2007
Tim Hill (68), Brenda Hoffman (68), Mona Dionne Johnson (48), Murel Watkins Hill (50)
Folks, This picture, posted on 3-25-08, was submitted by Dick Johnson. Now that we have more of you folks on our distribution, hopefully we can get everyone identified. Gary
The ladies are Dorothy Fassett [back row], Vida Hiatt,?, Myrtle Olson, Julia Hiatt, Mrs. Grimme [back row],
Mrs. Bogus and Bernadette, maybe Mabel Boardman
Posted on 4/1/08
Picture from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70):
Gary, I thought this would make a lot of people smile. We had such a big confirmation class that year,that we held our services in the Dunseith High School gym. We were certainly an “angelic” looking crew, but the stories we could tell !! Crystal Fassett Andersen
Back: Gary Fulsebakke, Pastor Curt Rotto, Don Berg, Alan Henning, Clark Parrill, Marlys Hiatt, Janice Metcalfe, Vickie Metcalfe,
Marlys Medlang, & Crystal Fassett.
Front row: Rodney Medrud, Larry Tooke, Larrett Peterson, Ray Lagerquist, Joanne Millang, Sandra Hagen, Paula Fassett
& Brenda Hill  



Prom, I think 1965

Joann Houle (66) & Lee Struck (66)



Picture taken at the Village Cafe in Rolette – July 2007


L to R: Two of the class of 65 finest, Warren Anderson & Margaret Metcalfe Leonard


and Me (Gary Stokes 65)





Rendahl Gospel Festival 1999

Susan Fassett Martin (65) & Ole Bursinger




July 1973


Art Henning and Sophie Schneider














From Evon Lagerquist (77): Dunseith, ND
Gary, I didn’t receive any message yesterday, Friday, the 19th. Would you mind sending it ? I really enjoy reading them everyday!!! Thanx!
Folks, I accidentally sent message 493 for Evon’s group to another group, so that other group receive 493 twice. I am limited to 99 folks that can be included with each message, so I have you guys all divided up into multiple groups for sending this daily message. Email providers have daily limits too for the number folks one can send messages too. For that reason I have multiple email addresses of which are all good addresses for sending messages to me. Please let me know if you do not receive a message. That is one of the reason they are numbered. Evon, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Gary
Reply to yesterday’s message from Bev Morinville (72): Dunseith, ND
LOL Gary Debbie Morinville is not married to an Azure , I am !!!!!!!!! Debbie is Married to Kenny Marmon
Bev, I Know that, but did not catch that mistake before sending. I previously sent that picture out in March 2007 with that error of which I copied with yesterday’s posting. I am reposting a few of the earlier pictures as I’m going through previous messages, starting from the beginning, capturing the pictures that I lost. Gary
From Rhonda Hiatt (75): Battle Ground, WA


Hi Gary,


The picture that Diane Fugere sent in was a great one of the girls. None of you have aged a bit.


Rhonda Hiatt
From LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND
Gary, Just a correction on Miss Vivian Hewson. She taught Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education, and maybe some other classes, but not Home Ec.
Also, I believe Dowayne Goodon is the correct spelling.
Bottineau is in the middle of their 125th anniversary celebration and the Bottineau County Fair. People were really out and about today. Williams and Ree performed in front of a packed grandstand against the backdrop of the Turtle Mountains. What a beautiful setting ! They were hilarious!
Terry and I visited with Don Corbin, a former science teacher in Dunseith. He graduated from Bottineau and is currently living in Mesa, Arizona. I remember when he stepped into Miss Hewson’s Physical Science class on November 22, 1963, and told us that President Kennedy had been shot.
Brady, Terry, and I worked at the Lutheran Fair Stand and really got to see alot of people. It was so busy we didn’t dare leave until two hours after our shift ended. We ran out of most of the food except the famous fried hamburgers with fried onions and homemade pie.
The commemorative rifle was won by Arlan Amsbaugh of Minneapolis, graduate of Bottineau. (Hope I have that correct.)
The parade is Saturday and I believe they are expecting close to 200 entries. The weather is great here in the Turtle Mountains. However, there was a big down pour of rain Thursday evening and Highway 5 was closed between Bottineau and Dunseith because water was running over the road in four places. Today it was about 80 degrees, the rides at the fair were very busy.
LeaRae, Your are so right with the spelling of Dowayne Goodon’s (67) name. Dowayne, I know the correct spelling of your name too and I do apologize.
About miss Hewson, I’ve always had it in my mind that she was a Home Ec. teacher. Vivian gets these daily message via her daughter-in-law too. I never had Miss Hewson for a teacher, but I’ll tell you one thing, meeting her at our class of 65 reunion, I quickly discovered and realized that she is truly a very nice person from the heart. She is such a warm friendly lady with a whole lot of class.
I was in Mr. Lykins typing class when he gave us the news of JFK being shot. Mr. Lykins broke down and cried in front of the whole class telling us the news. Mr. Lykins, I will never forget that day with you giving us the news of JFK being shot.
Mr. Don Corbin was my Biology teacher for half the year, until he took over being principle for Mr. Ed Conroy when Mr. Conroy had his Heart Attack. Miss Dianne Leier was hired fresh out of college to take over some of Mr. Corbin’s classes. She was a great teacher, but being beautiful presented a problem for her with the conduct of a few of the HS boys. Mr. Corbin was firm and had to put his foot down on a few folks. Mr. Corbin quickly gained the respect of those guys putting that situation to bed. I’ll never forget Mr. Corbin approaching me in the hall way letting me know that he thought I could be doing a whole lot better in his class than I was doing. It’s funny how well his little pep talk helped too. In those days the milking of the cows and farm chores were distractions to school studies. Those darn cows had to be milked, twice a day, 365 days a year. There was seldom a vacation from that routine. When I got away from the farm it was such a treat each afternoon at about 5:00 PM, not to have to milk those cows. These changes all happened when I moved west in the fall of 1966.
Question from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
Does anyone know when the picture of Lincoln Jerstad was taken? I
remember him very well…
Diane, We lost Mr. Jerstad with his passing on August 8, 2007. He and Phyllis were living in Fargo at the time of his death. Phyllis continues to live in Fargo and she is on our distribution. These pictures were provided by Phyllis before Mr. Jerstad’s passing. These pictures would have been taken in 2002, the year he turned 80.
Putting our class of 65 list together in late 2006 I had the pleasure of visiting with Mr. Jerstad on at least 4 occasions when I called them. Phyllis always asked if I’d chat a bit with Mr. Jerstad. Several of our conversations lasted at least 30 minutes. He loved to talk. His mind was fading with the affects of Alzheimer’s, but he remembered a lot. He did not remember me of which I never expected him to. Even with the sharp mind that he once had, I seriously doubt he would have remembered me even then. I never had him for a teacher and thank god there was never a reason to ever be called into his office. He was our HS Superintendent all the way through HS for me. With our conversations in 2006 & 2007, Mr. Jerstad talked a lot about his teaching days at UND and the programs that he had a strong hand in successfully implementing at the state level. From Dunseith he transferred to UND in Grand Forks. Even though he had been in Dunseith for about, I think, 20 years, his memories of Dunseith had faded some. He remembered Art Rude well though. Gary
Lincoln Jerstad
5/15/22 – 8/8/07





From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

I thought folks might like to see a graduation program from DHS in
1946. Also attached is a picture of the ’46 high school faculty. Thanks


L-R: Supt. Stearns, Miss Nelson, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Berg.



Class of 65 Matrix




Folks, With these two matrixes you can compare the class of 65 as we were in 1965 to how we look today (2007).
Bill Grimme did a fine job putting this together. These two composite pictures were published in the
Turtle mountain Star. Mr. Jerstad Passed on, shortly after we got this all together.
Mrs. Jerstad continues to be on our distribution list. Mr. Conroy and Cliff Henry were the only two deceased when
Bill put this all together. Gary
The way we were – 1965




The Way we are – 2007




Condolences to the Hiatt family from Bobby Slyter (70): Wichita, Kansas
My condolences to the Violet Hiatt House family our prayers are with you at this difficult time.



Picture L to R: July 2007 (Class of 68)


Paulette La Coix, Frank Evans, Randi Mongeon





Picture L to R: July 2007 (Class of 68)


Connie Mellmer, Lola Metcalfe, Brenda Hoffman, Toni Morinville






Picture L to R: Class of 70 folks – July, 2007

Clarence Azure, Bob Mongeon, Crystal Fassett Andersen, Deb Morinville Azure,

Colette Pigeon Schimetz, Dennis Azure & Brenda Hill Mueller





Picture (July 2007) from Diane Fugere (75):

Diane Fugere, Denise Hagel, Vicky Johnson, Carolee Casavant, Gail Henning,

Debbie Fugere, Laurie Evans, and Diane Hill.







Miss Hewson is still the same nice classy lady that she was in the 60’s,

teaching Home Economics at Dunseith HS


Vivian Hewson Dunius





These are four of Dunseith’s finest former teachers that attended the class of

65 reunion. Jess Selzler Hosmer was missing when this picture was taken.



Note: That is actually Bobby Lagerquist standing behind Mr. Lykins with his


Hand on Mr. Rude’s arm.



Picture L to R: July 12, 2007


Dennis Espe, Vivian Hewson Dunius, Art Rude & Bob Lykins





Dennis Dubois (63) & Phyllis McKay (65) – (July 15, 2007)







Barbara (Cathy) Kalk Lopez with her husband Alfred




Picture taken in 1964 or 65:


31 Jim Berube, 23 warren Anderson, 35 Ken Nerpel, 45 Tom Evans, 33 Allen, Houle, 13 Jay Vanory, Coach Gene Hepper

41 Alan Boguslawski, 21 Mitch Evenson, 25 Dwain Gooden, 15 Carmen Myer, 11 Donald Mongeon, 43 Larry Hackman






With the discussions a few weeks ago about Balute (Boiled egg with un-hatched Chick), I thought I’d throw this picture in too. This is John Bedard taking his first bite. The Filipino’s love this stuff. I think Balute is best eaten in the dark though.



Class of 65 reunion 7/12/07


John Bedard




Checks are in the mail from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
I have sent electronic checks to Marlene Reing and Bob Hosmer for their raffle winnings. Congratulations to the two of them. Checks should be deliver on or about June 26.
Violet Hiatt House passed away:
Posted by her daughter Doris House Gillies:
I wanted to let you know that my Mom (Violet Hiatt House) passed away Friday evening (June 12, 2009). She was 92. We are planning the memorial service and I will let you know when we get everything finalized.
Doris House Gillies
Doris, We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. Our condolences are with you and all of your family with her passing. Please keep us posted with her memorial service.
Folks, Violet was the Daughter of George and Eva Hiatt. She was a sister to Leola Lagerquist, Nettie Peterson & Glen (Ikie) Hiatt. Violet I believe was the 2nd oldest of the 12 siblings of George and Eva. Albert (Deceased) was the oldest. I remember Eva well and her brother John Crawford also who lived at Long Lake. Of coarse I knew Albert my entire life too. He lived his entire life in the Ackworth community.
Folks, Doris is on our distribution list. She requested to be on our distribution list when I first got in touch with her. With her very friendly demeanor, I can tell she inherited some of that good ole Dunseith, ND blood. Gary
Hiatt House Violet 6990 Ironwood Ave Boise, Idaho, 83709 208-362-1121 Daughter Doris jimdorisgillies2@msn.com
Message from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND
Hi Gary

I would have been a Dunseith grad in 1955 had I not moved to Devils Lake in
3rd grade. I still would like to hear from any Dunseith classmates that may
remember me so please put me in your blog. Below is a copy of a E-Mail I
sent to Janice after reading your blog. I think it is always good to hear
from old friends even the ones we can’t remember.


—– Original Message —–
From: “Larry & Karen Liere” <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 7:40 AM
Subject: WOW a plast from the past


I received this blog from Carman (Leonard) Richard and what a find. I
still have our 1st. & 2nd. grade class picture (some place around here)
The only ones I can still remember playing with are you, Barry Shelver who
was my best friend back then, Bob Hosmer, Arlene and Ann Lamoureaux. I
think Barry is out East some place and now I know you and Bob are out West
but do not know anything about Arlene and Ann. I remember I always
we were related because my mother was a Leonard. I moved to Devils Lake,
in 3rd. grade and was not a happy kid for almost two years. Even at that
young age I missed my old classmates. Even back then Barry and I did a
things that could have killed us but I think we are both still here.
were the days. I clicked on Bob’s E-Mail address and nothing would come
If you can forward this to any other classmates please do so.

Hope to hear from you and others.

LARRY (55)

Larry, I am sure many folks will remember you. Being part of the Rolette Leonard family, you come from a family of great relatives. Gary
Reply from Lois Tweten: Helena, MT
The Carol Johnson I’m referring too is of the Sletto family. She was
raised at the farm, five miles south from Overly.
She married Richard Johnson in 1959 and his family were from
Minnesota. Her parents were Tilford and Clara Sletto – now both
deceased. In 1973 Clara was killed in a car accident a mile or so from
Rolette. Our mothers were sisters, of the Shjerve family in Barton.
Lois, The Sletto name is a well known name in the Bottineau community. I see in the 1984 Bottineau Centennial book that Carol is the daughter of Tilford & Clara Sletto. Gary
1984 Bottineau Centennial book index:
Folks, Speaking of the 1984 Bottineau Centennial book, the first copies that were sold did not have an index. I have attached that index that I have in a word document for those of you that have that book. I frequently use the find mode to find maiden names in this index. It’s a handy tool. Do any of you by chance have an electronic copy of the 1982 Dunseith Centennial book index? Gary
Mr. Lincoln Jerstad, DHS Teacher, Principal & Superintendent
in the 50’s & 60’s



Alan Boguslawski (65) on his boat in Vancouver, WA






Picture taken 7-12-07 at the DHS class of 65 reunion:


Patty Boguslawski Gottbreth and Carol Allard Buxbaum




Mr Dennis Espe (56), Dunseith JHS teacher in the 60’s & 70’s

and his wife Peggy Seim Espe (60)



Dale Gottbreht




Donald Egbert (65)




Reply from Rod Hiatt (69): Bottineau, ND


I was talking with a friend today and he said that comparing Brian
Johnson’s backhoe skill with a surgeon may get him to start
charging the same price as a Doctor does for surgery. I told him not to
get his hopes up, Brian would never drop his prices that low.

Lois Tweten is a cousin to my wife Suzy. Eleanor Tweten Mattson is my
mother-in-law and still lives on the old Tweten Hereford Ranch south of
Rolette. Not sure if I have met Lois, but there have been a number of
family reunions at the old farm, so there is a possibility that I may
have met Lois at one of those.

Folks, Lois Tweten is the lady Bev Morinville Azure met at the Log House several weeks ago. We had a nice reply from Lois posted with yesterday’s message. Gary



Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC


Gary, just a note to let you know,wheather it’s not getting the numbers correct, misspelling of a word(which I do all the time…but close “enuff” LOL) wrong idendification of someone…all in all you do a FANTASTIC,job,and can say with certainty that’s the overall consensus by all your readers and responders….So a BIG THANK YOU! FOR ALL YOU DO! Take Care and God Bless….Aggie

Aggie, I realize that and that is why it doesn’t bother me. What you said applies equally well to everyone that contributes. We all have a tendency to read right over our own mistakes. One is also more inclined to catch their mistakes with a proof reading a day or so later. Then it’s too late if the message has already been sent. Thank you so much for the nice comments. Gary




Reply from Rhonda Hiatt (75): Battle Ground, WA


Reply to Aggie:

That was a great memory. Your along way from being Mrs. Freddie Krueger but that is the one thing I have always remembered of that night, and I still laugh when I think of it as I can still see you standing there with that knife. That had to be the busiest night in any resturant that I had ever worked at. The place was insane. Maybe that’s why I don’t like doing dishes.. lol


To Debbie Slyter:

I loved your poem. You really did capture everything about your Mom in it. I can see why she was so proud.


To Larry Nagel:



Rhonda Hiatt



Folks, I totally overlooked and did not notice the attachment with Andrew LaVallie’s obituary included with Mark Schimetz’s message yesterday. I am reposting Mark’s message to include Andrew’s obituary.

Again folks, and I stress, please let me know if I have missed something. I use Outlook Express to manage all of my email. Outlook Express displays a paper clip in the upper right corner if there is an attachment. I don’t always notice that paper clip so I’ll miss the attachment.

Thank you Mark for providing this. I did not personally know Andrew, but I can tell with all the correspondence, he was a great guy. I know his family and friends will dearly miss him. Gary


Tribute to Andrew LaVallie from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND


Hello, Gary,
A bit of History has been posted for Andrew C. LaVallie, I remember first meeting Andrew, it was on his return from Viet Nam. Dennis, Dallas and I would go over to his house on the east side of Main street to bug him, just for something to do. One day we caught him tilling the garden, he didn’t hear us call him so I sneaked up on him and grabbed his leg just above the boots and growled like a mad dog. Man! was that a mistake, He went into a defensive mode, legs and arms flying all over the place, while I was scratching dirt with all fours trying to get away from that whirlwind… Dallas and Dennis laughing their heads off, and Andrew, after shouting a few expletives after me as I was doing my best to escape the onslaught, Started laughing himself. I was patiently warned never to do that again. I was 14 at the time. After I had gotten to know Andrew better and he shared with us some of the crap that he was in, we learned to respect the space of homecoming soldiers.
Andrew LaVallie was a dear friend, a brother at arms, and is sorely missed, and so it will remain for the rest of my life.
I am sure this will remain true, for his family, friends and fellow soldiers who had shared their lives with this Honest, Honorable and Patriotic man.
Andrew did not quit serving his country when he left Vietnam, nor did he stop helping fellow Soldiers. Andrew belonged to the American Legion in Dunseith and the VFW in Belcourt. He was active in both Veteran Organizations, until the day he faded away.
Farewell My Friend, Farewell My Brother,




Reply from Janice Leonard Workman (56): Auburn, WA

The first boy in the back row is Vernel (sp??) Hill, then Bruce, Wayne Klang, Kenny Hill, a Bottineau boy ( that was their last name), Wally Hiatt, Mike McAtee, Eugene Parisien (sp??) Raynor, etc.



Middle row, Bob Hosmer, Arla Klang, ?Wallbank from San Haven, Eleanor Burke raised by Betty Schneider’s family, Arline, Ann, Clarice Rohr, Ellen Parisien, Gayl, and last is Larry Lear.



Front Row Elaine, a Bottineau girl, sister to the boy in the back row, Lois, Janice, the next girl maybe a Tennacore ???, and then Marjorie Landsverk.

Hey and to put a plug in for Jerry Williams’ class reunion, hope to see lots of “our group” there.

Reply from Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN

What a cute photo of the 1944 kids! I always love to see photos of my cousin Elaine Watkins when she was a little girl – she was awfully cute! I’m thinking it’s too bad that Elaine isn’t around to see this photo. She had her disabilities, but there was nothing wrong with her memory and I’d bet my hard earned paycheck that she would be able to identify each and every kid in that photo!!

Paula Fassett

Reply from Bob Hosmer (56): Lynnwood, WA

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for filling in the gaps. You have a much better memory than I do of those early day classmates of ours. Perhaps others can fill in more gaps. Those were the days, eh?



Bob Hosmer, WA Chaplain
Marketplace Chaplains USA
Cell: 425-299-0928

Email: Website: www.MChapUSA.com
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Note: Dick, I copied the names from your photo and used Bob’s picture for posting. Gary
Gary and Friends,

The picture of the grade school class, sent by Bob Hosmer, was from
the school annual from 1945. I am sending it so those who were unknown
can be identified. I think Bob has an original glossy picture that each
of the kids would have received. The picture in the annual is no where
near as clear as Bob’s picture. Thanks Gary!



Third Row: Vernolle Hill, Bruce Poeppel, Wayne Klang, Kenneth Hill, John Bottineau, Wallice Hiatt,

Michael McAteo, Eugene Parisien, Raynor Lilleby, Barry Shelver, Miss Thelma Ege, Teacher



Second Row: Bobby Hosmer, Arla Klang, Patty Myrhow, Eleanor Burke, Arlene Lamoureaux,

Ann Lamoureaux, Clerice Rohrer, Ellen Parisien, Cayl Bedard, Larry Liere.



First Row: Elaine Watkins, Geneiveive Bottineau, Bonnie Awalt, Lois Hiatt, Janice Leonard,

Nancy Ovitt, Marjorie Landsverk.



Folks, with the upcoming cruise I thought I’d throw this picture in with today’s message. Bernadette worked for Zales Jewelry for a number of years and was constantly one of the company’s top national sales associates. In 1995 she earned this totally all expense paid Bahamas cruise for both of us, compliments of Zales. We had previously been on three Holland American cruises too. Two Caribbean and one Mexican. Gary


Bernadette & Gary Stokes



James & Mildred Fulsebakke Family:


Back: Gary Mid & Jim

Front: Jim Jr. Joel & Shelly


Dinner Raffle ticket Winners:


Marlene Reing is the lucky winner of the Beef (Steak) dinner and Bob Hosmer

is the lucky winner of the Chicken Dinner. Marlene Reing is Debby Stokes’ sister.

Debby is my brother Darrel’s (Bud’s) wife. Marlene and her husband Oliver live in

that beautiful home across the road to the north from the Bottineau fair grounds.

Another interesting thing too is that Marlene and Oliver’s daughter, Marlee, is

married to Jim Fulsebakke Jr. (75). Marlee and Jim live in Bottineau.


I think most of you know Bob Hosmer (56). Bob lives in Lynnwood, WA. Gary


1 Gary Metcalfe Beef 1Gary StokesChicken
2 Randy Flynn Beef 2Deborah StokesChicken
3 Randy Flynn Beef 3Gary StokesChicken
4 Marlene Reing Beef 4Lee SticklandChicken
5 Gary Metcalfe Beef 5Gary StokesChicken
6 Randy Flynn Beef 6Randy FlynnChicken
7 Scott and Diane Sjol Beef 7Robert HosmerChicken
8 Randy Flynn Beef 8Marlene ReingChicken
9 Scott and Diane Sjol Beef 9Sharron ShenChicken
10 Randy Flynn Beef 10Gary StokesChicken
11 Nancy Baldwin Beef 11Phyllis McKayChicken
12 Randy Flynn Beef 12Gary StokesChicken
13 Gary Metcalfe Beef 13Chuck MunroChicken
14 Randy Flynn Beef 14Phyllis McKayChicken
15 Nancy Baldwin Beef 15Deborah StokesChicken
16 Ardis Steggall Beef 16Gary StokesChicken
17 Gary Metcalfe Beef 17Sharron ShenChicken
18 Randy Flynn Beef 18Marie StaubChicken
19 Randy Flynn Beef 19Scott and Diane SjolChicken
20 Chuck Munro Beef 20Phyllis McKayChicken
21 Marlene Reing Beef 21Chuck MunroChicken
22 Sandra Vandal Beef 22Chuck MunroChicken
23 Randy Flynn Beef 23LaVerne RudeChicken
24 Scott and Diane Sjol Beef 24Deborah StokesChicken
25 Randy Flynn Beef 25Sharron ShenChicken
26 Gary Metcalfe Beef 26Gary StokesChicken
27 Gary Metcalfe Beef 27Phyllis McKayChicken
28 Chuck Munro Beef 28Robert HosmerChicken
29 Sharron Shen Beef 29Robert HosmerChicken
30 Connie Monte Beef 30Marlene ReingChicken
31 Randy Flynn Beef 31Cheryl HaagensonChicken
32 Gary Metcalfe Beef 32Lee SticklandChicken
33 Nancy Baldwin Beef 33LaVerne RudeChicken
34 Randy Flynn Beef 34Scott and Diane SjolChicken
35 David Shelver Beef 35Ardis SteggallChicken
36 Randy Flynn Beef 36Sharron ShenChicken
37 Sandra Vandal Beef 37Scott and Diane SjolChicken
38 Gary Metcalfe Beef 38Phyllis McKayChicken
39 Randy Flynn Beef 39Lea Rae EspeChicken
40 Gary Metcalfe Beef 40Deborah StokesChicken
41 Gary Metcalfe Beef 41Gary StokesChicken
42 Ardis Steggall Beef 42Randy FlynnChicken
43 Gary Metcalfe Beef 43Robert HosmerChicken
44 Randy Flynn Beef 44Robert HosmerChicken
45 Ardis Steggall Beef 45Ardis SteggallChicken
46 Scott and Diane Sjol Beef 46Lee SticklandChicken
47 Randy Flynn Beef 47Sandra VandalChicken
48 Randy Flynn Beef 48Sandra VandalChicken
49 Gary Metcalfe Beef 49LaVerne RudeChicken
50 Randy Flynn Beef 50Scott and Diane SjolChicken
51 Scott and Diane Sjol Beef 51Nancy BaldwinChicken
52 Randy Flynn Beef 52Phyllis McKayChicken
53 Chuck Munro Beef 53Randy FlynnChicken
54 Gary Metcalfe Beef 54Nancy BaldwinChicken
55 Randy Flynn Beef 55Ardis SteggallChicken
56 Randy Flynn Beef 56David ShelverChicken
57 Ardis Steggall Beef 57Robert HosmerChicken
58 Chuck Munro Beef 58Nancy BaldwinChicken
59 Chuck Munro Beef 59Chuck MunroChicken
60 Nancy Baldwin Beef 60Phyllis McKayChicken
61 Randy Flynn Beef 61Scott and Diane SjolChicken
62 Sharron Shen Beef 62Nancy BaldwinChicken
63 Ardis Steggall Beef 63Phyllis McKayChicken
64 Nancy Baldwin Beef 64Marie StaubChicken
65 Randy Flynn Beef 65Robert HosmerChicken
66 Gary Metcalfe Beef 66Randy FlynnChicken
67 Gary Metcalfe Beef 67Ardis SteggallChicken
68 Connie Monte Beef 68Chuck MunroChicken
69 David Shelver Beef 69Pat GottbrehtChicken
70 Randy Flynn Beef 70Robert HosmerChicken
71Gary StokesChicken
72Lee SticklandChicken
73Lee SticklandChicken
74Ardis SteggallChicken
75Lea Rae EspeChicken
76LaVerne RudeChicken
77Nancy BaldwinChicken
78Randy FlynnChicken
79Robert HosmerChicken
80Phyllis McKayChicken
81Lea Rae EspeChicken
82Robert HosmerChicken
83Gary StokesChicken
84David ShelverChicken
85Lee SticklandChicken
86Lea Rae EspeChicken





Folks, Yesterday’s message should have been 490 not 480. I seem to be having trouble keeping up with the numbers. Gary
Raffle Pass Word:
Folks, Bill Grimme also saved the reunion dinner, password protected, raffle file to a 2003 Excel version that he sent to me that I have attached along with the 2007 Excel version we posted yesterday. For some of you that were not able to open the 2007 version, you may be able to open the 2003 version.
The password is all lower case: reunionalaska
Once you open the file please note the 3 folder tabs at the lower bottom left of your screen.
The 3 folders are: Raw Raffle Data, Chicken Draw & Beef Draw. The winner listed in the Chicken draw folder is number 29. The winner listed in the Beef Draw (Steak) is number 21. I will copy and paste these two files at the bottom of tomorrows message highlighting the winners.
Bill put all the names into these files and let the computer mix them all up. Then he numbered them in the order the computer laid them out. He then asked Bernadette and me to select one number for each of the draws before releasing the password to anyone. He wanted the file sent out before we gave him our number choices of which we did yesterday. Now he has given us the password to see who the winners are. Leave it to Bill to devise a fool proof system of this nature that really works.
Thanks again Bill, for your generosity in doing this raffle.
From Debbie Wenstad Slyter (72): Dunseith, ND
Gary, I had to comment on Vickie’s Metcalf’s message regarding the story of hands. Mom in her later years was always looking at her hands and commenting about how wrinkled and blue they looked, I would always see her looking at them. Well I wrote a poem put it a frame and gave it to her one day and she was so proud she had to show everyone. Last year Mom passed and they read the poem at her funeral, my tears started flowing from remembering how proud she was upon receiving it. Anyway I thought I would share it:
Debbie’s Mother Elberta:
Elberta Wenstad
DUNSEITH – Elberta Mariah Wenstad, 81, Dunseith, died Wednesday, May 21, 2008, in a Rolla hospital.
She was born Aug. 15, 1926, to John and Mildred Anderson in White Earth. She married Oscar Wenstad Jan. 18, 1945, in Dunseith.
Survivors: daughters, Connie Turner, Boissevain, Man., Bobbi Wenstad, Minot, Deborah Slyter, Dunseith, Donna Wenstad, Amado, Ariz., Pamela Lane, Stoughton, Wis.; sons, Arlan, Lansford, Donald, Overly, Curtis, Rolette; 13 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; brother, Milton, Palo Cedro, Calif.
Funeral: Thursday, 10 a.m., Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith.
Burial: Later in Rendahl Cemetery, rural Dunseith.
Visitation: Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau, ND)
Reply from Mona Dionne Johnson (48): Lake Metigoshe, ND
Gary: Yes, my son Brian C. Johnson, works at State Bank of Bottineau,
and is married to Lynette Geiszler. They have two sons.
Our family moved to Bottineau in Aug. ’65.
Mona Dionne Johnson ’48
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Congratulations to all the Awalt couples. What a great picture and how lucky to all be able to get together. Also, I love the picture of the Dennis and Mary Striker family in front of their log cabin.
And to Vickie Metcalf, what a lovely and moving story. Thank you.
Cheryl Larson Dakin
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Mark Schimetz is right, Garrett Myer had a red ’60 Pontiac
convertible. The one in the parade is a ’61 however and after pondering
today, I think it belonged to Marty Spriggs, our history teacher. I’m
pretty sure it was his. He was one cool teacher! He never raised his
voice but there was no question in my mind that he was there to teach
and we were there to learn. The only way we could get him off the
subject matter was to ask a question about something to do with Viet
Nam. He had just returned from a tour of duty before he came to teach in
Dunseith and it was still fresh in his mind. I think he is on the
mailing list for this Alumni site so maybe he can tell us if it was his
car. I have one short story about Garrett’s ’60 Pontiac convertible. Dad
sent me to town with a truck load of wheat in the fall of 1963. It was
late one night in about September and the highway north of Dunseith had
just been rebuilt and was still gravel until it could be paved the next
spring. Anyway, as I was coming down the San Hill at dusk, I could see a
cloud of dust and two cars racing north out of town, side by side. They
got closer and closer and neither was backing off! I just put the old
’51 GMC in the middle of the road and one went past on each side!
Garrett in his Pontiac convertible and big Russell Pigeon in his new
silver blue ’63 Ford convertible. To say the very least, those guys
scared the living daylights out of me. I was just 13 years old and had a
full load of wheat on the truck on one of my first trips to town, to the
elevator. Quite a maiden voyage and one not easily forgotten! Thanks Gary!


Reply from Lois Tweten: Helena MT
Folks, Lois, originally from the Rolette area, is the lady that Bev Morinville Azure met at the Log House in Dunseith several weeks ago. When Bev told her about us, she requested to be on our distribution list. Lois, it’s a pleasure adding you to our list and thank you so much for this reply. I’m sure that many of our readers will remember your family and you too. Gary
Hi Gary & Bev,

Bev it was so nice to meet you. As I said before you’re the perfect
person to work there as you are so friendly and gracious and made me
feel like I was coming home! And to think your folks remembered the

Gary, thanks for the blogs. I had planned on visiting with Neola
Kofoid at the 125th.
I did go to Botno to the museum, but my time was limited. What an
awesome place. My brother Ken (or in ND, called Johnnie) Tweten (he’s
not related to the Johnnie Tweten from Willow) and I put together a
frame with a picture of my dad, Kenneth William Tweten, with articles
of the jalopy accident that killed him on
10-3-48 at the Botno fairgrounds. We were there, as were Bev’s parents.

We had both planned on, and had motel reservations, to go to Botno
this weekend for the 125th celebration but other plans came up and we
are not able too. Johnnie did go back for the 50th high school reunion
last year. I graduated in 1959 from Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in
Fergus Falls MN.

No I’m not the Lois from Grand Forks….I’m Lois Ann Tweten (returned
to my maiden name some years back), 907 N Washington St in Helena MT.
I have lived here for 30 years and retired from the MT State Health
Dept as an accountant for the Special Children’s Services five years
ago. So since then I enjoy traveling around, thus the trip to ND with
my brother. Carol Sletto Johnson, 5 miles S of Overly is my lst
cousin and I stayed with her. Also the Tweten Hereford Ranch was 2
miles S of Rolette that my Aunt Eleanor Tweten Mattson lives on now.
So it’s the Mattson, Follansbee, Martinson’s that are my clan in the
Rolette area. Many of my Mom’s (Ann Shjerve Tweten Skjervem-now
deceased), relatives are in the Rugby/Barton area.

Will chat later, in “coming home” friendship, Lois Tweten

Lois, you mention Carol Sletto Johnson being you cousin. We had a teacher at the Ackworth country school in the hills, Mrs. Floyd Phelps, who’s maiden name was Johnson originally from the Overly area. She was our teacher for 4 years. Her brother who’s name I believe was Kenneth used to visit her during school hours and would always bring treats for us kids. I believe they had another brother that lived in the Overly area too. Which Johnson family does Carol belong too?
Replies from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
To Roddy Hiatt, Hey you mentioned your Bottineau Reunion,and that Ronald Reke, Marlys Zorn,you and Brian Johnson attending…be sure to get lotza pictures and post them…Gotta love those pictures.
I’m happy that theirs at least one Hiatt out there that has good memories of me, Boy Rhonda really tore me up like I was Mrs.Freddy Krueger…LOL. But not all. is lost, my sister Kathy just e-mailed me and she thoughts Rhondas story was halairious . She said,she was laughing so hard her husband Larry had to come and see what was going on…So I’m all for a good laugh….. Thanks Gary
Hey Rhonda,It had to of been the same night you and I are talking about cuz I only cooked one night. I remember the thing about American Fries,but the knife things a bit baffling as I have a major phobia about knives, to this day I don’t keep them in the house. I hate looking at them or handling,they just totally creep me out…Who knows maybe I’ll end up on Dr. Phil on his next phobia show..LOL. Well It was good hearing from you…..”CHEESY RIDER”…… God Bless& Take Care…. Aggie
Tribute to Andrew LaVallie from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
Hello, Gary,
A bit of History has been posted for Andrew C. LaVallie, I remember first meeting Andrew, it was on his return from Viet Nam. Dennis, Dallas and I would go over to his house on the east side of Main street to bug him, just for something to do. One day we caught him tilling the garden, he didn’t hear us call him so I sneaked up on him and grabbed his leg just above the boots and growled like a mad dog. Man! was that a mistake, He went into a defensive mode, legs and arms flying all over the place, while I was scratching dirt with all fours trying to get away from that whirlwind… Dallas and Dennis laughing their heads off, and Andrew, after shouting a few expletives after me as I was doing my best to escape the onslaught, Started laughing himself. I was patiently warned never to do that again. I was 14 at the time. After I had gotten to know Andrew better and he shared with us some of the crap that he was in, we learned to respect the space of homecoming soldiers.
Andrew LaVallie was a dear friend, a brother at arms, and is sorely missed, and so it will remain for the rest of my life.
I am sure this will remain true, for his family, friends and fellow soldiers who had shared their lives with this Honest, Honorable and Patriotic man.
Andrew did not quit serving his country when he left Vietnam, nor did he stop helping fellow Soldiers. Andrew belonged to the American Legion in Dunseith and the VFW in Belcourt. He was active in both Veteran Organizations, until the day he faded away.
Farewell My Friend, Farewell My Brother,
Reply from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN
Bobby Hosmer,
I am slow to answer Bob’s picture from our 1st grade class. Great picture Bob and I do know some of these people.
Row 1: Elaine Watkins, (?) Bonnie Awalt, Lois Hiatt, Janice Leonard,
Row 2: Bob Hosmer, (?), (?), (?) Arline Lamoureux, Ann Lamoureux, (?), (?), Gayl Bedard, (?)
Back : (?), ( Bruce Poeppel ?) (?), Kenneth Hill, (?) Wallace Hiatt, (?) (?) Raynor Lilleby, Barry Shelver, Miss Egge
Thanks Bob for sending in the pictures……… Hope to see you in South Dakota in August. Bring the pictures!
Bonnie Awalt Houle
Bonnie, I’ll bet we’ve got some folks that can identify some of the others too. I see lots of familiar names with those you listed. Gary
Back : (?), ( Bruce Poeppel ?) (?), Kenneth Hill, (?) Wallace Hiatt, (?) (?) Raynor Lilleby, Barry Shelver, Miss Egge
Row 2: Bob Hosmer, (?), (?), (?) Arline Lamoureux, Ann Lamoureux, (?), (?), Gayl Bedard, (?)
Row 1: Elaine Watkins, (?) Bonnie Awalt, Lois Hiatt, Janice Leonard
Bottineau Q-Centennial parade route posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Hi Everyone,
This is the parade route for Saturday (starts at 10:30).
As you can see, the parade starts at the “fairground corner”. The first “jog” to the west is the street where, in the OLD days, Vikan/Haugerud Garage was on one corner; Cosette’s Texaco (I think it was Texaco.) gas station was on the corner across the street. As you can see, the parade proceeds west for two blocks, then turns south for one block, then back to Main Street. This jog “takes” the parade in front of St. Andrews Hospital. The parade then proceeds to Highway 5, turns east, crosses the railroad tracks, turns north on Nichol St. (Novodorsky’s Electric is on the north corner.) for one block, then turns east again. When it turns east, it will pass by the front of Good Samaritan Nursing Home. It ends at the city park, where there will be a picnic at noon. If you have registered for the celebration, the picnic is included in your registration.


Dinner Raffle tickets:
Bill Grimme told us months ago his plans to raffle off one free Steak dinner and one free Chicken dinner, out of his own pocket, for those signed up to go to the Dunseith Seattle reunion being held at the Best Western Hotel in Seattle on July 24th. To be included in this Raffle his cut off date was to be signed up by May 31st, with payment. He actually used the post marked date of the letters to determine when folks signed up. With a previous message he gave a time line for the number of entries each person would have in the raffle based on when they signed up. Those who signed up early got 5 entries and those that signed up near the end of May I believe got one entry.
Bill has let the computer mix all the folks numbers up in the attached pass word protected spread sheet that were signed up prior to May 31st. Bill has asked Bernadette and me to pick two numbers for this raffle.
Our number selections are:
For the Steak Raffle we picked number 21 (Steak)
For the Chicken Raffle we picked number 29 (Chicken)
When Bill sees this posted today he will send me the pass word to the attached file so we can all open it up and see who the winners are. I am excited to see this spread sheet that Bill put together too. We realize that not everyone will have the capabilities to open this spread sheet, so we will be posting the winners as well.
Thank you Bill for this very generous gesture. You are always one step ahead with all of your generosities.


From Bill Grimme:



Here is the raffle sheet for the reunion dinner. Remember, I promised a raffle for a chicken and a beef dinner for all who paid before May 31 (postmark date). I think we are safe to run this now, since the checks I am getting are all postmarked in June.


So, here is how it works:


I have divided the electronic raffle tickets into a chicken and a beef raffle. I sorted the entries in each raffle using the random function of Excel. There are 86 chicken entries and 70 beef entries. Please send the attached workbook out in your daily email distribution. Then, if you or Bernadette will select 2 numbers, one for the Beef raffle (1-70) and one for the Chicken raffle (1-86), that will be the drawing. After you send the 2 numbers (one between 1 and 70 and the other between 1 and 86) and the Excel workbook out to everyone, I will send the password for the workbook and everyone can check the winners (of course we will transmit the winners, also, but everyone having the workbook and then numbers is a quality check). Good luck, all.


Reply from Rod Hiatt (69): Bottineau, ND
Hello Gary
Wrong Brian Johnson! My classmate was Chuck and Mona’s boy. They lived
at the San Haven and Brian was the oldest of 4 boys. I believe the
others are Craig, Kevin and Ross.
The other Brian, is also a good friend, but knowing him, he would surely
tell you that he is not nearly as old as I am. He owns and operates
Johnson Hoe Service in the area. He does a lot of work around Lake
Metigoshe and is as good on a Back Hoe as most surgeons are with a
scalpel. He did some work for me up at Long Lake a number of years back.
I got up there before 7 and he had already had an hours work done. He
mentioned that the neighbors might not be happy, but it was daylight and
time for them to get up anyway. He seemed to make friends like that all
the time!
Rod, I should have known Mona’s boy Brian was the Brian Johnson in your class. When I was putting your class list together I was thinking the Brian in your class was Lester/Marian’s boy until I got in touch with Mona’s Brian who I found listed with your age group living in Bottineau. He too is on our distribution list. I believe he works at the Bank located on Thompson street across from the creamery in Bottineau. Mona or Brian, have I remembered all this right? A little common sense would have told me that Lester/Marian’s Brian was not that old. Lester & Marion purchased Lester’s dads farm located 1.5 miles, the way crow flies, west or our place in 1961, the year I started high school. Loren was the oldest followed by Linda. Loren was 3 years younger than me and I believe Linda was in my brother Darrel’s class (70) five years behind me. The rest of the siblings were all younger. At the time I knew the whole family well, but being away from them for nearly 44 years, memories fade. Lester used to bring the kids to our house to catch the bus. Lester Johnson celebrated is 80th birthday about 4 years ago. As far as I know he’s still working for Ron Bergman at the Bottineau J.C. Penny store as a small engine mechanic. Ron Bergman, I’m not sure if you manage to read all of these messages, but if you do, is Lester still working for you? Gary
Question from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
When will you be having your reunion? I would love to see Ron
Rieke…haven’t seen him years. Last I heard he owned a computer type
company and lived in Texas with a couple of kid and his wife….

Diane Larson Sjol

Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
Gary, Garrett Meyers had a 1960 or 1961 Red Pontiac Convertible, I wonder if that isn’t Garrett Driving ?
Reply from Rhonda Hiatt (75): Battle Ground, WA
Reply to Aggie C.
You know the night about Dale’s, some of that sounds familar and if it wasn’t me that night then we had another night just about like it. The place was crazy, crazy packed and you were trying to keep up with the orders and ran out of I think it was American Fries and I was waiting on tables and all of a sudden you hollered out “NO MORE AMERICAN FRIES” and everyone just stopped and looked at you and you were standing there with this huge knife in your hand which I think you then stuck into the counter.
I looked at whoever was at the table and said “Don’t order those”. That might have been the same night because I also remember after we closed, every table had dirty dishes and we were there well past midnight cleaning everything up. The other person I loved working there with was Brian Schimitz. He was like the best cook. He was doing some hard cleaning behind the grill one time and he looked underneath it for some reason and there was a skeleton of a frog under there.
Rhonda Hiatt
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Goodmorning Gary, The pictures of the Fauske family is exactly how I remember them all. My sister Maryann and I were best friends with Carol, Beth,and Arlinda. Beth was in Maryanns grade,Arlinda and I were in the same grade,and Carol was in Aime and Geralds grade. Maryann and I use to do overnites at Fauskes now and then. I loved staying there cuz Elwood and Eleanor were always so nice to us,made us feel so special.That whole family still holds a pretty special place in our hearts. Just a truly beautiful family inside and out. Well gotta go, it’s 6:00a.m. I’m headed to the coast on some quick business and have to be back for work tonite,so I’ll talk to you all another time. Have a Great Day Gary, Aggie
Aggie, I’m sure you realize that Rod Hiatt is a first cousin to the Fauske siblings with his dad Howard Hiatt and Eleanor Hiatt Fauske being brother/sister. Gary



Message/Picture from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN


Dear Gary,

On the third of June all the Awalt Children headed for a Lake Home near Lincoln Nebraska. For 5 days we celebrated together, reminisced about the younger years, and completely enjoyed the company of our siblings. We feel so fortunate to have all of our Brothers and Sisters and their spouses still alive.

We have been married a total of 367 years:

Lloyd and Theresa…60 years, Eleanor and Leonard…60 years, Marshall and Joan 50 years, Emma and Garry…55 years, Bonnie and Keith…52 years, Bill and Eunice…48 years, John and Gerri…42 years. Our Parents John and Gertrude Awalt were married over 60 years before they entered into eternity. They taught us Love, Fidelity, Perseverance, and Devotion to children and family. What a blessing was handed down to us from our Parents.


Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)

back row: Garry Jolliffe, Keith Houle, Leonard Stickland, Lloyd Awalt, Marshall Awalt
middle: Emma Jolliffe, Bonnie Houle, Eleanor Stickland, Theresa Awalt, Joan Awalt
Front: Bill Awalt, Eunice Awalt, Gerri Awalt, John Awalt

Awalt Lloyd 1025 Main St Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 228-3268 lata@min.midco.net 44
Awalt Stickland Eleanor 1 Longview RD W Bottineau, ND 58318 (701) 263-3366 lenlnor2@srt.com 47
Awalt Marshall 369 Danny Garner Rd Newport, NC 28570-6725   mandj@ec.rr.com 51
Awalt Jolliffe Emma Jean Gary 2452 E Morelos St Chandler, AZ 85225 (480) 792-9221   54
Awalt Houle Bonnie 16809 127th St Se Becker, MN 55308 (763) 262-3534 houle@izoom.net 56
Awalt Bill 1331 Silver Ridge Rd Lincoln, NE 68510 (402) 327-9403 Wdawalt@webtv.net 61
Awalt John 11433 Quinn St NW Minneapolis, MN 55433-3636 (763) 755-5691C612-812-6289 gerriawalt@mac.com 65
Message/pictures form Ken Striker: Dayton, OH.
On June 13th a Striker Reunion was held in Berne Indiana. It was attended by Marlene Striker of County R.43 Dunseith, her children Deane Striker of Dunseith and Donna Striker Robinson of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and Donna’s son Trever Lund of Minneapolis. See a picture of them and also a couple pics of the area where Wm Elmer Striker was born. Wm Elmer Striker s/o Mathias Striker homesteaded at Rolette Co ND/Dunseith in April of 1900. The other picture is Connie Striker Wright of Sacramento. She is d/o Rev Dale Striker s/o Charles Ernest Striker who homesteaded in 1907 at Bucyrus, ND. Ken Striker of Dayton, Ohio
Picture 1427 that I sent was taken at Swiss Village, an area of buildings typical of earlier history of Berne. Wm Elmer Striker was born a few miles due north from Swiss Village. I am sending a picture of the log cabin where Mathias Striker and later Dennis lived. Dennis was a younger brother of Mathias. Ken Striker of Dayton
Folks, I learn something new everyday. Doing a little research I see that Marlene Espe Striker is a daughter of Art/Effie Espe and also a sister to Monte. Effie was really active with the 4-H and Monte too. Monte, I had no idea that you are an uncle to the Striker kids. You guys are pretty close in age too, so that kind of threw me also. Monte, your mother was right in there with you and your 4-H projects. I think your mother was involved with my mother and the girls too. I remember being at your house numerous times with 4-H involvement. Mary Ann Hagen, Dorothy Lamb, Marion Johnson & Eleanor Fauske were also 4-H leaders for the girls at one time or another too. We boys had Orvin Hagen all the way through. I believe he was with the Mountaineers 4-H club from start to finish. I’m not sure how many years that was, but it was a bunch. My mother along with Mary Ann Hagen and I think Dorothy Lamb started that club. I remember their first organizational meeting being at the Hagen’s at which time they discussed asking Orvin if he’d volunteer to be the leader for the boys. Orvin accepted the challenge and was one of the best leaders we could have ever hoped for. Many of you folks out there were members of the Mountaineers 4-H club. I believe at one point we had more than 50 members. We were huge. Our primary meeting place was at the Ackworth school. We actually learned a whole lot through our 4-H projects. Gary
Picture L to R:
Deane Striker, Donna Stiker Robinson, Trever Lund & Marlene Espe Striker

Folks, Vickie Metcalfe (70) included me with this message she sent to Kith and Kin Metcalfe that I’d like to share with you. Vickie, as we all know, has provided us with some wonderful stories and memories of the past. She’s a beautiful writer. I always look forward to getting messages from Vickie. Gary
Kith and Kin
This FW was sent to me by Laverne Christenson, our Metcalfe connection in Winnepeg, Canada. Reading it and looking at the photo of the hands I remember my mom’s hands. She treasured the wedding ring on her left hand never took it off, continued to wear it after our dad died…. Until the stroke ravaging her body resulted in swelling fingers and required the ring removed. That ring was causing pain in her hands but she only agreed to have it removed when I reassured her by getting a gold chain so she could wear Dads ring close to her heart which she did the rest of her life.

Mom got her nails polished and manicured every week upon entering Good Sam. They looked more beautiful then as they were well taken care of by the wonderful aides. Cyndy and I were ……..AMUSED one day when one “old bat” said clearly and very loudly to others at her table commenting spitefully about our mothers hands. “Just look at Mrs. Metcalfe’s hands, you can tell that woman never did a lick of hard work in her life!”

Cyndy and I just smiled and in silence…thought…..”Mom’s hands?” “those hands milked cows, picked rocks and sticks, delivered baby lambs, helped Art Seim and dad pull calves having tough hard delivery, planted, hoed and tended massive gardens, picked berries, canned, washed and hung clothes, cleaned calf pens, mended fences by carrying posts along with Alcide,Ward, us kids and dad, butchered and cleaned chickens, cleaned barns and chicken coops,chopped wood, carried water, scrubbed floors, cut hair for family and neighbor friends, permed neighbors hair, nurtured and nursed baby calves and lambs,…licked her fingers to clean our faces or smooth our hair before church or “going visiting”, wiped our noses, spanked our butts when discipline was required, held our heads when we were vomiting sick,harnessed and drove the old grey mare..”old Bird” and ’63 chevy filled with day old baby calves purchased in Rugby in the back, prepared meals for hired hands, wrote letters, filled our blind fathers insulin needle, made homemade bread and buns, jelly rolls and chocolate cake from scratch, sewed our clothes on a pedal machine, read books to grand kids…………. held the Bible……..folded hands in prayer……………”

HAPPY JUNE one and all. Thanks Laverne. Love Vickie


Remember when someone touches your hand in time you may forget but when someone touches your heart they live in you forever.


I was privileged to take a photo of ‘Five Generations of Women’ shortly

before my 93 year-old Grandmother passed away last year. The photo, shown

below, features the hands of my Grandmother, Mom, Sister, Niece and

Great-Niece. While I can’t take credit for the idea, I was so happy to

have had the suggestion & capture this moment. It inspired a friend of

mine to do something similar which turned out so beautiful and a special

keepsake prior to her father’s passing.


Grandma’s Hands

Grandma, some ninety plus years, sat feebly on the patio bench. She didn’t move, just sat with her

head down staring at her hands.

When I sat down beside her she didn’t acknowledge my presence and the

longer I sat I wondered if she was OK.

Finally, not really wanting to disturb her but wanting to check on her at the same time, I asked her if she was OK.

She raised her head and looked at me and smiled. Yes, I’m fine, thank you for asking, she said in a clear strong voice.

I didn’t mean to disturb you, grandma, but you were just sitting here staring at your hands and

I wanted to make sure you were OK, I explained to her.

‘Have you ever looked at your hands,’ she asked. ‘I mean really looked at your hands?’

I slowly opened my hands and stared down at them. I turned them over,

palms up and then palms down. No, I guess I had never really looked at my

hands as I tried to figure out the point she was making.

Grandma smiled and related this story:

‘Stop and think for a moment about the hands you have, how they have

served you well throughout your years. These hands, though wrinkled

shriveled and weak have been the tools I have used all my life to reach

out and grab and embrace life.

‘They braced and caught my fall when as a toddler I crashed upon the floor.

They put food in my mouth and clothes on my back. As a child, my mother

taught me to fold them in prayer. They tied my shoes and pulled on my

boots. They held my husband and wiped my tears when he went off to war.

‘They have been dirty, scraped and raw , swollen and bent. They were

uneasy and clumsy when I tried to hold my newborn son. Decorated with my

wedding band they showed the world that I was married and loved someone special

They wrote my letters to him and trembled and shook when I buried my parents and spouse.

They have held my children and grandchildren, consoled neighbors, andshook in fists of anger

when I didn’t understand.

They have covered my face, combed my hair, and washed and cleansed the

rest of my body. They have been sticky and wet, bent and broken, dried and

raw. And to this day when not much of anything else of me works real well

these hands hold me up, lay me down, and again continue to fold in prayer.

‘These hands are the mark of where I’ve been and the ruggedness of life.

But more importantly it will be these hands that God will reach out and

take when he leads me home. And with my hands He will lift me to His side

and there I will use these hands to touch the face of God.’

I will never look at my hands the same again. But I remember God reached

out and took my grandma’s hands and led her home. When my hands are hurt

or sore or when I stroke the face of my children and husband I think of

grandma. I know she has been stroked and caressed and held by the hands of God.

I, too, want to touch the face of God and feel His hands upon my face.

When you receive this, say a prayer for the person who sent it to you, and

watch God’s answer to prayer work in your life. Let’s continue praying for

one another.

Passing this on to anyone you consider a friend will bless you both.

Passing this on to one not yet considered a friend is something God would




When I reviewed yesterday message after having sent it I noticed several glaring errors. One of them was Richard Slyter riding the horse carrying the American flag. That was a true picture of the way I remember Richard. I knew very well that was Richard but labeled him as David. Who could ever forget Richard.
The other glaring error was North Central Electric Cooperation. It’sCooperative. When proof reading I read right over those glaring errors. It’s a problem I have, but if I was to let it bother me I probably wouldn’t get many messages sent either.
Reply from Bobby Slyter (70):sly0224@yahoo.com Wichita, Kansas



Reply from Evon Lagerquist (77): lagerquist@srt.com Dunseith, ND


Isn’t that Richard carrying the flag??
Reply from Rod Hiatt (69): hiatt@utma.com Bottineau, ND
Good Day Gary
I’m sure a 100 people have corrected you on the horseback rider caring
the flag. I don’t ever recall seeing David Slyter
on a horse, that was Shag(aka Richard)
Richard got his nickname back in the summer of 68 when he went south
combining with my Dad(Howard) and a few others including myself. Back in
the 60’s longer hair was the thing (in our eyes, not Howards) anyway
Richard’s was quite long and Dad said
he looked like a damn Shaggy Dog, and to this day he is still called
Shag, Shaggy or Shaggy Dog by a whole lot of people. Shag worked with us
a long time and every time I wrote his paycheck, I would have to pause
for a second before I wrote the right name on the check.
To Aggie
Since this blog has begun, I have had the opportunity of emailing a
number of times with Aggie, as she was a classmate of mine in
the 5th and 6th grade. This past few weeks she has spoke up more than I
believe she did the entire 5th grade. I will always remember her as the
girl with the big smile and the sparkle in those dark brown eyes. Keep
up the good work Aggie, I love reading your memories.
We are having our 40 year class reunion(Bottineau High) next week. Brian
Johnson and Marlys Zorn, Ron Rieke are 3 other Dunseith transfers that
graduated BHS in 69. Sure hope all the rest of them see me as that young
man that I see in the mirror every morning,
Rod: Brian, Marlys & Ron are all on our distribution list too. Brian Johnson is married to Carrie Salmonson, daughter of Harlan/LaDonna Salmonson. They live one mile west of the Ackworth Cemetery on the north side of our old swimming hole, Pederson lake. Marlys Zorn lives in Nebraska and Ron Rieke lives in Texas.
I recently picked up Carrie’s email address with some Ackworth cemetery correspondence. I had no idea she was married to Brian Johnson. I had to rack my brain, but I do remember Brian. When you are a kid a 4 year age difference is a lot of years. Rod, I remember you well, mainly because I have known your family since the day I was born. I remember & know Brian’s parents, Lester/Marian Johnson, well too. I have continued to see them over the years with our many visits back to the area. They lived across the street from my parents on main street in Bottineau and I’d see Marion when she worked at the Senior center for many years. Carrie and I have recently exchanged several very interesting messages. She is such a friendly person, just like her sister Debbie Metcalfe who works at the First National Bank in Bottineau. Dad used to love to go into the bank just to shoot the breeze with Debbie. She was one of his favorites. He never needed an excuse to go in there either. Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@hughes.net Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

I think the center girl on the float is Charlene Pearson Woods and the
flag bearer on horseback is Richard Slyter. In an earlier posting he was
correctly identified as Richard. I think the 1966 Chevy convertible was
owned by Dennis Danielson from Rolette. He later married Gail Henning.
For some reason I think that was the car he had. I can’t remember who
had the 1961 Pontiac convertible, but it looks to me like Don Mongeon
driving. Could be wrong on both counts but someone will know and correct
me, I hope. Thanks Gary !


Reply also from Dick Johnson:
Gary and Friends,

Myra Henning Halvorson’s question about the skating party up here at
the farm, I don’t believe was answered. The reposting of the choir
pictures and her question had me thinking. There were several
snowmobiles that kids brought and I remember using the loader tractor to
clean the snow off a spot on Horseshoe Lake in front of our place so
kids could skate. Many times I have wondered what ever happened to the
pictures I had seen of that day. Today it dawned on me–it wasn’t
pictures I had seen–it was Dad’s old 8 mm movies. Some of the kids
pushed our old aluminum boat out onto the lake and someone else hooked
it behind a snowmobile and gave kids rides around the lake on the snow
covered ice. One I remember being in the boat was Tara Martinson and she
is on the film. Art Hagen had a blue Sno-Jet snowmobile and Lester
Getzlaff was riding an Arctic Cat, I do remember that. Two reasons–Art
ran into the guy wire on the yard pole and took a spill, and Lester took
the lead on a trail ride and got lost somewhere south of the lake. Dawn
Gregory lost her glasses in the woods and I went and found them on the
trail—lucky break! I was home from Grand Forks that weekend and helped
out with the party. If I remember right after the fun outside, all the
kids were in the basement of my folk’s house for sloppy joes and hot
chocolate, etc. I think it was the winter of ’70-’71 but I’m not sure.
Myra, thanks for remembering and appreciating that day. Thanks Gary!


Message from Marge Longie Langan Wilcox (56): Vancouver, WA
as soon as I get into my pic’s I have some pic’s of the Dunseith gang.

I didn’t realize that Rhonda Hiatt lives so close to me.
Marge Wilcox…

Yes Marge, Battle Ground, WA is just a short distance north of Vancouver, WA. We’d love to see your pictures. Gary
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

Hey Rhonda, I remember you well during the days working in the kitchen at the Dunseith Nursing Home,and my short time at Dales Cafe. Yeah we got alot of laughs at the nursing home…especially you with this”Cheesey Rider” thing you would always do. You were so crazy,alot of fun.


Do you remember that nightmare night at Dales Cafe,when we had to shut down the cafe right in the middle of supper rush hour,cuz one waitress went home sick,the other waitress was in training,got overwhelmed cuz she was by herself and walked out. I was left with the dishwasher, to try and cook and wait tables.The people who lucked out and got something to eat came up to the cash register to pay,only to find out neither me nor the dishwasher knew how to run the cash register. I had never been a short order cook in my life,let alone run a cash register. People kept coming, some trying to get in,some trying to get out(believe me when I say the ones trying to get out…wanted out in the worse way)talk about crazy…. At one point I remember trying to call George and Patti,but couldn’t reach them for some reason, so at that point, I worked my way thru the crowd standing by the door,pulled down the closed shade on the door,and locked it…You should of seen the look of shock on the peoples face, like…Why is she locking us in here??? The whole Cafe was in a buzz,everyone talking at once…I was trying to talk over the roar,”Hey, I shouted,Could I have all your attention! I said,listen, I’m sorry everthings crazy in here tonite,but this is my first night as cook,one waitress couldn’t be here,the other got overwhelmed and walked out,and me and the dishwasher don’t know how to run the cash register,so what we’ll do is, those of you who are in here can stay and we’ll feed you, those who are outside trying to get in are going to stay out there.If you choose to stay your supper will be on George &Patti,cuz again we don’t know how to run the cash register.(A corporate decision had to be made….so I made it…) The customers being the honest people that they were,didn’t feel comfortable with that decision. So I said,Then just leave as much money as you can closest to the amount in this jar and will call it a deal. All the while when this was going on,people kept coming to the door,looking puzzled,but before walking away would stop,and with thier hands cupped, pressing against the window looking in trying to see what was going on inside. Most of the people left without eating,the rest just ordered simple hamburgers.The last customer left at around 9:00P.M. I can’t remember who the dishwasher was that stayed,and helped me…was it you Rhonda? The only customers that I remember for sure,was Elewood and Eleanor Fauske,cuz they were so sweet.I remember everyone else was pretty nice,trying to be helpful but their faces are just a blurr.I remember when the last person left we sat down looking at the mess around us,dishes stacked all over,none of the booths were cleared…So verrrrrry sloooooowwwwly we got up and stareted cleaning up the mess. I remember it took us forever…and we didn’t get out of their like 2:30 A.M. I remember with my last ounce of energy cleaning that grill,after I got done,I shine up the hood over the grill and went home… If anyone was in the cafe that night I would really like to hear their version,cuz I’m sure I missed alot. Rhonda were you there that night? Aggie

Aggie, You mentioned the Fauske’s. I just happen to have a recent family picture and a nearly 50 year old picture of the Fauske family. They are a good family of great folks. Elwood and Eleanor were married in 1942, so they will be celebrating 67 years of marriage this year. One would not realize that by looking at this recent photo. I got a message from Carrole/LaVerne Rude several days ago. They plan on being back in Bottineau for the Q-centennial this month. My guess (99%) is that they will be staying with Elwood & Eleanor. They live just east of the Bottineau fair grounds.

Elwood Fauske Family in About 1961/62
Back L to R: Carrole, Russell & Connie
Front L to R: Eleanor, Arlinda (Lindy), Beth, Brian & Elwood


Elwood Fauske Family – November 2008
L to R: Carrole, Brian, Connie, Eleanor, Elwood, Beth, Russell & Arlinda (Lindy)





Folks, This picture was taken at the Ackworth cemetery in July 2004 the day of our mother, Elaine Stokes’, burial.


My brother Allen was know as big Al to a lot of you folks. He and his wife Janet live in San Diego, CA.



July 2004


Leola Hiatt Lagerquist & Allen Stokes



Posted by Don Boardman (60): Bottineau, ND
Note: cropped picture posted by Gary Stokes
Margaret Metcalfe Leonard (65) elected director of the North Central Electric Cooperation:
Congratulations to Margaret Leonard on being elected as a director of the North Central Electric Cooperative. She got up at the annual meeting and presented her qualifications and desire to serve the community and the Cooperative. She was very positive and professional in her presentation and as a result was elected. I believe she will be a good representative for the community and the NCE. She has “retired” from her teaching job but how has a new job. She has much to learn but she is up to the task.
As I read all the letters sent into you I can see that Dunseith has sent a lot of talent into the world!
Don Boardman
Congratulations my close & dear friend Margaret. I am proud to say that you are from the class of 65. What an inspiration you continue to be. With your charisma, dedication and outgoing personality combined with being a very intelligent gal, you will succeed with what ever you pursue in life and I know will be a great director. The North Central Electric Cooperation is very fortunate to have you as their director. They will for sure shine with you. Gary
Folks, I thought I had lost this picture, but I found it. This is Bill Grimme with 3 of the finest
class of 65 teachers. As you can see this picture was taken prematurely, but those are
the best kind. They tend to show true personalities a lot better.
L to R: Margaret Metcalfe Leonard, Bill Grimme, Cecile Berube Reynolds
& Phyllis McKay. Bernadette Stokes sitting in the back ground.
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Gary,Thanks for the kind words you have given me about my short stories I have shared. I just write from my heart,how I remember the things that left a lasting impression….But with that said,you know who’s really a good writer is our brother Aime. I think I’ve got every letter he has written me since I left home.Most of them are really funny.I don’t know if their meant to be but boy he cracks me up. Today when he e-mails me I’ll run a copy off to take to work with me at night on the night shift,just to read them over and over again and laugh like crazy.But thanks for all you do Gary.
Like you I did not know the Wurgler’s had another daughter, I bet most people didn’t. Maybe Joan can post a picture of her…. Hope you have a Blest Day! Aggie

Dunseith Reunion:
Sponsored by Jerry Williams (54): jrwilliams99@wat.midco.net
120 15th St SE, Watertown, SD 57201 (605) 886-7050
Aug 7th
5:30–6:30 Social at the Past Times Coffee House & Deli.
6:00 Dinner at Past Times.
Aug. 8th
10 AM A visit to the Redlin Art Center
12 noon Lunch on your own.
2:00 PM Tour of the Mellette House.
(Last Governor of Dakota Territory & First Governor of South Dakota).
5:00 PM Evening meal at the Williams Home, 120 15th ST SE.
Sat. evening Free open air Sawyer Brown Concert @ the Redlin Center.
Bring your own lawn chair.
Aug 8th
12 Noon Brunch at The Past Times.
Registration fee will be $35 per person. If you wish, make payment in advance to Jerry Williams. Thank you. This will include the dinner on Friday, the Saturday evening meal and the Sunday Brunch.
Please let us know if you are planning to attend as soon as you can. Hope to see you all at the reunion
Reply from Rhonda Hiatt (75): Battle Ground, WA



Thank you for posting the pictures of my Mom (Margo Hiatt) with Aunt Delores and the other ladies. I had never seen that one before.


I loved Aggie’s story about the Wurgler kids on the bus. I worked with Aggie at the Nursing Home in Dunseith and at Dale’s Cafe and it was always fun.


Rhonda Hiatt

Rhonda, We’ve added a lot of folks since we started with this daily letter. That is why I’m reposting some of the earlier pictures as indicated with my message below. I have posted another picture of your mother today too that you may not have seen either. Gary
Folks, I am going through previous messages, starting from the beginnig, capturing the photo’s that were posted. I’m do a few each day. As I do this I will be re-posting a few. The photo’s pasted below were previously posted March 4-10th, 2008. Gary
Picture L to R:
Joe & Joyce Evans, Don & Bernice Johnson, and Floyd & Luella Dion



Picture L to R:


Margo Hiatt, Bernice Johnson, Joyce Evans & Joy Nordquist





Don Johnson in about 1954. This is a mirror image of how


I remember Dick. Gary


Dick Johnson with his grandmother Cynthia Johnson



Class of 65 reunion 7-12-07:


Raphael Poitra & Pete Gillis


Randy Mongeon & Pam Lagerquist (Princesses)

Don Johnson leading the Band



Patti Metcalfe (Queen)




Richard Slyter Carrying the flag





Football players:


Larry Took & Ronnie Houle




Aggie casavant (69) reply to Joan Wurgler: Fort Mill, SC
To,Joan Wurgler Salmonson, I found your trip down memory lane of your familys TEXACO station very interesting. It reminded me of when our family first started going to school in Dunseith after our country school,(Russell School) had closed.I was in the 5th grade.With our school only1/8th of a mile down the road from where we lived and working on the farm sun up to sun down,us kids never got the opportunity to go into town much as kids. So our world pretty much consisted of our neighbors that we farmed with and our cousins, all French,all very dark skinned.So the first days of school in Dunseith it was quite an expierence for us kids. I remember the first time when Johnny Hill pulled up to the Texaco Station,and you,Peggy,and Dave got on, I couldn’t quit staring at you all. I thought for sure I had fallen asleep on the bus and had woke up in Hollywood.I remember thinking,I’ve never seen such Hollywood looking people living around this area.The bouncy blond hair that you and Peggy had…not a hair out of place…And blue,blue eyes.Then following not far behind comes Dave…Omigosh!!!! I thought I didn’t know the people from Happy Days lived right here in Dunseith…Omigosh!!!! I couldn’t quit staring, all of a sudden a nudge from my Mom,(who rode the bus with us) would bring me back to reality.My Mom would say ,”Quit staring! and I would say,”their so pretty Mama,and that boy is so cute,he looks like a movie star! Where did they come from? My Mom would get tickled and start laughing quietly,kinda embarrassed hoping no one heard me. I remember when I got my first autograph book,and I brought it to school for my friends to sign. I remember meeting you in the hallway,and you would always smile and say hi. So one day, I asked you to sign my autograph book…and you DID!!!! I can’t remember exactly where I was when I asked you to sign it.But long after losing the autograph book over the years, I still remember exactly what you wrote…”In your golden chain of friendship,always regaurd me as a link”, Wow! I wasn’t real sure what the word “regaurd ” meant at the time, but I knew what friendship and golden meant,and I knew it had to have meant something good! I couldn’t wait to see my Mom and show her.It just happened that day my Dad had picked up our Mom from school, so she didn’t ride the bus with us on the way home.When the bus pulled into the yard I was the first of the 10 kids off the bus.I remember I came running into the house all excited hollering,Mama! Mama, guess who signed my autograph book today? ………Joan Wurgler!!! I said”Look Mama, Look what she wrote,followed with,”What does regaurd mean?? Mama said,”It means you can think of her as a friend”. I said “Really,Joan Wurgler wants to be my friend….I knew at that point all was well with my life,that that Doris Day looking Joan Wurgler,with that cute “Happy Days”looking brother, considered me a friend. I thought for sure with those connections that I was destined for Hollywood…. Well Joan, I never made it to Hollywood……..yet….LOL…But just the same…Thanks for the Memories….. Sincerely, Miss Aggie
Aggie, you are a beautiful writer. With what you said, reminds me of what Vickie Metcalfe said not long ago, “We were a multicultural school with all the different ethnic backgrounds of folks that attended Dunseith.” Gary

Reply from Joan Wurgler Salmonson (61):


Hi Gary,


My brother set me straight on the number of years the family operated the Texaco station in Dunseith. It was from l955-1966. During that time our little sister Lynn was born and was 2 when they moved back to Rugby. Lynn is married to Mitch Haugeberg and they live in Watford City. Lynn is a speech pathologist and Mitch is a supervisor in the oil fields around Grassy Butte and the north unit of the Badlands. They have 5 children of which theie oldest daughter just graduated high school from Watford City. She was a graduating classmate of that Jacob Quale who was accidently killed last week on an oil pumper near Watford City. Peggy and Marty Axtman and their family have lived in Kent, Wa. for several years. They have 3 children all graduated from high school. Their 2 sons are out of college and their daughter is in her 3rd year at Portland U in the medical field. Marty works for Boeing and Peggy for an advertising company.


Thanks Gary, Joan

Joan, I had no idea you had a 2nd sister Lynn. It goes to show how I lost touch with the times. I thought you, Dave and Peggy were the only 3 siblings. Peggy and Dave are also on our distribution list. We’d like to hear a little bit about Dave and your families too. Gary
Reply from Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): Tukwila, WA
Shirley’s previous message
Repy from Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s nephew): St Louis, MO

Gary the state of North Dakota has a historical society that will keep family historical documents. Each family gets a box to store their documents. When my uncle, Carroll Carlson, died I took the family homestead document and several other family documents and pictures to Bismarck. Now anyone can access the box to look at or copy the documents but these documents will always be there for the next generation.

Uncle Carroll had his 8th grade and high school graduation diplomas and a scholarship to Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. The historical society made a display out of the three documents.

Reply/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

With the reposting of the triple anniversary picture, I thought I might
also post the last picture I have of Agnes Berg. It was taken in her
house near the city park, just before I left to take her daughter-in-law
back to Minot, to fly home to New York. Agnes was my great aunt, a
sister to my grandfather, Henry Olson. Not too long later she had a
stroke and then spent the rest of her life at the Dunseith Community
Nursing Home. This has to be at least 10 years ago or more. Agnes’s
mother, Ella Olson, lived upstairs at Agnes and Ike’s and had the first
TV I had ever seen. That was in 1953 and the show was The Wonderful
World of Disney. The fuzzy picture on the black and white oval screen
was a cartoon of Mickey Mouse. I still remember sitting right in front
of it and watching every move, while my folks and great grandmother
laughed at my excitement. When she passed away in 1959, she left her
little TV to me and we had it for a couple years until the folks got a
newer ‘Admiral’ from the hardware. Man, that new one had a big 17 inch
screen and was not quite as fuzzy—wow! One of my favorite shows was
‘The Big Picture’, a weekly Sunday afternoon documentary about World War
II and then Korea. I guess I didn’t know until much later that both wars
weren’t fought in black and white! With the technology available today,
most films have been ‘colorized’ and now are much more vivid and
realistic to watch. The video of the battle for Iwo Jima is spectacular.
The sea is blue, the sand is tan, the flame throwers are bright orange,
the smoke is black—-and sadly, the blood is red. Thanks Gary!

Gary–on yesterdays picture, I think the girl in the middle of the float
is Charlene.


Dick, I think I just put all this together with Agnes Berg. She is the same Agnes Berg that was a teacher at Ackworth when I was in 3rd grade. I remember her as being a wonderful teacher. Would that be Charlene Pearson that you think may be the girl in the middle on yesterday’s float picture? Gary
Agnes Berg & Dick Johnson
Reply from Claudette McLeod (80):Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,
The waitress in the picture is Khayla Poitra, she is the grand-daughter of Snowflakes and Dorothy Poitra.
Khayla Poitra displaying Bill Grimme’s Dale’s Jumbo burger – July 2007




Margo Hiatt, Delores Hiatt, Helen Watkins Neslon, & Marlys Evans



Marlys Evans, Rita Anderson, Irene Fassett & Bernice Johnson



Posted 3-3-08

Message & Pictures from Myra Henning Halvorson (72):


Hello Gary,

We are really enjoying all the Dunseith memories that you are sending out.
Thanks so much!

I recently came across an old band boosters calendar with the 69-70
Governor’s Choir picture which I had to pass along. I am also sending one
that was taken this summer at the reunion church service where some
members of that choir joined together in song one more time. Gary
Fulsebakke was our director. The wonderful memories of band and choir
under the direction of Don Johnson will always be with me. He made a very
positive impact on my life. Does anyone else remember the time he and
Bernice invited his students to their home for a skating party and supper?
What a good time!!

Les and I just returned from Dunseith where we attended the benefit for
Bev Mornville. She was there and doing very well. She starts radiation

Keep up the good work on this memory hotline!
Myra (Henning) Halvorson ’72




Posted 3/3/08

Picture identification from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@srt.com

Gary and friends

Thanks to Myra Henning Halvorson for the pictures of the
choirs. The one from last summer was taken at the practice,
which I couldn’t make because of other commitments with the
reunion. It was great to sing with you folks on Sunday in the
service dedicated to my dad. Gary did a nice job! I can name
the singers for you as someone had asked.


Greg Hill,Don Berg,
Bob Hosmer, Curt Hagel, Linda Johnson Juntunen, Myra Henning
Halvorson, Cheryl Haagenson, Shelly Fulsebakke Albertson,
Loraine Neameyer Haas, Loretta Neameyer Wall, Ann Marie Boppre Perry,


Brenda Hill Mueller, Deb Morinville Marmon. There may
have been some others on Sunday but these are the ones in the
practice picture. Thank you each and everyone.







Back row left to right:#1. Bob Molgard #2. Gerald Molgard #3.Russell Tooke
#4. Dean Molgard #5. Roy Fox #6. Arlene Medlang
Front Row: #1.Vance Bailey #2. Delphine Wentland #3. Lois Fox #4.
Carol Watkins Carbonneau #5 Gladys Sharratt #6. Florence Schwabe







DHS Class of 65 Reunion 7-12-08:


Susan Fassett Martin & Angela Berube Malget



Reply from Joan Wurgler Salmonson (61): Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary,
Was surprised to see the picture in Thursdays blog of the Wurgler Service Station and the ’57 Chev. That Texaco station is what brought our family to Dunseith in l959 to operate our family business. The gas station, garage, lunch counter and little convenience store kept us all busy 7 days a week.
I helped Mom with the lunch counter serving hamburgers etc. and homemade pastries that she was noted for (especially the pies & donuts). Eleanor Fauske helped as the pastry cook for a time as did my Aunt Gladys Lider. My brother David grew up helping Dad pump gas and work in the garage. When Stan came dating, we could never “go out” until the business was closed, everything cleaned up and all the dishes done. Stan helped
out a lot at the station during those years too.
Little Sister Peggy, cute as she was with her pony tail, kept the customers entertained. She was really good with the hula-hoop. She had fun with all her good friends when they got together. She still remembers her Dunseith Grade school days vividly.
During those 9 years, our family met many wonderful friends and good customers. They thought Dunseith was a very friendly community and when they came back to visit it was just like coming back home.
Just recently that corner at the intersection has been leveled–the building demolished and the pile burned. With it went a lot of wonderful memories and a lot of hard work. Our family is grateful for those good “Dunseith Years” and thank everyone for your friendship and dedication. That’s what Dunseith
meant to our family. Now the folks are gone, Dave has retired from his gas station business so a lot has changed but we still hold close the memories.
Thanks everyone and especially you Gary for all your efforts in keeping Dunseith Alumni connected in one big web.
Joan Wurgler Salmonson ’61
Joan, Most all of us that attended DHS in the 60’s remember you well working in the main office. We used to purchase our weekly meal ticket’s from you and a lot of the simple school supplies like pencils and typing paper. Stan was our bus driver too. I believe Mike Vandal drove the first year that we were bused to town and then I think Stan was the driver the rest of my three years. They were both great drivers.
Folks, Stan & Joan Salmonson, both from the class of 61, have owned the Lumber yard in Dunseith for many years. I think that used to be Morgan’s lumber yard in my day. Stan & Joan live on Stan’s home place located on highway 43, 2 1/2 miles west of highway 3 in the Little Prairie neighborhood in the Turtle Mountains. Gary
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
Dick Johnson’s picture of my parent’s, Berg’s, and Shelver’s 50th Anniversary was a treat. Actually, they were all married in 1929. Ike and Agnes were already married but had to keep it a secret because Agnes was teaching school. In those days, married women could not be teachers. The Bergs let my folks and Shelvers use their car to go to Crookston, Minnesota to get married. They had a joint wedding in Nov ’29. All the offspring attended this celebration, and we had a terrific time. The towns people of Dunseith had a secret celebration in their honor, and the picture shown was taken at that event. It was a typical gesture by the terrific people whose generosity, secrecy, and humor made this a real surprise to all six. They thought they were attending a city meeting of some kind unrelated to what it really was. A Dunseith Class Act. Bill Hosmer
Bill, I just happen have the whole story exactly as you explained with this news paper clipping from the Turtle Mountain Star that was sent to us by Susan Fassett (65) and posted on Feb. 28, 2008, the day after Dick Johnson posted your folks 50th Anniversary picture. Gary











Arla Hall, Former Dunseith teacher:

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot @ Bottineau, ND











Ron Longie (65):

Folks, Ron Longie had a combined total of 40 plus years Active & National Guard service when he retired. Ron was a Warrent Officer. I think he told me he was a W-4. Forty years is a long military career. I believe Ron was also employeed full time with the Guard. Ron Lives in Yakama WA. Gary


Ron Longie (65) with his Daughter



Class of 65 Reunion 7-12-07 – looking at old school pictures



L to R: Evie Gottbreht, Kenny Nerpel, Margaret Metcalfe, Cecile Berube, Patty Boguslawski


Phyllis McKay, John Bedard, Warren Anderson






We had everyone on the float identified at one point. I may run across that posting eventually.


I for sure recognize Larry Millang (66). I Think 73 is Terry Martinson and the other guy I think


is Lee Struck? I think Carrole Fauske is the first gal and Debby Mongeon sitting on the end?


I’m not sure who the middle gal is. Gary





This 1936 photo was provided by Doreen Bailey



From Betty Lamoureux Malone Badgett (49): Fountain Valley, Ca
Follow up message from Betty:
Betty, I am so glad that you hit the send button prematurely enabling us to hear from you. Looking in the Dunseith book it says you and your brother Jay moved to California to live with relatives after your mother passed away in 1945. For those of us that lived in the area in the 50’s and 60’s we remember the Lamoureux name well with your brother Jay and the Ford Garage. He sold Ford Tractors. My brother Darrel still has the Ford 600 with the ‘Live Power Take-Off’ and a five speed transmission, that dad purchased from Lamoureux’s in 1957. Dad needed the ‘Live Power Take-Off’ for bailey hay. I’ll see if I can find a recent picture of that tractor. Darrel has reconditioned it to the state of being nearly a new tractor again. He uses it on a regular bases with his farming.
Dunseith Trivia from Cathy Campbell Springan (73): Stanley, ND
Hi Gary,
My mom, Phyllis Campbell, was going through some papers and came upon some trivia which had been used in 1989. I thought I’d encolse a copy for you to use as you wish. I wonder how many people would be able to get all of the correct answers?!

Phyllis & Cathy, this is great! Thank you for sharing. We’ll see who gets these all right. Gary
Dunseith Trivia from Education Week –1989

1. Long time druggist who was once the high school basketball coach.

2. Lady from Rolla who operated the beauty salon.

3. Family that operated a dairy on the north edge of town.

4. San Haven employee who coached girls’ basketball in the Marlene Armentrout/Mickey Grenier days.

5. The year San Haven closed.

6. What occupied the Bingo Barn before bingo?

7. Former town baker who managed the bingo barn.

8. Family who operated the Gamble store in the 50’s and 60’s.

9. Who operated the meat market after Joe Lamoureux?

10. The line of machinery that the hardware once sold.

11. Persons who came from New England to operate the Dakota Hotel.

12. Hotel operated by the Grossman-Marsaa family where the Westside Apartments are now located.

13. Lake NE of town that was the swimming place.

14. Who operated the Red and White store?

15. Name three Hosmer brothers.

16. Alan Campbell’s father who ran the bank.

17. Local boy who became a Thunderbird.

18. The name of the Dunseith newspaper.

1. Long time druggist who was once the high school basketball coach. (Glen Shelver)

2. Lady from Rolla who operated the beauty salon. (Marie Allard)

3. Family that operated a dairy on the north edge of town. (Evans family)

4. San Haven employee who coached girls’ basketball in the Marlene Armentrout/Mickey Grenier days. (Virgil Vanorny)

5. The year San Haven closed.

6. What occupied the Bingo Barn before bingo?

7. Former town baker who managed the bingo barn.
(Herman Martinson)

8. Family who operated the Gamble store in the 50’s and 60’s.
(Edgar and Rita Anderson)

9. Who operated the meat market after Joe Lamoureux?
(Lucien and Hannah Bedard)

10. The line of machinery that the hardware once sold.
( John Deere)

11. Persons who came from New England to operate the Dakota Hotel. (Jr. and Viola Melmer)

12. Hotel operated by the Grossman-Marsaa family where the Westside Apartments are now located. (Commercial Hotel)

13. Lake NE of town that was the swimming place. (Lake Schutte)

14. Who operated the Red and White store?
( K.C. Sine)

15. Name three Hosmer brothers.
(John, Bob, Fred)

16. Alan Campbell’s father who ran the bank.
(Bill Campbell)

17. Local boy who became a Thunderbird.
(Bill Hosmer)

18. The name of the Dunseith newspaper. (The Dunseith Journal)


1955 Dunseith Men’s bowling league 1st place team.


L to R: Freddie Hiatt, Bing Evans, Bill Fassett, Don Johnson & Edgar Anderson


Galen Olson on next alley (he was on the 2nd place team.





Picture – July 2007 – L To R:
Paulette La Croix, Dick Johnson, Toni Morinvelle, Cheryl Larson, Diane Larson








Posted 2-26-08


Picture provided by Dick Johnson (68): djcars@srt.com


I ran across this picture while looking for some others. This
is the 50th anniversary of the three couples, Jack and Inez
Hosmer, Ike and Agnes Berg, and Glen and Annabelle Shelver. I
believe they were all married at the same time in Boissevain in
1929. This was not dated but should be 1979 I think. Great
bunch of folks. Please correct me on the dates, if I don’t have
them right. Memories of them would be nice to hear! Thanks Gary!




Note the Wurgler service station located in the back ground that I remember as being across
the road to the east of Dale’s. Gary
L to R: Peggy, Dave & Joan (Salmonson) Wurgler

John Hiatt & Peggy Wurgler in 1959
Kick McKay, Hazel Hiatt and Hazel’s BIG dog




Billy Lawrence



St. Louis Cemetery Records – Dunseith, ND:
Folks, I have attached a copy of the St. Louis Cemetery records that were recorded by Vance & Doreen Bailey in 2002. I have updated their records from lists that I found that were recorded in 2003.
Vance Bailey
For those of you unable to open the attached file, I have posted the St. Louis Cemetery records in the ‘Dunseith Alumni WEB Site’ for your viewing with the link pasted below. Gary
Dunseith Alumni WEB Sight Link
Message from young Art Rude (71): Bismarck, ND
Folks, With A number of you having mentioned Art Rude’s productions in the past and liking his productions I have decided to post this. After leaving Dunseith, Art became a professor at a college in Bismarck. Gary
Hi, I’m mailing everyone on my list, as I have discovered the joy of ITunes! I love it! I bought an IPod Touch, and it’s great! Love the format, I’m just learning all the basics, but love the concept. How many times over the years have you bought an entire album and only liked 1 or 2 songs on the album? When I look at my stack of old albums, at least 2/3 of them fall into this catagory. Now I can listen to each cut I’m interested in, and buy only the songs I actually like! I wished that could have been true years ago, and now it is!
Here is the other part, I’m on ITunes!
Yes, if you type in Art Rude, it should come right up! So for any of you out there who liked a couple of my songs, but never bought a tape or CD, now you can buy just the song or songs you like. (I’m hoping you do, both like a song, and buy it) For me, it’s great in that I don’t have to handle a physical product. Apple takes a share, but I get $.63, (some electronic sales pay me as low as 1.8 cents a download!) it’s a sale I didn’t have before, it helps showcase my product, and I don’t have to raise a finger; except of course to let people know it’s there. So, I hope you will check it out, as well as your other favorite artists.
The actual CD is available on CD Baby as well, but if you want one of my cassette tapes, you have to order them directly from me. Just email me with what you want, and I can mail it to you with an envelope for you to mail back a check for payment. I get $5 per cassette, 10$ for the cd, and $3 for shipping and handling per order.
So, anyway, if you didn’t know I’m still out there doing my thing, I’m still out there doing my thing. Although I have never been a success by most people’s standards, I have some people who really like my stuff, and that’s why I keep doing it. Thank you so much for those of you who have supported me in the past, and I hope that if you are into ITunes, you will consider me, and maybe even help spread the word. I’m sure there are many people who are not aware that North Dakota artists are now on ITunes, and other electronic media as well. From my point of view it is amazing and wonderful to have resources and access at least similar to what the big names, the big corporate owners of American culture do.

PS. Oh yeah, don’t forget about my website, www.artrude.com . You can catch up with recent activities, see pictures, as well as find links to listen to the music, CD Baby, ITunes and more!

Father Art Rude with Son Art and his family:
The Art we remember from our school days kind of grew up. Art was six years behind me in School, so the way he was then is how I rmember him being. Art stopped by my brother Darrel and his wife Debby’s house, in Bottineau, to see us in 2007. It was a pleasant surprise to see him again after more that 42 years. Gary
This is profile of the Mr. Rude we
remember from our school days.
Rene & Father John Bedard on John’s 85th birthday
Family reunion at the Bottineau park in July 2007
Folks, I thought I’d throw this picture in the works today. This picture was taken on the day of my 60th birthday.
As you can see Nathan, my brother Darrel/Debby’s son kind of grew up. I am 6′ for comparison. Nathan graduated a few years ago from UND with an Engineering degree. While in college he did an internship with a larger engineer company in the twin cities area. They picked him up full time after he graduated.
Jim Kofoid is Neola’s brother and lives in Bottineau.
Alney Kofoid lives in Wyoming. Alney is married to Lorna Adams. Lorna is a first cousin to Lee, Darrel (Doc) & Dean Stickland with their mothers being sisters. Mrs. Lars Sivertson is also an Adams, sister to their mothers. Lars Sivertson lives east of Lake Metigoshe about 1/2 mile west of John/Pat Frykman’s. Gary



From Susan Malaterre Johnson (69): Alvarado, TX
Hi Gary and All, The new Cowboy’s Stadium is “OUT OF THIS WORLD”!!! I’ve been watching it go up since the beginning and it still amazes me. We had the opening and a NASCAR race going at the same time. It’s so grand that I took a part time job there, security. So that means in 2011 when we have Super Bowl, I’ll be there and my brothers and friends who actually under stand the game will be watching for me. Yes, Sometimes life if fair. The schedule changes on a weekly basis. I do know that I will be working on Oct. when U2 comes to play. Who knows, maybe by then I will actually understand part of the game. Sorry Guys, I feel for you. Susan Johnson
Pictures/message from Kenny Nerpel (65): Devils Lake, ND

Here are a few photos from the Christy Strong (my first cousin
once removed) and Shane Pollman wedding that was held outdoors at
the Jerry Strong residence in Dunseith. It appears that New York
City fashion is making its way into the Turtle Mountains. The
reception and dance was held at the Bingo barn immediately
following the wedding. It was around 45 degrees and threatening
rain(or snow), but we hardy North Dakotans hardly noticed and
don’t let stuff like that interfere with our fun. The celebration
was very well attended and afforded the opportunity to visit with
many friends and relatives.

Congratulations Christy and Shane!


Kenny, I should know some of these folks, but I just can not place any of them. Who are the guys with the Leather Jacket’s with the red and black head gear? Gary










From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND


Gary and Friends,

Tonight I found the Minot Daily News article about Peter W. Poole. Mom
sent me this article while I was at UND in Grand Forks, in November
1971. It makes for some interesting reading and some humor for those of
us who knew Pete personally. It is a full page article and may be
needing some of Gary’s editing, as I had to scan it in three separate
scans. Thanks Gary!









Reply from Bob Lykins (Mid 60’s DHS teacher): Germany & Hutto, TX

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. LaVallie. I had the opportunity to meet him during the 2007 Reunion when he and his wife were visiting with Allen Richards at the Casino. I spent a very pleasant and informative couple of hours with them as Mr. LaVallie was very free in providing information about his time in Nam and the Idrang Valley. I recall asking him if the combat action was as close as depicted in the movie and how accurate the movie was. He replied that action was very close in and that the movie was very well done. It was very evident that he was proud of his service and his time spent with the 7th Cav as well as his continuing association with Col. Moore and his service buddies. Men such as he do not come along very often.

Bob Lykins

Reply from Mona Dionne Johnson (48): Lake Metigoshe, ND
Dick – That is me in the PD, and my friend is Skip Brasseur (don’t know
if I spelled her last name correctly). Her dad ran a barber shop in
Dunseith for a couple of years. She had a harmonizing voice and we used
to sing duets together. They left Dunseith after her 2nd year high
school, so did not graduate from Dunseith.
Mona Dionne Johnson – 48
Gary – gal without scarf is Skip.
Picture About 1945
Skip Brasseur & Mona Dionne Johnson
From Crystal (Fassett) Andersen…….who is working like crazy putting Dad’s slides on a website………………..this is Susan Fassett’s birthday party in 1957 in the Fassett backyard.

Front: Earl Hiatt, Ronnie Longie, Dean Helgeson, Bill Grimme, Ronnie Johnson

2nd row: Paula Fassett, Debra Mongeon, Kathy Fassett, Donnie Mongeon, Patty Fassett, Ann Carbonneau, Terry Martinson

Back: Patty Boguslawski, Shirley Boguslawski, Evie Gottbreht, Carol Jasper, Charlie Carbonneau, Susan Fassett, Mark Anderson, Karen loeb & Pam Fasett



1965 Class Reunion 7-12-07:


Mr. & Mr. Henry Hackman – Sitting in back – Lana & Shirely LaRocque




Picture 2007:


Cecile Berube Reynolds (65) with her beautiful daughters




Picture 2007:


Lorraine (Lori) Kalk Hooper (65)





American Legion Ball team Posted by Tim Martinson on 2-4-08:


It has been almost a month since I first started looking for this picture which by the way is the only one I have of the American Legion team I coached that summer. I do not recall who took it or who gave it to me but I”m hoping that maybe someone out there has another photo and will pass it along. In the photo Back Row that is Don Olson’s shoulder, Greg Evans, Jeff Evans, Lyle Olson, Clark Parrill, Curt Berg, Greg Larson, Don Berg, Front Row, Larrett Peterson, Larry Tooke, David Campbell, Donald Malatere, Curt Hagel. This was probably taken at Rolla? As teams go this one turned out to be what I would call a Dream Team. A bunch of multi talented guys that loved to play baseball. From the start of the season we had a ad in the Minot Daily Newspaper looking for games to fill our open dates. We got a few games that route and I will tell you about one later.
Now back to the team and a little about each of the members.

Don Olson, Pitcher, First Base, and could hit the ball, a big target to throw to at first base.

Greg Evans, Center Field, Pitcher, Covered a lot of ground in the outfield,strong arm, leader in getting on base, and use to be right handed.
Jeff Evans, Outfield, First Base, He could move out with those long legs.
Lyle Olson, Outfield, First Base, Gaining experience and very supportive.
Clark Parill, Outfield, Fast, Good Arm, and could hit the ball, team prankster, peace keeper, always keep the team smiling.
Curt Berg, Catcher, Strong Arm to Second, and could hit the ball, still growing!
Greg Larson, Pitcher, Third Base, could hit the ball, and was known for his Knuckleball.
Don Berg, Pitcher, Infield and Outfield, The Utility Man and could hit the ball.
Larrett Peterson, Mr. Shortstop could scoop em up and great arm to first, and could hit the ball.
Larry Tooke, Catcher, Second Base, Great arm to second. good blocker, great field captain, and could hit the ball.
David Campbell, Outfield, fast, quick release, strong arm and could hit the ball.
Donald Malatere, Second Base, fast. quick release and good hands.
Curt Hagel, Outfield, fast, A heavy hitter with a big bat.

The team had a lot of fun that summer. We won a lot more than we
lost and became better men through teamwork. We all had our ups and
downs but learned how to work through the conflicts. Although we
shared cramped quarters in our travels there were no major brawls. I do
believe we put our best effort forward in representing the Dunseith
area that summer.

One of the games we picked up through the newspaper ad was a game at
Drake. I was told that they had a very good team and a top notch
pitcher. We traveled down there going through Towner and finally
reached the baseball field and the field reminded me of one that had
around since the start of the town itself, old and a tad run down
with no home run fence. It was not a field of dreams. Anyway we had
introductions and the exchange of lineups and meeting with the umps.
The field ump was middle aged and the ump behind the plate was
older than the other. So now the game begins and yes their pitcher
is good with a little help from the ump but we play on. As I mentioned
earlier that there was no home run fence and it was our bad luck that
a ball got by in the outfield and rolled and rolled and we were now down
a run going into the seventh and final at bat. With two outs and a
man at third we tried a suicide squeeze play. The player coming into
plate was called out. My players saw what had happened and went
after the ump and I practically had to restrain them. I told them to
up and get ready to leave and I would straighten it out with the
ump. There the ump and I stood at home plate and discussed the error in
his decision. As time went by everyone had left but the ump, myself
and my team. I could see that I was getting nowhere in the discussion
so I told the ump I would take the game as a loss as long as he
admitted that he made an error on the call to me and he did. As I
could tell
the ump just wanted to go home and forget about this game. The ump
agreed that he should have called interference on the catcher for
shoving the batter out of the way and not allowing the batter an
attempt to hit the ball. I walked off the field told the team and we
went home.

Take Care, Tim



Replies from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Hi Gary,Alot of interesting pictures and stories this A.M. The one Dick wrote about the jail house,and picture is very interesting.It really jogs a persons memory about alot of things.A con will always be a con the majority of the time.He took a big risk,if he started that mattress on fire for the purpose to escape.
About the waitress in Dales Cafe,she looks like she would be from the Norman Hiatt family,or Honsey,or maybe even a Medrud…All just wild guesses…I started one of those food detox,cleanse your system programs
a couple days ago.That Big Jumbo hamburger sure looked good…then I think back to your half hatched egg story from the other day,and I’m right back on track…all food temptations disappear.Well Gary,Thanks for everything,and hope you have a Blest Day. Aggie
From Aggie
God Bless you Phyliss McKay,the smiles on all your students faces,tells the story of what a GREAT teacher you must be…..School clothes $200.00, Lunch Money,$25.00 .,School Supplies $35.00 …..Having a A Great Teacher….”PRICELESS”……..Thank You,Phyliss Mc Kay for all you do!!!!! Sincerely, Aggie Casavant
Reply from Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): Tukwila, WA
Shirley, Our prayers are with you. I’m hoping this Defibrillator/Pacemaker will do the trick. Please keep us posted with how things go on Monday. Gary
Class of 65 Reunion 7-12-07
Warren Anderson receiving his door prize of 20 Balute (un-hatched Eggs) discussed in prior messages.
Note: Margaret & Bill MC’d the program. Margaret with her eyes closed, must have momentarily been
dreaming the taste of eating one of those delicious balute.
Margaret Metcalfe Leonard, Ron Strong (60), Bill Grimme & Warren Anderson




Note: Esther’s trip back to Dunseith for this reunion was her first trip back to the area since 1969.


Esther lives in Flint MI. We had to twist her arm a bit to attend, but I think she was glad she


attended. We were all glad to see her too. Gary



Esther Murray Fleming – Class of 65 reunion – 7-12-07





Bob Hosmer & Jack Flynn





Carlotta Fassett & Red Kester





Lucien Bedard,Bill Jr.,Bill Sr. Fassett





Brian Fauske 7-30-08


Message/picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Bill Hosmer for the information on the aircraft. I KNEW he
would know the details! My aunt Shirley Olson Warcup (’49) told of some
boys she remembered being in the jail while she and a friend were
skating. The picture I’m attaching appears to be taken in the old police
station / skating rink warming house. The jail cells are in the
background and the floor appears to be planks. That is the way the floor
was in the 50s-60s when I skated, although there was then a wall between
the cells and the warming room. This was before the little concrete
block jail was built near the alley. I remember an incident involving a
prisoner in the concrete block jail. I was at the Standard station
getting gas in my car when a Canadian pulled in and asked what that
little building in the alley was. I told him that was the jail. He said,
” Well then, your jail is on fire!” Russell ‘Sadie’ Pigeon was working
at the station for his brother Bruce, who was the owner at that time. He
grabbed a large fire extinguisher and jumped in my car. Bruce called
Frank Flynn to come up and open the jail. It took Frank quite a while to
get there, slipping his clutch and all. The smoke was getting worse and
worse out of the vents and around the door and we started to worry about
whoever might be in the jail. Frank finally got there and opened the
door and I could see a mattress burning in the back cell and a guy
laying on his back on the floor. Russell crawled in under the smoke to
put the flames out and I grabbed the guy by his shirt and dragged him
out onto the sidewalk. He appeared to be unconscious as he lay there in
front of Frank and me. Russell came out and just as he did, the guy
opened his eyes and was going to make a run for it! Frank yelled and
Russell blasted the guy in the face with the extinguisher! It pretty
well ended his escape attempt and had him hoping he wouldn’t get more of
it. After the smoke cleared, Russell asked, “What do we do with him
now?” Frank said, Throw him back in there, he lit the fire.” We left the
smoldering mattress outside and threw him back in and Frank locked the
door on him–after a few words with the guy, that I won’t repeat here!
There were a couple cells in the building but the prisoners generally
weren’t locked in the cells, just in the building. They had a small hole
carved through the plank door, through which their wives and girlfriends
could pass them cigarettes and candy bars etc. Do you suppose this jail
would pass the code for lockups today? It probably cured a few criminals
from ever wanting to come back!

This is a picture of Mona Dionne Johnson and her friend, in the mid
40s–I think in the PD. Right Mona?


L to R:
Mona’s Friend & Mona Dionne Johnson (48)
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:neola@min.midco.net Minot & Bottineau, ND
Note: Christy’s parents are Jerry (60) & Margaret Bedard (62) Strong






Brooke Parrill is the Daughter of Rodney & Ann Parrill and Grand Daughter of Thurman & Marie Parrill from the Willow Lake area.


Jordan Kalk is the daughter of Brian & Karen Kalk and Granddaughter of Rodney (61) & Evie Kalk




Folks, this a cropped picture of Margaret & Bill from an original that I lost. The original picture also includes Phyllis McKay and Cecile Berube Reynolds. If any of you have the original, can you please forward it to me? Bill and Margaret both look so happy in this picture. Gary


Class of 65 reunion 7-12-07

Margaret Metcalfe Leonard & Bill Grimme




This is one of those famous Dale’s Jumbo burgers. I believe Bill


Grimme ordered this very burger. Served with chips or fries, I’ll bet


he was filled up when he was finished with this one.


Do any of you recognize the waitress in this picture?




Folks, I just had to share this wonderful picture of Phyllis with her students. Phyllis lives in Auburn, WA but I

believe she teaches close by in the city of Kent. Phyllis has been a teacher for many years in that area. Gary



Phyllis McKay (65) with her class – 2007





Reply from Shirley LaRocque Wendt (59): Tukwila, WA
Shirley is requesting a ride to the Dunseith reunion being held in Seattle on July 24th.

Shirley, we are looking forward to seeing you at our reunion. I am so sorry to hear of your worsening heart condition. We all know that you had open heart surgery a while back too. I am hoping you will not be in need of a heart transplant? Please keep us posted. Gary

Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Gary, and all I am sure people are thinking why did Bev just say I work at the log house in the blog…. Well the rest of the story was Gary had ask me where I work. I am not sure he posted that part maybe I missed it. I would say John is saying ARE YOU KIDDING ME? after eating that. LOL……….. Diane ,Debbie is a little better after Clarence and I went there a few weeks ago I felt alot better . I plan to go back soon. I still call her every week I talk she listens. and always says I LOVE YOU at the end . >>>>Diane when Cheryl comes home in Aug. we plan on getting together I hpe you plan to join us. . I remember those days Diane Debbie and I would be so excited as soon as Lee would let us know you were coming HOME . and we sure did pick up from where we left off and still do. What a blessing your family was to us. we love you Bev
Bev, I am so sorry for not indicating that your reply was in reply to a personal message. I knew folks would be interested to know where you work. I will for sure stop by and see you and all the others that are working at the Log House with our next visit back to Dunseith. I know that Mary Ann Gottbreht Brennan (58), Ann Boppre Perry (72) and Jess Hosmer have worked there in past summers too.
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
Gary, Dick Johnson. The bird that my uncle Clark belly landed in was one of the early models of the Curtis P-40. At another time he also bailed out of one. Dick, you are well versed on alot of subjects, and I agree that the shape of that bird had alot of class. The Mustang, though, had better performance because it was developed later, and it was built by North American. Thanks for the interest. Bill Hosmer
Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
Ok, I really can’t imagine this egg thing you are talking about…a
nearly hatched chick in an egg? So you would be eating a little chick
encased inside an egg? how do you cook it? It sounds really awful. I
am sorry. I once ate a boiled egg that had no yolk and that turned me
off of eggs for about two years. When I was 21 and making a cake I
cracked open an egg and a little chick fell out. I threw the bowl and
everything outside in trash. So maybe you can explain this balute
thing to me…..please.
Diane, with our class of 65 conversations prior to the 2007 reunion the subject of Balute came up. Many of the prior service folks were familiar with Balute. Balute is an egg that contains an un-hatched chick and is considered a delicacy here in the Philippines. They can be purchased in different development stages. The 18 day balute is much more crunchy than the 15 day balute. Bernadette likes the 15 day balute because it contains more of the juice’s. Balute is hard boiled, the same as a regular egg. When the balute man comes around, Bernadette will usually purchase 20 or so eggs for the folks in our area. Young and old alike love this stuff. When we treated some of the kids in our area to McDonalds a while back, we ordered Chicken nuggets and fries for all of these kids. This one little boy didn’t like any of the McDonald’s food, but he sure likes his balute and dried fish.
At the 2007 reunion, for a gag, we took 20 balute back with us to raffle off for a door prize. Warren Anderson got the door prize. He shared his balute with Kenny Nerpel and John Bedard at the reunion. Art Rude Sr. requested several of those balute too, of which Warren also shared with him. I kind of don’t think Art ate his balute though. He took them home. I’m not sure what he did with them once he got them home. Maybe he still has them in his refrigerator?


Larry St. Claire and all,


I really screwed up with the pictures in yesterday’s message. I always send a copy of each days message to myself for review to make sure all is OK before sending it on to you guys. I sent the copy to myself, but got side tracked and forgot to examine it for errors before sending. The system replaced Larry’s pictures with those of Kenny Nerpel and John Bedard, distorting them in the process and I did not catch that before sending. If I don’t follow the correct sequence when pasting these pictures into the body of the email, this is what happens. I have posted the correct pictures, below, with today’s message.


Larry, It is so nice that you will be able to make our Seattle reunion. We are looking forward to seeing you. I enjoyed my visit with you at the 2007 All School reunion too. You are truly a very social type guy with lots of personality and charisma. I believe Shirley LaRocque (her message posted above) is related to you too. I remember Ginger telling me at the reunion that your guys are related.




Top row: Donny Mongeon, Mr Hepper, Larry St. Claire, Tommy Evans

Bottom row: Allen Houle, and Jim Berube







Larry and Robbie St.Claire





Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND






I have been gone long enough from the area so I don’t know Nathan & Traci, but I sure recognize their parents names. Rick and Denice Wheeler Casavant are on our distribution. Denice and I communicated frequently when I was locating Dunseith folks. Donnie Nelson is Orvin Hagen’s adopted son, acually his nephew, but Orvin raised him after his mother, Orvin’s sister died.






Folks, Barry Shelver is a mirror image of his dad Glen. I’ll bet he posses the great qualities of his father too. Gary



Picture taken 7-14-07 L to R:



Barry Shelver (55), Gary Morgan (54), Clark Crum (54), Jerry Williams (54)






Picture taken 7-12-07 at the class of 65 reunion;


Bobby Lagerquist & Art Rude.


2009 Schedule of 125th Events for the Bottineau City & County Quasquicentennial
Thursday, June 18th
2:00 – 4:00 Open House, Pride Dairy
8:30 – 3:00 Bus Tour, West Bottineau County Jim Kofoid is driving one bus; I assume there will be more than one.
School Gathering
Amateur Night, Fairgrounds
Bottineau High School Class of ’57 meets at small picnic shelter in the city park–anytime after 6:00 o’clock.
Friday, June 19th
8:00 – 10:00 Registration, Free Breakfast
10:00 – 4:00 Arts/Quilt Show @ MSU – Bottineau
10:00 Athletic Games, 3 mile walk/run for cancer (Wear a pink hat!)
Open House @ Courthouse, Hospital, MSU, BHS, Ambulance, Good Sam
8:30 – 2:30 Bus Tour, East Bottineau County Brother Jim drives a bus for this event, too.
Kid’s Swim Events
School Gatherings & Bingo
Evening Williams & Ree @ Fairgrounds, aka, the Indian and the White guy.
Saturday, June 20th
9:00 Welcome Ceremony, MSU – Bottineau
10:30 Parade
11:30 Free Picnic in the Park
10:00 – 4:00 Arts/Quilt Show @ MSU – Bottineau
Athletic Games, 3 on 3 Basketball
9:00 – 4:00 Bingo, Craft Show & Bake Sale @ Armory
1:00 – 4:00 Car Show, Registration for Car Show from 12:00 – 1:00
Open House, Courthouse, MSU, BHS, coffee at the Hospital and Good Sam
School Gatherings & Kids Games
1:00 – 5:00 Free Music Show – Hourly on Main Street
Evening Johnny Holmes @ Fairgrounds
Sunday, June 21st
10:00 Ecuminical Church Service
10:00 – 3:00 Best Ball Golf, School Gatherings
Evening Demolition Derby @ Fairgrounds


Betsey Thiefoe Auren’s Obituary posted by Eileen Brudwick: Fargo, ND

– San Francisco Chronicle – (Mar/24/2009)
Betsey Thiefoe Auren

Betsey Auren was born in Dunseith, ND, on November 25, 1917, and left us on March 22, 2009. She was the daughter of the late Thomas and Julia Thiefoe, and the wife of the late Henry Auren. She is survived by her beloved daughter, Anne Auren-Gray; and loving grandchildren Will Gray (Vanessa), Jessica M. Gray; and son-in-law William F. Gray. In response to WWII, Betsey worked with the Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation as a “Rosie the Riveter” welder. After the war she moved to San Francisco, CA, with her longtime friend, Rose Fish. Betsey worked in the restaurant industry until her retirement in 1983. Betsey traveled throughout her life in the States and Europe. She was a resident of Noe Valley and a St. Phillips parishioner for over 45 years. Betsey enjoyed gardening, walking all over San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods, maintaining her independence, living in her own home, and attending daily Mass. She was a member of the Diamond Senior Center where she looked forward to luncheons with her friends each day. Betsey received her Last Rites from Father Tony in her home. Friends may call on Thursday after 4:00 p.m., and are invited to attend the Vigil at 7:00 pm, and the Funeral on Friday, 9:30 a.m. at DUGGAN’S FUNERAL SERVICE, 3434 17th Street, nr. Valencia, thence to St. Philip the Apostle Church, Diamond and Elizabeth Streets, where the Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10:00 a.m. Committal, Holy Cross Cemetery. In lieu of flowers spiritual bouquets preferred. THE DUGGAN WELCH FAMILY (415) 431-4900 Off Street Parking
Andrew LaVallie’s funeral notice posted by Mark Schimetz (70): Dunseith, ND
I didn’t see Andrew LaVallie’s Funeral listed in today’s letter Gary, The funeral is Friday June 5, 2009 @ 10 am. The wake is Thursday June 4th, at 7:00 PM and Funeral is at 10:00 AM, Both are at St.Michael The Archangels in Dunseith. Formerly St. Louis.
PS. Andrew LaVallie siblings went to school in Dunseith, Dallas and Dennis were in the class of 70 with me. Andrew went to school in Belcourt.
Condolences to the LaVallie family from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
My condolensces also to the LaVallie family. I really enjoyed the
pictures of the Morinville “kids”…I can’t tell you how much fun we
had with them growing up. When going to Dunseith to visit, we could
hardly wait until we caught sight of Aunt Lee and Uncle Bob’s house
(the Hosmer’s) and the Morinvilles which was next door….no matter
how many years there were between visits, we were always able to pick
up where we left off…

Bev, how is Debbie doing?


Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
I work at the Log house and really enjoy it Its the perfect job for me I love the people I meet from all over the world…. plus I have winters off


Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The newspaper article about Capt. Clark Hosmer making a belly landing,
has me wondering which ‘new pursuit plane’ he would have been flying? I
would bet our other military pilot, Bill Hosmer, would know. In 1945, my
guess was that it was probably a P 51 ‘Mustang’ but the article said
the Commander called the Curtiss plant for advice. I thought the P 51
was built by North American, although the design looks very much like
the Curtiss P 40 ‘Warhawk’, my favorite plane of all times.Did the two
companies collaborate on the design. How about it Bill? Thanks Gary!


Larry St. Claire (66) plans to attend Seattle reunion: Anchorage, AK
I would like to come down to Seattle to see everyone before the cruise leaves. Can you tell me the dates, times and places of the events?
Larry, This is wonderful news hearing that you plan on flying down from Anchorage to attend our reunion. We are excited to see you. Our reunion will be held on July 24th at the Best Western hotel located about one block from the Seattle center and space needle. Registration starts at 5:30 with social time until 8:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 8:00 PM followed with more social time. We have the ball room reserved until Midnight.
Please fill out the form below and mail your dinner selection and payment to Bill Grimme. I have also attached a word document of this form that can be easily printed out. Gary
Posted by Bill Grimme:

To attend this dinner, just fill in the following selections for you or your party, send me a check, and I will return a receipt.

Note: Dinner prices listed are inclusive of all taxes and gratuities.


NumberEntréePriceExtended price


______Pan Seared Chicken Breast$24.90___________

______Angus Beef New York Steak$34.10___________






Send Check to Bill Grimme,

3117 Memory Brook Circle,Birmingham,AL35242

.Phone 205-991-6512.




Hope to see you all there. Thank you.



Bill Grimme Class of ‘65



Top row: Donny Mongeon, Mr Hepper, Larry St.Claire, Tommy Evans

Bottom row: Allen Houle, and Jim Berube




Larry and Robbie St.Claire



Kenny Nerpel & John Bedard – 1965 DHS class reunion 7-12-07

John Bedard & Kenny Nerpel eating Balute from the Philippines. Balute is an egg that contains a nearly mature un-hatched chicken. It’s a deliciously eaten here in the PI. In the picture Kenny is looking his over and John just had a bite. With John’s expression, I’m not sure what his thoughts are at that moment? Gary



Condolences to the LaVallie family from Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT
To all of the LaVallie Family and extended family:
I send my condolences to all of you. When I was a little girl I was rasied to call Andrews parents Aunt and Uncle and they were family. I will be thinking of all of you on Friday.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)
Condolences to the LaVallie family from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

We have lost a friend with the passing of Andy LaVallie. He was a
decent, honest, and humble man who was always there with a hand shake
and smile whenever we met. He was one of those who served his country
during the Viet Nam war and then continued to lead others in honoring
the veterans, through the American Legion organization, for many years.
I want to send my condolences to his wife, Carol, and their sons, and to
the extended LaVallie families. Andy will certainly be missed by all of
us who knew and respected this good man.


Pictures provided by Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND





Andy LaVallie in the Service




Gilbert, Andrew, Peter and Albert LaVallie with their parents,


John and Cecelia.


Reply to Crystal Fassett Andersen (70 from Gary Morgan (54): GARRISON, ND
To Crystal,
Thank you for your kind words. If I’m not mistaken, your picture was taken at the Peace Gardens about three weeks after we were married which would make it 52 years ago.


Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC

Hi Gary, Alot of very interesting photos, I hope everyone keeps them coming…Thanks Gary…Aggie
Clark Hosmer’s”Belly Landing” posted by Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA
May 1, 1945
Picture taken July 15, 2007 – Girls from the DHS class of 1968
I’m guessing with Several of you folks, so please correct me if I’m wrong. Gary
L to R: Connie Mellmer Krusinski, Lola Metcalfe Vanorny, Brenda Hoffman
& Toni Morinville Gredesky





Picture taken at the DHS class of 65 reunion on July 12, 2007



Marlene Richard Parslow & Evie Gottberht Pilkington


Jerry and Toni (Morinville) Gredesky – July 2007



Morinville siblings -July 2007:
Back: Debbie & Bev
Front: Duane & Toni





Dale Pritchard’s (63) reply to Gary Stokes: Leesville, LA

I remember Shirley (Dale’s sister) stopping by that meadow (Thompson/Stokes meadow) on her way home from school
one time and telling me I was five years old that day. How well I
remember later mowing, raking and stacking that itchy stuff. We rented
and stacked hay for Willie Aasness next to Long Lake for a few years
too. At different times, we also rented and stacked hay for Jacob
Bjornseth and Bennie Johnson. I don’t know about you but I’m glad those
days are gone!!

Folks, does this bring back memories to any of you old farm boys? Stacking hay in those meadows could get mighty hot in July and August. I included August, because I know Dale’s Birthday is in August.
Dale, I remember well your family stacking hay in all of those places. In later years, my dad/us hayed (bailed) Jacob Bjornseth’s Meadow too. Your dad had that bullrake mounted on the back of that old truck frame that ran in reverse that he invented too. That machine went pretty fast in the field and on the roads too, in reverse. I never had to stand in hay stack and stack hay. That had to be on heck of a hot, dirty and itchy job. Dad pretty much had gone to bailing when we were of the age to help with the haying. Hauling those heavy bails of hay made a man out of a boy too. Those were the good old days. Gary
Reply from Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): Bellevue, WA

Hi Ginger,


I was looking back at the emails in Gary’s blog and saw the picture of your folks. Was your mom’s name Madeline? I think I remember her helping my mom when in about the year 1954 when she gave birth to my sister Marianne in Rugby. The other wonderful lady we worked with mom was named Roseanne Poitra. She and my mom were very close. I think she worked for my mom near the end of our stay at San Haven. We moved to Minneapolis in the summer of 1958. Oh, the other woman I remember helping mom was Flora Longie (?). She helped mom when Bob and I were little so that would have been in the early 50’s. We were born in 1947 (dah!) and 1949. One memory I have of Flora is that she showed Bob and I a raccoon tail and told us it would get pinned on us if we did not quit climbing around on the furniture and acting like monkeys!!!! She kept it on top of a big yellow refrigerator, just in case!


These ladies were all wonderful to us kids and a great help to my mom. She worked at the hospital giving anesthetics for my dad when he did the lung procedures for the San patients. Mom would not have been able to work at the hospital without the help these woman were at the house.


Hope all is well with you and your family.


Take care,


Karen Loeb Mhyre

Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65) 7/12/07
Picture from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

HI All

I wanted to send this picture of my family….it’s the first one we’ve gotten with everyone present. The occasion is our youngest son’s 25th birthday bash this afternoon. We’ve had 2 new babies in the last 3 months, so both granddaughers (ages 3 – Haley and 17 mo- Claire) have baby brothers (ages 3 months- Brody and 3 weeks- Caleb). In the picture are, from the left, our son Cory, his wife Lauren holding Caleb, my husband George, youngest son Matt holding Haley, behind him is Claire being held by me, then our daughter Kelly holding Brody with her husband Troy. We never knew it could be this much fun.

Cheryl Larson Dakin
Message/picture from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

With all the nice comments about my dad, Don Johnson, in recent messages
I thought I would post a cute picture of him taken in about 1931. He
would have been around 3 years old at the time. This would have been
taken while they lived here at the farm and before they moved to Towner
in ’33. Dad went to school through the eighth grade in Towner and came
back to the farm and Dunseith school in about ’42. Just thought some of
the folks might like to see it. Thanks Gary!


Andrew LaVallie Passed Away:
Posted by Mark Schimetz (70): mschimetz@msn.com Rolette, ND
Andrew LaVallie passed away at 2:00 am. Friday Morning, at a Fargo Hospital. His funeral is to be held at 10:00 am. on Friday June 5th, 2009 @ St. Louis Church in Dunseith North Dakota. Some may want to use the new name of St. Michael the Archangel. But I still refute the wisdom of the new bishop of the area as do many others. Anyway, Andrew was one of the few in this area, if not the only soldier that served with the 7th Cavalry, in the Idrang Valley of Vietnam. His name is listed in the Book written by Col. Moore, We were Soldiers Once, and young. Andrew was wounded many times during that battle, on different occasions.



The movie Starred Mel Gibson as Col. Hal Moore, and SGT Major Plumley was a 2 time Medal of Honor recipient. I have received information, from a family member, that Retired General Moore, has been contacted and may be attending Andrews funeral. Andrew was very active in the Local American Legion and VFW. He is sorely missed. He was well respected man especially among fellow Veterans, A true leader among the wounded.


Pictures from Bob Hosmer (54): Lynnwood, WA
Here are some photos I think are pretty neat:
The only ones I recognize here are myself, Bonnie Awalt Houle, Barry Shelver, and Miss Egge (the teacher who used the nine o’ cat tails on Elaine Watkins).
Back Row: Gary Woodford, Dennis Espe, Don Conroy, Gordon Strong, Gary ?, Gordon Niemeyer, Rodney Armontrout, Coach Jerstad
Front Row: Barry Shelver, Bernard Haiet (sp), Milton Medlang(?), Jerry Williams, Gary Morgan, Bob Hosmer, Clark Crumm, Robert Aamott
Here we are in Kindergarten. I’m there, Bob Daily, Barry Shelver? The rest I don’t remember
Here we all are again. Picture was taken same day at school, but different areas of the school yard.
Maybe someone can recognize who all these kids are and where they’re at today.
Sure do enjoy reading all the stories and remembrances of Dunseith and Turtle Mountain area
Bob Hosmer
Bob Hosmer, WA Chaplain
Marketplace Chaplains USA
Cell: 425-299-0928
Email: rkhosmer@comcast.net
Website: www.MChapUSA.com

DHS class of 65 reunion 7/12/07

Esther Murray Fleming Flint, MI


Patty Boguslawski Gottbreht Dunseith, ND




Reply from Erling Landsverk (44): Portage, WI


Hi Gary:

I had no idea that the book I wrote would be mentioned on your blogg. It certainly was not my intention to use it for a merchandising tool. I want to thank Bill Hosmer, Bev Morinville Azure and other for the kind words about the book Sharon, asked me for ten last year, which she paid for, and once more she has requested another ten copies.. I guess the cat got out of the bag when bill Hosmer and Sharon began discussing how I was related to Sharon. As for Bill Hosmer, I met him at the all school reunion in 07 at Dales. He saw my name tag and introduced himself, and i really enjoyed the cconversation. The fact that I was blind, didn’t seem to bother him one whit. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him because i was very familiar with the Hosmer store and his family. Bill certtainly was not one to blow his horn, not one word about his Military Record as a fighter pilot, not one word about his membership in the “Thunder Birds, and I discovered later that HE has written a book which I am certain would put mine to shame. Bill Hosmer deserves the acolades of the entire nation for his service. However, I really believe that i can match him in a love for North Dakota along with the dunseith, bottineau, and Hills region. of course.

It has been a great priveledge for me to have lived in that area and to have known so many great folks. Thank you all.


Erling Landsverk

Bill Hosmer’s message posted several days ago:
Gary and Friends, I recently finished Erling Landsverk’s book. It was a great experience to read of the people, the conditions of life, family, and work ethic which characterized this region in those bygone days. It really brought back images and experiences even beyond the wealth of material generated by this excellent Blog. I asked Sharon how to order copies. She said to use her brother, Dave as a point of contact. Sharon said that his email address was known herein, but I don’t know it. His mailing address, where Sharon also lives, is 1621 95th St.. NE Bottineau 58318. She said the price was $20.00. In my view it is worth it, and more. Thanks and Cheers, Bill Hosmer
Bill, I just happen to have Dave’s email address. Dave Landsverk



Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND


To Sharron….first of all I would like to thank you for the kind words you said about my mother and father…. Mom died with the same gracefulness as she lived I was with her to the end and she always amazed me… As did my father he was not only Phy sicial strong but also had the strongest faith I have ever witnessed to this day. My sisters and brother plus all our friends were truly blessed by them .Thank you also for the new clipping I have never seen it before . Had heard the story but never had seen the clipping. Thank you so much,


Bev, This is a reply form Sharron Gottbreht Shen with the date of the Dunseith article about your parents:

Discouraged that I did not have dates on many of the scans you have received, and now on todays message. Do regret lack of knowledge about how all this rocket age equipment works! Get back to me, kind sir, if I continue to fail when recording these snippets of history.

Morinville/Hanson posting: Turtle Mt Star 17 Nov 1938




Reply/picture from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70): Walhalla, ND


Thanks to Gary Morgan for sharing your family picture. I lived in Portal at the same time as the Morgans and Pam babysat for me many times (and my boys LOVED her).I also get to see Mark and his beautiful wife & girls on occasion when we visit my Mother-in-law in Stanley. I can’t believe Gary and MaryLou are Great-Grandparents(in more ways that one!!). Gary’s family and mine are shirt tail relatives through the Watkins,so we love it when we get an update. I’m with Aggie C. Share your family pictures. We all love to see “how we all turned out!!” I am attaching one “old” one of the Morgan crew ,so you can see who Robbie takes after!! Crystal Fassett Andersen
Picture L to R:
Gary, Marylou, John & Ken Morgan horsing around at a family picnic




I will post, near the bottom of each days blog, one or two pictures that I have from the 2007 reunion. I am also going through the old blogs starting from the beginning on 12/27/07 capturing the photos that I lost on my hard drive several weeks ago. I will repost several of those pictures each day too. One of you LaCroix gals sent me quite a few 2007 reunion pictures, many of which I have lost. Can you please send them to me again?




2007 Dunseith Reunion:
Janice LaCroix Kester (59), Charlotte LaCroix (62), Donna LaCroix Allard (64) &
Joan LaCroix Lannie (67)
Posted 12/28/07 By Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Ernest Tennancour at the Corner Garage owned by John Kofoid.
Posted 12/28/2007

Message from Geri Metcalfe with picture (Metcalfe’s & Lagerquist’s):

I enjoyed Karen Woodford’s reply re: Bobby Lagerquist and her Lagerquist relatives. Hope this picture comes thru OK–I treasure this picture as this group of kids spent alot of time at my parents, Jim and Ella Metcalfe’s farm.
My sis, Patti is only about two on this picture, so I’m thinking it was taken in about 1950, the year my sis, Lola, was born.

The Strong’s lived with us for a time when their home burned about the time we were moving to the farm from Seattle, where Helen and I were born. My parents lived in Seattle for seven years. They moved back before Margaret was born in 1946. Yes, Hilda and Leroy had Bobby L. living with them and I remember Inga and George visiting at our farm as well.

We’re getting ready to leave for AZ, so if I don’t get time to send this to Karen, she will get it from you.

Thanks much, Gary, for all you do–I’ll keep in touch in Mesa.

Hope the New Year is kind to all of us,




Left to right: Bobby Lagerquist, Ronnie Strong, Jerry Strong, cousin Larry Metcalfe, my brother, Gary Metcalfe, Gordy Strong, me in front of Gordy and my sis, Helen in front of me; the three kids in the front are my sis, Margaret (in front of Jerry Strong), her little friend, Timmy Strong and my sis, Patti .