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Dragon’s Roar (School Newspaper)
Request from Sandy Lopez (64) Rockford, IL.


I hope you are doing ok and adjusting to your new ‘normal’ as you continue to process all the changes in your life.

Thank you for your continued effort to keep the DHS alumni in touch with each other. In today’s message, what struck me the most was the one page of the Dragon’s Roar. In just the one page, there were a number of memories that came back. Do you happen to have the ‘whole’ (may have been 6 or 8 pages) January 1964 issue? Or others?

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Gary’s Comment.
Before I started the blog and it was just the class of ’65 chat, we posted a lot of Dragon’s Roar newspaper clippings. As I remember it was Bill Grimme that had all those. Possibly Carol Jasper too. I will check my Archives and see if I still have those postings too.


Dunseith Bank Question answer
From Cathy Campbell Springan (’73):  Stanley, ND


I’ve been able to find out that our grandfather, William Campbell, bought into the bank the summer of 1933.



Dragon’s Roar: 1964 cheerleaders
Photo’s and posting from Ken Nerpel (’65): 

Regarding the Dragon’s Roar: 1964 cheerleaders Here are a couple of photos that I think were taken in 1964 or maybe 1965.  I’m not sure who took them but I think it might have been John Awalt.  We didn’t have much success on the basketball floor that year, but we always had great cheerleaders!

Kenneth Nerpel
Dunseith Basketball Dunseith Basket ball-1


Vivian Abrahamson, ST John, Passed away on February 21, 2021
Obituary and Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND


Gary and Dunseith Alumni Friends,

Sympathy to the family of Vivian Abrahamson. I recall  times of childhood since long past,  whilst attending  Floyd and Dorothy Lamb family birthdays. And the presence of members of Dorothy’s extended  Abrahamson family.

Sincerely ,

Vickie L. Metcalfe


Chicken killer gets a  lecture
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND

Articles from CBC Canada


“So I kind of gave him a little lecture and then told him he shouldn’t come back.”



As you know, I like tales.

I loved this CBC  story about a lynx, chickens and a farmer.

For those of us living our childhoods on family farms  in the hills, It was always be watchful  of predators,  protect  and keep safe the  livestock and fowl. Whenever the coyotes or a pack of dogs moved in and  killed sheep,  it was sorrowfully  heartbreaking. Many farmers of the hills stopped raising sheep due to coyotes.

Our childhood  family dog, Skip was once beat up by a coyote pack who lured him over the hill. That happened only once, he smartened up as an adult,  never wandered into  the depths of darkness to chase ” Whoopee  Y  O coyotes”.

Skip also, absolutely hated chicken hawks.  He was a protector of chickens and kids. After Skip passed away, Mom found too,  that chickens were defenseless against another predator, who could find one small circular  hole in the floorboard  and enter a coop.   That was the year mom stopped raising chickens all because of  “Sneaky weasel”.

Until Later,