10/24/2020 (2779)

Eleanore (Stubby) Fauske Passed away.
Posting from Glenda (Russell) Fauske (’64):  Dunseith, ND


I just got a call from the Nero Funeral Home they will “live stream” the family service on Tuesday and that link will be added to their website under Eleanore when it is set up.


Hi Gary,

We wanted to inform you Eleanore Fauske passed away and her “Celebration of Life” for the immediate family will be Tuesday, October 27.  There is a public visitation time set at the Nero Funeral Home on Monday, October 26 from 4 – 9 p.m.  A Memorial Service may be planned for the summer of 2021.  I’ve attached a jpg of the photo and a Word document of the information below.

Thank you for sharing it on the Dunseith Blog as she was known by many in the community.  She did not die of Covid, but probably because of it.  The isolation and lack of personal engagement impacted her and many of our loved ones in our desire to protect the most vulnerable.

Our best wishes to you and Bernadette.  We pray you folks there have peace and strength to endure during this challenging time for the entire world.

Glenda and Russell

Gary’s Comments:
I was so saddened to hear of Stubby’s passing. She always looked so healthy and vibrant, even in her later years. Elwood too. In my mind they’d live forever. The Fauske’s were our only neighbors to the North between us and Canada. In our School days, Stubby took a liking to me, trusting my judgement and always treated me as Family, even in my adult years too of which I so admired her for doing.  

She was a firm loving mother with four beautiful daughters. They were good kids, but none the less, for the love of mother, she kept a tight rein on them.

Connie, Carrole, Beth and Lindy, does this ring any bells? Your mother was very firm and protective, probably much more so than needed. You were good kids. You had your Aunt Charlotte Lang (Teacher) keeping an eye on you at school too. The likes of being pretty and popular. You have all lead good productive lives too.   

Obituary Eleanore Fauske
October 23, 2020

Eleanore Lois (Hiatt) Fauske, 97, went home to be with her Lord on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, in the local health care center.  A private celebration of her life will be held at the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau on Tuesday, October 27, for the immediate family only.  Burial will follow at the Ackworth Cemetery in rural Dunseith, ND.  A public Memorial Service may be planned in the summer of 2021.  A public visitation time has been set for Monday, October 26, from 4 – 9 p.m. at the Nero Funeral Home.

Eleanore “Stubby” was born on April 9, 1923, to John and Margaret (Randall) Hiatt on the family farm north of Dunseith.  She grew up in the Turtle Mountains and attended the Ackworth School and graduated from Dunseith High School.

On October 31, 1942, she married Elwood Fauske in Bottineau, ND.  After their marriage, they moved to Thompson, ND, where Elwood worked as a farm laborer.  In 1946, they moved back to Dunseith and Elwood worked for the Rolette County Soil Conservation Service as a heavy equipment and caterpillar operator.  Eleanore worked as a pastry chef at Dale’s Café.  They raised six children.

Eleanore always had a deep, personal faith in God and was an excellent example to her children. She and Elwood attended Grace Lutheran Church in Bottineau for many years where they enjoyed many Bible studies.  She was a member of the Kelvin Homemakers and TOPS for many years.  She was a 4-H leader and reached out to share the love of God with children.  She loved to read, bake, garden and sew.  She worked at and sold numerous embroidery items at the Front Porch on Cranberry Creek in Bottineau for many years.  However, her favorite times were “family gatherings” and spending time with her children and grandchildren.  They said she also knew how to yodel.

They purchased the Hiatt family farm in 1962 and had a diversified farm where Elwood raised beef cattle and small grains.  Eleanore took a position with the U.S. Post Office in Dunseith and retired after 30 years.  Elwood retired at the age of 80 and they moved to Bottineau in 2000.  Elwood passed away in 2017.

Eleanore was proceeded in death by her parents; husband, Elwood: their son, Steven: son-in-law, Robert Monte; and all her siblings.  Her loving family includes:  Connie Monte of Lexington, Kentucky; Russell (Glenda) Fauske of Dunseith; Carrole (LaVerne) Rude of Vancouver, WA; Beth (Al) Duncan of Yorkville, IL, Arlinda (Tom) Van Eynde of Yorkville IL; Brian (Deb) Fauske of Minot; 16 grandchildren; 35 great-grandchildren; and 9 great-great-grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers or plants, the family requests memorials be sent to the Ackworth Cemetery.

Fauske Family

2013: Eleanore “Stubby’s” 90th birthdayFauske


Condolences: Joyce Evans Passing
From Cheryl Larson Dakin (’71):  Bedford, TX

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Joyce Evans. She and my mom were lifelong friends. I pray for the health and well-being of the remaining residents and staff at Good Samaritan.

Cheryl Larson Dakin


Condolences to the family of Joyce Evans.
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND

So sorry to hear of the passing of Joyce Evans. She and my parents were close neighbors since 1975 when my parents moved up town. Joyce and her husband of course knew my parents years before 1975. They visited back and forth living down the same street from one another. Joyce was so pleasant as her husband was. 

This is so sad , this covid is taking so many lovely people from this earth. I sure hope the end is near for this pandemic.


Joyce, I am sure you are in a beautiful place like the beautiful person you. You will be dearly missed.

God Bless you Joyce, 

 Ginger Poitra


Attached: Omaha Beach…… a MUST WATCH

Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

October 22, 2020

Gary and Dunseith Alumni friends,

I just received this from Carroll’s nephew, Don.

It is a story that resonates for anyone who knew those

who laid their lives on the line in service to our country.

Please remember and honor their memories on Veterans Day.

I won’t  forget.

Thanks Gary.

As ever Vickie


The combination room on the stage…..
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

October  22, 2020
Gary, and friends of Dunseith Alumni,

After a middling Indian Summer, Old Man Winter and his sidekick, Jack Frost arrived over the past weekend. They did not keep Covid-19 distance, dancing around for about 12 hours resulting in  my ‘Carlson’ the apple tree bending quite fatigued from dancing and tired bearing weight of the snow

Walking became challenging again for me, I “walk like a penguin” bundled into 3 layers. A couple of inches of snow and again I  am forced  to recall North Dakota Ice and snow driving skills.

Since Kathy shared her mom’s recipe for chili, I have been slowly stockpiling beans, tomatoes, celery, onions, pulling out the largest iron skillet and locating the crock-pot. Voila! This morning I wept over chopping onions.  The chili is now simmering in the crock-pot.  Holy buckets!  I ‘m wondering how many weeks I will eat chili.

While, I wept over onions and celery my thoughts were of Stella.  When do I remember meeting her?

I was in Mrs. Hansen’s second grade class of 9, at the time, it was a combination class as  she taught, as about 20 first graders.

For Mrs. Hansen’s combination room;

Our domain was  on the stage.

The 9-second graders desks were on against the wall,

the 1st graders sat closer to Mrs. Hansen.

We’d go down steps into the gym, up steps to the seating, then out the door to the main bathroom.

To eat lunch we got into  the never-ending line with students of all ages, walk down the hall and  down, down steps into the basement of the big white school    Under the steps was a little kitchen where we were handed a plate of rather bland tuna wiggle hot ,  chipped beef over potatoes or boiled well boiled, rather colorless hotdogs  and other forgettable  sometimes other questionable food,

At recess time we  go out the exit doors off the stage.

The hallway into the classroom, which was useful in our imagination free play. Dragon’s or witches lairs HOME FREE place for the girls chase boys or boys chase girls games

My second grade class was comprised of 4 girls and 5 boys.  Many of us were ‘of the hills’ farm kids; there were a couple prairie farm boys, and 1 town boy.  Many of the boys had 1st grade brothers.  As did Mark.  His little brother name was Reid.

I thought, it was so special, when the town children’s mothers walked over after school and  walk their children home from school.

One particular mother, was petite Stella Schimetz.

Often accompanied by two quiet little girls with big brown eyes, long brown hair curled hair with big bows. Hand in hand with their mom.  I learned these sweet little girls with the petite lady were Mark and Reid’s young sisters, Kathy and Kim.

A few short years later that mom became the  Dunseith Public  school  head cook.  And school children reaped the benefit for years.

Hmm, I realized something missing.

Stella always served commodity cheese on white bread with chili. I don’t think I can find that anymore.

Until Later,

May Jack  Frost and Old Man Winter find you Dancing away from Covid.


10/16/2020 (2778)

Joyce Evans – Passed away
January 03, 1930 – October 11, 2020

Joyce Evans, 90 of Dunseith, died Sunday at a Bottineau nursing home.

(Nero Funeral Home – Bottineau)

Gary’s Note: Folks, I understand Joyce Contracted Covid. I was told yesterday that a large number of the Residence at the Bottineau Good Samaritan Nursing home have expired from this terrible disease. So sad. Joyce was very well known in the Dunseith area too, especially during my days there also. We extend our condolences to all of her family with her passing. I will post her Obituary too when it becomes available.  


Memories of Stella Schimetz and Birthday wishes.
From Vickie Metcalfe (70):  Bottineau, ND

Monday, October 5, 2020

Gary, Kathy and  Friends of Dunseith ,

O my garsh!

I won the lottery opening message  2,777!

Over the years, I have eaten many school lunches at many schools. Not one could  ever compare to the meals which  Stella Schimetz  graced the Dunseith Public School cafeteria with.

Stella the lady,  always warm, personable and hardworking. Stella, first person at school  in the early mornings

Stella’s meals  were never;
‘Plastic. Tasteless,  Pre -packaged’ ….. (which sadly is becoming a norm.)

Coming into Dunseith school a person could find Stella Schimetz working multitudes; hand mashing  gallons of potatoes,
opening hot ovens and pulling out huge roasters of meat,
……on her tippy toes stirring chili in a huge kettle
at a counter, whipping up  special dressings  for her pea salad,
pulling together desserts like peanut butter bars.

( Nowhere in sight a recipe book…..)

Every bite was wholesome tasty nutritious as well as DELISH!

At the close of  her day, Stella Schimetz  was still there scrubbing pots and pans, moping the floors not leaving until everything was  ship shape sparkling.

In the midst of the day Stella Schimetz, knew each  child’s name moving through the lunch line.
She knew their diet needs and preferences.
Children respected her as she gave respect.

Through it all  Stella Schimetz  never looked harried or unkept.
From the early morn beginning of the day until she left the kitchen Stella was neat as pin,

For those of us, who ate in the Dunseith Public School Cafeteria,
Stella Schimetz is forever memorable

Recipes from  Iconic  “Stella Schimetz” are indelible!

Thank You  Stella  Schimetz children for lending us, your little petite momma, to cook for the rest of us  for many years~ and sharing the recipes.

Yes, Stella Schimetz  remains  a  legend.


Vickie L. Metcalfe


Birthday wishes to  Stella Schimetz:
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65): Belcourt, ND

Happy 90th Birthday Stella,

I sure hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Ginger (LaRocque ) Poitra. I am the daughter of Joseph and Madeline LaRocque. My dad Joe worked with your husband Louis on the railroad for many years maybe it was 33 years.

I remember seeing and talking to you a few years ago at a funeral, we had a brief visit and I had to leave. I sure wish I could’ve visited with you longer. It seemed you wanted someone to talk to.

Well Stella you take of yourself.

Love You, God Bless

I think of you often

Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra


Condolences to the Amy Gunville Family
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65):  Belcourt, ND

Sandra Azure, I am heartbroken about the loss of your beautiful daughter Amy. Amy looks a lot like you Sandra.

So young to be gone from you and your family.

God Bless Amy and all her family, my prayers are with you. I will keep you in my prayers.

God Bless you all

Love You,
Ginger ( LaRocque ) Poitra


Condolences to the Loren Dubois Family
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65):  Belcourt, ND

Condolences to Loren Dubois family,

I am sorry of the passing of Loren from this terrible corona virus.

God Bless him and all his family through this sad time.

Ginger  (LaRocque) Poitra class of 1965


Reply from Norway to our Dunseith.net Website
From Gunn Haug: Oslo,  (Lørenskog) Norway

Hei !

My grand grandmother Otille Haseldahl traveled to BottIneau in 1911. She married Henry Haseldahl in 1910. They had a son Gustaf Emil Haseldahl who married an Olga (Hanson). NOTE: Folks, Please note that Olga Was my dad, Bob Stokes’, sister and mother to Jean Pladson and Audrey Aitchison.

I was wondering if you had a photo of Otille or a story about her. I know she died in October 1945 in the Turtle mountains, maybe you can  find out the cause of death.

I do not know if this is the right place to ask, but Dunseith is the only thing I get when I apply for Haseldahl Bottineau.

Hope someone can help.

Mvh Gunn Haug

Gary’s Reply
Folks, what a coincidence. After Bert Passed away Olga Married Emil Haseldahl. She was his first and only wife too. They lived a few miles NE of Bottineau in the Turtle Mountains east of the lake road. She found a wonderful guy too with Emil. If any of you Genealogists have or can find any info about Emil’s mother Otille it will be most appreciated. All I know about Otille is what I read from the small posting in the 1984 Bottineau Centennial Book

Reply to the “1949” Dunseith Girls Photo posted by Cheryl Dakin From Cheryl Larson Dakin (’71):  Bedford, TX

Thanks all for identifying the gals in the picture I submitted. It fills in the blanks nicely. Also, thanks to Vicki for the kind words about my mom. She could sure tell some stories. I am in the process of putting together a book of family memories so if anyone has any stories, I would love to hear them.  Also, thanks Kathy for posting your mom’s recipes!


Cheryl Larson Dakin
Dunseith Girls 1949






10/05/2020 (2777)

Stella Schimetz 90th Birthday Celebration
Posted by Kathy Schimetz Wood (’72): Minot, ND

My mom will be celebrating her 90th birthday on October 13th! Sadly, we cannot gather with her, as a family, to celebrate, due to covid. Mom absolutely loves getting cards! She reads them, saves them, then reads them again. If you know my mom and want to help us flood her room with cards, here is her address:

October 13th – Stella’s 90th Birthday
Mailing address to send Birthday cards

room 224
Heart of America Medical Center
800 S Main Ave
Rugby, North Dakota 58368

Schimetz, Stella

Mom cooked at the Dunseith School for 32 years. She loved it! Today, I posted about her upcoming 90th birthday. I’ve had requests for her PEANUT BUTTER BARS recipe, so here it is! Grease and flour or spray a 13 x 18 pan Preheat oven to 350o. PEANUT BUTTER BARS 1 cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 4 eggs 1 cup peanut butter 2 1/2 cups flour 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 teaspoon salt semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)


2 lbs hamburger
2 large onions chopped
at least 1/2 a bunch of celery-chopped fine

Cook together and season with salt–about 2 teaspoons, pepper–about 1 teaspoon, and chili powder–at least 1 tablespoon. Adjust to your liking. That’s how Mom cooked—taste, then adjust!

In a stockpot-mix together and heat through:

About 1/2 can tomato juice. (large can)
2 cans red kidney beans
2 regular size cans tomato soup
1 large can of tomatoes

Add salt/pepper/chili powder to this too!

Add meat mixture to stockpot, simmer awhile—taste—-adjust seasoning to your liking. I add garlic to mine, but Mom didn’t-she didn’t use much garlic in her cooking. If you like it, add it! Add more tomato juice if chili is too thick.


Amy Gunville’s passing / Obituary
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70):  Dunseith, ND

Gunville, Amy Marie

Saturday October 3, 2020
Gary and Friends of Dunseith Alumni,

I am  deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Amy Gunville, whom I’ve known,  first as a child and as an adult,

She  was a wonderful little girl who grew into a  powerfully strong woman.

I recall Amy as an respectful to adults and her peers while she was a  student at Dunseith School Elementary School.

She and her brother Mike were both former students whom I enjoyed greatly as third grader’s.

Years later, whilst at Bottineau School I became reacquainted with Amy as a parent.

She was very supportive of education.

Amy, a warm friendly person always greeted with a smile upon meeting.

And after a pleasant visit, she’d leave behind  in her wake ……. a warm glow of positivity.

Sincere sympathy to her immediate and extended family.

Her parents who were my former Dunseith classmates. (her mom, Sandra rode my school bus).

Her (big) brother Mike.

Her children. (She was supportive of  each of you, your education and uplifting of  your individual personalities and ability)

God Bless the memory of Amy Gunville  and her spirit

Vickie L. Metcalf

Funeral Service
Monday, October 05, 2020  10:00 AM
St. Michael’s Catholic Church  PO BOX 862  Dunseith, North Dakota 58329


Joy Murray Anderson (DHS ’73) Passed away: Tacoma WA
Posting from Esther Murray Fleming (’65): Burton, MI.

Hi Gary I am sorry I haven’t written to you about my sister Joyce passing. It has just been so hard. I still  cannot believe that she is gone.   At around the  same time my husband had major back surgery and is finally  back home  recuperating.  I want to thank everyone for all their prayers.  God loves yuzu’s all as I do.                                                                                                                                      Love you  Esther

Gary Stokes Comment:
Esther, So sorry to hear this sad news of Joyce’s passing. Our condolences are with you and her entire family.


Verdy Richard Larson (DHS ‘49) Memories
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70):  Dunseith, ND

 Gary and friends,

Verdy Richard  Larson was always kind and helpful whenever, where ever I met her.

She would always ask me and talk fondly of her lifelong friend , Alice Metcalfe.

She’d often  tell  me, t how they worked together at Hosmer dept.  store and enjoyed many fun times together.

Like Verdy, Alice, throughout  her life, carried a positive attitude, was  optimistic, carried a fun sense of humor 

 and held in high regard family  and friends.

Thanks for igniting that fond memory.


Vickie L.  Metcalfe


Leland Stickland: Find a grave Web site
Posted by Ken Striker:  Dayton, OH


 Sending FYI correspondence I had with Dean Stickland yesterday.

 Thinking you would appreciate my Striker Family FB and also the Findagrave Memorial.

 Ken Striker

—–Original Message


Sending Findagrave Memorial for your Dad….it has a link to a memorial for Lee.

 Also links to “surf” around,  including back to William E Striker..and for that matter, back to the immigrant Christian Striker.





Reply to the “1949” Dunseith Girls Photo posted by Cheryl Dakin
From Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,   My mom Bernice Olson Johnson is the third one from the left (#3)  in Cheryl Dakin’s picture of the ‘girls’ of Dunseith in 1949.  I think (#1) is Patsy Sunderland.  It sure looks like her to me.  Thanks Gary! Dick

Gary’s comment:
Thanks Dick, I think we nailed it. You always come thru and Ken Nerpel too.
Dunseith Girls 1949







10/03/2020 (2776)

Reply: Leland Stickland (Deceased)
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra’s (’65): Belcourt, ND 

Oh my gosh! It’s hard to believe that Leland is gone. I was going to write more to him and now he is gone to be with our Lord.

I too will miss him, I knew him but not that well in high school he graduated with my sister Lana, I told her that I corresponded with him on the blog and what it was about, she said really, where is he living, I told her and she said I haven’t been on the blog to hear about anybody, she thought she might get on and e-mail him.

I am sending my condolences to his family, Lee was a strong guy to live through the accident in 1965, now this dang covid took him, unbelievable!  I was just going to know him better him liking the same thing I liked! He will now see all those lovely things in heaven I am so sorry for your loss and all his friends loss I can tell he was a good guy from his writing he sent me on e-mail.  Love him you all forever, miss him forever, you know he was a special brother and friend to you all.

God Bless all of you
On this very sad time


Condolences to Leland Stickland’s family
From Bob Lykins (Teacher):  Hutto, TX

So sorry to learn of Lee’s passing.  My prayers go out for the family.  I recall Leland from his HS days in my classes.  He was not only an excellent student but a flat out nice kid.  He was also a pretty fair football player on Bob Jury’s teams.  May he rest in peace.

Bob Lykins


Condolences to Leland Stickland’s family
From Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (’73):  l Grafton, ND

Condolences to the Stickland family


September 30, 2020
Message to Leland Stickland with a copy (Cc…) to Gary Stokes
From Lynette Honsey:  

Hi Leland,

Earl Hiatt was one of my favorite cousins.   I remember so well hearing the news.   I had already been moved to California and was basically a kid with no one to talk to about my awesome cousin.   It hurt.

I paid tribute to Earl at the cemetery while I was in North Dakota in 2015.

I was never told about a car or that there was someone else in the vehicle.

I’m wondering what the real story is.   Can we talk?


I’ll email you soon.

Are you from the Rolette County area?


September 30, 2020
Lynette Honsey’s reply to Gary Stokes

 Hi Gary

So nice to hear from you.

No I have not heard from Leland.

I’m out on an errand to help a senior get her groceries.  And there is the presidential debate soon.    So, I’m going to email Leland tomorrow if nothing gets in the way.

Leonard Honsey was my biological father.  He left when I was very young, moving to Washington to be with someone else.   I never got to know him very well.   I did get to meet him when I was in my 30’s or maybe 40’s.   Very handsome guy.

Vida was my Aunt.  Sister to my mom, Lois Peterson.   Vida was a sweetheart of a lady.  Great cook!  Picture of health if I remember correctly.   She had a beautiful family.

Nice to hear from you Gary.  We’ll talk soon.

October 2, 2020
Lynette Honsey’s reply to Leland Stickland’s passing

 Hi Gary,

Thank you for the information.

I feel terribly sad about Leland.

I’m sorry for your loss.  And my condolences to all of the fine North Dakota people that knew Leland.   I sent Leland an email two days ago asking him about my wonderful cousin Earl.

I’m astonished and saddened by this unexpected  news.

I’m so sorry.

Wishing you my best.

October 3, 2020: Note: We are a day ahead of USA time.
Lynette Honsey’s reply to Gary Stokes

Hi Gary,

Yes, Leland’s passing was quite a shock.

So you knew about my cousin Earl Hiatt and you remember what happened?  Can you tell me the story?

Yes, Sharon Peterson is my cousin.  Her mom, Joy, was wonderful and quite an inspiration.   I had lunch with her in 2015 when I last visited in North Dakota.  Joy at that time lived alone in a house that she took care of even to the point of mowing the lawn.  Joy amazed me with her vibrant personality.

I’m sad to say, but I didn’t know my cousin Larrett well at all.  He looks like Uncle Bill, his dad.   Larrett’s wife Yola is pretty.   What’s in Crosby, North Dakota that drew my cousin to move there?   I’ve never been to Crosby.  I sure wish Larrett and Yola a happy life in Crosby.

I’m living in Orange County, Southern California.  I love the ocean.   Also, my son lives about nine miles from me.  He and his wife blessed me with 2 beautiful grandchildren, ages 4 and 1 year old.   I get to watch them and spoil them every now and then.   I love it.  Those little children hugs are so precious.    I’d move out of Southern California if my son wasn’t here.

So take care of yourself Gary.   We all know life is short.

Blessings to you and your wife.


Dunseith ND Highlight
Posted by Don Martel (Teacher):   Rosemount, MN

I thought it was interesting that Dunseith was highlighted in today’s segment of “onlyinyourstate. com.


Web link



Reply to the “1949” Dunseith Girls Photo
From Ken Nerpel (’65):  Rugby, ND

 Regarding the girls “1949” photo from Cheryl Dakin, the girl that is second from the right might be 

my Aunt Alice Metcalfe.  According to my records she was born in 1927 and may have been in Dunseith at that time.

Kenneth Nerpel
Dunseith 1949 Ladies


Veteran’s long-lost military ID tag returned to his widow
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70):  Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary, I just read this  on national news, and thought about former DHS POD teacher, Gene Hepper.

Many of us North Dakotans who live in rural areas of ND always know someone who know someone connected… 

While this war was going on I felt it was a subject not spoken about at school,  although many of us watched the national news and knew how horrific it was for those who were serving. 


Web Link




Pictures posted by Karen Larson (Bottineau Spectrum):  

Don’t know if you have seen these two pictures before.  I found them in my computer. Karen

Gary’s Reply,
Thank You Karen. These Pictures need a repost
Dunseith-2 Dunseith-1





10/02/2020 (2775)

Leland Stickland Passed away this morning
Message from Dean Stickland (’73):  Olympia, WA.

Stickland, Leland


I thought you would like to know that our oldest brother Leland (Lee) passed away early this morning.  He had been residing at an assisted living facility in Dickinson. Several residents and seven staff members there tested positive for Covid-19 a couple weeks ago, including Lee.  He had a few rough days, then felt better and thought he was done with it.  A few days later he was worse again and had symptoms of pneumonia so they hospitalized him on Wednesday morning.  He died less than 24 hours later.  He will be cremated.  When it is a bit safer to travel we will gather in Dickinson for a memorial service and interment.

He would have turned 74 on the 20th of October.

Darrel (class of 67) and me (class of 73) both reside in Olympia, WA just a couple miles apart.  We’ll miss our phone visits with Lee.  We’re glad we all had a week together a year ago.

All the best to you.

Dean Stickland


Gary Stokes Comments;

Dean; we extend our condolences to you and your family with Leland’s passing. You will miss him dearly.

What a shock to hear of Leland’s passing. He had been corresponding a lot with us lately too. Never did he mention he had Covid. I remember and knew Leland very well from our HS days too. Always a very nice respectable guy. He will be missed.

Leland’s last message sent to me on September 21, 2020 Posted with our last blog on September 25th.

Ginger, yes I read a lot, have never owned a TV. YOU may recall that I went through HS like a breeze but when I was in the car accident that took Earl Hiatt’s life on 12/30/65 ALL of that information was wiped away. I was able to make my first try to go to college in March of 1969; it took three attempts to succeed. In 101 English Composition, the teacher asked me how, with such a great HS record, I was not able to write. I told her what had occurred and she apologized. I sent her a copy of first Master degree thesis; it had more than 100 pages.  This masters was in Public Health. SNUF Tanks for YOUR ear.  Lee (Stick)

Ginger LaRocque Poitra’s (’65) reply to Leland: toddpoitra073044@gmail.com

9/26/2020 Hi, Lee,

So sorry to hear that that happened to you. I know I was devastated when I heard about Earl,  he was always such a nice person, good to all. I did’nt hear anymore then that about the accident and I guess that he was coming from Rugby. There were pretty high hills in those days which were later flattened out some, not so scary and dangerous.

I am so happy to know that you made it! Took a while but you did it! The Lord gives help to those in need and who work for it you are one of those.

Enjoy your life Lee you deserve to enjoy a good life.

So long for now, maybe I will write more about the beautiful things the Lord gave us to all enjoy. We were so fortunate to live in a less crowded area to be able to see the stars and moon at night without the hindrance of city lights.

God Bless you Lee



Gary Stokes Note: I actually have a lot of more postings from you folks that I will post within the next couple of days. Kind of busy today.  I wanted to get Leland’s’ death posted.