Request from Gary Houle (63): Champlin, MN

Hi Gary–

I have been getting your newsletter forwarded to me by some of my friends and relatives. Could you add my e-mail address to your list so they will not have to forward it to me? Thanks.


My e-mail is:

Gary Houle from Champlin, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis

Dunseith class of 1963

Replies from Lloyd Awalt (44):Bottineau, ND
Reply to yesteday’s message:
Reply to Louise Horsman . Yes you are right the picture is of john bedard I’m pretty sure. Lloyd Awalt.
Reply to Bill Hosmer (48):
Reply from Lloyd Awalt Gary I guess ill have to give my friend Hosmer an ok but the store was built there after the Dunseith journal burned down Bill Wright started it and if I’m not mistaken a person from Bottineau bought the store from Wright I think his name was Slyter . JOE MORINVILLE’S FIRST had a store where peter Richard had his 5&dime variety store Joe was in the creamery when it burned down he then started the store hey Bill cant golf raining
Reply to Jan Bergan Evans (66):
Reply to Jan Evans Gary I new Clayton Bergan. There is another (Calvin ND. but you see it is spelled different the Kelvin north of Dunseith originally was west of where it is now that lake there Kelvin was on the west end of the lake they moved it when highway 3 was built. back in the WPADAYS
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Jan Bergan Evans asked about Kelvin and Kelvin Lutheran Church. In the
early days Kelvin had a post office and was Kelvin, ND. There is another
town with a similar sounding name–Calvin, ND–but it is 60 miles east
and I would doubt there is any connection with the Olson-Bergan clan.
The Kelvin Lutheran Church is probably a misnomer for Little Prairie
Lutheran. I was told that in the very early days, when Kelvin Store was
one mile west of the current location, there was a church group who held
services at the store. They also buried a couple children near the
store, who were stillborn. There may have been other burials but none I
know of. The graves are in the corner of a pasture now owned by Ed
Walter, Jr., I believe. Jay Vanorny showed me the graves years ago. It
is right next to his pasture on the west side of Lyde Lake, one mile
west of the current Kelvin Bar. We have the burial records for Little
Prairie Cemetery and can look up names for you in most cases. If you
call me or email some of the names, I will check the plot map. Joan
Salmonson, our secretary/treasurer has the records also and can be
reached during the day at Northland Builders in Dunseith–701-244-5438.
Thanks Gary!


Reply from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND
There is a Calvin North Dakota, located about 20 miles north east of Rock Lake. That is the only one listed on the map. I am not sure how much of the town is left. I know our neighbors Romeo and Mary Boucher just moved a house on to their farm that had served as a parsonage in Calvin, as the church affiliated with it had closed. I suspect it has gone the way of many small towns.
Too bad about your computer, you have such a wealth of information.
Reply from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Here is a file I ran across a few years ago that may be of interest to some of the genealogy folks.


Here is the parent directory of the file I sent you. More Rolette County cemeteries.


Here is the cleaner page that points to the previous files I sent you.


Reply from Dave Wurgler (64): Rugby, ND
Gary– Update on Stewert, he is now a car salesman at McGuires, the Ford dealership here in Rugby. He started sales in Oct. 2008 after I resigned and is working along side his stepbrother, Steve Poitra. I am not sure but i think he still resides either in Rolla or Belcourt. While I was living and going to school in Dunseith, Ron Medrud and I were classmates and very good friends, hung out together and done things boys and young men were suppose to do or sometimes what we weren’t suppose to do–lol. To make this short Gary, I got an e-mail from my sister Peggy (71), who lives in Seattle and was talking about getting together with those of you who are going on the cruise and possibly join you for supper. She is especially interested in seeing Cheryl Haagenson, her friend and classmate in Dunseith. Maybe you could send her some information about whats happening while the class is in Seattle. Thanks and take care. Dave Wurgler (64)
Address change for Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
For reasons that are not to be noted here, I have purchased the use of a PO BOX
My new address is Lee Stickland
PO Box 2119
Dickinson, ND 58602
The price of a first class stamp will soon be $.44, up from $.42, representing an increase of 4.7619047 % so any snail-mail directed this way could benefit from a soonest send.
I believe I recall seeing a 3 cent post card, about ****77**** years ago. Dad saw a less cost one, I am sure.
I have not moved but I have decided it best to have my mail left at the PO, awaiting my duty of collecting it, at least for the next year.
Good day to all, With LOVE and in all Sincerity,
Leland, Dad, Lee, Bro, Uncle, GPA …
Relly from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Dear Gary,

I am so sorry. My hard drive was wiped out a couple of years ago and I was just devastated. I will lay odds though that someone has a full copy of all of your emails and can send to you. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Hi Gary,
I know that sinking feeling. I’m so sorry. You know though, that we can
forward all sorts of stuff back to you, so just ask and it shall be done!
Cheryl D.
Reply from Wayne (61) & Rosemary Smith: Bottineau, ND
Gary, I don’t know if this helps, but I was checking the Dunseith Alumni web site and everything, including pictures seems to be there. Also, I have saved all your emails in a file on my computer (by year and month), which includes the email address lists, if that helps.
Rosemary & Wayne Smith
Folks, I am recovering from my hard drive being wiped out. I pretty much had all my files backed up on CD’s, but it takes time to get everything back in order. I have all of these daily messages saved in Hotmail so they have not been lost. I lost a lot of pictures. I’m not sure just how many yet though. I lost a lot of my “Favorites” in internet explorer. Those are just a few of the niceties that are gone. It’s a real pain to regroup and get things all back in order. Thank you so much for all of your concerns. Gary
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
I REALLY FEEL for you–losing all that information and all those pictures. I’ve lost old stories I had written and other things, too, and it does leave a hole in your stomach.


Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND



Ginger and Shirley, This is a beautiful picture of your parents.


Computer files lost:
On Monday I took my computer in to have it updated. In the process they wiped out my whole hard drive loosing all the files. I had many of them backed up, but it’s a real pain to recover. The latest email addresses in my address book I had saved were from February. For those of you that have sent requests for folks to be added in the past several months, please send that info to me again. I have recovered a lot of the requests from the past several months, but I know I’m missing a few. I was able to restore some of the pictures, but I’m not sure just how many I lost. Most all the pictures can be retrieved from the daily email messages that I have saved so they are not totally lost. I had too many eggs in one basket. I was afraid something like this could happen, so I had an extra hard drive added to my computer for backing up these files. In the process of adding this auxiliary hard drive they wiped out everything I had planned on backing up to this disk. It’s a real empty feeling when something like this happens. I had over 3,000 pictures saved on this hard drive, 1,500 of which were Dunseith pictures, with no back ups. I was able to save some, but it’s a pain going back through the restored files, sorting through all the corrupt files to find those that are good. For now I an concentrating on getting my email files and distribution lists back in order.
Reply/Qestion from Jan Bergan Evans (66): MONTICELLO, MN
Hi Gary Got the e-mail about Barbara Trent Thanks I was in ND this week-end and went to see Sylvia Bergan She was sleeping and the nurse says she gets real upset when you wake her so I just left a note. But they say she might not know me anyway. She is very frail. What I would like to know is, where was Kelvin ND and Kelvin Luthern Church. I keep seeing that and no one seems to know. I am suppose to have the Olson relatives buried in Kelvin Luth. I’m am wandering where the records might have gone???
Jan: Vance (deceased) & Doreen Bailey have most all of the Rolette county Cemetery information with the names of all that are buried in them. I had that info if I did not loose it with my computer crash. Doreen, can you send us that info again please?
Folks, is there another Kelvin, ND other than the one located north of Dunseith?
Folks, Jan mentions Barbara Trent Riehm. Barbara’s mother was Julia Bergan Trent. The Trent’s were very well known in the Bottineau and surrounding areas. Julia Trent was a sister to Jan Bergan’s Grandfather, Clayton’s dad. Sylvia, the lady she visited mentioned in her message, was married to Oscar who was also a brother to Julia and Jan’s Grandfather. Sylvia I believe is 97 years old. Again with Neola Kofoid Garbe’s connections, we made contact with Barbara Trent. She is living in San Diego, CA.
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
Gary,, My long time friend Lloyd Awalt might have missed one building just north of the Deeter home. That being Billie Wright’s grocery store. Later, it was Joe Morinville’s, if my brain hasn’t gone AWOL altogether. Bill Hosmer
Question from Marge Longie Wilcox (56): Vancouver, WA
Does anyone know what has ever happened to Eileen Erickson?

I haven’t heard anything from her for a long time.

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

There should be many of our readers who remember the snow that came on
June 3, 1943. My grandmother took this picture in the yard at the farm
to show what things looked like. As you can see, the poplar trees had
their leaves and the hardwoods were starting to leaf. This is probably
the snow that Art Fugere (Debbie and Diane’s grandpa) told me about many
years ago, when I was working at Lamoureux Brothers garage. He said they
were done seeding crops and thought summer had arrived and then got hit
by snow. He said it was weird! Some old timers said they had seen snow
here in the hills, in every month of the year. I have never seen snow
here in June, July , or August–but every other month, several times
over! On Labor Day weekend in either ’64 or ’65, we were plowing under
stubble and had a heck of a snow. The snow would cover the black dirt we
turned over so it was kind of hard to see where you were going when you
came back around. I remember Dad and I lit small straw piles on fire and
stood close to warm up a bit as they burned. No cabs and heaters in
those days. If your gloves got wet or your hands got cold you could
always reach ahead and grab onto the exhaust pipe for a couple seconds
and heat things up. I remember how sometimes my gloves got a little too
hot and would steam and smoke We wore all the clothes we could find and
still suffered! And to think we called that ‘the good old days’! Thanks


Reply to picture from Don Lamoueux (75): Bethel, MN
I believe the unknown picture in my Great Grandfather John Bedard.
Don Lamoueux (75)
Reply to picture from Louise Pigeon Horsman (43): Bothell, WA

That looks like John Bedard. If it is , he is the father of Georgette, Rene, Albert and Lucein Bedard. I’m not positive.
John Bedard



Happy Birthday Warren Anderson (65): Rolette, ND


Warren, Checking my records, I see you have a Birthday today (5-27-47). I’m not far behind you. 1947 is the year for a lot of us class of 65 folks. You have and enjoyable birthday. Have a big celebration with Cora. Gary
Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND


To Neola Garbe,

Congratulations!!!! You look like a million bucks in that picture!





Reply to Neola from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, Wyoming


I am so happy Neola, that you have come through that dreadful disease. But, like Gary said, your positive attitude and being so up beat with that beautiful smile, truly helped. I remember that fabulous smile. I will let Beckie know when I see her. By the way, she is doing great from her colon cancer and they are very sure that they got all the polyps. She didnt need radiation treatments/any other treatment. She has her regular check-ups and is now down to a size 10, the same size when she was married 25 yrs ago. By the way, we had snow here, yesterday morning, with big flakes. It didnt last long, thank heavens. All have a quiet and peaceful day. Sybil Johnson





Reply to picture posted yesterday from Kathy Casavant Ellingson (74): Bismarck, ND


The Steve Belgarde family used to ride on our bus. Extremely nice family. I knew the girls in the plaid clothes along with the girl in the maroon dress. They were very polite of what I remember.
Reply from Pam Wenstad (78):
That must be a Norwegian trait. My Dad and my sister Bobbie ate them all the time.When we were young and all of us girls had to sleep 2 or 3 a bed she would eat a onion sandwich right before bed, so no one would sleep with her. Now my son Tony eats them too sometimes. Funny how some things (thank goodness) never leave us.
Pam Wenstad-78

Reply from Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT
Reply to Wendy Strietzel, please give my condolences to your Mom, she and I were good friends in high school. Your Grandma was a very sweet lady and the ffood was always great at her house as well as the hospitality.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
My mom made the best pot of Navy Bean Soup you’ve ever tasted. And she always included with her bowl, a raw onion sandwich. I could not imagine it. But she sure enjoyed.
Cheryl Larson Dakin




YVONNE HIATT PETERSON       Birth Date: 29 Jan 1956     Death Date: 21 Oct 2003     Social Security Number: 502-86-3260     State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: North Dakota     Death Residence Localities     ZIP Code:
    Localities: Bottineau, Bottineau, North Dakota   Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau, North Dakota  
Metigoshe, Bottineau, North Dakota

Picture dated January 10, 1974

Vonnie Hiatt Peterson was the Daughter of Howard (Deceased) and Vida Hiatt. She was married to Ron Peterson.


Rod Hiatt, Vonnie’s Brother’s message posted in (275) on Nov 7, 2008
Reply from Rod Hiatt (69): Bottineau, ND
Hello Gary
I do remember the Awalt Anniversary and the duet. Vonnie played the
piano and I was on the accordion. I don’t think I was asked to be on
Laurence Welk Show after that either. Seems like my musical talent was
mainly in my mind and not in the ears of the audience.
Yes Vonnie was a big part of the auction business as she was no doubt
the best clerk that you could ever want. In all the years that she
worked with me, I don’t recall having to repeat the selling price or a
bidders number to her. She did that as well as caught bids at the same time.
She was also the best part of Hiatts Western Shop, as she could sell ice
cubes to an Eskimo without trying. At Christmas, the men would come in
looking for something for their wife, having no idea of size, colors or
style and Vonnie would put together an outfit, boots and accessories,
wrap it up and it was surprising how many wives would come back saying
how happy and thrilled that their husbands took the time, new the right
size and had such good taste. Vonnie just smiled and never said any
It was 5 years ago last month that we lost her, but little things like
your newspaper clipping bring back the good memories and all the fun and
laughter that she brought into our lives She is dearly missed but Never
Main Street in 1940, posted by Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND
Dear Gary,
I have racked my old brain to come up with the location of all the businesses in Dunseith in 1940 when I was working on the Dray. To the best of my knowledge the enclosed map is accurate. If anyone has any changes just e-mail of course spelling errors can just be written up to old age and bad eyesight. (Is that a good enough excuse?)
Have a good week!
Lloyd Awalt

(<Catholic Church)
Main Street

Empty Building Watkin’s Lumber Yard
Vacant Lot Wilson’s Recreation Center
Standard Oil Station Charlie Wright’s creamery
Motel/US Customs City Service Station
Dakota Hotel (treet)
(Street) Hosmer’s Store
Shelver’s Drug (Vacant Lot)
Wilson’s Barber shop Poliquin’s Bar
Peace Garden Cafe (Storage shed)
Ray Murry Creamery Pete Richards Variety
(Driveway) (Vacant Lot)
Crystal Cafe Kadry Pool Hall
Myrey’s Store (vacant Drive Way)
Macatees Bakery GottbrethHardware
Alphie Dion Shoe Shop Postoffice
Red Owl Store Security State Bank
Ray Lakes Stone Garage (Street)
(Street) Douglas Funeral Home
Lilleby Bar Althea Theater
Lamoureux Garage Floyd Nelson Barber
Lamoureux Lot Livestock Exchange
K.C.Sime Red & White
Main Street

Judge Ray Wilson
Coffee Shop Clint Anderson’s
Oscar Stadeim Bowling Alley and Bar Cream Station
Zyke Boguslaski Leonard’s Cafe
Corner Garage (Vacant Lot)
(Street) Dunseith Journal
Ike Berg Home Deters Telephone Office
Jesse Wilson Home (Street)
Hassen’s Store
Joe Richard’s Service Station
Pictures posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Dale Honsey – DHS class of 74



Brent Armentrout – DHS class of 1984




Stewart Medrud is Ronnie’s son. He lives

near Belcourt. Ronnie Medrud is Deceased



John Bedard Sr.






Alice Hiatt Dalbec’s daughter Marvel’s wedding. Judy is Bill’s sister.


Obituary provided by Eileen Brudwick: Fargo, ND

Thelma Johnson, 83
December 9, 2004
Thelma Christianson Johnson

Feb. 24, 1921 Dec. 6, 2004


Thelma Johanna Johnson, 83, of Bremerton died Monday at Harrison Hospital.

She was born in Kelvin, N.D., to Sigurd Edward and Johanna (Lagarquist) Christianson.

She married James Johnson and he preceded her in death in 1997. Mrs. Johnson enjoyed being a homemaker and was the last founding member of Olalla Bible Church.

In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by two sisters, Ella Medrud and Anne Petry.

Surviving are a son, Robert Johnson and his wife, Diane, of Port Orchard; a daughter, Joanne Johnson of Port Orchard; two brothers, Raymond Christianson and his wife, Mary, of Dunseith, N.D., and Edwin Christianson and his wife, Bernice, of Milton, Wash.; two sisters, Viola Basket and her husband, Steve, of Olalla and Dorothy Halverson and her husband, Lester, of Dunseith; one grandchild; and one great-grandchild.

A memorial service will be at 10 a.m. Dec. 14 at Olalla Bible Church.

Memorial donations may be made to Cypress Gardens Activity Fund, 3500 Ninth St., Bremerton, WA 98312.Arrangements are by Haven of Rest Funeral Home in Gig Harbor.



Onion Sandwich
Folks, The other day I saw some nice ripe tomatoes in the house, so I asked our help to prepare a tomato sandwich for my lunch the next day of which they did. I love those tomato sandwiches. When they served me this tomato sandwich, I mentioned to them that my dad loved raw onion sandwiches. Guess what I got the next day for lunch, a raw onion sandwich. They prepared it as kind of a joke, but were surprised when I ate it. My dad used to top his day of with a raw onion sandwich before going to bed. I don’t think that did much for the romance spark though. Several weeks before his death, he prepared a thick onion sandwich for both us. It was soooo good with lots of salt and pepper. Gary
Genealogy request from Dwight Lang (61): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
You better send a tanker truck to Cebu for gas, Gary. The compound is dark and the rebels are closing in. Just kidding, I hope!
Holy Moly, I had no idea how many Hiatt relatives I had. I would like to research the Herman and Alice Woodford Hiatt line back a few more generations. Would appreciate any help from the group who have already done so. Thanks in advance.
Dwight Lang
Dwight & All, Our power was restored about 3:00 PM yesterday. This whole island of Cebu, of about 4 million folks, was without power. In the 5 1/2 years we have lived here, this is first time the whole Island has been without power. The problem was a severed submarine cable feeder line from the Island of Leyte that supplies electricity to this island. The electricity had just been restored when we got to the mall. They were running on generator power so they had no A/C. It was really hot in there. Speaking of malls, we have several very nice large modern malls. To give you an idea of the size of the mall we went to yesterday, It has 4 levels and covers acres. When Bernadette is shopping, often times, I’ll do a brisk walk covering all of the common area starting from the top. It takes me 55 minutes to walk all of the common area, 1 time through, from the top to the bottom. That would be about 3 1/2 miles. Gary
Request from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Would you ask if anyone has a mailing address for Iris Peltier, Belcourt?
Neola Kofoid Garbe’s Radiation Treatments are complete:


NO…. NONE…..ZILCH….ZERO….. treatments left!!!!!!!!


Hi Everyone,


This email came from a good friend of mine earlier today. She has been counting the days until my radiation treatments are finished. As you can see, today was the day (Thursday).


THANK YOU for the many prayers which have been prayed for my mom and me. They definitely worked for both of us.


Mom is back at Good Samaritan in Bottineau (725 East 10th St., Bottineau 58318) and is feeling better than she has felt in a LONG time. She will be 92 years old on May 5; her memory/mind/hearing/eyesight/speech are all good. She uses a walker and gets tired easily; other than that, she’s doing wonderfully well.


My radiation treatments (36) went very well. I have had very little pain from the time I was told I had breast cancer until right now . During the treatments I was tired, so I slept much more than I usually do. This was no problem, as I enjoy sleeping, and I didn’t have anything I HAD to do–bless retirement. :) I’m sure the many prayers all of you prayed, made this experience just a minor “bump in the road”. I feel very fortunate the cancer was caught early (mammogram), and it was non-invasive. I can now add this experience to my life’s resume; it’s already interesting, I don’t need more experiences! Ha!


I think I’m the luckiest of all the people I met at at the cancer center–I wasn’t sick/I live right in Minot/I’m still FAIRLY young!/I didn’t need someone to take me to my treatments(Wally went along a few times at the beginning of them)/etc. During the storm, my brother-in-law picked Wally/me up for my treatments in his 4-wheel drive pickup, so I didn’t miss any treatments during that time.


When you are having radiation treatments, “they” don’t want you to lose weight, which can easily happen; I understand many people lose their appetite during this time. Believe me, I did NOT lose my appetite–uff da! I enjoyed eating many foods I try not to eat, and I still gained only 2 pounds. Going back to “normal” eating is going to be tough! Ha!


THANKS AGAIN for your thoughts and prayers for Mom and me. Prayer is POWERFUL!!



Neola, It’s so nice to hear you are all finished with your radiation treatments. Your positive attitude has been a huge contributor for the success’ achieved. I’ll bet you’ll be spending more time in Bottineau now. Wally will have to make a few trips to Bottineau to see you. Gary



Angus Campbell: Bottineau, ND





I ran across this picture of Angus Campbell when I was going through my picture files. This picture must have been taken about 4 years ago, because I know Angus was born in 1925. Angus is a familiar face to many of you, especially those of you in the Bottineau area. Angus has lived nearly his entire life on his present farm located 2 miles south of Bottineau on the Gardena Road. Angus has been a very active & supportive member of the whole community his entire life. I have known Angus nearly my entire life, but I really learned to know him and his sister Margaret (deceased) well when I worked for Dave and Vivian Clark on their farm after I graduated from HS in 1965. When I left for the West Coast in 2006, my brother Darrel, who was still in HS at the time, started working for Angus/Margaret in the summer months. Their relationship bonded well to this very day. Angus has pretty much adopted Darrel and his family. The same is true for Darrel and his family adopting Angus. Angus has been a big part of the Stokes family for many years. He is a wonderful man with a heart of gold. To this very day Angus does a big share of the running of the combine harvesting Darrel’s crop.









Folks, We are running on generator power this today. For some reason we lost power about 4 hours ago. I need to get this out before my generator runs out of gas and I have to run and get more. Gary



Winifred Pritchard Eurich’s Funeral:

Posted by Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND


Hi Gary and Friends, Had a little trouble scanning Winifred’s Obit. It was a nice service, befitting a great lady, When I was young I got to drive a team of Dave Eurch’s and Stacked bundled shocks, and later hauling them to the Threshing Machine. I was and still am very proud to have had this experience. There weren’t many people my age at the time circa early to mid 60’s that I knew had done this.


But now, for Winifred!. I was in complete aw at the size of her Kitchen when we all went into eat. The setting impressed me so, that I don’t remember what we ate. The Hospitality first class as in most farm family’s in North Dakota. The very long table on which plenty good food and drink was supplied which I do remember was that I didn’t go away hungry. The high Cabinets above the kitchen’s Countertops unusual in other modern homes. Winifred’s kitchen reminisces of threshing days forlorn. I did not see such a cook house setting again until I went to work, to work with Dad on the Railroad, in 70. Still these fond memories I had of these special days with the Eurich’s will always remain in my heart.



Winifred Pritchard Eurich

Dave Eurich Family 1970:

Back: Sharon, Eileen, Norman & Dave

Front: Mary, Dorothy, Jean & Winifred


Again I express my condolences to the Eurich Family. I do remember that nice big Kitchen that Mark talks about at the Eurich’s. I’ve eaten a few wonderful meals there myself. I helped Bud and Norris Knutson, several summers, with haying on the Eurich farm. Winifred always had a wonderful meal for us at that nice long table that mark described. The last time I saw Winifred was at my Mothers funeral in July of 2004. She attended her funeral along with her daughters Eileen and Mary. Gary



From Wendy Strietzel (Dorothy Eurich Strietzel’s (75) Daughter): Minot, ND



Here is my grandma’s funeral brochure. Everything at the funeral was beautiful and the family would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts. My grandma was a beautiful person inside and out. She will be greatly missed but her memory will live on through all of us. Thanks again.

Wendy Strietzel

I received your Grandma’s funeral brochure from Mark Schimetz yesterday too, posted above, that I already had ready for today’s posting. Yes, your grandma was a beautiful person and is well remembered by all of us former and current Dunseith folks and others too. Gary


Story from Larry Hackman (66):Bismarck, ND



I had a couple of requests for this story: believe it or not.

I know there are a lot of new people that have moved into the blog and that have not read it also. Maybe its time to put it out there again because I know a bunch of them have had to join our club too.

Everyone needs a good chuckle now and then.


Larry, It is my pleasure to repost any of your great stories. Gary







I turned 60 last week. I have been kind of depressed about it. Then friends and relatives began telling me that I should be happy, after all I’m in this club now. I asked, what club is that? They shouted you are in the Golden Years Club, You gotta be happy and proud to be in such a club. Everybody becomes a member. After they explained the benefits about restaurants giving you food for less money and you can get motel rooms cheaper, I started to feel pretty good about this. They did not say anything about getting gas cheaper but I guess you just get it more often. As long as I get more miles per gallon, I don’t care. The more I thought about this age thing and this club, the better I felt. So, I was feeling kind of up beat about the whole thing and decided to go out and see whats new in the world of hardware. I always like to look around the hardware stores to see whats new. I was wandering around in Home Depot and I wandered right into a old retired friend.




We got to talking about age and birthdays and such. I asked him about this Goden Age Club and how you join. He said there is no joining, your just in. What do you mean your just in? He said, your just in. What if don’t like it? There is no likeing or dislikeing, you are just in. What if I want to back out? He said, there is no backing, your just out when your out. He finally said, Larry get this through your head your in until your out. I said you mean its like getting drafted into the military. He said there is no drafted, your just in until your out. I said, well, in the sevice there were a few that just up and deserted, couldn’t I do that? He said, Larry there is no deserting, your just in until you are out. So, I’m just automaticly a member of this Golden Years Club for the rest of my life, and I’m in until I’m out? He said, The Golden Years Club is a misnomer. I said, Oh come on, I’m not joining this club and going to have to give up the month of November too? Besides thar, I did not miss November. I remember sitting at the table on Thanksgiving Day eating the turkey neck and gizzard like I always do. In our family the oldest guy sitting at the table always gets first choice on the good stuff, and gets to eat dark meat sandwiches for two weeks after, cuz the women and the kids eat all the white meat. That is just the way it is and the way I like it, so I know I did not miss November. My old friend looks at me, and says, Larry you fool, I said misnomer. I said, I know what you said, you said I’m going to miss November. Did you mean from now on? You mean next year is only 11 months long? No wonder time passes so fast for the people in this club and I’m not giving up Thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite holidays. I’m just not gonna join your club. He said again, you are in until your out, and the proper name of the club is, The Only Thing Golden is Your Urine Club, so you see the name, The Golden Years Club is a misnomer. I said, I don’t care what you say I’m not giving up November . He said, Larry, nobody relishs the idea of being in this club, your just in it until your out and there is nothing you can do about it. I said relish, we have a relish tray at Thanksgiving too, I’m not giving that up neither and left him standing there in the middle of Home Depot. I don’t know if I’m ever going to talk to that guy again. I did not particularly like being called a fool.















Reply from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND

Lee here.
Snow on the ground here this am.
Dad’s body will be buried this afternoon at 3 pm. Gloria and I will be there. Funerals are really not over til the body is in the ground,
The snow will lend toward authenticity as he dealt with the snow so much, before George Gregory was able to make the rounds and move the banks of snow.
Dad once carried a chain saw so that he could remove willows from the ditches which created the opportunity for drifts.
OUR trip to CA to see my son, Eric, his wife Kim and MY grandson, SAM is set for next Thursday. The 30 degrees here now will be replaced with 80s.
Eric’s wife is a pharmacotoxocologist, Chief Scientist for a pharmaceutical company.
Kim’s personna and demeanor is such that she could be with US from Dunseith and fit right in. She grew up in Detroit and her parents have suffered the effects of the ceconomic downturn there.
She will be in Boston making a presentation early next week but will be home by the time WE get there. They have budgeted 2 full days to be with US so that will be great.

Lockhard School about 1955:

Back row: Dale Millang, Lorraine Handeland, Claudia Espe, Glen Millang,
Kenny Handeland. Stanley Salmonson, Lyle Zeiler & Roger Salmonson.

Middle row: Kathy Salmonson, Charlotte Handeland, Sandra Zeiler, Linda
Millang, Karen House, Garrett Myer, Winnie Nelson

Front row: Terry Espe. Clarine House, Kathy Nerpel, Kenny Nerpel, Larry
Millang, Duane Handeland





Class of 64 folks


Top: Terry Espe & Dave Wurgler


Bottom: Dale Hoffman & Dennis Zorn

All rights reserved


Dunseith Alumni WEB page link
Folks, I post these daily messages on the Dunseith Alumni WEB site, however, I do not include email addresses or any personal info with the posting of these messages on this sight. These email messages are more complete that what I post on the sight. I have also posted information about our Seattle Dunseith Alumni reunion that we will be having in July and I have also posted our Alaska cruise info on this site. I noticed there has been a fair amount of visits to this sight, so I will make a conscience effort to post these daily messages the same day rather than waiting several days.
Bernadette is sitting here waiting for me to sent this out, so we can go to the Mall, So I better get on the ball and get this out.
Reply to yesterday’s message
from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65): Belcourt, ND
Jaralyn Parisein is the daughter of Theresa Parisein of Dunseith, she
works at IHS in the Lab, her sister is Roxanne who works in the dental
clinic here in Belcourt. I will try to get an address for you today if I

Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra (65)

Alice Hiatt Dalbec: Medford, Oregon
Folks, With all of Neola Kofoid Garbe’s connections, we have loctated Alice Hiatt and her family. Neola and Alice’s daughter Marvel are close friends. I just called and talked to Marvel. She told me her mother is 93 and is doing well. For all of you geneology folks, she said her mother has recorded a lot of her family data in a note book that she has. She has birth’s, death’s marriage’s, etc all recorded. Marvel will be sending me that info. I have listed Marvel’s email address above with her mothers name. Marvel’s phone number is 541-826-2374. Please call her early evening or week ends. She gets up at 4:00 AM. I can tell you she will not complain if you call her later, like I did though. She’s that kind of a person. Marvil has requested to be on our daily distribution too. She said she will share all these daily messages with her mother.
Marvel, a lot of your relatives, many of whom I’m sure you have never met are included with these daily distributions. I think you told me your family moved to Oregon in 1951. Your mother of coarse has quite a number of first cousins, alive and well, some of whom are included with this daily distribution. There are many former Ackworth folks from your mothers generation on our daily distribution too.
Pictures Provided by Neoal Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Alice Hiatt Dalbec Family
Top: not sure of the order – Gene, Keith & Ron Dalbec
Front: Marvel Dalbec Martin & Alice Hiatt Dalbec




Bill & Marvel Dalbec Martin

Hiatt Family tree:
Folks, this is a preliminary copy of the Hiatt family tree that I am putting together.
Please look this over and get back to me with additions and corrections that need to be made.
I am only going down four generations from Herman/Alice Hiatt. The purpose of this chart is to identify those in the Hiatt family and where they fit into the family. To keep this chart simple, I am not listing any detailed info (deaths, spouses, etc). I am interested in these details though and will record any of that info provided to me in separate records. For what I am doing, I do not plan on going any deeper with any of these family trees that I am putting together. There’s not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of that. For those of you that are interested we have a lot of genealogy folks in our group that already have a lot of the detailed genealogy info for a lot of the Dunseith families. Please ask for any genealogy you are interested in and we will try to get you connected with those that have the info.
Allen Richard, The George Hiatt family listed in this chart, like your family, is quite large. There are over 65 first cousins in the 4th generation.



Ethel Hiatt Peterson:

Folks, especially all of you Hiatt folks. I have located and had a very nice chat with Ethel Hiatt Peterson. Her father was Henry, a brother to John, Will J., Walter, George, Amos and those guys. Henry Hiatt moved to Medford, OR years ago. I thought for awhile I would not be able to locate any members of Henry’s family, but with Evon Lagerquist and I’m sure a little help from her mother Leola and Neola with all of her connections, I think I have or will have all his family members identified through the 4th generation. Ethel and Alice Hiatt Dalbec are the only two surviving children of 2 boys and 6 girls from Henry’s family. Ethel provided me the phone numbers of her children. I contacted Colleen who lives in Oregon and got her email address. She will make sure her mother gets all messages. Her name is Colleen Dolan, email Colleen told me she will pass all these messages onto her siblings as well. Ethel was very excited when I told her I would pass her phone number and address onto you guys. Ethel is a sharp 87 year young lady who was born and raised in the Ackworth community. She told me that at one time they lived on the Stokes place, that later belonged to Esther Tangen, now the Pladson farm. Gary

Ethel Hiatt Peterson
6881 Eisenhower St, Apt 8

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805-8545
(208) 267-2491


Winifred Eurich

Jan. 2, 1919-April 19, 2009

Winifred Eurich, age 90, of Dunseith, died Sunday, April 19, 2009, at a Bottineau hospital.

Wini-fred Eurich, a daughter of William and Ida (Thompson) Pritchard, was born on January 2, 1919. She was raised on a farm near the Canadian border north of Dunseith. She attended grade school at Loon Lake School at Ackworth and later graduated from Dunseith High School. Following high school, Winifred worked at San Haven.

Winifred married Dave Eurich Jr. on May 14, 1940, at Dunseith. They made their home on the farm west of Dunseith. Dave passed away in September 1971. She later worked for a time as a nanny at San Haven before opening at daycare at her home. She retired in the late 1990s, and in August 2002 she moved in with her daughter Eileen. In April 2008, she moved into Bottineau where she had resided since.

She was a member of the Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith where she was active in the ALCW. She was also a member of the Happy Homemakers Club in Dunseith for many years. She enjoyed gardening and canning. She was happiest in her home surrounded by her family. She loved her grandbabies and always had cookies on hand for them.

She is survived by: her 5 daughters, Eileen Nelson, Mary Knutson and Sharon (Jim) Hanson, all of Dunseith, Dorothy (Art) Strietzel and Jean (Tom) Roland, all of Minot; son, Floyd Pritchard, of Lake Metigoshe; 23 grandchildren; 35 great-grandchildren; 5 great-great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.

In addition to her husband and parents, she was preceded in death by her sons, Norman and LeRoy; grandson, Kevin Hanson; brothers, Robert, John, Corbin, Bill “Line” and Norman Pritchard; and daughter-in-law, Ann Pritchard.

Funeral: Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith.

Burial: Riverside Cemetery in Dunseith.

Visitation: Today from 5 to 9 p.m. with a prayer service at 7 p.m. at the Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith.

Arrangements are with Nero Funeral Home in Bottineau.




Myron LaFontaine’s Obiturary

Provided by Eileen Brudwick (Neola’s Cousin): ebrudwick@yahoo.com Fargo, ND

Eileen, Thank you so much for providing this for us.

Myron LaFontaine
Myron LaFontaine, age 62 of Grafton passed away Saturday, April 18, 2009 at his home. Myron was born July 23, 1946 to the late Chris and Lillian (Burcham) LaFontaine in Rolla, ND. He attended and graduated from school in Belcourt. After his graduation he moved to San Jose, CA where he attended trade school. Myron returned to North Dakota and married the Love of His Life, Vickie Hiatt. The couple made their home in the Turtle Mountain area until moving to Grafton in 1986.

Myron was a jack of all trades; he was good with his hands. He loved to work in his garage building things, he liked to rummage, and loved being outside. Myron spent a lot of time working on his yard; he took pride in his yard. He also enjoyed going to the casino. Myron loved spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren.
Myron was a member of the River of Life Community Church.
Myron will be greatly missed by his wife Vicki, Grafton, ND; children: Tony Hoerner and his two children and Rene McConnell and her child all of Montana; Trina (Russell Nielson) LaFontaine, Grafton, ND; Tara (Mike) LaFontaine-Rodgers, Grafton, ND; Cahla (Ricki Parisien) LaFontaine, Grafton, ND; grandchildren: Victoria, Vanessa & Cophia Nielson, Abigail Grimaldo, and Carter Parisien; siblings: Frances (Philip) Belgrade, Belcourt, ND; Alvin (Viola) LaFontaine, Williston, ND; Leonard (Marie) LaFontaine, Belcourt, ND; Aaron Dcolon, Washington; and Irene Bear Runner, Belcourt, ND. He is also survived by several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, grandparents and several aunts and uncles.
Funeral services will be Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 2:30 P.M. at the River of Life Community Church, Grafton, ND. Visitation will be Wednesday from 5-7 with a prayer service at 7:00 PM at the Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton. Friends may also call at the church for one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at the Grafton City Cemetery.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangments.


Reply to Cheryl Larson (71) from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Cheryl, you got it girl just let me know when we can get together at Dales or my house if you would like. Just let me know who and when u will be in town the only day I can’t is the 17th I have a Dr appointment in Minot with my cancer Dr. and the 16 is clarence and my 29th anniversary so we ususally do something.
I am looking forward to seeing u again. Bev
Susan Malaterre Johnson’s (69) reply to Mark Schimetz message posted yesterday: Alvarado, TX
Haven’t we caused a bit of surprise to her too? I also, seem to remember Mrs. Cook and the boomb, boomb. I think they may have defended us to the policer. Gee, look at the time. Love, Sis
Susan’s follow up reply to Gary’s question of her first reply:
So sorry, I’m still trying to get my mail sorted. I have a full day with the Red Cross tomorrow so my mail may not reflect the true addresses. I do apologize. Any way the message is all the same. We were all little “terrorists at that age.” Sorry. I’m working the Red Cross again on Thur., Please Lord let this help to make up for my friends and I who thought we were having fun. Thank you for not sharing!! We never meant to hurt anyone, Gee, not even Mark. Love, Susan
All of the following pictures have been posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

This is one of the great pictures of the prom that was in the April 7, 2009 edition of the Courant.
Comments from LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND
Alison Coleman is the daughter of Nancy (McGuire) and Steve Coleman. Steve is the son of Patti Metcalfe Coleman Woods and Duane Coleman. Duane (Babe) Coleman, Class of 66 is deceased of cancer back when his sons were still in school. ( Patti is married to Jack Woods. ) Patti and Steve’s other son is Stuart and he is married to Melissa Langhaug, daughter of Myron and Rhonda Eman Langhaug.
As for Brooke Parrill, she is the daughter of Rod and Ann Parrill. Rod is my double cousin, son of Thurman and Marie Parrill. Ann has been a teacher in Botno since 81-82 and she and Rod were married in 1988 I believe.
Brook Parrill (Rod Parrill’s daughter) and
Alison Coleman(Patti Metcalfe Woods Granddaughter)




Pat Myer Funeral

Posted by Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND

Gary, Here is Pat Myers Obituary from her farewell service on Monday. Church was full, as expected as the Meyers family is well respected and have many friends and family members. I had not seen Holley or Jim since High School. some 41 years ago. I had to tell Jim and Holley how popular Holly was to my crowd of 8 year old boy,, You see she had a bike…with a motor on it! lol, A moped we found out later. So besides being such a sweet girl to us younger’s, She had the coolest Ride that we all dreamed about in those boyish years.


There was such a crowd, that I am sorry I didn’t get any decent pictures of the family. I will try and get a copy from the Star when I get it today, or the Minot Paper, I found her early History very interesting.



Condolences to Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine:
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT
To Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine
I am so sorry fo ryour lsos. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Sharon Longie Sana(73)


Condolences to the Eurich family:
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula MT

To the Eurich Family

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Dorothy, you were such a good friend in high school. Lots of good memories.


Sharon Longie Dana(73)
Codolence to Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine Family:
From Bobby Slyter (70): Wichita, Kansas
Reply to Dick Johnson from Kay Hosmer (’77): Crown Point, Ind
The story about my Grandpa Jack was quite a shocker! He often swam off the pontoon when I was a child, but I had no idea he ever did so without trunks!
From Doyle Abrahamson (68): Aurora, CO
I just got word today that my father, Howard Abrahamson has skin cancer on the ear when he went to have a growth removed from his ear today. On Friday Dad is going into the hospital to have some more removed.
Doyle, I wanted to share this part of your message to me about your dad. Many folks know your parents. Gary.
Reply from Ardys Bakken Horner (Teacher & Pastor’s Wife): Detroit Lakes, MN
Gary, ask your Dad, Robert if he remembers Pastor Arv Bakken who was a chaplain at San Haven from July of l968 to the summer of l973. I wonder if he has any stories from that time, there were residents up there who were really characters, one had a hugh collection of neckties and another thought he was the sheriff. I remember the one and only time Arv over slept on a Sunday morning and missed his service up there, the residents didn’t let him forget it. He played the guitar for their services at San Haven and their favorite request was usually something they heard often sungby Roy Clark and another singer on the HeeHaw show. Our son Erik was reluctant to go along because all the ladies liked to hug him. Ardys
Ardys, My father passed away in August 2000. When posting his life history, I failed to mention that. I’m sure there are others that did not realize he is deceased too, when reading that article. I’ll bet there are lots of folks that remember Pastor Bakken and your family. Gary
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Gary, you are awsome. And so is Sharron Gottbreht Shen. Thanks to both of you for all the work you’ve put into these endeavors. So much family history. I just love it! I’m sorry now that George and I didn’t just bite the bullet and book the cruise. I would have loved to meet you all. But with a new grandson born 8 weeks ago, and another baby boy due in 4 weeks, I’m reserving some of my time off to help my daughter and daughter-in-law. With our extended families all over the country, it’s been a joy to have my kids still close by. But we will be up in Bottineau and Dunseith in August so maybe we can make a few calls and get some of us together for coffee at Dales. Bev? Think we can arrange something?

Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Diane Larson……. I still think you have got to be mistaken right cheryl? I think Diane and Debbie had to be the ring leaders just like they were when we spent that week long vacation at the lake ……Believe me Cheryl and I were so innocent and they lead us astray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Gary Metcalfe mentioned that the folks in Missouri thought Otto
Stietzel, was a ‘spittin image’ of his cousin Jesse James. I found this
picture of Otto and his wife Laura from about 35 years ago. He looks
like he, himself, could have saddled up with the James boys! He also
reminds me of the old soldiers from the Civil War. Thanks Gary!



Here is a picture of Jesse James to compare with the one of
Otto—although Jesse was much younger when the picture was taken, the
resemblance is uncanny! I think the Missouri folks are right! Thanks Gary!


Otto & Laura Stietzel Jesse James


From Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND


Being one of the older readers of this magical site, it seems to me that Gary Stokes has put together historical facts and remembrances of our readership, and shared it with all comers, and presented an opportunity to speak directly to friends and relatives, and otherwise gifted us with convenient and free access to one another in a way I’ve not witnessed in such a generous way. Not only that, we get the sad news of the passing of those who made us the people we are, and the good news of achievements and lessons learned and shared to make it easier for the rest of us to press on. He has made it possible to fill memory gaps, and let us know the remembrances of those who share their recollections of our mutual heritage. When I think about the huge volume of data that we are privileged to see, because of the participation of so many folks from so many generations from one small but unique community of Americans, it gives me a sense of pride and love for that place we started from, and those families represented herein who gave me the start in life for which I am grateful.. Besides all that , the humor that drives its way through our site typifies that quality which is as natural a part of our lives as the hills and the prairie we laughed in and around. What a tremendous experience it is for me to know a little bit about most of your families represented, and how much Gary’s efforts has given me a new grip on where I really came from.
Thanks to all of you who enliven my days, and to you, Gary. I salute you with vigor and appreciation. Life is good and getting better with this blog. Bill Hosmer
Bill, I have included a little history, actually big history, of part of your contributions to the history of the folks from our little community. This newspaper article has to be from the early 60’s. I know you made a career of the Air Force of not only flying and being part of the famous Thunderbirds, but also being a combat pilot, flying many, very dangerous, bombing missions over Viet Nam. What a remarkable career you had with the Air Force. You so humble about all these accomplishments. I see you are a captain in this photo, but I know you retired as an (O-6) Full Bird Colonel. Gary

Seattle Reunion Banquet Report from Bill Grimme: wgrimme@charter.net
This is the list of folks currently signed up for our Seattle reunion at the Best Western on July 24th.
Folks, if you are planning on attending, please make your dinner selections and mail your payment to Bill.
I am getting a little nervous that some other group will be requesting the use of part of this facility on the same day as us. If that happens, they could take slots away from us down to the number we have signed up. Gary




Chicken Breast



New York Steak




Chuck Munro






Robert Hosmer





Gary Stokes





Nancy Baldwin






Diane and Scott Sjol






Randy Flynn






Gary Metcalfe (child 1/2 price)





Ardis Steggal






Phyllis McKay





Lee Stickland





Lea Rae Espe





Bill Grimme





Bill Longie (TENTATIVE)





Mark VanDyne (TENTATIVE)





David Shelver






Sharron Shen






Evie Pilkington



Shirley Larocque



Laverne Rude (Tentative)





Connie Fauske Monte (Tentative)





Oliver/Marlene Reing






Darrel/Deborah Stokes













Myron LaFontaine passed away:
Myron was married to Vickie Hiatt (73): Grafton, ND
410 Cooper Ave
Grafton, ND 58327
(701) 520-0329
From: “Marlys Hiatt” Dunseith, ND
To: “Vickie L. Metcalfe”
Bottineau, ND
Thanks for this beautiful email. You sure are a keeper too. I had some
sad news this weekend. My sister Vickie found her husband dead on
saturday evening at their home. He had been really ill. She has her
family (3 girls)in Grafton who are there for her. Keep them in your


Vickie, What a shock to hear of the passing of your husband Myron. I knew he was not well, but this is still a shock. Our condolence are with you and your family with his passing. How well I remember you as the cute little girl of Norman and Irene that always had a lot to say in your days shortly after learning to walk. Lorie picked up in your foot steps a few years later. I don’t remember Marlys as being quite as loquacious as you and Lorie. Gary
Reply from Vickie L. Metcalfe (70) Bottineau, ND
WINIFRED EURICH, 90, of Dunseith, died Sunday at a Bottineau
hospital. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)
Mom, Grandmother, Great grandmother and Great-great grandmother.
Member of the Dunseith Community and friend.
Winifred, was a dear classmate of Aunt Leona (Metcalfe) Oswell. The
last time Leona was in ND she spent an afternoon visiting Winnifred
at her farm home.


Reply from John Tangen: ????, California
Really enjoyed the write-up about your dad. I never knew him real well, but after they moved into Bottineau I realized how special and friendly (and unique) he really was — and the storyteller, too. One of my mom’s favorite memories was the afternoon (sometime in the1990’s) when Bob took my mom and her two sisters (Ella and Lillian) bomping across the fields in his pickup to see all the old places where they’d lived years earlier. The three sisters really enjoyed that excursion!
Am not sure how to reply to the newsletter without including the text of the whole newsletter, so you’re getting it this way. What’s the procedure?
John, I thought I had your snail mail address, but discovered I do not. You can reply and send messages to me with what ever method works best for you. It makes no difference to me how I get them. I copy and paste everything into daily messages.
Folks, John’s mother was Esther Tangen. Esther and Ella (Thompson) Pladson were sisters, so John is a first cousin to all of Eldon/Ella Pladson siblings. Esther and Ella were first cousins to Dad on his adopted side. John was born and raised in Bottineau.
John, Riding with dad across fields and back roads was always an experience. Often times folks had to put on their seat belts just to be able to stay in the seat. High gear was often his gear of choice. I’ll never forget several years before he died, he took me out to show me my brother Darrel’s (Bud) crop in his pickup. Bud had warren him to stay on the main road because the fields were kind of soft and he may get stuck. Well, he just had to show me this one field, off the main road, and we almost got stuck. Mud was flying every where, but we made it. His comments were, “don’t tell Bud” and he was serious. He ran his pickup through the car wash on the way home to hide the evidence he’d been where he shouldn’t have been. He didn’t want Bud asking any questions, after having been warned not to go where he did. Gary
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69: Fort Mill, SC
Hi Gary, Your e-mail is the best news I’ve ever gotten, because I just got my first computer a couple weeks ago, I just know the very basics,and had the night off tonight, so I was messing around with it trying to learn new things. I hit the send button and I thought It said I had sent everyone on my e-mail list all my drafts I saved, Wow what a sick feeling, for someone’s who’s a pretty private person. So Gary thanks for taking the pressure off….While I’m writing you, I just want to say thanks for this web site. I’ve been in touch with a couple people that I would of never have known where they were if it hadn’t been for this website. Another thing you have no idea how many times that nasty Michael Moore has crossed my mind while looking at all the pictures from Fargo, and all the positive postings from all over the world about the people of N.Dakota, I was just sorry to see some of those postings from out of N.Dakota get so mean spirited about New Orleans. But never the less the website was interesting…Well gotta go, thanks again for everything.
Shirley Houle Vandal:
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
By the way, I told Shirley Vandal today that I was sending the news of her award to you to include in your newsletters. She kind of blushed and said it wasn’t necessary; I said it was necessary–what else can a humble person answer—right? Ha!
Therman/Marie Parrill were at the musical event today. :)
Neola, Thurman & Marie are my god parents. Gary
Reply from Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s Nephew): St. Louis, MO
I live in St Louis, Misery. We are here taking care of my wife’s parents. Over the years I’ve been watching them tear up the old shelter belts in the Red River Valley I’m glad my Dad didn’t live to see this happen.
Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Thanks for the photos, Gary, you have a beautiful family. Your Dad still looks big and strong even three weeks before his death.

Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
This was a great entry! I love to read the history of our
families…and now to Cheryl and Beverly….both of you were there in
the basement…..you know Cheryl, maybe you weren’t because if you
were I would have been afraid you would have told mom on my but for
sure Bev, Duane and Debbie were there…those naughty Morinville
kids..haha..And it was probably all Dennis’ fault.
Pictures posted by Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX

HI Gary

This is in reply to Diane and Bev…..If Bev wasn’t there, neither was I. If it was a Saturday, we were probably at catechism. HA.

Also, I am enclosing a photo of 3 ladies…my mom Verdellis is in the middle, I think it’s Joyce Fasset on the right. I don’t know who the other lady is. Maybe a Grenier? The other is of my mom and her sisters, Lee Hosmer on the left and Jerrine Larson in the middle, taken in 2002. Three of the most beautiful women I have ever known.

Thanks Gary

Joyce Fassett?, Verdellis Richard Larson & Grenier???


Richard Sisters 2002


Lee Hosmer, Verdellis Larson & Jerrine Larson





Message/Picture from Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND


Howdy Gary,
Here’s a picture of Brenda, Dick & Ron. This was at the Historical Society Music Night last night in St. John. We had not quite as large a crowd as last year but we had some great music and fun was had by all.



From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA

Dear Gary,

Too much work for you Gary! I forward this note along with the Boucher files that were used by the Louis Boucher family of Iowa. I know you will be able to extract the data for Boucher of Rolette county.
I have done work on DUCHESNEAU; CASAVANT; HOULE; FONTAINE; RIVARD; DIONNE and Carmen’s BESNERT line. Much that I have done was with the assistance of Marcel Gauthier, wizard and sec. of the Duchesneau family association. Marcel solved the CARBONNEAU trace that frustrated George Carbonneau for years. It was because of the genealogy work that George published that I was finally able to trace my Gaudet heritage. I know that the COTE have done extensive work. Lloyd Awalt family may have the COTE material that would be of interest to many? Also Bill Awalt’s wife was searching in MO [?] for Awalt data.

Too too much! Sharron

Folks, this reply from Sharron was is in reply to my asking her for the Boucher Family info. I plan on putting together a simple family graph for the Boucher family after I am finished with the Hiatt’s. Again, I plan on only plotting 4 generations starting with Sharron’s great grandfather, the same as I’m doing for the Hiatt family and that I did for the Richard family. Gary




Reply from Marlene Richard Parslow (65): River Falls, WI 54022 & Sunlakes, AZ 85248


Hi Gary,

I am not able to pull up your attachment. My husband and I just returned to Wisconsin from our winter home in Arizona. This computer is not able to get it. When I get my laptop unpacked I will try to get it off that. I want to check my family’s(Ernest Richard children) information and get it back to you before you print out the final product. Thanks for being patient as I get organized here.

Wow!! You amaze me with your communication skills in keeping everyone informed!! I am blessed to be a part of this network!
Marlene(Richard) Parslow

Hey Gary,

I was able to view the Family tree in this e-mail!!! Yeah!! Here are my siblings in order from Oldest to Youngest:

Larry(Lawrence) Richard
Marlene Parslow
LeRoy Richard
Dianne Bowles
Lester Richard
Jim (James) Richard
Mike (Michael) Richard
Deb (Deborah) Hartung
Peg (Margaret) Forester
Brad (Bradley) Richard

My father, Ernest Richard, was married to my Mom, Beatrice Slyter, on May 16, 1944

Thanks for updating our information. If you need additional information, please let me know. Thanks again!!




Richard family tree:


Folks, this is the latest update of the Richard Family tree. I have incorporated all the additions and correction that you folks have sent to me.

I have also attached the Power Point slide of this graph.

I am currently working on a Hiatt Graph. They too are a very large family.


Putting these graphs together brings back memories of my working days at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Power Point graphs of this nature were one of the tools we used to communicate our schedules. Gary





Winifred Pritchard Eurich passed away:


Posted by LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND


Gary, I wish I didn’t have to report bad news again, but Sharon Eurich Hanson left a message on my answering machine this morning saying that her mother, Winifred (Pritchard) Eurich, had passed away this morning at 8:30 (that would be Sunday morning).


I knew she was doing poorly a month or two ago, but seem to have rallied after that.


She celebrated her 90th birthday at St. Andrew’s Health Care Center in January. It was a double celebration for Winifred and Dorothy Pritchard who celebrated her 96th birthday around that same time.


I have no other details regarding the funeral at this time.


So two of my classmates have lost mothers this week. (Carmen Myer and Norman Eurich).


Follow up message from LeaRae
Funeral services for Winifred Eurich will be on Thursday at 10:00 at Peace Lutheran in Dunseith.
I attended the family service for Pat Myer tonight and it was annouced there. (Johnnie Myer and Elmer Espe are first cousins.)
To the Eurich family, Our condolences are with you with the passing of your mother/grandmother Winifred. I will always remember her and your family with the visits our family made to your house in my childhood days. Your place seemed to be the gathering place for different events as I recall. Those were good times. Gary & Bernadette Stokes.



From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Hi Gary,


Shirley Houle Vandal received the Volunteer of the Year Award from Good Samaritan today. :)


Lloyd Awalt sang “Good Night, Irene” at the end of the program today at the Good Samaritan Center. He did a great job! When I used to attend dances, they always ended with “Good Night, Irene”. It’s a great song, but I always hated to hear it, as it meant the dance was over. :(



Congratulations Shirley for all of your great services. I do not have an email address for you, but hopefully someone will pass this message unto you. Gary




Reply From Nathan Richard (90), Allen’s son: Fort Greely, Alaska



I work in missile defense here at Fort Greely. This year we saw on our thermometer -53. In and around town however they were reporting around -66. Our little dodge neon didnt have quite the trouble as other people did with there large diesel trucks. I started to chuckle a little when it just kept goin with no problems, but kept my thoughts to myself as not to jinx it LOL.

Nathan A. Richard
Bravo Crew Sensor Operator
HHB, 49th MD BN
Unsecure: (907) 873-2222
Home: (907) 869-3563
Cell: (701) 330-6563





Reply from Don Aird (Carroll Carlson’s Nephew):


I read your Dad’s story. My Dad helped build the Peace Gardens working for the CCCs. The CCCs then became the Soil Conservation Service. Dad was in the SCS until he retired in 1978. Dad worked for the SCS in Wahpeton and Dickinson, he was a soil conservation engineer. At Wahpeton he helped put in hundreds of shelter belts. They used to go to old shelter belts and pick the plums, take the plums back to the SCS building and seed them for the next years planting.

Don, You told me one time where you are living, but I did not record it in my records. Sorry about that.
Dad planted many of the shelter belts in Bottineau too. If those tree rows were not nearly perfectly straight the trees would be pulled and replanted. It was a 3 man operation. One to drive the tractor and another two behind planting the trees. Dad also did some of the cultivating of the shelter belts for the SCS in Bottineau county.





From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Hi Gary,
I mentioned Rita Langer was one of the performers at the Music Jamboree at Good Samaritan last time. She was there again today. This is her second CD. If people want to order a CD/ask Rita (and her husband, Richard) a question, their phone number/mailing address/email address are all included.
Richard told me today, he named the recording studio Acorn Ridge Recording because he/Rita live on a ridge, and there are many oak trees around their house/the area.



Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Sharron and Gary,


Thanks so much for these family histories. I (and others, I’m sure) would love to read histories of every family in the Dunseith area. Gary, would you please post a photo of your family again?

For sister Nancy. I didn’t think you were ever that young. ha

Colette, I don’t have any recent pictures of any of my family all in one photo.
Bernadette was not with me that trip back to ND in 2000, so she is not in the top picture.
Kristin & Nathan are Darrel/Debby’s children. Bernie and Sheryl are our kids.
3 weeks before dads death.
Standing L to R: Kristin, Nathan, Debby, Darrel & Gary Stokes
Sitting: Robert & Elaine Stokes

Bernie/Sheryl Stokes 1990 Sheryl Stokes 2005


Gary/Bernadette Stokes 2008



Reply from Eileen (Mike) Brudwick: Fargo, ND

Hi Gary,
I didn’t realize until today that Mike’s 2nd cousin, Marlys Johnson is married to Donald Richard, the son of George and Anna (Boucher) Richard. What a small world it is! Don & Marlys’ information is in the Bottineau Centennial book, page 608.
Great job you are doing for everyone.

Reply from Eileen (Mike) Brudwick: Fargo, ND
Hi Gary,
I didn’t realize until today that Mike’s 2nd cousin, Marlys Johnson is married to Donald Richard, the son of George and Anna (Boucher) Richard. What a small world it is! Don & Marlys’ information is in the Bottineau Centennial book, page 608.
Great job you are doing for everyone.
Reply from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND
I loved the picture of Nancy Hosmer…Cousin Nance,,,you still look
the same! Allen, the pictures you shared are great. I am going to try
to figure out how to scan and load photos…I have so many old ones of
mom’s side…I saw the list of all those kids the Irene Lagasse had
and yes, Alan we are talking Catholics here…good thing Mom
(Verdellis Richard) married a Lutheran (Norman Larson)…who knows how
many siblings I would have had…haha. Well, she converted him to
Catholic. Dad said, “All those French Canadian Catholics came down
from Canada and married and converted all of us Lutherans.” Ha.

I am so excited to hear that Debbie is improving…please call me when
you get back or when you are there…kiss her for me and give her my
You should definately go to Colorado this summer…we are going
too…for a wedding…

Everyone, have a great weekend…and say a prayer for all those
affected by these horrible flood conditions…


Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): princessredfern@tx.rr.com BEDFORD, TX
HI Gary
This is in reply to Diane and Bev…..If Bev wasn’t there, neither was I. If it was a Saturday, we were probably at catechism. HA.
Also, I am enclosing a photo of 3 ladies…my mom Verdellis is in the middle, I think it’s Joyce Fasset on the right. I don’t know who the other lady is. Maybe a Grenier? The other is of my mom and her sisters, Lee Hosmer on the left and Jerrine Larson in the middle, taken in 2002. Three of the most beautiful women I have ever known.
Thanks Gary
From Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, Wyoming
I thought this was suppose to be SPRING! North Dakota is flooding and Wyoming is getting snow. We have had over 3 ft, since
Thursday. They say it is suppose to stop this afternoon, but then its suppose to be combined with rain. Kind of reminds me of the snow storm in Minot, back in 1984. After it stopped the kids went out to shovel people out. This was in April, then and its April, now; 25 yrs later. By the way, June is the 25th Anniversary of my daughter, Beckie and Russ. Also, the 25th Anniversary of Kelly’s death. Sybil Johnson (great_grandma2007@live.com)

From Sharron Gottbreth Shen (59):
Thank you Gary for the great RICHARD chart. Well done. Leah Richard Bergeron passed her one page Richard tree to me during a visit in Bottineau [about 10 generations!]. Of couse I never travel to Dakota without some family data quest. On that particular visit I had just finished the ascending generations of her grandparents, Adolphe BOISVERT and Elzire DUFRESNE, parents of Aglee BOISVERT wife of Hyacinthe RICHARD, her grandparents. Leah was very pleased and the smile and hug received was sweet reward. It was a joy to see the enduring home of that dynasty. Little wonder Hyacinthe advertised a shoe repair service in the Dunseith Herald! Perhaps Allen knows where the stone was obtained? Great pictures.


Also from Sharren Gottbreht Shen:
Attached is the brief story of the BOISVERT/GREENWOOD ancestor/settler to Canada from France. He appears in my family tree a few times! The format just sent is that used by the American-Canadien Geneological Society. The notes may be a bit long for the blog but your site should make easy access for the hundreds Allen mentioned.


Etienne de Nevers was another of our ancestors who came from Champagne. Champagne has a fine chalky soil mainly devoted to vineyards. The relatively unproductive soil supported a sparse population, therefore the phrase, “lousy” Champagne. The pride of Champagne is probably the cathedral of Reims; begun in 1211 and finished a century later, built of blocks of chalk from deep deposits left by a prehistoric inland sea.
Before, during and after the time of Etienne’s departure, incessant wars made living in Champagne most difficult. The destruction of harvests, the burning of villages, the epidemics, the shortages of everything made rural people flee to the cities. The instability in France led several to take advantage the opportunities available in New France.
It may be that Etienne de Nevers contracted to work for Michel Leneuf du Herisson at Trois-Rivieres about 1647. He is mentioned in a baptismal certificate at Trois-Rivieres, January 1650. Etienne and Jehan Creste, who worked for Leneuf, left Trois-Rivieres sometime in 1650; Jehan went to Beauport and Etienne joined the settlement at Sillery.
His marriage contract was prepared by Roland Godet, 1 October 1652, and the marriage was blessed at the church of Sillery, 28 October 1652. His witnesses were Rene Mezeray, Jacques Archambault and Charles Gauthier. His parents were Etienne Tennever of Piney near l’Espinay in Basse Champagne and Agnes Luosbisec of Brantigny, a small hamlet near Piney. The bride was Anne Hayot/Ayotte, child of Thomas and Jeanne Boucher, born 26 July 1640. Jeanne Boucher was a sister of Marin Boucher and both were relatives of Gaspard Boucher.
It seems that the Denevers couple stayed in the Sillery area throughout their married life. In December of 1653, the Jesuit fathers divvied up a forty-five arpent area into eighteen parcels; a five arpent area was reserved for a defensive enclosure. The increasing menace of the Iroquois in 1653, made such arrangements a necessity. Etienne received a portion on which he was to plant a garden and build a barn and stables. Etienne and the other recipients built their lodging within the fort. The families probably dwelt within this fort until 1661, when they were permitted to dispose of their real estate.
Etienne bought various parcels of land: two arpents from Julien Quentin in 1654, sold in 1667; three arpents of frontage in 1660, plus another three on the same day. Etienne not only farmed, he also worked as a fisherman, probably in the employ of Nicolas Marion. In July 1677, Etienne leased a piece of land for five years from the Ursulines in the Ste-Croix region, he was going to work the land and had fishing rights in the St-Lawrence. This plan was not realized; Etienne was suddenly taken sometime in the summer of 1678.
The census of New France taken in 1667 indicates that our ancestor was forty years old, living at Cap-Rouge with his wife and children: Guillaume, Daniel-Jean, Elisabeth-Ursule and Etienne dit Boisvert. Their youngest, Simon-Jean would be born in that same year. It seems that the children received an education above the average; Guillaume was a farmer and notary, Simon a surgeon. Elisabeth-Ursule would marry Jacques Gauthier, and Delima Casavant descends from a branch of this family. The Bouchers are both great grandchildren of this couple and great grandnieces and nephews of the wife.
Anne Hayot accepted a marriage proposal from Leonard Debord, 7 December 1678. Leonard Debord dit Lajeunesse was from the French province of Berry. He had arrived in New France 30 June 1665, a soldier in the company of Monteil of the Carignan Regiment. Debord requested a property inventory of the late Etienne de Nevers in the name of Anne Hayot, guardian of her minor children: Daniel, Etienne and Simon-Jean. A committee of estimators was composed of Jean Dumais, Benoit Boucher and Andre Bergeron. They found about five-and-a-half cleared arpents with shed, hut and a few animals. Inside the house they found a few utensils and pieces of furniture. All this was within the seigneury of Lauzon. In 1681, Leonard Debord and his adopted family were included in the census of the seigneury of Lotbiniere, with their gun, three head of cattle and twelve arpents under cultivation.
Anne Hayot/Ayotte and Leonard Debord had no children. Anne Hayot died 27 November 1694 at the Hotel Dieu of Quebec. The five children of Etienne Denevers and Anne Hayot thrived and all married; Anne had at least 10 grandchildren and three great granddaughters at the time of her death.
From Lotbiniere, more precisely Ste-Croix, all of the descendants of Etienne de Nevers dit Brantigny, better known as Boisvert, began to spread out in the second generation. Other families used the “dit” name Boisvert, that of Jean Joubin and Louis Boisverd-Dupre of Becancour. The Boisvert or Greenwoods of Bottineau County descend from the oldest son, Guillaume. Aglee Boisvert, daughter of Adolphe and Elzire Dufresne, married Hyacinthe Richard, son of George and Marie Laprise at Willow City, ND. The many Richards of Rolette and Bottineau Counties descend from this marriage.
Our French-Canadian Ancestors, Chap 7, Thomas J. La Forest Vol VI pp 84-90
Folks, Speaking of Leah Richard Bergeron. She made a special trip to my folks house the day after dad’s 80th birthday celebration to get a copy of his history that I read at his celebration. Since we are sharing the histories of our ancestors, I’d like to share a bit of my Dad’s/folks history that I prepared for his 80th birthday celebration. This day was a very special day in my dad’s life. It was his day and he enjoyed every minute of it. As I was reading this, there was standing room only and not much of that left either in the back of the Bottineau Senior Citizen hall.









By Gary W Stokes

July 16, 1995





Bottineau Senior Citizen Hall







Dad was born Sept. 2, 1915 to Carl and Bertha Petterson on a farm in the foot hills of the turtle mountains, in BottineauCounty.His mother died shortly after his and his twin sister’s birth.His twin, Margaret, was a little stronger than he and was sent to Canada to live with relatives.Dad was then adopted by the stokes family, who lived in the Ackworth community, in Willow lake township in the TurtleMountains, in RoletteCounty.It is in this community that Dad has spent the majority of his life..




In 1937, Dad ventured to Texas.I’m not sure why he chose Texas, but that is where he went.It was there that he learned the bakery trade.From there he went to Pembina, North Dakota.There, He answered an add in the paper for a job as a baker and he got the job.His new Boss’ were his future father and mother-in-law’s.He met their daughter, my mother Elaine, and in June of 1941 they got married.




After their there marriage, my folks moved back to the Ackworth community, in the turtle mountains.




One year later, 1942, Dad was called by his country, into the United States Army and served more that 30 month overseas fighting for his county.During this time, he saw a lot of combat and saw a lot of his fellow soldiers and friends killed in battle.Those were some very stressful times for all of the fighting soldiers.Dad can tell many different stories about his service years, both good and bad.From all of this, he has developed great respect for his county and the flag that he fought his life for.He is a very proud and devout American Veteran.In parades; in the past, in the present, and I know in the future, Dad, has, does, and will properly carry; straight and tall, “Old Glory”, the American Flag.He also makes sure, first and foremost, that the American Flag is displayed, and displayed properly in its appropriate place.For him that is number one priority.He will fight, tooth and nail, for the American Flag to be displayed and be displayed properly.


After the War, Dad and Mom went back to their farm in the TurtleMountains. The Farm, being only one Quarter section, wasn’t enough to provide for the family, so Dad; part of the time would work at other jobs.Both in the spring and in the fall, for many years, He worked for Ed Melbroth on his farm in Gardena.For many springs, He worked for the Bottineau county soil conservation district, planting trees and then in 1959 He worked at the Minot Are Force Base when they were building it.When Dad was working out, Mom and we boys would milk the cows and do all the chores.




One job that Dad did have, when I was in my teens, was hauling cream, from the farmers in the hills, to the Bottineau Creamery.Dad picked up his cream route from Leonard Lund in the early 60’s and kept it for probably about eight years or so.That is one job that I think he really enjoyed.He likes people and this job gave him the opportunity to work and do some socializing together.His customers liked for him to come in for a cup of coffee, and for him, turning down a cup of coffee is hard to do.By the time he got to Bottineau, after about 15 to 20 cups of coffee, he was pretty well coffee logged, but he really enjoyed it.




Following his Cream Route job, He got a job at San Haven in 1970.He worked there for almost 10 years, retiring at age 65, in 1980.This is the job that has helped him enjoy his golden years a little more fruitfully.With this job he was able to build up his SS and he gets a very small state retirement.When he first started working there, he still had the milk cows.He was milking cows, putting up hay, and farming while working at San Haven.This lasted about a year or so.Then he sold the cattle and rented the farm to Elwood Fauske.Elwood is still farming it today.With his big equipment, He covers a lot more acres in a halfhour than Dad did in one day with his little ford tractor. Elwood’s equipment is so large, that some of Dad’s fields must not allow him to make a complete round without overlapping.




Looking back, I can still remember that old log barn.The folks couldn’t afford anything else.This barn had a poplar tree roof covered with straw that was not at all water proof.When the snow melted in the spring and when it rained in the summer it leaked like a sieve.What a joy (not) it was to milk cows, in this barn, with water running down your back.The floor in this log barn, as you probably can guess, was poplar logs.They got kind of slippery to walk on in the spring of the year and when it rained.At times it was a little tricky to balance the milk stool and milk bucket on these logs, milking a Holstein cow that had gone through a barb wire fence cutting up her utter pretty bad; kicking and slapping you in the face with a dirty wet tail. To top everything off, in the spring of the year after the snow melted or when it rained hard, the mud would be over a foot deep in front of the barn.At times the mud would be deeper than the knee high boots that I had to wear to get into the barn.After chores each day, we would hose our selves off with very cold water, from the well.




In 1960, Dad got an FHA loan and was able to build a bran new barn with a roof that didn’t leak and a cement floor.That I can remember very well. I was just going into high school.It was such a pleasure to use this new barn.I still remember that the cows kept their same order in the stanchions from the old log barn to the new barn.They knew exactly what order to be in.




Dad went to the Ackworth country school and in the 7th grade, he had to, like many other kids of those times, quit school to work at home.This is the same school that all three of us boys attended.I was the last person to graduate from Ackworth, going though all eight grades, before it was redistricted, in 1961 and everybody went to Dunseith.Bud was going into the 4th grade and Allen into the 7th grade, when it was redistricted.When I was in first grade, there were 6 kids in the whole school.When Dad went there, there were more than 40 kids.As the years pasted, after Dads younger days to our days and to the present, there are fewer families with less children living in the Turtle Mountains.




Dad was the only Stokes child; however, when he became an adult he discovered his biological family.They only lived about 20 miles apart, but in that day, that was a long ways.In his biological family, there were 12 children.He and his twin sister were numbers 11 and 12.I think Dad must have been number 12, because his middle name is Decenious, and I believe that means 12 in Norwegian.He did not meet his twin sister, Margaret, until he was 34 years old, because she lived in Canada.As Dad has always said, “when they first met, they realized that they were not identical twins”.




Of the 12 Petterson children, in Dad’s family, there are still five living today and one sister-in-law.There are three boys and 2 girls.They are Nels, who lives with his wife, Helga, of almost 64 years of marriage, in Everett, WA;Emil and his wife, Lillian, of 58 years of marriage, living here in Bottineau;Elvina, living in Rugby ND; Dad’sTwin, Margaret, of 80 years, living in Weyburn, SK., Canada; and of course, Dad, Living here in Bottineau. Gerda, Dad’s brother, Han’s wife, lives here in Bottineau.For that family, she is the oldest of the living today.Gerda is almost 92 years old, very capably lives alone and her main mode of transportation is walking.She looks and functions like someone 30 years junior to her.Nels is almost 91 and he still functions pretty well.He still has a very sharp mind.His back has been bothering him for a few years, but other than that, He’s still going pretty strong.He still drives his car around Everett.Emil, as you can see, is looking and doing pretty good, after he got his new hip.




My Folks have always been very active in the Lutheran church.When I was a kid we went to Salem.There were 4 churches in the district; Salem, Vinje, Nordland, and Manger.We used to go to Salem and Vinje Churches during the summer and then Nordland in the winter months.Those four churches have all merged into one with their church and chapel at LakeMetigoshe.I will never forget the people from those congregations.They were very nice people with a special bond.




Dad, like all of his brothers and sisters, has been know for his ability to work very hard, very fast and very swift.His normal working day, when I was a kid, during the summer, was about 15 hours.He very seldom worked Sundays, though.To this day, Bud has to constantly tell him to slow down.In the winter months he is constantly blowing snow and in the summer he’s mowing grass everywhere.He still helps bud with his farming, hauling grain and doing miscellaneous jobs.He just loves to work and to this day, he still works hard, fast and swift.




Dad has one trait that I envy, and that is his social skills.He knows no strangers.Everybody is his friend.He gets acquainted, very fast, everywhere he goes.When ever he comes out to visit us, in Washington, he has to visit all of my neighbors, they are all his friends.Whereever he goes, he will strike up a good conversation and more than likely throw in a few jokes her and there.He has a terrific memory for faces and names.Dad has a gift and I mean a great gift, not shared by many, for his ability to tell stories.It’s a real art to always get that punch line in his stores to come out perfect every time and be funny.You may here the same story more than once, but that’s OK, because he’s just telling the next guy that hasn’t heard it yet.If he’s in a store, in a new area, like Washington, He’ll strike up a conversation with a store clerk, usually by showing her his North Dakota time, followed by a few stories and then if she gets busy, he’ll wait until she’s not busy and go back and shoot the breeze some more, usually with a few more stories, if she liked the ones he had already told her, and most of the time she has liked them.His next time back in that store, he is remembered, even years later.I’m telling you, it’s a real gift and art not shared by many.




The golden years have been good for the folks.They both enjoy good health and stay very active.They spend a lot of time right here, in the senior citizen building, almost everyday.They eat there dinners here every week day, getting here about 11 o’clock everyday and staying until 3 or 4 in the afternoon socializing, playing cards and pool.It’s kind of funny, because they watch the price is right show from 10 to 11 and then they come up here, but Mom doesn’t wait for the show to get over.She leaves about 10 minutes to 11, so that she can get here usual table to play cards before dinner.She takes their pickup truck and then Dad walks up after the TV show is over.Dad is still very active in the American legion and Mom in the legion auxiliary.They are still active in the metogoshe church and they are very active with their grand kids and all of their many activities.



Community Jam session posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Hi Everyone,

If you enjoy “old time/country” music, the Senior Citizen building in Bottineau, is the place to be this coming Sunday from 1:00-5:00. It’s great!!
This event usually takes place the second Sunday of the month (has only been one session so far), but because of Easter, it will be held this Sunday.
Musicians from throughout the area/Canada perform at this event. Performers at the last session (from north to south on stage): Larry Nelson, Minot; Floyd Borud, Minot/DesLacs?; Willie and Inez Rose, Minot; Carl and Shirley Knutson Melgaard, Turtle Mts.; Rita Langer, Belcourt; Gerry, Canada; Sandra Poitra–Rita’s niece; Lyla Roerick, Harvey; Dick/Brenda Johnson, Dunseith; Ron Hett, Bottineau; David Mettler, Souris/Bottineau; Tina Bullinger, Turtle Mts.
Larry, Floyd and Willie are part of the Dakota Rose band from Minot–Floyd and Karen Rath are first cousins. Dick/Brenda and Ron comprise Highway 43. David Mettler and Tina Pladson Bullinger are “Just Us”.
Rita has at least two CD’s for sale. I have the first one–it’s wonderful! I don’t know if other musicians have CD’s, or not. Dick would know.
See you on Sunday at the Senior Citizen Center in Bottineau!!


Reply from Jan Bergan Evans (66): MONTICELLO, MN


Gary when you did that line of Richards what program did you use to get it to tier? I have family tree and for the life of me I can’t see that??? II have been doing genealogy for years not real serious for a while but am getting back into it My grandfather Albert Laverdures dad was married to one of the Lords (Eugenie) a sister to Emma Lord Boucher so I’m interested on the Lords line. Art Richard always said they were related to us and I guess it is there, I enjoy your work very much thanks Do you do genealogy too? How do you fit it all in??? Wish I knew more about my grandmother side Clara Olson I need to try and use the ancestory.com . They have one at the Latter Day Saints Library but I have not gone there yet (lazy)





Reply from Theresa (Lloyd) Cote Awalt (48): Bottineau, ND


In regards to the Foster twins they are my nieces, Jane is married to Dwight Ormiston

& is retired from teaching & lives in Minot. Joan is married to Curt Anfinson & lives in

Mylo, she works at the Bank in Rolla.

Theresa Awalt





Reply from Debbie Mongeon Cernohous (66): RIVER FALLS, WI

Hi Gary,

I am replying about the Foster Twins. They are Joan and Jane and were our first cousins. Mom and Eileen were sisters. As you know Eileen just passed away and her funeral was last Sat. We had lots of good times with them. Now we all live in different directions and don’t see each other.

Debbie Mongeon Cernohous.

Debbie & Theresa, I feel like a complete fool for asking that question about the Foster twins after having posted Eileen, their mothers, obituary in message 424 on April 10th. When I posted her obituary the girls didn’t click in my mind. It was when Neola sent me a message that she was going to contact someone by the name of Foster originally from Omemee. Then it clicked that I remembered these Foster girls from Omemee, but I couldn’t remember if it was thru Dunseith or Bottineau folks that I knew of them. I didn’t really know these girls, but I remember folks talking of them in a very good way. Even when Neola told me their mother was Eileen, it still didn’t click. I didn’t put two and two together. It wasn’t until Eileen’s death that I realized you guys relationship either.




Condolences & reply from Shirley Olson Warcup (49): Ivans, UT


My condolences to the Myer family and belated condolences to the Foster and Cote families. I remember Patti Myer very well–she always seemed to be very energetic and very capable. I also remember Eileen Cote Foster–primarily because she was the sister of Theresa and Esther and of her twin, O’Neil. I believe it would have been in about 1944 when O’Neil and Jerome Christianson first came to a dance at the city hall. (I and a few other girls who were really too young to be at the dances–we didn’t dance much–just watched). These two young men, that we had never seen before, made quite an impression. When they found dance partners and started to dance, they made an even greater impression. O’Neil’s best dance partner was Eileen. I think most people on the dance floor stopped dancing to watch them. We had never seen anyone who could dance as they could. ( I believe Leona and Lydia, O’Neil’s sisters, were also capable of keeping up with him.) Sometime during the next few months Bernice, my sister, and O’Neil became friends. If someone had tried to describe him, I think they would have said–best looking, best dressed, best dancer. In the spring of 1945 he became seriously ill with typhoid fever.
This next information is my recollection of things and it may not be totally accurate. Eileen had gone to California to work sometime earlier–her parents tried to get in touch with her and couldn’t reach her. We got reports each day on O’Neil’s condition and it was not good–we also got word that they had not been able to reach Eileen. This went on for several days. Unknown to anyone, Eileen had decided to return to No.Dak. She had not informed her parents, and I was told she didn’t really know why she had felt she should go home but somehow it was a strong enough prompting that she just did it. I don’t remember if she arrived home before O’Neil died or not. I have heard there is a special bond between twins and I think that bond certainly played a part in her decision to come home. O’Neil has had to wait a long time for his “best dance partner”, but there was probably a lot of dancing when Eileen arrived. I’m not sure those who leave us miss us as much as we, who are left behind, miss them. (Theresa Awalt or Esther Fugere may be able to correct my recollections that are inaccurate.)
Shirley Olson Warcup
Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Hello everyone I just wanted to say to Diane I don’t think I was there ,It had to be Cheryl not me. HAHAHA Now on the serious side of life Clarence and I will be heading for Miles City in a couple of weeks to go see Debbie I call her each week and I talk she listens which is a switch for us. Usually Debbie does all the talking. I will let you all know how she is doing when I return. thank you all that sent cards to her. It brighted her days and she is working hard. She can say a few words like Hi and I LOVE YOU. she can also sing a little simple songs . Music was always a part of our lives so I know she enjoys that………… I have my appointment to check my mouth soon I am still cancer free. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! We may be going to Colorado for a reunion in July with Clarences old unit . These are the people we were with for 5 years we all went to Germany together so we were like family its been 20 years already so that will be fun. God bless you all Bev


Reply from Colette Hosmer (64):
Thanks for all the Richard work, Gary. Dad always said Mom was related to everyone in Dunseith, now I believe it. Colette
Reply from Floyd/Carmen Richard: Rolette, ND
Thank you so much Gary, it is a treasure. I especially liked the idea of putting each family a different color. It makes it so much easier to identify who belongs to who.
Replies from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Laurel — thought I should introduce you to Gary Stokes. Gary — meet Laurel Ann (Lagasse) Manaois. Her mother was Dad’s sister, Irene Richard.
Laurel — Gary Stokes is my classmate and is responsible for our class reunion and bringing many former and current residents of Dunseith and the area back together with our daily blog.
Scroll down on this–There is a Richard Family Tree, but it left out your mom and all of you.
Gary — Trust me–you don’t want to bring this to the next generation unless you get a bigger server!
Gene Was a barber for many years in Minot. He ,married later in life and was widowed. No children. Gene moved back to Rugby at about age 70 and passed away at age 76 in 2000 —- Dad was in the hospital with leukemea at the time — also in Rugby. Dad and Floyd planned Gene’s funeral but Dad was too ill to attend. Dad passed away in Feb of 2001.
Gene was one of the kindest people I even knew.
Got all of us????? Jeez Gary — you are talking French Catholics here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing you don’t plan to go beyond Generation 4!!! Wait til Laurel gives you the Lagasse clan–another 10 first cousins of mine!. Counting the Pigeon side, I have 59 first cousins. With Stephanie and me that makes 61 in our generation. Only two have passed away– both on the Pigeon side — Vivian Pigeon — from California and Gary Pigeon — a DHS grad. 1959 I think.

Laurel A. Lagasse Manaois Reply:

Hi Gary,


My mother, Irene G. Richard, was married to Arthur J. Lagasse:



Joseph (died in infancy)


Carole Jean (Dallas Brown)


Karen Marie (divorced)


Delores Theresa (William Cundy)


Kenneth Arthur (Teresa)


Ronald Raymond (Nancy)


Laurel Ann (Orlando Manaois)


Darrell Joseph (Shirley)


Beverly Irene (Jim Null)


Richard Lee (Abby)


Jeneil Marie (Shelley)



Lynn (Scott Karnopp)



Gene Richard did not have any children.

I would love to see the finished product! Thank you, Allen

Laurel A. Lagasse Manaois

Allen & Laurel, I will update the Richard family tree to include your family memembers Laurel and also Gene. I will then repost this slide. This slide will really become busy now, but I think I can keep everything on one slide. Gary


Pictures from Sandy Zeiler Vandal (62): Elk River, MN

Found this picture among many. This is Nancy Hosmer, Pam Fugere and me. The picture was taken at Pam’s house don’t know the year, maybe Pam can figure it out, she looks around 2, and is still as cute as a button.
Picture L to R:
Pam Fugere Schimdt (73) Mandan, ND; Nancy Hosmer
Baldwin (62) Lake Metigoshe, ND & Sandra Zeiler Vandal (62)
Elk River, MN
Pictures/message from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
No–I don’t remember any round barn in the Thorne area. Dad and his siblings did spend some of their youth at farm known as “Grey’s” which is a couple miles East of Thorne. Here are a copula pictures of it from my trip to ND in 2007 for the reunion —
Gary — Most people didn’t know I had a brother that died at birth. Also – FYI — my first born was a son born may 14 1975, also died at birth. I have three older kids, Kelani, Marya and Nathan — all DHS grads. Alaina belongs to Susan and me and never lived in the Dunseith area.




Alaina Richard, Alan’s daughter, standing in the Grey’s House – 2007




Alaina Richard, Alan’s daughter, in the Grey’s House – 2007



The original Pigeon house — Where Mom and all her siblings grew up




Foster Twins from the Omemee area?:
The other day Neola Mentioned the name Foster and Omemee. That triggered a memory in my mind. Do any of you remember the Foster Twins (girls) from the Omemee area? I never really knew them, but remember hearing a lot about these girls in my childhood days, but I don’t remember from where. Are these girls related or connected to any of the Dunseith folks? Neola told me their mothers name is Eileen and that these girls were close friends of her cousin Lois Christianson Roland. I knew Lois in my growing up days, but I don’t think the connection of my memory of these girls was thru her. Connie Halvorson, you and Lois are cousins too. Do you know anything about these Foster girls?

M. Patti Myer

March 17, 1919-April 14, 2009

DUNSEITH Marvel Cleo “Patti” Myer, 90, Dunseith, died Tuesday, April 14, 2009, in a Rugby hospital.

She was born March 17, 1919, to William and Bertha Schmidtke in Arnegard. She married Johnnie Myer Oct. 7, 1939, in Rolla.

Survivors: daughter, Holly Wheeler, Casper, Wyo.; sons, Garrett, Decker, Mont., Carmen, Dunseith; nine grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren.

Funeral: Monday, 10 a.m., Peace Lutheran Church, Dunseith.

Burial: Little Prairie Cemetery, rural Dunseith.

Prayer service: Sunday, 7 p.m., in the church.

Visitation: Sunday, 4 p.m., in the church. (Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau)


From Trish Larson Clayburgh (73): FORT COLLINS, CO

Hi Gary,

A friend of mine from Fargo sent me this video, set to music written by local Fargo musicians. I thought some of your readers might enjoy these scenes of the flooding and neighbors working together, along with the music. Just click on the link to see the video. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Trish

Link to flood video on Mikrotunes website.


Correction for Don & Coleen Conroy (59) Martel: Rosemount, MN

Hi Gary, Our home phone number is 952-431-3480. just a couple numbers transposed.
Thanks, Don


Replies from Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND

I am so excited to meet you! Cousin Nancy Hosmer Baldwin will also be
there. Our mothers were sisters…Verdellis and Leona
Richard….Gary, I am anxious to talk to you too…..man we have alot
of cousins! Diane Larson Sjol

You remember EVERYTHING! I love reading your stories…I could tell a
few about Debbie Morinvile and Dennis Dion…I remember it was an
“I’ll show you mineif you show me yours” when we were about in the
first grade…we were down in Dennis’ basement, Debbie, Dennis, Duane
and Bev and I…well the little boys kept saying…”I’ll show you mine
if you show me yours…..” We finally gave in…took less than a
second for a quick flash…truthfully, I don’t remember seeing
anything too excting…one of us screamed that we saw Sister Rose
looking through the basement window and we all went flying, hiding
under the stairs about to wet our pants with fear. We knew we were
doomed to hell. When we went upstairs and managed to go outside, we
saw that no one was around…still we never mentioned it again and
went to confession every Saturday….scarred us for life…haha.

Allen Richard….
Ever been to the Richard house in Thorne, ND with the round barn…?
That barn was amazing… Cheryl, refresh my memory….which one of the
Richards lived there? Whenever I was delivering babies at the
hospital, if someone said they were from Thorne, I could usually trace
them back to a relative of ours….those Richards and
Bouchers…..sure got around. lol


PS..Hey Cheryl, my dear sister…you must have been there too..can’t
imagine having that much fun without you.


Updated/Corrected Richard family tree sketch:

I have made all the corrections that you folks have provided to this sketch. As I mentioned before, this sketch only goes thru the 4th generation of the Hycinthe/Aglae Richard family. It’s a simple but busy little chart that shows where each of the Richard family members fall into this family tree. I know for me it will be a useful tool for future reference. You Richard family folks are members of a very large family. I’ll bet that with today’s generation there are more than a thousand members of your family. Gary




Evie Gottbreht (65) will be flying in from Southern CA to attend our Reunion:
Message from Sharron Gottbreht (59): Everett, WA
Evie has confirmed her arrival for the dinner event. It will be the first time I meet my cousin Diane Larson! So glad Evie will be there and guide be through the whose/who of Dunseith days, especially the younger crowd. I obtained Bill’s address from the Combined List – good work Gary. Sharron
Evie & Sharron, Like I mentioned to you before, we are so happy you gals will be attending this event. We are excited to see you.
Folks, Please get your reservations made with Bill Grimme if you plan on attending this event. I am getting a little nervous that the Best Western may be taking slots away from us if they have requests from other groups for this same evening. That was our agreement in contract negotiations.
I just got a message that Carrole/LaVerne Fauske Rude will be attending too. It will be so wonderful seeing all you folks again. We have the Best Western Banquet room reserved from 5 to midnight on July 24th. Registrations begin at 4:30. Gary
From Susan Malaterre Johnson (69): Alvarado, TX
Hi Gary and All, I received a call from the Red Cross to take a truck to our state’s burn area. It was bad, worse than I expected. I’ve seen so much since I started with the RC, but this is by far the most destruction. It looks like a moonscape and the stench is so pungent that it’s imbedded in my clothing and hair. There have been so many organz. helping. The biggest surprise was that the Buddests were there. The children are so scarred. I still can not believe how the burn patterns were. Some areas are surrounded by destruction and yet safe. Please everyone, say an extra prayer for those who are so overcome with this ugly turn of events.
Reply from and Condolences to the Pat Myer family
from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Nice Job, Gary!
And my condolences on the passing Pat Myer — If any couple could be called icons of the community– they would be Pat and Johnnie. No matter the age — the good always die too young.
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Gary, this power point slide show is wonderful. I’m related and had no idea it was this large a group. I would love a copy forwarded to me. I would add under Leon Richard, his son Luke. Also Fred Richard had 6 children: Herbert/ Leona/Gerald/Virgil/Verdellis/ and Jerrine.
Now, does anyone have any information about the Boucher family? Edward and Mathilde (Duchesneau)? They are the parents of Johanna, married to Fred Richard
Cheryl L. Dakin
Silly me……I forgot to add my other sisters. Verdellis had Diane Sjol, Cheryl Dakin, Norma Vaughn and Karen Balsamo.
Cheryl Dakin
Cheryl, I have added all these folks to the matrix. I will repost the Richard Matrix will the the corrections tomorrow. Thanks, Gary
Follow up reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin:
Reply to Allen Richard’s response….I remember the old stone house. Mom (Verdellis) took us out there years ago but it had been sold to someone as a hunting lodge as I recall. (And as evidenced by the guys in the photo). It would have been fun to see the inside as it was when it was the family home. I can’t wait to see the information that the Richard family matrix. There are way more people involved than you can imagine. And the closer it gets to my generation, the easier it is to add my own little part. Thanks so much.
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Back in December, I sent a story about Christmas in 1953 in Omemee, ND.
It is posted in message 303. I was reading message 410 and noticed in
the posting of the Dunseith Journal, Dec. 31, 1953 about 1/3 of the way
down in the first column it tells the same story of that night. I guess
my memory does work sometimes. Just thought it was interesting. Thanks.




Pat Myer passed away:

Posted by LeaRae Parrill Espe (67): Bottineau, ND


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Gary, I received word from Holly Myer Wheeler this afternoon that her mother, Pat Myer, passed away this morning in Rugby. Pat celebrated her 90th birthday on March 17, 2009. Holly said that she and her husband Jim as well as Garrett and his wife Audrey had enjoyed Easter dinner with her in Rugby.


Her funeral has been set for Monday at 10AM at Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith. Visitation will be on Sunday starting at 4PM, also at the church.


My sympathy to the family. Her three children are Dunseith graduates Garrett ’63 Carmen ’67 and Holly ’68.


LeaRae Parrill Espe ’67

Garrett Carmen & Holly, Our condolences are with you with the passing of your mother. She is well remembered. She was a wonderful person. Most everyone knew your mother, your dad Johnnie and your family. Dunseith & Rolette county as far as that goes, would not have been what it was in their day without them. Your family brings back many good memories for a lot of folks. Gary


Myer Garrett PO Box 66 Decker, MT 59025 (406) 757-2537 No email address

Myer Wheeler Holly PO Box 50415 Casper, WY 82605 (307) 258-9106 No email address
Myer Carmen RR # 1 Box 104 Dunseith ND 58329 (701) 263-4609 Beth6@srt.com
Reply from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL



Thanks for the shout out to the old man in Alabama.


I enjoy reading your stories a lot. You have a great memory. I guess the statute of limitations has run out on stealing crabapples, so I can say that I spent several warm evenings crawling up to that tree, usually after midnight, I think. Those were great apples, but, everyone knew there was hell to pay if you got caught stealing them. I picked up a few crabapples in the store a few years ago and the taste brought back the memory. Talk about forbidden fruit!.


Keep up the great stories. You bring great memories to me and I’m sure to a lot of folks.






Message/Pictures from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (56): Everett, WA


Hi Gary,

I see a promising new generation of children soon to make their first communion here at St. Brendan Parish and thought the “old” pictures I treasure might interest several of your readers. The first picture is of Mary Fontaine [1941-1949] and I. We had been selected as guardians for the group of 1947. Naturally it was a happy day for me when the Joe and Theresa Fontaine moved into Grandma Masse’s home about 1945, diagonal from the Gottbrehts. Victor and Mary became close playmates and Granmere Masse looked after us. Mary taught me “London Bridge” and “Ring Around the Rosie” in French, the only language Grandma Masse spoke. I had my first french fry there which I think Theresa must have sent from Rosie’s Cafe. Mary liked them with mustard and I can still hear her requesting “avec mutard, Granmere”. We may look angelic in our picture together, but Emma Masse knew better. We were fascinated by the Masse rabbit warren in the barn out back and often chased the poor critters to exhaustion; Joe had to make the barn off limits.

We made our first communion the following year, and you will notice that Ernestine Dailly and maybe Linda Evans were our guardians. Wish I could identify everyone. Maybe Ron Link and James Robillard; a Picard? I can see the top of Connie Bedard head and Helen Boguslawski is another tall one in back. Mary Fontaine an unknown, Sharron, more blonds, then the poised Shirley LaRocque up front. Great of Shirley and she is most welcome to a copy. I hope Shirley and Connie sign up for the Seattle reunion, I plan to be there.

Mom had taken us to pick raspberries at her brother, Hector Boucher’s farm the Sunday Mary and Victor Fontaine died. We heard the explosion there some three miles away. Mom hurried us home passing the small plane wreck just east of hwy 3 opposite the air field. I wonder if my next school year of confusion at the academy in Willow City was not arranged in view of the Fontaine tragedy. Some scars remain for certain. I had the good fortune of working with the talented Theresa Fontaine countless times at Dale’s for at least 4 years and use her Sour Cream Raisin Pie recipe today.










Reposting of the Old Time Music Jamboree with attachment:

Posted by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Folks, There was an attachment with Dicks message that I missed yesterday.

This will be a good event for all that enjoy this kind of music. Gary

Gary and Friends,

It’s again that time of year when the Rolette County Historical Society
sponsors a music Jamboree as a fund raiser for the museum. It usually is
a big hit here in the area. Hopefully all those who are able will attend
the event and help to enable the museum to continue to expand and
provide us with a way of preserving the history of Rolette County. We
have several groups signed up to perform. It will be a great night of
music! Thanks Gary!




Mrs. Longie will be celebrating her 90th Birthday:

Posted by Ron Longie (65): Yakima WA


On August 23rd & 24th we will be celebrating Moms 90th Birthday, at here home in Spokane, Wa if any of her old friends can make it they are surely welcome, she still lives alone and is going strong what a GAL. Mom’s phone # is 509-327-4044. I hope this note finds you and yours well and in the best of health.

Ron Longie



Hanna Loab & Ursula Longie – July 13, 2007


Wilbur Longie Family:

Back row: left Wallace, Wilbur, Margie, Ronnie
Front row: left Willie, Patti, Ursula, Donnie


From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

It’s again that time of year when the Rolette County Historical Society
sponsors a music Jamboree as a fund raiser for the museum. It usually is
a big hit here in the area. Hopefully all those who are able will attend
the event and help to enable the museum to continue to expand and
provide us with a way of preserving the history of Rolette County. We
have several groups signed up to perform. It will be a great night of
music! Thanks Gary!


Dick, When and where will this event be held? It sounds like a really fun event you have planned. I’d love to attend. Gary
Reply from Esther Murray Fleming (65): Flint, MI
To Dick Johnson
The guy who made mattresses didn’t do it at our home. So you might check with others. Maybe someone else would know, but it doesn’t sound familiar to me. Sorry.
Reply from Floyd/Carmen Richard: Rolette, ND
Thanks for the picture of the Bergerons, I suspect that it is a five generation picture. Thanks to Neola too for finding it. We have several geneolgy books that have been compiled about the Richard family dating back to the 16th century so if Diane wants to look at them I would be glad to help her out.
You wanted to know the names of our children: Cheryl (Keith Anderson) Dan (Mary Pederson), Curtis (Cindy Christensen) Craig; Mark (Lanette Beachler) and Sheyna (Aaron Strommen) All of them live in the state of North Dakota and all are involved in agriculture. The girls have had a tough spring, the flooding and excessive amounts of snow have not been a good experience.
Hope everyone had a great Easter.
Thank you Carmen. I have included the names of your children on the Richard matrix I am putting together. Gary
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Yes, Gary– Leah Bergeron was either the youngest or second youngest in the family.
Allen, I have been working on the Richard Matrix. I have discovered a lot of surprising relationships that I had no idea existed. Yes, I discovered Leah as being part of the Richard family. I also discovered that Lillian Houle’s mother, Bernadette, was a Richard. She was a sister to Leah and George, your grandfather. I think I will have that matrix ready for posting tomorrow. Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Rolette, ND
Gary and Friends,

Allen’s story of the Hycinthe Richard family was interesting. When I saw
the picture of the old stone house, I remember being there about two
years ago. We had a snowplane rally out of Willow City, to the east,
lead by Gayland Cote. He took us to the very same house which is
somewhere south and west of Overly. The house was refurbished by a group
of hunters. They are all members of the ND Air National Guard stationed
in Fargo. One of the group is Joe Duff from Willow City who more than
likely headed up the project. Gayland had a key and showed us through
the house—very nice. He also had to step through the door and quickly
call the Bottineau Co. Sheriff’s Office to tell them we were the ones in
the house. It seems they are ‘hotwired’ against burglary. Good thing
Cote knew that or we might have found ourselves surrounded! I had no
idea that it was the old Richard homestead until I read Allen’s message.
Small world! Thanks Allen and Gary!


Obituary posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Barbara Olson 1943 – 2009

Barbara Olson, 65, Minot, died Wednesday, April 8, 2009 in her home.

Barbara Azure was born on April 4, 1943, the daughter of Edward and Laura Azure in Belcourt, ND. She was raised and educated in Belcourt.

On December 26, 1962, she was united in marriage to Reginald Olson. She then became a homemaker and assisted her husband in operating his business, Midway Transmissions, north of Minot. In later years, she was a daycare provider.

She enjoyed sewing, puzzles, playing bingo, and playing cards and dice with her sisters. She also enjoyed crafts.

Those who shared in her life: Children: LeRoy (Katherine) Olson, New Town, ND, Laura (Todd Mehlhoff)
Olson, Reggie Olson (Theresa Tillary), and Frank Olson (Stephanie Rud), all of Bismarck, ND; sisters: Shirley (Moses) Montavo, Boston Cromwell, Belcourt, ND, Donna (Paul) White Owl, Watford City, ND, Cuddy (James) Scott, Minot, Janice (Michael) Norflete, Minot, Diane Valley, Minot, Sandra (Ronnie) Azure, Belcourt; brother: Jimmy Azure, Belcourt; five grandchildren: Jason, Billy, Santana, Brandon, and Frankie Jo. Numerous nieces, nephews and cousins also survive.

Barbara was preceded in death by her parents, husband, son Jeffrey and a sister Linish.

Visitation: Monday, April 13, 2009 from 2 until 7 pm at Thompson-Larson Funeral Home, Minot

Funeral Service: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 12:30 pm at St. Leos Catholic Church, Minot

Burial: Rosehill Memorial Park at a later time in the spring of 2009.

To sign the online guest register for Barbara
To view the online guest register for Barbara



Doris House Gillies Boise, Idaho
Folks, I have added Doris House Gillies to our Alumni distribution. Doris’ mother is Violet Hiatt House. Violet’s parents were George and Eva Hiatt. When I recently distributed the combined class list, Leola Hiatt Lagerquist, Violet’s sister, mentioned that Violet and Alvina both attended high school in Dunseith. With a lot of questions and correspondence we determined that Violet was with the class of 39 and Alvina was with the class of 42. I have now included them with their respective classes as listed below. Alvina is deceased and Violet is currently in a nursing home in Boise, ID. I have listed her daughter, Doris’, contact info in her class matrix.
Monte Espe, When I mentioned to Doris that your mother was a House, she said her dad and your mother were siblings. That would make you guys first cousins. I know you are very familiar with all of your family connections.
When I mentioned, to Doris, this daily letter that I send out. I told her I’d understand perfectly well if she’d rather not be on the distribution. She made if very clear that she wants to be included with the daily distribution. With the Hiatt’s and House’s, she is related to one heck of a lot of you folks.
Hiatt House Violet 6990 Ironwood Ave Boise, Idaho, 83709 208-362-1121 Daughter Doris jimdorisgillies2@msn.com 39

Hiatt Thompson Alvina Born March 6, 1922Died November 5, 2000     Deceased 42
From Esther Murray Fleming (65): Flint, MI

Hi Gary


I just celebrated my b-day last Wed.the 8th of April. We were out on the road and didn’t get to do too much, but hey it is just another year older and deeper in debt. Hope every one your way are doing fine.

Got to go, Bye


Happy belated Birthday Esther. I do have your birthday in my records, but as you can see, missed it. I am so sorry about that. Esther, you will never be forgotten though. I’m hoping you can be of some assistance with Dick’s qustion below. Gary
Esther Murray & Pattie Boguslawski
Question from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Something came across my mind the other day. When we were kids in
Dunseith, not much went on around town that we didn’t check out. We all
knew if someone new came to town or someone opened a business, etc. I
may be wrong or was told something that wasn’t right, but I wanted to
ask Esther Murray if at one time, for a short time, a guy opened a shop
in the lower level of the building her family lived in and made
mattresses. I remembered watching someone sewing fabric and there were
mattresses that appeared new, standing by the north wall. I don’t think
he was there very long. It could be that my memory is not correct, but
Esther will probably know. Thanks!


Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Hi All. Thanks so much Neola, for printing the Richard Family tree. I am in the process of putting this all together for my family, and it really helps to see it in this format. Coming home to Dunseith was always such an adventure because we were always meeting new family members. One of my fondest memories of Doris and Leo was at my wedding in 1975. I promised Leo that he could have the first dance after my dad and my husband, and sure enough, we danced to “Cab driver, once more round the block…” A good old two step. Fun times.
Cheryl Larson Dakin
Cheryl, with Allen’s rely below, I have a lot of holes in that little Richard matrix. I missed a lot of Dunseith Richard folks. When I get a chance, I am going to put together a complete Richard family matrix down to your and Allen’s generation. Gary
Reply from Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
Nice work, Gary — but it goes a lot deeper — more than I can remember. Floyd can connect the dots better than I can, but Hycinthe — being French/Canadian/Catholic — had a few more kids–and they had a few more kids —- Bernadette was the oldest. She was grandmother to the all the Houles we went to school with. Joe was Ron Richard’s grand dad, Pete ran the dime store on main street; Albert was long time maintenance guy at the San; Leo’s son Leon was a long time grocer in Bottineau and Leah lived on a farm not far from Emery Carbonneau for many years — Then there was Omer — but I give up. Floyd—– help? LOL
Hycinthe raised his brood in this house– for the most part. It has been updated a bit as you can see from the interior pix.
Allen, With my comments to Cheryl above, I am going to make this matrix complete down to your generation. You mention Leah. Would this be Leah Bergeron? She was good friends of my folks with the Senior citizens in Bottineau. Gary






Happy Easter to all:
We are going out for dinner today at 12:00 noon with some friends of ours from England who are now living here in Cebu. They too are retired. In order to live here they, like all foreigners not married to or family of former Filipino citizens, had to invest $40,000 in this country for the privilege of being able to live here. It’s currently 10:00 AM (Easter Sunday), so I am putting this out a little early today before leaving for dinner.
Condolences to the Eileen Cote Foster family
From Rita Carboneau Anderson (Former Gamble store owner): Fargo, ND

In rememberance of Eileen Cote Foster,
I wish to extend my sympathy. I knew all of the Cote family as I lived in the Dunsieth and Bottineau area for many years. It is nice that Gary keeps us all informed of what is going on. My sister-in-law and brother live in Bottineau, they moved from the farm last fall.
Rita Carbonneau Anderson

Doris Bergeron Fugere picture (39 Deceased)
Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Hi Gary,

I didn’t realize Doris Fugere attended school in Dunseith. Here’s a picture of her/her mother/daughter/granddaughters. Lona Jean was married to an Aho. Lona’s grandson was almost in my class at Bel Air years ago. His mother/he/siblings moved to a different part of Minot before school started.
I have/had a family picture of Leo/Doris; I might have given it to Cherrille Bergeron McLean.
Five Generation picture
Folks, When I got to researching Doris Bergeron Fugere’s ties with Dunseith, I discovered she is related to a whole bunch of you folks. To get it all straight in my mind I put together a simple little power point sketch below. In the process I discovered that Francis is Doris’ sister. Francis was married to Oscar Fugere. Francis and Oscar sat at the same table as my parents for years for their daily dinner meal at the Senior citizens in Bottineau. For all the years that I knew them, I had no idea that Francis was related to all the Dunseith Richard’s. This sketch nowhere includes all of the Richard families. I only included those that I know to be connected to Dunseith. I know there are way more relationships than I have listed here. Floyd/Carmen Richard, I discovered I don’t have the names of your children. Gary


Calvin Hiatt: Portland, OR
Folks, I had a wonderful visit with Calvin & Jeanne Hiatt this evening. I know many of you from the Ackworth community will remember Calvin and many of you are also related to Calvin. He is a brother to Willie. Their dad was Amos. Norris Knutson is currently living on their home place. I told Calvin about sending these daily messages, but I did not ask him if they’d like to be included on the daily restitution. I have included them with today’s message though.
Lost folks located with the info from Charlotte Hiatt Lang’s 37, 38 & 39 reunion letter.
Folks, I bumped all the names listed in Charlotte’s reunion news letter posted two days ago with the names I have listed for the classes of 37, 38 & 39. Those I did not have listed were former teachers. Of those I was previously unable to locate that I did not have married names for, I was able to locate and made contact with Irene Damstom Seda from the class of 1939.
Irene Damstrom Seda is living in Lincoln, NE. She is 89 years old and sharp as a tack. She has quick recall of those that were in her class. She still has her HS year book within easy reach. I think I understood her to say she has not been back to Dunseith since shortly after she gradated in 1939. That will 70 years next month. Art Rude Jr., she remembers your dad well. They were in the same class. She was unaware that he was even a teacher let alone the principle at Dunseith for years. She also asked about Otis Rude. While I was talking to her I pulled out her class composite picture for 1939 and noticed that she was the Valedictorian. When I mentioned this to her she said and “Clayton Kjos was the Salutatorian”. I said, “that’s right”. She asked me if he is still living in Spokane, of which he still is. She told me she has not seen Clayton since they graduated 70 years ago. Irene does not have email, but her daughter does. She gave me her daughters phone number, but requested I wait a day before calling, so she could forewarn her who I am. She said her daughter really has no recollection of Dunseith. I will call her tonight. Irene was really friendly to talk to and she told me she was really glad I called. Gary

Damstrom Seda Irene 1111 S 70th St #306 Lincoln, NE 68510 (402) 327-0819



Address/Phone update from Connie Peterson Lagerquist (74): Head Gardener at Peace Garden
Hi Gary,
I will give you the update for my address. It’s 10811 29th Ave. Dunseith, ND 58329 Phone: 263-4774. Thanks Gary.
Folks, Connie’s parents are Duane & Lorraine Peterson. Connie is the Head Gardener at the Peace Garden. She has had that job a number of years now. The Head Gardeners I remember are Pete Vogels & Orvin Hagen. When I was talking to Orvin a while back I asked him who currently had his old job and he said “You know”, and I said “no I don’t” and he said, “It’s Connie Peterson Lagerquist.” From the news coverage I’ve seen, Connie is doing and excellent job. She has sure had her challenges with the floods and the deer.
Story from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

A while ago Diane Larson Sjol wrote about Jack Hosmer having one of the
first pontoons on Lake Metigoshe. In the late 50’s Dad gave some of the
Fassett girls and me a boat ride around the lake one day. We were across
the lake near the south shore when we spotted Jack’s pontoon and Jack
taking a swim. Dad pulled up and Jack took a hold of the side of the
boat and stayed in the water, talking for a while. I noticed Jack was
shivering as we talked. The water wasn’t that warm yet that spring. Dad
asked him if he wanted to get out of the water, but Jack said he was
fine. We were there for quite a while before we fired up and headed on
our way. The next time Dad ran into Jack back in town, Jack said, ” Holy
_____ Don, I damn near froze to death talking with you at the lake the
other day!” He told Dad he really hadn’t planned to take a swim when he
left the cabin but the water looked so good he just went for a quick
skinny dip and we showed up! He couldn’t get out of the water with all
the girls in the boat and we wouldn’t leave! They had a good laugh over
it anyway! Thanks Gary!


Reply & Story From Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Glad to here that old man (Bill Grimme) down in Alabama is doing fine.
I think we are going to finally come out of hibernation here in the Dakotas. It is starting to warm up a little around here. But, I’m not getting too excited yet. We still have the rest of April and of course May to get through. Then we will find out if we are going to have summer or fall. I hope that warm day we had about three weeks ago was not summer. We will have to wait and see.
You take care, Gary





What is doggie-doo?Doggie-Doo is what the dog do in your yard and not their masters yard.Unless they have a fence or the dog tied up, then the doggie do it where he should do it.In his masters yard.


Speaking of dogs, did anyone else notice the large dogs being kept in some of the yards of the Dunseith residents when you were back there in 2007? The weather was great wasn’t it.One nice evening the wife and I took a walk around town.I was telling her where everyone lived at the time when I grew up there, where the best strawberry and raspberry patches were, and yes, about the apple tree that was located about a block west of the Commercial Hotel.You could not walk by that place in the evening without that woman coming out and telling you to stay away from her apple tree.Thinking about it!Wasn’t that kind of like a invitation?Most of the dogs were huge, rottweilers I think.I remember telling the wife that if one them dogs gets loose and comes for us, that she was suppose to choose and offer up a arm that she could learn to live without. No, I didn’t get asked to go for another walk.


Back to the story.


We finally had a few nice warm sunny days here in the Dakota’s and I made a trip around my yard through the 2 feet or more, of the nice white stuff and around the 6 ft. high piles that had accumulated over the winter from all the shoveling.I’m writting to inform everyone that the nice white stuff was not so nice and white.Thatdoggie-doo does not melt, and as you can tell, it inspired me to vent.


I don’t keep a dog of my own.Anyway, the dogs running loose reminded me, that in Dunseith in the spring of the year, the police chief would have the job of dispatching some of the dogs that were roaming the streets and making a mess wherever they pleased.He was to dispatch these dogs by dropping some lead into the left ear of the dog.I really don’t think it really mattered which ear he dropped it into, since he was going to drop it in with a .22 caliber rifle.He would walk through the neighborhoods shooting the dogs without collars and tags.This method appeared to be acceptable at the time as there was no public outcry against what was being done, and something had to be done. Now, I know them old timers sitting around in the shade sharpening their jack-knives would have handled the problem if they would have had television and Bob Barker on The Price is Right telling them to spade or neuter them pets. But, most did not have TV’s and they didn’t know then, that it would have been OK to use them sharp knives.I also remember a couple of cowboys who would drive around at night with their pistols at the ready, apparently taking care of the dogs, that the police chief missed.Maybe some day, they will tell us their story?




This year (late 1950’s) in particular there seemed to be dogs running loose everywhere.I think the farmers would haul any extra dogs to town that they had, thinking that they would find some nice town family that would take care of them.This also worked in reverse, some town people who got tired of their dog, would haul them out into the country and dump the dog off near some farm, thinking that the dog would be better off on a farm where he would be well taken care of by the farmer and the dog would be at a place where he could run free.I think most of the time these dogs would end up either back in town or dead, as a farmer did not want any dog around that could not earn its keep.



The dogs all seemed to live very well in Dunseith.People and businesses in them days had burn barrels in the alleys and the rest of the garbage was stacked around or near the barrels.This material in some cases stayed piled in these locations all winter as it was tough to get through alleys and up to the dump with all the snow.In the summer, people were able to drive in the alleys and up to the dump grounds without problems.Besides, the garbage had a tendency to get a little ripe when it was warm out and gave people a little more incentive to haul it off. The dogs in both cases, had easy access to food, both in the alleys and up at the dump ground, winter and summer.They multiplied and prospered.



The multiplying part, is probably the part, that got them into the most trouble, which usually occured with the warming up of the weather in the spring.Yes, with mating season in full force, eventually a couple of them dogs would try to do it in the middle of main street.Someone would honk and and try to scare them apart and instead of parting they became stuck together and sometimes each trying to go in a different direction.Must of been a nervous reaction or something.This seemed to cause quite a stir up in the middle of town on a busy afternoon with shoppers everywhere.The male population seemed to be all watching and laughing, and the female population seemed to be trying to navigate through the commotion while pretending not to notice what was causing the commotion.This was particularily tough on the women drivers trying to navigate their vehicle down main, while appearing not to be looking at the street directly in front of them and to not notice the dogs.There were some close calls. I’m sure, this is what caused the city fathers to react and order the chief of police to rid the city of as many stray dogs as possible.


Oh, yes!The burning question!What happened to the dogs that were pasted together in the middle of the business section of town.Well, eventually either they relaxed and went on there way, which was probably tough to do with people shouting and laughing and cars honking around them.So, what usually happened is that one of the business proprieters would notice the commotion and figure out that this wasn’t a good thing and one would come running out of their place of business with a pail of cold water and dump it on the dogs.Apparently them people, even way back in them days, knew about shrinkage and I know they did not learn about it from watching George Costanzia on Sienfeld.Anyway,


shrinkage apparently solved the problem and the dogs would run off separately, happy to escape them humans with their lifes.



Apparently not worrying about the chief-of-police or the cowboys. Yet?


Remember: Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.





Obituary Minot Daily News

Eileen Cote Foster

Sept. 5, 1925-April 3, 2009

BOTTINEAU Eileen Foster, 83, Bottineau, died Friday, April 3, 2009, in a Westhope nursing home.

She was born Sept. 5, 1925, to Emil and Heleda Cote in Dunseith. She married Larett Foster Oct. 11, 1946, in Dunseith.

Survivors: daughters including twins, Joan Anfinson, Mylo, and Jane Ormiston, Minot, Karen Desjarlais, Rolla, Jacky Klingbeil, Bottineau; sons, Daryl, Rolla, James, Fargo; 15 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; 15 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; sisters, Lydia Fontain, Proctor, Minn., Theresa Awalt, Bottineau, Esther Fugere, Willow City.

Funeral: Saturday, 10 a.m., St. Mark’s Catholic Church, Bottineau.

Burial: Church cemetery.

Visitation: Friday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau.

Tereasa (Lloyd) Cote Awalt, DHS class of 48, Esther (Darrel ‘Deceased’) Cote Fugere DHS class of 50, Armand (Leona Cote ‘deceased’) Mongeon, our condolences are with you and your families with the passing of your sister Eileen. Gary



Reply to message 422 from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (65): Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,

Yes, that is Renee Dalorme, now Guilbert, she is married to Dennis
Guilbert from Rolla and she does live in Rolla.. She works at the Turtle
Mountain Community Elementary School in Belcourt, as a speech pathologist.


You are so right, in what you are saying and you put it so well.


Ginger, I found Renee’s address/phone number. Do you know if she has email? Gary

Renee A Guilbert

601 6th St NE, Rolla, ND

(701) 477-5836

Household: Dennis J Guilbert

Renee Delorme Guilbert

Lee Stickland’s (64) reply to yesterday’s reunion letter: lee_stickland@yahoo.com Dickinson, ND

As always, great work.
Yes, certainly, I will not send anything that is suspect.
I am glad for something relevant that I may contribute to the heritage we all value.
Email address change for Gwen Struck Dumas (68): Havre, MT


Request from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND
Would you please add Mark and Lanette (Beachler) Richard to your mailing list, their email is . Lanette is a Dunseith High School graduate. Thanks for all you do.
Lanette, I have added you to the class of 82. I’m assuming you and Mark are living in Rolette? Gary


Reunion Letter written by Charlotte Hiatt Lang (39) in 1969:

Provide by Lee Stickland (64): lee_stickland@yahoo.com Dickinson, ND




I got the following letter from Lee Stickland (64). It is a letter that he found going through his dad’s (Bob Stickland) personal belongs follow his recent death.


This letter was written by Charlotte Hiatt Lang (39) to the class members of 1937, 1938 & 1939 following a combined class reunion they had in 1968.


This letter was typed on 5 full pages of legal size paper with small lettering from the very top to the very bottom of each page. Charlotte did not waste any paper sending this letter out. I have pasted this letter, below, with 10 scans. I have tried unsuccessfully to reduce the file size of this letter smaller than I currently have it. I feel this letter is a significant piece of Dunseith history that should be published, so I decided to send it with a slightly larger file size than I normally like to send. With that said, this letter is all that I’m including with today’s blog.


Thank you Lee for sharing this with us.


Folks, If any of you would like the original copy of this letter that Lee sent to me, please let me and I will mail it to you. Lee, reading your little post-it notes with this letter, I’m thinking this is OK with you.






Dunseith Alumni Seattle reunion update:
From Bill Grimme:
I plan to provide an update to Best Western on our needs for the Dunseith Reunion dinner in about 2 weeks. Following is a list of those signed up, so far:
Name Number of Dinners
Chicken Beef

Chuck Munro 1 1
Robert Hosmer 2   Gary Stokes 2   Nancy Baldwin 1 1 Diane and Scott Sjol 1 1 Randy Flynn 1 5 Gary Metcalfe (child 1/2 price) 4 Ardis Steggal 1 1 Phyllis McKay 3   Lee Stickland 2   Lea Rae Espe 2   Bill Grimme 2


Totals 16 15
If you intend to sign up, please send me a note indicating what you might guess your number of dinners and type of dinners you think you will need. I don’t have to make final payment until July, but, if we have a low number of attendees on our estimate, we will likely be put into a much smaller room than we originally requested. (Our initial guess to Best Western was 150 diners. As you can see from the totals above, we are far short of that, at this time.) I will provide the estimate based on the number already signed up PLUS those who are tentative.
So, get counted if you plan to attend or we may not have the room for everyone. My email is
Reply from Blanche Wicks Schley (42): Grand Forks, ND
Just read the blog for today and we in North Dakota appreciate all the kind words about fighting the flood
The flood of 1997 was an experience that we could have certainly lived without, but we all survived. As the river rises, we appreciate the dykes here in Grand Forks. At this point, bridges have been closed between Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, with the exception of one. The river is high but it is staying within its banks.
The last time it snowed, Wahpeton got 2 feet of snow….this has to melt and come upstream, so there will be another crest. Fargo has certainly had their share of flooding and the many people who came to their assistance have helped build up the dykes have helped so very much.
Just keep us here in North Dakota in your prayers regarding those who have been flooded as the “mighty Red ” flows up to Canada. Winnipeg is already getting ready for this…and they are not thinking whether or not it has a passport.
We do hope that spring is on the way! It is almost Easter and the snow has not melted yet.
Blanche Wicks Schley
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ & Lake Metigoshe, ND
‘Dick Johnson’s description of the value system which prevails in that marvelous state of North Dakota is very well stated. It happens in the cities and always takes place in farming areas where we all grew up. We have a tougher and more giving people that raised us and who still thrive in that place. If there is anything in my life that gives me pride, it is knowing people of a population with more vigor, more love, more strength, and more courage than I could find anywhere in my travels. This readership constitutes that standard of excellence which is the result of that remarkable level of human achievement. I believe I am in an exclusive relationship with you all, which makes me proud and grateful. Everything else is secondary. Thanks for being who you all are. Bill Hosmer
Reply from Mel Kuhn (70): Saint John, ND
Howdy Gary,
Here’s an answer for Crystal about the Bullarama in St. John. It will be held on April 24 & 25 this year at the Rolette County Recreational Facility. For more info you can contact Don Davis at the school 701-477-5651. Yesterday we had the regular meeting of the Rolette County Historical Society and the annual Music Fun Night or Jamboree is going to be held on April 18th. at 7:00 PM for anyone interested in coming to hear so good old music.
Mel Kuhn


Carla Olson Johnson (75) has stage 3 cancer
Posted by Julie Knox Seier (82): Bottineau, ND
There will be a benefit pancake & sausage breakfast for Carla
(Olson) Johnson on Sunday, April 19th 8:00 am- 1:00 pm at the
Multipurpose room at the Bottineau Hight School. Proceeds will
go to help with medical expenses.

Carla is the daughter of Willard and Laurene (Millang) Olson of
Dunseith. She grauated from Dunseith High School in 1975. She is
married to Ron Johnson of Bottineau who is the son of Llyod and
Mabel Johnson (Mabel is deceased).

Carla was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ductal and Inflammatory breast
cancer in February. She has been undergoing chemotherapy
treatments and when finished with those will under go a
mastectomy followed by radiation.

If you are unable to attend the benefit and would like to make a
donation you can send it to:

Luann Soland
1471 Highway 43
Bottineau ND 58318

Please keep Carla and her family in your thoughts and prayers

From Erling Landsverk (44): Portage, WI
Hi Gary:
For the past 2 weeks or more, we have been receiving news of the flooding in Fargo and bismarck. Of course I can’t see the desparate situation for obvious reasons, but I can listen, and my favorite listening device is the Public radio station. I want to make it clear right off the bat that i am not pandering the folks in North Dakota, but rather making an honest observation of a people that stand head and shoulders above many in ghis great land of ours. I listened to what the people were doing out there, They simply began to sand bag in preparation of the expected flooding, This effort grew as hundreds of volunteers arrived from the beautiful high country. Their good neighbor, Canada, sent down two large machines for filling sand bags, no fan fare, they thought it was the right thing to do. Next, over one thousands from the University at Grand Forks, came down to help where ever they could and to carry furniture and other valuable household items in homes to upper floors. While this was going on, Mother Nature decided to run another test on those great North Dakota citizens. A howling blizzard followed a period of freezing rain, with snow falls nearing twelve inches, temperatures fell to nearly zero or perhaps below. Still there was no out cry, wailing or panic. They simply continued to work quietly and efficiently in the bitter cold, wet conditions with one aim in mind. That aim was to protect their homes, and make sure that everyone was safe, while helping each other. When local and state officials made any comments, it was in calm measured tones giving strong assurance that the flooding would be controlled.The ice jams at Bismarck and Mandan were promptly dispatched by cool and sensible men. .
What is so striking is the quiet and strong defense of their property, and the national media was pretty much ignored. I have a feeling the North Dakota folks were too busy for silly questions. Their determination and dedication for the survival of their community from the ravages of the flooding river stands out as a tribute to people who have always faced adversity that way. It makes me proud to have been a resident in that great land although it was a long time ago when we faced the drought and depression instead of the flood. I salute those great people and to their success in containing the flood and the preservation of their homes.
Erling Landsverk
Posted by both:
Ellen Graff Myrick (58): Grand Forks, ND
Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Here’s a very interesting blog that gives all of the fellow sandbaggers (and friends) a glimpse into exactly what was achieved over the last week and a half.


Reply to message 415 from Bob Lykins (DHS Teacher mid 60’s): Germany & Hutto, TX

My favorite photo of the floods is number 30, of young Zack who is saying it all by the look on his face…….sheer determination. It’s like I tell everybody who jokes about the Northland, it’s people, and it’s weather, “It takes a very special kind of person to live there and not everybody has the will to do it.”

Bob Lykins

Email address correction to Master email list from Betty Hackman Schmidt (68): Mesa, AZ
Hi Gary

Love what you are doing. read the emails all the time.

You have left out part of my email address.
I am Class of 1968

Thanks Betty Hackman-Schmidt

Address correction to Master Class list from Alden Allard (59):
Alden Allard address po box 1291 Garrison, ND 58540 phone 701-463-2041

Master Class list corrections from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
I have only the cell phone now, land line was costing $21 per month for about 4 calls or +$5 per call , nada.
My cell remains as 701-290-9593
Dad could now be shown as deceased, guess with the blue-haze over the entry..
Posted by Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Some nice pictures of locations in North Dakota counties.


Message from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, Wyoming
While the people of North Dakota is fighting the flooding, we in Wyoming is now fighting our Spring snows. Its now 22 degrees and we already have over a foot of snow, with more coming. But, of course this is nothing new for North Dakota. This is suppose to continue all weekend. No traveling! Take care everyone! Sybil Johnson (great_grandma2007@live.com)
Message/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Lately we have heard much of the volunteer work of folks trying to
sandbag to save Fargo and neighboring towns. They don’t ask, “What’s in
it for me?” They just show up and dig in! Old folks, kids of all ages,
Army and Guardsmen, all working together for a purpose. It’s the North
Dakota way! I too, didn’t hear of a single soul standing by the road
with a sign saying, ‘Help me’, like we saw during Katrina. It’s help
yourself and help your neighbor up here in the Midwest! This has been
the way it has been forever. Back in the early 80’s, I started to have
health problems that continued to get worse and the doctors were at a
loss as to what was going on. I was in and out of clinics and hospitals
over and over and still continued to lose weight and get weaker. I had
crops nearly ready to harvest and was so sick I could barely walk to a
combine, let alone put in a day harvesting. I did manage to get most of
the early crops off and just had a quarter (160 acres) of durum left.
One Saturday morning people started to show up at my place with trucks
and augers and soon the combines were rolling in. I was totally
overwhelmed. Nearly all my neighbors just dropped whatever they were
doing and came to help. I would challenge anyone, anywhere, to find
better neighbors than we have here! In a few hours, and with older
equipment, ( that’s common here also) they ripped off that total field
and had it in my bins! I will be forever grateful. I later was diagnosed
with a disorder in my mast cells that causes major symptoms. Mast cells
produce histamine and mine were dumping into my body when triggered by
most foods and by certain exercise. I eventually was sent to Vanderbilt
University Hospital in Nashville where they figured out how to ‘fix’ the
problem, with just several antihistamines, and now for many years, life
is good! OK, I’m starting to sound like the old steer who only wanted to
talk about his operation. The pictures attached show the neighbors and
some of their kids, to whom I owe a great deal. The guy with the
cowboy hat is Jay Vanorny. Standing by him is Darrel Abrahamson. Others
were Jack Peterson, Duane Peterson, Bill Peterson, Keith Smith, Howard
Abrahamson, my son David, and others yet whom I may have missed. Also
many of the kids drove trucks and helped unload grain. It still humbles
me when I think about it. Thanks Gary!





I have attached a copy of the master Combined Dunseith High School class list for the years 1940 – 1977. This list is sorted by last name and for the ladies, their maiden name. For those that were in DHS classes after 1977 that are on our distribution list, please refer to the Alumni email list that I sent out yesterday. 1977 is the farthest I’ve gotten putting these class lists together. I plan on Jumping back on this after returning from our cruise in August.
Please let me know of any corrections that need to be make to this list.
Please let me know if you are unable to open and view this file, so I can send it to you in a format that you can read.
Tomorrow we will be back to the regular distribution of the daily blog.
Note: Please contact Gary Stokes by leaving a message in the “Contact Us” page of this WEB site, for a copy of the Dunseith Alumni Email list.


I thought today would be a good time to send out an updated copy of the Dunseith Alumni email list.
I have attached an Excel spread sheet sorted both by Name/Maiden and by Class year. After opening the file, click on the desired sort tab located on the bottom left of your screen. These files are also formatted for printing.
Please let me know of any corrections that need to be make.
Please let me know if you are unable to open and view this file, so I can send it to you in a format that you can read.
I will send an updated DHS combined class list for classes 1940 thru 1977 tomorrow. These files are just too big to be sending with the same email message.
For those of you that do not have Excel loaded on your computer you can get a free down load of Excel Viewer from Microsoft by clicking on the site below. This will enable you to open, view and print Excel attachments sent to you.
Excel Viewer
Note: Please contact Gary Stokes by leaving a message in the “Contact Us” page of this WEB site, for a copy of the Dunseith Alumni Email list.


Folks, There are a few benefits that come along with being a US Veteran of foreign wars. I recently found out that I can sign up for regular United States mail that is delivered right here to Cebu via a Fleet Post Office (FPO) address. Other than for prescription drugs, I am not allowed to receive packages exceeding one pound. I went down yesterday and signed up.
Our address is:
Gary Stokes
PSC 517 Box RS/CC
FPO AP 96517-1000
A regular 42 cent stamp is all that is required to mail letters to us at this address. 96517 is a San Francisco Zip code. The letters AP in the address stand for Armed Forces Pacific and the letters CC stand for Cebu City. What a great deal and benefit this is. We no longer have to deal with the pilfering PI postal system wondering if we are receiving all mail that is sent to us.
Reply to yesterday’s message from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

The banjo player is our friend, Ron Hett. I’m sure Mark will respond,
but if not, that’s who it is.


Reply to yesterday’s message from Mark Schimetz (70):Rolette, ND

NO! That is Ron Hett on the Banjo, He is the fellow that wrote the song about Pierre Bottineau, A talented musician, switching between banjo and guitar. a lot of talent in the whole of this group. They all played very well and were much appreciated by all. The Pictures I had of Gary did not come through, I will be in Bottineau today and will bug Liz again to see if we can get the rest of them.
Reply to message ‘417’ From Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND
Hi Gary, The guy caring old glory is your dad I’d know that walk anywhere I have marched allot with him, great man. Lloyd.
Reply to message ‘417’ from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

The picture is not real clear but I think we can assume those in the
picture are Bob Stokes, Alan Campbell, Floyd Dion, Noble Doeling, Armand
Mongeon, Duane Peterson, Jack Peterson, possibly Neil Hassen, Jack
Flynn, and others. Most days all the Legion members would not be able to
attend a single event, so they had a contingent of those available. The
picture is just too grainy for me to identify. Of course Bob is a ‘for
sure’ and the shorter guys in the back are probably Floyd and / or the
Peterson brothers. Maybe Floyd can remember the 1977 July parade. Thanks


Dick, I think dad was one of those you mention as a “contingent of those available”. He would have rearranged his schedule and dropped, if possible, what ever else he had going to be in any legion parade. Gary
Message/Picture from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD
My Grandfather , Wilmar H Fassett and my dad both were flag bearers for
the Legion at one time. This is a Dunseith Days parade, July 16. 1978.
Left to right, Jack Peterson, William T Fassett carrying the American
flag, Armand Mongeon carrying the post flag (Archie Jardine Post) and
John Leonard on the far side. There must be other parade pictures out
there. Let us see them. Enjoy!! Susan
L to R: Jack Peterson, Bill Fassett, Armand Mongeon & John Leonard
Class of 65 Photo:
Folks, This picture was taken by one of our own, Clayton Parrill. Clayton is the owner of Dakota Memories Photography in Bottineau formally Wondrasek’s. For those of you that wish to have family or group photo’s, I strongly recommend Clayton, not only because his parents, Thurman and Marie, are my god parents, but because he’s good. Clayton did a wonderful job with our class of 65 group photo’s. His phone number is 701-228-5963 or 1-800-505-7938.
I must admit, we are kind of a pretty good looking bunch of 60 year olds in this photo. George Azure, in front, may have a year or two on us though. We adopted George for the taking of this picture. His wife, Gladys Roussin Azure (65), is wearing the green outfit standing behind him. The rest of us are all 65 folks. Gary
Note: Clayton has this and other Class of 65 photo’s on file if you care to order any copies. His 8 x 10 copies are beautiful crystal clear photo’s.
Dunseith High School Class of 1965 – July 12, 2007
Kneeling L to R: George Azure, Dean Helgeson, Joe Casavant, Pete Gillis, Raphael Poitra, Ernie Gottbreht.


Standing L to R: Carol allard Buxbaum, Ron Longie, Warren Anderson, Karen Loeb Mhyre, Bill Grimme, Ginger LaRocque Poitra, Henry Hackman, Gladys Roussin Azure, Angela Berube Malget, Rene Casavant, Alan Boguslawski, Helen Rivard Christenson, Allen Richard, John Bedard, Esther Murray Fleming, Susan Fassett Martin, Margaret Metcalfe Leonard, John Awalt, Cecile Berube Reynolds, Patty Boguslawski Gottbreht, Ken Nerpel, Phyllis McKay, Gary Stokes, Marlene Richard Parslow, Joan Smith Fuchs, Evie Gottbreht Pilkington. Missing when picture taken: Donald Egbert



Reply to yesteday’s picture from Bobby Slyter (70): sly0224@yahoo.com Wichita, Kansas
Gary: I too swear that is your dad caring the u.s. flag in that picture, I remember growing up with you guys and always thought your dad needed to gain weight, but then all of you guys where tall and skinny, but I do believe that is him,hope someone can tell us for sure, if its not him like you I think he has a twin.
Bobby, How I wish for those skinny days once again. Age has a way of correcting those skinny days. However, dad never was over weight. He never watched his diet either. He loved his onion and sugar sandwiches too, right up until the time of his death.
Dad did have a twin. Her name was Margaret. Following their birth, their mother died. Dad went to live with Stokes’ and Margaret was sent to Canada to live with relatives. From the time of their separation they did not see each other until they were in their mid 30’s. Gary
Reply to yesterday’s picture from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@hughes.net Dunseith, ND

I thought of saying it, but thought it would be fun to see if you caught
it! It most surely is your dad, everyone who knew Bob can tell by his
stride and glasses etc. One of a kind!



You had me going with that one. Yes, Dad had his own unique stride. I had
totally forgotten he had ever done any parades in Dunseith. Thinking more
about that picture, later in the day after I sent out the daily blog, I
remembered dad telling me he had marched in several Dunseith Parades. The
time frame I remember his telling me this was in the late 80’s and 90’s
when Jack Peterson was still around. Dad was a guy with many friends, but
Jack was extra special. Not long before Jack died, Dad & Jack were in
Dunseith for some kind of a Legion event. At the moment, I have forgotten
the occasion. With dad, nothing ever stood in the way of “Old Glory”, the
American flag. “If Old Glory”, as he called it, “is not welcome, neither
neither am I”. Those were his exact words.

Do you know who the other guy is caring the American flag?

Thanks Dick,


Question from Cystal Fassett Andersen (70):stmplkr@utma.com Walhalla, ND
Question for Mel Kuhn… Does St. John still have the “Bull-a rama”?? (I think that’s what they called it). If they do could you please send me some info about it? Thanks Crystal
Reply from Lee Stickland (64): lee_stickland@yahoo.com Dickinson, ND
To Geri Metcalfe Munro re:
the ‘don’t see”–it is such a pleasure and security to not have the intentially destructive tendencies that WE have been made aware of from the sites of other tragedy.
We do not need the ‘release of tension-expression’ as is tendered in defense of actions when bad things are trying to be justified.
WE just woth work hard.
Many folks want a job, do not work and have no intention of really WORKING, but do want that paycheck.
Geri, I did note that there was 13 items. I AM not superstitious, thanks goodness.
I continue to feast on the bountiful offerings of facts of, about, and toward life that WE get each day, thanks to GARY. Lee 1964
Pictures posted by Mark Schimetz (70):mschimetz@msn.com Rolette, ND



Hi Gary, At last I got the Pictures from Liz Miller, She was on Vacation for awhile, and some technical difficulties were overcome. These photos I took at The Nursing home during Mid Fulsebbakes 90th Birthday Party. Unfortunately, these photos were the only ones that turned out.

Mark, Is this Gary Fulsebbake with Dick and Brenda Johnson? Gary





Brenda & Dick Johnson, Gary Fulsebbake?






Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe:

neolag@min.midco.net Minot & Bottineau, ND


Hi Gary,
I received a note from Pete Solberg a few days ago, identifying the children in the picture with his mother. They are Melissa and Mathew Langor from Perth, ND. I think Pete’s mother was Alice.
I seem to require much more sleep these days, so that’s what I’m doing. :) As of today, I’ve received 21 treatments; I have 15 left. Thanks to all the friends/relatives who are praying for me, this has not been a negative experience. All is going well; the doctor says my radiated skin looks “good”. After 4 more treatments, something “good” happens; something about the radiation not going so deep/won’t take as long/something like that. This may sound strange, but being it was good news, I didn’t pay much attention to what was said. I just show up for my daily treatment and let the professionals take care of the rest.
I’ll scan/send the Dunseith news from today’s Courant now.
Neola, I will post the Dunseith News tomorrow. Thanks for sending. Gary





Folks, With yesterday’s blog Bill Grimme has posted the last of the Tickle Pick songs. I have down loaded all 29 songs unto a CD. Surprisingly the recording of these songs turned out pretty good with just a single headed cassette recorder. Kenny Nerpel, you did a great job with what you had to work with, 35 plus years ago, recording these songs.
Thank you Bill for the posting of these songs on your WEB site for our enjoyment. Gary
Jeanmarie (Jean) Abrahamson (65): Denver, CO
Jeanmarie (Jean) Abrahamson (65) called me today telling me she has been on Kidney Dialyses for about 6 weeks now. I was Surprised and saddened to hear that. She said it was like hitting an electric cattle wire on the farm. In spite of this tragic event that has greatly altered her life, she was in good spirits and upbeat. She said her brother Doyle has been helping her a whole bunch. She was very grateful for all that he has done and is doing. Doyle lives about 30 minutes away from her. Jeanmarie told me she weighs about 100 lbs, so she needs to gain some weight and is very disappointed following each of her dialyses treatments with the weight loss.
With the volume of these message, Jeanmarie has opted not to be on the daily distribution of this daily blog, however she does have email and told me she is going to start reading her messages again. Her email address is healinghorizons@ecentral.com Her phone number is (303) 825-1871
First cousins – Kenny Nerpel & Jeanmarie Abrahamson – 2007

Reply from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
Was surprised to see Dennis and my picture. It was nice to see all at the July 2007 reunion. I drove up from Dickinson that am ,278 miles and returned to home that evening, so I did not have an opportunity to see all I could have.
For a moment< I did not know who that fat guy was, I weighed 261 there, I now weigh 211. Have spent many hours the last week shoveling partly cloudy from the park lot, here at the apt and at the motel. Don’t need to go to the rec cntr for exercise on those days. I will for sure go to rec cntr on the morrow for the hot tub and steam. I can still shovel snow for 3 hours without stopping.
I have not missed the 100 pounds that I lost over a 3 year period. My friend, Dr Wolf said that if all had the numbers that I have, he would be out a job.
There has been many accounts about just how much snow we have received here in Dickinson during the two (2) last blasts; the most accurate is TOO MUCH.
SNUF–I see that verbosity has again struck. Lee
Sandbagging vidio posted by David Slyter (70): f Sabin, Mn
Hi Gary;

I got this link to a video of the sandbagging efforts here in Fargo. This is when they first started. It grew to way bigger numbers as far as volunteers are concerned. What plan this turned out to be. Great efforts and kudos to everyone that was helping.


Hope it works.

Dave Slyter (70)

Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Randi Mongeon for the picture of her dad, Armand Mongeon, and
Floyd Dion presenting the flag. I can remember them being part of our
Memorial Day program since the very onset of my memory. Can other school
band members remember how we used to sit on the chairs in front of the
stage ( city hall ) during the program and watch Floyd and Armand stand
at attention (on guard with a rifle) on either side of the stage. They
stood there, without as much as flinching, for the entire duration of
the program! To this day I find it amazing. One other memory of early
Memorial Day programs was when they would introduce the veterans and
tell in which conflict each had served. We had several from WWI–I
believe Alphie Dion, George Albert, and Henry Sunderland were some. The
WWII vets were very well represented as that war had ended just 10 years
or so before the first programs I remember attending. Each year they
named all the Gold Star mothers–those who lost a son in battle. I also
remember how the American Legion and all veterans would march the entire
two miles from the city hall to the cemetery for the last part of the
program and the rifle firing salute. We kids really liked that part and
we got to keep the extracted empty casings that hit the ground. I
remember thinking how they weren’t real careful about where they were
shooting and might hit something. I didn’t yet know about ‘blanks’.
Memorial Day was always a very respectful day. Most people wore their
best clothes and showed their respect for the fallen soldiers and the
veterans in attendance. It was also a big day for the Legion Auxiliary.
They were a main part of the program and served a lunch to the entire
crowd in attendance. Most people who are my age or older, already know
all of what I am explaining. The younger generations may not have been
involved with Memorial Day programs and how important they were to the
community. Each program was filled with speeches, stories of valor,
music provided by both the school band and by individuals, presentation
of awards to the kids for their ‘poppy posters’, and more. The key word
for this entire thought process was / is / should be ‘patriotism’. Let’s
all make an effort this coming Memorial Day to remember how and why we
have all these freedoms we take for granted. Thanks Gary!


This is a picture from a parade in 1977, Dunseith American Legion
leading the Boissevain Band in Dunseith Parade–Don Johnson was the
Boissevain Band Director at that time.

Dick, The one caring old Glory, the American flag, to the right in front sure looks like my dad, Bob Stokes. If it’s not him, it’s his twin. The facial features, the glasses and the body profile are definitely his. The more I look at this photo the more I’m convinced it’s him. I was not aware that he did any of the Dunseith parades. Maybe Lloyd Awalt can shed some light on this one. Dad and Lloyd Awalt carried old glory, for years, in the Bottineau memorial day parade. Lloyd, is that other guy caring old glory you?
From Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND


We feel these comments are a tribute to the people here in ND:

Geri Metcalfe Munro ’59–Fargo, ND


Someone posted this comment on an article about the Fargo flooding at the Boston Globe website (http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/03/red_river_flooding.html)

Just a personal observation…as I watched the news coverage of the
massive flooding in the Midwest with the levee’s about to break in Fargo, ND, what amazed me is not what we saw, but what we didn’t see…

1. We don’t see looting.
2. We don’t see street violence.
3. We don’t see people sitting on their rooftops waiting for the
government to come and save them.
4. We don’t see people waiting on the government to do anything.
5. We don’t see Hollywood organizing benefits to raise money for
people to rebuild.
6. We don’t see people blaming President Obama. (Except for Don Marchant, post #30)
7. We don’t see people ignoring evacuation orders.
8. We don’t see people blaming a government conspiracy to blow up
the levees as the reason some have not held.
9. We don’t see the US Senators or the Governor of North Dakota crying on TV.
10. We don’t see the Mayors of any of these cities complaining about
the lack of state or federal response.
11. We don’t see or hear reports of the police going around
confiscating personal firearms so only the criminal will be armed.
12. We don’t see gangs of people going around and randomly shooting
at the rescue workers.
13. You don’t see some leaders in this country blaming the bad
behavior of the North Dakota flood victims on “society” (of course there is
no wide spread reports of lawlessness to require excuses).


Flood pictures posted by by Joanne Millang Bernstein (70): Souris, ND
These pictures tell a real live story. Excellent







Flood Pictures posted by Warren Anderson (65): Rolette, ND

Thought you might like to see these. Click on the link

Reply from Dale Pritchard (63): Leesville, LA
Gary, I loved the instrumental music in this attachment. Can you tell me who the artist or group is? I had a couple of really great Japanese instrumental LPs that I left at home when I came back from Japan the first time in 68. I believe Henry Salmonson bought them in a box of LPs when Mom had the auction in 94. I’ve always wished I’d gotten them back before the sale but it’s too late now. Take care Gary! Dale
Dale, That music came along with a forward I got from Neola. The title of that message was “I Hope You Dance” written by an 83 year old lady. I thought it was nice music for folks to listen to while reading the email message. Gary
Dennis Dubois (63) & LeLand (Lee) Stickland (64) – July 2007
7/29/65 issue of the Turtle Mountain Star.