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I don’t have any posting for today so I’ve included several pictures from Last night.

Last night was this month’s Cebu Expat dinner that was held at the Marco Polo. We only had about 80 attend last night’s dinner.

Bernadette really isn’t doing well. She has become very forgetful, both long and short term. Today she doesn’t remember being at the Marco Polo last night. No matter how much we coach her memory she doesn’t remember. She forgets about 50% of the recent and has forgotten about 25% of the past. The past several months she has slipped the most. She still has a strong desire to visit the USA again and she still thinks she can drive. She can barely get in the car let alone drive. She is unable to fasten her seat belt too. She pages or calls me many time each day. She will ask what I’m doing or where I’m going of which most often she doesn’t understand when I tell her. She still knows all of us though, so that is good. She does forget some of the kids names though. Our help comes on at 8 AM and leaves at 9 PM. We have three with staggered shifts.

I’m very thankful I have such good help. They are a god send. Tata, the gal holding and behind the wheelchair, has been with us for 15 years. She knows us well. Next to me Tata is the most important person in Bernadette’s life. Tata is Novie’s aunt. Her husband, Aldren, is a brother to Novie’s dad. I have now hired Aldren back full time too. He takes care of the outside cleaning and maintenance, painting, etc. Without a doubt we have the cleanest maintain residence in all of Cebu. Aldren loves to clean and he is an excellent painter too, inclusive of all the painting preps.

Leaving for the Marco Polo
Stokes 2635-1

At the Marco Polo
Mirasol, Tata, Bernadette, (Novie and Jasmine mother daughter)
Novie is 36 years old and Jasmine is 13. Mirasol is 38 and Tata 44.
Stokes 2635-2


Blog (711) posted on February 10, 2010

Posted on February 10, 2010

Reunion Reply:

From Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73): Grafton, ND

I have some great concern: WHERE IS THE CLASS OF 1973, as of today it is myself and Jeff Evans Im sure Jeff and I can party enough for everyone lol but it would sure be nice to see more of you at the reunion. As I remember we had a great class. So glad to hear you are coming Gary be great to see you.

Vickie, I have attached the reunion list in a class sort again today so folks can see who among their class mates plan on attending. Gary

The Schwabe & Schniederman Families:

Reply Mary Eruich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary

I called Erma Eurich Peltier last night to see if she could add anything to the Schwabe info. She remembers them well. They were apparently very close neighbors. She named the kids. Forest, Dale, Howard, Florence. She said Florence was quite a bit younger than she was and she thought forest was the oldest. They went to school together. Forest had a glass eye and it would freak her out when he’d take it out and apparently he knew this and during school he’d take it out and roll it around on his desk.

I figured Art Schneiderman’s wife would turn out to be a Schwabe but apparently not. She actually couldn’t remember who she was. She did remember that her name was Marie. Mary

Dorothy Pritchard/picture/write-up, The Schwabe & Schniederman Families:

From Mary Eruich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND


Today Marie Eurich Beachler called me regarding the Schwabe family. She said the Schwabes lived in the area for some time when they were kids. And they visited back and forth a lot. Mrs. Schwabe and Mrs. Art Schneiderman were sisters. Schwabe’s went west when the war broke out and would come back occassionally and would always pay them a visit when back here.

Art Schneiderman lived with us for quite awhile after his wife had died. He had broken a leg and it wouldn’t heal right and he couldn’t take care of himself. At that time welfare wasn’t that easy to get and you had to live in a county so long before you were eligible to draw. I don’t know all the details but I know he stayed with us till he was eligible in Rolette county then he an Earl found a place to stay but it didn’t last as the Dr said his leg wasn’t healing right and they would have to rebreak it. I don’t remember all the details but I think he came back to live with us a couple of times. If Earl was in the area he’d stay with us to.

Dorothy really enjoyed her cards and letters. She said, They just kept coming and coming. Thought you’d enjoy some of her history she shared earlier with staff in Bottineau. That is the cabin her a Robert were in the proces of building when Shirley was born.

Here’s a couple more pictures. I thought Gary Metcalfe might enjoy the Clint and Hatty (ie) Anderson one and Leona

Metcalfe. I remember the old cream station. The stove set on a little platform. I remember Ma leaving me at the cream station while she run to Hassen’s for groceries. I sat on that little platform by the stove and never moved.

Thought you and Kay and Keith and Dale would enjoy the picture of the Stoke’s again. Kay gave me an address for the Canadian relatives so I will be trying to make contact to get the Pritchard side identified also. I hope you can do a better job of naming the folks on that picture. They are not standing in the order that the names are stated thats for sure. I ‘m going to lay low for awhile and enjoy others input for awhile. Thanks Mary K


I am cramped for time again today, so I’ll post those other pictures tomorrow.

Thank you so much for Dorothy’s write-up. Dale or someone sent this several years ago before we got you on line, but it truly deserves another re-run.

Folks, I am so glad to hear of all the cards Dorothy received from all of us for her 97th Birthday last month.


PS – Mary, I’m hoping your laying low is short lived. We really enjoy all that you have to contribute.

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Gladys Rosberg
(Died February 4, 2010) 

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Gladys Eva RosbergFuneral services for Gladys Rosberg, age 98 of Bottineau, were held on Wednesday at 10:00 am at the First Lutheran Church in Bottineau. Officiating at the service was the Reverend Glenn Berge. Dianna Bullinger was the soloist and Nancy Olson was the organist. Casket bearers were Dean Rosberg, Erok Rosberg, Larry Rosberg, Kreg Rosberg, Rory Holmes, Dana Larson, Drew Holmes and Joshua Heisler. Honorary casket bearers were all of Gladys’ grandchildren. Burial was at the Oak Creek Cemetery in Bottineau.

Gladys Rosberg, a daughter of Eugene and Anna (Grimstead) McGhan was born on February 28, 1911 at Jackson, MN. In 1916, she moved with her family by train to Bottineau County and settled near Souris. She attended grade school in Peabody Township and graduated from Souris High School in 1929. On June 20, 1931, she married John Oliver Rosberg at the Bottineau County Courthouse. They made their home in Carbury for 10 years and during that time eight children were born. Johnny worked as a carpenter and also did painting and paper hanging. In 1942 they moved a one-room school house into Bottineau. They enlarged it and made it their home. They also added to more children to the family. John passed away on April 7, 1957 from a brain tumor. Gladys continued to live in the family home where she raised the children. In 2002 Gladys moved into the Bottineau Good Samaritan Center and in 2009 she moved to a Wichita, KS nursing home to be closer to family.

She was a member of the First Lutheran Church in Bottineau where she was active in the WELCA and the quilters group. Gladys was the matriarch of her family and kept everyone in touch by writing interesting letters and by faithfully sending birthday cards. She always had a baked item ready for friends and family when they stopped by for coffee. Her hospitality, listening skills and gentle, loving personality made everyone feel welcome.

She passed away on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at a Wichita, KS nursing home.

She is survived by 6 daughters, Darlene (George) Gillies of Bremerton, WA, Margaret (Dave) Dawson of Casper, WY, Cheryl Larson of Kent, WA, Olive (Max) Burdick of Overland Park, KS, Glenda (Don) Heisler of Hokes Bluff, AL, and Alysia (Mark) Runnells of Newton, KS; 3 sons, Lonnie (Eunice) Rosberg of Mohall, John (Eleanor) Rosberg of Mills, WY and Dennis (Audrey) Rosberg of Billings, MT; 25 grandchildren; 36 great-grandchildren; 10 great-great grandchildren; sisters, Mabel Mosing of Bottineau, Evelyn “Sally” Guttu, Tacoma, WA; sister-in-law, Ilene McGhan, Crosby, ND and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by a daughter Yvonne Turner; twin brother, Glen McGhan; brothers, Marion McGhan, Art McGhan, Cecil McGhan, Edwin McGhan and Eugene McGhan; sisters, Margaret Van Eckhout, Alma Lexa, Lucille Magnuson, Alice Rebich and Luella Thomas; 3 grandchildren and one great-grandchild

05/25/2018 (2634)

Reply to Neola Kofoid Garbe
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): Belcourt, ND

Hi Neola,

Sorry your husband will have to be in an assisted living home. That has to be hard on you in many ways. It will be good though that you won’t have to worry when you go out doing things that need to be done.

Give your husband my best wishes that his pain will be lifted, no one should have to be in pain.

Neola you take care of yourself also. I wish I would’ve stopped in to see you a few weeks ago when I saw your van at your house. I was with others and didn’t want to have them wait until, I knew what would’ve happened when we saw each other we would’ve probably got to talking and we know how that is.

Thank you Neola for being the best person ever! Thank you for being a good listener.

Take care, love and prayers.

Your friend,  Ginger



Reply to Neola Kofoid Garbe
From Lee Stickland (’64) Dickinson, ND

Neola,   I have lived in an assisted care cntr for over two years and all is great.  Mainly my meds are managed for me.

I wish you the best.   Lee



Blog (709) posted on February 8, 2010

Posted on February 8, 2010


I got a message from Al & Kathy (Barbara) Kalk (65) Lopez letting me know that they plan on attending our reunion on May 22nd. Kathy was unable to attend our 2007 reunion, so it will be nice to see her and Al. It’s been 45 years since most of us have seen Barbara.

Kathy (Barbara as we all remember you), It will be so nice to see you again. Gary

Kathy (Barbara) Kalk & Al lopez

Kathy & Al’s children – 2008

History Memories:

From Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello all, I guess one opinion is as good as another, so here goes some opinions. I believe the one trait that most people on the blog can thank the early settlers for was sheer nerve and spirit of adventure. Without the PP&MM book we would have lost contact with the past in so many ways. I read somewhere that Louis Bergan was the oldest child and came from Norway at one year old and that there were about six or seven other children. Then I could not remember where I had read this so I looked through the PP&MM again and saw were three or four of the Bergan’s went to Willow Lake School. Then I found an early settlers, Hans Bergan who settled in Holmes Twsp. where we lived.

Then I found a George Hack, who was an earlier settler on land that Boardman’s and Sal Schneider occupied in our later years. This might explain your mystery man, Emil Hack.

I read about people like Jim Penny, Joe Renauld, and others just like them in that area south of Dunseith. My mother lived neighbors to them in the old days. She was fascinated with Joe’s ability to roll a cigarett with one hand, he blew the other off with a shot gun. Read his story in the PP&MM.

You can find a story in there about my old friend, Maggie Cassidy’s hubby when he was 9 years old, written by a supreme court judge. Tom was a hero. So to the Wenstad girl who bought the book, PP&MM, it may take you 10 years or more as it did me to really get into it, but that is alright.

To Allen Richard, Pete Richard’s store was known as the Variety Store to us. He was always on the job with his bolo tie and big rings on his fingers. Norman Richard spent the winter of 1945 or 46 up on our farm. Tough duty, no electricity, snowed in while we went back to Seattle for the winter.

Read about Frank and Julian Peltier’s grandfather. He had money and did not need to move to ND. Dakota was not much different than when I lived there, frozen solid in the winter and mosquitoes in the summer. We had to build a smudge to even have a 4H meeting in those days. One person had to weild a dish towel so the crew could eat dinner, flies you know.

Bonnie Awalt Houle if you read about your grandparents and also Clint Anderson, you will see why you are a survivor. I will talk about Clint Anderson later.

We haven’t even mentioned the guy who always said, “Holy Baldheaded” when he got excited. He also would say, “Holy Cat”. I have a feeling Floyd Dion will know who I am talking about.

This is getting too long. Thank you Gary, sure do appreciate you and all you do for us. Gary Metcalfe

The old lumber Yard & Story:

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


One old story about a deal at the old Great Plains lumber yard, is
worth telling, I think. This is the lumber yard that was mentioned in
recent messages and was located where the Dunseith post office is now.
The back side of the lumberyard building was right up against the alley
behind the bank. I remember how cars would splash mud against the
building when they went down the alley. There was a time when Isadore
(Zike) Boguslawski bought scrap iron and batteries at the old lumber
yard building. There was a little kid ( won’t mention his name) in
Dunseith who found a few old batteries and brought them to Zike to make
a few dollars. One day someone had turned into the alley and slid their
car into the back wall and knocked a hole in the wall right behind the
batteries. This kid was coming up the alley with a battery in the box of
his wagon and found the hole, with the batteries just sitting there for
the taking. He crawled in and set a few batteries out in the alley and
loaded them in his wagon and then went around front and sold them to
Zike. He did this several days until Zike figured this kid sure was
finding a lot of junk batteries for a young kid, so Zike marked a few
batteries and sure enough, they showed up! The part of the story that is
interesting is that the kid had a given name but since that day in the
’60s, he has only been known as ‘Potlicker’. This is what Zike was
calling him as he chased him around town trying to get close enough to
give him a whooping! To this day, he is called ‘Potlicker’! Thanks Gary!


Turtle Mountain Country School Reunion:

Posted by Linda Gardner: Washington, DC

Hi Gary – I had a call today from Tom Hagan. He asked if you could rerun the announcement about the Turtle Mountain Country School Reunion as he had lost the original e-mail. The announcement is attached.

I’m also attaching a picture of the snow we had over the weekend. I live about 20 miles west of Washington, DC and for the second time in the last couple of months we got hit with a bad snow storm – a little over 3 feet. The mound of snow you see in the attached picture between the lamp post and mail box is my car!! Looks a lot like ND don’t you think. Federal Government is closed tomorrow as public transportation is still not up and running!!!

Thanks, Gary for all your help!

Linda, That is quite a snow storm you guys had. The snow is piled up pretty high on the mail box and the cars.

I have pasted the Reunion annoucement and registration form below. Gary

Turtle Mountain Country School Reunion

July 10, 2010

Plans are underway to hold a Turtle Mountain Country School Reunion on July 10, 2010, at the Twin Oaks Resort & Convention Center atLakeMetigoshe.Anyone who attended a country school in theTurtleMountains or is interested in celebrating an educational life style of the past is welcome to attend.The cost is $42.00 per person.Reservations and advance payment are required.Please fill out the form below and mail to:

Linda Gardner

3059 Sugar Lane

Vienna, VA22181

TurtleMountainCountrySchoolReunion Registration Form




Number of Participants

Checks should be made payable to Linda Gardner and mailed with the registration form to the address above by June 1, 2010.

Registration will begin at 3 PM; Social Hour 4-6:30 PM and dinner will be served from 6:30 – 8 PM.

If you are interested in helping organize this event, have memorabilia to share at this event, or have questions, please contact Linda at:



DeAnn Gottbreht Picture: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/deanngottbreht

Posted by Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.

The pixie girl attached is DeAnn Gottbreht at age 5, Clear Lake Canada! It seems right to send a second posting today in view of the generosity of Verena and Pete Gillis who know full well the rough road of cancer. I spoke with Ernie and Cheryl yeaterday; DeAnn and Patrick and the kindness of Verena and all volunteers were the first and foremost subject. Praise God, all continues well. Thank you friends. Sharron

Daughter of Ernie Gottbreht (65) and Brenda Hill Mueller (70):

DeAnn Gottbreht – 1987

Dick Johnson & Sharron Gottbreht – Conversation about the Schneiderman’s Haagenson’s & others.

Posted by Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.

Kind of Dick to think I could incorporate this data on the Haagensons and Schneidermans. I reviewed what I sent and see several typos and grammar problems. I doubt I can be trusted, Dick! Besides, you have first hand knowledge of the terrible events that affected their lives. I should have mentioned that the Schneidermans had moved to Rolette County sometime after the 1930 census. Their centennial entries appear in the Bottineau County book. Obviously, Art Schneiderman and family belong with us! I cannot pinpoint the “Beaver Dam” area, but it must be as Dick ably describes. Many thanks, Sharron

Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 10:35:22 -0600
From: djcars@hughes.net
To: sharron_shen@msn.com
Subject: Re:

Thanks Sharron! One local input item, Schneidermans lived on a farmstead in the Turtle Mts. just south of Rendahl Church. There is still a house standing there. It is located one mile west of the Willow Lake Road and just a short distance north of Elvin Haagenson’s farmstead. I got to know Earl Schneiderman while I was over in my wife’s home town of Sherwood. He was Art’s son, I believe. He rented a trailer house site from my father-in-law and later built a new home right next door to them. Earl said they/he lived in the Turtle Mts. on this farm until he entered the army in 1961. He gave me a ’56 Chevy car that he had left on the place and so that’s how I knew where it was located. Earl died a few years ago. He was divorced and lived with his son, Tim. Tim was one of the young fireman who were burned terribly in an oil field fire several years ago. His face is disfigured but he was one of the lucky ones. Two died from burns and one other is very disfigured. It was on the same land that my wife’s uncle farmed and he was there when the final explosion happened. Terrible tragedy for such a small town.The lightening caused the fire and Brenda’s uncle saw the primary fire and called the fire dept. He was really traumatized by the accident, as I’m sure most people would have been. Just thought that you could maybe use this information while doing the research. Thanks.


Sharron Shen wrote:

Thank you Dick Johnson for expanding on what we now know of the Schwabe family. In addition to Hans Schwabe who was 19 in 1930, his brother Christ, absent from home, was age 30. This rings a bell and I will check for a Christ Schwab in the TMS. I too made the association of Schwab/Schwabe. Although the father Wm Schwabe, of Louis, Christ and Hans was born in Denmark, his parents were born in Germany. Wm P Schwab, salesman at the lMarchand/Watkins lumber yard for many years, was born in Iowa, parents born in Germany. Many families altered the spelling of there names on arrival USA – Gottbreht/Gottbrecht. The Schwabe/Haagenson names were often associated. I only checked the family of Hans and Ida Haagenson who lived in Gilbert Twp. Hans was 54, Ida 56; children still at home in Gilbert Twp were Willard age 24, his wife, Erma 20, their baby Raymond 11/12; and Alvin youngest son of Hans, age 17. The Haagensons were neighbors of Lillie Kotchevar on one side and Anton Gunville followed by Gilbert Rude on the other; Art Rude was age 6. I sure want to take a second look for teachers, neighbors, ministers who lived near Art Rude; a man among men and anchor of his community.

According to the centennial bio of Wm P Schwab and Hattie Hurst, they had 2 children. Ethyl, 23 in 1930, was married to Wm Gottbreht Jr, also age 23. They lived next door to Ethyl’s parents with their baby daughter Marilyn. I did not note Bill’s employment listed in the census but he did work at the hardware store Higgins and Gottbreht and he also served as USPS carrier from time to time. I must check other files to see of all 3 of their children were born in ND. Their 3rd generation Bill was about EJ’s age. Dale Gottbreht owned the home south of Wm P Schwab and may have purchased it from Wm Jr. This house may have been known as the Thomas home prior to 1930? Mom talked about making sauerkraut with Grandpa Geo G in the small structure at the back of this house! The sloping garden area behind the homes of Gottbreht/Schwab/Tennancour were huge per my childish assessment – Wm P Schwab’s cabbages were amazing.

I found Arthur H Schniederman renting in Bottineau Co, Wheaton Twp in 1930. He and his parents were born in MN. His wife Marie E. age 29 was also b in MN as were her parents. You may remember that Charlotte, age 37, wife of Louis Schwabe was born in MN. I went after the name in MN and have misplace the notes! What surprised me about the census taker in MN of that lost work, his record of towns in Norway where folks haled from! What a boon to historians who try for data after a century or more.

Thanks Dick and Gary. Sharron

05/21/2018 (2633)

Neola Kofoid Garbe is moving back to Minot
Posting from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot, ND

Hi Everyone,

This is an update from my husband, Wally Garbe.  I’m am moving to our condo in Minot.  I should be moved in by the end of the month. :)  Email addresses will remain the same.


Sent: Fri, May 18, 2018, 01:18 PM
Subject: Update

I need to bring everyone up to date.  Wednesday I made a big move.  I moved to Edgewood Vista, assisting living, on Wednesday.  First of all I need to thank, Maynard, Inez, and Linda for the move.  I don’t know how I will ever thank them enough.  It is tough to move from rooms to a one room apartment.  But those two girls got thing packed away, now I have to learn where they put them.  Still not really settled in.  Will want to move things around
          I had to move.  My two hips are bone on bone and to walk is almost impossible.  I use a walker, supplemented with a cane to get around short distances.  I also bough a used scooter here.  A lady had it for sale, it was a good bargain.  I was not eating at home as it was tough trying to make my self something to eat, so it was just easy to do as little as possible.  The possibility of falling was very great.  Up to this point, knock on wood, I had not fallen.  If I had I was not able to get back up.  I did have life alert the last couple of weeks.  We didn’t realize that I would be able to get into the place here so quickly.

Within a week I was moved in.
          So my room # is 107A.


Blog (707) posted on February 6, 2010

Condolences to Carol LaVallie’s family:
Gary, please post this:
Sending our condolences to Carol LaVallie’s families.
Dianne (Rober’t) Johnson & Darla (Rober’t) Armstrong. dianne@arrowtechinc.com
Reply from Allen Richard (65): AllenRndmn@aol.com Midland, MI
To Collete Hosmer–The Richards had a fair presence in Dunseith years ago. Your mom’s uncle Joe ran the gas station on the south end of town–his sons Vernon and Norman took it over in the 50’s. Uncle Pete ran the dime store. Our great grand parents lived next door to Uncle Pete until they passed away in the early 50’s great Grands dad passed first. I’d need to check the geneology book for dates– or Carmen Richard probably just knows it.
By the way–your art work is amazing.
Tom Cassidy’s House:
Reply from Marshall Awalt (51): jandm@ec.rr.com Newport, NC
We have been in Maryland for the last week and everything came through fine except #705.Dick wanted to know why our pictures were shot in front of Tom Cassidy’s house.My parents rented tom’s house in the early 1930’s and we lived there until around 1940 when my father built a house down by the train depot.
Thanks Marshall
Schabe’s – Picture:
Reply from Lloyd Awalft (44): Bottineau, ND.
Thompson Family:
Reply from Key Hildebrandt:
Just a note to let you know Beulah Hoaglund enjoyed the pictures. She’s another of the “family keepers” and has been generous with her records.
Also, someone emailed me, and it went into my Spam folder. Unfortunately, my hand was quicker than my eye, and it was deleted just as I saw “Dunseith.” Hopefully, it will be sent again.
Thanks for including my messages. Kay Hildebrandt
Reply to Dale Pritchard (63) – Norway:
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
I hope you do make it back to Bodo in the summertime. It’s quite an experience to have the sun shining (not brightly, of course) at midnight. I have a slide of our family with the midnight sun in the background (The slide is in Minot.). I’ll try to scan/send it sometime.
Alex Pedie family photo reposted with correction:
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
I sent this picture to you awhile ago; you included it in one of your daily newsletters. Thanks to Dick Johnson, I now have Dianne’s correct maiden name: Volker, NOT Voeller. I don’t know where my mind was when I typed Voeller; it wasn’t on what I was typing! Thanks, Dick.

Virtual Wall – The Viet Nam Wall w/detail behind every name:Posted by Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND

I think you should post this and have everyone look at Mark Eklund from Morris, MN and read about what his teacher wrote about him. I guarantee everyone will have a tear in their eye and every teacher will cry.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________This is truly remarkable.
The link below is a virtual wall of all those
lost during the Viet Nam war with the
names, bio’s and other information on our lost comrades. It is a very
interesting link, and those who served in that timeframe and lost
friends or family can look them up on this site.Please pass this on to all of your fellow vets and their families

First click on a state, then when it opens, a name. It should show you a picture of the person or at least his bio
and medals…… http://www.virtualwall.org/iStates.ht

05/19/2018 (2632)

Question: Jack Woods
Message from Sandy Lopez (’64):  Cuba & Raleigh, NC.


Thank you for the incredible job that you have done for all (what is it 10 or more?) of these years with the Dunseith blog. It is obvious that a lot of the recipients have a lot longer history in the area than I or the rest of the other Cubans did, but I still enjoy the memories that you all have shared, and once in a while I recognize a few of the names. Thanks again.

I also wanted to let you know that I have relocated from Rockford, Ill. to Raleigh, NC. Obviously you have my correct e-mail address of sandy.lopez@lopezfam.us, but I want to make sure that you delete my earlier address of svlopez5@comcast.com as we no longer have that service.

I also wanted to ask you if you have a recipient by the name of Jack Woods who may have graduated in 1967 or thereabouts. He is the uncle of someone I met in Raleigh recently who grew up in Bottineau county and the family still has the farm in the area which they rent out. The fellow I met could not believe that he had met someone here that knew anything about ND, let alone Dunseith.

I hope that things continue to be well for you and that you can continue to perform this great service for the community. Best Wishes!

Sandy Lopez

Gary’s Comments:
It’s great hearing from you Sandy. From our 1960’s school days we will forever remember those of you from Cuba. You made a remarkable impression for all of us locals.
I think the Jack Woods you are referring to would be the Jack that is married to Patti Metcalfe (’67). I forwarded your message to Patti. I know she will sort it all out and get back to you. I’m pretty sure she will see this posting too. Yes, I can imagine your friend was very surprised probably not knowing your total back ground history too. It’s a small world.
Please Keep in touch Sandy.     


Blog (707) posted on February 6, 2010

Tee Shirt info for those attending the reunion who attended Dunseith schools
Message from Verena Gillis:Dunseith, ND
Information for those that haven’t yet paid: I will be ordering the
shirts on Friday of this week, this is the deadline they gave me. If they
haven’t sent payment yet for the reunion–they will not be receiving a
shirt as there is officially no commitment. I had to earn money for this
and I will not be ordering extra.Verena

Picture request of former Superintendents
From Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND
I am trying to get a picture of all the superintendents that have been at
DHS. Do you have any idea how this can be done or maybe you might have
some of them? I do have Mr. Les Jensen but when I try to get the others
they turn out pretty distorted. I would like to use them at the Bingo
Folks, if any of you have any pictures at all of the any of the former Superintendents, please share.
Thanks, Gary
Dunseith Senior Citizen’s food
Reply from Larry Hackman (66):Bismarck, ND
I’m thinking a slice of sour cream raisin pie to start things off with. Then a bowl of bullets w/homemade bread with real butter. Haven’t had that for decades. Then finish with another slice of sour cream raisin pie. I suppose I’ll have to pick up a jumbo and take that home in a box.
Sounds like a plan Gary, We’ll see you there!
I hope it warms up and there are some rodents out for the benefit of some of them other classmates of yours. I don’t think the ducks are laying yet either. I’m sure someone will bring down some road kill from the Turtle Mountains that might tempt their pallets?
We’ll see you there.
Larry, It’s a deal. We’ll meet you at the Dunseith Sr. Citizens for Lunch at 11:00 AM Sunday, May 23rd.
Folks, you are welcome to join us. Gary
Mrs. Conroy:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,I think Paula has been holding out on us! That’s a great memory you
shared about Mrs. Conroy’s 4th grade. She was my favorite grade school
teacher. The other teachers were very good too, but Mrs. Conroy really
knew how to make school interesting. The sick room Paula mentioned was
also kind of a library too and was also used now and then for ‘private’
discipline by Mrs. Conroy. There were two doors to the cloak room (sick
room) and one was from the hallway balcony. I remember some younger kid
tried to slide down the banister and fell over backward, landing on the
cast iron radiator in the hallway below. He got hurt but I can’t
remember the extent of his injuries anymore. Diane Larson Sjol
remembered the shaky fire escape on the back of the school. When I think
about it, I don’t think it was real safe to send a full load of kids
down there at once. We did it for many fire drills without a
problem.Before the school got a new automatic fire alarm system, there
was an old hand crank siren on the wall in the downstairs hallway and
Mr. Conroy used to crank it for a fire drill. I remember how some of the
first graders would start to cry when the siren started. It was an
exciting time for the rest of us, we got out of class and went outside
for a while! Diane, I never really liked to look down either when I went
down the old rickety fire escape. The steps were metal strips and you
could see down through them to the ground— a long ways down for a
small kid! Paula mentioned the ‘Plaster of Paris’ wall hangings we made
in Mrs. Conroy’s crafts (art) class. I’ll attach a picture of the one I
gave to my mom for Christmas 1959. I still have it. Thanks Gary!


Additional info to yesterday’s posting of Ronald Oswell’s Passing, son of Leona Metcalfe:
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Vickie & Ardis,
I don’t have an email address for Dianne, so could one of you forward this? Please pass along to anyone you think should know or would be interested. I don’t know if anyone has contacted Tiny & Ann Oswell — maybe Travis?

Here is the information from the obituary, which will run in Wednesday’s Seattle Times — www.seattletimes.com

Viewing at Evergreen-Washelli Funeral Home May 6th 1-3pm. Graveside May 6th 3pm. In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to the Northwest Junior Pipe Band via paypal at www.nwjpb.org or mail a check to 509 NE 165th St. Shoreline, WA 98155.

Here is the funeral home memorial website: Please note that the time listed for the viewing is incorrect (they put 8 am or something weird. The correct times are in the obit above.


Reunion Name tags
Folks, I have put off one more day for printing out name tags. I will be printing them out tomorrow.
Please check your name and others too for any errors or changes that you’d like made. I will be including your residence and class year/affiliation on your name tags as well.
For those attending without a preprinted name tag, we will be hand printing when they register at the reception desk the day of the reunion.
I will be posting Verena’s list of those that have paid tomorrow.
Note: Several of you replied letting me know that your computer would not display this whole list. There are currently 301 names on this list. If they are not all displayed this list can viewed on our Website under the 2010 message tab http://garystokes.net/default.aspx
Sorted by first name
First Name Last Name Residence Class YR.
1 Abe Murray Tacoma, WA 1959
2 Aggie Casavant Fort Mill, SC 1969
3 Aime Casavant Jamestown, ND 1966
4 Al Lopez Inver Grove Heights, MN 1965 Spouse
5 Alan Henning Minot, ND 1971
6 Alan Poitra Bloomington, MN 1976
7 Albert Johnson Rolla, ND 1970
8 Alice Lilley Dunseith, ND Friend
9 Alice Pladson Stafford, VA 1966 Spouse
10 Angela Berube Malget Minneapolis, MN 1965
11 Anita Benson Belgarde Dunseith, ND 1985
12 Ann Boppre Perry Dunseith, ND 1972
13 Ann Gottbreht Flaata Rolette, ND 1960 Friend
14 Annette Casavant Boucher Minot, ND 1960
15 Arla Hill Hiatt Bottineau, ND 1979 Mother
16 Arlene Lamoureux Dailly Federal Way, WA 1955
17 Arlin Pederson Minot, ND 1955 Spouse
18 Arliss Wenstad Spline Michigan ND Auxiliary
19 Audrey Birkland Dunseith, ND 1959 Fiance’
20 Barbara Boucher Rivard Dunseith, ND 1965 Spouse
21 Barbara Iverson Lyonais Hobart, WA 1960 Relative
22 Bernadette Peltier Dunseith, ND 1970
23 Bernadette Stokes Cebu, Philippines 1965 Spouse
24 Bernard Morin Dunseith, ND 1976
25 Bernd Sedlacek Great Falls, MT 1961 Spouse
26 Bernice Belgarde Bemidgi, MN 1972
27 Betty Allard Heinz Rolette, ND 1960
28 Bev Handeland Hamnes Bottineau, ND 1948
29 Bill Grimme Birmingham, AL 1965
30 Bill Krause Dickinson, ND 1974
31 Bob Dailly Federal Way, WA 1957
32 Bob Leonard Dunseith, ND 1951
33 Bobbie Slyter Wichita, KS 1970
34 Bonnie Espe Burlington 1968 Spouse
35 Brandon Longie Dunseith, ND 1998
36 Brenda Hoffman Greenville, SC 1968
37 Brenda Johnson Dunseith, ND 1968 Spouse
38 Candace Peltier Dunseith, ND 1991 Spouse
39 Carlene Jerome Gillis Dunseith, ND Spouce
40 Carol Peltier Breland Rolla, ND 1975
41 Carol Watkins Carbonneau Bottineau, ND 1946
42 Carolee Casavant Halvorson Bismarck, ND 1975
43 Cecile Berube Reynolds Minot, ND 1965
44 Char Wurgler Rugby, ND 1664 spouse
45 Cheri Metcalfe Evans Dunseith, ND 1974
46 Cheryl Bailey Dunseith, ND 1965 Spouse
47 Cheryl Haagenson Dunseith, ND 1971
48 Chris Peltier Bismarck, ND 2000
49 Chuck Munro Fargo, ND 1959 Spouse
50 Cindy Hoffman Sante Fe, NM 1977
51 Cleo Kelly Woodbury MN 1960
52 Clint Dumas Havre, MT 1968 Spouse
53 Colette Pigeon Schimetz Lake Metigoshe, ND 1970
54 Colleen Peltier Poitra Dunseith, ND
55 Connie Burcham Sime Dunseith, ND 1962
56 Connie Halvorson Kester Long Lake, ND 1964
57 Cora Anderson Rolette, ND 1965 Spouse
58 Crystal Belgarde Fargo, ND 1994 Fiance”
59 Crystal Fassett Andersen Walhalla, ND 1970
60 Curtis Halvorson Dunseith, ND 1959
61 Dale Andersen Walhalla, ND 1970
62 Dale Juntunen Perth, ND 1972 Spouse
63 Dale Pritchard Leesville, LA 1963
64 Dan McKown Wichita, KS 1970 Friend
65 Daniel Peltier Dunseith, ND 1991
66 Daniel Pladson Dunseith, ND 1975
67 Darlene St. Claire Took Milton, ND 1968
68 Darrel Fassett Boynton Beach, FL 1947
69 Dave Nadeau Dunseith, ND 1982 Spouse
70 Dave Pazandak Greenville, SC 1968 Brenda H
71 Dave Wurgler Rugby, ND 1964
72 David Abrahamson St. John, ND 1972
73 David Fugere Dunseith, ND 1978
74 Debbie Fugere Fauske Bottineau, ND 1975
75 Debbie Peltier Dunseith, ND 1970 Spouse
76 Del Enno Fargo, ND 1978
77 Denise Peltier Dunseith, ND 1971
78 Denise Quillinan Halvorson Dunseith, ND 1963
79 Dennis Dubois Minneapolis, MN 1963
80 Dennis Espe Dunseith, ND 1956
81 Dennis Parisien Dunseith, ND 1965
82 Diane Berg Rheault Fargo, ND 1979
83 Diane Larson, Sjol Minot, ND 1970
84 Diane Wenstad Wiebe Portage La Prairie, MB 1969
85 Dianne Rober’t Johnson Rolla, ND 1976
86 Dick Johnson Dunseith, ND 1968
87 Don Lamoureux East Bethel, MN 1975
88 Don Wenstad Willow City, ND 1966
89 Don Boardman Bottineau, ND 1960
90 Donald Egbert Dunseith, ND 1965
91 Donna Sunderland Leonard Dunseith, ND 1952
92 Doris Peterson Williams Bottineau, ND 1953
93 Dorothy Hiatt Swanson Moorehead, MN 1946
94 Dorothy Strietzel Fassett Boynton Beach, FL 1946
95 Duane Christenson Bottineau, ND 1965 Spouse
96 Dwight Poitra Dunseith, ND 1973 Spouse
97 Elaine Peltier Dunseith, ND 1974
98 Ele Dietrich Slyter Dunseith, ND 1969
99 Elizabeth Lamoureux East Bethel, MN 1975 Spouse
100 Ellen Cushing Bottineau, ND Spouse
101 Eric Poitra Dunseith, ND 1983
102 Erna Walter Pederson Minot, ND 1955
103 Ernie Gottbreht Dunseith, ND 1965
104 Esther Murray Fleming Flint, MI 1965
105 Eva Paulson Eurich Rugby, ND 1960
106 Everett Enno Williston, ND 1976
107 Fern Peltier Dunseith, ND 1977
108 Florence Pladson Sime Dunseith, ND 1962
109 Floyd Dion Dunseith, ND 1945
111 Frank Gillis Dunseith, ND 1984 Spouce
112 Friend of Fern Peltier Belcourt, ND 1977 Friend
113 Gaillord Peltier Turtle Lake, ND 1980
114 Gary Fulsebakke Devils Lake, ND 1971
115 Gary Morgan Garrison, ND 1954
116 Gary Olson Hillsboro 1967 Spouse
117 Gary St. Claire Minot, ND
118 Gary Stokes Cebu, Philippines 1965
119 Gary Wall Bottineau, ND 1972 Spouse
120 George Eltz Spokane, WA 1968 Spouse
121 George Gottbreht Dunseith, ND 1961
122 Gerald Casavant Jamestown, ND 1966
123 Geri Metcalfe Munro Fargo, ND 1959
124 Geri Peltier Bottineau, ND
125 Ginger LaRocque Poitra Belcourt, ND 1965
126 Gladys Roussin Azure Dunseith, ND 1965
127 Greg Malget Minneapolis, MN 1965 Spouse
128 Greg Salmonson Minot, ND
129 Gwen Grimme Eltz Spokane, WA 1968
130 Gwen Struck Dumas Havre, MT 1968
131 Harold Gillis Dunseith, ND 1989
132 Harvey Bristol Bottineau, ND 1953 Fiancé
133 Helen Parisien Dunseith, ND 1974
134 Helen Rivard Christenson Bottineau, ND 1965
135 Henry Hackman Mandan, ND 1965
136 Irina Protassevitch Birmingham, AL 1965 Friend
137 Iris Nadeau Dunseith, ND 1983
138 Jackie Pritchard Leesville, LA 1963 Spouse
139 Jacqueline Hiatt Fix Springfield, VA 1979
140 James Rheault Fargo, ND 1979 Spouse
141 Janet Haagenson Sedlacek Great Falls, MT 1961
142 Jason St. Claire Fargo, ND 1994
143 Jay Vanorney Dunseith, ND 1966
144 Jeff Boucher Rolette, ND 1967 Spouse
145 Jeff Evans Dell Rapids, SD 1973
146 Jeff Halvorson Bismarck, ND 1975 Spouse
147 Jennifer Peltier Dunseith, ND
148 Jerry Pladson Fargo, ND
149 Jerry Strong Dunseith, ND 1960
150 Jerry Williams Watertown, SD 1954
151 Jim Berube Lake Metigoshe, ND 1967
152 Jim Evans Dunseith, ND 1963
153 Jim Kester Long Lake, ND 1964 Spouse
154 Jim Tooke Milton, ND 1966
155 Joan Richard Dunseith, ND Teacher
156 Joan Tremblay Johnson Dunseith, ND 1979
157 Joan Wurgler Salmonson Dunseith, ND 1961
158 Joanne Smith Fuchs Bottineau, ND 1965
159 Joe Fulsbakke Dunseith, ND 1977
160 John Bedard Lake Metigoshe, ND 1965
161 John Bullinger Bottineau, ND 1978 Spouse
162 Joyce Hagen Evans Dunseith, ND 1948
163 Joyce Iverson Flaata Bottineau, ND 1960 Relative
164 Joyce Shining One Side Belgarde Dunseith, ND 1981
165 Judy DuPre DePew Rugby, ND 1962
166 Kamie Poitra Longie Dunseith, ND 1998
167 Kathy Casavant Ellingson Bismarck, ND 1974
168 Kathy Kuhn Saint John, ND 1970 Spouse
169 Kathy Williams Watertown, SD 1954 Spouse
170 Kathy (Barbara) Kalk Lopez Inver Grove Heights, MN 1965
171 Keith Kontzie Lake Metigoshe, ND 1962 Spouse
172 Keith Pladson Stafford, VA 1966
173 Kenny Hill Dunseith, ND 1956
174 Kenny Nerpel Rugby, ND 1965
175 Kevin Johnson Rolla, ND 1976 Spouse
176 Klem Schmaltz Dunseith, ND 1962 Friend
177 Kristie Barbot Fargo, ND 1996
178 LaRae Frieze Jamestown, ND 1966 Friend
179 Larry Ellingson Bismarck, ND 1974 Spouse
180 Larry Haas, Saint John, ND 1972 Spouse
181 Larry Hackman Bismarck, ND 1966
182 Larry St. Claire Anchorage, AK 1966
183 Laurel Hiatt Bottineau, ND 1963
184 LeaRae Parrill Espe Bottineau, ND 1967
185 Les Halvorson Bottineau, ND Teacher
186 Les Thomas Rolette, ND Auxiliary
187 Linda Berube Lake Metigoshe, ND 1967 Spouse
188 Linda Gunville Dunseith, ND 1979
189 Linda Johnson Juntunen Perth, ND 1972
190 Linda Tooke Bottineau, ND 1981
191 Lisa Azure St. John, ND 1983
192 Lloyd Awalt Bottineau, ND 1944
193 Lola Metcalfe Vanorny Dunseith, ND 1968
194 Loraine Neameyer Haas Saint John, ND 1972
195 Loretta Casavant Aamodt Rugby, ND 1961
196 Loretta Neameyer Wall Bottineau, ND 1972
197 Lori Hiatt Dunseith, ND 1980
198 Lowell Leonard Dunseith, ND 1959
199 LuAnn Henning Minot, ND 1971 Spouse
200 Luella Halvorson Dion Dunseith, ND 1947
201 Madonna Peltier Yawakie Brooklyn Park, MN 1977
202 Marc Pigeon Dunseith, ND 1975
203 Marcie Hackman Mandan, ND 1965 Spouse
204 Margaret Bedard Lake Metigoshe, ND 1965 Spouse
205 Margaret Bedard Strong Dunseith, ND 1962
206 Margaret Metcalfe Leonard Rolette, ND 1965
207 Marie Iverson Staub Seattle, WA 1960
208 Marion Hackman Bismarck, ND 1966 Spouse
209 Mark Larsen Alan Poitra’s Partner 1976 Partner
210 Mark Peltier Seattle, WA 1984
211 Mark Perry Dunseith, ND 1972 Spouse
212 Marlene Kraft Armentrout Dunseith, ND 1957
213 Marlys Hiatt Dunseith, ND 1971
214 Marsha Abrahamson St. John, ND 1972 Spouse
215 Marsha Olson, Poitra Dunseith, ND 1973
216 Marshall Parisien St. John, ND 1983 Fiancé
217 Marvin Aamodt Rugby, ND 1957
218 Mary Allard Hiatt Bottineau, ND 1963 Spouse
219 Mary Eurich Knutson Dunseith, ND 1962
220 Mary Medrud Dunseith, ND 1971 Spouse
221 Mary Ann Casavant Boucher Rolette, ND 1967
222 Mary Lou Morgan Garrison, ND 1954 Spouse
223 Mel Hamnes Bottineau, ND 1948 Spouse
224 Mel Kuhn Saint John, ND 1970
225 Melvin Yawakie Brooklyn Park, MN 1977 Spouse
226 Michael Albertson St. John, ND 1972 Spouse
227 Mike Gillis Dunseith, ND
228 Mike Vandal Elk River, MN 1962 Spouse
229 Minnie Knox Flynn Dunseith, ND 1947
230 Mona Dionne Johnson Lake Metigoshe, ND 1948
231 Monte Espe Burlington 1968
232 Murl Watkins Hill Dunseith, ND 1950
233 Myra Henning Halvorson Bottineau, ND 1972
234 Nancy Bedard Olson Hillsboro 1967
235 Nancy Hosmer Baldwin Lake Metigoshe, ND 1962
236 Neola Kofoid Garbe Minot, ND Auxiliary
237 Neva Haagenson Rainey Dunseith, ND 1956
238 Pam Wenstad Lane Dunseith, ND 1978
239 Pat Peltier Bottineau, ND
240 Patty Boguslawski Gottbreht Dunseith, ND 1965
241 Paula Fassett North Branch, MN 1971
242 Peggy Peltier Gillis Dunseith, ND 1984
243 Peggy Sime Espe Dunseith, ND 1960
244 Pete Gillis Dunseith, ND 1965
245 Pete (Melvin) Wenstad Michigan ND Auxiliary
246 Raphael Poitra Dunseith, ND 1965
247 Rene Casavant Bismarck, ND 1965
248 Renee Peltier Turtle Lake, ND 1980 Spouse
249 Renee St. Claire Salmonson Minot, ND
250 Richard Slyter Dunseith, ND 1967
251 Robbie St. Claire Anchorage, AK 1966 Spouse
252 Robert Poitra Dunseith, ND
253 Robert Rivard Dunseith, ND 1965
254 Roberta Wilkie Belcourt, ND 1965
255 Robin Espe Morin Dunseith, ND 1980
256 Robin Hill Bottineau, ND 1980 Spouse
257 Robin Pladson Dunseith, ND 1975 Spouse
258 Rod Medrud Dunseith, ND 1971
259 Rodney Armentrout Dunseith, ND 1955
260 Ron Heinz Rolette, ND 1960 Spouse
261 Ron Hett Bottineau, ND Auxiliary
262 Ron Strong Dunseith, ND 1960
263 Ronald Peltier Dunseith, ND 1970
264 Rose Metcalfe Gottbreht Dunseith, ND 1976
265 Russell Davis Dunseith, ND 1983 Spouse
266 Sam Breland Rolla, ND 1975 Spouse
267 Sandra Poitra Dunseith, ND 1983
268 Sandra Zeiler Vandal Elk River, MN 1962
269 Shannon Gillis LaVallie Devils Lake, ND 1989
270 Sharon Zorn Gerdes Windsor, CO 1962
271 Shelley Sime Fossen Jamestown, ND 1984
272 Shelly Fulsebakke Alberson St. John, ND 1972
273 Sherry Counts Dunseith, ND 1991
274 Sherry Nerpel Rugby, ND 1965 Spouse
275 Shirley Brennan Minot, ND 1960
276 Stacy Counts Dunseith, ND 1989
277 Stacy LaVallie Devils Lake, ND 1989 Spouse
278 Stan Salmonson Dunseith, ND 1961
279 Stephanie Bear Dunseith, ND 2001
280 Stephanie Gillis Davis Dunseith, ND 1983
281 Susan Fassett Martin Spearfish SD 1965
282 Susan Pladson Fargo, ND Spouse
283 Sylvester Azure Dunseith, ND 1965 Spouse
284 Tasha Peltier Bismarck, ND 2000 Spouse
285 Teresa St. Pierre Dunseith, ND 2001
286 Terry Espe Bottineau, ND 1964
287 Terry Halvorson Dunseith, ND 1968
288 Terry Wenstad Grand Forks, ND Auxiliary
289 Theresa Cote Awalt Bottineau, ND 1948
290 Tina Pladson Bullinger Bottineau, ND 1978
291 Tom Berube Bottineau, ND 1963
292 Tracy St. Claire Casavant Rolette, ND 1992
293 Travis Casavant Rolette, ND 1992 Spouse
294 Travis Metcalfe Mesa, AZ 1976
295 Troy Hill Bottineau, ND 1980
296 Verena St. Claire Gillis Dunseith, ND 1965 Spouse
297 Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine Grafton, ND 1973
298 Vickie Metcalfe Bottineau, ND 1970
299 Warren Anderson Rolette, ND 1965
300 Wayne Pritchard Leesville, LA 1963 Son
301 Wendal Cushing Bottineau, ND Forestry Teacher

05/15/2018 (2631)

Anthony Poitra
Message from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,

You probably don’t even remember this, it was the last time that you were setting in Bakery Cafe in Bottineau.  We came in I went ahead of Anthony,  said hi to you.  I then went back to Anthony. He didn’t want to do anything but sit down. I really had no idea why he wasn’t  going to come over to see you. Anthony was always so friendly.  Not knowing this was part of his sickness, the genetic hemochromatosis he had. We of course had no idea what he had.

He knew that I wanted to see you and for him to visit with you. He normally tried to do what I wanted. That was why we went into that restaurant.

So many things were happening to him, it was crazy. Finally his sickness kept getting worse and worse. It finally consumed my love of my life, the only love I have ever had or will have. I  miss him so very much.

I am sure you miss your Bernadette as well, the way she always was.

Talk later,



Gary’s Reply,

Ginger; I remember that day well. We were sitting at the long center table in the Bottineau Bakery. That is where a lot  of the regulars sit. Often times I’d go there for breakfast and before I knew it, it was noon, Dinner time. Some of those returning for dinner had been there for Breakfast too. I of course hadn’t left. Lots of good conversations with lots of folks that would come and go.

Ginger; you and Anthony came in the Bottineau Bakery for dinner and sat at the first booth. As I remember you weren’t alone. There were others with you. I could tell Anthony wasn’t well. It was very obvious. I totally understood. It’s always a pleasure seeing you too Ginger.

I remember well our first class of ‘65 reunion at the Sky Dancer in 2007 for Breakfast. Ginger; you were a nervous wreck. You weren’t going to attend, but someone, I have forgotten who, talked you into attending. You came late that I remember well. Very nervous. That was soon over shadowed with the reception you got. It had been 42 years since many of us had seen one another. All but 3 of our class graduates were at that reunion too. At the time there were 25 living of the 27 graduates. That was and always will be a reunion of a life time. The breakfast was informal. Our formal reunion was several days later at the golf course.


Blog (706) posted on February 5, 2010

Posted on May 5, 2010

Tour the Rolette County Museum on Friday, May 21st

From Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND.


Dick and I were talking and if anyone that is coming home for the reunion would be interested we would open the Rolette County Museum in St. John for people to go through. Friday the 21st. works best for us. We would just have to pick a time. We don’t have it open for the season yet so we may come across some dust.



We have decided on the time to be 1:00 PM

Thank you so much Mel & Dick for doing this for us.

What a great opportunity for us that Mel and Dick are doing enabling us to see this site.

We’ll see you guys there at 1:00 PM on Friday, the 21st.


I found this on the Net. Gary

One of the most interesting sites in Rolette County is the Rolette County Historical grounds located on the south edge of St. John as you come into town from the South. It consists of 12 lots, part of which is surrounded by a chain link fence.

The Rolette County Historical Society was organized by a small group of interested people in 1974. Its goal and purpose as an active organization is to help preserve some of the relics of the early pioneers–historical monuments, landmarks, buildings, etc., that have historical value. The initial grounds were donated to the Society in 1975 by the Mill Lake Cemetery Association and consisted, at that time, of 6 lots and the Mill Lake Lutheran Church, which was built in 1911. There are now several buildings on the site; the Church, a little one-room school house which dates back to early 1900’s; a little pioneer log cabin; a display building containing many different memorabilia; another display building with larger antique machinery; an immigration building, toy shop, boxcar, caboose, and an outdoor stage.

Dunseith Sr. Citizens will be serving lunch on Sunday May 23rd.

Posted by Jackie Peterson Hansen: St. John, ND

Folks, Jackie’s parents are Jack (deceased) & Nettie Peterson.

Jackie, this is wonderful that the Sr. Citizens are doing this for the community and those of us visiting the area. In 2007 they had some of the best home baked goodies ever. Their pies were out of this world. I had several plus pieces. I was reminded of this by non other than Larry Hackman. Larry we’ll have to pay them a visit again for some more of those great home baked goodies if they’ll be serving them again. Bernadette and I plan on attending the Sr. Center for lunch on Sunday May 23rd. This is another great opportunity to see more of the Dunseith Alumni folks. Thank you so much Jackie for this posting. Gary

From: jackie hansen
Phone: 701 477 5780
E-mail: jackie.hansen@sendit.nodak.edu
Would you please post this for my mom {Nettie) and other Sr. Citizens:
A lunch is being served at the Sr. Citizens’ Center on May 23, starting at 11:00 AM. The seniors in the community welcome visiting alumni as well as those from the area.

Baptismal of Connor O’Hara, DeAnn Gottbreht’s son:

Message from DeAnn Gottbreht O’Hara: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/deanngottbreht

We are going to be getting Connor baptized on Saturday May 15th at 11am at Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith, ND. All are welcome. We will be having a meal afterwards at the church. Thanks Cheryl for the reminder to get it posted on here. Take care everyone

The Conroy’s

Reply from Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN

Thanks to Don Martel for the great photo of the principals – brings back memories! I wonder if Don & Colleen have photos of Mrs. Conroy, too, that they would like to share? I remember learning to count money in her 4th grade class by playing “store” with a cash register and toy money – buying cans of soup, etc. that she had brought from home just for that purpose. We had singing in her classroom on Fridays – with Mrs. Elsie Schneider coming in to play the piano. Mrs. Conroy also had the best arts & crafts – we made candles, plaster wall-hangings, corsages for Mom at Christmas and grew petunias in paper cups for Mother’s Day. She also read aloud to the class every day after noon hour – “Little House On the Prairie” was always my favorite.

And remember the “sick room” between the 3rd and 4th grade rooms – upstairs in the old Dunseith School building. I think we hung our coats in there and I remember lots of bookshelves, but there was a bed in there so if you got sick there was a place to go until the bus came, or your mom came to get you………..

Paula Fassett-Pfuhl

Joy Bashara (Teacher)

Question from Diane Fuger (75): Minot, ND.


I have a question for the class of ’75. Does anyone remember Ms. Bashara(sp?) or know where she is nowadays?

Diane Fugere

Ronald Oswell, son of Leona Metcalfe, passed away:

Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Ronald George Oswell
August 07, 1947 – May 01, 2010

Ron Oswell passed away May 1, 2010. He was born in Seattle on August 7, 1947 to George and Leona (Metcalfe) Oswell. Ron grew up in Seattle, and graduated from Shorecrest High School, where he was the school’s first bagpiper and gave himself the rank of Pipe Major. He attended Shoreline Community College before receiving his draft notice in 1967, precipitating his enlistment in the U.S. Army, where he served four years in the Army Security Agency. [He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1967, serving four years in the Army Security Agency] He also served four years in the Army Reserve, achieving the rank of Chief Warrant Officer II. He married Christine Gaston, a former Shorecrest Pipe Band member, in Basle, Switzerland on November 10, 1970. After returning to Seattle in spring 1971, he worked in construction, first as a union carpenter, then as a foreman, and in due time as a superintendent. He was generous with these carpentry skills, helping family and friends with household projects.
Ron always had many interests, and was talented in many areas. He had a beautiful tenor voice, and learned musical instruments easily. He had a lifelong love of photography, and always had a darkroom to work in, wherever he lived. In recent years, he was working to master PhotoShop. He also continued his interest in bagpiping and things Scottish. He played with the Washington Scottish Pipe Band for many years and was a very good piper. He also spent time over the years dirt biking and trap shooting. He coached a girls’ soccer team for 15 years, bringing a core group through three team name changes and from mod soccer to high school graduation.
He always dreamed of owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and finally purchased a beautiful bike a few years ago that was his pride and joy. He always had a big smile on his face as he drove into the driveway after a ride.
Ron is survived by his wife Chris, and two children, Bergman, born in 1974, and Katie born in 1978. Also by his brother Ken Oswell and sister-in-law Carol.

Funeral Information

Funeral service will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 10:00 to 8:00 PM in the family service suite in Evergreen Washelli. Graveside service at 3:00 PM in Evergreen Memorial Park.

Ron has many Metcalfe cousins in Turtle Mtn.area.
Ron Oswell was a kind, compassionate, honest ,hard working man,
with a wonderful sense of humor. Aunt Leona at times, when he was 17
often slipped and called him Cliff. She felt he was alot like my dad
at that age. Each of my nephews and nieces met and spent good times
with him. He always took time to get to know and mentor kids. Ron
was also a double first cousin to the children of Emil and Ann
(Oswell) Metcalfe. Our family mourns. Vickie

05/11/2018 (2630)


I don’t have any posting for today other than the continuation of the previous postings. Today’s is February 4, 2010

Each and every one of our blogs starting from December 2007 are posted in our Dunseith Alumni Website. I have pasted the link below. The Search fetcher is a great tool too. Let’s say you are searching for Lake Metigoshe. Using quotes “Lake Metigoshe” it will only locate only the words between the quotes as typed including the spacing. With no quotes it will locate all the Lake words and Metigoshe words.


Dunseith Alumni Website and blog links

Blog (705) posted on February 4, 2010

Dunseith Alumni Reunion
Bernadette and I will be attending the Dunseith Alumni Reunion on May 22nd. We will be in the area for nearly three weeks. We will be arriving on May 16th and leaving on June 5th. We’ll be spending a few days in Seattle both going and coming. While in ND we’ll be staying with my brother Bud and his wife Debby in Bottineau. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone. This will be a fun trip.
Tom Cassidy
Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD
Tom Cassidy was married to Beatrice Fassett, sister to Grandpa Wilmar (Bill) Fassett. They had three children, Violet, who was born in 1905, Cora May, who was born in 1907 and John Loan, who was born in1913. According to my dad’s history, Tom married Maggie Aubrey after Bea died and he spent the last years of his life in Rolla.
Reply from Audrey Aitchison (Gary’s cousin): Bottineau, ND.
I wanted to thank Lee Struck for working with Hope for Humanity to help in the projects he’s been working on. Every fall I go ingathering for Hope for Humanity to help in disaster areas and also half of it is used locally. They send 100 % to these areas. This fall I got $200 and it was sent to Haiti to help there. Hope for Humanity (ADRA) is associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church which I belong to. May the Lord bless you richly.
Audrey Aitchison
Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Thanks, Allen. I had a feeling that you would know the “correct” Richard. I had a feeling that I had chosen the wrong name. Colette

The follow message was posted on our Dunseith Alumni Web site:

From: Kay Hildebrandt
E-mail: Kaisa65@aol.com
Mary Knutson, I loved the pictures you posted in December. Beulah is visiting me on Friday, (her daughter and family are now living in Temecula, CA) and I’ll be sure to share these with her. Kay

Mary Eruich Knutson’s reply to Gary:
Hi Gary
Yes I know Kay Hildebrandt. She is Mom’s cousin. She has done extensive geneology research on the Thompson side of the family. She has gone way back into the 1700’s. Very interesting. She probably found out about the Dunseith Blog through John Tangen. I’m sure she’d find lots of useful information as I have. Nice lady. I’m forever grateful she was so willing to share her hard work. I can see just what we’re doing is not easy tracking some of this stuff.
much. Mary K
Kay Hildebrandt, Can you fill us all in where you fit into the Thompson family? You would be related to the Pritchard’s and the Eldon/Ella Pladson family as well as John Tangen and others. Thanks, Gary
Reply/Picture from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.
Every morning I attend to your entries, Gary. Perhaps others are energized by name association with folks we knew or who were spoken of by friends and family. The pictures have been outstanding and sent me rushing back to several of my own mismanaged files. The young lady in the picture of Eleanore and Marshall Awalt seemed familiar, I think it was her dress that reminded me of Evelyn and Alphonsine Gaudette around 1900. I searched the 1930 Census for Schwabe in ND.Louis and Charlotte Schwabe lived in Renville Co, Prosperity Twp. Louis was 33, born in IL; his parents were born in Denmark. Charlotte age 37, born MN; parents born WI and MN. The children were Howard 11; Forest 8; Dale 7; Florence 4 9/12. All children born ND. Louis was renting his farm.

There are about 10 entries in the TMS for this family in Dunseith News or that of Bever Dam. All the entries were from 1939. Briefly, Forest enrolled in the CCC camp of Kramer in July; Dale the teenager was often mentioned seeking company of Helga Haagenson – Dale brought his sister Florence along to the home of Aminda Haagenson on one occasion. Christmas Eve 1939 the Louis Schwabe family had supper with the Art Schniederman family and Christmas Day the Schniedermans came to Dunseith and dined with the Schwabes. Florence would have been about 12/13 the summer of ’39 which seems a match. I do not know the name of Art’s wife, but two of Louis’ sisters were still at home of parents Wm and Hannah in 1930, Lillian age 21 and Erma age 11.

Thanks Gary, Sharron

Marie Alphonsine and Evelyn Gaudette
Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.
I don’t know if you can use this picture. It was taken on the road between Bergen, Norway, and Bodo, Norway (Bodo is where the sun shines all night in the summer time; we wanted to see this–which we did.). According to the map, it is closer to Bodo. I should narrow it down more, but I’m short on time (I need to get to bed; it’s almost 5:30 a.m.). Dad took this picture when we were in Norway in 1963. He, of course, knew Elwood Fauske; we (Mom/Dad/Jim/I) knew the Dunderland families, so we were excited to see this sign.

05/09/2018 (2629)

Marie Parrill (’43) Obituary
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND

Parrill, Marie 2629

June 13, 1924 – May 06, 201 

Marie’s Obituary

Marie Parrill, age 93 of Bottineau, formerly of Dunseith, died Sunday at a Minot hospital.  Her funeral will be held on Saturday at 2:00 pm at the First Lutheran Church in Bottineau.  Visitation will be From 11:00 am until 9:00 pm at the Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau.  Burial will be at the Rendahl Cemetery near Dunseith.  In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be given to the Rendahl Cemetery Association and First Lutheran Church Radio/TV Program in Bottineau.

Marie Janet Parrill was born June 13, 1924 to John Herman Nelson and Marie Sigrid (Berg) Nelson on the family homestead in Homen Township in Bottineau County. She grew up in the Dunseith area and attended country school at Beaver Dam and graduated salutatorian from Dunseith High School in 1943. She took the teaching exam, attended summer school and began teaching at the age of 19. She also taught in several other rural schools. After receiving her standard degree in 1965 she began teaching at the Dunseith Elementary School. In 1970 she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and continued to teach in Dunseith until 1986 when she retired. She taught a total of 28 years.

On November 24, 1947 she married Thurman Parrill at the Lutheran Church in Dunseith. They moved to a farm in Bottineau County where they raised their five children. In 1995, they sold the farm and moved to Bottineau where she had since resided. Thurman passed away in 2009.

Marie was a past member of Rendahl Lutheran Church and a current member of Peace Lutheran Church of Dunseith. She was a member of Turtle Mountain Retired Teachers and served on the hospitality committee for many years. She also was secretary for the Rendahl Cemetery Association. Marie enjoyed playing cards, gardening, and spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Marie passed away on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Trinity Hospital in Minot.

She is survived by her children Janet (George) LeNoue of Lexington, KY; Lynda (Curtis) Jordan of Yerington, NV; Clayton (Linda), Rodney (Ann), and Myron (Kathy) Parrill all of Bottineau. She has nine grandchildren Christie LeNoue, Michele (Carter) Newton, Troy (Meagan) Jordan, Stephanie (Curtis) Ainsworth, Katie (Tyrell) Lauckner, David (Kelsey) Parrill, Brooke (Tyler) Piatz, Krystle (T.J.) Williamson and Shelby Parrill; and 13 great-grandchildren Levi, Braxton, Declan, and Aubrey Lauckner; Jordan, James, and Owen Ainsworth; Jay and Eliza Piatz; Jensen Parrill; Cameron and Logan Williamson; and Oliver Jordan. Also surviving is her sister Mildred Parrill of Bottineau; brothers-in-law Paul Cox of Grand Forks, and Ben Cox of Cavalier; sisters-in-law Roberta Cox and Judy Cox of Cavalier and numerous nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Thurman; sisters Nellie Blomquist, Jennie Metcalfe, Olga Edinger, and Eugenie Walker; and brothers Erling, Carl, and John Nelson; and several nieces and nephews.


Condolences to the Marie Parrill Family
From Lynn Halvorson Otto (75):   Boonton, NJ

To the Parrill family, our condolences to the entire family upon hearing of Marie’s passing!  Our families were close neighbors for many years!  Mom and Marie carpooled for many years to Dunseith in their teaching years.  

May GOD give you peace and many blessings to come!  Lynn Halvorson Otto and family




Condolences to the Marie Parrill Family
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends of Dunseith,

            I extend sympathy to Marie Parrill’s  family.

Marie was  a respected 1st grade teacher for  several years at Dunseith Elementary.

            I enjoyed many visits with Marie at school beginning years ago. 

She shared her knowledge of education with co-teachers.

And always, was gracious and kind to children.

            I recall her husband ,Thurman would drive her to and from work most every day.

I noted how he would wait patiently for her. 

They were devoted  family oriented couple.

            Marie was sister  of  my uncle Lucky’s wife, Jennie.  

And, like her many  sisters, Marie enjoyed a good cup of coffee with a little lunch, 

was filled with kind words,  great sense of humor,

 and  remarkable memory of local history.

Peace  and GOD Bless the memory of Marie (Nelson) Parrill.

  Vickie Metcalfe


San Haven Picture
Reply from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): t Belcourt, ND

Gary and all, #8 I am pretty sure that she is Vivian (Champagne) Poitra. Vivian was the wife of my husband Anthony Poitra’s uncle Albert Poitra she recently passed she had been living at the home in Rolette. Florestine (Allery) Belgarde is the wife of Martin, the nephew of my grandmother.

Ginger Poitra class of 1965
San Haven


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe Bottineau & Minot, ND


Blog (704) posted on February 3, 2010

Alice Cora Stokes Thompson:
Reply from her granddaughter – Tina Pladson Bullinger (78): Bottineau, ND
Just a follow-up on the correct name of my grandmother, Alice Cora. I was named after both of my grandmothers, Thyra Alice, and I remember doing a school family history project one time and the name of my maternal grandmother, from my mother, was Alice Cora Stokes Thompson. Hope that’s correct cause I’d hate to have to change my name at this time in my life!! HA HATina Pladson Bullinger

Reply from Lee Struck (66): Hudson, WI.
Gary –I read with interest your note about travel arrangements you might make for tours in your part of the world.

I am leaving for New Zealand next Wednesday – February 10th – with Habit For Humanity – International. Our group of 12 will work in Tauranga for 9 days and then spend a couple of days in the Rotorua area “catching some rays”.

The group from my church here in Hudson, WI, is making their third trip to Iringa, Tanzania on the 5th of March. I have made that trip twice. This spring I wanted to see another part of the world and was able to hook with with a group from Olympia, WA.

In mid-October, 20008 until the end April, 2009, I lived in Biloxi, MS working on Hurricane Katrina re-build projects. In July I returned to the Orange / Bridge City, TX area where I have spent some times last spring for a couple of weeks, re-building homes damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Our director in these 2 states is looking into how & when we can get into Haiti later this year. I would go with them and see what I can do.

Thank you for all of the work you have done to put this site together for all of us!

Should I decide when I want to travel to Southeast Asia (and I do!) I will certainly get in touch.

Go In Peace!
Serve The Lord!
Lee Struck
722 3rd Street # 201
Hudson, WI 54016
Reply from Allen Richard (65): AllenRndmn@aol.com Midland, MI 48640
The person Colette Hosmer refers to would be Pete Richard Sr. He ran the dime store for many years. He was the a younger brother of her grandfather, Fred Richard.
Emil Hack
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@hughes.net Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,Floyd wrote about Emil Hack, the older man who drifted in and lived
in a shack behind the Commercial Hotel. When I was in the hospital in
Fargo back in 1985, I had to go from working from daylight to dark, to
sitting in a hospital room for three weeks with nothing to do. I about
went nuts! During this time I read the entire Dunseith History book and
studied each page as a way to pass the time. This is something I enjoy
doing anyway so it passed the time for me. Anyway, there are a few
things that will really stick in a persons mind and so was the Dunseith
Journal entry from January 1946. It said, ‘Emil Hack Found Dead-His Body
Frozen’. I asked my grandma who this man was and she said he was kind of
a loner and lived in a little shack in the alley behind Henry Hagen’s
house, which was across the alley from the Commercial Hotel. While I
have Floyd’s attention, it also said that he and Luella and their guests
were the one’s who noticed and reported the creamery fire in 1950. This
is the fire that Crystal Fassett Anderson sent the pictures of a while
back. It was in the spot that the Garden Tap and Bowling Alley are
located now. Thanks Gary!

Tom Cassidy:
Reply Carmen Leonard Richard:carmel@utma.com Rolette, ND.
Tom Cassidy had a son named Loan, I do not know where he moved -possibly Fargo. If there were any other children, I can not say for sure. Tom worked on the farm for my dad for many years.
Tom Cassidy:
Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): lata@utma.com Bottineau, ND.
Hi Gary. Answer to Floyd. We lived in the Tom Cassedy house on the so, corner of the block. North was Henry Hagen next was Steve Cook and behind him Emil Hack and on the corner where Roland Mongeon lives used to be Ernest Horsman. He was the baker in Dunseith. I don’t think anyone really knows where Emil came from. He was a handy man in town and repaired shoes. Us kid used to give him a bad time at Halloween. I’ve been in his shack. Dick, Tom Cassedy had one son his name was lone or lonely could be spelled wrong I believe he passed away. The Girl in the picture with Eleanor & Marshall, I have no clue of who she is. Eleanor doesn’t know either Lloyd Awalt
Folks, I’m running a tight schedule today with today being our bowling and I’ve also got to run up and see the Mayor this morning to get a permit for a project that we are doing. Having been sponsors together in several weddings, Mayor Guggob is my compodray. They generally have 6 to 14 (couples) sponsors in a wedding. They have them listed and seated in the order of importance. We are generally always seated way behind the mayor. Gary

05/07/2018 (2628)

Marie Parrill, My Godmother (Gary Stokes), Passed away.
Posting from LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67): Bottineau, ND

Gary, a very sad note: Marie Parrill passed away this morning around 7AM at Trinity in Minot.  She had a very bad heart attack yesterday morning at her home in Bottineau. She called her son Clayton that she was having pains around 5AM.  She was taken by ambulance to Minot and they did put in a couple of stints, but her heart was badly damaged.  She was doing fine the night before when Clayton and Linda had helped her put some things out on the curb for cleanup weekend.

My mom and Marie were so close, they were 18 months apart, but ended up in the same grade.  Marie was born June 13, 1924 and mom (Mildred) was born Dec 6, 1925. I know she was your godmother also.

Funeral Services are set for Saturday at 2PM at Bottineau First Lutheran.  I am sure it will be on the Nero sight in a day or so.  LeaRae

Gary Stokes’ Comments.
I am so saddened to hear of Marie’s passing. In my younger days our families were very close. Dad and Thurman were in the veteran classes together that were taught by Manford Cain and Virgil Vandewalle in the Bottineau school agricultural building. We kids and our mother would stay with Marie and family while Dad and Thurman attended classes. Darrel (Bud) was a baby in those days. Actually he wasn’t born yet when they started attending these classes. Thurman and Marie were my god parents. Marie always reminded me of that too. I visited Marie, in 2015 when I was there. Linda and Janet were there too. It was so nice seeing them again too. We had a nice visit. Marie most certainly didn’t show her age of 91 years old either. She was so alert and mobile. She was very loving and kind. She will be missed. We extend our condolences to all of her family.


Reply to Thunderbird airplane ejection question
From Bill Hosmer (’48): Tucson, AZ

In answer to a question by Allen Richard in the 2627 issue, I did  eject from an F-100 while I was on the Thunderbird Team.  We were just arriving at a Navy base in Rhode Island about three weeks after we had flown the first show at Minot AFB in 1961.   My engine flamed out and would not restart and I was not high enough to make a landing at the base.  I ejected and the plane crashed in an open field just across the highway from the Navy Base.  I landed in a tree right next to a busy road with a lot of car traffic. The traffic stopped, people gathered around the tree that I was in about 20 feet off the ground. Took awhile to climb down, but made it with no injury.  Flew the spare airplane  for the rest of my time on the team, which I left in 1963.  .Bill


San Haven Picture
Comments from Duane (Dewey) Morinville (’72):  Dunseith, ND

I think #11 is our mom Francis Morrinville. Not sure looking at it on a smart ph so the pic isn’t large. But it sure looks like mom

Gary’s Comment.
Thanks, Dewey
Folks, all we need is Number 3. I’m very sure one of you can ID him.
Thanks, Gary
San Haven


Blog (703) posted on February 2, 2010

Gary Cota (56): Dickinson, ND
From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Awhile ago, I sent the four 8 X 10 family pictures of Gary/Darla Cota’s family (same picture, four of them) to Gary. I received a very nice thank you note from them. I’m not sure who wrote the note, as it’s signed Gary & Darla. I think you said Gary’s vision isn’t good, so maybe Darla wrote it–doesn’t matter. Whoever wrote the note said they have four grandchildren, so each grandchild will receive one of the pictures. I didn’t ask for postage, but there was a $5 bill in the envelope. I’m sure that much more than it cost to mail the pictures–very nice of them.
I hope things settle down soon so I can get back to the pictures from the courthouse. I’ve decided I’m going to address the envelopes I have and mail them with whatever pictures are in them–not wait to see if I locate more pictures before I mail them. I think the people will be happy to receive the envelope–I’ll feel GREAT to know I have mailed them I probably have at least 25 envelopes, so it will be good to get them mailed. If I locate more pictures of any of these people, I’ll send them in a separate envelope. Peace of mind will out-weigh what it costs me to mail them. :)
Bruce Hill (80):
Thank so much for your reply. I have added you to our distribution list. For our records, where are you living now?
Update from DeAnn Gottbreht Posted on her CarringBridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/deanngottbreht
Hello everyone. I wanted to write as soon as I felt up to it to let you know just how well I am doing! Other than some tightness in my chest and arm I am feeling good. Very little pain. I was released from the hospital on Saturday afternoon and we made it home to Mom’s last night about 9.I went into surgery about 11 on Friday and it took about 2 hours. My surgeon called Patrick right after I was out to let him know how great it all went. The cancer looks to be completely contained in the breast and looks to be DCIS, which is non-invasive. They took four sentinel lymph nodes as well which all came back negative so at this time it looks as though the cancer has not spread at all! The news couldn’t hardly be any better! The baby doctors monitored the baby before and after the surgery and he came through it all great! All of our prayers were truly answered! Thank you all for your love and prayers. I will need a few weeks of recovery now before we start chemo again. Keep in touch everyone. I enjoy hearing from you all.

Rabbits on the north side of the Commercial Hotel
Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
I think I can solve the rabbit droppings mystery. My uncle Art (?) Richard raised rabbits over there. I was young … maybe it was ’54 or ’55. I had a pet rabbit named Pinky. I nailed some chicken wire across the top of an orange crate and kept her in that. She ate everything I could haul home from the store and soon outgrew her cage so Mom talked me into giving her to Uncle Art across the street. I was very sad about it but he told me I could visit Pinky whenever I wanted to. I did — often — and soon lost count of all the baby rabbits she produced. I also remember a lot of rabbit dinners during that time
Building on the north side of the Commercial Hotel
Reply from Floyd Dion (45): Dunseith, ND.
I knew of a man that lived north of the Commercial Hotel, but I would not say that is the building he lived in , His name was Emil Hack and he lived in a small shack. Luella says she walked by his place when she went to school, her parents lived on the spot where Roland Mongeon lives
now. I don’t know where he came from, maybe drifted in town He lived there I know in the late forties maybe in the early fifties. Who knows maybe he had rabbits. He died in his shack.
Building on the north side of the Commercial Hotel
Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND.
Hi Gary. Reading about the commercial hotel maybe I can you in . First off the picture of Marshall and Dave was taken in our front yard when we lived in Tom Cassetys house. The hotel we are looking at the back. Charles Watkins managed the hotel in the 30s later on sold to Grassman’s. Grassman’s had the rabbits for awhile. The storage area was for wood & coal . My dad had the dray at that time and we hauled everything. I shoveled many a ton of coal in there. I believe grassman’s sold to Grimme’s Melba Grassman Marsaa married to Ben Marsaa was a school teacher in Dunseith this is from 1930 to 1941. Winifred Pritchard stayed at our place while she went to high school. When that picture was taken they were problem courting. Lloyd Awalt
Reply from Dick Johnson: 68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,Marshall Awalt’s pictures of Dave Eurich and himself and of Eleanor,
Marshall, and an unknown girl look as though they would have been taken
in the front yard of Tom Cassidy’s place. Marshall, is this correct and
what connection would there be with your family and this place? The
other girl looks to possibly be of Native American descent, at least to
me. I think Tom Cassidy lived in the house until the mid 50s and I
believe he moved to Rolla and spent the rest his life there. I don’t
know if he had children who could have been this age but thought it
might help in her identification. Thanks Gary!


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
Carol LaVallie
(September 18, 1950 – February 1, 2010) 

Sign Guest Book Send Private Condolences
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CAROL LAVALLIE Carol LaVallie, age 59 of Dunseith, died Monday, February 01, 2010 in her home. Funeral services will be held on Monday, February 8, 2010 at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael’s Catholic Church. Burial will be in St. Louis Cemetery also of Dunseith. A wake will be held on Sunday beginning at 4:00 P.M. in the church, with a prayer service at 8:00 P.M. Arrangements are with the Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau.
Alice Stokes Thompson, not Clara Stokes Thompson:
Correction From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
Just a quick correction. In the photo with several of my family ancestors in your 700 blog, you correctly identify my Grandmother as Alice Stokes Thompson. However, in the photo of my Grandmother and Grandfather in your 698 blog, they are identified as Ulysses and “Clara” Thompson. I’m not sure where the name Clara came from, but I’m pretty certain she was never known as or called Clara. I should have caught this earlier, but somehow it just slipped past me until my sister Tina sent me an email to point it out. I would appreciate it if you could correct the photo to say “Ulysses and Alice Thompson.” Thanks, Gary.
Reply From Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND.
That is my error – the lady’s name is Alice on the wedding picture. Yes the little boys name is Jim Cain (Cane). He was born November 1938 so this picture must be summer of 1939. The Frank Stokes vs William Stokes issue is kind of a mystery to me. It is very possible some of the pictures may have errors. I’m sure we’ll get them hashed out. There is a Clara Rose Thompson that is a sister to the homesteaders in the hills but she never came this far as far as I know. She lived in Minnesota and was married to a man named Graham. Remember the picture of that old car with the people sitting in it. That is labeled Graham’s with friends.
And , yes, Keith you are right about the year of the storm when you stayed at our place. In 64 and 65 my kids wouldn’t have been big enough to ride the sled behind the snowmobile. I am definitely not good with remembering dates. Will dig out more information after I finish working my income tax. Take care. I love the information and will be making a scrapbook from pictures and articles I laminate from your info. Mary K.
I have reposted this picture of Ulysses and Alice Stokes Thompson and the William Stokes Picture too.
I’ll bet that whoever was labeling those pictures had Frank on their mind knowing it was William Stokes when they labeled that photo. With this picture being taking in 1939, It has to be William Stokes, because Frank died in December 1932. This picture resembles William Stokes that I’ve seen in other pictures too.
Thank you Mary,
Ulysses & Alice Stokes Thompson
Standing L to R: William Stokes, Esther Thompson Tangen, Ulysses Thompson,
Rebecca Stokes Rendahl, Lillian Thompson Cain, Ella Thompson Pladson & Lester Cain
Sitting in Wheel chair: Alice Stokes Thompson holding Jimmy Cain

05/03/2018 (2627)

Reply to Bill Hosmer (’48)
From Allen Richard (’65): Grand Rapids, MI

First, always good to hear from Bill Hosmer.   Yes, I agree, it is too easy to allow memories our roots as time and distance go on.  It takes work to keep our access to those memories in our (rapidly clogging) human hard drives.  A couple questions:  This one you may have answered — Did you ever find the need to part company from one of your military planes?  (in flight) Which military plane did you fly that was the worst to control?  I understand that the P-51 Mustang and the F-100 one of you flew over my head had one chachtaristic (at least) in common.  Both had noses so long that flaring for landing was often a “SWAG” —– scientific wild assed guess.  I was told by most of my flight instructors (private license)  said that any landing you walked away from was a good one.  By the way — I don’t know which one of you buzzed me when I was raking hay in the HW-3 ditch, and I am not being critical of altitude choices,  But I was able to miss my next two haircuts.  😀



Karen Hagen Simon (’70) presents award
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
Hagen, Karen 2627


McKayla McKay
Neola Kofoid Garbe and LeaRae Parrill Espe (’67) Correspondence


Thank you so much for alerting me to this article about Alaynna and providing info about Alaynna. 

LeaRae’s message:

Thanks for posting on the McKay girl.  I think Kick McKay is her 

grandfather, but I am not sure.  I believe it was her mother I met at
the nursing home.  She works at the Good Sam.  She told me how she was
married into the Dunseith McKay’s, but I believe she is divorced

I was also wondering if you saw the article on Alyanna Morin.  She is 

the granddaughter of Dennis and Peggy Espe of Dunseith.  Dennis was
Terry’s brother. He passed away two years ago.  Anyway Alyanna
received honors from the Dakota College at Bottineau.  She was
pictured in the Mirror along with Victoria Gullett. I am not sure it
was in the Courant.  If you happen to see it I would appreciate it if
you would post it if you see it.  Thanks.

LeaRae: As I mentioned in a previous reply, I would appreciate if you alert me to anything that would be of interest to Gary’s readers.  I’ll try to scan/send it.



San Haven Picture
Reply from Donna LaCroix Allard (’64):  Zimmerman, MN

I think 13 is Lydia LaCroix


San Haven Picture
Reply From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): Belcourt, ND


I was looking at San Haven picture. I think this number 8 lady looks like, Vivian (Champagne) Poitra, was married to Albert Poitra.

Ginger Poitra


Gary Stokes’ Comment
Folks, Any idea who numbers 3. And 11. Are?
San Haven


Blog (702) posted on February 1, 2010

Posted on February 1, 2010

Bobby Pigeon:

Memories from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC

Dear Gary,

Following recent posts, Paulette LaCroix (Chisholm) and I reminisced about our fourth grade interactions with the “much older” Bobby Pigeon. With his duck tail haircut and The Fonze stride, he made Paulette and I “swoon” at the sight of him walking to or from lunch in the basement of the white school house. Could anyone be more handsome?

Once in a great while, he might smile at us or even SAY SOMETHING. We discussed him for hours comparing him to Cookie on the television series Seventy-seven Sunset Strip and the songs “Cookie, Cookie Lend Me Your Comb” and “Runnin’ Bear….Loved Little White Dove with a Love That Wouldn’t Die.

Amazingly, I interacted frequently with the song writer and singer of Runnin Bear at Dave’s Brainerd, MN satellite office. He is now in his 80s and continues to be invited to Europe frequently where his Rock a Billy sound remains extremely popular. He’s a very nice man.

Brenda Hoffman Class of 1968

1955 Football Team Picture:

Reply from Larry Shirk (58): Naperville, IL


Some are wondering about which class the 1955 football team picture
represents. If you note, the football in the picture has 55 on it. It was
the fall of 55, the start of the 55/56 year The seniors in the picture
would graduate in the spring of 56. So in reality, the picture doesn’t
represent the class of 55 which graduated 3 months earlier, but the 1955
football season. (and the class of 56) Hope this makes sense.

Larry Shirk

Reply/Picture from Marshall Awalt (51): Newport, NC


I am sorry but I do not know the girl standing next to me in the picture.I sent you another photo shot in front of the same tree with the commercial hotel in the back ground.It is of Dave Eurich and myself.


Marshall, I have reposted that picture below. Hopefully someone can identify the girl in the picture with you and Eleanor?

This is a wonderful picture of you and Dave Eurich. Dave never changed over the years. He was such a young man too, when he left this world. He was a wonderful man. I remember him well.

Dave Eurich & Marshall Awalt

Eleanor & Marshall Awalt and ??? Schwabe

Buildings on the north end of the Commercial Hotel:

Larry Hackman, Dick Johnson, Bill & Gwen Grimme are looking for the rest of the story from some folks probably a little senior to them.

Please read from the bottom up.


I’m just trying to find out the rest of the story?


Bill, Gwen, & Dick:

I’m thinking we went as far as our youth permits us to go on this story. Don’t you also think we should have Gary put this out there to see if we can find out the rest of the story. I’m sure there are some around that know what the out buildings on the north end of the Commercial Hotel were used for?

I didn’t mean to insinuate that Dick was older then us ( Bill and I), just that he might know more then us. “God, I hated to say that!” I hope that sentence makes him feel better.


—– Original Message —–

From: Dick Johnson

To: larry hackman ; Bill Grimme ; Gwen Eltz

Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 11:28 PM

Subject: Re: Rabbits?


I can remember the building just north of the Commercial hotel. It was a storage building when I first became aware of it. My aunt Joy Nordquist rented the north ground floor apartment in about 1957. This was before she married my uncle Cliff Johnson, but I was over there often. She worked with Mom at the bank and had to raise her younger brother and sister. She was only twenty in ’57. Tough job. Back to your question–the rabbit deal. Maybe the people who ran the Hotel before Bill’s folks, had rabbits. I think this was the building where Greg had stored his old bike. I mentioned to Greg that I really liked old bikes, as we were driving home from UND, and Greg said he would give me one. We went over to that old building and he dug out his old bike with the mud flaps with reflectors and he gave it to me. It was maroon and white with big balloon tires and had a couple chrome springs on the front fork much like an old motorcycle. Like an absolute FOOL, I traded it to a guy who collects bikes and have regretted it ever since! To this day, I am trying to get it back but he just won’t let go of it yet. He still has it in the same condition as it was in 1970. Oh, yeah—rabbits–I don’t have an answer as to who would have had rabbits in the white building north of the hotel. I don’t think there were rabbits there in ’57. I caught the old joke that Larry was hinting at about smart pills. The old Indian got the Indian kid to taste a smart pill. The kid said it tasted like rabbit crap. The old Indian says, “See your smarter already.”


larry hackman wrote:


Maybe you know more then the rest us? You have to read this from bottom to top to make sense out of this

Maybe not?


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I don’t believe this. Most older people respond by saying they don’t remember droppings. But You do?

Bill, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist making a joke out of the memory. I remember how it was with rabbits. They did produce a lot and droppings too. We always called the droppings smart pills and tried to convince others that they would get smarter if they ate them. I don’t think I ever got anyone to bite on that one. Pardon the pun.

We are going to have to ask someone with a few more years behind them and see if they remember what the buildings were used for and if they remember who kept rabbits in them.

Bill I’m not a psychiatrist but your folks ditching you like that, could be the cause of you being the way you are. Which is not a bad thing?

If nothing else, it gives you an excuse. I don’t know what else I can say to make the hurt go away. Except maybe that Jack Daniels might help. Thats right you said you tried that. Maybe they were right, You just weren’t listening. You know how kids are? If you don’t have an excuse, make one up.

Have a good day and hope the Saints win.

Remember; Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.


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That’s what was rattling around in my head – the rabbit droppings. They must have been there before we moved in. Speaking of moving in, Larry, every time a comedian tells that old joke about “my parents moved and never told me”, I think about Dunseith. You see, that’s what happened to me when the folks moved to the Commercial Hotel. I was in the fourth grade and I came home from school to a dark, locked house. I sat on the front porch until dark and the woman that lived across the street from us (can’t remember her name, now) came over and took me to her house and told me my folks had moved to the hotel. I eventually got over to the Commercial Hotel and found it to be true. The folks swear they told me and I wasn’t listening – again, but, I’m sticking to my story that they were trying to ditch me!


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Bill and Larry,

I remember the rabbit droppings, too–you’re right…the building was full of them–but I have no idea why rabbits had been housed there either. The droppings were there when we moved into the Commercial Hotel in the fall of 1955 ( I was in 1st grade), so I don’t know who would have been raising rabbits. The building was divided into about four parts; two parts on the north end were outdoor biffies. I sometimes wonder why the south wall had an opening with a small wooden swing-out door that looked like a drive-up window.

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I remember the buildings, but, I don’t remember the rabbits, exactly. There is some memory of something in there, but, I don’t recall any details. Maybe one of our boarders kept some rabbits. Ole Melhouse comes to mind as a possibility, but, I’m not sure. Gwen probably has a much better memory – she didn’t soak it in quite as much DAMN ALCOHOL as I did.


05/02/2018 (2626)

Dunseith Memories
Posting from Bill Hosmer (’48):  Tucson, AZ

Gary, It has been a bit of time since I congratulated your for maintaining this tremendous series about our home town  and the hills and plains that gave it a special geographic character that we all still brag about.

As I age, and I still do, and realize that 87 isn’t anything but another sign post of life, much like the highway signs about the mileage to the next town.  It’s just a detail, no big  deal.  I’m glad to be here.

You have done so much for all of us in many generations to remind us of the character and strength of a community of Americans who lived where we lived.

There  are so many memories of growing up in Dunseith, swimming naked in a wide spot on Willow Creek just south of the old #5 road to Bottineau. Skating in mid -winter at the old Dunseith skating rink. Being a Boy Scout in Troop 81, supervised by our famous baker, Pat McAtee in the forties., playing mummely peg, which was a jack knife game of three or four guys sitting on someones yard, throwing jack knives, which we all carried in those days, and showing our expertise at such remarkable skills, making sling shot out, of willow branches down by Willow Creek, cutting up  Y shaped willow branches, using  cut rubber from old inner tubes and other innovations to make “sling shots”. We were a remarkable population of young men and women who survived the disciplines of school and church to become independent Americans who were better off for being in that unforgettable arena of love and challenge which was where we grew from childhood to adulthood. What a way to start life. Thank you all who helped me during those days. I will never forget all the wonderment of being a guy from Dunseith.

Bill Hosmer


San Haven Picture
Comments from Jean Nicholas Miller (’66):  Glendale, AZ

Wow. Charlene you are awesome! I always knew you were way  back to San Haven days. And here I only got four right.
Jean Miller


San Haven Picture
Comments from Brenda Hoffman (’68):Greenville, SC

Hi Gary,

My Mom and Dad, Alice and Harvey Hoffman, are not in the photo. I’m not certain who 3 and 11 are (I remember no. 11, but not her name). Mrs. L.O Peterson isn’t in the photo so that must be Mrs. DeCoteau. And that looks like a bad photo of Dan Kalk.

Thank you all for remembering names I’ve forgotten.

Brenda (68)

Gary Stokes’ comments
Thank you so much Brenda for this feedback,
Folks, Can we identify Numbers 3 & 11
San Haven


Blog (701) posted on January 31, 2010

Mr. Dan Morgan:
Message/Memories from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Dear Mr. Morgan,
I so remember what a wonderful teacher you were. Of course, I had a bit of a crush on you at the time, but you probably knew that and handled it gracefully as you did so many other issues ….and teaching as a whole. Your ability to instill pride and an interest in learning were so important to those of us who were your students. Thank you Mr. Morgan.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Brenda Hoffman class of 1968
Mr. Dan Morgan:
Message/Memories From Aime Casavant (66): Jamestown, ND
I was sorry to hear about Dan Morgan’s illness. Although I did not
have him as a teacher, I did have one experience that to me, spoke to
the essence of his character. When his name was spoken by my younger
brothers and sisters, it was always with great respect.My experience. Several of the Casavant’s served in Vietnam, the first
being my brother Joe. I was home on furlough in the summer of 1968
for several weeks before leaving for Vietnam. Visiting around
Dunseith with Lee Struck and several other friends, we went to the
( Dunseith Community Center? Legion?) to find some older person I
wanted to say “hi” to. I was 20 years old. We were stopped at the
door, asked to provide our ID’s and I explained I was not yet 21, did
not intend to drink anything, but only wanted to speak with an older
couple there. The person at the door, diligently doing his duty would
not let me in. Dan Morgan, by chance was close enough to observe this.

Dan Morgan knew several of the Casavant’s had served in Vietnam. He,
sprang up and quickly came to us and politely informed the door man –
“anyone who is serving his country has the right to socialize and have
a drink with the people he is protecting and any Vietnam Veteran can
have a drink here, I don’t care how old he is.” He sort of had that
natural, affirmative voice. Gee, I barely knew him, I was not 21 yet
and I had not yet served in Vietnam. Then he said ” And I want the
honor of buying him the first drink.” Wow! I did not have him for a
teacher but in that moment, I just felt very good and thought I had
just experienced the “essence” of this man that my brothers and
sisters spoke so highly of.

Thank you Dan- one does not always know when they provide one with
these positive, lifetime experiences. To me – it is in this, that
for life on earth, we live on forever. Although you were not my
teacher in the classroom, you left an impression that on several
occasions, I followed myself in life and the response was always the
same, a positive one , as it was that evening in Dunseith many years

Aime Casavant

Basketball games with the Canadian’s
Memories from Bob Lykins (Teather): Hutto, TX
Referencing Dick Johnson’s comments about playing basketball against the Boissevain businessmen. I was a part of a few of those games. There would be two every year and would be held usually in the fall when the Boissevain fellows were getting into condition to hit the ice for their hockey season. They would come to Dunseith to play a game and we would go up there for a game. I remember one time we went to play in their gym that was so small the spectators were seated partially on the playing floor. Besides myself there was Gene Hepper, Bob Jury, Dennis Espe, and Dan Morgan from the faculty with Lowell Leonard and others from the community. As I recall, we almost lost that game as we could not buy a bucket and everything they threw up went in. It was a bit embarrassing but I must confess that the Boissevain boys were good athletes and had improved in their basketball skills a great deal by this time. All was forgotten after the game as we headed for the local “watering hole.” I don’t know what it is like today but, in those days, women were not allowed into the pub portion of the establishment. So, they had built a wall separating the pub from the restaurant side, where women were allowed, and ran the bar through a hole in the wall. The Canadians were such great hosts. No matter how quickly we cleared out of the gym by the time we got to the pub the Boissevain guys were already there seated around the tables leaving empty chairs between them so we had to sit between them and socialize. We always had great fun. Unfortunately, our evenings were always cut short in that we had to race for the border before 12:00 midnight as the port closed at that time and we did not wish to get trapped north of the line. Wonderful memories of wonderful times with great people.
Bob Lykins
Margaret Pigeon Fox being added to our Distribution:
Request from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Bobby Pigeon’s sister Margret (Pigeon) Fox would like to join the blog.
Her e-mail is
Dean, Ken, Curtis, Alva, Bob and Beverly graduated from DHS. Margret, Renee and Lori – the youngest three attended Rolette after district lines were redrawn in 1960. Before that all of Russell TWP. was part of the Dunseith district. I recall it was quite a battle. I think the only families that stayed at Dunseith were the Aamodts, Bae Pigeon, Neameyers, Roland Mongeon and the Casavants. They thought the distance on the bus to Rolette was too far.
Margaret, It’s my pleasure to add you to our distribution. What class were you with when you attended Dunseith? Also for our records, where are you living now? Gary
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO
To Bob Pigeon
I think it is worth mentioning that Bob Pigeon is also a twin and he could walk almost as well on his hands as on his arches. I could be wrong but I think Beverly was his twin and then came Alva.
We had a guy earlier than Bob Pigeon that was more of a Fonz than the real Fonz. His name was Floyd Hill, a pal to Carlye Nelson, only son of Bud Hill, cousin to Kenny Hill. He out Fonzed the Fonz. Floyd had one cool 57 Ford.
Larry Hackman if your mystery man wasn’t Big Iron Kalk, the only guy that I could image would fit that scene, might have been ROBARGE. I think you owe us a clue, sounds like he was before his time.
Gary Metcalfe
Christmas Card:
From Cecile Gouin Craig (61): Windsor, CO
Thank you Cecile for this lovely card. It actually arrived a week ago, but I just got down to the FPO office to pick it up. With “Oslo, Norway 7/09”, written on the card, I’m assuming you and Keith were on a trip to Norway? Gary
Craig & Cecile Gouin Craig